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Okay I had started to write this earlier today but then I realized I was nearly doing a complete writeup of this class on the history of art patronage in Italy in the 15th and 16th century that I took for my bachelor’s, and while I personally think it’s a fun subject it *can* get a little meandering so… this is the short version (which is telling, lol).

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Somewhere To Begin

First ficlet for Pearlrose Week, for the day 1 theme healing tears.

Summary: Rose angsts some. There are tears even though there isn’t anyone around that needs healing, and also there are cuddles. The war is hard on everyone, what can I say. ~1800 words, no warnings. With thanks to @jeejyboard for the beta and general fic wrangling assistance.

Somewhere To Begin

It is an unpleasant truth that becomes evident to Rose very early on, then sticks to the roof of her mouth like something thick and cloying and bitter and supposedly edible the humans thought to share with her: war is difficult when your most important power - the advantage upon which hinges the survival of your entire rebellion and all your comrades - necessitates that your heart remain utterly unhardened, and demands that you allow yourself to feel every single hurt of every single overeager makeshift soldier under your banner.

But in the face of the depths of loyalty and devotion she’s witness to every day, it also feels like the very least she can do.

The grass she calls up to lie on is bright green and young and as soft as she can manage - she is allowed personal indulgences in private, at least. It feels heavenly against her bare feet, blissfully free of shards of friend and foe alike. It feels even better against her neck and back, as she settles down and her hair fans out around her in a giant pink halo. Most importantly, it feels nothing like the barren, claustrophobic canyon that was the site of her most recent costly triumph, and it doesn’t remind her at all of the burning sting that surrounds her eyes after a full day of desperate attempts to save as many as she can.

She often wonders how many more victories she has in her.

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One Piece #794. 「サボの冒険」 (”Sabo’s Adventure”)

The person who was killed… isn’t just some random pirate… not just some dangerous foe in the Age of Pirates better off dead… Ace is… my brother!!

Yeah. Ace is dead, but I’m glad you got out of there safely! I was about to lose my only two brothers without being able to do a thing about it! If you were killed as well, I would’ve been all alone! Thank you for staying alive, Luffy!


At Kyros’s house in the Eastern Dressrosa city of Carta, the Straw Hats and Bellamy take refuge. In the middle of the night, Sabo stops by to catch one last look at his younger brother’s face before definitely leaving and is met by Franky, Robin, and Zoro, who are the only ones still awake. Sabo informs them that the agents of Cipher Pol-0 are on their way back to Dressrosa and advises them to set sail as soon as possible. Franky and Zoro express their amazement that Luffy had had another brother other than Ace, and Sabo responds by revealing what had happened to him after his separation from Ace and Luffy. 

After his ship was destroyed and he suffered mortal wounds, Sabo was saved by Monkey D. Dragon and received medical treatment from the doctors aboard the Revolutionary Army ship. Sabo eventually regained consciousness but was diagnosed as an amnesiac, retaining only the memory that he absolutely had to stay away from his parents. It was only about a decade later that he suddenly remembered his brotherhood with Ace and Luffy upon reading of Ace’s death in the newspaper front-page published on the casualties of the Marineford War; the emotional trauma of this discovery rendered Sabo unconscious for three days. After discussing this matter with Dragon, Sabo resolved to claim Ace’s reborn Devil Fruit for himself, and this decision lead to his fateful reunion with Luffy at the Corrida Colosseum in Dressrosa, where he would express his heartfelt gratitude towards his younger brother for surviving the Marineford War.. 

Back in the present, before leaving, Sabo hands Zoro a Vivre Card he had made for Luffy and, in the same vein as Ace, amiably obliges the Straw Hat members to continue looking after Luffy. En route to the docks, Sabo makes contact with Hack as he rides a flock of birds, presumably a Devil Fruit ability of an unidentified acquaintance.


It seems like my cries from last week were heard by Oda himself, as this week’s chapter first appearance is none other than the beloved Robin-chwaaaaaaaan. This week’s chapter, candidly entitled, “Sabo’s Adventure,” adopts a simpler story-telling structure than previous weeks by means of the flashback narrative, narrated by Sabo himself, to an audience of Franky, Robin, Zoro, and a bunch of other unconscious, dead-tired, sleepyheads. From an atmospheric standpoint, this kind of post-arc scenario wherein a number of the main cast converges in a compact space is something of a trademark One Piece trope (my mind flashes back to just after the Straw Hat Pirates’ first encounter with Aokiji, when an eternally-grateful-for-her-friends Robin lies wide awake in a cabin full of all six other members who had just tired themselves out desperately trying to save her life)—and boy, do I love it very much, as it gives our characters a shining opportunity to have much more humanistic interactions. Oda has consistently written throughout arcs a select few members of the crew by chance knowing considerably outstanding information about one another, with perhaps the most recent and significant example being Brook, Robin and Sanji being the only ones to know of Zoro’s utterly heroic and bad-ass sacrifice for Luffy back at Thriller Bark. However, this web of inordinate character inter-awareness, I feel, has been intentional on behalf of Oda from the very start of the series, with our central protagonist Luffy often falling asleep during or even outright ignoring various characters’, and to-be crewmates’, backstories simply because, as Luffy himself frames it, the past is completely inconsequential to what he wants to do for his precious friends in the present. The fact that the most recent crew additions such as Brook canonically know close to nothing about their comrades’ pasts is also an interesting topic to be left open for consideration; but in the beautiful, grand scheme of things, this is Oda staying true to the themes he moralizes in even the very fabric of his story-telling. And, as is evident, this construct sometimes serves doubly well in nuancing those characters who are more inclined to be in the loop of things. There’s a nostalgic tinge to when Zoro mentions Sabo’s parting words are nearly identical to Ace’s because not only was Zoro in fact the only one who experienced the remarks of both brothers, but also because, despite Zoro’s scatterbrained-ness when it comes to certain matters (↑ ↓ ← →), the people whose influence make up the emotional bulk of his captain are characters he is a vigilant observer of. This matter-of-fact-ness also in turn re-affirms Zoro’s status as second-joining crew member and right-hand man.

And so, the truth behind Sabo’s fate back at the Goa Kingdom incident is left only known amongst Sabo himself, Franky, Robin, Zoro, and whoever of the Revolutionary Army Sabo may have told; and given the way Oda depicts Luffy as a character who absolutely doesn’t sweat the finer details, it’s more than likely to stay that way. On the point of what actually did happen, I myself am actually feeling a bit polarized. First and foremost, while reading, I was legitimately surprised that Sabo had actually incurred direct injuries from the explosion on his ship (Like, really Dragon, you’re one of the strongest characters in the series with the Devil Fruit ability of wind, and you couldn’t make it there in time to save him before he actually got burned??) and am wondering if this qualifies as yet another testament to how much more graphic the series has gotten post-time-skip. The bigger criticism here is of course the justification for Sabo’s absence during the Marineford Arc, a topic that has been under a fair amount of speculation amongst the fandom for a long time now. And while the memory loss plot device does work to a practical effect, it leaves more than a lot to be desired. The fact that Sabo remembers his abhorrence for his parents’ the moment he regains consciousness but can’t seem to remember even one of his brothers after nearly a decade further drives a wedge into the modicum of emotional satisfaction. With the full brunt of this chapter being devoted to officially disclosing what has been a long anticipated reveal (as aforementioned, it’s even forthrightly titled “Sabo’s Adventure”), I can’t imagine we’ll be getting any more in-depth coverage, so like it or not, this very well may be the explanation we have to take at face value. 

Backtracking to what was predicted last week and the week before, it now seems less than likely that we’ll get the signature Straw Hat post-arc party, as Sabo has essentially given our protagonists the time-limit of one day to leave Dressrosa—and the reason they can’t possibly afford to encounter the incoming Cipher Pol-0 (because Luffy is out of commission) is the very same reason we won’t get a proper dénouement to tie together certain subtle loose ends like a final Luffy and Rebecca interaction (because Luffy is out of commission). The somewhat odd presence of Bellamy at Kyros’s house is perhaps the most significant albeit still pretty subtle indication that the Straw Hats will be setting sailing directly from Carta and not rendezvousing with the assuredly colossal audience waiting for them at the palace. Perhaps the only alternative was my previously expressed desire for Issho to side with the Straw Hats full-heartedly and fend Cipher Pol-0 off from them somehow, but I can no longer stand behind that possibility confidently. (Though, from a chronological standpoint, since it’s night-time already at the very beginning of the chapter, if Issho really really wanted to oust Luffy and Law, he very well should have done so by now, so perhaps it’s worth wondering who told Sabo about Cipher Pol-0′s activities in the first place.) In any case, this week was a good enough interim bedtime story, but the previous two chapters had effectively put New World workings into a frenzy. The big, bad, but now defeated Doflamingo being featured in the (first/cover) page and a mysterious new character being teased in the last is a good representation of this ever-expanding story moving along quite promptly.

Rating: B-

Additional Comment(s):

*Law incurred plenty of damage during the final showdown against Doflamingo, no doubt, but given his character, it’s a bit surreal to see him let his guard down and fall asleep so defenselessly before potential enemies like that. It’s almost as if he’s… come to… trust others… …Around here, we call that the “Straw Hat Effect.”

*Koala gains another heaping helping of perfect girlfriend points for being worried sick and crying at Sabo’s bedside.

*That more in-depth Luffy and Sabo reunion though. I don’t think I’ve seen Luffy hug someone that forcefully since his battle with Captain Kuro.

*Why do they keep letting the guy who hangs up prematurely handle the Den Den Mushi though???? ?? ??

*I’m surprised that Franky was included in the serious-late-night-owls-who-are-still-awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night-to-greet-the-lonesome-visitor bunch this time around, but it’s worth it just for the fact that we get to add another iteration of him crying his eyes out at a person’s backstory to the list. …Though, one of his eyes is already broken out from the fighting… …CYBORGGGG JOKEEEE!! Yo ho ho ho!! Beep, boop, bop.

*Straw Hat Pirates, not knowing how to properly use beds since 1997.

*Kyros is drawn with both legs in this chapter, either a lot more than them just falling asleep happened in the span of a few hours or Robin is playing an elaborately subtle prank.

Sai, the love of my life and yours

Alright, listen up, asshats. I’m here to tell you why you should be lying on the cold hard ground weeping your inferior eyeballs out over Sai, who in my opinion is the most underrated character in all of Naruto and if you disagree you can show yourself right out because I don’t have time to bludgeon some sense into your cavernous little head. Baby boy is as tragic as the day is long and he deserves nothing but our utmost care and devotion and I’ll tell you why momentarily, but first, a few formalities.

I am by no means an expert or trained psychologist; I actually earned a C in those pre req’s because I’m an academic failure due to my inability to haul my ass out of bed and go to class. I now work at entry level at a community mental health center and life is awesome, but I’m still not trained or licensed and even as I’ve tried to be as thorough and correct as possible, there are almost certainly still errors in my theory and explanation and for that, I apologize. That being said, where necessary and applicable I have provided links and other citations on my blog (look under “navigation”) so we can all be autodidacts together.

Now, let us go forth to weep and feel things because Sai can’t.

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