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  • Cogsworth: I may seem like a barmy ol' git now, but when I wasn't so long in the tooth, I had some grand larks and engaged in a fair amount of derring-do.
  • Mal: ...
  • Mal: Translate?
  • Ben: When he was younger, he did a bunch of stuff.
  • Jihyo: [about Momo] What did you say to her, exactly?
  • Mina: Well, you know, I think I said I loved her.
  • Jihyo: You think?
  • Mina: I did say that. It's just, you know, she was a bit busy. She might have forgotten.
  • Jihyo: Women don't forget things like that. She'll be waiting for you to make the next move.
  • Mina: Really?
  • Jihyo: Yeah.
  • Mina: Right. So what's that?
  • Jihyo: That's up to you. But whatever it is, be confident. Confidence is sexy. If you love Momo, just tell her
  • Mina: Just tell her?
  • Jihyo: Yeah.
  • Mina: You wouldn't do it for me, would you?

Beyond: [trying to distract her] Have you ever eaten cat meat?

Naomi: You mean cat food?

Beyond: No. The meat… of a cat.

Naomi: No. No, man. I never ate any cat meat.

Beyond: Well, it makes you invisible. Did you know that?

Naomi: [throws a rock at his head] I see you. Fucking weirdo.

  • [Bruce Wayne has just come back from being mind controlled by the Joker]
  • Bruce Wayne: Barbara, how many people did I-?
  • Barbara Gordon: Don't. Don't do that to yourself, Bruce. This is the Joker. This is nothing we were ever trained for.
  • Bruce Wayne: The Joker, he got away?
  • Dinah Lance: Yeah. Don't suppose you know where?
  • Bruce Wayne: [shakes head] Didn't need to know. Didn't ask. He's gonna make his play soon though. Today.
  • Barbara Gordon: We gotta stop him.
  • Dinah Lance: Yeah, who's "we"?
  • Barbara Gordon: [shrugs] I don't know. Whoever's left.
  • Oliver Queen: Well, I... If I put an arrow through the Joker's eye socket, I'd sleep better, I s'pose.

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I think there is an earlier origin of the whom meme. I don't know if anyone remembers this but I remember a post on twitter with two images, one said "women are more attracted to people who use whom/ or using whom makes you sound more intellectual" and the other picture was a screenshot of a chat saying something like "whom wants to date me" or something like that

An interesting quirk in English vocabulary is the two words shirt and skirt. They both come from the same etymological source–that is, from the Proto-Germanic *skurtjon. The question then is, how did they end up being two words with different pronunciations if they come from the same Germanic source? Another interesting thing to note is that there was a regular phonological sound change in Old English that made /sk/ sound like /ʃ/ (that is, a sh sound). That explains why the word shirt is pronounced the way it is today, but this raises another question of why the word skirt didn’t lose its initial /sk/ and become shirt?

The thing about the English word-stock of Germanic origin is that there are actually two main sources. One is passed down from the original Old English. Such is the case for the word shirt. It went from the Proto-Germanic *skurtjon to the Old English scyrte. The phonological change happened, and so the word was pronounced with a /ʃ/ sound. The word skirt, however, actually entered English through another source–Old Norse. So when the Old Norse word skyrta entered English, this happened after the phonological change happened, and so the word actually retained its initial /sk/ sound.

Jimin is bad at small talk...
  • Jimin: I'm just waiting for someone.
  • Seokjin: Door's broke. This is maybe the fifth time or so it won't open.
  • Jimin: Maybe there's a penny stuck in there.
  • Seokjin: [suspiciously] Why a penny?
  • Jimin: I don't know.
  • Seokjin: Did you stick a penny in there?
  • Jimin: No! I'm just making small talk...
  • Seokjin: If I find a penny in there, I'm taking you down.

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Long time ago I sent Sixpenceee a small note about how all the damn popup ads and stuff on her blog made it super hard to read anything and asked if she could do something about it. She posted a response which completely demonized me and trying to prevent her from making money. It was later removed. Shortly thereafter I started to get a bunch of hate from her followers. I don't have that blog any more for obvious reasons but she (and her followers) acted like I was trying to bankrupt her. (1/2)

I know this isn’t as bad as her blatant non-sourcing and post stealing but the fact of the matter is all I did was suggest maybe she remove SOME ads (not all of them) to make her blog easier to access and she saw it fit to have me spammed with hate until I left. If she’ll do it over something as trivial as that, I can’t imagine how she is with serious things like actual ableism and blatant copyright infringement claims. (2/2)

(side note, anon - download this extension that blocks all ads. thank me later.)

  • [At the mall]
  • Kai: Excuse me? I lost my friend, Damon. Can I please make an announcement?
  • Store clerk: Of course.
  • Kai: *leans into mic*
  • Kai: Goodbye you little shit.
  • [Several Hours Later]
  • Bonnie: Kai, do you know anything about this strange text Damon just sent me?
  • Kai: Course not. If it wasn't obvious Bon, we don't like each other.
  • Bonnie: So you don't know why security had to arrest him for being naked in Toys'r'us?
  • Kai: I might have said a little spell. BUT! I brought home churros...
  • Bonnie: We're still talking about this later... Where did you leave them? In the microwave?
  • [They don't talk about it later.]
when clary is upset & stressed right before taking a training exam, conducted by alec
  • Clary: I want you to tell me!
  • Alec: What?
  • Clary: How to stop bad things from happening.
  • Alec: Doesn't work, does it?
  • Clary: ... I fell in love.
  • Alec, gently: Did you think I didn't know? Love. Why kill demons when you can be in love?
  • Clary: You think passing a training exam will make me happy?
  • Alec: Clary, passing exams generally only makes life more complicated, but there's lots of other stuff that makes things bearable, and you don't even have to use a seraph blade or stele.
  • Clary: ... Like?
  • Alec: Food that Izzy doesn't make.

May I introduce you to Pocket Fi, a tiny, adorable personal assistant created by Z-Raid.

These drawings are not mine! The line art was done by Z-raid, who has given other artists permission to color their work. I only did the coloring.
You can check out their art blog here.
More Pocket Fi here!

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  • Phichit: Yuuri, tonight we're gonna go out, we're gonna win some medals, and we're going to make history. Phone-five!
  • Phitchit: *slaps cell-phone*
  • Phichit: You didn't phone-five, did you?
  • Yuuri: ...
  • Phichit: I know when you don't phone-five, Yuuri.

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Lainey disgusts me as a person I really hope she snaps out of her shell and leaves greg with her kids and stops being a transtrender. Her actions scream immaturity, I don't understand why a child like her decided to have children. Her sex life is more important than her image before her kids. She gives hypocritical advice about lgbt issues. She knows greg isn't a good person but is probably staying with him for the cash and fame but deciding to have kids with a bully? Disgusting.

I mean, her actions partly make sense to me. She’s a child of divorce who dislikes her father, she was obsessed with Greg and idolized him, not only did she get his recognition, but he was an older man with a steady source of income and this was his youtube prime. Then, as a 26 year old, he flirted with her, flew down to see her, and made her feel special.

How long were they together after that before they got married? A year. Then, she got married at 17, was moved super far away from her family, it’s been explained that she only sees them once or twice a year, she got pregnant a year or two later, she has no personal source of income besides selling her clothes, she just got her degree in psychology with no specifications, after taking no internships, and after taking the classes online (I need to check a source for that), she lives a lavish life of having a big house she doesn’t use, tons of cool things she doesn’t use, ‘fans’ to adore her, and everything her kids need.

She never leaves the house except on occasion, her husband publicly shames her and uses her and has cheated on her AND her family’s done nothing.

In all honesty, I get why she doesn’t want to leave Greg. She’s mocked people who live with their parents and would have to go back and live with her mom. She’d have to admit to lying about being trans. She’d lose all her money. She’d separate her family. She’d be left without a job. She’d get hate for faking being trans and leaving Greg.

The thing is, she’s 22. She has her entire life together. She could change her life and the way things are but she won’t.

It just sucks that kids had to be brought into this.

- E

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RvB Season 13 Quote Starters Complete (Warning: Spoilers)
  • "Remember, all good things must come to an end."
  • "You can't rush art."
  • "You'll burn for what you did to me!"
  • "What the fuck is with this guy?!"
  • "No, this is where I, get you..."
  • "Running makes me want you more!"
  • "Something's gotten into you. And I'm gonna rip it out!"
  • "First person to put a bullet through [insert name here]'s head gets double the bonus!"
  • "You can break me, burn me, bury me alive. As long as I'm breathing, it will never be over."
  • "I will hunt you, I will burn you. As long as I'm alive, You're all as good as dead!"
  • "When you die you better be damn sure that those you leave behind can carry on without you."
  • "I would like to quote the great William Shakespeare. But to tell you the truth, I don't think I actually said it."
  • "Survival is earned."
  • "If they deserved to live they'd be strong enough to stop us, and smart enough never to trust anyone."
  • "Fight because you deserve to fucking win!"
  • "I wondered when you would return."
  • "I'm doing this for me."
  • "I'm not a soldier, I'm a monster, like you."
  • "I don't know."
  • "I'm the orignal bad boy/girl"
  • "Hey [insert name here], catch."
  • "I know, I'm going to make things right."
  • "You have made a terrible mistake."
  • "There's only one way to stop it, go to the source."
  • "That would be a direct violation of protocol... Okay."
  • "Hey guys, If you’re hearing this, it means you did it. You won."
  • "In the end, they just have to have faith."
  • "Ain't that a bitch."