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Then what did Solas say to abelas??

^.^ Exciting question. Thanks for asking. I might have some answers, but I’ve wanted to work on translations for quite a few other works before completely diving into this one. Mainly because, as you’ll see, these words borrow from other possibly untranslatable sources.

The line in question is:

Malas amelin ne halam, Abelas.

Malas = a word we know from ancient Elvhen only. The other time this word appears is in the Librarians in the Vir Dirthara attack your group and shout, “Seran viar malas shivera mellavar!” A similar word appears in modern Dalish as ‘mala.’ It’s found in the traditional Dalish lullaby Mir Da’len Somniar, collected in the Rivaini children’s treasury “The Seer’s Yarn” by Seer Agata (ooc source World of Thedas vol 2). There it is translated as your (as in, ‘your mind journeys’). I think it might mean “you all.” Or, colloquially, y’all

amelin = a word unique to this sentence. But we could try to break it down, remembering Elvhen is a cipher for English. Ame appears twice. Once in the name Ameridan (for which no translation is given) and again in the translation of I Am The One, which is not useful to us because I Am the One does not translate because it was not written by the DA writing team. One thought (and I’m not keen on it, I think it’s a questionable one) is that ame may be related to the word “amae.” This word appears in the phrase “Amae lethalas,“ which is an elven guardian spirit’s response to the Inquisitor saying Fen'Harel’s secret greeting correctly. Ehh, tenuous. But we know lin means blood. Given the context of this word, a few translations are possible. Could mean “something-blood,” like “good blood,” “blood-duty.” OR it could legit mean “name.”

Going even further, since the fandom has translated amae as ‘guardian’ on the wiki (extrapolating from the elven guardian spirit’s speech context), I am not super convinced about this one yet, but we could use it. If amae means guardian and we throw all caution to the wind, amelin could mean guardianship. :/ I’m not confident at all in this translation, but contextually it’s a possibility, so….

But then we also have the curious word “sahlin,” which simply means ‘come.’ (As in, na melana sahlin ‘your time has come.’ in In Utherna.) Which is a word ending in -lin with apparently no relationship to blood. But since amelin is in the position of a noun in this sentence, I’m ignoring this verb situation with sahlin.

ne = a word unique to this sentence. I would say that this word looks related to the word “na” which means “is.” Or at least, “na” has been translated as “is” because of it’s presence and placement in the song In Uthenera. Ne is a word which FenxShiral translates as the singular future conjugation of the verb “to be.” Calling this a different tense of “na” as good a guess as any. Ne will therefore translate for us here as “is” or “will” or “was.”

halam = this is how we know Solas is lyingcat lying. Halam means finished/ending. We know this for super sure because it’s *edit in Halamshiral.

Final translation?

The best we can get from Solas’s translation is maybe he did tell Abelas:

“Your name (is/will be/was) finished.” 

or “Your name (is/will be/was) end(ed/ing).”

Interesting either way. In the first he might kind of be telling Abelas ‘hope you find a new name,’ but it’s a shifty translation. The second might be telling Abelas he will soon have no more reason to sorrow? Which is more hmm.

Personally, I’m putting Solas at saying something like:

“Y’all’s blood-duty is finished.”

and if we go way out on a limb with the word “amelin” he could be saying:

“All y’all’s guardianship is done, Abelas.”

desperately trying to get out of the mentality of finding ~relatable~ depression/suicide jokes/memes funny because it is so… bad for me, and now that i’m at the point in my life where a lot of my mental shit just doesn’t happen to me anymore i feel weird seeing those jokes passed around by friends and loved ones but also i guess i’d be hypocritical if i said i didn’t perpetuate that mentality at all still or did much to actively discourage it except kind of back off from people a little 

it’s just such an exhausting thing, and i know it’s a source of some sort of positivity for some people but every day the ‘i want to die haha!!’ and my feed constantly filled with suicide/etc things tagged in people’s #me or #mood tags just grate on me more and more and i can’t be around that kind of stuff now that i’m like really recovering for the first time 

Lemony: When the opportunity presents itself to flip-a de table, you flip-a de table.
*later that day*
Moxie: What are you doing?

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Minor: less than the age of 18 Adult: over the age of 18 Pedophillia: an adult attracted or dating a minor yuuri is 15 and otabek is 18 why can yall see this

So I did my research for this. I hope you enjoy this because I am actually currently studying Psychiatry and I know some information dealing with relationships. 

Conclusion: Yurio and Otabek being shipped together isn’t pedophilia.

Found this: “A person who is diagnosed with pedophilia must be at least 16 years old, and at least five years older than the prepubescent child, for the attraction to be diagnosed as pedophilia.” 

Also found this: Pedophilia is used for individuals with a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children aged 13 or younger.” 

Here. I will even put the sources for you.

“Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition”. American Psychiatric Publishing. 2013. Retrieved July 25, 2013.

See section F65.4 Paedophilia. “The ICD-10 Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders Diagnostic criteria for research World” (PDF). World Health Organization/ICD-10. 1993. Retrieved 2012-10-10. B. A persistent or a predominant preference for sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children. C. The person is at least 16 years old and at least five years older than the child or children in B.

You’re welcome. 

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I'm not the biggest fan of harry tbh but I see a situation for what it is and I can see Harry is being taken advantage of. I don't want to say he's "naive" and doesn't know better because I definitely think he's complicit in all of this-but I think he's too trusting. The azoffs are not his friend, they never will be his friend. They see him as a source of money. They've totally got him wrapped around their finger. I have a feeling it will end badly between them. Never mix friendship and business

The fact they had to push the BFF angle so hard tells you it was never real. Back in 2013 I think Harry felt absolutely desperate and Irving came along and portrayed himself as a savior. Much like he did with the fandom. Most of us feel for it so I’m sure Harry did too.🌼

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Where is the source of the creators officially anouncing shiro is 25? (im not trying 2 be rude im genuinely curious cause i see people saying hes 25 then 26 then 23, same with the others i see they say keith is 15-16, lance is 19 and hunk is 17 and im like what the fuck did i miss)

Here’s all the sources:

Paladins ages

Keith being 16-17

Masterlist of Age Sources

Please be aware that the video of SDCC will always be a constant seeing as how it’s the creators confirming the ages, other sources are just there to back it up since some people still wanna deny it.

I hope this was informative for you and I appreciate you asking so kindly, I don’t get much of those polite people anymore :I

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Angela i will kill you, did you forgot about justin & elysandra, little mix and zerrie posts?

I’ll tell you about Justin and his dancer real quick: they’re not together and have not ever dated. If you want something a little more detailed like a short post let me know. But that’s the basics. I can ask for an update but my source says Justin doesn’t see her as a GF just a friend.

So… I did a thing: an Emoji Challenge!! YEEE! (?)
I love to draw expressions, so I finally decided to make this!!

You are free to use and reblog it! (( and If you wanna tag me, do it without problems!! I’d like to see your works!!~))

Surely you can post on Facebook, but with the LINK source of this post!!

Do not remove the description of this Emoji Challenge


Enjoy it and have fun!! <3 

I asked a friend (more just a school friend) who doesn’t know I have DID if he would be scared to meet someone with DID after seeing split and he said yes. Another friend told me her dad thinks people with DID are violent like how split shows…. so can people stop acting like works of fiction don’t effect how people think. They do. In fact I have heard several times there is scientific data that they do which I will try to find sources for in the morning. (Unless someone has them and can reblog adding them on) I just couldn’t sleep and wanted to make this quick post now.

Energy Tethers 101

Updated (again): 04.28.17

*this post is fueled by angst*

Okay, no, seriously though, it really does make me sad that so many people seemed to have no idea what I was talking about when it comes to connecting things for energy transfer.

So, what even is an energy tether?

I personally use the term “energy tether” to describe this type of energy work, but they could be called anything - energy cords, energy feeds, etc. Basically, it’s a metaphysical connection to allow a direct and continuous flow of energy from a source into a target. And I say target, because it doesn’t need to be an inanimate object - it’s possible to do this with yourself too.

That sounds a little convoluted, Richtor; can you break it down a bit more?

Yes, I know, I’m fancy with my words. You’re creating an energetic line between two things, one thing to be used as a battery, to allow energy to constantly flow from the battery into the second thing, keeping it charged / powered forever.

Are you serious?


Why don’t we do this for everything in magic?

Honestly, I don’t know. If you’ve got an understanding of energy work and visualization, it really isn’t even that hard to create one. It can even be done with representational magic if you really wanna go that far, but it’s not that complex when you get down to it. 

I’m assuming it’s just a case of, people don’t think about it like that, or, it wasn’t as widespread a thing as I thought it was.

Can’t we just do this with passive charging, like how we charge things in moonlight?

Yes, but objects only hold a limited amount of energy before they become full; once you’ve used up the energy, you need to recharge it again. Creating an energy tether allows a constant flow of energy, so as it is being used up by your intent or goal, it just refills itself.

To me, passive charging is no guarantee that the energy will stick or be absorbed by the object, and that is also why I prefer things that require focusing on the energy yourself (direct channeling), or this method.

What *can* you use energy tethers for, anyway?

Basically anything you want to keep charged for extended periods of time. Optimal for sigils, any sort of charms - hell, you can even connect thoughtforms / servitors this way. But, seriously, anything you want to keep constantly charged with minimal effort, this is a way to do it.

What can you use for “batteries” or power sources?

Anything that produces an almost endless amount of energy. The sun is the first and most obvious one I think of. You can use anything else that produces a lot of energy, though. If you live near a dam, or those electricity windmills, those would work. Power lines and electric generators are awesome, and a great way to incorporate different feels of energy (and tech magic) into your practice. Space, even; like, the entire damn thing. If it produces energy, it can be tethered.

What do you mean about different feels of energy?

This isn’t specific to tethers - all things that have and produce energy have different “feels” to them. The sun is more hot and energetic than the moon, which is cool and calming. Rose quartz is a bit more gentle than, say, jasper, which is hot and fire-y. Tiger’s eye is more solid and stable than clear quartz, which is fluid and mold-able to almost any intent. 

We all experience feels of energy differently, however; these are just how I “energetically feel” those things.

(You also don’t need to “feel” anything to still do energy work, but that’s like a  whole ‘nother post.)

Can you tether to something that doesn’t have unlimited energy?

Sure, yeah, but you’ll drain it, and then it won’t be fulfilling its purpose anymore.

So, you could use yourself as a power source?

You could, but it’s super draining and I wouldn’t recommend it. That object would constantly be taking your energy away from you, and it could have bad consequences, including physical ones - physical exhaustion is a side effect that can occur when you use too much of your energy, and I see it happen often to people who are not careful about their energy expenditure.


You can create switches for your tethers. As in, you can cinch them, close them off, to stop the flow of energy. Like you can turn on a pipe to get water flowing, then shut it off just as easily - you could create a “modification” for a tether similar in that manner.

Can these energy lines be broken?

Yep, absolutely. You can do it yourself if you no longer want them, someone else could do it if they could sense them, or they can naturally fade over time if you don’t give them proper upkeep and care.

Wait, upkeep? What happened to endless energy?

Yes, upkeep. You’re creating something to funnel energy, with energy. Energy needs to constantly be molded and kept in shape, or else it tends to just drift away. It really isn’t that hard to upkeep, though.

How do you keep your energy tethers safe from other people? 

Just program that into them when you make them.

Any disadvantages to using an energy tether?

It depends on how you view the term disadvantage. 

I think the thing that energy tethers lack is that bit of personalization that we often talk about being important in witchcraft. For example, you can keep a thoughtform powered by the sun, but it won’t contain your energy, won’t be as personally tied to you as if you charged it with your own energies. That can lose a lot of impact, when you really think about it, especially considering the nature of thoughtforms and the like.

Not to mention, you can overwhelm yourself with energy if you use a tether to connect yourself to an external source that produces more than your body can handle. You know how you can be overwhelmed by external energies, just by walking around? Yeah, now imagine that pumping straight into your body without a natural exit channel. Not fun.

Are there any other applications for energy tethers?

Fuck yeah. Use them to draw energy out of a target, in the form of a curse - literally sap their energies away so they have none left for their daily lives.

You can even connect yourself and another person with energy tethers, if you want to be able to share energy more freely and with more ease. (This is basically what I did with @ashesforeverashes​, in a sense.) 

Some people don’t like their energies taken without consent, though, and certain witchy protections can even prevent these sorts of tethers from forming in the first place, so keep that in mind.

Okay, all this talk about tethers, are you gonna show us how to make them?

Only if you ask nicely.


Okay that’s better. 

It is essentially just a combination of energy work, intent, and visualization.

The first thing you need to do, is have an object you want charged.

Now, pick an energy source. You don’t need to be able to see it, but it can help.

Relax yourself, clear your mind if you can. Hold onto your object in your hands. 

If you can, look at your energy source; this is clearly not applicable with the sun, so close your eyes and have your face turned toward it. If you can’t see your energy source, picture it in your mind as clearly as you can. Try to get a feel for its energy as well as you can, too. 

Once you are confident with your source, imagine a cord connecting from it and to your object you want to keep charged. A nice visualization for this would be seeing the particles form together out of thin air to form your tether - literally materializing out of nothing and attaching to the source, creating a line that is slowly building down from the source and to your object. This can be done in whatever way you wish - just make it.

Take as long as you need to allow the cord to be build from your energy source to the target - it can take some time, depending on the distance and how experienced you are with energy work.

While you are creating it, focus on any attributes you want it to have - a thick cord that is hard to break, a shimmery appearance so no other magic users can see it, etc. Keep in mind the purpose of the cord, what you want it to do, how you want it to behave, and fuse that into it as it is being formed. If you wish to incorporate a switch, in order to turn on and off the flow of energy, now would be the time to do so - more visualization and intent, and declarations of “I can halt this flow of energy whenever I desire” should do the trick.

Once the cord is in place, you want to draw energy from your source and into the object, through the tether. Make it clear that energy only flows one way through this particular tether. Continue to draw from the energy source and down into the target, until you begin to feel the energy flowing through the tether naturally. Once energy is accumulating into the object on its own, you know the tether is complete.

For the upkeep; about once a week or so, focus on the tether and visualize it still being strong, without any gaps for energy to sift through. See a smooth, clean flow of energy from your energy source and into the target. If there are any obstructions, break them down and funnel them out.

What was this “representational magic” method you mentioned?

Oh yeah. 

As a boost, you can have a representation of your energy source physically attached to the object or target, if you can. So, for example, you could have a tiny model of the sun, connected to the physical vessel for a thoughtform, by a piece of string. This can help keep the energy tether strengthened in a “physical” aspect, especially if you bind the physical to the energetic. Not to mention, just looking at it, you are reaffirmed that the tether is there and the object is charged, and that can assist with the upkeep.

Are there any “modifications” for energy tethers?

Totally. You can change the “material” you make the tether out of. Think of how people can put spikes onto personal shields, or make them have reflective surfaces - it’s sort of like that, but moreso changing the tether itself into something besides a beam of light. It can be a black cord like the ones electronics use; it can be made out of natural rope or hemp; it can be just a metal pipe that the energy slides through. Try to think about how each “material” might impact the flow and/or feel of energy.

You can also have one tether break off and charge many items at once - you don’t need a separate tether for each thing. Just focus on your tether and how it can fork, and imagine another branch coming from it naturally. Or, if you’re adding a separate line after the original tether has been “installed,” imagine a separate line growing or being molded from the first and down to the new object.

And there you have it - my post on energy tethers. Obviously this isn’t complete or all encompassing. This is just my view on these energetic cords, what they are, and how they can be made and used. I wrote this off the seat of my pants, but I think I covered everything I intended to. (And it feels hardcore like the old windvexer posts to me, which I’m not bothered by lol.)

I hope this helps you guys, or inspires you, or whatever. If you have any more questions, I… guess I can open my ask box, as long as y’all behave. Good luck, and have fun!

sebastian stan is appreciated yet underappreciated at the same time. he’s pretty but he’s also this really good, interesting person. 

this panel has so many good moments [x] such as:

  • had to stop speaking because he couldn’t stop staring at this dog.
  • remembers taking a picture with someone 
  • “when you’re given a platform you have to do something about it..you have to expand beyond your own personal goals.”
  • “i never really thought in a million years that this character or these stories or something, you know, to have someone, who, just reached out to me and said you know, ‘thank you for recognizing something or i’m related to this’ is probably the most gratifying experience out of this whole process.”
  • “the task for me would be to be more involved and see where I can help…even if it’s just, I don’t know, putting a smile on someone’s face, or answering some questions or you know, making someone feel better.”
  • “i’m awkward, I get nervous nervous, I get panic attacks, I get crazy, you know, whatever, depression.”
  • “my job is always to remain as honest as I can and to just, i don’t know, help in some way.”
  • goes on this whole thing about trying to focus on what he can control v what he can’t control, how that helps him to be a happier, better person.
  • “one of my goals in life is to really embrace struggle.”
  • “it’s important to kinda take in and be really grateful about sort of what’s happening, which i always remind myself, no matter what, and i really, really am.”

this video is in romanian w/ english subtitles, so all info is from there [x]

  • “i was very lucky, i tend to forget this. when i was 22 or 23 years old i wasn’t thinking about what it meant to her after the revolution came, to decide to go elsewhere for a better life.” on his mother, the sacrifices she made, and better understanding now that he’s older.
  • “after my grandma died, to be honest, it was difficult for me to go back there cause i had to go to the cemetery, to live that moment again, and face what happened with her. it was a very delicate situation for me.”
  • “when i saw that car driving fast with that flag with the hole in the middle, I felt like… i always remember something major, important was happening.” on the revolution when he was a kid.
  • “when i was watching it (a video of Ceausescu) i felt something so…i mean, i remember like the memories were there in my muscles. i felt like a knife went through me when i heard that voice it felt to me like it was yesterday.” 
  • “the thing that i feel changed most was a deeper sense of responsibility.” on being asked if fame changed him.
  • his parents are what keep his interest in romania alive, and are the reasons he can still speak the language.

here’s another panel [x]

  • remembers more fans. 
  • “the rough patches that you may going through are sort of, also, these great gifts that you can kind of rise from.”
  • paraphrasing but: we’re all capable of rising from difficult moments in our lives to get somewhere. 
  • “it’s the company you keep. people you surround yourself are extensions of you, that’s how i always feel..and i was lucky to have good influences.”
  • gives a fan a hug.
  • space nerd who exposes his knowledge and would live on the moon.

Bonus things: 

  • i think it’s important to remind the people we love why we love them or how they’ve touched us. i mean, i guess if it wasn’t for my mom i could probably be, not even in america right now. [x]
  • "embrace your differences and the qualities about you that you think are weird. eventually they’re going to be the only things separating you from everyone else.” [x]
{PART 26} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Jungkook attempts to do the impossible; keep Yoongi under control for as long as he can in his own Manor. But, after an unsuspecting escalation - everything ends in tears…and blood.

“How sobering it is, to love something that evil can corrupt”

  • || Warning: This chapter contains violence and some scenes that readers may find upsetting ||

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1} // {Part 25} {Part 26} {Part 27}

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Rhysand deciding how to win Feyre's heart
  • Mor: Just flash her your baby violets - she'll love it. Just be yourself.
  • Rhys: Be myself? Mor, I have one week a month to win over Feyre. How long did it take before you guys started liking me?
  • Cassian: Couple of weeks.
  • Azriel: Six months.
  • Amren: Jury's still out.
  • Rhys: See, Mor? Be myself - what kind of garbage advice is that?
  • Allura: I don’t understand why you wasted another night on a quest no one’s ever going to solve.
  • Pidge: Princess, I am way too sleep-deprived to deal with your negativity right now. Let me show you what I did. I started off by making a map of all of the conflicts that have gone down in the Universe since five thousand years ago to see if there was a pattern. That led me to this.
  • *Turns on a map of the Galaxy where almost all of it is covered in red dots to indicates Battles*
  • Pidge: There is so much war in Universe. No one should live here.

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What are your favorite fics?

These are some of them (the list would be too long if I listed all of them) :

Hate Me To The Moon by harrystylesandstuff [ 8/8 | English | 83,616 ]

AU where Harry is a sexy nerd, Louis is a great actor, and they both pretend to hate each other’s guts to convince themselves they’re not feeling things future step-brothers shouldn’t feel.

Supernova by Star55 [ 14/14 | English | 172,426 ]

It’s hard being a teenager. It’s hard being a teenager and at a new school. It’s hard being a teenager, at a new school and also gay. It’s hard being a teenager, at a new school, gay and a mutant. It’s hard being a teenager, at a new school, gay, a mutant and who has no idea that he’s meant to be the world’s next super hero. It seems like Louis has a lot of catching up to do.

Even Angels Have Their Demons by AFangirlFantasy [ 4/4 | English | 50,494 ]

Or, an Angel/Demon AU where Angel Louis hates Demon Harry, but somewhere along the way that stops being so true.

Just A Flower Boy by Larryruinedme [ 15/15 | English | 70,087 ]

Harry Styles is a clumsy, flower crown-wearing, openly gay junior with only two true friends, Niall and Zayn. Louis Tomlinson is the school’s attractive, straight football captain, with a small body and a big personality. As fate will have it, Harry has a huge, unrequited, utterly hopeless crush on Louis. Fate is thrown out the window the day that Harry and Louis find themselves partnered up for a history project. Harry starts to receive notes from a secret admirer, Louis starts to get jealous of Harry’s budding friendship with senior Nick Grimshaw, Zayn and Liam develop a thing for each other, and Niall is the best mate anyone could have asked for. And suddenly, Harry’s crush on Louis doesn’t seem so utterly hopeless anymore.

Flightless Bird by DonnaHaywardsHead [ 35/35 | English | 97,723 ]

AU where Louis Tomlinson is a principal dancer with The Royal Ballet. When his rival from ballet school, moody dance prodigy Harry Styles joins the company, old wounds are reopened and old passions reignited. During the company’s production of Swan Lake the secret that doomed their love is finally revealed, but will it be too late?

Coax The Cold by MediaWhore [ 14/14 | English | 86,160 ]

English Professor Louis Tomlinson’s passion for the occult has been a source of mockery and derision for most of his life. When he hears whispers of a travelling freak show newly established in London claiming the existence of a monstrous sea hybrid, half-man, half-fish, Louis sees it as his ticket to credibility amongst his peers. The summer he spends undercover working on the show, however, gives him much more than that.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did - Happy Reading! :)

I remember reading 13 Reasons Why when I was in 6th grade which is about 11 years ago now so seeing it come to life after all these years is really cool BUT, i also remember trying to kill myself after reading the book when i was literally just a child so I’m really worried about how the younger generation will take this story. I think the show does a pretty good job of showing the true horrific nature of Suicide, the people you leave behind, the bullying, but when it comes down to it the source material really did romanticize suicide by making it into this grand gesture of sadness and i don’t know man. So to all you kids out there, please remember that suicide is not pretty or romantic.