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Laf trying so hard to be mad at Hercules when confronting him on the cheating thing and he is crying but screaming and his voice is cracking and he just cant help but to collapse into Hercules' arms sobbing into his chest like he always does when he cries just whispering asks about why he cheated and what he did wrong, blaming himself for herc cheating and Hercules doesn't know what to do or how to feel about this anymore and Laf just whispering 'I gave you my heart' in such a hurt tone /ugh/ :(

Ouch #2


“So,” Johnathan eventually starts, pulling Samantha from her thoughts. “How has everything been going with you the last few years? I haven’t heard much from your father but he did fill me in a little bit throughout the years.”

Samantha can’t help but smile proudly as she thinks of the last few years and how hard both her and Caleb have worked to make everything else work. “It’s been great. Ever since Ashton was born, Caleb and I have been trying our best to figure out this whole parenting thing… and I think we’ve gotten pretty decent at it. Ashton is so lovely.” As she speaks, Samantha waves her hands around excitedly with a huge grin on her face. “It’s been rought but also very rewarding so I honestly can’t complain.”

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Hey! Can I have your opinion on this - Being a twin myself, I know how hard it is when the other leaves a relationship whilst you are in a relationship, you try to keep things to do with your relationship under wraps (mainly out of consideration for your twins feelings) until you feel it's acceptable to start being all cutesy together again. Maybe Cole and lili are doing the same for Dylan? Even if he did cheat, Cole knows the whole sprousehart thing is a big deal and knows it'll upset Dylan?

hi, non! thanks for dropping this in my inbox. lol. 

I’m actually glad you mentioned this. I feel like a fool for not even realizing this! I could honestly see this being a possibility, especially considering how close cole and dylan are. kind of like to avoid a “rubbing it in your face, look at me I have my girl and we’re so happy together” type of thing? correct me if I’m wrong! lol. 

I honestly don’t even know what else to say except yes. yes to all of this. and if this is the case – it also kind of just shows how considerate and respectful they are being of dylan’s feelings. yes, he did make the mistake but there is still emotion that he is going through that should be acknowledged. 

I think, too, twins or not, siblings or not, this is something that a lot of people do when someone they care about has recently gotten out of a relationship. when I was going through a break up, my friends were very kind enough to be subtle with their partners. obviously those people do not have to feel obligated to do so, but it meant a lot when they would be so kind to be more lowkey around me especially when I was going through a heartache. 

thank you, nonnie, for mentioning this! I honestly didn’t even think about it in this way and if this is the direction, cole and lili are going with at this time, I’m all for it. 

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what did i miss that's bad for business in terms of henrik???

Great Question!!

The way he is currently being marketed/allowing himself to be seen by both the fandom and the general public. I’ve seen a couple posts on it already, but I’ll try and delineate my feels. I’ll preface this by saying that idk what’s going on behind the scenes or anything and i love Henrik with my whole heart.

Henrik was in an excellent position to join tarjei and start bringing in some big roles. He had a decent size fanbase, talent, and a decent amount of media coverage. We know Tarjei worked hard those last few weeks of skam and beyond to capitalize on his fame and get new roles. You ever hear the phrase ‘strike while the iron is hot’? Tarjei did and I think he’s going to be continuing on for awhile.

Henrik paused. He focused on modeling, which was completely valid for a bit. He kept in the public eye for awhile… then he just stopped? But not only that, but he increasingly publicly paired himself with Lea. And this isn’t me hating on Lea, but now we never see him without her. And let’s face it, Lea alienates a good portion of his fanbase for whatever reasons. Personally, i find it increasingly hard to take him seriously when all i see is him and lea never apart. And now his first interview in quite awhile includes Lea, questions about Lea, softball shit that most of his fandom (and the greater public) won’t care anything about. And its affecting how people see him. Just look at the fandom and alot of the anons people are getting. 

once again, this is not me hating on henrik and I am still avidly reblogging pics of him and waiting for his new releases… but I think he needs to pick up his pace. Fixations and anticipation don’t last forever- not even in fandoms.

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Hahahaha ROMAN. How hard did he have to try not to have R-rated thoughts about highly improbable 'what if...harry...STAYED' scenarios?

If I’d kept writing past where I left it, that part would not have been rated T.

@shippyprincess for you <3 and the lovely picture that inspired me (I know romano means from Rome,Italy/ being Roman. I just read it as Romanian, hence…this result.)

“There’s no way I’m eating this.”

You dropped your fork on your plate and gasped dramatically. The rest of the gang was trying really hard to be just as astonished as you at Sebastian’s declaration. You made your lower lip wiggle, eyes watering to add an extra dab of exaggeration.

“But, Seb! I made this just for you! You love my pasta. Did I make a mistake? I swear I-”

“No y/n, I’m sure the pasta’s perfect. I just-” Chris interrupted him with a bark of laughter.

“Sure, of course it’s perfect. That’s why your eating her food right up, right? She made a meal for us dude. Come on. Be nice.” His face was stern, but there was a twitch in his neck that told you otherwise. He wanted to laugh. Sebastian looked incredibly guilty, and you almost decided to give him a break. Almost.

“Is it the cheese Seb? I bought this new one, it’s Parmesan still. It’s just…special.” You leered at him with a smirk on your lips, clenching your jaw as you held your breath. Anthony had to look away, but snatched a glance at the container Sebastian was holding before looking up, as if praying for strength. Scarlett was already laughing into her wine, and Robert was smiling too widely. Jeremy was clenching his jaw so tight you thought he could have actually been upset about something. Everyone else was trying hold it together, and failing.

The cast of the Avengers sucked at pulling pranks. So far, you were ruling Queen of the poker face outside of actually acting. 

“Damn you, y/n. This isn’t even Romanian!” You spit your drink into the pasta, red wine getting into your shirt but not caring because of his face, the outburst taking you by surprise. He was giving you that intense look: brows together, head tilted, jaws clenching out and lips formed into a snarl. You bared your teeth at him, and calmly wiped your lips before staring in shock.

“Seb! Why would you think I bought cheese because of you, when everyone knows you need Parmesan when you eat pasta?” Seb’s face was almost bulging in what seemed like anger. Shame filled you, worrying that maybe this time Sebastian was actually upset. As your shoulders started to sag, Sebastian turned the part of the container of cheese to you, showing you the picture of a half naked Sebastian Stan showing off his abs taped to the container next to the label.

Your sighed mournfully.

“If only it said shredded instead of grated. It would have been magnificent I tell you!” 

“How am I Permesan Cheese?! Cheese, y/n?”

“You can’t ever get enough cheese, Seb. Ever. Cheese is a necessary part of life, and Parmesan is the type of cheese that goes on everything. I swear I use it as my main cheating ingredient when dieting.” He shook his head at you.

“I hate you.”

“Love you too!” 

Jesus this was a disaster. Here you go, @shippyprincess !

Why we're maybe not done with Catherine Moss

Credit to @epiome for this really good interview find!

I’d like to close the loop on this and offer up a thought I’ve been kicking around. 

I think that CoreLactic ordered the hit on Derrick Moss because he was going to uncover some bad truth if he kept digging. I don’t think there’s still a mystery there. 

Now, Catherine Moss on the other hand… the company has been trying hard to keep the circumstances of her death a secret. Additionally, there’s a big secret that Three is keeping. Could they be one and the same? Is the secret that he really did kill Catherine Moss? Or is there a secret that she’s not actually dead?

Could Catherine Moss aka Jessica Huras have been the scheduling conflict? What if she didn’t die but disappeared in some way, and this was all a cover up for it? It would explain why the only witness ended up mysteriously dead.

I propose: what if Catherine Moss is not dead?

In fact, I ask you to look at these two pictures:

And tell me that if you were going to cast an older sister for a character played by Jodelle Ferland, would you consider Jessica Huras? 

It seems that Derrick Moss might have been most likely to marry someone with money… who could have come from a well off family. Such as the one that Five’s older sister was adopted into perhaps?

You can put this down as maybe the craziest theory ever… but if 309 was meant to be a story about what happened to One, wouldn’t it fit that it would tie back to something that’s also happened in Season 3? Like… Five’s older sister? 

It only works if she’s still alive, though. And one of two things happened: either they are trying very hard to cover up who killed her… or she isn’t dead at all. 

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Marubi, you're so adorable! I just want to hug you! Melon and Rotten are so lucky to have you! But, may I ask what you did during the years that you were alone? Were they hard?

Marubi smiles happily at the anon his tail wagging happy to hear such praise “Marubi love hugs Marubi is lucky to have them both too” he replied his head feathers moved up and down yet it wasn’t long before his flowers wilted and he looked to the side. 

Marubi took a moment to try and reply but soon he looked up and his expression darkened as tears appeared in his eyes. He looked back at the anon and nodded his past was something he still wasn’t ready to share at the moment.

“…..” Marubi remains silent and shivers clearly not ready to speak of what happened.”… Marubi …sorry “ was all he could say and covered himself with his wings as he tried to hide away from the world around. 

Marubi belongs to @twinklephoenix (me)

Melon and Rotten who are mentioned belong to  @missladytale

Twinkle- Careful what you ask dear anon you might not like what happens if you ask him the wrong thing also nice question anon and aww I’m so glad you find him adorable. 


I did the art style challenge! It was hard trying to imitate different people’s styles. I think I failed all of them to be honest…! (Especially the last one.)

I also made a template for anyone who wants the template.

(Everyone from left to right on the first row): Me (Officialroto), @minifoxdoodles, @vanilla-waffles, @artisticgriaffe

(Everyone from left to right on the second row): @rotmgmoddy, @digitaldump, @celestialcrayons, @skeletalflowey 

(It would be appreciated if you tell me how well I did, and tell me what I did good and what I missed. It’s optional though!)

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The best of The Defenders ep. 3

* “I didn’t know she did diversity hires”
* “are you always this rude to people trying to help you?”
* Jessica: 😄
* “he punched me” “you punched first”
* Claire: 😑
* Matt: loses Jessica and realizes he’s being followed but decides to parkour anyway
* “there was a dragon”
* Luke: 😐🙃😂
* “I know privilege when I see”
* Jessica being the annoying white girl saying omg
* “you grab me like that again I’ll punch you so hard you’ll see”
* “I have pictures asshole”
* ~ breaks camera ~

Fuck yeah The Defenders are finally here bitches

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I'm going crazy and can't find a solution to this problem, my pen keeps switching to eyedropper tool while drawing lines, which causes weird straight lines. I've disabled pen buttons, I've disabled click when held on tablet, nothing works. It's so hard to get work done because it's even impossible to draw a circle without getting a hexagon instead. It switches to eyedropper for less than a second and doesn't actually pick up colors but DOES screw up my lines. I've even switched tablets, but nop

You’ve switched tablets but did you switch pens? Maybe it’s a pen issue? Also, try some troubleshooting issues. Does this only happen in FA/MBP? Try the other program. If it happens in both, then it’s a tablet issue. Try uninstalling and reinstalling your drivers or see if your drivers have an update. Is your pen battery operated? Check the battery on it. Try plugging it into a different USB port to see if that does anything (if applicable). If it’s a program issue try upgrading or downgrading the software.


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5H is eeeeverywhere in the UK right now 😍 i guess it's true, all PR is good PR. Sarah Harding's slut shaming comments really backfired as did Wonton trying to bring them down. Also love how Dinah handled that by saying she'd be happy to teach her how to twerk. Yes ladies 💪🏻😍

that’s great. i’m happy they’re showing the girls so much support
- Rach

in the past week, i have taught myself to do a death drop, albeit not well enough to do it on a hard surface (i did it in my hotel bed) and am trying trying to do the splits 

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Ok but why do their "love yourself" videos look like something you would write? Admit it, you wrote this confusing masterpiece!

You caught me, dude. I did this. My plan was to confuse everyone, but I ended up confusing myself, too. ;-;

Lol I’m kidding of course, but thank you!! I don’t think I could ever write something that complicated, I really would confuse myself and then just sit there and scream. Plus the symbolism!! I have a hard enough time understanding symbolism without trying to write it! Like other ppl are like “and this frog represents the beauty of something ugly” and I’m just like “??? It’s a frog?? It represents frogs???” Then again I think sometimes my writing is unintentionally confusing, but that’s due to poor planning on my part hahaha <3 <3 <3

white: gets anon about being white
white: oh i. i don’t know how to answer this sorry. sorry uwu im too soft for this. could any of u pocs help me out im so soft and helpless… i cant answer this oopsy woopsy. oh welp ! sorry i just cant answer this :3 im too sof and smol u see. im just too much of a soft pure smol bean to answer this and ur dirty and scary :3 sorry anon