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The Things We Give Welsh Learners: y Babi Sinsir

So I was going through our bookshelf yesterday, because we’re fast approaching the point where we need a clear-out, and I came across one of my all-time favourite creations ever, probably even beating shit like the wheel and penicillin. Years back, before leaving The Man to pursue his dreams of being a sort of professional clown-thing, my husband used to be a translator for Neath Port Talbot Council; as is often the way with Welsh councils, though, owing to a lack of money and also everywhere is really close to each other (this country is 150 miles wide at its widest point, and about 47 miles at the thin bit. Ver ver small), NPT Council’s translating department was shared by Swansea Council. Thus it was that, in the halcyon days of circa 2009, the two decided to team up and produce a new Welsh language book for learners between them, and thus it got sent through to Steffan to proof read it.

A Thing You May Not Know: Welsh is one of ten indigenous languages to Britain, arguably the oldest, and has been viciously oppressed over the last millennium and a half as part of England’s big If You Destroy Their Culture They’ll Be Glad To Be Ruled By You policy. These days, it’s nonetheless still spoken by approximately a fifth of the Welsh population; a hell of a feat, considering, but the suppression of it continues to this day (just in cleverer, sneakier ways now than whipping people’s children if they’re heard.) But it is classified as Endangered. Thanks to Welsh-language schools now being a thing (though supply is much lower than demand), transmission rates to the younger generation are pretty good; but, Welsh is peculiarly dependent on adult learners.

This means that learner books might have to appeal to both children and adults while using very simple language, which I explain in case it in some way justifies the bewildering weirdness of what I’m about to show you; because at first glance, this book is simply for children. But it’s… Well. 


I present to you, with translations in bold and commentary by me, Y Babi Sinsir.

Literally, “the Ginger Baby”, but they mean ‘ginger’ as in ‘gingerbread’. Literal ginger. Not the colour.

This is Mr Jones. This is Mrs Jones.

What’s wrong, Mrs Jones? I want a baby.

Note: there will be some confusion in this book about whether the narrator is speaking, or anyone else. It might seem cut and dried here, but there are no speech marks around “Dw i eisiau babi”, whereas later speech marks are used, and also in two pages’ time the narrator will actively pass a value judgement using first person, so… Well.

But, so far so good.

Mrs Jones is making a Babi Sinsir.

… okay, so I like this page because of the capitalisation of Babi Sinsir and the lack of definite article. She’s just making a Babi Sinsir. You know, a Babi Sinsir? Magical baby made of gingerbread that you make if you can’t conceive but can’t afford IVF? Yeah. A Babi Sinsir. That’s right.

Let it be known that this is Not A Thing in Welsh folklore or mythology. What the fuck. How does this work. Where does the magic come from? Do you need a faerie ingredient? Will the next page tell us?

This is the Babi Sinsir. I like the Babi Sinsir.


But it is apparently shit-capable and needs a nappy. It’s good that the narrator likes it anyway.

The Babi Sinsir is bad. He’s running.

Uh oh.

“Come back, Babi Sinsir.”

Look how Worried the Joneses are. Funny how they don’t seem to be calling that enthusiastically, though. I’d have expected an exclamation mark at least. Did Mrs Jones always have a massive left arm? I can’t remember.

“Run, run, catch me. I’m the Babi Sinsir.”

Yeah, okay, so that’s the Welsh for “Run! Run! As fast as you can! You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!”, but once again, I’m going to have to draw attention to the lack of expressive punctuation here. It really feels like this naughty Babi Sinsir’s heart is just not in this.

“Come and help, Mr Horse.” “Run, run, catch me. I’m the Babi Sinsir.”

Cool, look, a floating horse has come to help.

The pen there, incidentally, was an attempt by the translators to work out who was talking. I can’t imagine why. This dialogue is on fire, everyone can tell.

“Come and help, Mrs Cow.” “Run, run, catch me. I’m the Babi Sinsir.”

Now they have been joined in their high-speed zombie shuffle by a married floating cow who is, if I’m not much mistaken, high as shit.

“Come and help, Mr Goat.”  “Run, run, catch me. I’m the Babi Sinsir.”

I’m starting to suspect the artist only knew how to draw the legs on animals in one way.

“Come and help, Mr Dog.”  “Run, run, Catch me. I’m the Babi Sinsir.”

Yes, that dog is definitely here to ‘help’. Also… the Babi Sinsir is literally within reach of Mrs Jones’ massive left arm now. Why is she not just picking him up?

“Come and help, Miss Cat.” “Run, run, Catch me. I’m the Babi Sinsir.”

You may be wondering at this point if this is just… the whole book. An ever-increasing flock of floating zombie creatures shuffling after a naughty gingerbread baby in a nappy who is committing the cardinal sin of running. I mean… where can they go from here, amirite? A sheep? A squirrel? A chicken? We can hit a hundred pages this way, easy. The concern is the artist, whom I think was stretched a bit beyond their means on this project anyway.

BUT WORRY NOT! Shit’s about to go down, guys.

Oh no! Here comes Mr Wolf. Mr Wolf runs and catches the Babi Sinsir.






This doesn’t bode well for the -

Half of the Babi Sinsir is left.


Quarter of the Babi Sinsir is left.


The Babi Sinsir has gone! There’s tasty.

What the



I realise this is not the main point to make here, but two pages ago it had eaten half of that nappy, and now it’s whole again and delicately discarded to one side, I just want

I mean

It’s okay, right? This happens in fairytales? Little Red Riding Hood? Someone will eviscerate the fox and out will come the Babi Sinsir…’s pieces, and they can be baked back together…?

No one cares!

Mrs Jones is making another Babi Sinsir.

The new Babi Sinsir loves Mrs Jones.


…okay, so there’s a lot for us all to take in right now, and we’re all going to get through it at different speeds. But I’m just going to draw attention to the fact that Mr Jones is now merely depicted as a picture on the wall, and the new Babi Sinsir apparently only loves Mrs Jones, and…

Okay so they just lost their beloved baby gingerbread son because he got eaten alive by a fox in dungarees calling itself a wolf, right? Mrs Jones apparently couldn’t give less of a fuck if she tried, as long as she has some flour and ginger left over to make another. This one she made to love her.

Mr Jones, I presume, had a total mental breakdown and drank himself to death. At the very least, he’s left her, look. All she has left is the photo.

But does dim ots! Mae’r Babi Sinsir newydd yn caru Mrs Jones.

And that is the story of Y Babi Sinsir, aka the greatest work of literature ever written.


So here is a bunch of AU’s that I’ve collected over…. a long time. Enjoy

Awkward Meetings

  • I broke your nose in a mosh pit, sorry
  • I hit you with my car and was the only one to visit you in the hospital, this is sort of awkward, are you okay?
  • You’re getting chased by the police and you just jumped in my car and yelled drive, wtf man
  • You just punched me in the face while gesturing wildly to a friend, your friend can’t stop laughing and im too shocked to respond to your apologies
  • You laughed in a restaurant, but your laugh is really weird and I thought you were choking so I’m awkwardly humping you while attempting to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre and why isn’t this working, you’re just choking harder now this is aweful
  • We met on a Sunday morning, both doing our walk of shame
  • I get really sick on roller-coasters and you are sitting in front of me, im so sorry
  • You’re the bastard who keeps parking in front of my house and you just caught me drawing a dick on your window with a permanent marker… ugh, oops.
  • I work at a department store and if you take out and unfold another fucking shirt and just leave it, I’m going to fucking shove it down your throat
  • You broke into my apartment drunk thinking it was your friends place and I should call the cops by my cat likes you so????
  • You’re my new dealer and you just friended me on Facebook and idk how to react to that
  • You saw me reading the same book you are and now we are arguing about the motives of the antagonist
  • This is a five-hour-long plane ride, we’re sitting together and  you’re deathly afraid of flying. 
  • I got into a cab to find someone already inside
  • You thought I was your friend/sister
  • Holy shit, im in the wrong car.
  • I was walking by a roller coaster and your shoe flew off and hit me in the head and now I’m on the floor trying not to fall unconscious.
  • It’s 2am and I’m drunk and I need some salt for my fries and I know your awake so OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR
  • You fell asleep on me in the subway and I should probably wake you up and its my stop next stop but it’s okay, I can always just catch the subway back…
  • I know nothing about camping and all my friends left me at the site. Please, help me, I think I just heard a bear
  • This has been a shitty week and you just grabbed the last box of my favourite comfort food from the shelf, do you really want to fight me rn?
  • We met in a movie theatre and now you’re clinging to me because your terrified and I’m okay with that because it means I get your popcorn.
  • You had a party and I got really drunk and stole your microwave, so now I’m at your place and your super hungover so here, I made breakfast?


  • The guy living below me has a really loud alarm clock that always wakes me up at the crack of dawn
  • I went to investigate a scream and found my neighbour standing on a chair to avoid a rat/mouse/cricket (etc.)
  • My neighbour has a really squeaky bed and my bedroom is below theirs
  • You keep stealing my doormat and HAH, I’ve got you this time thief!
  • The apartment above me has left their tap on or something and water is leaking through my ceiling
  • My neighbour’s sibling got the wrong house number and barged into my apartment on accident.
  • My roommate keeps stealing my coffee so now I make extra 
  • You’re my new neighbour and wow man, you have some really weird habits.
  • You’re my neighbour and you are stealing my wifi to watch porn and can you not?
  • You locked yourself outside of your apartment and there’s a storm rolling in and I pity you so please come into my apartment I’ll make you hot chocolate?
  • I heard you singing at 3 am and joined in and now you’re at my door and wtf mate I think your drunk but your voice is really nice so?
  • I just set the fire alarm in our building off again… sorry. I know its like the fourth time this week…
  • You keep mowing your lawn when I’m trying to sleep and seriously FUCK YOU
  • My new neighbour is really hot and wow I didn’t even like women until now? And now she is in the garden planting flowers in her bikini wow… im in too deep
  • It’s 3 am and you’re blasting off classic rock at full volume and your music taste might be awesome but soME PEOPLE are trying to sLEEP
  • We’ve never met but we shower at the same time and our showers are on opposite sides of the same apartment wall so sometimes we start duets?


  • I’m out walking and my dog started chasing your dog. 
  • My cat/dog ran away and you just found it but refuse to accept the reward. 
  • We are neighbours and your cat got my cat pregnant… so, wanna raise this little kitty family?
  • My pet tarantula/snake (etc) escaped and I forgot to warn the guy below me who is terrified of snakes/spiders
  • I need you to pet sit my pet for a while and I forgot to mention it’s a snake, the mice are in the freezer. Thanks, bye
  • My cat really hates you cat and that’s the third time this week I’ve had to pry them apart.
  • My cat keeps breaking into your apartment and it ate all your plants… dinner to make up for it?
  • My cat sneaked out on the balcony and into your open window and he has this habit of destroying furniture and pissing everywhere so I followed him inside and you cam home earlier than I expected and found me in the middle of your living room and honestly I’m not a burglar
  • Your dog likes me a thousand times better than she likes your partner and sorry not sorry I love this dog
  • You were walking your dog when you found me passed out on a park bench and thank you for waking me up and buying coffee instead of stealing my wallet


  • I’m on a bus and wow, you’re singing really loudly and everyone is giving you weird looks, hey bud, tone it down, also great choice in music
  • You play Double Bass/Cello and I play 1st chair Violin and we keep making eye contact and damn your super cute.
  • You play in an orchestra and I love these songs so much, plus you’re really cute. Shit man, you’ll never notice me in the huge crowd…
  • Music is kinda illegal and my friend just died and apparently he wrote music and wow I want to know what it sounds like and to play it at his funeral but I don’t know how to. You’re a well-known music dealer, do you happen to understand these notes? Can you help me?
  • I tried to act cool at this concert and I thought I was leaning on a wall but apparently it was a speaker and now it’s on the ground in pieces and everyone’s glaring at me… sorry?


  • I’m a wizard and I just accidently apparated into your house. Oops.
  • I died over 2000 years ago and you’ve been dead for like 2 hours, man, damn it now I have to explain this shit to you. Great.
  • I’m immortal and you’re mortal and I don’t know how to explain this to you and soon enough you’re going to realise that I’m not aging… shiiittt
  • You’re a greek god and I’m the roman counterpart. 
  • I’m a ghost and your alive and I think I’m in love with you…. Fuck. 
  • You’re a faun and I’m a Satry
  • I’m half demon and people often judge me based on my looks, but your blind and wow you actually like me? 
  • I’m a time traveller and I went back in time and wow I think I’m in love with you, fuck this isn’t good, I just faked being George Washington… wait what? George Washington doesn’t exist here? Shit… I actually am George Washington.
  • I’m a writer and your my character and wtf how the heck did you just literally climb out of my first draft? 
  • I’m a werewolf but I don’t want to tell you because my wolf form might be that really small chihuahua you keep mentioning you see when I go out…
  • I’m an android and you’re a human and wow what is that warmth I feel when I see you?
  • I’m a homesick telepath and you’re the poor soul who is receiving all these emotions, sorry
  • Somehow I’m in your body and you’re in mine and shit man being this close to the ground is fucked up.
  • I’m a genie an d you rubbed my lamp so congrats you get three wishes but you can’t seem to think of shit and why the fuck do I have to be stuck with you? Hurry up and think of some wishes okay?
  • I was an awful angel and as punishment I have to be your guardian angel and wow your super cute and nice but I still hate you
  • You keep having strange dreams that turn out to be us in a past life and you’re determined to fine me again but in this life I’m already dead.
  • We live in the year 3090, you’re a scientist and I’m your assistant. Unfortunately and experiment goes wrong and I die. Now you’re trying to put my brain into a robot but its not the same
  • I’m a vampire and I have a moment of weakness, you’re nearby and lets just say it doesn’t end well
  • I’m a dragon and you’re a really hot prince, that’s right, they locked up the wrong royalty.
  • You’re a pirate and I’m a siren and woah… are you asexual? That’s so cool, hey wait, don’t go I just want to talk
  • Your mirror is a doorway into my dimension and I can see everything…. 
  • Listen I am genetically modified and you WILL let me hide in your house
  • Ok, so I panicked and kissed this human so he wouldn’t drown. And I know you don’t want me to keep him, and we can’t let him leave if he knows about us mere people so what do you want to do?


  • I just got partnered with you in dance class and I can’t dance for shit
  • You’re my science lab partner and how the fuck did you just explode that beaker?
  • I’m an art student and you just found my sketchbook and you’re going through it. Shit man can you give that back, I don’t care how good you think they are just don’t turn that page…
  • You’re the school dork and I’m the school jock and fuck you can see where this is going
  • We are the only two kids who ride this school bus, maybe we should carpool?
  • I thought you were my roomies new boyfriend so I invited you in but your actually the RA of the dorm and now you think I want to have sex with you
  • I accidently flooded the laundry room and you really need to do laundry
  • You’re sitting in my seat in this lecture and who even are you? I’ve never seen you before… wait what, stop checking me out!
  • We argued so much during a class discussion that we both got kicked out and we’re still arguing outside the class
  • You left your USB in the library computer and I had to go through your files to figure out who you are and in the end I read the entirety of this book you’re working on and wow you’re really good?
  • I’m a traditional painter who has to take a basic Photoshop class, you’re a graphic design major sitting next to me and getting sucked into helping me out because Im so shitty at this
  • My pottery bowl exploded in the kiln and I feel like a failure, you found me crying about it in the hallway and are now trying to comfort me and your sweater is really soft wow sorry
  • You and your friends have been playing the penis game in the library for the last five minutes and none of you have gotten above a quiet yell and fuck it I’m trying to study over her so fuck you I’m going to put an end to this game by winning 
  • We are both teachers and at the end of the year we compare how many gifts we’ve received from student and you’ve won for the past three years
  • Romeo and Juliet of the math and English departments 
  • I want to get along with you roomie… but I like star wars… and you like star trek… this isn’t going to work.
  • I usually talk to my friends through morse code in class but… apparently you know morse too… and now you know I think your butt is cute
  • I got cursed and turned into an animal and taken to the shelter and now I’m being adopted by someone who is really hot OH FUCKING NO

Near Death Experiences

  • Wow I was just in a fatal accident and who the hell are you? What is this I’m I dying? Wait no, I don’t want this, how do I get out of it? A deal you say, I’ll take it.
  • You’re an executioner and I’m about to be executed but you can’t seem to run the guillotine, wait what, why are we running away, man you’re my favourite executioner
  • Our plane/boat crashed and now it’s just us on this island. 
  • I just took a super dangerous job and your trying to talk me out of it, but we really need the money
  • It’s the middle of a war and I’m on a ship that you’re ship just torpedoed. Now I’m a prisoner and wow why can’t I feel my legs. I’m not cooperating until I can feel them again. What the fuck do you mean I’m paralysed?
  • I’m addicted to ____ (drugs/alcohol etc) and you found me in an alleyway due to after effects of my addiction (beat up, overdose etc) and decide to take me in.
  • I sold my soul to bring you back to life and I don’t have long left please make this time count

Mistaken and Secret Identities

  • I’m  a thief/hacker/murder and you’ve found out my identity and have been bugging me for days to take you on as your partner
  • I’m a superhero and you want to be like me but in doing so become a supervillain, what do you mean you don’t understand why I’m punching you?
  • I’m a superhero, you’re a supervillain, but we don’t know each other’s identities and we are actually best friends
  • I’m runaway royalty and you’re a commoner, fuck I’m so screwed I need your help, I’ll explain later
  • You think I’m a celebrity and you’re talking too much for me to explain I am defintely not… that dude. What was his name again?
  • You’re a superhero and I’m your best friend and what the fuck man? Why the hell didn’t you tell me? If you had maybe I would be fucking caught with this stupid ass monologue-ing villain
  • I have a very cute neighbour and very thin walls and one day I call you and err… your moans are very synchronised with my neighbour's…
  • I’m a superhero and you’re a supervillain and I saw you visiting kids at the children’s hospital and letting them act like they defeated you and now it’s really hard to punch you in the face

Profession Based

  • Your my mailman and I can’t help but notice that you linger at my door slightly longer than you need to ever since you saw me that one time. Do you want to come inside?
  • I’m a private detective and your my client and fuck man you’re in some deep shit
  • You’re a protester and I’m a police officer. Seriously can you please calm down a little bit, this is my job not my  beliefs.
  • I’m a make-up artist/hair stylist and I you’re an actor/model and are you flirting or???
  • You’re a celebrity and sorry mate, I have to take pictures to pay rent, I know its invasive seriously, sorry
  • You’re a store clerk and fuck, is that my ex? Can I please hide behind this counter?
  • You’re a lifeguard at my kid’s swimming competition and I fell in the pool with all my clothes on and you awkwardly tried to save me even though I didn’t need it.
  • You work at a pet store and I came in to look at tarantulas but somehow we lost the biggest one and its loose somewhere in the store and it really doesn’t help that you’re terrified of spiders
  • I’m a firefighter and you started a fire in your kitchen but you’re still flirting with me even though you’re not wearing pants and I’m carrying you down a ladder. Stop complimenting my muscles for fucks sake
  • We work at the same company and I kind of had a crush on you until I noticed that you’re the asshole stealing my lunch from the office fridge.
  • I’m a firefighter and you live near the station I work at and we talk/flirt with each other a lot. One day me and my team get called to put out a fire and it’s your home ablaze. You don’t make it.
  • I work at a fruit store and you come in almost every day and rearrange stuff on the shelves and then leave. Today you made the apples spell ‘call me’
  • It’s 2am and I was just trying to get home but I left my sunroof open all day and now there’s a squirrel in my car and it scared me and I drove into a pole - stop laughing! You’re a cop, aren’t you supposed to be helping?
  • You’re drunk and want my name tattooed on your ass.
  • You always bring your dates to the restaurant I wait at and now you’re here alone… you okay mate?

Winter Times

  • It’s snowing and I usually walk to work but that’s not happening, hey roomie, can you please drive me? Yes I know its 4am
  • I accidently gave all my winter clothes to charity over the summer and not its not so much summer, but I’m broke and hey… could you give me your old winter clothes… maybe?
  • I love the cold, but I promised to visit you for a good 4 months and wow, why did I do this? There isn’t snow here?
  • I don’t know you, but you just threw a snowball at my face, mate, its on.
  • I don’t know who the hell you are, but my roommate has someone over and It’s really cold outside…. Can I come in? Or like, have a blanket, or even a towel?

Old Friends

  • I knew you in high school and I ran into you at a renaissance fair wearing full knight regalia
  • I met you once when I was 12, we started a pen-pal relationship across the world and haven’t stopped even though we are a lot older now. 
  • You were my best friend when we were younger but your family moved to the other side of the world, and we haven’t talked in years. But now your back and wow how did you recognise me when I can’t even remember your name?

Fake Dating

  • I hired you to be my date for a wedding but your super cute, maybe we cannot fake-date? 
  • I’m fake dating you to have someone to vent to on family gatherings while also pissing off my conservative uncle that I never liked and wow… have your eyes always been this nice?
  • We’re both cosplayers and we somehow always manage to meet each other at cons dressed as a popular ship and people always want photos of us in compromising positions and so we always end up fake-dating the entire day but you’re actually really hot and I’m head over heels for you
  • My friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex, quick make out with me, I’ll pay you.


  • I’m blind and wow your voice is absolutely beautiful can you just keep talking? Forever? Please?
  • My younger sibling is besties with your sibling and even though we hate each other I guess we’ve got to start hanging out a little
  • We are both at a grocery store at am and you offered to arm wrestle me for the last box of cereal, its on!
  • You’re sleeping on my best friend’s couch while your house is being renovated and you have really weird habits like attempting to sing opera in the shower and you keep eating all my Nutigrain 
  • We bump into each other every Friday at the supermarket to buy the same ice-cream and maybe we should eat it together?
  • Our parents are dating and thank god I’m not the only one pissed off about this
  • I went to museum to get some inspiration and then I saw you staring at one of the paintings in awe and wow you just noticed me drawing you and this is awkward
  • I decide to take a shortcut home that involves crawling through a really tight hole in a fence and I end up getting stuck and you just happened to pass by and now you’re laughing at me
  • I took a bunch of free condoms from health services just because I could and they all fell out of my bag at once and now you’re staring at me weirdly
  • We are trapped in a bank during a robbery
  • Your country is trying to take over mine and I might be a little attracted to you and stop this it’s really hard to retaliate okay?
  • I was on my balcony and you started loudly quoting romeo and juliet at me
Destiel, Bi!Dean and preparing the audience for a “shocker”.

I just did a re-watch of 12x10 and it really got me thinking again about Benjamin and Cas’s talk in the car with the boys about Benjamin and his female vessel.

At the time the episode aired, I think I was so excited about the prospect of Cas being in a female vessel, and how this could potentially shift a heteronormative audiences perception of Dean and Cas that I didn’t realise just what else they were trying to do.

This is about reassurance.

This is the conversation that was had in the car:

CAS: Benjamin is always very careful. Long ago, he found a powerfully devout vessel in Madrid, and her faith, it… she gave him everything – her trust and her body.

DEAN: Wait. So Benjamin’s a woman?

CAS: Benjamin is an angel. His vessel is a woman. But it – it’s – it’s more than that. She’s not just his vessel.

Just this small exchange is important as exposition for the audience. It is about preparing the audience for what is coming up. The idea that Cas was also once ‘a woman’. Which, okay, no he wasn’t a woman, he just had a female vessel, but imagine how that would have gone down had this exchange not taken place? Imagine how a general audience would have reacted to Cas and his female vessel had Benjamin just been another angel in a male vessel?

Probably a lot like the way Dean acted here, with confusion.

By giving us the Benjamin character and this particular scene as well, the writer has successfully prepared the audience for Cas in his female vessel. Preventing raised eyebrows and confusion because the audience will remember this conversation and apply it to Cas.

“Castiel is an angel, his vessel WAS a woman. His vessel is now a man, Cas is still a dude and it’s not weird. Cool beans.”

(when I think of a general audience watching SPN lets just say that I certainly don’t think of the fandom or tumblr. I think of my brother and that is something I won’t get into here. Heteronormative doesn’t even begin to cover it.)

The fact is, making one of your three main lead male characters a woman for an episode is a weird thing to do, the kind of thing that would probably make some audience members uncomfortable. So adding in this exposition, this reassurance, removes that level of discomfort, it gets them used to the idea first, like a buffer.

See for a show like SPN, whilst its always been a bit weird with its story lines, it’s never been all that progressive. As much as we would all like to wish that all SPN viewers were like us – liberal forward thinking people who are willing and eager for TV to break a few taboos – the chances are that is very much not the case. Its an old show, it has an established audience (apparently a bipartisan audience amazingly) and therefore breaking boundaries the way more modern shows have (such as American Gods, How to Get Away with Murder and Orange is the New Black) just isn’t really in the cards. Those shows established the taboo stories, the queer main characters, the representation, from the start. They built their audience on those foundations. SPN can’t do that without isolating part of its audience – unless it thinks very carefully as to how it may present such notions.

I hope I am explaining this in a way that makes sense. See this is of course about Bi!Dean and Destiel (as if anything on my blog WASN’T about those topics). Because here’s the thing. On any other, newer show, for Dean to come out as bisexual, for two male lead characters to enter into a homosexual relationship, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Those shows could build their audience around those concepts, because they would be ingrained into the show from the start.

For Supernatural, that sadly isn’t the case. SPN didn’t clearly establish Dean as Bisexual early on, and Destiel isn’t canon, it has always been the subject to interpretation with just enough ‘no homo’ so that anyone who chooses not to see it doesn’t have to (again, excluding 12x19 but we’ll get there)

One of the biggest hurdles to getting bi!dean and canon destiel, is for the SPN creators to overcome this fear that half their audience would reject them if they actually went there. It would be seen as coming ‘out of the blue’ and all those heteronormative people would raise their eyebrows and moan and be utterly confused by it.

That’s why Supernatural needs the buffers. It needs the gradual exposition, the subtle desensitisation of a general audience to anything even mildly “progressive”. If Supernatural wasn’t putting these buffers in place already, I would think we would have a problem. I would be much more apprehensive at even the idea that destiel could be a thing that is actually happening.

What is so fantastic, is that just like in 12x10 with the fem!Cas buffer that was Benjamin, we have already been getting buffers all throughout the last few seasons.

Here are some of my favourites:

  • Jesse x Cesar – 11x19 – These guys are my absolute favourite, they were created specifically to show the audience that you can be a gay man and also a macho man. That gay men aren’t stereotypes, that hunters can be gay and settle down and especially that gay romance doesn’t change the theme of the story. The big take away from this episode is that it shows the general audience that men like Dean Winchester can be gay/bisexual.
  • Hannah – 10x17 – This was a real eye opener for any Cas x Hannah shippers. Because Cas didn’t treat Hannah any different, and he had exactly the same warmth and affection for Hannah in her male vessel that he did in her female vessel. Basically this was a nice punch in the face for any homophobes watching. SPN doesn’t care about your heteronormative ships. You wanna ship Hannah x Cas? Fine! But Hannah’s in a dudes body now and guess what? Cas doesn’t care! How do you feel about THAT?
  • God is Bisexual – 11x20 – This was just a nice big fuck you to homophobes everywhere. Don’t like queer characters? This is NOT the show for you! Because in our world even GOD is queer! Yay for LGBT representation! It works as a buffer because once again it is sending a message to the general audience that this is the kind of thing you can expect on our show. We are changed now.
  • Dean rides Larry – 12x11 – Okay so maybe it’s not an obvious buffer, but it is kind of a subliminal message so I’m counting it. Dean riding that damn bull was the most sexual scene we have had on this show in seasons (and no that god awful thing that happened in 12x02 doesn’t count – nor does the same god awful thing from 12x08). The jokes alone, the sexual innuendos. This entire episode is loaded with subliminal messages basically screaming at the general audience to maybe just consider the fact that Dean likes guys.
  • 12x06/12x20 – Max Banes – like Jesse and Cesar Max works as a buffer because he is another way to get the general audience used to the idea that characters that are similar to Dean Winchester can be queer and it’s no big deal. Max is badass, funny, smart and charming and also 100% canonically queer (whether gay or bi we know textually that he is totally into dudes). Sam and Dean don’t bat an eyelid at his sexuality, so neither should the audience. It is just one part of his character and certainly not what his story is all about. Max is proof that you can have a queer character who is a badass and a hunter whose story is basically nothing to do with their sexuality. Their sexuality just happens to be a part of who they are.
  • And finally – Destiel – season 12 – I’m making this its own buffer because honestly? There is no way to view Dean and Cas’s relationship as non-romantic at this point. I think that the writers have slowly been turning up the dial on Destiel probably since 11x18. 12x19 really drummed it in for us though. The angel/human love themes of 12x10, the textual “I love you” in 12x12, the MIXTAPE and everything else about 12x19. This is all preparation. It is indeed a build up to a reveal. Destiel is it’s own buffer and even if people do still accuse it of ‘coming out of nowhere’ once it goes canon, all the writers have to do is gesture at season 12 and the fucking mixtape scene and say to those people “in what universe does the gifting of a mixtape between people who are not explicitly related NOT have romantic connotations?” Only a fool would argue with that if they had any knowledge of pop culture history. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on that. A show with a long established audience about to make a move that could potentially appear (but not really) out of left field would need to build up that move through a series of well thought out buffers, symbols, themes and subliminal messages before actually making it.

Like how Benjamin was the writers way of normalising Cas’s female vessel, the past two seasons have been a journey to normalise bi!dean and destiel in preparation for making both of these things explicitly canon. Yes we still have a way to go - it still needs to be stated explicitly in the text that Dean is into guys, in love with Cas bla bla bla, but we are getting there.

In summary. Destiel is endgame. Dean is bisexual. The general audience better learn to throw their heteronormative goggles in the bin because this is the state of this show right now, and it is good. 

101 Writing Prompts

1. “I didn’t know you two were related.” “We didn’t either.”

2. “I’m not saying I’m gay, but I would be if they were asking.”

3. “I’ve tried my hardest to fall for you, but it’ll always be them.”

4. “I don’t think anyone’s ever said that to me before.”

5. “I didn’t even want to come to this party. You lied to me about the pinata.”

6. “Spin the bottle is such a cliché. I’m in.”

7. “I have to go in there with you? I didn’t sign up to play 7 minutes in hell .”

8. “That’s not how you pronounce my name and I’m not even sure you tried.”

9. “Are you new here?” “We’ve been in the same math class for six years.”

10. “You really shouldn’t touch that… I told you.”

11. “I recognise you. Do you have a dog.”

12. “ You’ve never seen Harry Potter?

13. “Can’t we just lay here for a minute?”

14. “We have to stop running into each other like this.”

15. “Is it weird if I say that your dad’s really hot?”

16. “I know it’s 2am but can we meet up?”

17. “I don’t know how we ended up sleeping together but I know I’m mad about it.”

18. “Whatever you do, just don’t tell anybody!”

19. “I don’t come here often, it brings back unwanted memories.”

20. “They told me I’d forget about you; that I’d move on but it’s been three years and here I am.”

21. “I’ve waited so long for this moment, but now it’s here I don’t know how to feel.”

22. “You can’t just say that and then disappear!”

23. “I always hear my neighbour playing this beautiful music, but I’ve never actually met them.”

24. “Would it be alright if I pet your dog?”

25. “I’m so sorry to bother you this late but an owl got in my house and I have no idea how to get it out.”

26. “We can’t call the police! They’ll never believe us!”

27. “Why are you buying plane tickets? Are you leaving?”

28. “I swear I’ve seen them before in a dream.”

29. “I don’t want to be your partner either but we have to get this assignment done.”

30. “I never hated you, you just make me feel things I don’t understand.”

31. “It’s your fault, and I don’t think this is something you can fix.”

32. “This isn’t easy for me either.”

33. “I would never do this to you if I didn’t have to. You know that, right?”

34. “Can you at least promise me that?” “I don’t think I can, not this time.”

35. “I’m sorry but it’s very hard to focus when you’re dressed like that.”

36. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard to you want me to hit you?”

37. “I’d be scared if I were you.”

38. “You can’t go in there alone .”

39. “This seems like a lot of effort to go to for a mediocre joke.”

40. “Delete that picture right now or Mr.Snuggles gets it!”

41. “You didn’t go through my photos did you?!”

42. “Uhhh, I went through your photos and I have some questions.”

43. “I swear to god, if you tag me in one more bad meme I’ll make you regret it.”

44. “I really want to kiss you right now. I know I shouldn’t, and somehow that makes me want it more.”

45. “You have individual ringtones for everyone? What’s mine?”

46. “ Why wouldn’t you lock the door?

47. “Did you know kissing burns calories?” “I’m happy with my weight, thanks.”

48. “Your bad pickup lines aren’t cute, they’re just bad.”

49. “I’ll give you fifty bucks if I can take you to Christmas dinner and tell my family we’re together. They always ask if I’m dating and I can’t have that conversation again.”

50. “I don’t think you’re ever too old for trick-or-treating.”

51. “We’re dressing up for Halloween this year and that’s final.”

52. “I forgot what we were fighting about in the first place.” “I didn’t.”

53. “Fuck you.” “Not with that attitude.”

54. “90% of people admit to having at least a slight bondage kink, and 10% are lying about it.”

55. “I don’t understand why you won’t just use a map on your phone.”

56. “You know my house has a door? You don’t always have to use the window.”

57. “The truth is, my friends dared me to ask you out, but I’m really glad they did.”

58. “You know, I was joking in that birthday card when I said I’d help you hide a body.”

59. “Can we please turn off this song.” “But it’s a masterpiece .”

60. “I’ve known you for two years and I think I’ve been saying your name wrong the whole time.”

61. “Wow, you really are blind!” “Thanks for the update, can I have my glasses back now?”

62. “It might be petty but you borrowed my pencil three weeks ago and I’m gonna need it back.”

63. “I think they have a crush on you, which sucks because I’m kinda into them.”

64. “Just go and talk to them, they dont bite!” “What if biting turns me on? If they dont do it then what’s the point?”

65. “You can’t say that in front of children!”

67. “Seven years old is practically an adult.”

68. “Dude I ordered this on eBay and you have to see what they sent me.”

69. “I didn’t realise it meant so much to you.”

70. “I wish I was sorry, but I don’t regret any of it.”

71. “My friend thinks you’re cute, personally I don’t get it but this isn’t about me right now.”

72. “Not everything is about you!” “Untrue.”

73. “You can pry it from my cold, dead hands.”

74. “This is why I hate family dinners! It always gets awkward.”

75. “This can only end two ways and neither of them are pretty.”

76. “Not everything can be butterflies and rainbows! Things get hard sometimes, that’s just how it is!”

77. “My mom told me I shouldn’t talk to strangers, and you’re definitely strange.”

78. “I can’t believe you fell asleep when I was showing you my favourite movie of all time.”

79. “You shouldn’t be out here alone, it’s dangerous.”

80. “I could lie here with you forever. I wish I didnt have to leave.”

81. “Everything’s changing and I hate it! I liked the way things were.”

82. “You look so incredible, if that didn’t look so good on you I’d probably tear it off.”

83. “Do you think they noticed that we left?”

84. “The funny thing is, you could have fixed this and you didn’t even try.”

85. “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? I’m only asking because it hurt when I did and I thought I might have done it wrong.”

86. “That was super cheesy and I’m lactose intolerant.”

87. “You didn’t tell me you were gay!” “You didn’t tell me you weren’t.”

88. “Your friend told me you had a crush on me, I just wanted to let you know your friend is a snake.”

89. “Are you staring at me or are you staring past me?”

90. “If you we’re a guy/girl would you go out with me?” “I am a guy/girl.”

91. “Sounds stupid. When are we doing it?”

92. “Can we tell my parents that I’m at your house, just incase they get suspicious?”

93. “This is the part in the movie where we kiss or one of us dies. My fingers are crossed for option one.” “Speak for yourself.”

94. “I’m offended that you don’t have more faith in me but, honestly, it’s understandable given past experience.”

95. “Its just a blind date! What’s the worst that could happen?” “I could literally die.”

96. “I would light myself on fire to keep you warm and you wouldn’t even hand me a coat if I were freezing.”

97. “I trusted you, and so I guess I should have seen this coming.”

98. “I had a really weird sex dream about you and I’m not sure how I feel about it, honestly.”

99. “Okay, but this is the last time I bail you out!”

100. “All I know is that if you don’t tell me to stop I’m going to kiss you.”

101. “I’m not sure when it happened, but I fell in love with you, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Every Waking Hour

@voltronwhumpweek2017 - Day 5: Insomnia/Mental illness.

I see your insomnia and raise you some induced insomnia. A Lance fic for my IRL awesome friend

Hunk felt his heart break a little as he found an utterly lost Lance wandering down the hallway that lead to the kitchen.

“Lance?” he asked.

Lance turned to face him and Hunk felt his heart break even more as he got a good look at his best friend’s face. The circles under his eyes had darkened so much so that they resembled bruises, and they stood out starkly against Lance’s skin, which was much paler than usual. If Hunk was honest, Lance looked more like a walking corpse than anything else. Not that he was going to mention that to Lance. Definitely not.

Lance blinked blearily at Hunk for a long moment before recognition flashed across his mostly blank features, “Hunk?”

“Yeah, man, it’s me.” Hunk replied, reaching out to steady Lance when he wobbled.

“Hunk, I… Wh-where are we? I don’t - shouldn’t we be in class? Or… something? I don’t know.”

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Limerence (Yoongi x Reader)

Prompt/Ask: hi can you do a fic where youre in love with suga but he rejects you because you’re like a little sister to him but when you start to avoisld him or something, he starts to miss you. Thank you!!

 - Limerence; (n) the state of being infatuated with another person. -

Fandom: BTS

Genre: Angst, fluff

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Warnings: language (what’s new), public embarrassment (I guess?)

Word Count: 8414 (I’m so sorry)

Authors Note: Yoongi is my babe and I love him with all my heart as much as I love Jungkook and I want to protect him and love him and care for him forever and always *gasps for air* So yeah. A Suga request! I’m so sorry this took forever, and I’m even sorrier that it’s so long, I know long fics aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I hope you enjoy it regardless. Let me know what you think, and happy reading!

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Dean and Y/N share a bed in a motel and Dean has a dream about her, mindlessly pulling her into him and peppering he with kisses.

Words: ~2100

Warnings: mention of injuries, FLUFF

A/N:I’m actually really proud of this one even though the introduction is a bit boring. please read until the end and tell me what you think! Also, I really love this cheesy bed sharing fanfictions but it’s different in this imagine. (This theme wasn’t my idea, I saw it somewhere but don’t remember the name anymore…)


Falling in love is so easy that you don’t realise that it is actually happening.

A stupid, cheesy saying that I never really agreed with. I mean, how could you not notice being head over heels because of one person.
Well, I guess I learned it the hard way. Or rather kinda the hard way.

I was used to share a bed with Dean. But it was never the type of bed sharing that was needy and consisted of endless cuddles and realising the love for the other person.
It was never the type of bed sharing that was described in the Dean Winchester fanfictions on the Internet.
Yes, maybe I was interested in the fantasies of the so called “Deangirls”. But that’s not the point.

Back to the topic: Dean and I just laid next to each other, not really caring about the other and simply only wanting to rest after an exhausting day.

So when we entered the motel that only had one room with two normal sized beds left, there wasn’t a nervous fluttering in my stomach. Why should I be nervous?
So when we entered the room that was barely tidied up, there wasn’t a flirty comment from Dean about sharing a bed with his godlike body. Why should he be flirty?

Dean only looked at me briefly when Sam threw his bag on the bed at the window, reassuring our arrangement. I nodded before I headed to the bathroom without a word, feeling cramps in my abdomen.
I tried not to get pissed about my period. The life of a hunter was cursed anyway and my period was actually the pain that was the easiest to endure.

Trying to forget about the pain coming from my stomach and the fresh, deep cut caused by a werewolf, I stepped into the shower. I enjoyed having the warm and clean water covering my body like a sterile blanket and felt better as soon as I changed into my pyjamas which weren’t soaked in my own and werewolf blood.

Leaving the bathroom I saw Sam getting patched up by Dean and I approached them. “How bad is it?”, I wanted to know while I took a closer look on Sam’s neck.

“It’s very deep… but not deep enough to turn him, I guess.”, Dean mumbled, his eyes fixed on his younger brother’s neck.
“I’m fine!”, Sam rolled his eyes but Dean pushed a cloth against his neck making Sam groan in pain. “Yeah, maybe not.”, I chuckled and gave him a smile filled with sympathy.

I sat down on the bed, watching the boys tiredly. “Your turn.”, Dean demanded seriously, but his voice was definitely filled with concern after Sam stood up to have a shower as well.

“I’m fine.”, I rolled my eyes just like Sam did a while ago and Dean scoffed. “Trust me, sweetheart, you’re not. Stop bullshitting me like Sam does.”, Dean said harshly and now it was my turn to scoff.

“How about you shut up and let me rest?!”, I snapped, causing Dean to jump slightly at my sudden change of mood from tired and annoyed to aggressive and dangerous.
“Well, I would if you hadn’t had this huge cut on your tigh! And in case you didn’t notice, if you hadn’t thrown yourself in front of me, I would be the one with the cut.”, Dean replied matter-of-factly with an incredible calm voice while I stood up to face him.
“So it’s my fault now that I’m hurt?”, I yelled, folding my arms in front of my chest.

“Hell yeah, it is!”, he threw his arms in the air, “I could’ve handled this freaking werewolf on my-”
“Hey, guys, lower your voices!”, Sam’s voice interrupted Dean and we both stayed still, glaring at each other.

“Whatever.”, I shrugged with anger in my voice and turned around to finally get some rest.
He didn’t say anything else while I started to go through my stuff, looking for my beautiful, black gun that always had to lay right next to the bed.
I didn’t know what Dean was doing and I honestly didn’t care at the moment. I just wanted to sleep.

I laid down flat on my back on the right half of the bed, leaving the left half to Dean.
I allowed myself a glance at him, sitting at the little table and researching. I could see the tension in his muscles while he propped up his head with his right hand. It didn’t took me very long to feel sorry, my mood changing again.

But before I even had the chance to think about apologizing, Sam entered the room and it was Dean’s turn to have a shower.
I quickly closed my eyes, hoping that Sam wouldn’t ask questions and would leave me alone.

About ten minutes later, I was already zoning out, I felt Dean next to me because of the lowering of the matress due to his weight and of course his shoulder that was pressed against mine.

“I’m sorry.”, I whispered so that only he could hear it before I opened my eyes and turned my eyes to look at him.
“I just wanted to help.”, he murmured, his facial expression tensed telling me that he was still mad at me. Without thinking I took his hand in mine, intertwining our fingers and feeling the tension slowly vanishing.

“I know. I’m just super sensitive at the moment.”, I mumbled, hoping he would get it. But he just looked at me, confused and tired. “I’m… um, it’s just… it’s this time of the month again.”, I explained and his eyes widened slightly before he nodded. “Oh.”

I fell asleep several minutes later with Dean next to me and his fingers between mine, which wasn’t romantic in any way. It was simply platonic
Our relationship was platonic even though Sam said different things I was pretty sure that there wasn’t anything romantic going on between Dean and me.
It was simply platonic.

And I was also not in love with Dean Winchester.

But when I woke up to Dean pulling my small body into him, I did feel a weird feeling in my stomach and it wasn’t my period, that was for sure.
I felt Dean’s strong arms under my head and around my waist while his chest covered my back. “Dean?”, I asked and only got a quiet groan as a reply.

I didn’t remember the reason why I let him sleep, probably because of his lack of sleep. But I did remember how my heart stopped beating for a couple of seconds when I felt his lips on the back of my neck. Warm and soft.

One kiss, then another, then another…

And then, him mumbling my name… I couldn’t move like my body was bewitched while his lips trailed over to my shoulder. “Dean?”, I asked again and I turned around a bit, feeling the grib on my waist tighten and his lips wandering to my neck.

My face was hot. Very hot and probably red like a tomato. Dean groaned again when he started sucking on my neck and I let out a unwanted moan.

I looked over Dean’s shoulder to Sam, panicking and checking wether he was sleeping. He was asleep. Thank god…

Slowly getting calmer, I let Dean kiss me and started to enjoy the feeling of his slightly wet lips on my sensitive skin.
My eyes closed without me wanting it, taking in Dean’s scent which mostly consisted of cheap soap.

I didn’t wanted to admit it but I liked it. The whole situation.
Dean’s scent around me, the warmth coming from him, his strong arms around me and the fact that he was probably dreaming about me while kissing my neck.

“Dean!”, I raised my voice when I got out of my trance and he groaned again.
But this time he finally woke up, his face in the crook of my neck and his arms holding me near him.
In a second, his beautiful face was as red as mine while he let go of me.

Without a word I hurried into the bathroom to go to the toilet and to brush my teeth, wanting to feel clean again.
I quickly brushed my hair without really looking into the mirror.

“I’m going to buy some pie.”, I mumbled before leaving the motel and Dean just nodded, not saying his usual words “That’s my girl.”

When I got back about half an hour later, Dean was packing his stuff and Sam wasn’t in bed anymore. “Where’s-”, I began and Dean answered before I even ended the sentence, “Bathroom.”.

“Here, I already packed your stuff. I hope you don’t mind ‘cause of your… Nevermind.”, he mumbled while he handed me my backbag. We stood still for a moment, his incredibly green eyes wandering to my neck and staying there. He cleared his throat before he looked at me again and then continued, “Sam said that we should wait in the car.”

After he finished packing everything in his back we went over to the Impala where I remembered the pie in my plastic bag that I totally forgot surprisingly.
“That’s for you by the way.”, I told Dean as he leaned against his car.

His green eyes lit up at my words while his smile widened. “You’re the best.”, he grinned at me, not even looking at the pie I gave him. He also took my bag out of my hand to put it and the pie on the back seat.

And before I knew it, his lips were on mine. Not on my back, not on my shoulder, not on my neck. No, they met my lips and slowly moved, filling me up with excitement. His right hand wandered up to caress my cheek while his nose brushed against mine.

I knew that it was definitely too late now. And maybe I even knew that already in the morning. There was no point of trying to hide it from myself.

I was in love with him.
And I let myself melt into his body, my hands roaming up over his body while his arms wrapped around my back to lift me up. I laughed against his while I folded my arms behind his head and deepened the kiss.

A few moments later Sam appeared put of nowhere and cleared his throat. Dean and I separated quickly but kept close. And of course, he had to comment what he saw, “Told you she would let you kiss her.”

After Sam sat in the car, I saw Dean still smirking at me. “I wouldn’t have kissed you if Sam hadn’t told me about you letting me kiss you this morning.”
“What? I thought he was asleep!”, i exclaimed, making him chuckle and pulling me into a hug.

“I’m sorry by the way. I didn’t know that… well, I was dreaming that you and I…”, he whispered, his lips brushing over my ear.
“It’s fine. I mean, I can’t complain. And sharing a bed with you is always fun. It never hurts to have such a gorgeous sleeping beauty next to me.”, I mumbled into his shoulder before he pulled himself back to lock into my eyes.

He smiled at me a few seconds before he leaned down to kiss me again. With a quick movement he turned us, my back hitting the Impala when his hips pressed me against his car. There wasn’t much time before this kiss escalated. His tongue tracing over my lower lip, causing my knees to get weak and my body to melt even more into him.

We were interrupted by Sam, his knuckles knocked against the half-open window. “Honestly, you lovebirds, we have work to do.”, he laughed and Dean groaned loadly when we parted, my head instinctively following his.

He looked down at me sweetly, his eyes not even fully opened and he pecked my lips again before he pressed a kiss on my fore head.

“You have no idea what you do to me.”, he sighed quietly before he let go of me and we got into the car.

Sam just smirked at Dean and then turned around to look at me, smirking at me as well while Dean was concentrated on the road.
“Nice hickey you got there.”, Sam mentioned and my eyes instantly widened as my hand reached up to my neck.

As soon as I locked into the mirror I saw Dean staring at me. Then he winked, making my face heat up but a smile formed on my lips.

This was the beginning of something new. Something different.
And I was really happy about Dean dreaming about me and also Sam not being awake.


Halla! So, as time comes and goes, I’m here with another masterpost of some of my favorite Evak fanfics for you guys. As you can see, I’m trying to be a bit more creative and make these posts look at least somewhat more appealing, so I hope you like this little header I made (even though I suck at Photoshop).

As always, the list is divided into oneshots and chaptered fics.
My personal favorites are tagged with a “ ★ ”.
Completed chaptered fics are tagged with a “ ✓ ”

Without further ado, all the fanfics can be found under the cut. Enjoy!

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Reaction: Being told their smile makes you happy.

Request: Hello can I request an exo reaction to you telling them that you like their smile and it makes you happy when they smile.. :)  

~Exo reaction. 


Junmyeon was happily chatting and laughing with his members as you all waited backstage at a music show for their turn to perform. The conversations had all gotten away from you at this point because there was so many people talking at once, so you were just focusing on your boyfriend. You watched as he smiled brightly at his members and mirrored it with a small smile of your own. Junmyeon noticed and gave you a questioning look. 

“What are you smiling at Jagi?” he asked softly. You blushed and looked away. 

“You,” you answered honestly, “I just…I like your smile. It makes me happy.” You glanced up at him through your lashes to see him smiling brightly at you. 

“Jagi, you’re so cute,” he laughed as he pulled you closer and placed a kiss on your temple. 

“EWW! QUIT BEING ALL CUTE AND ROMANTIC!” Baekhyun yelled from across the room and Junmyeon sighed. 

Junmyeon would be so happy to hear something like this. To him, you saying this might possibly be the cutest thing he’s ever heard and he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. He’d definitely make an effort to smile more around you.


(Y/L//N = Your last name.) 

“This, ladies and gentlemen, is the most intense compliment battle of our generation. Y/N Y/L/N vs. Kim Jongdae. We have finally reached the last round, where each contestant will attempt to make Kim Minseok as flustered as they can,” Baekhyun announced. You gave Jongdae a cocky grin because you knew you could easily beat him by being as adorable as you can. 

“Y/N you’re up. Now don’t let me down, I’ve bet money on this,” Baekhyun said, giving you a threatening look. You rolled your eyes with a laugh and walked up to Minseok. 

“Minnie,” you called in the cutest voice you could manage, “I like your smile. It makes me happy when you smile.” Minseok squealed and laughed. 

“Ah! My Jagi is too cute,” he laughed as Jongdae sighed in defeat.   

Minseok would love this! As someone who’s struggled with insecurities, he’d love hearing that something as simple as his smile makes you happy.  


“So, we’re at the point in the show where we ask our couples to compliment each other directly, as up until now they haven’t spoken a word to each other. First up is Yixing and Y/N,” the MC announced. You and Yixing were on a variety show with 3 other couples that focused on how well you know each other. You and Yixing turned to each other, both of you smiling brightly. 

“Y/N, you first.” 

“Em, ok,” you said nervously. You looked up at Yixing who smiled at you encouragingly.  

“I like your smile, it always makes me happy when you smile.” 

The studio was filled was a chorus of aw’s from the audience members as Yixing hid his face in his hand as his face heated up. 

“Baobei, why are you so adorable?” he whined, earning a laugh from you, the MC and everyone else in the room. 

Yixing would find this so so adorable. So adorable in fact, that he just wouldn’t be able to cope. He’d later make sure you know just he adorable he thinks you are tho. 


Baekhyun had stepped out of recording to be with you for a few minutes. Most of those minutes had been spent hugging, because poor Baek really needed a hug. 

“Stressful day?” you asked into his shoulder and you felt him nod in reply. You tightened your arms around him and sighed. You hated seeing Baekhyun like this, so stressed and tired. Comeback preparations were really starting to take a toll on him and the rest of the members. You pulled away slowly, much to Baekhyun’s protest and took his face in your hands.

“Baek, the comeback is going to amazing. You’ve all worked too hard for it not to be.” Baekhyun laughed at the last and you grinned in response. Baekhyun’s laughter died and he gave a you an confused look.

“What?” he asked. You shook your head, still smiling. 

“It’s just….your smile,” you replied shyly but Baekhyun only looked more confused. 

“What about it?” 

“I really like your smile.” 

“AW Jagi, why?” he whined, clearly flustered. 

“It makes me happy,” you said simply. Baekhyun grinned cheekily as he pulled you into a bear hug. 

“AAHHHH MY JAGI IS TOO ADORABLE!!” he yelled as he held you tightly.  

“YAH Baekhyun-ah! What the hell did I tell you about yelling?” his vocal coach screamed from inside the recording studio.

Poor Baek would be so flustered! He’d already find literally everything you do adorable anyway, but when you do stuff like this, the man’s a goner! 


Jongdae was having a really bad day. He was exhausted and stressed. He’d been snapping at you all day so at this point you just decided it would be best to leave him alone. That lasted until you realised he hadn’t eaten a thing all day and you couldn’t let that slide. 

“Dae?” you called as you knocked gently on the door of his room. When you didn’t get a reply, you pushed the door open and peeked inside. 

“Kim Jongdae, what the hell are you doing sitting in the dark?” you asked when you say him hunched over a notebook in the dark. He shrugged and kept writing. ‘This is ridiculous,’ you thought to yourself and walked into the room. You pulled open the curtains then turned back to Jongdae. 

“This is really unhealthy Dae. Seriously, you haven’t left this room all day and you also haven’t eaten a thing.” 

“The first ones not true, I went to the bathroom a few hours ago.” You sighed and shook your head. You reached out and snatched the notebook from his hands. 

“What are doing?” he protested, reaching out to take it back but you held it up and out of his reach. 

“You’re done for today, you need to eat,” you said as you closed the notebook and tossed it somewhere in the room. Jongdae glared at you but didn’t bother arguing. You knelt down in from of him and pulled him into a hug. He sighed in content as he wrapped his arms around you. 

“Thank you,” he mumbled into your shoulder. You pulled away and smiled at him, him mirroring it with a small one of his own. 

“There it is. I really like your smile,” you said, poking his cheek. Jongdae’s smile immediately widened and he blushed. 

“I mean it. It always makes me happy,” you shrugged. Jongdae groaned as his blush deepened. 

“AAH WAAAE!” he whined as he fell back on his bed. You laughed and rolled your eyes. 

Jongdae wouldn’t know what to do. He’d find this adorable. He’d be really flustered tho, so except his signature “AH WAE!”


(Y/F/C = Your Favourite Colour.)

Chanyeol is apparently a curious guy. A curious guy who asks you a hell of a lot of questions. Once he gets going, it’s pretty hard to stop him, you just kinda have to go with it really. And that, is exactly what you’re doing right now. 

“Favourite colour?” Chanyeol asked again. You sighed as you glanced down from your phone to where he sat on the floor. 

“Y/F/C,” you answered and Chanyeol beamed in response. 


“Right this is the very last one, I promise.” 

“Yeol, you said that half an hour ago,” you sighed and Chanyeol pouted. He reached out and took your hand, intertwining your fingers.

“Will tell me something you like about me?” he asked earnestly. You looked into his eyes, which were now extremely puppy-like and you melted. Sitting up, you pulled the hand you held into your lap and played with his fingers as you answered. 

“I like your smile,” you said simply and Chanyeol lilted his head slightly, clearly looking for an explanation. 

“It makes me happy when you smile.” Chanyeol leaned up and kissed you, because he didn’t know any other the way to express the love he felt for you at that moment. 

Chanyeol wouldn’t have a clue how to react. He’d end up just being affectionate because he wouldn’t be able to find the words to tell you how adorable he’d think you are.


You’d always loved just being with Kyungsoo, especially when it’s just the two of you. You’ve always loved the thought that maybe, just maybe, you get to see a side of him that no one else does. 

Simple stuff like his laugh, the sound of his voice and his smile always managed to make you happy. No matter how bad of a day you were having or how bad of a mood you were in, Kyungsoo always effortlessly cheers you up. Today, is one of those days. 

You’d woken up feeling a bit off and tired and Kyungsoo’s absence certainly didn’t help. You had nothing to do, so you’d spent most of the day moping around waiting for Kyungsoo. You were trying your best to stay awake, but the later it got, the harder you found it. Eventually, you passed out on the couch. 

Not long after, Kyungsoo finally arrived home. 

“Y/N?” he called, making his way into the living room. He laughed quietly as he caught sight of you sprawled across the couch, your phone still in your hand. He shook his head with a smile and leaned down to shake your shoulder. The second he touched you, you shot up with wide eyes. 

“I’M AWAKE, DON’T TOUCH ME!” you yelled as you jumped up from the couch and got into your fighting stance. Kyungsoo burst out laughing and you stared at him in confusion. 

“Wait….Soo? So I’m not going to get murdered?” you asked, still half asleep. Kyungsoo had barely managed to collect himself when he grabbed your hand and led you into the bedroom. 

“You’re so weird Jagi,” he muttered as he lay down beside you. 

“Yeah, yeah,” you replied, too tired to come up with a decent comeback. Kyungsoo chuckled softly as he pulled you into his arms. You rested your head on his chest and for a few moments the both of you were silent. 

“Soo? Can I tell you something?” you asked quietly. He felt him nod and propped yourself up on your elbows to look at him. Kyungsoo looked back at you and waited patiently for you to speak. 

“Soo, I really like your smile,” you said quietly. 

“My smile?” he repeated, clearly confused. 

“Yes your smile. And your laugh, your voice..” You trailed off, embarrassed to be admitting these things. 

“What about them?” Kyungsoo pressed. 

“They make me happy, especially your smile,” you said. Kyungsoo tried his best to resist but he couldn’t help but smile at your words. 

Poor Kyungsoo. The poor guy wouldn’t know what to say or do. He’d find this incredibly cute but wouldn’t for the life of him be able to tell you.


“You are such a child,” you laughed as you watched Jongin running around the room chasing after your dog. He stopped dead in his tracks when you said that and glared at you playfully.

“I am not! I just want to pet the puppy!” he whined in protest then resumed the chase. Eventually, he managed to catch the dog and you could’ve sworn that you’d never seen him so happy. Jongin sat down beside you with the dog in his arms, smiling brightly. You couldn’t help but stare at him and smile. 

“Jagi, why are you staring at me like that? It’s kind of creepy,” he complained and you blushed, looking away. 

“Sorry,” you mumbled. 

“Tell me why you were staring? Is it because you like me?” he teased and you smacked his arm playfully. 

“No. It was because I like your smile,” you said. Jongin gave you a look and you rolled your eyes. 

“Why Jagi? Does it make you feel things?” 

“Your smile makes me happy,” you said before you could stop yourself. Jongin laughed at your embarrassment and leaned closer to you, kissing your cheek. 

“Jagi you’re so cute,” he whispered into your ear before kissing you again, properly this time. 

Jongin would tease you but would also find this really cute. He’d laugh at first but would make sure to tell you how cute he thinks you are.


Being the giant child that his is, Sehun decided that a playground would be the perfect place for a date. 

“Jagi, hurry up!” You laughed as you ran to catch up with your manchild of a boyfriend. He threw himself onto the swing set and gave you a bored look. 

“My grandmother could easily outrun you, you know that right?” 

“Oh shut up! Not everyone’s legs are as long as yours you know,” you said. 

“Yeah, yeah. Now get your ass over here and push me!” he demanded and you scoffed in reply, folding your arms. Sehun pouted and crossed his arms, mocking you. You glared at him playfully and he smiled. You instantly smiled back, because who the hell can resist that smile? 



“I really like your smile,” you said. Sehun’s eyes widened slightly and he blushed. 

“Ok,” he laughed nervously. 

“No, I mean it. Your smile always makes me happy,” you muttered avoiding Sehun’s gaze. Sehun couldn’t help but laugh at your adorableness. 

Sehun would find this so adorable. Seriously, he’d melt. He’d tease you about it obviously but would also let you know how adorable he thinks you are. 

A/N~ This has been sitting in my drafts for God knows how long and I’m genuinely so so sorry about that. I’m definitely going to try my best to be way more active on this blog. By the way, thank you all for nearly 600 followers! That’s insane thank you all so so much! ~the-fangirl-lorax.

Car Breakdown - Jeongguk

genre : smut, Mecanic!Jeongguk
words : 5,2k
contains : nipple play, oral, a bit of fingering and spanking, teasing, sex, Dom!Jeongguk, praise kink
sum up : You never had luck, especially not with your car, which just broke down again in the middle of the road -again! But well, this time, it turns out better than excepting, really better.

You’ve never trusted your car, not even when you bought it for the first time. It was a particularly old one, dented and stratched, and the person who sold it to you warned you that you might have some problems. And you did. In the first months, it was approximatively alright, but it started to get worse on the fourth month, when you first had an alarming problem with the engine coolant. You had paid fifty bucks to get rid of it, hoping that it would get back to normal, but of course it was only the beginning of a series of problems; no matter if it was with the breaks, the windscreen wipers or the several engine failures you’ve endured. Yet, you couldn’t afford a new car, a problemfree car. You had to do with this pain in the ass, always and constantly hoping for a safe trip.

Maybe it was the karma, or even bad luck, but apparently, wishing too strongly for something led you to the opposite situation. You found yourself in the roadside of a expressway, completely drenched from head to toe because of the heavy autumnal rain that kept falling loudly from the dark sky. You should have noticed the red warning in the corner of the dashboard, or hear the faint yet continuous bang in the front of the car, but you didn’t. You were too focused on the music echoing against the sides of the car, and you were desperate to eventually go home after this dreadful work meeting about your company’s management, which was, by the way, one hundred kilometres away from home.

You wished to get there quickly, aiming to let yourself dive into the warm waters of well-deserved bath, a glass of wine in the hand to help you relax. Of course, you don’t always get what you wish for, and you realised it he second your fucking car started to be deprived of speed, slowing its pace into brusque and hasty movement, only allowing you enough time to stop on the verge. You had taken a few seconds before realising that you just had a car breakdown, in the middle of nowhere, and you had screamed. Violently getting out of the car, you decided to see what was happening under the bonnet, as if you’d knew something about it –which you didn’t.

You lashed out at engine, knocking the bonnet down before running a hand to your now wet hair, fighting back the tears that threatened to falling down your cheeks. Feeling the light cold breeze hit your wet outfit, you made your way back inside the car, not willing to, on top of that, get sick. You took some minutes to pull yourself together, staring blankly in nothing but the night. You were cold, your clothes were soaked, you were lost. At the realisation, you let your head fall against the steering wheel, loudly, hurting your forehead in the process; but you didn’t fucking care anyway.

Taking a long and deep breath in, you straightened your back against the seat. You had to do something, and he only thing that you could do was calling a car mechanic to help you out. You looked to your side, and rushed your hands through your purse, looking for your smartphone. After a frenetic research, you eventually found it, an unlocked it.

“This must be a joke.”

24% left. Your life depended on these very 24% of battery of your phone. You gulped, and browsed as rapidly as ever the number of the closet garage on google maps. ‘The Jeon’s garage’ was open, and offered mending and towing services. They were you only last hope before being left here all alone freezing amidst nowhere. So you called them, desperately wishing for someone to pick up your phone call, for charitable soul. Surprisingly, it happened, right before the fourth sound of your reach out, a hoarse voice resonated into the speaker of your device, grumbling a wannabe polite “hello.”

“Hello! Oh my god thank you for replying. I’m Y/N. I’m sorry to bother at such time of the night but you’re the only garage open in the area and my car just broke down and I don’t know what to do, I might die here.. No. Anyway, can you come and tow my car or something?”

A regnant silence appeared after your quick monologue, making you feel nervous from the absence of sounds. You licked your lips before gaping them slightly, ready to ask if the person was still there, but they beat you to it. “Wait wait wait. Do you know where you are?” They asked, and from the tone of the voice, you guessed it was boy. “I need to know where you are so I can help you.” He justified immediately, and you frowned you eyebrows when you heard some struggling pants through the speakers.

“Apparently, I’m fifteen kilometres away from you,” you indicated, looking back on the map on the screen of your cell phone. “On the National Road 4.”

“Ok, I see. Did you try to restart the car and all?”


“Ok. Did you try to look under the bonnet?”


“Ok. Don’t ever do that again, it’s dangerous. Especially in times like this. Wait for me in the car, but put some warning triangle behind your car. Do you get me?” He asked, after hearing you muttering some ‘Why is he ordering me around exactly?’

“Ok. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

Even if he had been ordering you around, at least, he was on time. He arrived sixteen minutes after your phone call to be precise, in a recovery vehicle with way too bright lights shining in the horizon. It looked like the light of your freedom though, that would save you from this hell. Yet, it only symbolised another hardship on the way to your paradise, but, perhaps, it would lead you to something better than the shitty situation you found yourself into. At least, you wished so.

You saw him alight from the truck, dressed in a large waterproof coat, rushing to the side of the driving seat of the car, knocking on the window. Understanding the message, you lowered it down to hear him out. You couldn’t decipher his features well, the association of the big lights and the hood hiding his face from your sight. However, you managed to glimpse some cute purse lips and thick eyebrows.

“Y/N?” He spoke over the sound of the rain hitting the metal of your car.

“Yes, who else?” You said, chuckling a bit, trying to ease the mood, but he didn’t laugh, so you pursed your lips lightly, fighting back an embarrassed grin.

“Yeah. Go inside the truck, I’ll take care of this. Take all your important stuffs with you.”

“Okay, thank you.”


You grabbed your pursed, previously placed on the passenger seat, and pulled got out of the car, running to the lorry after the gentleman opened the door for you. Rushing inside, you were glad to find that the heating was on, warming you and your cold body up; even though you were still drenched. Rubbing your arms with your palms, you watched in the wing mirror the man running around the car arranging ropes here and locking things here. In a matter of minutes, he came back into the passenger compartment, sighing.

“Okay, don’t panic. The truck is going to move a bit, and there will be weird noises but it’s normal.”


He pressed a button, and just as predicted, it happened. But you didn’t really pay attention to it as you finally put a face on this cute raspy voice. Under the light of the car, you noticed his golden skin, his dark hair, his chocolate and fizzy eyes and a sharp jaw. He was beautiful, almost graceful with the beam of the car.

“You must be freezing,” he stressed, tearing you away from your reverie over his face.

“Yes, a little bit.”

“Here,” he said as he offered you the plaid he just took out from behind his chair.

“Thank you very much.”

“Of course. I’m Jeongguk by the way. Now we will go to he garage. It’s around twenty minutes long.”

“Nice to meet you,” you greeted and agreed, side-watching him check if everything was alright before starting the engine. He nodded his head to himself and pressed on the accelerator pedal, driving you and you cursed car to his garage. The drive was silent in the first minutes, yet it wasn’t that uncomfortable.

“So, what were you doing here at this time of the night, by this weather, if I may ask?”

“I had this work reunion in this city, and it finished super late and all. So yeah, I’m pretty unlucky.” You sighed, covering yourself with the plaid a bit more to keep you warm.

“At least, you were lucky enough to find an opened garage,” he joked, flashing you a quick smile from the driver seat.

“Yeah, maybe. But I was so excited to go home. I was really looking forwards to get off…”

You realised, from the stare of the man siting right next to you, that your choice of words was as bad as your luck. You probably were cursed at this point.

“I mean, to relax…” You whispered, sinking in your chair to make yourself as small as possible, fleeing the judgemental eyes of Jeongguk and trying to hide your flushed cheeks.


“I’m sorry Y/N, but I can’t repair it tonight. I need a piece that will be delivered tomorrow. We ran out of it a few days ago.”

You looked at him with a blank face on, registering the information he was giving you. So you had been waiting for one hour, freezing in a cold garage and in wet clothes, at 10 pm, all for nothing. You couldn’t go home tonight. A nervous laugh past pass your lips, and you looked down at him still laid on his board, his lower body still under your car.

“I’m sorry.”

“No no, it’s alright it’s not your fault anyway,” you said, defeated. “I should have foreseen this anyway. But what should I do? Is there a motel or a place that I could crash nearby?” You asked, the last syllable swallowed in your throat as Jeongguk raised to his feet, standing close to you. Suddenly the atmosphere felt tensed in the large room, partially from how you –out of a sudden- found that Jeongguk was sexy in his mechanic outfit and messy hair and that you couldn’t avert your eyes from the sight, but also from the way his eyes tried to avoid your wet –and so see-through- white dress shirt.

“No, there is unfortunately not. I know this might sound insane, but…”

If one day someone had told you your current situation, you wouldn’t believe them. You wouldn’t believe that you had agreed to sleep in the room –note, not home- of a stranger, of a person that you barely know and who could be a psychopath. You would not believe either that you had taken a shower there and accepted his clothes to sleep in. Neither would you have agreed that, after a long fight over the subject, you ended up sleeping in the same bed as said perhaps-psychopath.

Yet, here you were, laid on your back, on Jeongguk’s bed, pressured under the heavy and awkward atmosphere that filled his room. You hadn’t talked since he left the shower to plunge himself under the covers next to you, his body not close enough to let your skins touch but surely enough to let you feel the warmth of his body. You wanted to get rid of it, because you wouldn’t fall asleep this way anyway.

“I’m really sorry, Jeongguk.”

“It’s alright,” he chuckled, looking at the ceiling, “don’t worry.”

“Yeah but still, I invite myself here and borrow your clothes and take a shower and all and it’s just-“

“Hey, you need to relax, it’s okay, really.” He stated, trying to reassure you in your apologising monologue. He was now looking at your face, a smile evident on his lips, almost teasing. “Or, should I say, you need to get off.” He laughed at his joke as your cheeks turned into a deep shade of pink.

You wanted to laugh along with him, but for some reason, you couldn’t. You could only notice how his jawline was sharper when he was laughing, how his smile was cockier, and how his eyes sparkled darkly. You realised that you were turned on by the guy laying right fucking next to you.

“Maybe I want that too.” You whispered, not confident enough to completely let it out in audible words, but not too coward not say out loud what you though, because after all, what did you have to lose from this? You dignity because you were dying to get laid after so long? You self-esteem for trying your luck with a guy who was way too attractive for you to handle? Yeah, not much anyway… but you might regret this for a long time from the silence left by Jeongguk.

“Don’t say things you don’t know about,” he broke the silence, allowing you to notice a change in his voice. It became more hoarse, deeper, something that made you oddly weak at the knees.

“What If I do?” Unlike his, your mouth was not above a whisper, and it was weak and unassured. Your eyes lifted to meet his own as you saw him get closer to you, his face now just right in front of yours. You could feel his breath caress your cheeks, and his lips brushing past yours.

“Are you sure about what you’re saying, Y/N?”


With your consent, his lips crashed on yours, sealing into a hot and messy kiss. It was passionate and bold, your tongues soon dancing a sensual dance together as he pressed his body closer to yours. His hands found their way to your waist as he left some heated kisses along your jaw and neck, making you shiver from the touch. You fell his thumbs dig into the skin of your hipbones, and you bucked your hips into his touch, wanting to feel more, more of him and more of his way too soft caresses. You wanted his hands wandering everywhere, from your waist to your butt, from your butt to your boobs. You craved this.

You realised he desired the same when you sensed the obvious bulge in his boxers as he brought your body closer to his. This new proximity, leaving nearly nothing between your bodies, allowed him to firmly grab your bottom, his two hands gripping your lower cheeks fully, earning a moan from you as he started to suck a blossoming mark on your left collarbone.

Just when you started to feel yourself get lost in the pleasure, he gently pushed you on your back to hover above you, his lips never leaving your skin in the process. You appreciated his wet kisses which slowly moved forward your neck to reach your jaw, eventually crashing on your own again. You ended up kissing hungrily, tongues dancing passionately and teeth crashing in hurry.

Your hands grazed over the skin of his muscular back, heading for his neck to grip at his hair, pulling the small locks that stuck to his flesh, expressing a silent demand for more. Just as you let out a throaty whimper past your lips, he drove away from you, “Let me take away all of your clothes.” You’d almost moan from his thirsty eyes, almost. But you nodded your head quickly, your fingers already tugging at the side of your shirt.

He smirked at your actions; seeing you desperate under him pleased him. He enjoyed the fact that he was making you crave his hands and touch. So without a second thought, he took off his own shirt, and stood up on his knees to allow you to do the same. Soon, in a matter of seconds, you were both naked, and Jeongguk was now overhanging you again, his mouth trailing wet and hurried kisses from your neck to your breast. He reached your perky nipple, and didn’t waste time as he swathed his lips around the bundle of nerves, sucking and nibbling it. His fingers massaged your other boob, softly yet with eagerness, sometimes brushing his thumb over your nipple just to tease you and feel you jolt under him, something he found him appreciating quite a lot.

You felt yourself getting wetter from his attention and ministrations, and even more when you sensed him grind his crotch on your thigh. The moment you wanted to complain about wanting more, he stopped his motions, taking one last kitten lick over you nipple and earning a quiet whimper. He lifted his head up, his eyes directly plunged into yours and you noticed how they were burning with desire.

“Can I eat you out? It’s better if I make sure you’re wet enough for when I pound into you.”

You gulped at his words, not excepting them to get out of this mouth this filthy. Though, it made the blood rush to your cheeks as you nodded your answer after he squeezed your waist gently.

“I need to hear it out loud, sweetheart.”

“Yes.” You replied, trying to make your voice assured.

“Yes what?” He asked, an obvious teasing smirk plastered on his face as he already made his way down your body.

“Yes, I want you to eat me out.”

He chuckled darkly at your answer, kissing chastely your pubis before spreading your legs wide for him to settle between them. You bucked your hips slightly to the new sensation of the fresh air on your drench folds. You witnessed how the smirk on his face made grew bigger, and just to have fun, he blew some fresh air on you, and you whined.

“I didn’t phrase it like that, but I’ll stick with it.”

He didn’t let you the time to properly comprehend his words and dived in right away, teasingly lapping your labia and purposely avoiding your clitoris. You sighed from pleasure, interlacing your fingers into his hair as you felt him massage your squeeze your thighs. He kept leaving kisses here and there, teasing you to no end. You tried to rush him to business, casually thrusting your hips upwards, but it only fuelled his want to tease you.

“Jeongguk, come on.” You complained into a whimper.

“You kept teasing me with your words and outfit and attitude all night,” he spoke against your pussy, the vibrations sending shivers down your side and making your head fall back on the pillow, “but you’re lucky I’m so fucking hard right now. I’m going to make you cum just with my tongue, baby. Then you’ll get what you’re asking for if you’re a good girl.”

Your cheeks couldn’t possibly be more pink as you realised that he might me into dirty talk. Yet, you didn’t give it a second thought when you felt his tongue gently rasp your clitoris a few times, making you moan silently and close your eyes. After taking a few kitten licks on your clit, he let his tongue enter your vagina and graze your walls, allowing his upper lip to tease your folds gently. You tried to close your legs under the overwhelming feeling, but he kept them down, bringing them to your sides to keep you in place.

After a few seconds, he stuck out his tongue to make it rub against your whole pussy’s lips, tasting your juices and humming against you. “It’s so sweet. You taste so sweet, kitten. All this juices for me,” he purred against you against as he brought you even closer to his mouth. “Such a good girl, completely soaked for me.” He carried on licking everywhere, devouring you as if you were his last meal. You sensed his tongue and lips everywhere at the same time, and the pit in your stomach started to form, warning you that you weren’t far away from your orgasm; just like the way your panting breath.

“Moan out loud for me, baby. I wanna hear you when you cum over my tongue. I want to hear how good I make that little cunt of yours feel good.”

His lewd words made you spread your legs wider, if that was still possible, and buck your hips to get more of him. The sounds of your moans soon echoed on the walls, satisfying Jeongguk’s ego. He was eager to make you cum just with his pink muscle, and he wasn’t going to let that go, so when he heard your shaky whimpers and desperate moans, he made it his mission to make you climax right away. He nibbled on your clit and hollowed his cheeks to suck on it as the same time, willing to give you as much pleasure as he could.

He loved seeing his partners begging to cum, begging for him to let them release. That was what made him hard. He lived for this feeling of dominance, for this physical superiority, for this capacity to control of someone else’s orgasm. So he continued his ministrations, occasionally alternating with long laps all over your lips.

“Are you going to cum, sweetheart?” He asked, tilting his head to side to dive back his tongue right in your vagina again. He purposely teased you a bit before going back to clit. “Cum for me.” He ordered in a whisper, his rasping voice sending shivers down your spine. Suddenly, it all became too much, your vision started to get blur and you couldn’t help but desperately buck your hips into an unsettled rhythm. He kept on sucking your clit through your climax, your moans and whines stimulating him to do so. He only stopped when he felt your hands faintly pushing his head away, your arms obviously lacking strength.

“Good girl. Such a good girl.” He praised you, crouching on his knees between your legs. You were tired, but exited for what was going to happen next. You smiled at his words, and your lips curved upwards even more when you saw his hand travel down his stomach to reach his throbbing dick and pump it gently. You licked your lips at the sight. You haven’t paid attention to it until now, but the view was quite mouth-watering.

“Do you want to be a good girl and suck my cock with that pretty little mouth of yours a bit?”

You locked your gaze with his, and crooked a grin before lifting your back to end up lying on your stomach in front him, a pleasing sight for the both of you. You noticed a teasing smirk on his lips, but it didn’t restrain you to wrap your lips around the head of his dick, never averting your eyes away. His lips parted slightly at the sight, and you smiled around his member, taking him in your mouth a bit further, you tongue grazing the tip.

“Damn, you make me feel so good kitten,” he confessed, patting your hair away from your face, “You take me well. I bet you take me even better with that sweet pussy, wet just for me.”

You hummed around him, going down a bit more and swallowed around him. A long and pleased moan past through his lips as he threw his head back. You decided to focus more on his dick, making your tongue brush past his member as your cupped and massaged his balls with the strength you had left. A lot a praises fell from his lips from the new sensation, but he stopped your motions by grabbing the back of your neck. “I’d love to cum in your mouth and see you swallow each drop like the good girl you are, but I’d rather fuck you right now.”

“Yes, please.”

He chuckled darkly at your begging, still hovering above you with his dick near your face as your upper body was supported by your elbows. He caressed your cheeks with his thumb for a few seconds before stepping down the bed.

“Don’t move, stay like this. I’m just putting on a condom. Can I fuck you from behind, sweetheart?” He asked as you gazed at his fingers, rolling up the rubber on his dick.

“Fuck.. Yes.”

A smirk found its way on his lips, and he climbed on the bed again, already settling down on the back of your thighs, his hands squeezing your ass cheeks, hard. You moaned from the sensation, loving the way he gripped at your flesh. Suddenly, he slapped your ass, the sound echoed in your ears, and you couldn’t repress the gasp from escaping your lips. Yet, the light burning sensation was bearable, and pleasing in the end, particularly when caressed the spot he just slapped. He did it over again a few times, fond of the noises coming from your mouth, encouraging his actions.

“Damn, kitten, I think I could spank you all day, damn, your butt is so plump and meek,” he moaned, squeezing your cheeks together. “But I’m so fucking hard right now,” he confessed in a hoarse voice that made your pussy even wetter than it was before. “Can you feel it, sweetheart?” He questioned, and you’d nearly jerk from the new presence amidst your arse, which was nothing else than his rocking cock. He thrusted his member between your butt cheeks. “I asked a question, can you feel how hard my cock is for you right now, sweet cheeks?” He teased.

“Yes.” You replied, raising your waist to create more friction for him, “I’d rather feel it inside of me though,” you whispered, feeling your clit pulsing between your legs in excitation and anticipation of what was going to happen next. He stopped his thrust and stilled his dick between your cheeks, “I’m going to fuck you so good.” It was all he said before freeing your butt and spreading your legs a bit. You sensed two fingers at your entrance, coating some of your juices, “Sweetheart, you’re so fucking wet for me, you’re such a fucking good girl.”

You breathed out at the praise, your head falling forwards. “Just for you,” your voice was not above a whisper, but he managed to catch your lewd words anyway, which made him smirk. He didn’t except you to say this kind of things, but he was still delighted by your horniness and will to have him inside of you.

He dived two fingers in, slowly and sensually, and started to caress your folds, wanting you to become a begging mess under his touch. And you did, letting several “please” and “Jeongguk” pass past the barrier of course, some louder than the others when he scissored his fingers to stretch you well. When he valued that it was enough, he took them out, “Turn your head and look at me.” He ordered, and you obeyed, only to be encountered with the sight of his fingers in his mouth and his other hand pumping his length. You couldn’t tear your eyes away from the view, which only made his smirk grow wider and cockier on his lips.

He removed his digits and wiped them on the skin of your thigh, his eyes still profoundly plunged into yours. The atmosphere felt heavy, hot and tensed, but in a good way. It was built from the arousal you both felt, and you couldn’t wait anymore to have him inside of you. You needed it, you needed to get off for good. As if he sensed it, he directed his cock to your entrance, “I’m going to enter you now kitten.”

And he did, painfully slowly. After the few seconds of empty torture, he finally completely in, and you both released a long sigh from the sensation. You felt full and hot under the touch of his hands on your waist and the burning of the skin of his thighs on yours. He filled you just the right way, and a long throaty moan echoed in the room from the new sensation. “That’s right kitten, moan for me. I want to hear you, be a good girl and let it all out.”

He started to move when you began to thrust yourself onto his dick, weakly. “You’re such a good girl Y/N, laying down here, taking all of me, begging to be fucked.” The more he talked, the faster he went. You could feel his cock throbbing inside of you, and the way his hands griped harder on your waist. He liked it too. “God, you feel so fucking good around me, tight, hot and wet.”

Moans couldn’t be refrained from escaping your mouth, not that Jeongguk wanted to anyway. He loved to hear that his partner was well pleased. He loved to see his cock go in and out of you, wetter after each thrust, something that made him go speeder and deeper. He couldn’t help it, the sight turned on way too much. Yet, after another strangled moan from you, he deciphered a “harder.”

It was all he needed to placed his hands flat by your sides and started to bang into you, animalistic-way. You could hear the sound of your skin slapping against his, his erratic and panting breath, and even how wet you were. The whole mix made the burning pit in your stomach grow bigger, and you felt yourself clench around him. All of a sudden, he reached the special spot inside of you that made you go crazy, letting you moan out loud various “right here” and “yes, please, I’m going to cum.”

“Are you going to cum for me baby? Are you going to make me feel how good you feel around me when you come and clench all over my dick?”

“Yes, yes,” you kept repeating, hands lost in the sheets as you sensed yourself getting closer and closer to the edge of your orgasm. A new heat warm your back, and you realised that it was Jeongguk’s chest. He had lowered his upper body to lay completely on you, allowing him another angle in you, “cum for me then.”

At his words, you climaxed, hard, for the second time of the night. You saw stars in your eyes and felt soaked between your legs, but you were in a state of bliss and pure physical pleasure, your legs shaking a bit from the intensity of your orgasm. Jeongguk’s moan in your ear became faint for a moment, but then he took his cock out of you as he raised to knees. You heard the sound of your wetness on his dick being rubbed rapidly, showing that he was pumping himself. After a few breathy and high-pitched moan, some thread of white cum landed on your back, but you were still too high in pleasure to care.

After a few seconds -or minutes, you didn’t know anymore- Jeongguk crashed by your side, pearls of sweat sticking his hair to his forehead sexily. “Damn, it felt so fucking good.” You didn’t have the force to reply, so you just granted him a smile, to which he responded with a smirk. In the end, this car might be a problematic hell, but at least, tonight, it sent you to paradise, for once.

© 2016 Wang-banana. All rights reserved.

Aubrey tells Beca about Chloe's toner:
  • [BECA is walking out of an elevator and makes her way down the hallway. Her phone begins ringing and she frowns at the caller I.D. before answering]
  • BECA: Aubrey?
  • AUBREY: Hi Beca. How's L.A.?
  • BECA: Um yeah...good...thanks...?
  • *pause*
  • BECA: So...this is a surprise. I mean, you don't often call me. In fact, you've NEVER called me. Ever. And it's, what *pulls phone from ear to quickly check the time*...3am where you are? Is everything ok?
  • AUBREY: *sighs* No, not really. I called about Chloe.
  • [BECA gets to her hotel room and stops, unlocking the door]
  • BECA: Why, has something happened to her? Is she okay?
  • [BECA steps into her hotel room, closing the door behind her]
  • AUBREY: No, Beca, she's not.
  • [BECA freezes]
  • BECA: Oh my god. What happened?!
  • AUBREY: You did.
  • BECA: What?
  • AUBREY: You happened. Chloe was perfectly fine until you happened.
  • [BECA swallows loudly as she walks over to her hotel bed and sits on the end of it heavily]
  • AUBREY: I've known Chloe for ten years. I'd never seen her look at anyone else the way she looked at you. The way she STILL looks at you.
  • BECA: I don't-
  • AUBREY: *sighs* -Beca, I know you and I haven't always seen eye-to-eye. But there IS one thing that's important to both of us and that's Chloe's happiness, right?
  • BECA: Um...yeah.
  • AUBREY: So why is it since you left I've been having to take care of a mopey Chloe?
  • BECA: Um...
  • AUBREY: She barely eats, barely talks, NEVER laughs...
  • BECA: Aubrey, I-
  • AUBREY: ...it's been three days and you've barely texted her!
  • BECA: Woah Aubrey, I asked her if she was alright with me going and she said yes!
  • AUBREY: Oh WAKE UP Beca!! She never wanted you to leave but she told you you should because she wanted to support you!
  • *pause as AUBREY catches her breath*
  • AUBREY: *sighs* Beca, I promised Chloe I wouldn't tell you this but I can't bear to see her unhappy anymore so...
  • *BECA strains her ears, desperate to know what AUBREY will say*
  • AUBREY: ...Chloe broke up with Chicago before you left.
  • BECA: What? Why didn't she say anything?!
  • AUBREY: Because she believed that this LA thing was your big break. She didn't want to risk telling you and for you to decide not to go and miss out on your dream.
  • BECA: Oh...
  • AUBREY: I just thought you should know because *sighs* Beca I'm not an idiot. I've seen the way you've looked at her during this tour. When she's been with Chicago? That's not the look you give your friend when you dislike the guy she's seeing. BELIEVE me I know, I never liked Chicago either. But not because I was jealous of him.
  • [BECA brings a hand to her face and pinches the bridge of her nose, closing her eyes as she tries to process what has just been said]
  • AUBREY: Beca this is your life. I'm not going to tell you what to do or how to live it. Just...remember what's important okay?
  • [AUBREY hangs up and BECA places her phone on the bed, looking down at her feet.]
  • ---------------
  • [14 hours later. AUBREY is in her hotel room gathering final strands of her hair to place in an already established 'up-do'. There is a rumble of thunder and heavy rain sounding from outside the window. AUBREY hears a fast knock on the door. She opens the door to see BECA stood on the other side, soaked from the rain, clearly cold, gasping to catch her breath.]
  • AUBREY: Beca wha-
  • BECA: -Where's Chloe?
  • AUBREY: She's gone down to the dressing rooms alrea- hey, wait!
  • [BECA has already begun running off and AUBREY watches as BECA dashes down the hall and through a door that leads to the stairwell.]
  • ---------------
  • [CHLOE stands in front of a long mirror in the dressing room that is situated at the side of the stage where they will be performing their final show of the tour, smoothing down the front of her black dress with her left hand, then glances at her phone in her right. She sighs as she sees she has no message from BECA.
  • FAT AMY clears her throat beside her and CHLOE furrows her brow, looking to her right at FAT AMY and CYNTHIA-ROSE. She sees them nod to the mirror, their eyebrows raised expectantly, presumably to make her look in it's reflection.
  • CHLOE looks back at the mirror and sees in it's reflection BECA stood in the doorway, soaked and breathless. CHLOE turns on the spot and is clearly speechless.]
  • CYNTHIA-ROSE: Um...me and Fat Amy have somewhere we need to be.
  • FAT AMY: We do?
  • [FAT AMY sees CYNTHIA-ROSE's facial expression and clocks on]
  • FAT AMY: Oh RIGHT. Yeah. Let's...go to that place...that we have to go to.
  • [FAT AMY and CYNTHIA-ROSE make their way out of the dressing room, grinning at BECA who gives them both an awkward polite smile before they close the door behind them.
  • BECA begins to slowly walk towards CHLOE who is clearly nervous and surprised.]
  • BECA: So...you broke up with Chicago?
  • CHLOE: Uh...yeah...who-?
  • BECA: Aubrey called me.
  • CHLOE: I told her not to say anythi-
  • BECA: I know. But I'm pleased that she did.
  • [BECA pauses a couple of yards from CHLOE, not bothered that she is still soaked from head to toe.]
  • CHLOE: Your job-?
  • BECA: -Doesn't matter. None of it matters. LA. My dream. None of it. Not really.
  • [BECA slowly takes a few steps forward so she is now mere inches from CHLOE]
  • BECA: But you...
  • [BECA and CHLOE hold eye contact, but it isn't weird. They have looked at each other this intensely before. In that shower cubical at Barden six years ago when they sang 'Titanium' together.]
  • BECA: ...Chloe you matter. You REALLY matter to me.
  • [Tears appear in CHLOE's eyes]
  • BECA: On the flight over here I realised I could live my life just fine without ever becoming a Music Producer. But my life wouldn't be worth living if I didn't have you in it. And I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner-
  • [BECA's sentence is interrupted as CHLOE brings her hands to BECA's face and pulls her into a deep kiss. BECA immediately wraps her arms around CHLOE's waist pulling her tighter to her. Their faces rock gently from side to side as they intensify the kiss, inhaling deeply. Before long CHLOE opens her mouth wider, inviting BECA's tongue into her mouth which takes CHLOE by surprise and elicits a small squeak from the redhead when BECA begins rolling her tongue with hers. They mutually, reluctantly, break the kiss, grinning. CHLOE bites her bottom lip. BECA keeps her hands in CHLOE's hips.]
  • CHLOE: I...don't know what to say.
  • BECA: Have I mastered the impossible and made the great Chloe Beale speechless?
  • [CHLOE lets out a small giggle then her face turns serious as her blue eyes inspect BECA's face nervously.]
  • CHLOE: I don't want to say how I'm feeling in case I freak you out.
  • BECA: Chloe...?
  • [BECA smiles softly, leans her face closer to CHLOE's face, and keeps CHLOE's eye contact with her own eyes.]
  • BECA: *whispers* I love you.
  • [A smile spreads on CHLOE's face as she takes a deep breath]
  • CHLOE: *whispers* I love you too.
  • [BECA and CHLOE kiss again, this time gently.]
  • FAT AMY: *outside the closed door* Can we come in yet?
  • [BECA and CHLOE part their lips, holding each other's hands as they lean their foreheads against each other. BECA closes her eyes clearly frustrated with FAT AMY's timing.]
  • FAT AMY: *outside the closed door* It's just...Aubrey's out here and really wants us to finish getting ready - OW!!
  • [BECA and CHLOE pull their faces apart. CHLOE giggles quietly as BECA rolls her eyes at FAT AMY getting into trouble with AUBREY.]
  • FAT AMY: Okay FINE, Aubrey says take as long as you need - OW!!
  • *pause*
  • FAT AMY: Look, can we just come in before I get battered again? - OW!! Aubrey what now?!
  • [BECA looks to CHLOE apologetically and CHLOE gives her a wink with a sweet smile. BECA quickly leans back to CHLOE and places a brief kiss on her lips before turning her head to the door of the dressing room.]
  • BECA: Alright Amy, you can come in.
  • [The door of the dressing room swings open and FAT AMY, AUBREY, and CYNTHIA-ROSE stand in the doorway with expectant looks on their faces, the rest of THE BELLA's stood behind them with similar expressions. They all squeal in excitement at the sight of BECA and CHLOE grinning whilst holding hands and everyone outside the door tumble into the dressing room to congratulate BECA and CHLOE.]
Spirit in the House - chapt 10 END

Modern!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader is in a coma after a car accident. Bucky moves into your apartment and find your spirit still hanging around. (Based on Just like Heaven)

Word Count: 2,167

Warnings: Language, Mention of Depression, Mention of Suicidal Thoughts 

A/N: I was so moved by your feedback and I’m so happy to give you this final chapter. Thank you for everything! Hope you’ll enjoy it and… remember that I love you ♥ 

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

Originally posted by softtroublemaker

It had been almost four months since you had left the hospital. Your apartment was oddly silent and you were starting to feel like something was missing. There were days when you would catch yourself staring into space, smiling, as if you were living another life in your head. A life you didn’t have access to.

Your therapist told you to be patient, you had to let your brain recover and adjust. It was a topic that even Peggy and Tony avoided. You realised the past few months had been hard on them too, so you decided to pretend everything was fine.

But you were not fine. You were sad and lost.

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Boyfriend G-Dragon

Originally posted by jiyongs

  • dating him is a long journey
  • since getting him to settle down was hard enough
  • he’s rich and good looking, with the ability to bounce from beautiful person to beautiful person
  • why would he want me?? you reasoned
  • seungri was your friend for years now and had introduced you to the boys at a party, near the beginning of their debut
  • years passed and you became really close to jiyong. it took a while but he started to trust and confide in you, even going to you when he had a creative block or was overwhelmed w scandals
  • you were always there to pick up the pieces
  • this is what led to him being interested in you
  • he’d always found you attractive but in a friend way until he starts to notice that the socialites and models or actors/actresses he “associates” w are never there when he needs them. but you are
  • he realised this as he was trying to set you up w a friend of his and immediately cut that off
  • w/out explaining why
  • a few months passed by w this weird atmosphere
  • he stopped telling you about his heartbreaks and if you were getting too close to someone, he would turn moody and sulk
  • seungri told you eventually, having picked up on your feelings years ago and was too excited that jiyong was finally returning them to keep it inside
  • eventually, you and jiyong go on dates and although it’s never been official, you’re his and he’s yours
  • he’s the silently romantic type
  • like, he won’t always say “I love you” or bring home flowers. he barely even texts you when he’s on tour or away for weeks
  • but when he’s with you, you’re his centre of attention, the only thing he cares about
  • he listens so attentively to the point where he’ll remember everything you say, no matter if it was joking or in passing
  • one time, you were getting ready for a date and couldn’t decide on what to wear
  • “Is it because you feel ugly?” he asks bluntly
  • he’s very blunt btw
  • “What?”
  • weeks ago, you had made a joke at your own expense, calling yourself ugly. it was nothing serious, nothing that plagued you. you really just didn’t know what to wear for the date. but jiyong remembered that incident, approaching the situation in his cold, loving way
  • “Don’t think like that, it’s stupid. And I thought you were smarter than that. You look amazing, no matter what you wear”
  • he’s so unashamed of you tho
  • if you wanted to go to a fancy, 5 star restaurant in pj’s he would damn well join you
  • he’s one of a kind too so never judges you, meaning you don’t need to feel insecure about possibly being trans/being into drag/your sexuality/your quirky habits/etc. he loves you for you, regardless of what anyone else might think of you
  • that’s the silent way he’s romantic
  • not with flowers or chocolates
  • but by strolling into a bougie ass place in matching pj’s with you like “yeah, table for two, please??”
  • the tabloids write about the relationship every other week
  • although it’s not official between you both, never mind the press, they still class you as his “boy/girlfriend”
  • the scandals are something you both like to read over breakfast for fun
  • you snort, taking a sip of oj; “Did you know that you’re having an affair with a Japanese model?”
  • “I am?” he queries. “I thought I was cheating on you with a YG trainee?”
  • “no, no, that was a different magazine”
  • “damn, it’s hard to keep track”
  • your name is always brought up in interviews and he gives the most vague responses that piss the tabloids off
  • “Are you in a relationship, G-Dragon?”
  • “Aren’t we all in relationships? With teachers, our friends, our families? Even hatred or friendship is a relationship”
  • you’re the weird famous couple that no one understands. they wait for the relationship to end but nothing fazes either of you. even if you’re not famous before, you’re sure as hell famous now. everyone knows your name. esp as the years go by and you don’t budge from his side. since the relationship is so unclear, many fans even deny that you’re dating
  • until ten, fifteen years down the road … you and jiyong decide to start a family
  • it takes him a while to settle down completely and he’s still a mysterious idol to the public, keeping his child hidden for the most part. the only pics published of them are taken by him, as he doesn’t want the child to grow up under flashing cameras
  • he’ll support their every decision and is a loving (if a little detached) father, from first step to first medal won or first art piece hung in Uncle Seunghyun’s gallery
  • a title like marriage doesn’t matter to jiyong, but he’d go through the rigmarole if you wanted
  • you’re Mr/Mrs Kwon to him regardless
  • and the beloved person he’s raising a child with
  • “How was I so stupid? For nearly a decade, I didn’t realise my feelings for you. If not for Seungri’s big mouth, we might never have had the life together we’ve had. I guess that idiot’s actually good for something”
Fragility {Part 2/3}

Originally posted by fairybcby

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader, Slight Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Photographer Yoongi AU, angst, smut

Warnings: Minor character death

“You didn’t need to completely rip yourself apart just so that Yoongi could be whole. That’s not how friendship works…That’s not how love works.”

Part 1 | Part 3

Time had passed both slowly and quickly. Nothing had changed and yet everything had changed.

In reality, things were how they always had been. Your friendship with Yoongi continued like normal and he still had no clue that Hoseok had confided in you about Yoongi’s past that night.

You would meet up and go for drinks or spend days out together just walking around town and every time you would discover new parts that you hadn’t previously known existed. He had this strange ability of being able to whisk you away from your everyday life and he helped you to see the beauty in even the most mundane of things. There really wasn’t anyone like him.

He would always bring his camera and your eyes had quickly grown adjusted to the intense white flash that would often pour out from it.

On the surface, everything seemed perfect.

However, in your mid a perpetual hurricane raged on. You tried to calm it, you tried to gather your emotions and keep yourself stable but it was to no avail. You had hoped whatever it was you thought you felt towards Yoongi would quickly fade away. You’d longed for it to be nothing more than a short lived infatuation.  Yet, if anything, your feelings had only amplified. Every time you saw him smile it was as if another piece of you fell in love with him.

Everyday you would remind tell yourself that just being able to stand by his side was enough.You were well aware of how lucky you were. So on a rainy Tuesday as you walked through town after a night of helplessly watching various girls try to hit on Yoongi, you tried to convince yourself that everything was fine. He had turned them all down of course, he was as highly selective as ever. That didn’t stop the terrible feeling of jealously that consumed you every time he paid even a little bit of attention to one of them, the toxic emotion would thick and heavy through your veins, weighing your body down.

Small droplets of rain landed on your face and slowly slid down your skin. You could feel your hair and clothing becoming damp and uncomfortable, the cotton fabric was clinging to your body unpleasantly making you feel constricted. If Yoongi was here he would have scolded you for being so careless as to go outside with no umbrella despite knowing how bad the weather forecast was.

You veered off down one of the smaller side streets, the canopy of branches and leaves above now somewhat sheltering you from the weather that continued to rage of violently. Pulling your coat a little tighter around your body you broke out into a slow run. You didn’t even need to look where you were going, your legs would take you there automatically, as if it was an instinct hardwired into your DNA. By this point perhaps it was.

Yoongi’s house always looked the same, narrow, two storeys built in orange brick, with ugly black guttering running down the sides and across the top that stuck out like a sore thumb. The windows seemed to be perpetually dirty even though he insisted that he did clean them once a month.

The place was cheap and unrefined, but it was more like home to you than even your parent’s house was.

The door was unlocked so without knocking you swung it open and immediately stepped into the comforting warmth of his hallway. Some camera equipment and lighting lay in black bags on the grubby linoleum floor along with a large pile of shoes, all belonging to Yoongi of course.

“Yoongi, you here?” you called out after a few moments of silence, if he was in you couldn’t hear any signs of him lurking around somewhere.

You pulled your shoes off and dumped them in one of the corners of the room before hugging your arms to your chest, your body was still shaking from the bitter coldness of outside.

“I’m up here,” he finally replied, voice echoing down the stairs.

He sounded tired. There was a certain way he talked when he’d had a sleepless night, his words would be slower and voice rougher and it was irritatingly sexy.

You ascended up the stairs and barged your way into the bedroom.

The curtains were drawn so that any natural light was completely blocked out, but you knew better than to insist on opening them, he’d always hiss and complain when you tried. He sat hunched over his laptop furiously typing, fingers practically moving at the speed of light and he was so absorbed in what he was doing you don’t think he’d even heard you enter.

His hair hung down over his eyes and you could tell that he hadn’t brushed it in awhile, purple circles hung underneath his eyes and his lips looked chewed up and cracked. Yet you were so far gone that even in this state, you thought he looked absolutely beautiful.

“Are you just gonna stand there and watch me like a creep all day?” he asked with a smirk, finally looking up from his laptop screen, “Also don’t expect me to sympathise with you because you’re cold and wet, you’re the one that was too stupid to remember to take an umbrella with you today.”

“Shut up.”

He moved over a little to make room as you sat down on the bed, you curiously peered at his laptop screen to see that he appeared to be writing some sort of essay. The word count was on 4,035.

“Did the genius Min Yoongi really leave an essay ‘til the last minute?” you asked playfully and without even looking away from the laptop he moved his hand and lightly hit you on your upper arm. You giggled before slumping down a little to get more comfortable. The pattering of his fingertips against the keys was oddly relaxing, he typed so fluidly, with no hesitation, as if he knew exactly what he wanted to say.

You remained quiet, just enjoying the feeling of him being next to you. That was something you treasured about the relationship you’d built with him, you were so comfortable around each other that you didn’t feel the need to talk all the time. 

When the sound of the typing finally ceased he snapped shut his laptop and turned to finally look at you properly. 

“I wanted to talk to you about something,” he said pointedly. You looked up from your phone and saw that the expression plastered across his face was one of seriousness, so immediately, you put it away in your pocket and sat up.

“What’s up?”

From the way he fidgeted and gripped the sheets in his large fists, you could tell he was a little anxious. This in turn roused feelings of nervousness within you, if Yoongi wanted to say something he would usually say it with no hesitation, with hardly any hints of emotion.

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Black Rose

Group: BTS


Excerpt:  “I don’t know if I can give the girl with a crush on me a job here? Sleeping with other employees is banned, apparently.”

Genre: fluff, tattoo au

Length: 1.7k

A/N: lord have mercy on guk with tats


Originally posted by jayfatuasian

The tattoo shop was lighter than expected, as you stepped in feeling sorely out of place. The sound of your heels on the floor made everyone else pause in their conversations, to study you. In your baggy jumper and tight black jeans, skin void of any tattoos; no unusual piercings on your lips or nose, you were almost too normal to be there.

“I’m here to apply for the opening of receptionist,” the guy sitting at the reception put down the large sketchpad that had been concealing his face but not his dirty blonde hair and pale forehead.

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Title: What The Hell?

Tony Stark and his daughter seeing an alternative version of Peter on TV and confront him, which leads to a whole lot of confusion.

Words: ~ 1800

A/N: This is not exactly how I wanted it to be. I combined it with another idea (Tony setting up his daughter with Peter) and things got a bit confusing… but I hope you like it anyway! :) [It’s not edited yet. I’m too lazy at the moment. So it’s filled with mistakes…]


My dad and I were having one of our very rare evenings in the movie room of the Stark Tower together that I appreciated more than anything.
Of course, I understood that with him being Iron Man he had a lot of duties and not much time for his daughter.

I snuggled deeper into my soft blanket when I rested my head on my father’s shoulder, both of us enjoying an evening without stress.
“You wanna watch a movie?”, he wanted to know and I only shrugged. “Let’s zap through the channels first.”

A few taps in the air and the channels changed. We sat in silence until something caught my attention, “Wait, what’s that?”

“Lip sync battle? Sounds interesting.”, I chuckled and my dad only nodded in agreement.
It didn’t took me very long to notice something very, VERY strange. And I wasn’t the only one noticing it, that was for sure.

The boy on TV who was wearing a black wig and a rather inappropriate outfit looked like Peter. And I mean EXACTLY like Peter. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of our TV. Peter was by far the most handsome and cutest boy I’d ever seen and this was very entertaining.
“That’s Peter.”, I stated, my eyebrows narrowing in confusion.

“What goes on in this boys head?”, my dad questioned in disbelief. With a shrug I grabbed my phone and started filming this weird occurrence.

Neither of us said a word as we watched Peter swinging his umbrella and grinding against it. The whole time dancing in the middle of other dancers while water was raining down on him.
Jesus, he looks so hot, I only thought before I subconsciously pressed my knuckles on my lips.

“What?”, my dad asked in shock. Of course I had to say that out loud…
I quickly stopped the video and chuckled nervously when I turned my head to look at my father.
“Uh, I m-mean… well, he’s this cute, innocent boy… usually. And now…”, I stuttered, my face heating up, “I just thought that… you know. It’s different. Good different. Not that I… I mean that’s-”

“So I was right? You actually are smitten with that spider kid.”, he smirked at me before wiggling his eyebrows, making me want to vanish into thin air.
“NO, I’m not. Okay?!”, I insisted, even though it was more than a huge lie. But my father didn’t need to know that I was head over heels for Peter.
“Don’t worry, honey. I won’t tell him.”, he laughed and brushed over my back.
“Thanks.”, I mumbled defeatedly, slowly admitting that I couldn’t hide it from him anymore. Or at least there wasn’t a point in arguing with him.

Not wanting this awkward silence to last, I grabbed my phone to send the video to Peter but not before cutting out the end.
Peter didn’t need to know about my thoughts.

Nice wig, Spidey. I didn’t know you could dance like that. , I texted Peter and threw my phone on the pillow laying next to me before my dad took the remote.“Let’s watch something else. That was terrifying…”

After a couple of minutes the door opened and Happy stood in the door frame.
“Tony, the boy arrived. He’ll be here in a minute.”

“Ah, perfect. Thanks, Happy.”, my dad replied and I looked at him, tilting my head to express my confusion. “Did I miss something?”, I wanted to know but I didn’t get an answer. Only a secret smile.

Not many moments later Peter stood in the door frame, wearing one of his cute nerdy shirts and holding his phone with a bewildered look on his face.

“Hi Peter! What are you doing here?”, I asked nervously, my voice jumping an octave.
“Hey, um… I am… No, it’s… Mr. Stark said there’s another mission?”, he stuttered while he approached us.

“Surprise!”, my dad chuckled when I looked at him in disbelief.
“But dad, it’s movie night!”, I complained, “You promised that-”
“I know, honey.”, he started, placing his hand on my arm. But before he could continue I raised my voice, “Dad, this sucks! You never-”

“Hey, hey, hey, calm down. Okay?”, he soothed me, his grib getting tighter while I gave him my famous death glare before speaking up again, “I hate it when you do that. First you-”

“I wanted him to join us.”, my dad interrupted me again, this time it was actually working. I shut up.
“Why?”, I wanted to know, realising that Peter still stood there, awkwardly watching us. “It’s my secret mission.”, my dad smirked, causing me to roll my eyes.

Peter slowly opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but said nothing. “Come here, kid.”, my dad tugged at his wrist, pulling him towards us and practically forcing him to sit right next to me.
My heart stopped beating when my head realised how close our bodies were, not to mention his face being only a foot away from mine.

He seemed to notice this, too. He only stared at me for a few brief moments, which made me blush incredibly, before he remembered what he wanted to say. “You sent me a video a couple of minutes ago.”
“Yeah, I did. Did you see it yet?”, I chuckled, trying to loosen the tension. Peter shook his head, pulling out his phone to watch it.

My dad scooted over and so did I even though I had already been sitting pretty close. I just wanted to be even closer.

Peter let out a quiet sigh before pressing play. Peter’s face went blank almost instantly. “That guy looks like me!”, he squeaked, pure shock on his face.

“What? I thought that was you…”, my dad replied but Peter violently shook his head.
“But look, that’s Michelle.”, I claimed and pointed at the girl in the background.

“That’s not me. That’s for sure!”, Peter mumbled, “I would wear a costume like that.”
“What a shame… Y/N said you look hot in it.”, my dad blurted out and I looked at him with wide eyes, “even if this isn’t you. But he looks exactly like you, doesn’t he?”

Peter’s head slowly turned to me, a confused smile on his lips, but didn’t say anything.
Is he… happy about me thinking that he’s hot?, I thought while I sent my father a warning look and mouthed ‘What the hell?’ after Peter’s eyes went to the floor.

“Maybe it’s still on.”, I wondered and took the remote to switch back to the channel we had been watching.
Fortunately, the show was still on showing this exact copies of Peter and Michelle.
The presenter had just confirmed that “Tom Holland”, who seemed to be Peter’s lost twin, won the Lip Sync Battle, causing the audience to cheer in agreement.

What happened next made us stare at the TV in shock.

A girl looking like me walked up on stage and ran in Peter’s -No, what was his name again…? Tom’s arms and kissed him hard on his lips.
“What the hell?”, were the only words that left my words even though I was packed by seeing me and Peter kiss, more or less… I looked to the left, watching Peter’s and my dad’s faces.
While Peter’s face was as red as his Spiderman suit, my dad had a huge smile planted all over his face.

My double continued to kiss Peter’s clone, who excitedly kissed back, and the presenter appeared on the screen again. “Aren’t they the cutest celebrity couple ever?”, he asked and the audience cheered loudly, making the presenter laugh. Then, the screen showed a close up of our doubles pulling back from their kiss and looking into the camera, which was the perfect moment to pause the show.

“That’s us! But it’s not us… it’s not making any sense and it’s confusing.”, Peter pointed out and looked at me, catching me staring at him.
But I couldn’t help but stare at his lips after seeing ourself kiss. What would it feel like to kiss him? Are this lips as soft as they look? And how would he taste like?, I wondered before my dad interrupted my thoughts.
“I think I know what’s going on.”, he claimed.

“Yeah, what is it?”, Peter and me asked at the same time.
“Parallel Universe.”, my dad said proudly but we only looked at him blankly.

“Maybe something went wrong and this tv show aired in our universe. This is why they look exactly like you. They are you! But they’re the alternative version of you.”, he explained and we nodded, finally understanding what he meant.

“They have the same looks, same interests, same love life… Oh, and that explains why you find Peter so hot!”, my dad rambled excitedly, “Because he’s your boyfriend in the other universe.”
“What the hell, dad?!”, I said frantically, “You promised you wouldn’t tell him.”

I saw Peter looking at me with a smile from the corner of my eye but I couldn’t look at him because I was so embarrassed of this whole situation.
“No, I promised I wouldn’t tell him that you’re in love with him.”, he blurted out and I looked at him in shock, blood rushing to my face while I felt Peter tensing up.

I won’t be able to look in Peter’s eyes ever again…

“You got a problem with that, Peter?”, my dad asked him and Peter took in a sharp breath before speaking up, “N-No, not… at a-all, Mr. Stark.”
He looked at me briefly, “Actually, I uhm… I’ve been…”, he looked to the ground and then back to my dad, who smirked widely.

“Perfect.”, he clapped his hands, “Initialising last part of the mission.”
Suddenly, he pushed Peter into me, his lips crashing into the corner of my mouth making my heart skipping a beat.
Peter nervously adjusted himself and looked in my eyes, waiting for me to push him away but closed his eyes when I didn’t do anything.
I had mirrored his actions when he leaned forward, causing his lips to touch mine carefully before he pressed himself into me. I felt my heart jumping to my throat when his lips started to move and my brain processed what was happening. My hands found the way to his neck, pulling his face closer and my fingertips started to wander over the back of his head, making Peter sigh.

“Mission completed.”, I heard my dad say and I jumped slightly when I realised that he was still sitting right next to us.

From Enemies to Lovers. Pt:10

Kim Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Angst & gradual fluff

Pt:1 Pt:2  Pt:3  Pt:4  Pt:5  Pt:6  Pt:7 Pt:8 Pt:9 Pt:10 Pt:11 Pt:12 Pt:13 Pt:14

Originally posted by blackandwhitebangtan

Y/N’s p.o.v

I stood there taken aback. What was going on? Why was he hugging me? Why did this feel so… so right? I slowly raised my arms to hug him back but he pulled away. I quickly dropped my arms back down to my side and looked at him.

“I’m sorry I just, I just really wanted to hug you.” He smiled at me, so sincerely - it almost made my heart melt. Almost.

“It’s okay, I like hugs.” I didn’t lie, because I did. I liked hugs a lot, and somehow I’ve just figured out that out of all the members, Seokjin had the best hugs. They were warm, it gave me the sense of security and his arms were comfy. Even though it didn’t last long it was still nice. 

“You do?” He questioned and smiled once again. So I nodded and smiled right back at him. Then he did the unexpected, he took a hold of my arm and pulled me straight back into his arms. This time I hugged back, not missing the chance like I did thirty seconds ago. I could get used to this feeling. “Your hugs are nice Y/N, I should have hugged you earlier.” I felt my face heat up and buried my face in his chest, clearly embarrassed. 

“Shut up Seokjin.” I say to him but my voice was muffled.

“It’s oppa to you Y/N.” I pulled my face away and looked at him slightly frowning. 

“You want me to call you oppa? I don’t even call Yoongi that.” 

“Well I am the oldest, and just because you don’t call him that, it doesn’t mean you can’t call me that.” I gave him a delayed shake of the head. 

“I don’t want to, it’s weird for me. I’ll stick with Seokjin or Jin.” 

“You’ll call me oppa one day, I know you will.”  he smirked and all I could do was roll my eyes.

“Go home, I’ll see you later.” I say as I push him out the door. The physical contact made my heartbeat increase, it was beating so quickly, I thought it was going to beat out of my chest. How does he make me feel this way? Just a few hours ago, he made me feel like shit. 

I guess those lingering feelings never left.

I was getting ready to head over to the dorm, I looked at myself and realised… I was too dressed up. Who was I trying to impress? I never turn up at the boys’ place looking like this. I shook my head and changed into something more comfortable. Well, I definitely won’t be impressing anyone looking like this. Sighing, I left my house. 

Seokjin’s p.o.v

I didn’t know why I hugged her the first time, but the second time was because I wanted to feel her in my arms again. I was back at the dorm, the boys were all awake and wondered where I had been, but I said nothing. Jimin didn’t look at me much, he was mad even if it was only a little bit, he still was. I was about to go and take a nap when I remembered that Y/N said that I didn’t open any of her presents. 

I walked over to my closet and pulled out the box filled with gifts. One caught my eye, it was a small box with a card stuck on top of it. So I opened it up and it read;