i did one and now i cant stop

Dispite Everything, It's still You (Original Sans Motivational Audio)
  • Dispite Everything, It's still You (Original Sans Motivational Audio)

I was inspired to write a short little Inspiration thing for New years when i saw this post made by @destiny-smasher

So i wrote a quick thing for it.

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My mom loves telling people at parties just how ‘bright’ I am and how I’m always reading something, she does it all the time.

Mother. Stop. I’m reading gay fanfiction.

So, okay, there was this day, at this party, and she did it again but this time she took my phone off of my hands to show them (It was in english, not native, so no one knew what I was reading) and I SWEAR TO GOD, one of them suddenly had this look of recognition on her face and she fucking winked at me.

And that’s the story of how my mom’s friend knows I ship Sterek.


as you all know by now i cant stop watching the parent trap and it got my au gears turning, only to remember that @gaylawyerhell had concocted one long before i did with the parents also being phoenix and edgeworth (i opted for the gavins as annie and hallie but apollo and trucy def make much more sense)

and now i cant stop.


(and yes before you ask franziska is martin)


AFTER TRYING TO CONVINCE MY TWIN SOSTER TO READ TOG FOR OVER A YEAR IVE DONE IT. She kept telling me how she hated fantasy and she would never like it. BOI SHE ON HOF NOW AND ABSOLUTELY CANT STOP READING. she says this is the best series she has ever read and I’m like girl each one gets better and better. SHE JUST MET ROWAN AND I LITERALLY FLIPPED MY SHIT AND SHE JUST LOOKED AT ME AND WAS LIKE I love chaol though… honey

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never will i stop my core frisk x reaper chara x emissary frisk ot3

and i cant be the only one who thought acolyte chara was cute as heck

reapertale belongs to @renrink and core!frisk belongs to @dokudoki

anonymous asked:

You seem to be very rude when people ask certain things, if you didnt want those questions stop letting everyone know your business. If someone is able to marry someone they cant see there is a lot of questions. Stop being a cunt.

Actually, you’re the one who appears to be a cunt since you follow me and read my blog, but find yourself sending rude anonymous messages. But evidently you don’t read it too well or you’d know that I didn’t in fact let my business out there to read, others did. But since they do know now, I do answer questions. Questions I’ve answered one hundred times. So instead of annoying my followers with repeatedly posting the same questions and answers, even you, the ones who send cowardly anons, I made a FAQ where most asked questions are answered.

But how’s about you unfollow me and stop reading my shit and then you don’t have to worry about how I answer questions on MY BLOG 🙄

“I’m not going to fucking write about you again, your gone, gone, gone. but god damn it  I wish you were still here. Just 9 months ago you were telling me you loved me and now you cant even say hello? When the fuck did it get this hard? When the fuck will I stop craving your touch on my skin? God damn it I’m writing about you again, but what else do I do when I’m at loss with words and the only thought thats consuming me is the one of you. What else do I write about when your the only thing running in my veins. Is it possible to be in love with someone that is no longer there? I think my hands are the most tortured part of my body because they can’t stop writing to someone thats not there!!!Why the fuck aren’t you here?”

So I found this picture of my boyfriend

He’s the shorter one.

And I was already so sure that he would be a great Jackal cosplayer because of his build, but oh my gosh THIS is the picture that affirmed me of it.

And you know what else I did?

I fucking drew over it to see how he’d look as Jackal



Like if somebody or myself ever draws a Jackal doing this exact same thing I will fucking BREAK.

There are only two ways to rp
  • Option 1
  • Person B: You're paying for this.
  • Person A: Wait, wait. Replying again. Okay there. Now go look. Did that hurt?
  • Person B: I fucking hate you. This is not Hamlet. Stop making it hurt.
  • Person A: lol no.
  • Option 2
  • Person A: wow, they're way too cute.
  • Person B: So many feels, rn. Why does it hurt even when it's happy?
  • Person A: Because feels.
  • Person B: We should give them a happy ending.
  • Person A: Where they get married and have tons of kids or pets and are way too fucking adorable? And nothing bad happens ever?
  • Person B: Exactly.
  • Person A + B: Nah, let's have something awful happen.
Hotline Bling: Remixed

Ever since you left the city
I’ve got my own reputation now
no more “that’s what’s-his-name’s girl”
and you feel left out
it’s got you down, boy it’s got you down
cause ever since you left the city
I started wearing less and going out more
kissing who I want on a dance floor
being who I thought I couldn’t be before

now you call me on my cell phone
late at night when you need my love
boy, stop calling on my cell phone
late at night when you cant find love
I know when the hotline blings
it can only mean one thing
I know when the hotline blings
it’s the same old tired thing

ever since you left city, you, you, you,
you and me we just don’t get along
say I make you feel like you did me wrong
Like I’m another place where you don’t belong
ever since you left the city, you
you got exactly what you asked for
claim the truth hit you like asphalt
“you’re nothing like girls I’ve loved before ”

Now you call me on my cell phone
late at night when you need my love
boy, stop calling on my cell phone
late at night when you cant find love
I know when the hotline blings
It can only mean one thing
I know when the hotline blings
it’s the same old tired thing

these days
all you ask is “are you
bending over backwards for someone else?”
I say that I am, that I’m thankful for something else
“is it things I taught you, getting nasty for someone else?”
I needed somebody else
“You don’t need nobody else, no”
I don’t tell you
I’d rather be alone
just me an open sky and road
I’m tired of staying home,
no so such thing as good girls
I found myself alone
I am finally myself alone

“Right now you’re someone else”
you tell me on my cell phone