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Current Projects

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Okay, so things have been up in the air because of moving and one of the projects.

Work’s project from hell
Status: 90% done? We’re in hypercare and there’s a piece we pushed off which we still have to install, but we’re ALMOST there. I hope after next week my hours are all back to normal and the stress level is down.

The Novel
Status: 80%? I still have to get that last chapter done and do another edit, so… but I’m talking to someone about query letters (have to get back to them, that got put on hold because of the move and the PFH).
Counts: 83,426 words atm.  And still a chapter to go. First book in a planned three…. Celtic-based fantasy novel about gods thinking they know what’s best (they don’t), plotting mortals and mages, and magical creations caught in the middle who are DONE with it all. A death and a promise are tinder to set off things long brewing.
Blurb: The stone walls of the room seemed to press in on her as she thought of her long captivity.  Desperate to breathe, she leaned out as far as she could through the narrow window, the cold night air almost a taunt to her as a reminder of the things denied over the many years.  What was it like, to stand out under the stars?  To feel the wind and the elements over your entire body? To know that the entire world stretched forth in front of you and all you had to do was decide which direction to take as your first step.    Hatred roiled inside of her as she stared at the night sky, focused on the humans who kept her chained and the gods who thought her nothing more than a tool.  Whatever she had to do, she would return all of the suffering she had endured onto them a thousand-fold.
Notes: I really need to take some time to sit down and give this fic a proper edit. I’m the only one who’s really read it, too… Hopefully it’s worth the effort.

Status: Uhm… honestly no clue, this is growing on me. Ch10 is almost halfway done, but this week has been killer. I’m HOPING it’s posted on Sunday. It’s got at least a few more chapters. AT LEAST.
Count: 16000 OMFG it’s that long already??? *whimpers*
Blurb: Still, Ombré and Danseur went over to rub against him, which cheered Neil up somewhat, and then Jorea turned about in the air to face Andrew with several lilac blossoms in held in the full skirt of her silver and purple dress. She had a calculating look on her sharp-featured face as she eyed him up and down – eyed his head up and down, which made him narrow his eyes at her. “Don’t even think it,” he warned the flying pest as he held up his right hand with his thumb and middle finger touching in a clear gesture of him ready to flick the pixie away – the tiny Fae were tough, and being flicked into the wall wouldn’t do them any real damage at all. There was no way in hell he was allowing them to shove flowers in his hair and be ‘claimed’ like a certain Unseelie idiot.
Notes: OMFG, there’s still so much I need to cover in this fic. *sighs* But in the upcoming chapter, you will see Andrew’s necromancer talent some more, and we’re starting to see Kevin’s ‘queen’ come into play. Definitely more of that in ch11.

Status: Okay, this falls under a couple of different items. There’s the one fic I started in fits and pieces, that’s not even like, 5%. But there’s also two fics I did for the @exyordeath-zine and I really, REALLY want to do more chapters for them. So let’s just say that you’ll be seeing more Raven!Neil in the future.
Count: unknown
Blurb: Lately, Neil couldn’t get the saying ‘be careful what you wish for’ out of his head – it was on a constant loop in his thoughts, repeated in English, French, and German, even in rough Spanish and Italian. For so long he’d regretted being unable to play Exy, had thought back on when he’d played with Riko and Kevin at Evermore, had dared to ignore his mother’s numerous warnings and join some no-name team in a town in the middle of nowhere….Only to find himself back at Evermore not by his own choice but forcibly dragged there and told that he should have been at the Nest all along, that he was Moriyama property. That his mother hadn’t taken him and run so much from his father but his father’s employers. That he had no choice but to play Exy since he was Moriyama property, and he had to be of value to them in one way or another.
Notes: I’m really hoping that as soon as work evens out, I can get back to this.

First Breath Sequel
Status: barely started
Count: 2423
Blurb:It still amazed Andrew that he not only had his own apartment to call ‘home’, a large loft with a freezer stocked with multiple pints of ice cream and a cabinet with liquor and the entire place warded to keep out almost everyone, but that he shared the place with Neil. That when he returned to a space that wasn’t just a building where he was staying for a certain amount of time but where he felt safe and content and had made it his own, there was a gorgeous idiot waiting for him with a bright smile.
Notes: Another thing to get to, maybe late Summer? We shall see, since Heartlines is taking longer than expected.

Status: ongoing. Kevin needs to be tormented some more, and Riko fried to a crisp.
Count: Uhm… not going to look.
Blurb: “You… you… you’re such an asshole,” Neil all but spat at him as he waved his hands about in the air for added emphasis. “I didn’t ask for you to fight my battles for me or to give me a place to stay or to be so amazing or to make me feel these things which are so damn confusing, do you know that? I’m nothing. I’m supposed to want nothing,” Neil told him, and the bleak expression on his face twisted something sharp inside of Andrew, wiped away the faint fluttering of warmth that had been there a moment before upon hearing that ‘amazing’ and ‘feeling’ bit, but even as Andrew reached for the idiot, as the beast drove him on to reach out, Neil flung a tiny ball of aether at him before he spun away and ran. It was just enough magic to sting Andrew even in human form, to make him flinch and blink his eyes to clear his sight, and by that point Neil was long gone.
Notes: Hmm, there should be another part soon.

Misc fics:
Status: ???
Count: ???
Notes: Cat!Neil and whatever prompts I still have outstanding. I’ll get them. Eventually….

The Neil Hatford Fic
Status: Okay, so this is something I’ve been plotting out with @foxpaws10 - an idea about Stuart getting his hands on a young Nathaniel and raising him in the UK among the Hatfords and then about 13 years or so later, ‘Neil’ showing up at PSU.

Uhm… I think that’s it? Other than doing something w/ the garden, that’s basically my projects (writing, writing and more writing).

Ah, let’s see, tagging… uh… @philosophium, @still-waiting-for-godot, @still-waiting-for-godot, @foxpaws10, @broship-addict, @whitejenna, @moonlitvampire, @goramidiot, @sonyathefairy, @sayabenz only if you want to do this?

So, I rewatched Hibike! Euphonium yesterday...

 Apparently season 2 is officially slated for fall and it just kind of felt like the right time for a rewatch. I kind of like that I can watch the whole thing in a day. I also kind of want more. And yet I’m also kind of afraid to get more given what I’ve heard about the novel version.

I like a lot of things about the anime. And it feels weird sometimes. Because I know that if you had tried to sell me on, “Oh, it’s a slice of life anime about a bunch of band kids…” I would have tilted my head and asked why in the hell you were recommending it to me. I wasn’t a band kid. Most of my favorite shows are about magic and mythos. I would reject it out of hand. And yet I’m absolutely enamored with this show. I watch it and I feel happy inside. It’s got a whole different kind of magic to it. It really gives me pause about maybe being too quick to reject things out of hand.

This time I was able to watch a version that had subs for the OP and ED songs and I found myself musing over the fact that I didn’t realize they were telling me at the end of each episode that they were going to steal my heart. They really did though. The characters, the musical score, the atmosphere, the art style, the drama…it’s all just so charming.

I love all four of the core girls. I like basically everybody on the show. It’s easy for me to understand Reina, Kumiko’s a precious dork, Midori’s passion is infectious, my heart goes out to Hazuki, Asuka’s fantastic and fun, I respect Kaori, watching Natsuki’s development is interesting, Gotou and Riko are sweet, Haruka’s struggles with the leadership role are relatable…hell, I even like Shuuichi. The show has a lot of interesting characters and interpersonal dynamics. And it’s such a character-driven story. By the end of it, I’m tearing up at their successes and failures, at the idea of how far they’ve come. There’s a lot to like about this show.

But I can’t deny that these two gaybies are my favorite part. It was gifsets of episode 8 that made me give this anime a shot in the first place. I watched it through a certain lens, but the romance between these two seems obvious. And like, I’ve shipped a lot of ships where I’ve said they seem obviously romantic, but these two are the most obviously romantic of all. I’m completely incapable of seeing them as anything other than romantic. I can’t look at them and see them as simply gal pals. I’ve got canon ships that I could sooner believe as just friends than these two. If the story of Kumiko and Reina isn’t supposed to be a romantic love story, then they’re telling it wrong.

Is that harsh? Maybe. Have I got my head up my ass? Probably. Will they be endgame? It looks doubtful.

But that’s how I see them and I can’t unsee it.

Apparently the novel pairs Kumiko with Shuuichi. I’m hoping against hope that the anime has a lot of creative wiggle-room in their adaptation, because that’s going to be incredibly disappointing if they go down that road. I like Shuuichi, but I just can’t see him and Kumiko together. And not only because it would be a waste of Reimiko’s* potential. There just hasn’t been enough substance between Kumiko and Shuuichi on-screen for me to buy into the idea of them together.

(*Apparently KumiRei has become the name in the time since I last checked the tags; that’s gonna take some getting to used to.)

I feel like there’s a flipside to heteronormativity. Obviously it leads to a certain blindness toward things that are not straight, but it also seems to lead to lazy writing of het couples. Because romance is so easily assumed between boys and girls, writers will cut corners in their straight ships. “Chemistry? Build-up? Substance? No, no, no. He was a boy and she was a girl. Can I make it any more obvious? That’s all we need.” And because audience’s just accept heterosexuality, you can just have another character say that these two have chemistry, without actually demonstrating that chemistry on-screen. You can just throw in a line about them being childhood friends instead of actually working on developing a relationship and showing how these characters get to know each other better over time.

I’ve seen the quote on a dozen gifsets, but I forget the source: “Friendships between women are often the deepest and most profound love stories.” (Google says it’s by Emily Rapp.)

If writers would put the kind of time and effort into their het romances that they put into their F/F gal pals, maybe I’d like more straight ships. If Kumiko was, in every episode, trying to talk to Shuuichi, thinking about Shuuichi, worrying about what Shuuichi thinks of her, telling Shuuichi not to give up, standing up for Shuuichi, hiking with Shuuichi, sympathizing with Shuuichi, literally confessing her love to Shuuichi, letting Shuuichi touch her lips…then maybe I’d warm up to the idea of them as a couple.

But she doesn’t do those things with Shuuichi. There’s very little at all shown between them. There are a couple of minor moments I noticed on second viewing that I could conceivably squint at and see romantic subtext, but nothing substantial in any way. I see them as platonic bros at most. (On the other hand, I’d really be here for Shuuichi eventually realizing how great Hazuki is and falling for her, but that’s a whole other digression.)

I’m getting pretty hyped for H!E season 2. I hope North American and international audiences will be able to watch the recap movie sometime soon. I love this show for a lot of things and I want more of it.

Yet still, my optimism is heavily tempered by the novel spoilers. I really, really hope that the anime is willing and able to do something different. I can live with it if Reimiko KumiRei just keep doing what they’re doing and never “officially” go canon. But Kumiko x Shuuichi is just not something I can get behind. I’d respect the story more for ending with Kumiko single than ending with Kumiko and Shuuichi. I’d like to say I’d stop watching the show if they go there, but I probably won’t. However, I definitely would stop supporting the official release.

This show is one that really takes over my mind in a lot of ways. I love that in my entertainment. My number one hope for S2 is that it continues to engage and charm me, whatever form that may take. And KumiRei would be the best form of that for me.

I’ve been listening to the OST, but for some reason the bit that keeps getting stuck in my head is Asuka saying, “Come on, baby, Con-bass-chan!”

This show makes me smile and I hope it always does.

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Ewe reblogged this gifset from Vicar of Dibley (the scene where Geraldine is having the musical fantasy thing when she thinks Harry is marrying Rosie). And she had a tag about Bilbo and so I want a scene where Bilbo misinterprets Thorin's relationship with Dis as them being together so he has all these fantasies of him getting Dis out of the picture.

Though Bofur often drove Bilbo mad with his strange stories and, well, strangeness as a whole, he had not wanted his best friend to leave. Especially not when he was coping with the fact that the man he had so foolishly fallen in love with so quickly was, in fact, in a relationship with someone else.

It reminded him too much of what had happened with Smaug: he had just been a distraction, a side fling then. And unfortunately, it appeared that he was once again a side fling.

He heard a knock on his door and sighed. He mused to himself that this was one of his many “husbands and wives” (as Bofur had labeled the people of the village) before opening the door to see Thorin standing on his front stoop. He did his best not to frown at the sight of the man: after all he was the last person Bilbo wanted to see at present.

“Evening Vicar,” Thorin greeted, looking a little rough.

“Evening Thorin,” Bilbo said politely, “Was there something you needed?”

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