i did not mean to delete this lol

  • me: Yeah, I mean... "Gillovny" is no longer a "thing" but that's cool. It's totally fine! I'm an adult. Wow, I can't believe I got that worked up about it all! Ha! That was quite unexpected and out of character for me, a long-time fan of "The X-Files". Anyway, good for Gillian! I'm happy for her!
  • also me: *sees posts on dash about the Kimmel interview anniversary* literally how dare you how dare ALL of you i did NOT ask for this this is NOT okay i'm deleting this blog i'm leaving this website i'm emotionally unprepared for this TRAUMA i'm

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ur stories are trash.Destiel trash.&there's nothing better than this.Because it's gold.It's beautiful&amazing&I started this message like that only 2get ur attention.ur stories give me life.Love ur stories,bris!(it's bro&sis(see what I did there?)

Hey, dear anon!

When I read the first words I was so ready to just delete your message – and then I noticed my mistake ^^’ I’ll probably never get totally used to words like “trash”/”gross”/”disgusting”/etc. meaning something positive once in a while *lol*

Anyway, thank you so much, that means a lot to me!! I’m really happy you’re enjoying my stories <33

I find it strange that people are complaining about all the salt inspired by the last two chapters in Erwin/Eruri enthusiasts.

Listen. We’ve had to deal with Erwin hate that’s been backed up by baseless reasons for YEARS, and now when we complain about EM for how they’ve literally not spared a thought for Humanity and attacked a superior despite WILLINGLY having joined the SC, the fandom is suddenly asking for the salt to subside?

Like, ha ha, are you even for real? That’s just going to add more salt to everything.

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Hey thanks again for running Rare Pairs Fest :D I was just going through the prompts and I noticed that there's an Erik/Charles only one for the dark future - did you mean to leave that particular prompt? :D

Gahhhh omg I managed to forget what my own fest was about??? Talk about a brain fart. I’m going to blame the painkillers lol. Thanks for pointing that out,I’ve deleted that prompt now. XD

  • keith: actually godzilla is technically a daikaiju
  • lance: ...
  • keith: "kaiju" just means "monster" or "strange creature", daikaiju are the big city-destroying ones. theyre a subcategory of kaiju
  • lance: ..........
  • keith: so "kaiju eiga", or "monster movie", is generally considered to refer to franchises like godzilla, mothra, rodan, and so on, but technically includes smaller monsters as well
  • lance: ...................
  • keith: also! kaiju is itself a subgenre of tokusatsu--
  • lance: please stop

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Where did the post go??? I wanted to respond........ realized your error in judgement so you decided to delete it? <3

You mean my answer to your rude af question lol? It’s there, ya just just gotta scroll through my AMAZING BLOG to find it 💁 wow Jackie, I think you might need glasses, I mean, not only can you not find my post but you also can’t seem to find your own lane and stay in it 🤔🤔🤔😂

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They seriously waited literally like 24 fucking hours to squash the hype

literally 24 fucking hours

Honestly, I’m fucking mad as hell. If it was just a fucking anniversary rerelease for black parade, they should’ve said something A LOT FUCKING EARLIER. Like literally 2 hours afterwards or something.

I’m mad, but more like fucking appalled that they let people get so fucking hyped up and didn’t clarify before it got like this. They know exactly what they did. So fucking shady and manipulative. Like yeah, it’s not that deep and no one cares and it ain’t even worth getting mad about, but how’re you gonna delete the break up tweet, do a fucking video teaser, pick a symbol that means resurrection, and then say “lol nah, it’s just black parade rerelease”

Their fucking marketing team can fuck the hell right off

Update; suing for emotional damages so I can get me some of that rerelease money