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Interview Outtakes

I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicki Minaj. Here are some sections that were cut from my first draft of this cover story for T Magazine. 


Her publicist assures me it won’t be too long and I tell him it’s no problem. When I interviewed Madonna, she was ninety minutes late, which is not name-dropping. I am offering context for why I am so Zen about waiting for Nicki Minaj. I understand that time works differently for famous people.

In the end, Nicki Minaj is remarkably prompt which is to say our meeting begins only about twenty minutes after the scheduled time. The real challenge was in scheduling the interview at all. My editor and Minaj’s team spent quite a long time exchanging e-mails about when and where the interview would take place—in Los Angeles, in Miami, in New York, on this date or that but without an exact time. I finally learned when we would meet upon landing at JFK, mere hours before the appointed time. It was all very exciting for a writer whose days are generally marked by the difficulty of choosing whether to watch Law & Order SVU or Law & Order Criminal Intent.


Her publicist Joe, who will stick around for the entire interview, sits across from me. Earlier, as we waited in the hall just outside the suite, Joe gave me tips on how to talk to Minaj and then, I must confess, I did name drop Madonna because this was not my first rodeo. It was my second. On the coffee table, a laptop records our interview on Minaj’s behalf. I can’t say I blame her. I’m not concerned.


It took a long time to get to that place Minaj tells me, and now, “sonically I know what the album’s about to sound like. I know what this album is gonna mean to my fans. This album is everything in my life coming full circle and me being truly, genuinely happy. It feels almost like a celebration. The last album, the Pink Print was like my diary, closing the chapter on certain things and not knowing if I was happy or sad about beginning new chapters. I was really writing about feeling unsure.”


It’s interesting that Minaj is feeling more confident in herself than ever because I am there to talk about greatness. I am curious how Minaj defines greatness and after a thoughtful pause, she says, “Discipline is one of the things I believe every great has a lot of. I’d [also] put talent, intelligence, and I’d mix it in with the X factor, which is just the thing you can’t really put into words.”


…it is easy to make tawdry assumptions about what she means by closing chapters and new outlooks, but in preparing for our conversation, I was determined to not ask invasive, personal questions. I was determined to not ask stupid questions….I did not delude myself into thinking I would be the one who might crack the Minaj code. She was thoughtful and open but it was crystal clear that she wasn’t going to divulge anything but what she wanted to divulge.


By way of her music and public personas, Minaj has fostered a devoted fan base. She speaks often and lovingly of these fans who are definitely on her mind when she’s making music. So are her peers in the rap game. “When I’m being super lyrical and really pushing my pen, I’ll think about dope rappers and what they’re gonna say when they hear that. Rap is competitive and that’s a good thing. We should push ourselves to compete and I’m a woman and I always want to compete with the greats. There are moments where I say something really funny or really ghetto or cheeky and I’ll be like, oh my fans are gonna crack up about that. Whenever I’m really baring my soul, I always say, oh my god, my fans will go crazy because they appreciate when I just let myself really show… and don’t guard myself.”


I’ll know feminism has succeeded when women can achieve greatness without wading through a lifetime of bullshit first. 

Eclipsa time!

Or maybe I should call her Eris.

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Ok,  Eclipsa’s fans, let me explain that before you destroy me. 

A wild Eclipsa appeared in the new promo…

and starts having a nice chat with Star.

But then the Aven… ehem… the High Commision appears and capture Eclipsa…

And Eclipsa seems like she is… fine with it…

Calm and fine with being captured like Loki was when he wanted to make Hulk destroy the ship sorry if you don’t understand the reference

Of course Star wants an explanation. “Mum, what is this about? She doesn’t seem evil…” So, Moon explains:

What Moon wanted to say with that: she is a selfish woman who chose to elope with THE ENEMY instead of taking care of the people/country she was on charge. I’m sorry, but that makes Eclipsa an HORRIBLE QUEEN; queens are supposed to be selfless and caring and able to think about the people they are on charge before themselves.

What Star understood:

But Star’s acctitude is understandable. First, selfish and irresponsible is not actually the same as evil, also Star is a person who doesn’t know much about politicy since she doesn’t care at all, so she doesn’t get that leave your people when you’re suppose to have duty is bad; then, this revelation only makes her pity Eclipsa. Why? Because Star is selfish and irresponsible too! But Star is not bad, don’t kill me. I have proof.

Yeah, Star, make the subjects have no respect for the royal family and also include a scandal. Great job. You sure would survive the Game of Thrones.

Star only sees someone who is like her, so she developes some empathy for her. And then misses some TINY DETAIL. What was Eclipsa’s chapter about?

If you want to tell me that Eclipsa is NOT EVIL, then please explain me why did she created spells like that.

So, after all this arguement, what we have here, is the side of the “good ones” divided. 

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Can you please explain how the years (like first, second and third) work? And long they're in school for? I'm watching Haikyuu again, when the captain of Date Tech tells the other team members that the third years are going to leave, it confuses me because Karasuno's third years don't leave nor did Seijoh's. Like how does their school work? And if you don't think you can answer this, can you help me find someone who can? Please and thank you.

Hi anon! 

In Japan, high school runs from grades 10 - 12, three years. The school year begins in April and ends in March, with around a month for summer break from late July - early September. Each year is three terms: April - late July; summer vacation; September - to late December (Christmas); winter break; January - March.

Nationals takes place in the third term, after they get back from break. Now, remember from the series two things: 

  • the Dateko third years are a “dud” year, they consider themselves a weak link. After they lose the interhigh, they leave the team in order to let the first and second years grow. 
  • Takeda talks to all the Karasuno third years after the interhigh in June, telling them they can put their studies before volleyball if they choose. However, all decide to stay.

So, when they talk about leaving, they don’t mean leaving school, they just mean not playing in any more games/coming to practice (presumably). The Karasuno/Seijoh third years are vital to both their teams having a shot, so they choose to continue playing, to give the team and themselves a shot at going to/winning Nationals.

BTW here’s an amazing chart of events up to the current point of the manga (so, spoilers, of course)! I did not make this, but I refer to this a LOT when writing – it’s hard to be exactly accurate, but this helps so much!

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Why Did You Decide to Make a Tumblr: To follow all the artists I liked that fled DeviantArt.
Why Did I Pick My URL: It’s based on one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite shows.

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I really like Roman and i’m the last person to point out a player and to say ‘hey! we only lost bc of you’ i’d never do that and also neither did we lose tonight only bc of Roman. We win as a team and we lose a team, always! but what people have to understand is that we conceded the goal bc of him. It was a mistake and it happens like we all do mistakes but I don’t like how the media is keep bashing him and making such a fuss about him I feel like that he kinda lost his confidence bc this season he did very well but since this whole drama from the media started he was both in the RB game and today against Apoel not at his best sadly and that’s pretty sad like look what the media can cost

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Did you hear about the AA Bluray being released in January by Funimation? Seems we're finally getting that dub! So far no casting info though.

yea i did! 

part of me wants a meme dub bc it would make the courtroom segments even funnier, but an intense dub with game cast and everything would be cool too

^do outtakes mean voice acting bloopers?? because i want those

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this blog is such a cool idea how did you come up with it? by the way i love it.

I was about 80 hours into the game and I was tryna hit up as many achievements as possible. I was working on the Sous Chef achievement when I realized that most of them were doable in real life, and a google search showed that no one else was attempting to make all the recipes (there were a few recipes here and there on general gaming food blogs/websites, but otherwise no one who had taken on the challenge for all of them). I started off with the easy ones and as the blog gained some attention I decided I might as well stick for the long run and make as many of them as possible, and now here we are. 

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In LeBlanc, there's a TV that would tell us how the characters from previous Persona games are doing. P5 is my first Persona game, so I didn't understand the significance of these Easter Eggs at first. Do you have your own personal story when you first discovered that the TV was telling you what past characters were up to?

Mostly, I was glad that TV finally cleared up the game’s setting in the timeline, placing it irrefutably in 2016 (since Chie is still in Police Academy and all). The game avoiding to disclose that in order to avert making *too* political a statement had me on edge for a while there, since I’m so obsessed with continuity.

I was super happy to see all these characters are doing well. Rise did exactly what I thought she would be doing and graduated from an idol-career to a genuine diva-career a’la Ayumi Hamasaki, it’s glad to see all the law enforcement Persona Users are doing well, Yukiko seems to be fine, and judged by how he’s on Junes merchandise displayed in the game, Teddie is probably swimming in royalties by now. I was also deeply amused by how Yukari seems to be stuck in being type-cast as the pink ranger now. Yukari Takeba, the Tommy Oliver of Featherman.

Eastereggs like these are always very important to me, since the internal continuity of the universe is vital to how I read and approach the games (hence why I insist on calling the instances of Apathy Syndrome in the games as such, even though most games outside P3 don’t directly use the term). 

The most important thing is to see that all these characters are doing well. Now, seeing them react to what has been happening in Tokyo would have been nice too, but sometimes you just can’t have your cake and eat it.

Still gotta make that fanfic I started writing happen properly…

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Hello, you have been identified as An Awesome Fic Writer™. Congrats, you rock! So that all of your readers can shower you with some extra love today, please tell us your favourite five stories of yours and why you like them and then send this to another five fic authors you think deserve this title! (Also not part of the game... but hello I love you and just thought I'd remind you)

(hello I also love you)

Wow, way to make this tough on me!!!! I’ve written far too many things so here are five that I think I love the most in no particular order:

1) Remember This Moment With Me

I adore this world because of how soft it is (and also how sad?). I really wanted to try and make it realistic to the human aspect of it all with their feelings and I felt like I did fairly well here. 

2) World Unknown

For a long time I had been living with World Unknown in private until I decided I should share it with the world. Maybe that’s why I like this story so much. Because it’s something I’d worked really hard on and I’m really happy that so many people loved it so much. I also really liked getting to write the slow burn of course hehe 

3) Stars Lean In A Little Closer (All Because of You)

You don’t know me if you don’t think this is one of my favorite daddy Killian/fluff oneshots I’ve ever written because I think about this story like all the time. I love how soft and loving it is. That’s always my favorite aspect of Daddy Killian to write. :)

4) Let’s Just Be Us

I’m not going to lie I love this because of the edit I made haha but I also re-read this story a lot because apparently I’m garbage and I love the celebrity trope and secret dating?? And ekforever is me everyday c’mon

5) Can You Feel It Right Now?

I meannnnn fake married trope with daddy Killian and slow burn and moments that even have me going yes finally! I think this one will always be a favorite just because of how cozy it is with a setting like Christmas in a small town.

wussup i was tagged by @sanhatation and @illustre-bin to do this voice tag or whatever u call it thanks yall i love u so much ur both adorable as frick (also yeah i did a video too not because im incompetent but bc i’m hoping the fact that im Cute makes up for my goblin voice lmao !)

Questions !

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  • What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
  • What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?
  • What do you call gym shoes?
  • What do you call your grandparents?
  • What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
  • What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
  • Choose a book and read a passage from it.
  • Do you think you have an accent?
  • Be a wizard or a vampire?
  • Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?
  • End audio post by saying any THREE words you want.

and i’ll be tagging @arohawe @laisgrl @lost-tearss @pupkitty-moonbin love u guys have a gt 

also side note i’m aware that i say grandpa twice nd sorry to disappoint but i don’t have gay grandpas i meant to say grandma oops !

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Back when I played the games I liked Green/Lyra but seeing your art made me ship Green/Leaf so hard and now I'm deep in conflictshipping hell but there's hardly any fanfiction/fanart, they're all pokespe and it's not the same asdfghjkl I love your interpretations of their personalities and how badass your Leaf is and I'd love to see more of your conflictshipping headcanons! Oh just out of curiosity, what do you make of Red's character? Do you think of him as Leaf's sibling/twin/friend...?

i agree they totally arent the same!!!!!!!!!! for red i dont include him cuz the game doesnt mention one protag if you choose the other + i like the idea of leaf and green being the only kids in pallet town!!! if i ever did he would probably be leafs weird cousin or somethingjhfdk

ill put some headcanons (mostly for when theyre younger) under the cut!!! ➭

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Hey Neni, would you consider doing a Myers Briggs chart for the P5 cast? The P4 one was quite interesting.

And it’d be fun to do! The thing is, when I did the P4 chart, I’d already been messing around with the P4 characters in my head for years and years, making it feel quite natural to me to type them. I don’t feel like I can do the P5 cast justice the same way quite yet (the anime adaptation might help, since it’s gonna offer me a counterpoint characterization to compare that of the game against.)

Also, there’s also the fact that I view MBTI as more of a list of personality archetypes that people can use to contextualize their own situation, rather than an actual, serious diagnosis. Last time I did MBTI tables, a lot of people who take MBTI got very offended at me for, example, casting villains in types that they self-identify as, even though all I did was trying to classify fictional characters’ personality archetypes in a harmless way. There was also one especially “interesting” (read: hilarious) incident with one individual, who disputed my MBTI typing of Ace Attorney’s Apollo Justice on basis of his *super powers*, rather than his personality-

I’m rambling. Anyway, as fun as it’d be to do an MBTI chart on the Phantom Thieves, I don’t see that happened until, at earliest, after the Anime adaptation has aired. 

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I think it's stupid how people are hating on the in game Mercy or trying to make CA! Mercy her mentor, because he's a black male. Let her be her own character, not because she's a female, but because she is strong in who she is. CA! Mercy could be his own character as well or maybe even been inspired by Angela to join Overwatch as a result of seeing the good it and she did for humanity and omnics. It'd be great to see her provide support and inspire someone else to use their abilities for good.

Or! CA!Mercy as a former Overwatch member who used to work with Mercy as an OW Medic, but after OW got banned he joined Talon (So he ends up as our first Talon Support character).

-Mod Bastion


@witchnyx made a post about roleswap au months ago and i hadn’t gotten out of my head since;;

lissa is a pegasus knight and chrom is a pseudo-mercanary and both mess around constantly as prince frederick wonders why he even has guards when they accidentally hurt each other more than their foes