i did really look to find who makes these tho but i didnt find it

badboy!hyuck x nerd!mark

-bet all of you were thinking of bad boy!mark hm


-have you seen that one fanart of markhyuck in the chewing gum era where hyuck had his arm around mark and mark looked so innocent with his lil circle rimmed glasses and was holding hyuck’s hand that belonged to the arm that was around mark

-did that make sense

-who knows

-i dont

-even tho mark is older, he’s basically hyuck’s bitch let’s be like 1000000% real

-he’s the dominant one in the relationship

-nobody even knows how they started dating

-the most innocent boy in school with the bad boy

-so cliCHE

-hyuck reads people really easily

-and poor mark runs around with his heart on his sleeve and hyuck’s seen him get his heart broken one too many times and he couldnt take it anymore

-mark blushes sososososo easily and hyuck always takes advantage of that

-will call mark babe anytime anywhere

-”hey, what’d you get for question 2, babe?”

-”d-dont call me that at school!”

-”aw im sorry babe, i didnt know it affected you this much”

-donghyuck’s a fuckboy confirmed

-mark probably tries to tutor hyuck but hyuck always tries to pull some shit


-they end up making out anyway

-mark turns bright red at any type of contact

-donghyuck could put his arm around mark and mark would just immediately redden

-donghyuck’s the jealous type

-but it’s lowkey bc he has to stay cool!!!1!!1!!! cant let mark hyung know im jealous!!!!1!!111

-you know that cliche thing where person a slams their hand on like the wall or locker and pins person b against the wall

-sbfvsjdbfh hyuck does that to mark for fun

-donghyuck smirking is art and mark goe swehjbdsfkgbhjds,kf every time he smirks

-mark is such a precious lil angel in donghyuck’s eyes with his lil circle rimmed glasses and his soft pink hair donghyuck wants to protect him from everything dsfgvsjbfabhskjd


-there’s a saying around school: “mark’s the only thing donghyuck loves” and tbh theyre right

-sure hyuck’s friends with the dream team but mark’s just different, ya know?

-they can just lock eyes and theyll both know what theyre thinking

-if hyuck ever gets into fights you better fuckin believe mark’s there to patch his boyfriend up!!1!

-sometimes hyuck will just end up at mark’s house with bruises and a cut lip and give mark a heart attack

-hyuck just really likes when mark takes care of him

-”sit still hyuck, i cant get rid of the blood if you dont stop moving”

-”and if i dont?”

-sassy mark is a thing hyuck thoroughly enjoys

-”if you dont fuckin sit your dumbass down and shut the fuck up im going to throw you out of my house and dump you”

-”shit babe ok”

-most of the fights hyuck gets into is for mark now

-ever since they started dating

-if someone says shit about mark, they better be ready for hyuck to beat their ass

-”hyuck you gotta stop getting into fights for me!”


-”ok then why did you get into another fight?”

-”… he threatened to steal you away from me”

-”… bitch you are so dumb”



-donghyuck would do anything for mark honestly

-mark could ask him for the galaxy and donghyuck would find a way to do so

-mark likes wearing his leather jackets

-and hyuck’s friends tease him when they see mark wearing his jacket or when it smells like mark

-”hey donghyuck where’s your jacket?”

-”uh….” *mark runs over waving donghyuck’s math homework with his jacket around him*

-whenever mark wears donghyuck’s clothes, donghyuck’s brain goes eshfkavsjdbfkygsdfjdbshkf

-donghyuck on the inside: “mark looks so smol and cute wearing my jacket… he is drowning in it and i am drowning in my feelings for him… oH NO HERE HE COMES I NEED TO SAY SOMETHING TO LET HIM KNOW I APPRECIATE HIM”

-donghyuck on the outside: “lol hey hoe wanna hang out after school”

-sweaterpaws mark is a common occurrence in the winter and doNGHYUCK CANT HANDLE THIS

-mark steals hyuck’s sweaters all the time

-hyuck started buying bigger size sweaters so whenever mark wears them, he’s basically drowning in them

-but then hyuck also drowns in them so mark likes holding hyuck’s sweaterpaws hands


-mark probably likes to tug on it lightly while they kiss

-it drives mark absolutely insane when hyuck plays with his lip piercing

-whenever hyuck licks his piercing mark just pouNCES ON HIM


-mark is a jealous hoe too

-whenever girls look at hyuck, mark’ll grab his arm and put it around him


-mark the type to kiss donghyuck’s cuts so they can ‘heal faster’

-donghyuck gets a lot of nightmares so he tends to sleep over at mark’s a lot

-or have late skype calls

-mark doesnt mind at all when he wakes up at 3 am to his ringtone

-late nights always simmer donghyuck down to a slow boil and he becomes mellow and malleable and all his barriers just come tumbling down and mark just falls in love with him over and over again every time they talk at late nights

-whenever hyuck has a nightmare and he’s sleeping over, mark will wake up before hyuck does

-and he’ll look over sleepily and wakes donghyuck up slowly

-and theyll stay awake for like an hour or however long it takes donghyuck to calm down

-if anyone saw donghyuck the way he was after a nightmare, they’d never look at him the same

-he’s just so pliable and weak at times like that

-usually it’s hyuck pulling mark onto his lap but when the nightmare’s really bad, mark will pull hyuck onto his lap

-mark’s mom loves donghyuck like he’s family

-”so when are you and donghyuck getting married?”


-hyuck likes peppering kisses on mark’s lips until he cant take it anymore and pulls hyuck by the collar to press their lips together

-pstt hyuck likes it when mark tangles his fingers in his hair

-whenever hyuck is yelling at his friends and mark comes swoopin in he turns into mush


-“hi hyuck! why’re you yelling?”


-bad boy!hyuck becomes such a softie for his baby boy nerd!mark ;-;

seoulmatess  asked:

hey, my name is ana, im from colombia, (i'm actually not sure why i'm writing this in english) anyway, i've been wanting to learn korean for a while now, i learned hangul but the thing is that i don't know where to continue or what resources i can use, since it's really hard to find something korean related here; so i just wanted to ask you how you started learning and how do you manage your study time. I hope i didn't bother you ^^

Hola Ana!! :D Learning hangul is the first step, asi que comenzaste bien! c:

What I did: learn hangul, build some vocab with memrise, and then not improve at all for months because I had so many resources that I didn’t know which one to pick. I did check a few lessons of TTMIK and I used the textbook My Korean 1 (made by an Australian University, I think), but to be honest I didnt improve as much as I could have. Now I know the two reasons why: 1. TOO MANY RESOURCES: I was accumulating resources, books, sites, EVERYTHING, but didnt actually pick one to use. 2. Lack of discipline: I didn’t make time to actually study.

Know that I’m more experienced I highly recommend yall to not repeat my mistakes lmao. PICK ONE TEXTBOOK OR WEBSITE AND STICK TO IT. Don’t worry about missing out extra information or whatever. Only look for another explanation if the first one you used wasnt clear enough and you really couldnt understand, but AFTER TRYING; annotate, practice, review, and if it is still unclear then switch to another (reliable) resource. I’m NOT saying that every explanation is going to be accurate and should be trusted, but if it isn’t correct you will probably realize it after you become more comfortable with the language.

Everyone praises TTMIK and they deserve it, they have awesome lessons. My advice is that you find their curriculum (on their page) and start. But remember: DONT STOP. You dont know what to do? Go to the next lesson. As simple as that. Listen to the audios, repeat what they say, read aloud, make flashcards with the vocab and say “I will learn ALL THIS WORDS by the end of the week”, make your own sentences to practice vocab and grammar points, KEEP GOING. You can even skip some lessons (advanced learners are gonna kill me for saying this tho). Dont stress over “but what im a gonna do after i finish all their lessons?!?” You’ll cross that bridge when you get there.

Another option that I recommend for grammar is using the book Korean Grammar In Use (Beginner). It has a lot of grammar points with simple explanations, sample sentences, conjugations and exercises. You can pair it with the TTMIK lessons if you are a little worried about not getting enough practice.

For vocab I suggest the list of ‘Most common verbs/adjectives/nouns’, and I think some people have already created them on Memrise/Quizlet/Anki (I personally prefer quizlet).

I try to study at least 5 minutes a day. I’ll make a full post soon about how I’ve been managing my time these past few months, but this is what I try to do every week:

  • Grammar: it can take just 30 minutes to make notes for a grammar point. How many G.P. you do is up to how much time you have. I’m doing 3-5 per week (intensively selfstudying) but I think even one per week is fine!
  • Vocab: make a list at the start of each week (or month) and review every moment you can: before sleeping, while eating, on the bus. It shouldnt take you too much time either: 30 minutes for the list and 5 minute breaks for reviewing. Make goals: Ill memorize this list by the end of the week, Ill review 5 days of the week, Ill review 4 times each day. Be honest with yourself, but try to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Listening comprehension: listen to audios of the lessons, listen without reading the transcript and try to pick up words, listen to kpop too and other media like dramas or youtube videos. Doesnt take much time either and its fun to do.
  • Some kind of pronunciation practice: imitating the audios and reading aloud. If you have a native friend or anyone who knows/is learning korean, talk with them
  • Some kind of writing practice like journaling your day, solving workbook exercises or making sentences with what you learn. Time varies with this. My journal entries take me 5-15 minutes (they are very short but sometimes I have to look up words that I dont know/remember)
  • Reading practice: write the dialogues from the lessons that you study and read them! they probably combine the grammar and vocab you are studying. Also write the sample sentences that they use. Read kpop lyrics and webtoons.

Hope this helps a little bit c: I’ll probably make more posts about this with more information. Lo mas importante es comenzar y seguir! No te bloquees. Si ves algo, aprendelo; no lo guardes para despues. 

answering asks!

SOME GOOD QUESTIONS UNDER THE CUT!!! idk how many ppl read these but u def should if wanna kno more abt my goofy ocs >:^)

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@diva-de-gallifrey submitted: Hey(its a me, rockfriend, coming out of my hiding once and for all i guess)so i sort wrote a small thing for the au when Jeremy asks Ryan for a place to stay?? Here It is

It’s raining heavily against the big Starbucks window, of course It is, as if the sight of Jeremy bruised and bleeding didn’t make Ryans stomach turn he had to be wet and shivering, hair and clothes damp and sticking to his body and making him look so very young and, even worse, scared. He looks skinny, at least more so than when they first met and Ryan wonders, not for the first time in the last few months, when was the last time the younger man had eaten but by now he knew better than to ask, knowing that he would receive no answer other than a shrug. He knew Jeremy was stubborn but sometimes all Ryan really wanted to wrap him into a blanket and never let Go.

“I need your help” Jeremy said, there was a slight tremor in his voice and if It was either from the cold or fear Ryan didn’t know. A part of him didnt want to find out. “I.. I did something bad.”

Ryan raises an eyebrow, “something bad” is a very good way of defining both of their lives as a whole, he almost saws that out loud but he remembers that Jeremy doesnt know who he really is and ultimately decides to keep his mouth shut and not ruin what is left of his normal life. He settles on asking the younger man what had happened.

“It’s complicated” he responds, wrapping his arms around himself and looking around as if he expected someone to attack him any moment now. Ryan went to hold Jeremy but he quickly moved away, curling into himself more and more. “There are some people after me right now.” His Voice shakes slightly and Ryan pretends not to notice. “T-they know where i live and they have eyes on every street corner. If they find me….”

He trails off and It takes all Ryans might to stay where he is and not go full Vagabond and chase the motherfuckers who dared to hurt Jeremy.” What do you need?”

“To be rich, to leave this shithole,” he chuckles under his breath and looks up at Ryan, eyes filled with desperation and fear that betrayed his jokingly tone. “But mostly i n-need some place to stay.”

Ryan feels his face fall, if things were normal It would be easy to give Jeremy that, put him in an apartment on the crews territory, offer him their protection and hell maybe even offer him a job but things werent normal, the Fakes were hardly a threat to anyone but themselves now and they couldnt risk getting recognized, not now when they were so close to putting themselves back on the map and bringing this godforsaken city to its knees once again. Ryan cared for Jeremy deeply, maybe even loved him (he wouldnt admit It of course, but he really did) but his family came first, no exceptions.

“I wont make a noise!” Jeremy assured, probably catching up to the sudden hesitation coming from Ryan because his voice was close to pleading now. “You and your flatmates wont even know i’m there, and it’s only for a few days an-”

“Jeremy” Ryan interrupts him, remorse flooding his voice. Who knew the Vagabond, ex mercenary and current vicious killer had gone so soft to the point where he could hardly even turn down this man he barely knew. Except he did know Jeremy, he knew he was struggling to keep himself afloat but still tried his best to buy his coffee every morning and tip Ryan with whatever money he had left (“It’s my way of pretending to have some control over my life” its what he said once, words that followed Ryan for weeks even tho Jeremy had said them nonchalant), he was kind and he dyed his hair crazy colors every month as a way to make himself and others happy and Ryan was falling for him way too fast but still he couldnt help the other, not with his heist coming so soon. “I’m sorry, there is nothing i can do.”

The scared look that Jeremy gives him hurts like a punch in the gut and Ryan has to rip his gaze away from the way his shoulders slump because he can feel How much he wants to apologise to Jeremy and Go back on what he said but he can’t, not now so he Just stares into the distance. “You should go now, the store doesnt allow employers to talk to people who arent buying.”

The sound of the front door closing is somehow worse than of a gunshot.

rock friend how dare you my heart. it hurts so much my poor babies. This is so lovely written! thank you so much for sharing!

Yanan As A Boyfriend

-Aw you’re his very first girlfriend! He’s going to be very shy and confused on what to do at first but treat him as a best friend while still being a good girlfriend and he will open up to you right away and will quickly fall for you. 

-Very protective, a baby who always needs to hold your hand and etc. Doesn’t know why he’s like this, it’s not like he’s done this before but somehow it’s an instinct to hold on to your hand and intertwine your fingers with his when you’re out on the street together or in a big crowd (will have his serious face on as he looks around trying to find a good spot to sit in the restaurant, gripping onto your hand like crazy). Holds on to it until it’s all sweaty and apologizes cutely when it happens (only to wipe it off and hold your hand again). If you let go of his hand he will look back at you all pouty like “whatchu doin?” Public affection will limit to hand holding and you linking your arm with his and occasionally a back hug from him when he’s feeling brave however, when you two are alone, there are no limits- although it’s best for you to initiate any higher level skinship thats beyond the usual, he will appreciate it alot and accept all of it. 

 -Texts you often and members will always find him looking down on his phone when he’s taking a break from practice or in the car going to an event. “Did you eat breakfast? I miss you.” Will tell you he misses you alot. Thinks about you 24/7. Tells his members he’s not thinking about you when he freaking is. Zones out alot if he hasnt seen you in a while and once he sees you again, he will prob Cry. Often texts you “Are you going to visit me?” As well. Will get annoyed when you’re busy. “How come you’re always busy y/n??? You haven’t come to see me in a thousand years!” “Yanan, it’s been like a week.”<br> “Same thing??!” 

 -Giddy like a child that’s been giving a toy when you’re with him. Jumps around and hyper like one too, you swear sometimes he might be a 10 y/o trapped in a man’s body. The best dates for him will be taking you to the amusement park and only riding kid rides while eating lots of cotton candy and plenty of selfies or watching fireworks and street performances. Points to every cool thing he sees and looks for your reaction. Loves to stare and smile at you when you don’t realize it because he can’t believe his first girlfriend is just so perfect- like he can’t believe it which is why-

-He will get jealous OFTEN. Sees you talking to a guy friend, he will yell your name from across the room or street like “BABE! BABEE! BABEY!!! Y/N!!” Straight up interrupt a conversation like “Hello, I’m Y/N’s bf, y/n’s who’s this?” If he doesn’t like someone he will tell you “Y/N, I don’t like he/she.” Work with him though, explain to him thoroughly and he will trust you 100% as long as you introduce or tell him who you’re going to hang with. “Y/N, I didnt tell you to come over to hang with Wooseok, Wooseok give me my girlfriend.”   

-Spontaneously surprises you with a home cooked lunch, teddy bear/plushies, love letters even tho yall already dating and when it’s your birthday he always has to set something up and make it a special event where it’s just the two of you. (He will always be holding your favorite flowers). He does so much because he really likes you, and once he does fall in love with you, he won’t even think twice about treating you like a princess and giving his all and going all out for you. “BABE DO YOU LIKE IT? IT TOOK ME TWO WEEKS TO FINALLY RESERVE THIS PLACE-YOUR BOYFRIEND IS THE BEST RIGHT??“ 

 -Love making will be AWKWARD AND CUTE AT FIRST (first sex will be at a really nice hotel because he cant let the first time be somewhere basic like the dorm). Lots of giggling and nervousness like ”Can I put it in?“ “Does it hurt?” However, once he gets the hang of it and feels all these new sensations rush into him, his hands and thrusts will come naturally, the way he will look at you will be so hot and heavy omggg. Sleeps with his face buried in the crook of your neck afterwards, you swiping sweaty strands of hair out of his face and you two holding each other tightly as you fall asleep. He loves sleeping on your chest the most.

-Introduces you to everyone he knows including members and makes you come to the dorm so often that it will just be another home for you. Wants you to be a big part of his life and you will know he is serious about you once he shows you off to his members/family/friends. Trusts you 100%, you are his first girlfriend and his first love.

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hi, could you do headcanons where Neil was raised to replace the butcher before being sold to the ravens? Thank You

I feel like a lot of this is going to be badass!Neil. I couldn’t figure out if you wanted “Neil in the Ravens as the Butcher’s heir” or “Neil is sold but his mother still takes him away” so I went with the latter. I tried the former, but there were too many details that I couldn’t quite work out.

  • ok so lets assume nathan didnt go into debt yet when neil is ten
  • lets say he goes into debt say… six years later
  • neil - except hes nathaniel here - learns more about fighting with knives
  • hes used some skills on people by now
  • id say he sort of knows kevin and riko bc he goes with his father occasionally
  • (i still think he would know ichirou a little better but you know)
  • so nathaniel is prepared to take over as the butcher when hes say eighteen
  • hes not fully prepared, but hes definitely a lot better with knives and shit
  • but then nathan loses a bunch of money
  • now nathaniel is sixteen, so he knows the consequences of this
  • he fully expects to be sold
  • and he is
  • but then he isnt
  • because his mother tells him that theyre leaving and theyre leaving now and he doesnt argue as she sneaks them out of the mansion
  • they run for a few years
  • nathaniel (who is stephen and has brown eyes and blond hair) knows french and german and japanese by the time his mother dies two years later
  • but hes still the butchers son and he was raised to fight so he gets away with dirty tricks
  • when david wymack finds “neil josten” hes a little bit jaded, a little bit subdued, and a lot angry

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Red X x reader

Warnings: idk

im  making red x jason in this


your mission was simple. go in, steal the jewels and get out. it was jump city for fuck sake. the last thing you expected was for red x to comer and ruin your raid. the absolute last thing you expected was f or the teen titan to come and join you.

carefully, you danced around the displays being very careful not to trip any alarms. your goal was to get a blood diamond that was the size of an orange. its silly really, for the store owners to just have it out for everyone to see. like honestly, what did they think would happen? it would just get left alone?

shaking your hand, you reach inside of the display and grasp the diamond. “come to mama..” you start to retract your hand when you hear him. 

“ stealing is bad ya know, kitten.” you should have known better, really. he shows up and says the same damn thing every damn time. you cant help
but roll your eyes.

“yes red, i know. you tell me every time you see me.” you shove the precious gem into your bag and through it over your shoulder. “ be a babe and dont tell anyone about this? thanks.”

as you walk past him, you kiss his masked cheek and jump up onto the rafters. you hear him let out a groan but before you can sayanything, you hear him. robin. leader of the teen titans. “ put the jewel back, red x. and maybe well go easy on you.”

you accidentally let out a giggle trying to imagine what the look on reds face mush be right now. big fucking mistake. “ who is there?” you now have the attention of all the titans that are trying to find you in the shadows of the roof.

“ show your self” fuck. with a large intake of breath, you swing down from your hiding place and nimbly land to the right side of red. you smirk and look up at him. “ taking credit for all me hard work? thats not very nice…”

although you can not see the pointed look he is giving you, you sure as hell can feel it. “ your hard work? im the one who has the diamond” he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the beautiful stone you had in your possession only moments ago.

“ why you-” as you ready to throw a punch at him, you are hit with a star bolt that came from starfire. turning your head, you send a glare her way before pulling out a smoke bomb.

“ well its been killer, but im out.” you yank the jewel from red and throw a bomb down at the ground. before you can run off, you feel arms wrap around you and suddenly  you are telaported away.

as you take in your surroundings while trying to get the person holding you to let go, you realize you are in some kind of a loft. there is a mattress on the floor which is covered with red sheets and a red blanket. to the left there is a door which seems to lead to a bathroom and to the right there is a kitchen.

you also see that it is red x who is holding you. “ where am i? what do you want?” you feel fatigued and have no interest in fighting him. “ i figured you didnt want to run from the titans all night so i brought you here.” his smooth voice answers your questions. you cant help but wonder who is hiding behind that mask. 

“ well thank you. do you mind i sit?” you point at the bedd seeing that it is the only thing to rest on that isnt the dirty floor. he shook his head and lead you over to the bed where you both sat on. there was a few moments of awkward silence but you were honestly too tired to care. gently you placed your head on his shoulder.

you felt him slowly lean his head on yours. “ whats your name?” the words made their way out of your throat before you could stop them. “ ill tell you who i am if you tell me who you are…” 

he removed his head from yours and you feared the worst. you had expected him to kick you out and call you names. what he actually did shocked you. he turned his body so he sat looking at you and slowly took off his black and white mask.

the first thing you noticed was his shocking blue eyes. from the moment you saw them, you knew you were in love. the second thing you noticed was his black as night hair with a single white stripe in it. “ my name is jason.”

you hardly heard what he said. you were to lost in his eyes. “ youre beautiful..” his eyes softened for a second before going into a hard gaze. “ i told you who i am. now tell me who you are.”

you quickly tore the mask off your face, exposing your eyes. “ my name is y/n.” there were a few more moments of silence before you decided you needed to sleep. with a sad sigh, you stood up.

“ where are you going?” red also stood up and grabbed your wrist. a sad smile made its way onto your face. “ to find somewhere to sleep.” you had been on the streets since you were 6 and both your parents died. that was a long time ago tho.

“ you dont have anywhere to stay?” jasons eyes furrowed in  a heart breaking way. he had liked you since the moment he saw you. he followed you out every night in secret to make sure you never got hurt but he never knew you were homeless.

“ uhm, yea. ive lived on the streets since i was 6..”
jason swore he felt his heart break. with out saying anything he swiftly swept you into his arms and place you on his mattress. there is no way he would ever let you be on the streets ever again.

“ well you have a home now. it may not be much but its not the streets. “ disbelief took over you. how could someone you hardly know be so kind? “ i-i cant.. i dont want to intrude.”

“ well thats too bad because youre staying here.” you honestly didnt have the energy to argue with him. instead you just pulled him down to lay with you and placed your head on his chest.

a quiet thank you made its way past your lips as you slowly fell asleep wrapped in his arms.

dating nct dream; chenle ver.

this is probably gonna be kinda really long

-this boy is probably as clueless as jisung smh

-but he knows the simple things!!

-hand holding, hugging, etc


-how he fell in love~~~~~

-as in love as an 01 liner can

-ok so chenle first met you at school

-well, the first time he saw you he didnt really meet you

-so he was wandering down the halls like the cool kid he is!!!

-and he was about to go in the music room bc what else does this nerd do with his life

-he had the day off from training too so like

-why not mess around in a place he loves!!!

-so he’s about to walk in but then






-how cliche is this smh


-and he immediately mELTS

-“omg angels are real i cant tell anyone abOUT THIS”

-so he slowly opens the door just a bit and looks in and sees someone sitting on a chair, back turned to him and has headphones on

-so you dont notice him at all bc your back is to the door and your headphones are top notch af!!!

-chen’s just standing there at the door like a creeper and all he can think about is “i wanna marry them”

-he listens to you singing your lil heart out for a lil bit longer but his smol heart cant handle it

-he’s already too in love with you


-and you just didnt notice at all

-so he runs back to the dorms and bursts through the door dramatically screaming “I NEED HELP”

-the rest of the dream team are like “omg what’s wrong are you dying”


-he doesnt know he’s in love and i just what a cutiepie omg

-jaemin stares at him for a second before falling on the floor laughing

-mark’s trying to contain himself but it’s too cute to not laugh 

-“chen chen listen to me i think youre in love man” -jaemin

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN” -chenle, pterodactyl screeching

-mark tries to calm him down while also getting the juicy gossip 10/10 “it’s ok dude, tell hyungs who it is

-and then jisung like, slides in and is like "yeah chen tell HYUNGS WHO IT IS” which makes chen hit him

-chen gets kinda sad and freezes “oh my god… i dont know”



-so he spends the next 5 days trying to find out who it is

-asking everybody to sing for him, getting dragged away by jeno and renjun

-“we’re sorry for him” -ren and jeno trying to do damage control

-“NO I NEED TO FIND OUT IF THEYRE THE ONE” chen, as he’s struggling against his friends

-ok so like, that obviously fails so chen’s sad for the next 5903 years

-and he’s like “im never gonna fall in love again”


-“that’s so much work tho” -hae

-“*cue ren grabbing him by his collar, eyes bloodshot and clearly distressed* YOU TRY BEING THE ONE HE GOES TO WHENEVER HE MISSES HIS ONE TRUE LOVE YOURE GOING TO HELP US WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT”

-jaemin has to drag him away but ren keeps screeching

-so one of the boys sneak into like, every vocal class to listen to everybody sing for like 2 weeks but they still cant find the one 

-chen keeps saying “NO IT’S NOT ANGELIC ENOUGH IT’S NOT THEM" 

-so he nearly gives up bc he thinks it’s just not meant to be :ccc

-also, chen’s the type to walk pass the music room dramatically, staring at the door as he does so 

-so he’s doing that one time but woah. W O A H!!! HE HEARS THE VOICE AGAIN

-“omg fuk chen be a man and aSK THEM FOR THEIR NAME” -chen, screaming at himself

-so he slowly opens the door and woAH IT’S YOU

-he knocks on the door but you dont notice, your headphones on again so he takes a deep breath and walks over 

-he taps your shoulder lightly which makes you sCREAM AND FALL OFF YOUR CHAIR

-chen is so red omg

-“im so sorry i didnt mean to do that!!!!!!!!”


-“im so sorry omg!!!!!!!!!!" 

-"it’s ok man” -you, laughing really hard at yourself and him

-“im… im chenle and ive been looking for you for like… forever-” chen turns ever redder bc it sounds so creepy coming from his mouth

-“i know who you are. how do you know me?" 

-chen’s brain short circuits and all he can think about is "OH MY GOD YOU KNOW ME” and he accidentally says it out loud

-“everybody in this school knows you, youre in nct dream…”

-he feels embarrassed bc he didnt remember

-you glance at the clock and see that it’s almost time for your guardian to pick you up 

-so you just tell him “well i have to go but im y/n. i come here every tuesday if you need me." 

-and you grab your backpack and sling it over your shoulder

-and he looks like a fish opening his mouth and closing it trying to say something but you just look so cool doing that and im!!!!!!!

-so just as youre about to leave he’s like 

-"i really like your voice”

-he like BLURTS it out he sounds all choked up and stuff omg

-and you pause for like, an hour before you turn around and look at him 


-you sound really shy and cute and adorable omg

-the last thing you say is "i like yours too” before you walk away like nothing happened

-as soon as you close the door behind you and leave, chen COLLAPSES


-the rest of the dream team probably crawl out of the closet or something inside the room 

-they stare at chen’s half-dead body for a bit before jisung says something

-“is he ok" 

-"lol when is he ever” -ren

-so chen’s laying on the ground in a ball

-and mark’s just like “i never signed up to be a parent when i auditioned but w/e dude”

-so he walks over and picks chen up like it’s their wedding day or somethin smh and has to like, carry him back home

-so every tuesday he meets up with you in the music room 

-at first you were like “uh but why would you wanna be here when you can be with your idol friends”

-but after a bit you got used to it

-and you would like, wait for him to arrive before you started doing anything

-and your school is probably one of those school with vending machines and stuff smh fancy af 

-so whenever you bought a drink or a snack, you’d buy one for him too

-which makes chen just falls in love with you even more bc “omg, they think of me when im not there woAH "even tho it’s just like, a drink or something

-so the first few times, it would just be you singing and him listening 

-but after the fourth time he swung on over to you in the music room you were like "dont you wanna sing too?”

-and chen’s just like “omg, uh i sing a lot already and i really like your voice”

-but youre just like “i like your voice too. do you wanna sing with me?”

-so when he hears you say that, he’s like “oh.. oh…… i………IF YOU WANNA”

-and you know that song jungkook and lady jane sang on masked singer (here’s the link if you havent heard it: x)

-well youre like “do you know this song??” (HINT IT’S THE SONG I LINKED ABOVE WINK) and you sing a smol part of it for him

-he literally melts in his seat bc your voice is so angelic and you sang the part of the song where it was like “im in love”

-he manages to nod tho

-so you two sing together (what a bunch of cuties omg) and after you guys finish, chen is LITERALLY ON CLOUD 9

-and all you say is “we sounded nice together” before grinning and he just awkwardly chuckles and scratches the back of his neck 

-“yeah, yeah we did" 

-and when you leave this time, youre like "i’ll see you later chen” and leave 

-chen’s dying again bc “omg they called me chEN INSTEAD OF CHENLE WE’RE PRACTICALLY MARRIED”

-when you guys pass each other in the halls you two smile at each other but dont interact much bc he doesnt want crazy fans to hurt you :cc

-this lil duck’s way of confessing was so cute and cliche

-the next tuesday, he was like “i gotta do this today!! i must confess!!!!!!!!” so he like practices what he’s gonna say over and over again

-he probably uses ren as a practice test

-and when it’s finally tuesday, you head to the music room but chen’s already there!!

-“oh hey what’s up man” -you


-“you look really nervous”

-and he just like shrivels up into a ball but he is a man!!!!! he can do this!!!!!!!!!!!

-and he like, sings you a really cute ballad and asks you out

-your heart is pounding and your face is probably really red

-youre standing there and not saying anything so chen gets really scared

-but then you say “oh my god” really quietly and then “of course you idiot oh my gosh” and shove him lightly

-after you two started dating, chen tries his best to walk with you to school and walk you home too what a cutiepie ;-;

-just saying now chen is a clueless MESS (in the cutest way possible!!!)

-like, if he sees a doggo on the way to school with you


-it doesnt matter if the guy with the doggo is scary


-if there’s a van with the sign “free candy” in badly written handwriting


-whenever you two sing duets all chen can look at is you

-especially if it’s a love song

-youre always on his mind and he cant ever find words that explain how much he loves you so he tries to write songs for you

-for your one year anniversairy he wrote a song for you and sang it in the music room where you two met

-he smiles really hard when he sees you, his face squishes up and it’s sO CUTE UGH

-he hugs you as a greeting after you two started dating

-i feel like chen would love giving you forehead kisses omg

-if he’s going away on a trip or a tour or something, he’d leave voice messages for you of him singing or telling you he loves you or something oh my gosh

-he’s such a sweet boy and he loves you so much

-he would honestly give you the world 

-and you would too!! because you love him just as much as he loves you ♡

triwiizard  asked:

i don't even supergirl but once again your writing is politely forcing me to ship something hmu with some christmas supercorp headcanons

lmao ‘politely forcing’ aka my usual method of persuasion also i love how this is like the second ship i’ve gotten you into, from a show you don’t even watch 

  • ANYWAY so lena is used to spending christmases alone, like before she went to boarding school it was usually only her and lex and maybe the housekeeper, but usually not, and then when he left for metropolis, it was usually just lena and whatever meals isabel had prepped and frozen for her before leaving to be with her family for the holidays.  and once she was in boarding school, it was much the same, she’s not ever invited home save for her senior year and she starts to wonder if that was all contrived, all some plot of her mother’s to humiliate her, to break her into something she could control
    • yikes that got sadder than i had intended (and i intended it to be p sad) but the point is that lena’s used to holidays alone, college saw a one well intentioned girl dropping hints abt lena going back to hers for christmas but lena was still a little gun shy when it came to Actual Relationships and then the news abt lex broke and that girl dropped her ass faster than lena could’ve predicted, but honestly she’s not surprised
      • so she spends the time spanning from november to january alone, usually drinking wildly expensive scotch and buying herself way too much shit to make up for the fact that the entire city is lit up with light, that people are happy and with people they love and her apartment is unchanged, just as empty as it was the rest of the year.  when she makes her move to gain control of l corp from her mother and the board, she starts working through the holidays, trying to prove herself capable and dedicated and then when she gets it, gets the company, then she has a reason to ignore the holidays (even though she’s always sure to make sure holiday bonuses are on time and no one, not even the cleaning staff or jess or anyone is scheduled to come in starting from the 23rd and running through the 1st of the year)
        • this was a v long way of saying that lena hates this time of year and honestly dread fills her entire being whenever the first notes of a christmas song start to play in the elevator to her office on the day after thanksgiving 
  • ANYWAY kara LITERALLY loves christmas so much, she really does, and the danvers were always a relatively festive family, like they did the whole thing with the lights and ice skating and hot cocoa but then alex was older and not as interested AND THEN kara comes along and its like having a little kid all over again so they go all out her first few christmases and even after jeremiah ‘dies’, eliza and alex work really really hard to keep it up bc even if it hurts its better than wallowing, better to try and get kara to smile than to stare at the empty spot at the table
    • basically kara is the Most Festive.  like you are kidding yourself if you think she does not deck the fuckin halls and drink every holiday starbucks drink and spend way too much time picking out the perfect gifts for everyone she loves.  my girl is so holly jolly that she even manages to get alex in the spirit of things, usually ending with alex a lil tipsy from heavily liquored eggnog but wearing a santa hat and elf shoes just the same
      • the superfriends find it terribly endearing bc duh and everyone goes along with it, goes caroling at the children’s hospital, goes on a tour of the city lights, the whole nine yards bc who on earth or any other planet could say no to that face
  • so you have Lena, the Grinch, and Kara, the Ghost of Every Christmas Ever and their first christmas together is actually p funny and also a little sad bc they’re not even dating and lena’s just lost what little family she had left and kara’s feeling so bad about it and then when she finds out that lena spent thanksgiving alone, is planning on spending christmas alone too she feels even WORSE and appears at lcorp with a bunch of thanksgiving leftovers under the pretense of having lunch with lena but with full intentions to casually invite lena to friendsmas
    • and its a little awkward and uncomfortable at first bc lena’s still smarting from what kara said to her, still a little hurt that she wouldn’t just come out and say what needed to be said, that she came at her in such a sideways way, but kara’s just so damned earnest that lena can see she didn’t mean to hurt her, that she was scared and tired and lena understands that, cant imagine the fear she must have been going through, thinking she and everyone like her were about to die and even if kara still thinks supergirl is a secret, lena knows and can forgive her so they warm up p quickly and then kara’s slipping the topic of christmas into conversation and lena sort of waves it off, something about no rest for the wicked and then kara’s bumping her shoulder gently and leading into it in the most obvious way like so i usually host christmas over at my place….. and lena’s sort of just looking at her bc, bless her, she has no idea what kara’s getting at so kara’s continuing, rambling i’d really love it if you’d come because i dont think anyone should be alone but i completely understand if you think it’ll be too much but it’s really fun i swear!  we do party games and alex makes really strong eggnog and 
      • and then lena’s laughing a little, a small watery little laugh and asking when she should be over, what she should bring and hiding her panic bc literally????  she doesnt think she’s ever been around anyone but lex for christmas, and their christmases were very different, she’s sure, and all her memories are tinged with bitterness now, with heartache, so how the fuck???  is she supposed to act??????
    • kara makes it pretty easy tbh.  lena shows up five minutes early with some wildly expensive alcohol from her personal collection and like so many fucking presents and kara’s eyes go a little wide before they go soft, filling in the blanks, picking up the tense of lena’s shoulders and then she’s pulling her in and telling her that alex just made the eggnog, but there’s still plenty, dont worry and then she’s in the middle of what one can only describe as a winter wonderland and holy SHIT maybe lena didnt think this through
      • but its……literally the best christmas lena’s ever had and it shows and kara mentions her yearly new years eve party and lena’s like i’ll bring the champagne
  • next christmas tho they’re together and lena spends most nights at kara’s and she really shouldnt be surprised by how early she starts decorating but the morning after thanksgiving, lena stumbles of the bedroom, still kind of hungover and definitely still working her way through the food coma aftermath, and kara’s just……just fuckn surrounded by boxes labeled CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!  and lena’s like oh please no, not today and kara’s throwing some tinsel at her and holding up one of the many sprigs of mistletoe she has stashed away for moments just like this and lena’s rolling her eyes but she’s also not stopping kara from pushing a santa hat into her hands when she leans into a kiss, even gamely puts it on and promises to help but some of us dont have kryptonian immunity to hangovers, so i’ll need a minute and some coffee
  • HERE ARE THEIR CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS (bc of course kara manages to get lena to actually love christmas and not just humor her)
    • actual city lights flight around national city: they wear dark clothes and stay out of sight, but its amazing and the first time they do it, lena’s still not that super pumped when it comes to flying, so she’s pressed as close to kara as she can be but somewhere mid-flight she starts to relax and enjoy it and kara spends more time watching lena look at the city below them than she does admiring the lights (besides, she has a sneaking suspicion that they’ll be doing this again next year)
    • kara sort of insists on a christmas movie marathon every year and lena’s hopeless, really, just capitulates with a long suffering sigh, but she kind of loves the hot cocoa and the cheesy movies and, mostly, loves how kara’s head inevitably lands in lena’s lap, how kara falls asleep so quickly when lena starts to run her fingers through her hair (and, like, if she keeps watching those damn movies long after kara’s dozed off, she’ll claim that she didn’t want to wake her girlfriend by reaching across for the remote)
    • if you dont think kara has a stocking decorating party every year, you are wrong my friend.  EVERY YEAR.  
      • darling, sweetheart, song of my soul, light of my life, don’t you think we have……maybe too many stockings?
      • every year we grow as people, so every year we need a new stocking.  keep glittering
      • they have literal boxes of stockings bc kara insists that everyone make one and then agrees to store them so there are L I T E R A L piles of boxes of just stockings and when they move in together, lena declared one closet of their new place the Stocking Closet and therefore off limits to her, bc the last three times she tries to get out one of the Stocking Boxes, the entire precarious stack just fuckn collapsed on her so superheroes only, i’m afraid
    • hot cocoa in the park whenever it first snows; lena used to hate the cold with a burning passion, refused to go out for anything longer than ten minutes and even then made sure she was bundled up as warmly as she could manage but she figures that one of the many perks of dating an alien (one alien, in particular, of course) is that your girlfriend could serve as a portable personal space heater, so she’s pretty amenable to a walk in the park (okay, yeah, and it’s pretty adorable how kara’s eyes light up when it starts to snow again, adding to the light dusting on the ground)
    • midnight wrapping sessions; this is less tradition and more necessity as kara was often called away on supergirl duty just as she got started wrapping but there was always a lull in activity around christmas which meant christmas eve was the perfect time to wrap and lena’s usually up then anyway and honestly kara’s pretty excessive with ribbon and tape so lena’s really just there to reign her in a little but its still pretty fun and maybe lena has a habit of disappearing and returning in her bathrobe with a ribbon tied around her waist and…….just her bathrobe with a ribbon tied around her waist (what are you waiting for, supergirl?  don’t you want to unwrap your present?) (it is the literal cheesiest line kara thinks she’s ever heard and its the worst one that lena’s ever said but kara’s still blushing HARD and nodding fast and ditching the wrapping session in a heartbeat)
werewolf!joshua au

req; May you pleaaaseeee do a werewolf Joshua AU?^^

boys with animal ears are very pretty (also hell yES I WILL)

word count: 1.2k wow i splurged on this yall

  • so let’s talk about this
  • joshua’s one of the brains behind this entire wolf thing
  • is also one of the oldest! many of the smaller betas look up to him
  • also known as one of the kindest of the older ones
  • actually moved around from pack to pack a lot, so he’s quite used to moving
  • doesn’t care much for fighting - would rather assist
  • however can very much fight, and will if he has to (especially if the alpha’s life [s.coups] depends on it)
  • anyway joshua comes from an extensive background of wolves where the males in the family were always the alphas
  • so when he turned down the offer for alpha wolf, the rest of the pack were very surprised
  • “you would not be dishonoring your family?” jeonghan had asked
  • joshua simply smiled and shook his head 
  • “i’d like to start something new”
  • so therefore, he became the main strategist of the pack
  • has lightning fast instinct so nothing gets past him 
  • also teaches the pups about human nature, and how to blend in in case they have to
  • prefers reverting back to human form more often than wolf form tbh
  • can also blend very well with the humans if he tried
  • is probably the literally cleanest out of all the members like no lie
  • ok so moving on
  • you were on your way home one day walking back from a quick trip to the drugstore and you bumped shoulders with someone as they passed by
  • you apologized quickly, considering you knocked their hat off their head
  • they acknowledged that it was alright very quickly, however when you reached down to pick up their hat, you noticed… a dog ear?
  • it was just a quick glimpse, and then it seemed to disappear
  • the stranger was very cute as well, although their entire presence seemed to be quite odd
  • as they walked away, you noticed that although it was winter, they chose not to wear many clothes suited for the weather
  • that, and you swore you saw slight pointed teeth where their canines were
  • they also had a very odd dialect, as if they weren’t from here
  • you almost thought it was just a very strange foreigner, but your curiosity caused you to follow them at a safe distance
  • little did you know, that stranger knew you were behind him, but he didn’t believe you were following him
  • so then when you saw him disappear into your city’s forest, you were spooked
  • it was late, it was cold, and you really didn’t want to go any further, so ripping out a page from a stray notepad you carried in your bag, you scrawled something very quickly and left it tucked in between some leaves at the edge of the forest, spraying a very strong spray on it
  • overnight, you’d forgotten all about the note as you slept
  • so waking up to a knock on your door was odd
  • outside stood the unfamiliar stranger, who with a slight smile that showed his teeth wide and clear said “looking for me?”
  • and after spending quite a bit of time with this stranger, you later on find out his name is joshua and/or jisoo and that he enjoys scratches behind his ears 
  • he always wears beanies and hats tho?
  • the park was his ideal spot to hang out, you later find out
  • but he wouldn’t let you near the forest
  • he hears the word park though and istg his ears perk tf up
  • that and whenever he spends the night at your place, he’s always gone by morning
  • ur not even dating but like,,,,
  • he’d asked you on dates many times but you always said no
  • actually the word he used was ‘excursions’ but you figured that translated to date
  • point is you always said no until he took you back to his place
  • he would always smile sadly and say, “i cannot. that would be impossible.”
  • anyway this goes on for like a few months
  • so one day, you figure out that he mainly goes back into the forest at night
  • you don’t return home that day and instead wait for him outside
  • when he finds u at the entrance of the forest he looks truly stunned
  • joshua chuckles nervously “why y/n, i hadn’t thought that we were to be in a relationship of that sort.. are you following me, dear?”
  • you cross your arms over your chest, “i only want to know why you leave every night.”
  • after a few seconds of staring, he sighs
  • “i figure it is time i showed you.”
  • he kneels down in front of you and in a quick flash, he is no longer there
  • now sitting there is a wolf easily about twice your size, with fluffy-looking cinnamon-colored fur and clothes strewn around him
  • the wolf in front of you rises and you’re p much terrified
  • from simple communication, you get that he wants you to follow him (but also bring the clothes he was wearing with you!)
  • he breaks out into a run, and you question if this is really the same kind and sweet stranger from before
  • you also groan because you can’t keep up with a wolf
  • that and it’s night time and what the fuck are you doing out in the middle of the forest it’s late and this is probably just a dream
  • realizing you probably don’t have the same speed as he does, he quickly runs back to you
  • this time, you get on your back, and with tremendous strength, wolf!joshua breaks out into the same run as before, and you had to hold on to his fur tightly in order not to fall off
  • the run didn’t last for long, as you felt him quickly stop
  • looking up, you’ve made it to a clearing, where a fire is calmly burning in a small circle of rocks, and behind it, a large setting of rocks with a medium-sized entrance in the middle, almost like a cave
  • staring at the snow-covered trees around you, you shivered even with the jacket you wore
  • you get off of wolfie!josh and are bewildered
  • there is another flash, followed by “turn away!”
  • you look away and feel the clothes in your hands snatched away and look up when you hear “it’s alright now.”
  • you look back to see joshua, in normal human form, panting, but still wearing decent human clothing
  • he sighs, “your clothing doesn’t make morphing very easy, you know.”
  • you flush red, realizing what he meant
  • although lowkey u were sad that you didnt look while he was changing like damn
  • regaining your senses, you start to yell at him until you hear other shouts come from inside the cave
  • joshua whispers, “my brothers.”
  • several other boys pour out of the cave, 12 in total all dressed extremely messily, like they were in a hurry to get dressed
  • one of them walks in front 
  • “jisoo! you seem to have brought a friend.”
  • he nods and turns to you
  • “y/n. please meet my brothers.”
  • he introduces them all by name, but the names get mixed up in your head
  • it eventually sinks in that the cute stranger who you met on the street is part wolf
  • and it all connects as to the dog ears, the teeth, the odd dialect, and the reason why he disappeared every night
  • removing his hat, you see two brown ears perched atop his head and they droop, as if in sadness and disappointment
  • you reach up and scratch the back of one of his ears lightly, and he wiggles his leg in reaction
  • joshua looks up in shock, but you smile and his the side of his cheek. “I believe you owe me quite a few ‘excursions.’”

this took a long ass time (also im running out of gifs to use my bad)

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also im really sad bc i spent 15 mins on a dino!vampire au but tumblr ate it

(im still gonna do it tho so u can look forward to that)

-admin steph <3

the flopdred 3x13 brief summary

alright kiddos gather round for another episode of waht in the heck in the fuck:

  • it opens up with pike being dragt to Polis by some grounder dudes and kane’s behind him. polis really went to hell in a handbasket since lexa died, there’s blood everywhere, not a candle in sight, people being crucified, it just lacks the lexa #aesthetic
  • pike is like “yeah this is pretty much what i expected” and kane just gives him that look like “u caused this u fucker i miss lexa” and i was like “same”
  • all the skyidiots r there just chillin and pike is like “why teh fck” and jackson’s like “so nice of u to join us” all creepy like and then ontari comes down with allie and they try to force pike to take a chip and he’s like “hard pass” so they torture him a lil
  • they try to get kane to take the chip and kane is like “hard pass” so they torture him but a lil less bc youknowwhy.jpg
  • pike’s chillaxin in prison and by chillaxin i mean suffering while kane is chillaxin with abby
  • abby’s like “marcus!!! omg!!! i’ms o glad u here!!!” and kane is like “omg abby” and abby tries to sex him and kane’s like “this is off.. u took the chip didn’t u” and abby’s like “no i’m just horny” and kane’s like “lit”
  • dundundun AN ARK FLASHBACK
  • cut to the ark w abby, jaha, pike, and kane. they’re all like “pike we need u to teach these kiddos how to not die” and pike is like “But they’re fucking morons” and they’re like “we know but listen” and he’s like “ok i’m listening” and they’re like “idk that’s all we had” and pike’s like “amazing i’ll do it when do i start” and they’re like “now” and they being the kiddos in and pike is like ah shoot i dont have a lesson plan yet but that’s ok i’ll just make some shit up
  • pike: rule #1 for surviving?
  • octavia: not dying
  • pike: shit u right
  • meanwhile in Real Time^TM
  • joop blropamy clock and screamy are all on a mission to find luna because that plot is still happening
  • i bet u forgot about it didnt u
  • so did the writers until now
  • they get to the shore and octavia is like “ah heck there’s nothing here” and clock is like “golly dang it!” and bellamy starts yelling and projectile vomitting about how women ruin everything
  • octavia is like “i cant even look at u beachball” and blorny cries for ten years
  • clarke is like “hey dont cry” and baloney is like “fuck you??” and clarke internally screams bc this bitch is about to snap
  • belrpny’s like “im sick of bein mad” and clock is like “apology accepted” and bachgrk is like “it wasn’t an apology” and clarke internally screams some more but then hugs him bc she’s a Nice Guy
  • meanwhile in Polis^TM
  • just a hecka lot of torturing tbh nobody in prison will take the chip so they torture them a lot and also indra cut the fuck out of pike for killing her ppls and murphy was like hey don’t do that and indra was like “who the fck are u” and he was like “who are any of us really” and indra was like dam thas tru so she stopped
  • meanwhile on the Ark Flashback^TM
  • the delinquents r bein stoopit so pike beats the living shit out of all of them for not paying attention and they’re all like wtf???? and then the guards are like oh yeah ur being sent to the ground now. and they’re like “this is the worst day ever” but then march 3rd 2016 happened
  • meanwhile at Whatever the fuck ^TM
  • they find luna and she drugs them and takes them to some weird oil rig island and they’re like “ok this is weird but whatever” and clarke is like “hey can u take the chip? btw u knew lexa right?? wasn’t she hot” and luna was like “maybe, it depends if i’m her sister or not” and clarke’s like “damn thas tru. will u take the chip tho?” and luna deadass looked her in the eyes for 30 seconds before saying
  • “no”
  • the end

i can’t believe homestuck is finally over!!! holy shit!! gosh it feels so so so strange to be able to say that for real… homestuck is over… homestuck is over. homestuck has ended. there was a time where i had begun to think i’d never see the day, and yet some part of me had secretly hoped i’d never have to. but all things must come to an end eventually. even homestuck.

and what can i say other than what a literally fucking life changing journey this has been.

i first got on board with homestuck in late 2009, a few months or so after it had begun. a good internet friend of mine, holly, had been reading it for a while and was desperate for people to talk about it with, so she started pestering me about it. i finally threw caution to the wind and jumped in when she showed me pics of WV and can town like “look at this amazing shit you’re missing out on”. she was right. i did look at this amazing shit i was missing out on and thought, “holy shit, this is some amazing shit im missing out on”. by the time i caught up, act 2 had only just ended, with only a small handful of pages of act 3 available. WV: Ascend is still one of my personal favourite [S] pages to this day. not only was it virtually the last thing i got to see before catching up and having to start waiting for upd8s, but its also the first time HS really pulls back the curtain and gives you a real glimpse of the true scale of this story thats only just beginning to unfold. it really sets the tone and makes you feel like you’re getting into something truly epic.

and SHIT boy, it just started getting better and better from there!! i even ended up managing to drag my sister into it as well, because just talking to one friend online about it wasnt cutting it anymore!! this shit was so good, and i needed more ppl to yell at. and well, to be perfectly honest, i really didnt have very many friends back then, in real life OR online. but ive always been really close w/ me sis so of course i was gonna drag her along for the ride.

like a year and a half later, in april 2011, my sis and i were going to attend our first con together, brisbane supanova. homestuck was right in the thick of act 5.2 by this point, and we were both HELLS of into it, so we were wondering if we’d see any homestuck cosplays there. we kinda doubted it tho, homestuck still felt like this weirdly niche internet thing back then, and on top of that we lived in australia, where basically nothing cool ever happens. yet to our surprise we did end up seeing a few homestucks about. not many, but a few. enough to be REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT. there was even a john wearing the wise guy slime suit and they had a fear no anvil hammer!! and at one point we were even standing in line for food and we happened to see a really good Dave cosplay walk by, with a SORD and everything!! without a second thought, or even a first, we both ran straight out of the line to chase him down and get a photo. it wasnt until after the encounter that we realised… fuck… we lost our place in the queue lmao. it was worth it tho. totally worth it.

later on that very same day, i was waiting outside the bathrooms for my sis, and out of the ladies room came this adorable karkat cosplayer. i didnt talk to them, tho, and then my sis came out right after and i pointed like “look!! karkat!!” and she told me that yes, she already saw her in the bathroom, and even got a photo. lmao.

our first ever con was a lot of fun, the highlights definitely being the handful of homestucks we happened to see. i wasnt really even expecting to see one, let alone a handful… and apparently, neither were they!! after supanova weekend, i was checking out the MSPA forums (rip) and i stumbled upon a new thread somebody had made saying they were an aussie homestuck fan, brisbane local, and that they were surprised and excited to have seen a few homestucks at the supanova they just attended over the weekend, and wanted to know if there were anymore brisbane local homestucks lurking the MSPA board and if they wanted to organize some kinda fan meetup in the city sometime. enough excited responses started popping up and eventually the plans were settled.

i was definitely interested in going, tho i was really nervous about it. im a pretty shy person in general, and these were a bunch of complete strangers, not to mention that brisbane is like an hour train ride from where i live, and is also a city i was not familiar with. and i was gonna have to go all by myself, because sis was busy that weekend. i almost didnt go because it sounded so daunting, but i ultimately decided to bite the bullet and take the plunge because HOMESTUCK!!!

the plan was to meet by the wheel of brisbane, which was. easy enough to find, even for someone stupid like me who didnt know the city. the main thing i was worried about was actually finding the people because i didnt know what any of them looked like. we were all strangers!! luckily some of them had homestuck shirts so once i spotted a conspicuous crowd of Nerds standing around with a couple of HS shirts i was like. welp. there they are. my people. i swallowed my nervousness and went over and said hi.

it was a good day. no, a GREAT day!! there were about 12 of us at the meetup, and after introductions, breaking the ice was pretty easy since we all had the common interest of homestuck to spend literally all day as a group discussing and laughing about as we wandered the city. we even took a photo together of us all laying all sprawled out on a set of steps into the botanic gardens like we were all pieces of shit who failed to heed our bros warning of stairs. they told us, dog.

at one point we attempted to cross the road at a stoplight but half the group got stuck on the other side of the road. “haha, we’re roadstuck” somebody said. i dont remember who it was, but that became The Big Meme of the day, and went on to become the name of the facebook group that was set up later that night for us to all keep in touch and arrange future meetups and hangouts. over the following months, we met up more and more, word started spreading, and little by little more local brisbane homestucks began to hear about us and our group began to grow and grow.

it was amazing. i was having the time of my life. in such a short amount of time i had gone from having almost no irl friends, to having almost more friends than i knew what to do with!!! homestuck had helped brighten my life in ways i never expected. heck, i even ended up finding my first ever girlfriend through roadstuck. remember that karkat cosplayer i mentioned we saw at our first supanova?? that was her!! of course we didnt realize that until quite a bit later. she didnt make it to the first couple meetups, and once she did we didnt recognize her as the karkat either. it wasnt until she one day mentioned she cosplayed karkat once and showed us a pic that we put it together!! how… serendipitous!! ((btw we arent together that way anymore, not for a long time now, for reasons that are really neither here nor there, but we are still BEST FRIENDS FOREVER to this day, which is even better if u ask me!!))

during the heyday of roadstuck, we used to have huge group chats on facebook basically all the time, every night. with so many of us in the group, these were a blast, and it was always active at almost all hours of the day. there were enough of us that there was always SOMEONE online. oh, i should mention!! one particularly fateful night in the roadstuck group chat is where my nickname seab first came about!! typos of our names became quite a meme in the group, and a number of my friends still go by these nicknames today!!

ohh, lets not forget one of the most iconic moments in homestuck history. one that happened in late 2011. the night that the end of act 5 was released, aka the day homestuck destroyed the internet. [S] Cascade!!! what a night that was!! ahh!! it was my birthday too!! my birthday is 10/25, one of the homestuck magic numbers. getting to finally sit down together with my sister, and watch this 13 minute epic, on my bithday, after months of anticipation, during the very height of our homestuck craze, screaming and giggling together as we flipped our shit over stuff like the screen starting to get bigger as jack was charging the red miles, and the kids going god tier, and then logging onto facebook to scream about it all night with the roadstuck crew… it was truly special, and remains one of my most treasured birthday memories to this day.

it was also around this time in late 2011 that i started to get into using tumblr!! i had already made a blog earlier in the year, but i only made a single pointless post and then abandoned it forever. but once a bunch of ppl in the roadstuck gang started getting way into it, i decided to get in on the fun too. i didnt really know much about what the point of tumblr was for a while but it was pretty fun using it as another social platform for fun times w/ the pals. it also ended up being a pretty good place to start sharing my silly homestuck videos i had been making occasionally in my spare time!!

speaking of, remember my [S] ancestors: whats going on video i made in march 2012?? lmao!! that really shot me into The Big Time and got me my first really huge influx of followers on here. some people started calling me a BNF (“big name fan”) for a little while!! can you believe that video has almost a MILLION views now?? i sure cant!! thats still so crazy to me!! one time, at another supanova, a friend introduced me to their friend as “the person who made the ancestors whats going on video” and their friend was really ecstatic like OMG NO WAY. that was a surreal experience, having someone who didnt even know me excited by my presence, as if i was someone of legitimate importance, and not just some silly kid who cries a lot and has too much time on their hands.

anyway, roadstuck, as it was, doesnt exist anymore, because… of reasons… but the friends i made still do, and thats what counts, because it turns out the real homestuck was the friends i made along the way, and im thankful for them all each and everyday. 

in fact it was through meeting so many different kinds of people during our time in roadstuck, and the stuff i started to read about as i spent more and more time on tumblr, that i first started to learn about trans people and gender and sexuality and all that stuff, which really opened my eyes to the world and helped me begin to understand things about myself i had struggled with for years without realizing!! who knows if i ever would have learned about all this stuff if i never got into homestuck???

it is honestly no joke when i say homestuck literally changed my life. all the friends ive made these past 6 and a half years, my identity and sense of self, my entire livelihood, everything i care about, its all thanks to homestuck, and i genuinely have no idea where i would be, who i would be, or what my life would be like today if it werent for this silly webcomic. i owe literally everything i am today to it and i can’t thank andrew hussie enough for what the past 6 and a half years has meant to me.

the end of homestuck is not just the end of a long-running webcomic 7 years in the making, but the end of a huge, incredibly important chapter of my life, and sitting down with my sister one final time to watch [S] Act 7, and say farewell to all these characters, some of my most favourite fictional characters ever, who have been with me every step of the way all these years, and getting to see them all finally be safe, happy, and living their lives together freely and peacefully after everything they’ve been through… just… its indescribably moving and im beside myself with emotions.

thank you, homestuck. thank you all the artists and musicians for all your hard work taking me on this incredible journey. thank you my dear friend holly, for pestering me into reading it in the first place all those years ago.

thank you, andrew hussie. thank you for my life

you’re literally my hero, and i just started crying as i was typing this sentence so i think it’s time to wrap this up before my tears start making it too hard to type. bye homestuck!!! im gonna miss you so much!! keeping up with the updates and discussing theories and meeting new friends and learning new things about myself has been some of the most fun ive ever had in my life!! ill never forget you homestuck!! BYYYEE!! WAHHH!!!

so it’s my birthday, and there are few things in life that dont remind me of nurseydex at this point. naturally, i ended up having a lengthy discussion with @softnurse about these two nerds + birthdays, and this headcanon-kinda-thing was born, so i thought i’d share.

so picture, if you will:

  • nursey Loves birthdays.
    • say maybe his parents were kinda distant and busy when he was a kid, but they always did their best to pull through for his birthday and threw these Big Parties almost to sort of make up for all the other occasions they had to miss
    • so to nursey, big birthday celebrations are the ultimate show of love and appreciation, and he loves passing that on to his friends

  • dex, on the other hand…
    • let’s say his birthday is some Super inconvenient day, like christmas
    • birthdays have always just been a nuisance to him, no one had the time to show up for the actual day, his family was poor and couldnt really afford any big presents or celebrations. 
      • and, it being on christmas, everyone else got presents on his birthday too, meaning that there wasnt much room for celebrating his at all

  • so fast forward until theyre both at samwell, and nursey starts planning these big-ass parties for all of his friends on their birthdays. and dex is so done like of fucking course he goes all out with parties does this nerd do anything lowkey Honestly
    • but he’s also sort of scared bc he doesnt Want a big party, u know? he’s never had big parties, he’s never had anything special, he’s never really been celebrated. and at this point he’s not even sure he wants to, bc he’s more or less gotten used to the way things are, and he can live like this just fine, thank you.
      • (deep down he wants celebrations, of course he does, but he’s got a stubborn streak the size of the fucking moon, so he’s not about to admit it) 

  • nursey will Not take no for and answer tho, and quickly takes to solving the mystery of his d-partner’s birthday
    • dex, of course, does everything in his power to keep it secret
      • this includes blocking nursey on facebook, deleting happy birthday texts more or less immediately, and bribing chowder into keeping his mouth shut when he accidentally finds out
        •  (he’s now officially chowder’s chauffeur for the rest of their college days)
      • it gets to the point where, even when they finally start dating, dex refuses to tell nursey

  • and dex’s plan is going Great, until it’s family weekend and dex’s sister shows up
    • maybe she doesnt know he’s keeping it hidden, maybe she just wants to be a piece of shit on purpose, who really knows, but one anecdote leads to another, and suddenly “oh that christmas was a disaster, mom barely remembered to get will a birthday present”. 
    • and oh. oh oh oh nursey has waited for this moment, he has Dreamed of this moment
    • dex is not happy
  • come december, and everyone’s packing up their things to go home for the holidays
    • dex has nearly forgotten about the disaster that is his insane party animal of a boyfriend knowing his birthday
    • nursey wont let him forget for long, though, and the night before theyre all supposed to head back, dex walks through the front door of the haus to find just about every samwell student he’s ever Looked at jumping out and yelling “surprise” at him
      • nursey’s in the middle wearing a party hat and a shit-eating grin
    • and look, dex knows nursey means well. dex knows he’s just trying to be a good boyfriend, and somewhere deep down he appreciates it. but in that moment all he can think about is the fact that nursey Knew he didnt want a party like this, nursey was Aware of the fact that dex doesnt want to do anything big for his birthday 
    • and he just gets so annoyed and angry and weirdly hurt, and just. turns around. walks right out of the haus again. goes god knows where (a friend’s dorm) and doesnt say goodbye to anyone else the day after before heading home.
      • nursey is confused and kind of terrified he fucked everything up

  • so, as christmas breaks drags on and he still hasnt heard anything from dex, nursey starts to realize that maybe birthday parties arent exactly an ultimate show of love to everyone, and maybe especially not dex, and Maybe he shouldve been more respectful of dex’s wishes
    • it takes a long, in-depth conversations about boundaries and communication with bitty, and a lot of enthusiastic encouragement from chowder, but in the end nursey decides to make the drive from new york to main on christmas eve, and ends up knocking on dex’s front door at like 11pm, running only on caffeine and anxiety 
      • dex opens up and is confused and a little frustrated to find this nerd showing up unannounced, bc really havent they had enough unsuccessful surprises
      • dex cant even say anything before nursey just starts running his mouth about how “im really sorry that was super uncool of me i know you didnt want any big celebration i just i really like you and i wanted to show you and i thought that was the way to do it but i realize now that that was kind of a shitty thing to do so im just like super sorry”
        • and then, when dex thinks he’s done talking: “so here’s what im thinking. if you want–only if you want–maybe we can celebrate your birthday together. here. just the two of us, just hanging out.”
          • and of course dex cant say no to that, bc nursey looks all cute and nervous and Unchill and it’s kind of funny and kind of adorable and so anyway that’s the unnecessarily long story of how nursey and dex end up spending christmas/birthdays together every year


  • when nursey decides to throw dex the surprise party, he recruits the help of the rest of the smh team to help with the planning
  • so there they all are, Big Tall Hockey Bros loudly discussing who to invite and how to decorate and what music to play
    • but in the background
    • in the background, a very quiet whiskey sits, staring at them dully as they all yell out increasingly excessive ideas without nursey’s enthusiasm wavering even once
      • “this is gonna backfire,” whiskey says calmly

  • come the day of the party, when dex takes a single look at all of them before turning around and walking out
    • whiskey takes one step forward, looks a quite frankly baffled nursey straight in the eye, and
      • “told you so.”

rabbitmodern  asked:

hello hi sorry if this is super weird or a shitty q... but when did you start drawing and how did you come to develop your style, like when did your current style emerge? and how do you get better at art eeeee you're V Much my art inspiration rn and even if you can't get to my questions i would just like to say that i really love + admire your stuff thank you for it :^)

thank u! ive been drawing my entire life (trying), although i started drawing PEOPLE when i was a Young Teen. also i dont think i can pinpoint my “current style” well enough to talk about it, like i feel like its just been continually changing this whole time 

anyway i just looked through an entire photobucket account’s worth of old ass embarrassing art so i will compile some here so u can laugh at it/see my previous evolutions. i never had a how-to-draw-anime phase but theres a lot of dogs and creepy proto-furries

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Please like or reblog if you want Daniel to return as Kol to show your support

The originals would be foolish not to bring Daniel back as Kol. Look at a few of those reviews and fan reactions:

Entertainment weekly - But before you get insanely mad at the show for killing off Kol—oh, was that just me?—Bekah informs him that, as a witch, they will consecrate his body and he will join their ancestors, which means that his spirit can be brought back. Rebekah then vows that she will not leave her body until she can find a way to bring him back home. And with one last moment in which Kol says he’s not scared, he dies. My only question: But will he come back with the same accent in the same body?! Because really, Daniel Sharman has been excellent with a capital “E.”

TV.com - Daniel Sharman, guys. I mean, that death scene alone. Full of gurgled pathos and giggled regret, it was a wonderfully dynamic and surprising tragedy, just as the character deserved. I can’t even imagine what The Originals (or Kol) will be like without Daniel Sharman. Could the characters maybe figure out a way to resurrect Kol in a facsimile of Kaleb’s body? Is that possible?

TV source magazin - I hate that this happened, but the scenes were so moving and all of the actors involved brought their A-games. Thank you, Daniel Sharman for sharing your version of Kol with us (let’s resume crying now).

Tv overmind - Sadly, though, we have lost one sibling already. Kol’s hex was killing him, and Rebekah or Davina couldn’t do anything to help. I know with vampire magic that when a vampire dies, any compulsion they’ve done is undone. I was hopeful that was applicable to witches, too, since Finn technically died in the house explosion, thanks to Elijah. (Naturally, he couldn’t stay dead for long because where would be the fun in that.) I’m so heartbroken over Kol’s death though. Kol/Kaleb’s chemistry with Davina was so adorable. Yeah, Rebekah swore she would consecrate his remains and not stop trying to bring him back since he died a witch, but would he be in the same body? I cannot imagine recasting this character a third time after striking gold this time around. Quit playing games with our hearts and bring Sharman back ASAP!

Sound on sight - This begs the question: what, exactly, is the point of Kol’s apparent death? The scene is emotional, for sure, and Daniel Sharman is absolutely incredible as he nails all of Kol’s regret and despair and desperation about dying, but, by the end, the whole thing feels like a cheap ploy to wrench some emotion out of the audience. Quite honestly, Kol’s death feels very hollow and unnecessary.

Den of geek - But as one Mikaelson enters, another departs. Kol has succumbed to Finn’s hex after Davina and Rebekah failed to save him with their respective magical knowledge, and so we’ve sadly said goodbye to Daniel Sharman’s wonderful presence on the show. It’s highly unlikely that this will be the last we see of Kol the character, even in the current season, but his current face is no more, and that’s a shame.

Fan reactions - My first reaction - NOOOOOO! I loved the idea of all the family members being around. And while I liked the first Kol, Daniel Sharman (already a fan from Teen Wolf) really made this role his own in a very short time. The original Kol was all manipulation and mischief and evil, while Daniel brought a vulnerability mixed in with the original qualities. And his scenes with Klaus were excellent. So why, after quite successfully recasting a role would they kill him off?? They found gold in this actor, this combo of actors, and it seems a waste. Keep the original actor for flashbacks but Daniel IS Kol now and deserves to be a regular cast member

Daniel Sherman’s accent is everything and I need to hear it on a weekly basis.

I’m so happy that they kept Yusuf Gatewood, now I really want them to keep Daniel Sharman.

Daniel Sharman IS Kol now to me. Both He and Yusuf Gatewood have made the second season must see in a way the first never was.

Caleb got killed.Just when daniel was making the character more believable and likable.Great job on this one!

Honestly the DS version of Kol is brilliant, and meshed with the rest of the family. He needs to come back. I don’t understand why they kill off quality characters in the TO/TVD universe, especially considering the amount of terrible characters we have had to suffer.

I was really disappointed about Kol. I loved Daniel Sharman and I hope they find some way to bring him back.

I was really disappointed about Kol. I loved Daniel Sharman and I hope they find some way to bring him back.

Daniel Sherman did a great job as Kaleb/Kol and I hope they bring him back :( I will miss that accent of his. He also had great chemistry with Davina

I thought for sure there would be a last minute save of some kind. I just kept hoping for it to the point the actual death didn’t register for a minute. I loved Daniel Sharman as Kol. I was just happy to see him on my tv screen after teenwolf and then this??? Arghhhhhh!!!!😢

I think Daniel Sharman did a great job has Kol and will be badly missed. I think it was a terrible mistake to write him off the show and in such a devastating manner.

The more time passes the more upset I am about them killing off Kol 1) He was becoming a really good well rounded character, 1000 years of knowledge in a human body, very scared of death and having died knowing what that means. 2) As an actor Daniel Sharman really impressed me, didn’t realise how good he would be, hes up there with the other actors I admire, Daniel Gillies and Jensen Ackles, both made me fall in love with their characters with such ease I didnt see it happening, and when I watch them on other shows I dont think about other characters they have played, they are truely the characters I am watching. Which sadly isn’t the case for all actors a lot don’t have that impact on me. 3)Kol had so much more potential, but not being played by Daniel Sharman would be a massive risk as he made him so human and so likeable, but hard to trust at the same time, keeping Daniel S and having Nate for flash backs is the best of both worlds 4) I think Kol became my fav this season, and I feel pretty numb about the show without him, that will change once it starts again, but I always looked forward to the chaos he caused. While Finn is just evil and cant see how he can survive the season, Kol would have been a truly wonderful addition to team witch, with his knowledge and skills he could have supported them.

I really hope the writers read these comments and have Daniel and Kol back next season

Getting rid of Kol is a big mistake. I liked the actor that played him. I hope they bring him back in this body. Plus Davina finally had some one.

Kol seemed to be doing pretty well until Freya brought Finn back, thats when his nose started bleeding. And then he died right as Freya finished bringing Finn back to life, so I’m thinking Film’s hex is reliant on him being alive. Maybe if they kill him Kol can come back? I really just dont want Daniel Sharman to leave :(

Khol was brilliant with Daniel Sharman at the helm, he needs to come back, I don’t care how.

Kol’s death was devastating, and if they don’t bring back Daniel asap I’ll never forgive them

Also SO SO SAD about Daniel Sharman being gone!! He was SO good as Kol!

Daniel Sharman needs to return ASAP no idea why the writers wrote him off, hes so talented and made me fall for Kol, which I never expected, more as I cant stand him in flash backs and adored him. If they cant think of a way to bring him back in his body im pretty sure there are a lot of fans who could. How about still being trapped in that body when brought back, he has to be a regular season 3, when you have characters with plot armor and always survive when they shouldnt, Josh, Jackson, Hayley, then kill a character who has layers, and is the name of the show is crazy

Dunno what is more upsetting: losing Kol or losing Daniel Sharman :( I hope he comes back tho.

Not Kol, not again! Bring him back please! And not another actor, Daniel Sharman was excellent as Kol. We want him back!

They did great casting Daniel Sharman as Kol, I actually like him better than the original Kol who I also liked.

Daniel Sharman did an amazing job. He’s such a talented actor, I cried like a baby when Kol died. I hope he’s going to back somehow.

Kol’s speech to Davina, “There is someone else under these stars, with a girl, thinks he’s got all the time in the world, and he’s right, and I hate him.” was one of the most beautiful pieces of writing on the show so far. Daniel Sharman should be this character from now on, because, he has made him sympathetic, Nathaniel Buzolic never really did that. Back in the day, when Kol tried to kill Matt, you WANTED to see Damon kick his ass! Now, you actually like Kol! I still have to replay his dialog five times to understand what he is saying through his accent, but it is worth it!

NNNOOOOO Kol can’t die. Daniel Sharman better be back.