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The Dragon & The Wolf

Dragonpit scene - I love how Jon always wants to be on the front row when Daenerys arrives. 

When he said to everyone he already bend the knee. Danys face— she knew what that line meant. And was conflicted about how to react to this. They already know they are falling hard. At least she does and things like these doesnt make it easier. 

Ok I feel myself coming into a rant here. Its just so beautiful to me how Jon is so different for her than any other man she has ever met. I am rewatching GOT and she has never been around any man like she has been with Jon. 

He intrigues her so much and I don’t think she ever had or felt that for anyone. Her feelings for other men were always clear for her. 

She loved Drogo but it was set up and she fell for him during their relationship. But I feel like that relationship formed who she is now and she didnt really knew who she was back there. She loved -spending time with- Daario but she was always in control with him.

Jon is a completely different story for her. And Emilia plays that so well. He brings out this really special vurnable side of Daenerys we have rarely seen.

And she fell for it, and fell for it hard. 

She was so desperate to save Drogo and her decisions didn’t make any sense and I like how she was the same when she heard of Jon & co being in trouble. She didnt listen but just thought with her heart.

– k I am gonna stop here. I am not even close to Boatsex talk and I am already rambling —

“No one is less happy about this than I am” “I know” Love. Loved. LOVE this. How she just understands him. 

They are both people who ask for respect and honesty. She always asks people to follow her and wants their word and he is a man of his word so its only natural she understands it. Its like the scene he told her he was gonna go to the wall as well. She hates that he is this way but she also respects it. (and finds it extremely attractive).

Also, subtle handtouching. Like you touched last week and now you just wanna get more huh? 

THAT SCENE IN THE CORNER OF DRAGONPIT. They were like 2 schoolkids being all secretly. 

And again, I love how Jon kinda drops a cheesy line there and at any other man she’d roll her eyes but with him it just makes her heart drop.

And him trying to make a joke there. Like here they are, her dragon just died, his plan is going to hell and they share this beautiful bittersweet moment. 

Her whole speech about having to trust him sooner was so heartbreaking cause maybe then her dragon would still be alive. (I am gonna cry when she’ll see Viserion for the first time) 

Dragonstone scene - can they buy a mansion there?

THIS. THIS. Haha Jon, I am so onto you. First the cave paintings and now -Notherners like people who arrive together-trick. Yeah you just want her on that boat huh?

I felt so bad for Jorah tho’. She completely ignored his plan. And she knew she did that. At the end of the scene she leanded to the table a little like trying to hold her posture but full aware that many people, including Jorah, knows about her affection to the King of hte North. 

I find Jon much harder to read. But I think it is beautiful to see how he didnt trust her at first and really does see her for who she is. Like he told her. And how he is so amazed by her. He is so starstruck. I never really liked Jon with Yigritt she was definitely his first love but Dany is something he really pines for. Yigritt was also wrong and impossible but it happened anyway. Here he knows there is much more at stake. But he can’t deny his feelings any longer. And thats why he showed up at her door.

Now about Boatsex, I would have loved for it to go differently - well actually not different just - longer. More build up. But I understand why it went the way it went. Jon knew what he wanted and I love how they let the moment last for a bit with him standing at her door, looking in her eyes, waiting for her approval and she knew what he meant by looking in his eyes and let him in. She bend the knee. 

I was dying for a kiss here. And a little sad it didnt happen - there will be a lot of fanfic request about the missing part between the door and the bed – hint hint. 

But its like we are still gonna get our first kiss in season 8-kinda.

It was so beautifully brought yet stil hot. Jon’s ass was a nice distraction ASS-well. 

And him taking over control was so hot, not only for me but I think Daenerys agrees. Their bodies looked so beautiful together. Fire and Ice. They were so full of need and it was all lust and passionate and then my favorite part came and Jon broke the moment and we had time to realize that this isn’t just two character hooking up. No, they are in love. 

And he was so amazed by her and her beauty and how pure she looked. You can really feel he looks at Daenerys here, not with all the titles but just her and she realized this and she looks so vurnable and just so beautiful to him.

You can really see her kinda scared about what this is she’s feeling and it all just because so overwhelming for them. UGH THIS SCENE.


And how she hold his face. 

And then he just looks at her, when he looks at her, its like the first time I see clearly through his feelings and he just lets his guard down. He loves her. There’s no way to run from his feelings. No more excuses of -the great war is coming-. He never really let his feelings for her take over. Never fully thought with his heart and here he does and he just let it take over.

I just—-

Ps: Tyrion watching was odd but it just represented the scene Bran was talking about how their love ruined all kingdoms and how Tyrion cant feel but sad and confused about what he should do about this and if it is the right thing.

I am not sure how I will make it until 2019 to wait for more and I am so curious to see where all this will go. I am really curious how they will act after this episode and they will probably learn about Jon’s family name soon enough with only 2 episodes in and I do feel this will cause a problem for them. Jon will be all - wtf and Daenerys will be distrustfull about her claim to the throne. But I can suspect moments of Jon being all noble and telling her, by episode 5 probably, that he doesnt want the title but he does want her. Oh and she is definetely pregnant. BRING ON THE ANGST. 

Cant wait for Arya’s reaction to Dany btw. 

– Now I am off to fanfiction land – 

Thank you for an amazing 7th shipping season.

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the little mermaid au! ong seongwoo

the following scenario is based on the traditional storyline. please keep note that there are many different versions of the story, and not just the disney one.

  • ok so you’re the mermaid/merman (your preference) who adores humans bc like it’s so cool they have legs?? the idea of having legs and being on land just FASCINATES you and you’re sneaking around the shores to watch humans
  • and one day you’re just swimming on the surface and saying hi to the cute seagulls when you notice the sky turning dark and the clouds getting shady so like it was basically time to go
  • but just then you notice a ship floating like nowhere cLOSE to the shore
  • even though mermaids were always called a myth and you’d get chewed out if anyone saw ur tail you’re like…I need to save them >:((
  • and so you swim over to save the poor souls when suddenly rain just started POURING and the winds picked up out of nowhere and then you saw a body fall into the sea
  • you’re like oh shIT and suddenly accelerated in water to save the poor soul
  • you eventually find him and you get rly alarmed bc he isn’t struggling or anything he’s just kinda lifelessly sinking
  • you grab him and basically turn into an underwater jet bc you’d never swam so fast no not even when your mermaid mom told you dinner was ready
  • getting him to shore was so difficult because 1) the human was heavy and 2) you had no legs so you had to crawl to get far enough onto land
  • the dude (seongwoo if y’all didn’t realize yet) still wasn’t moving and you were panicking like??? he shouldn’t be dead yet
  • you do the mermaid version of cpr which was to….press your lips against his to suck all the seawater out of him
  • a minute later you start getting dizzy because you’re getting too dry so you had to crawl back into the sea…and you proceed to go back home but you just…couldn’t get that man out of your head….
  • meanwhile a princess from a different country visiting seongwoo’s found him collapsed on the beach and shook him awake and seongwoo’s like…what happened??
  • let’s call the princess rika like that snake from mystic messenger
  • anywaYS
  • rika told him that she “”saved”” him from drowning and he’s like…oh and that’s what she ends up telling the his father aka the KING and rumors spread around the palace like crazy like everyone was like damn they probably gonna get married now
  • meanwhile on yOUR END you were swimming towards the sea witch’s domain to ask for a pair of legs because after being on land and feeling the frustrations of being unable to stay for too long you REALLY wanted to become a human
  • the sea witch asks for your voice in exchange which was…a huge price
  • your singing is like the only thing that anyone’s ever praised you for so giving it up would be the same as tossing away half of your identity but…u know what, in the human world no one’s gonna know u anyway  
  • so she casts a spell and gives you the legs u wanted and then shoots u out of the sea
  • after you get to shore and struggle to get the hang of walking for like 7 hours you pick up some rags to cover yourself bc that stupid witch didn’t give u any clothes
  • you just want to explore the village and ur getting looks bc wtf ur wearing some dirty rags with sand all over and wobbling like jello but u don’t rly care
  • suddenly you find a boy aka sEONGWOO in a quiet part of the area just…dancing and you were like!!! oh my gOD that’s amazing how can his legs and arms move like that…

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I got the idea and i couldn’t stop myself…..

And WHAT was that idea?


Actually….its surprisingly fun to make characters into a version your own species…

In some of the character refs, I changed the clothing (the skirt with zarla-s was an accident…)

And in a few others, I barely changed anything!

@nekophy: (skim milk) It was quite interesting and fun to design her, since the overall shape of neko’s body is practically a stick, so i made it so she had black clothing instead of actual sticks, and I gave her a cat like tail for no reason. And there are two reasons why i chose skim milk to be her liquid. 1. Shes originally a cat 2. Stick cats are hella skinny…or should i say SKIMMY-

@angexci: (Blue russian cocktail) When finding a good liquid to match her appearance, I had to literally search up WHITE AND BLUE DRINKS…..literally…. It took me awhile to find this cocktail, but it seemed perfect for anger’s liquid. Another thing that I really wanted to change was the shirt… it didn’t seem to go good with the purple, green and blue in her design, so i changed the colour of the shirt to purple, and added designs to it just like i did with the liquid hair.

@loverofpiggies : (Pink crayon wax) So i didn’t do much to change the clothing of Cq, the only thing I did that did make a difference was I had her fur light pink and I made her liquid pink crayon wax (melted of course) for very obvious reasons

@comyet / @myebi: (gold ink) So, I didnt really change much of mye other than the fract shes a fox, but ORIGINALLY I was gonna make her liquid just plain black ink….but after some thinking i decided to change the colour of the ink to gold, because it didn’t really go well with the colour of her hair  and her tails.

@lavender-sans / @valarie: (lavender tea) When choosing Val’s liquid, I knew for sure that it would be a kind of tea, but i didn’t know what flavor of tea. I knew that VAL was LAV backwards,so i searched if Lavender tea exists, and it did, so there you go! VALENDER TEA!! Buuuttt when i was making the lineart for her….the ears looked like a deer’s …so I decided to a=make her a wannabe deer?? Lol i dunno it was clever-

@zarla-s: (blue raspberry) I….am SO SORRY FOR MISTAKING YOUR LONG SHIRT FOR A SKIRT!!! I BARELY HAD A REFERENCE AND I USED UR BEE POST TO USE AS ONE-….anyway…. Even though zarla’s fur is RED, I decided to give her a BLUE liquid to match her blue hair….and the only thing that came to mind was not even a real fruit but it fit…..

@golzy: When i was designing golzy, I didnt want to change any of the clothing, so I used the meme video on youtube and used that as a reference. Now..the only liquid that made sense….were tears……I has no idea what else to give her, so I just made more proof of her being heir to the throne of feels…..

@jakei95: now…..i dont want to get into much detail about why i chose black coffee without it getting dark….so im just gonna say I chose black coffee because of the colour of Jakei’s hair? (its either really dark brown or black….)  alllsssoooo….the shines in the liquid were referenced by jael, so thank you for helping me with hair shines, Jakei!


IF ANYBODY IS INTERESTED IN MAKING THEIR OC/s OR their persona into an aquademian fox, WE HAVE A FEW RULES-

RULE 1:   If ur making ur persona into my species, there are only THREE slots for every existing liquid. So if theyre full, THEN U CANT-


Rule 3: PLEASE- DONT DRAW UR OC AS THIS FOX AND CLAIM THIS SPECIES AS YOUR OWN!!! JUST PLEASE, at least credit me when you created something like this-


(After I post this i will make a page on my blog with the liquids taken/ starting to fill up)


Thank you


badboy!hyuck x nerd!mark

-bet all of you were thinking of bad boy!mark hm


-have you seen that one fanart of markhyuck in the chewing gum era where hyuck had his arm around mark and mark looked so innocent with his lil circle rimmed glasses and was holding hyuck’s hand that belonged to the arm that was around mark

-did that make sense

-who knows

-i dont

-even tho mark is older, he’s basically hyuck’s bitch let’s be like 1000000% real

-he’s the dominant one in the relationship

-nobody even knows how they started dating

-the most innocent boy in school with the bad boy

-so cliCHE

-hyuck reads people really easily

-and poor mark runs around with his heart on his sleeve and hyuck’s seen him get his heart broken one too many times and he couldnt take it anymore

-mark blushes sososososo easily and hyuck always takes advantage of that

-will call mark babe anytime anywhere

-”hey, what’d you get for question 2, babe?”

-”d-dont call me that at school!”

-”aw im sorry babe, i didnt know it affected you this much”

-donghyuck’s a fuckboy confirmed

-mark probably tries to tutor hyuck but hyuck always tries to pull some shit


-they end up making out anyway

-mark turns bright red at any type of contact

-donghyuck could put his arm around mark and mark would just immediately redden

-donghyuck’s the jealous type

-but it’s lowkey bc he has to stay cool!!!1!!1!!! cant let mark hyung know im jealous!!!!1!!111

-you know that cliche thing where person a slams their hand on like the wall or locker and pins person b against the wall

-sbfvsjdbfh hyuck does that to mark for fun

-donghyuck smirking is art and mark goe swehjbdsfkgbhjds,kf every time he smirks

-mark is such a precious lil angel in donghyuck’s eyes with his lil circle rimmed glasses and his soft pink hair donghyuck wants to protect him from everything dsfgvsjbfabhskjd


-there’s a saying around school: “mark’s the only thing donghyuck loves” and tbh theyre right

-sure hyuck’s friends with the dream team but mark’s just different, ya know?

-they can just lock eyes and theyll both know what theyre thinking

-if hyuck ever gets into fights you better fuckin believe mark’s there to patch his boyfriend up!!1!

-sometimes hyuck will just end up at mark’s house with bruises and a cut lip and give mark a heart attack

-hyuck just really likes when mark takes care of him

-”sit still hyuck, i cant get rid of the blood if you dont stop moving”

-”and if i dont?”

-sassy mark is a thing hyuck thoroughly enjoys

-”if you dont fuckin sit your dumbass down and shut the fuck up im going to throw you out of my house and dump you”

-”shit babe ok”

-most of the fights hyuck gets into is for mark now

-ever since they started dating

-if someone says shit about mark, they better be ready for hyuck to beat their ass

-”hyuck you gotta stop getting into fights for me!”


-”ok then why did you get into another fight?”

-”… he threatened to steal you away from me”

-”… bitch you are so dumb”



-donghyuck would do anything for mark honestly

-mark could ask him for the galaxy and donghyuck would find a way to do so

-mark likes wearing his leather jackets

-and hyuck’s friends tease him when they see mark wearing his jacket or when it smells like mark

-”hey donghyuck where’s your jacket?”

-”uh….” *mark runs over waving donghyuck’s math homework with his jacket around him*

-whenever mark wears donghyuck’s clothes, donghyuck’s brain goes eshfkavsjdbfkygsdfjdbshkf

-donghyuck on the inside: “mark looks so smol and cute wearing my jacket… he is drowning in it and i am drowning in my feelings for him… oH NO HERE HE COMES I NEED TO SAY SOMETHING TO LET HIM KNOW I APPRECIATE HIM”

-donghyuck on the outside: “lol hey hoe wanna hang out after school”

-sweaterpaws mark is a common occurrence in the winter and doNGHYUCK CANT HANDLE THIS

-mark steals hyuck’s sweaters all the time

-hyuck started buying bigger size sweaters so whenever mark wears them, he’s basically drowning in them

-but then hyuck also drowns in them so mark likes holding hyuck’s sweaterpaws hands


-mark probably likes to tug on it lightly while they kiss

-it drives mark absolutely insane when hyuck plays with his lip piercing

-whenever hyuck licks his piercing mark just pouNCES ON HIM


-mark is a jealous hoe too

-whenever girls look at hyuck, mark’ll grab his arm and put it around him


-mark the type to kiss donghyuck’s cuts so they can ‘heal faster’

-donghyuck gets a lot of nightmares so he tends to sleep over at mark’s a lot

-or have late skype calls

-mark doesnt mind at all when he wakes up at 3 am to his ringtone

-late nights always simmer donghyuck down to a slow boil and he becomes mellow and malleable and all his barriers just come tumbling down and mark just falls in love with him over and over again every time they talk at late nights

-whenever hyuck has a nightmare and he’s sleeping over, mark will wake up before hyuck does

-and he’ll look over sleepily and wakes donghyuck up slowly

-and theyll stay awake for like an hour or however long it takes donghyuck to calm down

-if anyone saw donghyuck the way he was after a nightmare, they’d never look at him the same

-he’s just so pliable and weak at times like that

-usually it’s hyuck pulling mark onto his lap but when the nightmare’s really bad, mark will pull hyuck onto his lap

-mark’s mom loves donghyuck like he’s family

-”so when are you and donghyuck getting married?”


-hyuck likes peppering kisses on mark’s lips until he cant take it anymore and pulls hyuck by the collar to press their lips together

-pstt hyuck likes it when mark tangles his fingers in his hair

-whenever hyuck is yelling at his friends and mark comes swoopin in he turns into mush


-“hi hyuck! why’re you yelling?”


-bad boy!hyuck becomes such a softie for his baby boy nerd!mark ;-;

Grim reaper binu

Listen it’s 1:31 am and I had a idea

-grim reaper!eunwoo and human!moonbin
-moonbin saw a cat stuck in a tree and climbed it to help get the cat out
-it’s a really tall tree
-and he falls
-binnie wakes up feeling really light and when he turns around he sees eunwoos face and gasps
-k but imagine eunwoo with like some cool as fuck black wings and a black buttton down shirt with the first few buttons popped mJHH
-moonbin: holy shit are you an angel
-eunwoo: what no I’m dressed in black and I’m a grim reaper what I don’t look like an angel those pricks are always dressed in white smh
-moonbin: Shit did I die
-eunwoo: uh yeah you fell out of a 40 foot fucking tree and didn’t even land on grass you landed on concrete
-moonbin: but I didn’t get to feed my cat shit shit
-binnie starts panicking and tears begin to fill his eyes
-what if no one checks up on Sir. Fluffikins? Mj hates his cat so he wouldn’t feed him and rocky is always so busy with dance
-moonbin is now hyperventilating bc of his cat
-eunwoo: Hey so um are you okay ?
-eunwoo never really had to deal with someone that was this much of a hot mess (emphasis on the hot)
-like yeah ppl sometimes cried or asked to please not die but no one ever had a mental breakdown bc they didn’t feed their cat or didn’t get to say good bye to their cat
-eunwoo being the softy he is let’s moonbin say goodbye to his cat
-moonbin thanking him through the tears and snot leaking and promising that he will make it up to him
-when they get to moonbins apartment eunwoo is met with several cat toys and pictures frames of family friends and his cat
-it’s a mess but it’s charming
-moonbin rushing over to sir. Fluffikins and fussing over how much he lovers her and will miss her
-it’s rare to see a human have that much love for another human but to have so much love for an animal?? That’s extraordinary to eunwoo
-grim reapers are born when children were born into terrible lives pass away
-their parents didn’t love them or they got bullied from a young age
-they didn’t receive love as children so when they die they become grim reapers and deal with other children and people dying bc the universes is fucked up okAy
-so to see so much love for such a ugly cat… it warms eunwoo s heart
-eunwoo: hey so uh you love your cat a lot
-moonbin: yes ur point
-eunwoo: bc u love ur cat so much I’m gonna let you live
-moonbin is shook
-queue moonbin bowing to eunwoo and promising that he will take better care of his car and thanking him
-eunwoo waving it off but he is hella charmed by the cute human who loves his cat
-eunwoo is about to jump and fly out of moonbins window but Bin grabs his hand
-moonbin: wait when can I see you again
-eunwoo: why would u want to see me again when you see me again that means your dead
-moonbin: I gotta repay you
-eunwoo doesn’t really know what to say to that humans aren’t that nice to him!!! Humans always blame him for their deaths even though it’s their fault they put a toaster in the bathtub but what ever
-so when moonbin is being so kind to eunwoo!!! He is flustered as hECK
-eunwoo thinks for a moment until he swoops down and gives moonbin a quick peck on the lips
-eunwoo: you don’t have to repay me anymore just please don’t die soon you still have a life to live
-moonbin touching his lips and mummering how his lips were cold
-moonbin is also really flustered bc he got kissed by a grim reaper that’s fucking ripped and has ducking wings wHAT how cool is that
-moonbin tries everything to find eunwoo again
-he goes to the tree where he first fell out of, hangs out by the grave yard, tries going to the hospital but nothing works
-one day when Bin was hanging out with rocko he conveniently forgot about his peanut allergy and ate some cookies that had nuts in them
-One of them being peanuts
-fast forward a fun ride to the er and moonbin also dying bc rocko didn’t know what a EpiPen was or how to use it (same tho)
-moonbin doesn’t die but he was close
-when he wakes up he sees eunwoo sitting on one of the chairs with his hands in his hair looking vv stressed
-moonbin whispering hOLY SHIT
-eunwoo looking up with the most attractive scowl on his face wow he looks mad but hot AF
-eunwoo: I told you not to die anytime soon
-moonbin: shit did I die again
-eunwoo: no the doctors saved you pls teach ur ‘swag’ friend how to use an EpiPen
-moonbin: I’m sorry to inconvenience you, , , but why are u here if I’m not dead
-eunwoo tells him how he is drawn to near death experiences cause ppl most of the time die during them
-moonbin: wait so if I almost die but I don’t does that mean I get to see you again
-eunwoo: yeah I guess but why would u want death
-moonbin winking and being a cheeky little shit
-Bin has a few more encounters with eunwoo bc bin is dumb af and thirsty for some underworld dick I mean WHAT I AM A CHILD OF THE LORD
-nah but moonbin is vv whipped for eunwoo
-eunwoo being the dork he is finds it cute Bin is trying so hard to see him but also it worries him sick bc pLEASE Bin no why ARE YOU FLYING A KITE WITH A METAL WHISK ATTACHED TO IT DURING A STORM YOUR NOT BENJAMIN FRANKLIN
-one day eunwoo tells Bin how he used to be the prince of a kingdom long ago when he was human
-but his parents and the people of the castle neglected him and he was forgotten by the people
-he was never truly loved and got terribly sick at the age of 6
-the king and the queen didn’t even bat an eye to get him medicine or anything
-was a waste of time money and resources
-So prince woo died
-man it’s 2:13 idk now to make tragic back stories
-moonbin giving him a hug and telling woo that his parents are assholes and that he will love him twice as much as he does now to make up for the jerkbutt larents
-eunwoo being mushy in the inside cause moonbin loves him!!
- okay but like cuddling between eunwoo and Bin is the cutest
-Eunwoo is naturally cold and moonbin is a heater basically
-also eunwoo likes to spoon moonbin and wrap one of his wings around Bin like a blanket
-but eunwoo and Bin can only meet if Bin almost dies
-this really pains eunwoo bc bin is a fucking idiot and lowkey trying to kill himself
-eunwoo: dONT
-moonbin: TO BAD
That’s it that’s my lol Drabble fic shit I hope u like it

seoulmatess  asked:

hey, my name is ana, im from colombia, (i'm actually not sure why i'm writing this in english) anyway, i've been wanting to learn korean for a while now, i learned hangul but the thing is that i don't know where to continue or what resources i can use, since it's really hard to find something korean related here; so i just wanted to ask you how you started learning and how do you manage your study time. I hope i didn't bother you ^^

Hola Ana!! :D Learning hangul is the first step, asi que comenzaste bien! c:

What I did: learn hangul, build some vocab with memrise, and then not improve at all for months because I had so many resources that I didn’t know which one to pick. I did check a few lessons of TTMIK and I used the textbook My Korean 1 (made by an Australian University, I think), but to be honest I didnt improve as much as I could have. Now I know the two reasons why: 1. TOO MANY RESOURCES: I was accumulating resources, books, sites, EVERYTHING, but didnt actually pick one to use. 2. Lack of discipline: I didn’t make time to actually study.

Know that I’m more experienced I highly recommend yall to not repeat my mistakes lmao. PICK ONE TEXTBOOK OR WEBSITE AND STICK TO IT. Don’t worry about missing out extra information or whatever. Only look for another explanation if the first one you used wasnt clear enough and you really couldnt understand, but AFTER TRYING; annotate, practice, review, and if it is still unclear then switch to another (reliable) resource. I’m NOT saying that every explanation is going to be accurate and should be trusted, but if it isn’t correct you will probably realize it after you become more comfortable with the language.

Everyone praises TTMIK and they deserve it, they have awesome lessons. My advice is that you find their curriculum (on their page) and start. But remember: DONT STOP. You dont know what to do? Go to the next lesson. As simple as that. Listen to the audios, repeat what they say, read aloud, make flashcards with the vocab and say “I will learn ALL THIS WORDS by the end of the week”, make your own sentences to practice vocab and grammar points, KEEP GOING. You can even skip some lessons (advanced learners are gonna kill me for saying this tho). Dont stress over “but what im a gonna do after i finish all their lessons?!?” You’ll cross that bridge when you get there.

Another option that I recommend for grammar is using the book Korean Grammar In Use (Beginner). It has a lot of grammar points with simple explanations, sample sentences, conjugations and exercises. You can pair it with the TTMIK lessons if you are a little worried about not getting enough practice.

For vocab I suggest the list of ‘Most common verbs/adjectives/nouns’, and I think some people have already created them on Memrise/Quizlet/Anki (I personally prefer quizlet).

I try to study at least 5 minutes a day. I’ll make a full post soon about how I’ve been managing my time these past few months, but this is what I try to do every week:

  • Grammar: it can take just 30 minutes to make notes for a grammar point. How many G.P. you do is up to how much time you have. I’m doing 3-5 per week (intensively selfstudying) but I think even one per week is fine!
  • Vocab: make a list at the start of each week (or month) and review every moment you can: before sleeping, while eating, on the bus. It shouldnt take you too much time either: 30 minutes for the list and 5 minute breaks for reviewing. Make goals: Ill memorize this list by the end of the week, Ill review 5 days of the week, Ill review 4 times each day. Be honest with yourself, but try to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Listening comprehension: listen to audios of the lessons, listen without reading the transcript and try to pick up words, listen to kpop too and other media like dramas or youtube videos. Doesnt take much time either and its fun to do.
  • Some kind of pronunciation practice: imitating the audios and reading aloud. If you have a native friend or anyone who knows/is learning korean, talk with them
  • Some kind of writing practice like journaling your day, solving workbook exercises or making sentences with what you learn. Time varies with this. My journal entries take me 5-15 minutes (they are very short but sometimes I have to look up words that I dont know/remember)
  • Reading practice: write the dialogues from the lessons that you study and read them! they probably combine the grammar and vocab you are studying. Also write the sample sentences that they use. Read kpop lyrics and webtoons.

Hope this helps a little bit c: I’ll probably make more posts about this with more information. Lo mas importante es comenzar y seguir! No te bloquees. Si ves algo, aprendelo; no lo guardes para despues. 

answering asks!

SOME GOOD QUESTIONS UNDER THE CUT!!! idk how many ppl read these but u def should if wanna kno more abt my goofy ocs >:^)

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Yanan As A Boyfriend

-Aw you’re his very first girlfriend! He’s going to be very shy and confused on what to do at first but treat him as a best friend while still being a good girlfriend and he will open up to you right away and will quickly fall for you. 

-Very protective, a baby who always needs to hold your hand and etc. Doesn’t know why he’s like this, it’s not like he’s done this before but somehow it’s an instinct to hold on to your hand and intertwine your fingers with his when you’re out on the street together or in a big crowd (will have his serious face on as he looks around trying to find a good spot to sit in the restaurant, gripping onto your hand like crazy). Holds on to it until it’s all sweaty and apologizes cutely when it happens (only to wipe it off and hold your hand again). If you let go of his hand he will look back at you all pouty like “whatchu doin?” Public affection will limit to hand holding and you linking your arm with his and occasionally a back hug from him when he’s feeling brave however, when you two are alone, there are no limits- although it’s best for you to initiate any higher level skinship thats beyond the usual, he will appreciate it alot and accept all of it. 

 -Texts you often and members will always find him looking down on his phone when he’s taking a break from practice or in the car going to an event. “Did you eat breakfast? I miss you.” Will tell you he misses you alot. Thinks about you 24/7. Tells his members he’s not thinking about you when he freaking is. Zones out alot if he hasnt seen you in a while and once he sees you again, he will prob Cry. Often texts you “Are you going to visit me?” As well. Will get annoyed when you’re busy. “How come you’re always busy y/n??? You haven’t come to see me in a thousand years!” “Yanan, it’s been like a week.”<br> “Same thing??!” 

 -Giddy like a child that’s been giving a toy when you’re with him. Jumps around and hyper like one too, you swear sometimes he might be a 10 y/o trapped in a man’s body. The best dates for him will be taking you to the amusement park and only riding kid rides while eating lots of cotton candy and plenty of selfies or watching fireworks and street performances. Points to every cool thing he sees and looks for your reaction. Loves to stare and smile at you when you don’t realize it because he can’t believe his first girlfriend is just so perfect- like he can’t believe it which is why-

-He will get jealous OFTEN. Sees you talking to a guy friend, he will yell your name from across the room or street like “BABE! BABEE! BABEY!!! Y/N!!” Straight up interrupt a conversation like “Hello, I’m Y/N’s bf, y/n’s who’s this?” If he doesn’t like someone he will tell you “Y/N, I don’t like he/she.” Work with him though, explain to him thoroughly and he will trust you 100% as long as you introduce or tell him who you’re going to hang with. “Y/N, I didnt tell you to come over to hang with Wooseok, Wooseok give me my girlfriend.”   

-Spontaneously surprises you with a home cooked lunch, teddy bear/plushies, love letters even tho yall already dating and when it’s your birthday he always has to set something up and make it a special event where it’s just the two of you. (He will always be holding your favorite flowers). He does so much because he really likes you, and once he does fall in love with you, he won’t even think twice about treating you like a princess and giving his all and going all out for you. “BABE DO YOU LIKE IT? IT TOOK ME TWO WEEKS TO FINALLY RESERVE THIS PLACE-YOUR BOYFRIEND IS THE BEST RIGHT??“ 

 -Love making will be AWKWARD AND CUTE AT FIRST (first sex will be at a really nice hotel because he cant let the first time be somewhere basic like the dorm). Lots of giggling and nervousness like ”Can I put it in?“ “Does it hurt?” However, once he gets the hang of it and feels all these new sensations rush into him, his hands and thrusts will come naturally, the way he will look at you will be so hot and heavy omggg. Sleeps with his face buried in the crook of your neck afterwards, you swiping sweaty strands of hair out of his face and you two holding each other tightly as you fall asleep. He loves sleeping on your chest the most.

-Introduces you to everyone he knows including members and makes you come to the dorm so often that it will just be another home for you. Wants you to be a big part of his life and you will know he is serious about you once he shows you off to his members/family/friends. Trusts you 100%, you are his first girlfriend and his first love.

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All evidence that proves Shiro is a sleeper agent, and also a robot

OK EVERYONE I have some incredibly hard evidence regarding Shiro and his… “escape”. 

I think that this version of Shiro really thinks he is the real Shiro, but this is far from the truth.

His escape was all part of the plan. A plan to make sure he really believes that he is the real Shiro, and will behave like him as well. Every single part of it was set up so that the Galra and trick and track Voltron. That includes those 2 rebels. They were in on it. Read more below, it’s gonna be long.

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wanna chat? pt.20

on ao3
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i’m not dead yet but i’m v close

eponine = alya
enjolras = marinette
grantaire = nino
marius = adrien



eponine: dont listen to marinette

enjolras: Ummm????
LIsten to Marinette

eponine: no fuck u

enjolras: :P

grantaire: ????????
what did you do  

eponine: NOTHI N G

enjolras: She tried to chase Chat after the akuma attack and almost fell in the Seine 

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anonymous asked:

so ive had a really bad night so if u would can i have some headcanons for the legends team (mainly revolving around my Boys mick jax ray and len cuz theyre my comfort characters) u dont have to if you dont want to tho



  • he has a very meticulous skincare routine. he spends at least an hour getting ready for the day and getting ready for bed.
    • he takes jax under his wing for this, the 2 of them have spa days sometimes. it’s very nice
  • he buys a lot of snowflake patterned things just bc he thinks its funny
    • he has snowflake pajama bottoms and a fluffy fleece blanket and some fuzzy socks
  • speaking of which, he has a ton of fuzzy socks bc lisa and mick just. keep giving them to him for his birthday. nothing else, just fuzzy socks. they come in all colors and patterns. he will never have cold feet again
  • he buys his own action figure and places it in inappropriate places around the waverider
    • it becomes a game w the team. where is mini cold hiding? is it in the freezer? in the coffee pot? on the shower head? did ray attempt to hide it by putting his atom suit on it again? who knows!
  • he adopts stray and unwanted pound cats, he has about 5 of them and he loves them very much. he loves to cuddle w them too
  • loves kesha bc i love kesha n love 2 self project


  • he asks gideon for everyone’s birthdays and always makes sure he makes them something nice they would like/find useful!!
    • he made mick and len matching charm necklaces. they have a little flame and a snowflake on them. ray has one that has an atom symbol on it.
    • len: im not a jewelry person raymond
    • ray: oh thats ok you dont have to wear it
    • len: fuck off im wearing it forever
  • he has a big fluffy blanket that he likes to drape around his shoulders like a cape and walks around dramatically w it. also doubles as his own personal cocoon for when he is feeling a Sad
  • packs lunches for everyone before missions, oh wait that one is actually canon. wild
    • but he starts getting lunch orders after a while
    • mick: wings
    • ray: what?
    • mick: hot wings. next lunch
    • ray: :D !! u got it
  • he has such a sweet tooth. u wouldnt expect it from him bc he is a Buff Boy. but he will swipe all ur cupcakes while u blinked and he will run off to his room n eat them
  • hes rly bad at remembering to eat himself but the SECOND he finds out someone skipped a meal he marches them down to the kitchen and has gideon make them some food. mom friend
  • him and jax are usually the ones who make breakfast for the rest of the legends, or at the very least get the coffee pot running. everyone is grateful, especially sara, who is a tiny hell goblin before she is Caffeinated for the day


  • he lovs to bake!!! he’s the one who makes the cupcakes and cakes. he was tired of all the waverider’s snacks not having sugar in them. he had to take things into his own hands.
    • one time he made weed brownies. the results were fun.
    • the legends didnt trust him anywhere near an oven at first but he surprised them all with killer brownies. the first batch were not laced. the second batch tho? he’ll never tell
  • he actually rly likes romance novels. he hides them behind the covers of his skin mags. No One Must Know
    • except ray, he knows. he also loves romance novels. they share book recommendations.
  • he’s not the biggest animal lover but he does love len’s cats. he has a favorite cat named Blaze. he’s big and orange and fluffy. sometimes Blaze falls asleep on mick’s lap and mick would rather gnaw his own arm off before he would move to wake him up
  • him and len do that thing where like. one of them points to some random and usually odd looking object and theyre like, “thats you.”
    • mick: *points to a garbage can* that you?
    • len: excuse me, mick, i am not trash. i am recycling. i’m higher quality garbage and thus deserve respect and special attention.
  • cries while watching movies sometimes. especially ones where the dog dies. leave him alone he has Feelings too u know
  • really enjoys the nights everyone gets drunk enough to play strip poker. because he’s really good at poker, and he gets to see his teammates strip. win win.


  • the BIGGEST britney spears stan. he’ll fuck u up if he catches u throwing shade
  • him and sara have a competition going on called Who Can Give Rip The Biggest Aneurysm. they just do increasingly dangerous and inappropriate things while in rip’s presence until rip gives up and leaves and/or cries
  • has a peanut allergy but one time he figured since he’s on a time ship now with an AI that could recover him from virtually anything, he says fuck it and tries a reeses cup for the first time. he cries, and not just out of the anaphylactic shock, but also because it was probably the best thing he ever tasted
  • the first time he meets wally he falls in love like, immediately. even moreso when he finds out wally is into racing cars. he gets wally’s number and they flirt over text
    • one time sara stole his phone for something and she saw the messages and hounded him over it, asking how long they’ve been together and when the FUCK was he gonna tell her he got such a cute boyfriend, she’s so proud
  • used to work a ton of jobs in high school. fast food? retail? family restaurants? he’s had to deal with the torture of them ALL
  • he loves his momma so much!!! he makes rip drop them off in central city in time for her birthday so he can visit her. she ends up inviting all the legends over for dinner and adopts them all

hopes this makes u feel a little better! :3c

@diva-de-gallifrey submitted: Hey(its a me, rockfriend, coming out of my hiding once and for all i guess)so i sort wrote a small thing for the au when Jeremy asks Ryan for a place to stay?? Here It is

It’s raining heavily against the big Starbucks window, of course It is, as if the sight of Jeremy bruised and bleeding didn’t make Ryans stomach turn he had to be wet and shivering, hair and clothes damp and sticking to his body and making him look so very young and, even worse, scared. He looks skinny, at least more so than when they first met and Ryan wonders, not for the first time in the last few months, when was the last time the younger man had eaten but by now he knew better than to ask, knowing that he would receive no answer other than a shrug. He knew Jeremy was stubborn but sometimes all Ryan really wanted to wrap him into a blanket and never let Go.

“I need your help” Jeremy said, there was a slight tremor in his voice and if It was either from the cold or fear Ryan didn’t know. A part of him didnt want to find out. “I.. I did something bad.”

Ryan raises an eyebrow, “something bad” is a very good way of defining both of their lives as a whole, he almost saws that out loud but he remembers that Jeremy doesnt know who he really is and ultimately decides to keep his mouth shut and not ruin what is left of his normal life. He settles on asking the younger man what had happened.

“It’s complicated” he responds, wrapping his arms around himself and looking around as if he expected someone to attack him any moment now. Ryan went to hold Jeremy but he quickly moved away, curling into himself more and more. “There are some people after me right now.” His Voice shakes slightly and Ryan pretends not to notice. “T-they know where i live and they have eyes on every street corner. If they find me….”

He trails off and It takes all Ryans might to stay where he is and not go full Vagabond and chase the motherfuckers who dared to hurt Jeremy.” What do you need?”

“To be rich, to leave this shithole,” he chuckles under his breath and looks up at Ryan, eyes filled with desperation and fear that betrayed his jokingly tone. “But mostly i n-need some place to stay.”

Ryan feels his face fall, if things were normal It would be easy to give Jeremy that, put him in an apartment on the crews territory, offer him their protection and hell maybe even offer him a job but things werent normal, the Fakes were hardly a threat to anyone but themselves now and they couldnt risk getting recognized, not now when they were so close to putting themselves back on the map and bringing this godforsaken city to its knees once again. Ryan cared for Jeremy deeply, maybe even loved him (he wouldnt admit It of course, but he really did) but his family came first, no exceptions.

“I wont make a noise!” Jeremy assured, probably catching up to the sudden hesitation coming from Ryan because his voice was close to pleading now. “You and your flatmates wont even know i’m there, and it’s only for a few days an-”

“Jeremy” Ryan interrupts him, remorse flooding his voice. Who knew the Vagabond, ex mercenary and current vicious killer had gone so soft to the point where he could hardly even turn down this man he barely knew. Except he did know Jeremy, he knew he was struggling to keep himself afloat but still tried his best to buy his coffee every morning and tip Ryan with whatever money he had left (“It’s my way of pretending to have some control over my life” its what he said once, words that followed Ryan for weeks even tho Jeremy had said them nonchalant), he was kind and he dyed his hair crazy colors every month as a way to make himself and others happy and Ryan was falling for him way too fast but still he couldnt help the other, not with his heist coming so soon. “I’m sorry, there is nothing i can do.”

The scared look that Jeremy gives him hurts like a punch in the gut and Ryan has to rip his gaze away from the way his shoulders slump because he can feel How much he wants to apologise to Jeremy and Go back on what he said but he can’t, not now so he Just stares into the distance. “You should go now, the store doesnt allow employers to talk to people who arent buying.”

The sound of the front door closing is somehow worse than of a gunshot.

rock friend how dare you my heart. it hurts so much my poor babies. This is so lovely written! thank you so much for sharing!

Boyfriend! au - Wooseok

Ok so warning before I was told this has a different feel than my other aus but thats cuz wooseok is my bf & i have a different kind of love for him lol

Originally posted by yeo1

  • Ok just so yall know this is gonna be based off one of my dreams of wooseok and it was great so ur welcs
  • Now it might not sound great at first, but wooseok gonna be a fuckboy/troublemaker lol
  • Like i know wtf…..but just imagine his dark ass clothing…..& the fuckin lip ring
  • Yep that lip ring haunts me in my dreams cuz it was so hot lol
  • Ok so u & wooseok in college, u both work hard in ur majors, but in ur free time u guys are dipshits lol
  • One thing u guys like to do is prank ur friends (sorry pentagon lmao)
  • This is literally how u guys became friends lol
  • Like one night u guys both end up being at some boring lake house party
  • & u were inside for most of the night just relaxing & talking to people u know no biggie
  • But as soon people began moving inside to sleep or ;) u were like bye nasties
  • So u walked outside to see the mess of what was a party
  • …but then u see this super tall skinny guy, obviously drunk, trying to toss this other tall guy into the lake thats just laughing
  • & ur like oh shit trying to save the drunk guy from drowning lol so u grab a really large floatie, big enough for the drunk guy to lay on, and run over to them
  • & u didnt think the guy was sober enough to actually throw the other guy in the water, or realize what he was doing for that matter, but even if they both passed out right there they could drown
  • So despite u telling the super tall (& super attractive) guy he should just put him down he refuses and keeps mumbling “I…have to get…Yuto back for….putting teriyaki sauce in my drink..”
  • And ur like wtf is up with these children
  • But ur also not the type to give up a prank

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quick summary of an au: the squipped group all stays in theatre, + michael joins, as a unifying extracurricular and they put on dear evan hansen as their senior spring musical

more info if u wanna know more?

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anonymous asked:

H, I, J for Metallic pls lolol, and K

H:  How would you describe your style?

  • i particularly have no distinct style whatsoever. but i do love playing with words! many of you for sure know how messy i write and i am not ashamed of that! lololol. also i particularly concentrate on angst more than any other genres. idek dont ask me im just sdfghskfghsdlkghdskl angst is like an extension of my soul. sometimes i just want to be able to write some good fluff. one day, i will. today is not that day though.
  • also i really try to internalize a character’s personality. this is why maybe i was able to add some traits that i deem right for them. im more inclined on playing around jumin’s general personality. there is a lot to discover in him too! ♡ maybe that’s why i was able to write the epilogue of metallic purely on his own words??

I:  Do you have a guilty pleasure in fic (reading or writing)?

  • N S F W. i tell you, that is my greatest guilty pleasure. who doesn’t love a good nsfw tho? and also i think it is very evident inside this blog … ANGST. my greatest guilty pleasure in writing would be angst! lololol.

J:  Write or describe an alternative ending to Metallic.

  • for metallic, i really have thought this as far as i can go back. i really wanted zen to date you, the reader despite jumin giving warnings towards zen that he shouldn’t butt in to their conflict. zen, as he is, just wanted to save you from the torment of not being able to remember because of pain and he wants to heal you somehow. zen had always watched over you and he gladly stepped aside just for jumin to be happy seeing as that you were really happy with him, too. but jumin had to screw that up. as far as the story goes, zen didn’t interject. he just did when he saw how fucked up the situation already was and you were on the losing end. i originally planned it to be shorter than the current chapters but i just thought that wouldn’t be fun. and the chapters are all written not more than 1k words when i planned it to be more than it lololol. maybe i just get tired easily?? i was supposed to give everyone juicy chapters that’s why i planned to initially re-write it. but looking now, it’s beautiful as it is.
  • also, you did really get kidnapped by unknown and zen was the one who gets to save you. it just adds more to the heartache when you will finally be able to remember. because you were finally healing. and then when you remember your love for jumin while being with zen, you just suddenly confronted him out of the blue, “Why? Why … am I with you? D-did you take advantage of the situation, Zen?”
    and then Zen would be like “N-no! No, Jagi, listen - I didn’t, in any way, took advantage of you nor of the situation. What I told you was true! I-I did, I love you … until now. I just want you to be happy. But you weren’t anymore with him! Please. Please stay with me? Please, don’t come back to him? I promise I’ll be good to you, more than he is!”
    “No matter how hurt I was, all my heart yearned for … wanted for … was him. You knew that, right? Jumin … Jumin is my happy ending. No matter how painful it was. No matter how much he might hurt me … Zen, I’m really sorry. I-I don’t know what to tell you.”
    and then he gets hella mad and cries because why would u go back to someone who caused u to hurt so much?? “No! No, I’ll never hand you back to him! Not now that you finally told me you felt the same! I-I can make you fall in love with me, right? Just please … Jagi, give me another chance. Give me my chance.”
    and then you’ll be like no zen sorry it’s not you it’s me lolol classic cliche i kid anyway when you finally get to tell Jumin you remember you find out he already left. for good. because wow u expect him to torture himself seeing u happy with someone else? and he hella respects your decision and if you didnt choose him he’ll gladly step aside.
    you were screaming and crying at the airport like wOW JUMIN WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME ARE YOU CRAZY I WAS JUST ABOUT TO TELL YOU I FINALLY REMEMBER and everyone @ the airport was like what the hell is ur problem man and then u do some walling while crying lolololololol and then u notice someone standing just a few feet away from u with a luggage at hand and he was looking at u with a funny expression on his face lololol like what the fuck mc why are u rolling on the floor while crying?? and ur like J-JUJUBEAR?? LOLOLOL and he was like why are u here i thought ur with zen and ur like jaehee told me u left for good! and he was like no i just went to visit the cherry farm and told them my new company would be selling their products and ur like y-you didn’t leave? and he was like why would i i love you enough to receive the every day torture of seeing you love someone else and ur like what the fuck why did everyone say you left for good and he was laughing because god cant u be any more cute and he was like trying to stop himself from laughing and asking u so, did you come here to find me? and he was like so smug because w o w u lit went batshit crazy and he witnessed how u called and cried for him and professed ur love for him in the middle of the airport and he was like ‘so, u love me, huh?’ and ur like NO WHAT THE FUCK NO JUST NO u r so embarrassed u embarrassing human u and when u finally reunited with him there was someone in the shadows watching u happy while he’s now the one suffering because he loves you enough to let you go *tips hat off for zen, our fallen comrade
  • ok so that’s it this shit is long lololol

K:  What’s the angstiest idea you’ve ever come up with?

  • ooooooohhhhh. it’s the current series fic im working on. the pierrot’s last joker. im not gonna divulge in or i might spoil the plot LOLOLOL i just got the initial idea because of a request and because i am the bitch i am and everything i touch becomes angst because i am the angst bitch


Red X x reader

Warnings: idk

im  making red x jason in this


your mission was simple. go in, steal the jewels and get out. it was jump city for fuck sake. the last thing you expected was for red x to comer and ruin your raid. the absolute last thing you expected was f or the teen titan to come and join you.

carefully, you danced around the displays being very careful not to trip any alarms. your goal was to get a blood diamond that was the size of an orange. its silly really, for the store owners to just have it out for everyone to see. like honestly, what did they think would happen? it would just get left alone?

shaking your hand, you reach inside of the display and grasp the diamond. “come to mama..” you start to retract your hand when you hear him. 

“ stealing is bad ya know, kitten.” you should have known better, really. he shows up and says the same damn thing every damn time. you cant help
but roll your eyes.

“yes red, i know. you tell me every time you see me.” you shove the precious gem into your bag and through it over your shoulder. “ be a babe and dont tell anyone about this? thanks.”

as you walk past him, you kiss his masked cheek and jump up onto the rafters. you hear him let out a groan but before you can sayanything, you hear him. robin. leader of the teen titans. “ put the jewel back, red x. and maybe well go easy on you.”

you accidentally let out a giggle trying to imagine what the look on reds face mush be right now. big fucking mistake. “ who is there?” you now have the attention of all the titans that are trying to find you in the shadows of the roof.

“ show your self” fuck. with a large intake of breath, you swing down from your hiding place and nimbly land to the right side of red. you smirk and look up at him. “ taking credit for all me hard work? thats not very nice…”

although you can not see the pointed look he is giving you, you sure as hell can feel it. “ your hard work? im the one who has the diamond” he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the beautiful stone you had in your possession only moments ago.

“ why you-” as you ready to throw a punch at him, you are hit with a star bolt that came from starfire. turning your head, you send a glare her way before pulling out a smoke bomb.

“ well its been killer, but im out.” you yank the jewel from red and throw a bomb down at the ground. before you can run off, you feel arms wrap around you and suddenly  you are telaported away.

as you take in your surroundings while trying to get the person holding you to let go, you realize you are in some kind of a loft. there is a mattress on the floor which is covered with red sheets and a red blanket. to the left there is a door which seems to lead to a bathroom and to the right there is a kitchen.

you also see that it is red x who is holding you. “ where am i? what do you want?” you feel fatigued and have no interest in fighting him. “ i figured you didnt want to run from the titans all night so i brought you here.” his smooth voice answers your questions. you cant help but wonder who is hiding behind that mask. 

“ well thank you. do you mind i sit?” you point at the bedd seeing that it is the only thing to rest on that isnt the dirty floor. he shook his head and lead you over to the bed where you both sat on. there was a few moments of awkward silence but you were honestly too tired to care. gently you placed your head on his shoulder.

you felt him slowly lean his head on yours. “ whats your name?” the words made their way out of your throat before you could stop them. “ ill tell you who i am if you tell me who you are…” 

he removed his head from yours and you feared the worst. you had expected him to kick you out and call you names. what he actually did shocked you. he turned his body so he sat looking at you and slowly took off his black and white mask.

the first thing you noticed was his shocking blue eyes. from the moment you saw them, you knew you were in love. the second thing you noticed was his black as night hair with a single white stripe in it. “ my name is jason.”

you hardly heard what he said. you were to lost in his eyes. “ youre beautiful..” his eyes softened for a second before going into a hard gaze. “ i told you who i am. now tell me who you are.”

you quickly tore the mask off your face, exposing your eyes. “ my name is y/n.” there were a few more moments of silence before you decided you needed to sleep. with a sad sigh, you stood up.

“ where are you going?” red also stood up and grabbed your wrist. a sad smile made its way onto your face. “ to find somewhere to sleep.” you had been on the streets since you were 6 and both your parents died. that was a long time ago tho.

“ you dont have anywhere to stay?” jasons eyes furrowed in  a heart breaking way. he had liked you since the moment he saw you. he followed you out every night in secret to make sure you never got hurt but he never knew you were homeless.

“ uhm, yea. ive lived on the streets since i was 6..”
jason swore he felt his heart break. with out saying anything he swiftly swept you into his arms and place you on his mattress. there is no way he would ever let you be on the streets ever again.

“ well you have a home now. it may not be much but its not the streets. “ disbelief took over you. how could someone you hardly know be so kind? “ i-i cant.. i dont want to intrude.”

“ well thats too bad because youre staying here.” you honestly didnt have the energy to argue with him. instead you just pulled him down to lay with you and placed your head on his chest.

a quiet thank you made its way past your lips as you slowly fell asleep wrapped in his arms.