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I’ve been meaning to talk more about Pancake’s story since I started this tumblr back up. After seeing Heather’s post about “share your animal caretaking accomplishments”, it reminded me & seemed like a good time to write this up. :)

Pancake came to my partner’s hedgehog rescue seriously overweight at 800g. She was renamed from Petunia because…well. She did this -

Granted, I’m small & have short legs, but she was just massive! Her previous owner had loved her a lot, but hadn’t had the time to be very hands-on with her.

We had a lot of trouble enticing her to eat and she started to lose weight. She was very picky about food and was pretty resistant to being changed to anything healthier for her. Unfortunately, this all came to a tipping point around Easter, while I was hedgie-sitting her. She stopped eating completely and needed an emergency vet visit on Easter for sub-q fluids, and to be checked for a URI.

I’d fallen in love with Pancake pretty much the night we met her. I asked my partner if I could keep her & adopt her, because I was in a better position to spend the money on vet bills. So, Pancake was my Easter present!

Unfortunately, the next two months ended up being pretty stressful for everyone. She ended up with a ringworm infection on her feet and in her toenails. She didn’t start eating on her own again & I had to regularly syringe-feed her. Further vet visits showed that her liver values were very high and something was going on there. Further tests were inconclusive - the options were either liver cancer or hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease or FLD). The vet suggested exploratory surgery and a biopsy to figure out which one it was, since there was no way to tell otherwise. 

This was a later picture of her surgery incision, where it was getting more healed up! She came through surgery fine, though we had a rough first couple nights where she was having a little more trouble with pain than we’d expected. Lots of hedgie & hedgie-mama crying! She improved after that though and we waited for the biopsy results to come in. They confirmed that it was hepatic lipidosis, due to her not eating enough and losing weight too quickly. 

At this point, I’d been syringe-feeding this little-big girl 3-4 times a day for over a month, I think. I was starting to think she was never going to eat on her own again. But just when the vet and I were discussing the feasibility of putting a feeding tube in a hedgehog…..

She decided that her syringe-feeding mix was the Best Thing Ever! She was climbing into the bowl to eat! I insisted on continuing to help some because she was better at getting the food all OVER her instead of inside her, but this was the point where we finally had hope for her again. The relief was overwhelming! And because it’s one of the cutest pictures I’ve taken of her, here she is waiting for Mom to get her for mealtime - 

It took at least another month to wean her off of the syringe-feeding mix and find a commercial wet food that she could be convinced to eat. But things were uphill from there!

Just over a year later, she is still one of my proudest accomplishments (though she did most of the work!) and she makes me smile constantly. I will never get tired of seeing how much she loves to eat now - she’ll come out of her sleeping spot and be waiting impatiently for me if I’m late with their dinner! She’s still very picky, but I’ve found a number of extra treats she’ll eat, like mealworms, superworms, dubia roaches, and raw meat grinds. 

With being a healthy weight and recovered from all of her major health issues, she’s become one of the most personable hedgies I’ve met. She loves to snuggle and sleep on me, totally out in the open.

We’d discovered during the months before her illness that she actually likes belly rubs and they’ll put her to sleep sometimes!

She still likes to dig in her food while she eats, and creates a horrible mess! So I gave up and just started giving her little fleece place mats that I can change out.  And on the plus side, she also likes to clean her own paws, which is the cutest thing I’ve EVER seen. At some point, I’ll have to get a video of it uploaded! For now, here’s a still from one of the videos.

I hope you enjoyed Pancake’s story! :) I think she’s really special and I love her a lot. She’s currently about 3.5 years old and I hope I get to have her around for at least a couple more years! ♥

It’s so odd that a factual statement like “Harry said he wanted the hiatus and the other three have said they didn’t” is seen as promoting an idea of Harry vs Louis by some Larries.

What is so threatening about this? Liam, Niall and Louis have all said they resisted and did not want the hiatus. Harry has said he pushed for it. Four men whose stories actually match up for the first time in how long?

How is that us making things about Harry vs Louis?

And while I’m asking questions, if you’re so sure and secure that they love each other now and forever (Louis and Harry, I mean), how is them having a disagreement not celebrated as something normal? Real couples disagree. Yes, about big issues, too.

Or is it that you’re seeing the writing on the wall (about 1D and/or Larry) and not liking that you can actually read it now?

Happy 1 year anniversary to the start of Obscured Descent!

I realized that the day was coming up so i made this little sketch to commemorate it ^^

This is the largest, and longest project ive ever taken up and I’m glad I did! Ive been meaning to share this story for so long but i just could never get it started, until last year that is. I finally got the drive to just start making it out of nowhere. Even though this past year I havent put out too many pages which is entirely my fault, I’m hoping to finish the first chapter before the end of the year.

Here’s to finally getting off the ground and making this darn thing a reality >w<

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i would like to see hillary in another hair color. red or brunette? agree or disagree?

well I don’t know about now, I think she really suits the blonde the way it is especially with her hair all short in it’s current style I can’t really picture her with any other color anymore. But I do think she looked really stunning when she still had her natural hair color, which was pretty close to brunette and I think if she’d kept that through the 90s matched with her killer eyebrows that would have been a Look indeed.

Just imagine all the ballgowns and skirt suits she wore as first lady but with this hair, maybe a little bit longer and in all the different fancy styles she had. I mean the golden color she did have was utterly gorgeous, but there is just something really stunning about her natural hair…

and red I’m not sure about, maybe when she was at wellesley and her hair was all long and straight? that’s about the only era I can really picture her carrying off that color 

Sorry for the wait

Hi guys,

Just a bloggy post about translations (the process, not the product).

Sorry for making you guys wait for Chapter 60. Chapter 59 is where the funnies are at. 

I’ve been busy working three part-time jobs because I am the quintessential poor millenial-generation college student who needs mad cash to put food on the table, which is why I did not start translating earlier. 

Which is why now that I am….

Qiao Shiqi talks Mandarin Shakespearean or something is2g I have to look up one out of every 15 words he says and some I can’t even find after checking three different sources (my hella thick chinese dictionary at home, online, and the audio clips on u17). I would hate him if he weren’t so weirdly smart and cute. 

I refuse do a loose/half-assed translation, so I’m looking up all the phrases/names for their exact meanings, which is part of why it’s taking so long even after I’ve actually started. PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH ME (although no one has spammed me to translate which is great too).

tldr - Chinese is hard and I want to die but I promised I would get this chapter out and I will!!!! Sorry for rant, please wait a bit longer :)

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I see ... we're just gonna have to agree to disagree on that one then as I don't think that's shady at all .. harry obviously did not want another contract cuz he felt it was time for him to move on and I don't think there's anything wrong or shady about going after what you want ... and I mean it's not like it was a secret to the other guys in the band that their contract was running out ... harry informed them in due time (1 yr before the contract ran out) imo

“harry informed them” why is he the one who gets to make the choice for the entire future of the band? why did it only come down to what HE wanted? you don’t think it’s shady that it was all done behind everyone’s back and he literally had a pap parade the first day he was legally able to sign a new contract? you don’t think it’s shady that the others didn’t have a choice but to go along with it??

i mean, if that’s what you wanna think, cool whatever but to me it will always remain a cold and shady thing to do to ppl that you’ve called your brothers…to each their own tho!

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Hi! Just thought I'd get your opinion. Am I the only one sad about Sansa not interacting a lot with her brothers in S1? Sansa and Robb would have grown up quite close since they were the first 'Stark' children. It seems that everyone was close to each other except for Sansa, who really only interacted with Cat, Ned and Arya. I can understand Jon, especially if Jonsa could happen. But Robb?? At least her little brothers??! I would have loved seeing family dynamics between Sansa and her family.


Looking only at the show, I feel like they did that purposefully to separate Sansa from her siblings. She longs for the south, to wear pretty dresses and be courted by chivalrous knights. Sansa is the only one to really embrace her Tully side as well. Basically, she’s the black sheep of her family and that has always been her struggle throughout the story. 

I mean when you look at all of her siblings, you’re immediately struck by how very Northern and Stark they look and are. Sansa is meant to stand out and be different. It’s her personal crucible to find within herself what it actually means to be a Stark. I think in order for the show to really make this journey more poignant, they had to juxtapose Sansa to her siblings in the first season. 

But it’s so upsetting Sansa didn’t get more of a chance to be with Robb and Bran and Rickon. I totally believe she would’ve doted on Rickon, adored Bran’s more contemplative personality and worshiped Robb, her big brother and protector.  

Now, I can’t freaking wait for the Stark reunion! <3 

+ honesty weekend – ask/send me whatever you want about anything you want +

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Mac is gay and so is country Mac, and (I'm assuming) his other cousin from S01E01; so if they had family gatherings which voiding is the gay cousin?? 🤔🤔

Country Mac, Sadly, Is Fucking Dead

but honestly i think the entire mcdonald family is at least bisexual (i mean mac’s dad fucked a dude and his mom is the original Butch) and if they all had big dysfunctional family meetings i like to think that mac’s cousin from the pilot, brad, is proud of him. he did seem super proud of him in season 1 when he thought he was out (”you’ve come a long way”) !!!

in conclusion: everyone is the gay cousin  🤔🤔 but mac would probably pick fights with everyone now because he’s convinced he’s the Superior Gay and so much gayer than everyone. love that boy

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How did you get over your last ex?

Oh god if you’ve been following me on here for awhile then u know it took me forever because of how much I got hurt and fucked over and whatever and idk I mean I’m completely over her now but it took me almost a year to completely get over her and I didn’t realize that it’s okay to take that long to get over someone and better yourself until recently. I lost almost all my friends after that break up and I ruined a lot of relationships w some family members but I was just trying to look out for myself at that point and I got rid of all my negative relationships w people and just tried to be around positive people who had good intentions w me. I just focused on myself and didn’t worry about anyone else. It hurt like hell bc I lost someone who was in my life for 3 years but I slowly adjusted and became ok w it and realized that everything happens for a reason and now we can be civil and talk every now and then and have it not bug me or make me sad at all. But if you’re going through a break up and need to get over someone just focus on yourself. That’s the best thing you can do and make sure u know its ok to yell, scream, kick, cry, etc. bc you need to let everything out bc if u keep it bottled in like I did for a long time it’ll make everything so much worse.

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I don't think it's fair to bring up the blackface thing that Mamamoo did because they apologied once they realised it was wrong

this is gonna be really long but i’m going to respond to all 5 of ur asks in this one reply

(1) I don’t think it’s fair to bring up the blackface thing that Mamamoo did because they apologied once they realised it was wrong 

how is it “not fair”? they fucked up. whether they apologized or not doesn’t mean i can’t or shouldn’t bring it up. especially when it wasn’t even that long ago and they’ve done multiple other things before without apologizing.

(2) They even said in their statement that they hoped to become more educated about the cultures of their international fans so that something like this wouldn’t happen again

this ties into what i said above. its completely fair to bring up the blackface incident because like i said, they have done many things previously without apology and the contradiction between the apologies they released makes it hard to believe that its genuine. how am i supposed to believe and respect their apology when the one written in korean tried to make it all seem like it was just “misunderstood”?

(3)  I’m just saying it’s not the same as what some other idols have done with these kinds of issues and you shouldn’t drag them down without doing research

how is it any different from other idols that have done the same thing??? don’t accuse me of not doing any research because i have receipts/sources for everything they have done and i was a big fan of them before.

(4)  Don’t get me wrong I’m not blindly defending them bc I like them, I understand the gravity of the situation and was so disappointed and angry when it happened but people aren’t forgetting, but trying to forgive bc they themselves are trying to learn from mistakes for real this time

it didn’t even happen that long ago and they were forgiven so quickly by so many people even when they are repeat offenders and their korean apology contradicted the english one. i’m not gonna let them off the hook so soon considering all the other things they’ve done. hwasa faced backlash from foreign fans after saying the n word among other things but she and the others clearly didn’t try to learn after all of that now did they? only when the backlash was significant enough to affect their popularity did they apologize for anything

(5)  It just irks me when people try to put them in the same category as idols who don’t even try to understand what they’ve done or just dismiss the feelings of the fans. I’m defending them bc they’re trying to apologise for what they did and learn from it

once again: they are in the “same category” as the others especially since they have fucked up multiple times and they are grown ass women. they should have known better. i know a lot of people like to say “but koreans don’t know its bad!!1 they don’t know black history!!!11″ but the general response from korean netizens proves that’s not the case

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In the moment kiss for Scott and Reyes?


Reyes didn’t realize how long it had been since he had had someone in his actual bed until he startled awake come morning at the body pressed against his own. He felt a fool for it a heartbeat later when Scott’s face scrunched up with a grumpy sort of groan. 

(Far different than any of the sort Reyes had coaxed out of him the night before.)

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” He winced at how much he already sounded on the verge of babbling. “It has simply been awhile since I was able to…”

He was brought up short by the rough sound of Scott’s laughter as much as the sleepy smile that settled onto the other man’s lips. Even when barely open, Scott’s eyes were shining with something warm enough to make Reyes’ chest seize up all at once.

“I’ve had worse wakeup calls.” Scott actually nuzzled his nose against Reyes’, of all things, another laugh escaping when Reyes’ nose scrunched up in response. “Just means I should come over more often.”

There were moments—rare as they might be—where actions served Reyes far better than words ever could. And, truth be told, he couldn’t think of a time when kissing Scott would ever be a bad idea.

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Does that mean that your group went for the kill Zelos, keep Kratos ending back when you played?

Yeah, I think we did for our first play through.  I think.  Not that I remember much of it, as I literally started playing on a Saturday afternoon and went all the way through Monday morning or something crazy like that because we were like “Oh, we’re only a few hours away from the end” only to have Colette get kidnapped or taken hostage again 5 minutes later.  It was, shall we say, an adventure, and I’m pretty sure the paper I wrote for class for Tuesday (Monday was a holiday) was incoherent, but at least I got the assignment done?

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Where did you come up with the names for all your animals?

It depends on the animal but I’ll give a few more interesting examples!

Honu - She’s from Turtle Bay, Hawaii, and I used to live in Hawaii. Everyone would refer to the sea turtles there as “Honu”, and sea turtles and Hawaii in general mean a lot to me

Warren - I named him after Major Marquis Warren from The Hateful Eight. I watched that movie soon before I found Warren and Marquis Warren is such a badass character that I decided to name Warren after him. If you’re going to watch that movie just know that it is a Quentin Tarantino movie and there’s lots of racism due to the time period the film is set in.

Draugr - You can read her story here. My dad and our family friend Greg always referred to her as “The zombie raccoon” due to her seemingly “coming back to life”. I named her Draugr, after animated corpses from Norse mythology. The word Draugr literally means “Again Walker”.

Ozark, Adirondak - Named after the place they originated from

Bucky - During purchasing and before I named him I just referred to him as “The big buck mink” (male mink are called bucks) and his name just sort of ended up as Bucky.

Gef - An old antique mink stole I named after a horror story that I thought was interesting. I realize it’s pronounced like Geoff but I just pronounced it with a hard G, rhymes with “Kef”.

Samuel - Since wallaby’s are from Australia I decided to name him after the son from the horror movie, The Babadook which takes place in Australia.

Hazel, Fiver - Named after the rabbit brothers from Watership Down

Pecan - Named for her peculiar, sweet nutty smell. I’m not sure why she smells like this but even her maceration water smelled sweet!

Apus - Named after a constellation in the souther sky, representing a bird-of-paradise

Dalton - Another skull named after a horror movie character, Dalton is named after the son from Insidious, another one of my favorite horror movies.

Acari - Named after a taxon of arachnids that contains mites and ticks, due to the large tick I found on her face (which I actually still have)

Montel, Bruno - Dogs with ethnic names originating from the areas their breeds are from

Kitty - A skunk pelt. When I showed him to my dad it was dark out and it was hard to see, my dad thought it was a cat and called him “Kitty!” so I decided to keep that name because I thought it was cute. He’s currently being tanned.

Tiberius - I don’t know where this name came from. As soon as I found him, this name just sort of appeared in my mind and refused to go away.

Brandy - Meredith’s daughter. While working on her and her sister Smosh (who was named that because her face was completely mushed) I was listening to the soundtrack from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and decided to name her after the song “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)” by Looking Glass

Meredith - Meredith is named after Peter Quill’s (a character from GotG2) mother

Hoo boy that’s a lot of names

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I'm really conflicted on my gender. For most of my life I've been perfectly comfortable and happy as a female, this wasn't something I questioned as a child. I mean, I wanted to be a tomboy and often avoided girly things which actually I did love so I sort of alternated, but I liked being a girl. Most days I still do. I like having long hair and boobs and wearing girly make-up but somedays I want I want to be a guy and have male parts and kiss other guys (I'm pan) and idek why or what I am. Help

Hi anon!

It sounds like you could be genderfluid! Of course, I can’t tell you for sure, because I don’t know you as well as you do, but try researching some genderfluid identities and see if any of them fit the description of what you’re feeling. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask!

~ Nam

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I felt like the Erin's forgot about Sandstorm a bit? I mean, she has so much potential... I might be mistaken, it has been a long time since I read all the last books, but didn't they just... Leave her personality on the side?

Sandstorm really mellowed out and became that Gentle Mom™ character pretty quick. They sort of did abandon her personality along the way, like they do with plenty of other characters. However, it is hard to keep a personality up very much when the character becomes a side or background character, the way she did in the later books.

I’m finally reading The Apprentice’s Quest (I know, I’m behind—thank you @college) and Sandstorm kept up some tenacity up until her end there, which I thought was nice. I really enjoyed her having a role again as a final bow. She evened out, yeah, but she still had a spark, which was great. I miss her.

Okay, I need to make this post because I’m grown enough to deal with the consequences of my actions.

Ya’ll probably didn’t see it (because I deleted it before anyone could reblog), but I made a post saying “Stop reblogging ____ post” because the URL had some slurs in it. Whenever I see URLs with slurs in them, I check that shit out, because I know people reclaim slurs used against them and things like that, so I went onto their blog with that possibility in mind. I saw some other sketchy things and decided to make the post that I did, taking what I saw at face value.

Well, my tone-deaf ass is horrible at telling the true intentions behind shit, and long story short, I jumped the gun and made a dumb post because I misunderstood (which was entirely my fault). Although I have some mental shit that impairs my ability to determine the meaning behind things at times, that is no excuse for me being a li'l bitch, and I accept responsibility for my mistake and admit that I was wrong.

With all that said, man, I’m sorry I did you like that, and if anyone gets on your ass because of me, direct them to this post/my blog and I’ll call them off. I was a dick and I’m sorry. And I’ll make sure to check myself and check myself again before doing something like that from now on.

Thank you to the anon that not only called me out, but did it politely. I’m sorry to you as well.


me too, plagg… me too.

Marichat May (Identity Reveal)

welcome to adrien inner mind theater (again-ish)

my headcanons are that this nerd reads a lot of shoujo manga and that he really does think he’s beautiful af so here you go—