i did not want to draw you

I’m not dead just ridiculously busy with moving and whatnot!! I haven’t had the chance to draw in months and it almost started to physically hurt not to be able to draw so my resolution: to use the time i could be sleeping to animate 8,D

Got dem Sailor Moon feels back from marathoning all the newest musicals and crying at the beauty that is Yuuga Yamato as Mamoru Chiba.

did you guys know I’m in love with this crooked ginger

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This is my first time asking a tumblr artist and I'm suprisingly kind of nervous. I'm a fan of your art and I just wanted to ask when exactly did you start drawing? (Hope this isn't too bothersome since you probably get asked this all the time)

Hey there! No need to be nervous or worry about bugging me, I’m a dweeb and thrilled that anyone would want to ask me stuff. I’ve been drawing for fun since I was a little kid, I just wasn’t very good for most of that time, haha. I’ve been taking drawing seriously for about 6 years, and really started improving/pushing myself with digital illustration 2 years ago. That said, I feel my work has improved more in the last 6 months than in the last 6 years!

Fan art for chapter 14 in ANG, by @mellie-art ❤️

At first, I was just practising drawing poses (drew the pose from a picture), but then something in my head screamed that this should be a batjokes pose. And then I thought “hey! I’ve wanted to draw something for ANG for the longest while, so why not do that now?” And so I did. It was pretty quick, but all in all, I’m really happy about it.

If you haven’t checked out ANG (a new game, the fanfic), then do it NOW. Also, check out Mellie’s art, it’s cool as balls.

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You plan a family game night and it's all going well until your kids start arguing during pictionary "that's not fair mom Becca just had to draw Cinderella how am I supposed to draw Forest Gump?!" your son James complains. Then it's "I don't want to be paired up with Steve anymore Dad! He never guesses right!" little Peggy starts to whine. You just look over at Bucky & whisper "why did I think this was a good idea?" Bucky laughs and pours you a glass of wine.

heheh sounds like my family 

Daddy Wednesday™ 

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hi hi pipe! (totally call you pipe or pipes in my head when watching your art) i love your art so damn much, it brightness my days <3 im just starting in this fandom and just because of some of the fanarts and fanfic that people i followed did and i wanted to know if you happen to have recommendations? artist and writer to follow? favorite pieces maybe?

hi, thank you c: 
and welcome c: 
I think this is about supergirl?
probably be careful if you’re watching the actual show ‘cause…it’s kinda messy rn. 

@korrainasamisjacket is a good follow, lots of supercorp/katie content 

@sango-blep has really aamzing pieces, 
@lesly-oh i dk if she’s still drawing supercorp but follow anyway for quality content

@foleypdx has really good pieces, 

@tantoun  also does really fantastic portraits 

i’m currently making my way through @c–and–b ‘s fic collection, and i’m really enjoying them,

heroism is a full time job by @unicyclehippo is amazing

Supergirl In Training  by @wtfoctagon

The Fifth Wall by @blackteaandbones is also really good 

uhh, these are the ones i can think of off the top of my head, hopefully enough to get you started c: 

You’re the human, I’m the monster.
Can’t have one without the other.
What do you think that axe is gonna do?
It’ll all be over soon.
But until then…

A prototype of a nightmare “Yami” from the Yami and the Ink Machine au.

He’s taller than normal, has no feet (cause he is stuck moving only in ink spills, but his leg is still twisted backwards at the knee), he’s gained a tail, and his magic pendant is now his eye.

He can also open his mouth, and it’s rather… creepy (you can’t see it, but there are two extra rows of teeth in his mouth, btw I ate drawing mouths from the side, I dunno why I did this)

The third sketch is just if he has an eye under all that ink, I don’t know if I want that, the puzzle as his eye works best, plus it would be his weak point if Yugi can figure that out. 

Again, just a prototype, I’m not sure how much of this I will keep, but for now, this is what he looks like in his biggest mode.

(lyrics from Horror Show, a fan song)


Kimmy’s Talent Swap Event!!!

Ultimate Nurse, Junko Enoshima

Suggested by @heibon-hiroo

Thank you so much for the suggestion!!! I decided a bit of irony would be suitable for Junko, so she isn’t exactly the nicest nurse out there XD

Sorry it took a while! I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to go about it, but once I did, she was quickly finished! Drawing the mouth mask was the most fun I had! Also, I included one with and without a scrunchy visible because I didn’t know which makes more sense :P

Headcanons under the cut!

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are you and your wife the cow ppl? theyre cute i want to see them hug each other real tight!

yes the idea came up from a drawing me and wife did a long time ago ~ it was me and her in cow bull onesie ^__^ we thought it’ll be cute to make them an actual characters with short story

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Bonney, did you saw Gruvia's son? OMG! I'm freaking out after I saw that. Their son is so freaking pretty! His eyelashes are so damn long. He gonna steal everyone's heart! That boy is so pretty I can't even ugghhhhh... I want a Gruvia family omake

HAha yes, I’ve seen him. I wish he had the upper lashes as well, but he does look cute. lol

Hopefully Mashima will draw a “X years later” soon!

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I’ve been thinking about LEGO Ninjago for a while xD I’ve wanted to draw this for a while cause Lego Ninjago has been part of my childhood since they started, so this is my s/i for it. I did my s/i, but my dear friend @hanvii82arts made the background for me cause I suck at backgrounds and asked her if she could do one for me xD I want to emphasize that I am a country girl and she captured it really well. I hope you guys enjoy!!


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…


paladins in bows! bc thats cute! 

also the draws are available as stickers on redbubble!! 


Here, have another silly fast one I didn’t really wanna post but you’re getting anyway, seems like