i did not stalk her blog to find this

Sigh....I didn’t think I’d have to do this, but I guess I have to.

Hello people, this is your friend Marco speaking. I have something important I would like to say relating to the Loud House fandom. This has something to do with the Safe House, Lewd House, and Loudcesters(Loudcest shippers).   

Well, here goes nothing.

As most of you probably already know, there is fighting within the Loud House fandom, and it has been going on for a long while now. The fighting has been between the Safe House, a small group within the fandom that strictly opposes Loudcest shippings in the fandom, and the Loudcesters and Lewd House. 

Loudcesters and the Lewd House are not the exact same group of people. Loudcesters are just people who ship at least one Loudcest shipping. The Lewd House is a group of artists who draw, as it says in the group name, lewd art of the Loud House, though most of the artists don’t exclusively draw lewd stuff, they also draw regular art, like SB99(ScoBionicle99) for example. By the way, I am not a Lewd House artist. I do not make sexual art. However, I do believe that people should draw whatever they want to draw, even if I don’t necessarily like it. I also believe that people should be able to ship whatever they want to ship, even if I might not like it(well, anything except Lilycoln(Lincoln x Lily)).

Well, now that you know what we are dealing with, I will go on to say what has been happening to certain people, me in particular.

Several people from the Safe House have been stalking some people, or should I say, specific people, me being one of them(and why me? I have no idea, I don’t even make lewd art, or share any art of that sort on my blog, or anywhere else whatsoever): 

^The first picture you see is a comment of mine that I made on a app called ifunny, and I think someone from the blog Loud Siblings Against Loudcest went to my ifunny account, or went to the Loud House tag on ifunny and found this, and eventually decided to take a picture of it and post it on their blog. By the way, this happened recently.

If you are wondering when did the stalking all start, well, it has been happening for a few months now. 

If you want to know possibly why these people have decided to stalk someone like me, I will just tell you everything from the beginning.

It all began at about early October of this year. I was still pretty new to the Loud House fandom at the time(I joined the fandom in September, and I found out about the Loud House cartoon in June) so I wasn’t really aware of what has been going on in the fandom.

Although I had met some people here on tumblr in which I was able to know at least one thing that was going on, a conflict between one of my favorite artists, JumpJump, and a 32 year old woman referred to as “QueenBean”(or Queenie). The conflict was about a fancomic of the Loud House that JumpJump made, and QueenBean wasn’t too thrilled about the content in the comic, so she and a couple of allies of hers decided to confront JumpJump about it and threatened to report his blog.

That wasn’t the only thing she did that caused many people(Loudcesters and Lewd House artists in particular) in the fandom to despise her. She also let her followers go on to the blogs of people who ship Loudcest or draw lewd art and confront them about those things. That is all that I can remember about the stuff she has done.

Anyways, I will finally go straight to the point. 

I was pretty angry about what Queenbean and her flollowers were doing, so I decided to make something which I now consider pretty silly of me to have made it:

*For those of you who don’t know what YouTube Heroes is, watch this video: 

*Or for a more entertaining explanation, watch this one:

I decided to post that picture I made here on Tumblr. By the way, just to let you know, it was meant to only be a joke, nothing more.

A few hours after I had posted that picture, I got a message from someone who I have literally never seen or met before here on tumblr. By the way, at the time of the conversion I had with this person, I deleted the messages from the person, and blocked the person. I regret doing that since I could have shown you exactly what kind of situation I was dealing with. So I will tell you what happened from my memory.

The person first said this: “Don’t you think your picture of her is really harsh?”

I said to them: “What are you talking about? What I did is nothing compared to what she has done. My picture was only supposed to be a joke. Are you a follower of her?”

Then they said: “Really? You are directly assaulting her. And I hate anybody that assaults people. You are promoting hate. You are disgusting.”

I said to them: “How am I assaulting her? I have never even talked to her or interacted with her in any way before. Why have you decided to message me in private for a silly picture I made? By the way, I would say you are “assaulting” ME, you hypocrite.”

After I had said that, everything about the encounter would change.

They responded with this:  “By the way, I am a minor. You don’t have the right to accuse me of assault because I am a minor.”

After that conversation, I decided to post about it. I kind of regret doing that:

^Reading my post two months later, I feel stupid.

After I had posted that, within a few hours Queenbean saw my post and reblogged it for all of her followers to see, and said this:

And then she posted this:

After I found out she had found my blog and my posts, I decided to block her:

Oh yeah, and if you are wondering how Queenbean found my post, the person who I was talking to via messaging, probably showed her. 

However, the real question is, how did that person find me? How did they find my post? I had NEVER interacted with that person. Not even with Queenbean.

Immediately after Queenbean posted about me, that same person messaged me again saying: “Lol I don’t even follow her(Queenbean)”.

After all of that, I decided to block the person who messaged me. Nothing else really happened for a while after that incident. Well, I guess this is why the Safe House stalks me despite the fact that I don’t post anything sexual/pornographic of the Loud House on my blog, or elsewhere. I don’t even make sexual art of the Loud House, I only draw normal art.

There is one important thing I want to say about this: I had never checked out Queenbean’s blog or the Safe House blog before that incident happened. I never even wanted to go to those blogs to see what they had to say about certain things, I could’ve cared less about what Queenbean and the Safe House had to say about me and other people in the Loud House fandom. Basically, I decided to simply ignore her completely. So I didn’t bother to go check out her personal blog or the Safe Loud House blog. But that all changed when I saw this on the Loud Siblings Against Loudcest blog about several weeks after the incident I had:

*The picture in the post is a screenshot of a post I made on the ifunny app, and by the way, I wasn’t aware of anybody stalking me at the time.

At the exact moment I saw that I was like:

I was like, how the hell did they find me on ifunny?(They probably just went to the loud house tag) Who was doing this? 

I decided to do a little investigating, and I found out that several other people had something similar being done to them as well, and finally I was able to find out what was happening: some people from Safe House were spying on people in the Loud House fandom who disagreed with their views.

That is when I actually started to check out the Safe House blogs, besides the Loud Siblings Against Loudcest one.

The spying/stalking would continue for weeks, and it’s still happening right now.

Someone even wanted Queenbean to spy on my friend @guyhero6, and by the way, he is also not a Lewd House artist:

Anyways, I have wanted to tell all of you about this for a while now. This is what has been happening in the Loud House fandom for a while now. 

To tell you the truth, I find all of this conflict in the fandom to be overwhelming for me, though I’m probably not the only one who feels this way.

If you are reading this Queenbean, I want to remind you that a lot of people in the fandom, the Loudcest shippers, the Lewd House artists, even people who might not like those two things but are neutral about them, despise you.

To think that a 32-year-old woman would decide to pick a fight with a bunch 16-21 year old guys and gals? Well, I will leave up to you people to say what you think about that.

Golden (Part 2)

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A/N: Part 2! I got so much positive feedback from the first part and I’m so grateful to everyone for loving it! I hope this chapter and future chapters don’t disappoint! Also please watch this video and listen to this song while reading! Thank you and enjoy!

     “Holy! He has the voice of a God!” Chloe exclaimed as you watched her play Golden’s recent song recommendation of him singing Lost Stars.

“I told you! He’s amazing!”

Chloe sat up from her bed and removed an earphone from her ear as she looked over at you. “You know… we need to find out who this guy is.”

You shrugged as you pulled your covers closer to your chin. It was almost 11pm and you had decided to go to bed early so you could wake up early in the morning to go to the dance studio in the student rec center before their daily classes started. You would’ve been in bed earlier if Chloe didn’t constantly ask you if Namjoon mentioned her even once today when you two had met up for lunch. Unfortunately, he did and you had to describe to her his facial expression, the way his voice sounded, and where his hands were placed when he mentioned her. Of course, this led to you asking what any of this had to do with anything. She insisted they were signs of whether he was interested in or not and, “quality blog info.”

“We can’t. He doesn’t want anyone to know who he is until the day of the final when we present.”

“Oh please,” Chloe rolled her eyes. “All we have to do is ask every male in our class if they think they’re golden or something like that.”

You turned in your bed to stare at her on the other side of the room. “Chloe, do you know how many egotistical guys there are in that class? Oh wait, I’m sorry. You don’t because you only bless us with your presence once a week.”

“And how would you know,’ Ms. I Fall Asleep in Every Class?’” Chloe gave you a serious face. “Besides it was just an idea.”

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Thank you @leafyisherereptile for showing me this.

So, remember that Instagram account that was literally posting pictures of Calvin’s house and the address? @liveforleafy? Well, I guess she found my post and isn’t very happy she got busted for disgusting stalker behaviour.

First of all, this girl gets super pissed and defensive like, “Um, it’s not even his real address confirmed, and everyone just believes that it is because this Tumblr girl has a popular account! I bet her followers would believe anything!”

Like. Um. Okay? Well, @liveforleafy you purposely went out of your way to PROVE that this is Calvin’s address, and now that you got called out for it, “It’s not real!” And calling me Keemstar and a little kid? Hmm, well I guess you could compare me to Keem if I posted people’s personal information online…oh wait, that’s what fucking YOU did!

Oh, right, GOD FORBID, me and my followers believe in the sanctity of PRIVACY. Like, real question, how do you think Calvin would react if he knew these little girl Instagram accounts are literally POSTING HIS ADDRESS and SCREENSHOTS OF HIS FAMILY’S HOUSE? He’d probably be creeped the fuck out!

Not to mention that this girl’s big argument is that we’re all “overreacting” because “nobody is gonna track it down”. Um, OF COURSE PEOPLE WILL! Fans track down addresses and stalk people ALL THE TIME! Just ask Jacksepticeye!

Another thing that I find very interesting about all of this, is that @liveforleafy, who believes that she has done absolutely nothing wrong, DELETED the original post with the address and screenshots. If she truly stands by that argument, then why delete the post? Hmm, she got busted, she knows what she did was disgusting, and now she’s trying to cover your tracks. Good one!

She’s apparently sending her followers to come attack my blog now, because I’m a terrible person who believes in privacy and safety. Oh man, did I ever get exposed!

That’s it for today, guys. Tune in for next time where I get called-out for believing in more basic human rights!

anonymous asked:

where did you first hear of avery? and did you really stalk her blog cause that's v cute? (if you give me a sarcastic answer i will find your snake and bite it)

you could say i stalked her until she loved me


Requested by anon: Hi can I get an imagine where the pack hates the reader and they say mean things and ignore her but then they find her in an ally all bruised and hurt and they regret everything they did(your blog=perfection😍)

Author’s note- thanks for saying my blog is perfection, thank you very much. I hope you like the one shot. I kinda used your one shot as an idea on how it started but I hope you like it anyways

You were under a lot of stress, but of course no one cared. You were being stalked. You just had a feeling, and you were terrified. The pack ignored your fear.

“Y/n just shut the hell up okay, I don’t care, no one is following you’re not being stalked, you aren’t even that pretty to be stalked” Stiles said with venom. Snapping your mouth shut, you walked out of the room with tears cascading downwards.

You walked home, knowing that everyone would leave without you anyway. You put your headphones in and continued your path towards home. You didn’t notice the shadow following you as you went.

Someone grabbed your shoulder roughly and spun you around. Before you could scream he hit you. You couldn’t see their face, it was covered by a black mask, he then pulled you into a dirty alleyway.

The man beat you, all that was heard was your cries. “Please stop, please stop” he gave a final kick to your mouth and knocked you out. The masked man ran and left your broken body in the alleyway.

Liam was walking to a store to buy something for his mom. He smelled blood when he passed the alley. He thought nothing of it until he heard a gurgle. He slowly stepped into the darkness to see you as you choked on your own blood. “OH MY GOD Y/N” he said picking you up. He ran towards the hospital, listening to your heart and breathing.

He got you to the hospital and once the doctor had you, he called Scott. “Scott, I’m freaking out!” Scott was alarmed “what happened Liam, calm down.” Liam told Scott what he knew. “Shit! She was telling us about her feeling stalked but I thought that was just her paranoia kicking up because of the alpha pack, Liam stay with her, make sure no one gets into her room.” They soon hung up and Liam sat in the waiting room hoping you were going to be alright.

A wave of doctors ran into your room. Liam’s nerves went up, he couldn’t hear your heart beat. He ran to your room as a doctor came out. “Liam, I’m sorry, her wounds were fatal, she passed away, she woke up for a few seconds and told me to tell you she loved you, if you want I can you time to say goodbye before we take the body.” Liam sank to his and cried. He was close to you, his best friend was gone and it was Scott’s fault. She went to him to help and he ignored you.

Liam walked into your room and slowly held your broken hand. He just sat at your side for hours. They took your body away and he cried more. He went home and told his mom what happened. As Liam laid his head on his pillow, he felt someone combing his hair. When he turned he saw you. “What, Y/n you’re dead” he reached out for you and you were so cold. “Liam I’m a ghost.”