i did not want to draw you

leaves you kinda speechless, don’t it?

i’ve had “big and loud” stuck in my head ever since @doodledrawsthings made this post, so i did this instead of the hundred other things i need to be doing. i put henry in danny’s place bc i wanted to take a shot at this design, since it’s one of my faves. 

Teaching Starters

A sentence meme where my muse is showing yours how to do something or vise versa. Some are particular or specific, while others may be left to interpretation.


You shouldn’t wear yourself out so quickly… breaks are fine too.
Be sure to water the plants carefully, they’re more delicate than they seem.
Getting injured isn’t going to help anybody, don’t overdo your training.
See, tying a tie is actually easier than you think…
The thing about cooking is, as long as you stick to the recipe there isn’t much that can go wrong.
Only point a weapon when you intend to kill.
Jumping headfirst won’t be an advantage in a fight. You’ve gotta be defensive… a thinker.
A garden requires patient labor and attention. You can almost say it’s a labor of love.
Music expresses what can’t be put into words. Tune into your feelings first.
Calm down. A little hard to do that task when your hands are clamming up, isn’t it?
Look you don’t drown, I’m holding you up alright? Try floating.
The brush strokes are too wide. Keep your hand more controlled.
Knitting isn’t so hard once you learn the basics.
Keep your emotions in check. That fear of something going wrong- your hesitation. Discard it.
You have great potential but your abilities should be kept in control first.
You look like you’re getting tired. Should we conclude this for now?
Fishing isn’t just about catching fish… it’s also a form of meditation.
To dance you need to have rhythm. Watch your feet now.
As long as you’re doing your best, that’s what matters. Let’s try again.
Just do what I do. Watch me carefully…
Now this part is tricky, but you can perfect it with practice. In time, it’ll almost feel natural.
You need to be more careful, that was reckless!
This isn’t a race. You will learn it within time and with patience, I promise.
You won’t make progress if all you’re trying to do is impress others.
If your art makes people happy, that’s really what matters.
I’ll guide you through it. Give me your hand…
Being stubborn is cute and all but it won’t help you here.
I don’t always have all the answers. Sometimes, you need to find them on your own.

Being Taught:

This is boring.
This is taking too long, how long am I supposed to go at it? Years?
My work isn’t as good as yours…
I’m getting tired…
I’m not that tired…
This is too hard.
I don’t have much of a green thumb though…
But it always burns!
I’m trying but I feel like this isn’t going anywhere.
Can you show me how to do this?
Okay, d-don’t let go of me though…
I can’t, I’ll sink like a rock.
I want to get stronger. Will this really help me?
My drawings suck.
I can’t do this if you’re just gonna be staring at me.
This is confusing! None of this is making sense!
I did it! I finally did it!
Bet you’re impressed by my progress, huh?
But I’m singing the notes… where am I going wrong?
What do you mean you need to ‘believe’ what I’m doing?
It should be fine as long as I’m stronger than them, right?
You said you would take it easy one me…
But I’m doing everything you say…
Doesn’t it scare you?
How does this taste?
But we’ve been at this like ALL DAY…
I’ve made a lot of progress… thanks to you.
All you do is point out what I’m doing wrong.
As long as you’re here to show me, I don’t think it’s all that bad.
Well? Do I pass?


ReUnited Love After 100 Years [Rough Draft] (for my followers!! I have reached over 100 followers!)


by me, Nathalie Michelle L. (AKA Michie) @xxhinaangelxx


…I think my brain broke 😲. I have reached passed 100 followers!!?? 😲😲😲 When did this happen?! I think you guys broke me… (😂😂😂)

Goodness gracious, you guys are amazing!! 😆💖💖💖 Thank you, thank you, thank you so much everyone!! *gives everyone a big hug* You guys are such sweethearts 😭💗💕💕💕!

As thanks I have given you all a small little comic! I wanted to give you guys something new. I think while I was thinking of you guys for your “Thank You Present”, this little comic came to me and it was easy to sketch it out! I’ll be sure to redraw this since this is merely a rough draft of it 😊🌺. Thank you again to many of you amazing people! I could feel the love guys 😭😂💗💗💗! Hope you all enjoy and anticipate for my finished version!

A birthday present for Amy that has slowly descended into the depths of Hell

I decided I wanted to make an art piece for Amy’s birthday. 

And then I was like, “what if I made it a meme?”

And then I was like, “what if I did that Draw The Squad Connect Four meme?”

And THEN I was like, “haha, wouldn’t it be funny if I colored it with the marker brush?”

The answer was no. It would not be funny. But then I did it anyway.

And then, as if Satan didn’t already have his hands firmly on this one, I saw Mark posting about his Polaroids, and I was like, “hey, you know what would be even funnier?

It was actually even less funny. 

Happy Birthday to our dearest Peebles, and I’m sorry for this sin.

(P.S. sorry it took me so long to get this out, you guys. I was watching the season finale of Call the Midwife, and it gave me feelings.)

E-everyone, meet Spidey!~ *smiles as he gestures at the tall creature* H-he is…friendly!~ *pats Spidey on the head* V-very sweet at heart, j-just wants some love!~ 

(ooc: He also goes by Mc Ticklefingers now….He is a very big baby, likes simple things, walks on the beach, the screams of a thousand souls, candy…. I tried to go for spooky like my original Bendy drawing on DA, did it work?~ I hope you all like em!~ He is fond of the person who named him, @darling-alice-angel !~)

anonymous asked:

hi!! Uh...I want to start posting my art, but idk if I just post on my normal blog, or if I make a new blog, and all my drawings are on paper bc I don't have a tablet. And idk, what did you do to make people notice your art?? sorry for taking your time x

well i post it on my blog since its a mess of shitpost, aesthetic, my art and asks so i say make a separate one, itll be easier for u

anonymous asked:

How did you listen to Taz? Cause I want in, your art makes it look so interesting

i listened to it here:


its good, it starts off shaky but when it finds its footing its amazing. i have a boring office job so it was kinda my work soundtrack for the past week, i thought it was rly nice to listen to while drawing too! 

 ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*

[The stars lean down to kiss you 

And I lie awake and miss you 

Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere…] 

 ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧* 

I’m not too experienced with ship stuff, but I thought I’d give it a shot!! Besides, I definitely wanted to do some Purllis after talking about it for so long,, This was honestly really fun to draw! (Even if I did stay up until 1 AM coloring it haha)

 Wallis and Purple belong to @loverofpiggies !!

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Oh I apologize I was just asking since people are busy with things and sometimes people forget about there requests

What? dude, I did some requests. did you see I even posting some ?

lately, it’s was fell!poth, for now, I am like PICK A PIECE OF PAPER WHO WILL BE THE NEXT ONE TO DRAW. I don’t want to rush myself because it will give me stress and the drawing will be ugleh than you thought.

Since, you apologize. it’s okay. *sigh*

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So the other day my friend and I were at the beach and this guy thought it was okay to slap her butt. Anyway, my question is what do you think Shawn would do if someone did that to his girlfriend?

That is so gross, I really hate guys who acts like that. It makes me so sick to my stomach…

I don’t believe Shawn would start a fight or draw too much attention to it, but I do believe he’d say something if it made you feel uncomfortable. He would stand up for you, but in that polite way he always does, because you were in public and he’d be pretty sure you wouldn’t want any more attention on you. 


Ayeeeeee- Though I am not good at this at all ;-; thank you for letting me draw Y'shenn!! I had fun and boy…. those monk gears are very elaborate and cool :Q… and them tattoo lol (I might’ve gotten some things wrong if I did I’m sorry 8u8) ❤)

Eine is happy to see another miqo'te and wants to give him something he prepared!  Won’t tell you what though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) It can be anything from a shiny rock he picked up to candies he made!

Jk he made some sweets for Y'shenn! (o´▽`o)

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at what point while he was lying on the sofa did Harry say "Jeffrey, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls"

every 3.7 seconds

artblock :(

I’m just really curious!! I haven’t had any real motivation to draw recently for some reason, and I’d like to know:

1. Why did you follow me?? From which fandom?

2. What kind of content do you want to see from me? Fandom-wise?

3. Do you mind traditional and/or OCs?

I’m just wondering, thanks a bunch!

edit: Also, if you really want to see something specific, go ahead and send an request!

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1st I wanted to say that I love your art and 2nd I was wondering if I could embroider the drawing you did of bones "sitting" in the chair?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Please send picture

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i bet you have an overload of asks to get to but i just wanted to tell you that i got hundreds of notes on a set of drawings i did the other day which is CRAZY bc before that the most notes i got on my art was 51!!! and then someone i follow on ig reposted that art!!!! i'm just so excited and i wanted to share the excitement with you mather

Oh my god son that’s incredible!! I’m so so proud of you!!