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Hearken to me, haters of Erik, antishippers of E/C:
“If I am the Phantom it is because man’s hatred has made me so and if I am to be saved it is because your love redeems me.”
Or in the musical the fact that when the Phantom first tells Christine he loves her… It is also the very last thing he tells her.
Or the fact that Erik in fact happily dies of a broken heart since he loves her so much and she gave him everything with so little. The fact that he never won, he never knew any kindness and he had to go through some extremely dark places and still – still he could believe in love and beauty, after a life where he’d had neither. 

Erik is not a villain. Erik is no evil mastermind. He is a dreamer beaten down, a lover of beauty mocked by fate, a pure heart delving in loneliness, a magnificent mind held back by the sorrowful reality of the body. 

And he wasn’t about taking, not until everything went wrong, not after he was redeemed. He was gentle and he wanted to give Christine everything. He did not care about fame or money – all that was for her. But in the end he gave her everything by letting her leave with the Vicomte.

All he ever asked for? 
A normal life. A living bride. Someone to touch him and not die.

This gif is from the triumph commonly known as the 25th anniversary. Ramin honours Erik’s character with his Final Lair scene. And Sierra does the same for Christine. This gif destroys me softly. Christine stops to glance back one last time and this is what the Phantom does. Nods. Let’s her go. Acknowledges that everything went wrong, that he “loved her too much and dived too deep”. She knows this, too. But that doesn’t stop love. In fact, it makes it spark, bloom, shine. This is the moment they both finally see clearly. (//In the book this moment is the one where E/C cry together.)

This right here is what makes The Phantom of the Opera a tragedy. Not the murders, not Erik’s own demise, not his spiralling into hurtful madness. The tragedy of his character comes out in the light of his redemption. The tragedy of all-consuming love which is unfulfilled and still gives all, takes life, makes one human. 

This kind of love story never gets old. Innocent and easy as Christine and Raoul’s love might’ve been, their story alone wouldn’t have lived this long. PotO is the Ghost’s love story, and love he did, with a fervour unequaled. And that took the courage of a hero, as did seeing clearly, as did letting her go. The Phantom of the Opera is the hero of his own story, and he never knew it.

Part 1 :Jeff Atkins series

“Y/N!” Hannah yelled running up to me to caught up making me giggle.
“Hey Chica”
“ Did you know the Baseball team is having a little puff league? To raise money and I think you should do it”
“ A little what?” I answering sincerely confused
“ You know like a baseball game for us girls to play the guys are gonna be coaches and stuff like that at least that’s what I heard ”
“Ohh” i said rolling my eyes as I saw her intentions she knew I had a crush on the oh so infamous player Jeff Atkins but then again who didn’t?
“So then by "us girls ” you mean your doing it to?“ I shot back
"Heck no that’s not my thing but I will go support you ”
“ oh yeah right, because I’m totally gonna do that”
“Why not? Ahhh,,, it little miss Y/N turning into a chicken”
That certainly caused me to glare at her if there was one thing I couldn’t turn down it way a taut or challenge ,and Hannah knew this all to well.
“How about if you do it I’ll be your personal cheerleader and monets on me for the next month ?” Hannah proposed.
“Well you do know how much I like free drinks… hmmm ok fine I’m probably gonna lose on my first attempt anyway ”
“That a girl come on lets go sign you up ”
I smiled as we linked arms and walked into the school building towards our lockers.
“Hey helmet ” Hannah called as she saw Clay walking in front of us.
“Oh hey Hannah, and Y/N”
I simply Smiled.
“So Helmet, you going to that little baseball thing?”
You smirking seeing her interest and clays oblivion.
Clay shrugged walking with you two ,“ I don’t know probably not but, knowing Jeff he’ll most likely make me go”
That made Hannah nudge me in the side and made me roll my eyes.
“Well I’m gonna go sign up Humans see you later”, I said seeing the sign up table and getting a weird third wheeling feel.
They both said bye as I walked toward the table once there I saw only Montgomery and Bryce sitting there probably to hit on girl I thought.
“ Well would you look at who we have here” Bryce said making me give a nonchalantly smile. And making Montgomery perk up and grin at me.
“Well hi there ” he winked making me feel repulse, I saw Him do this daily he would hit on anything with boobs and an ass.
“ you signing up Y/N? Funny how you sign up for this but never sign up for on of my party’s” Bryce said smiling
“Yeah not my things ” I answered reaching for the pen which Montgomery took off the table
“Why not talk to us first a little before signing up? Who know we might be the ones coaching you” he taunted with the pen
“I Would rather no-” I started but got cut off
“Come on guys give her the pen and quit bugging her then we won’t raise any money ” Jeff told the guys in his cool natural state only making them smirk and raise an eyebrow. When I turned to face him he smiled and handed me the pen Montgomery handed him I signed the sheet basically simple bring 5 bucks after school first name last initial and phone number I and handed the pen back to him
“No problem, see you there Y/L”
I slightly smiled and walked away slight crush struck was that a word no did I care no,, and then it hit me how the heck did he know my name? I thought we never spoke before… he was a grade above mine.
~~skip to lunch because I have writers block

“Hi human amigos” I said sitting out side with clay and Hannah
“ Y/N” clay said
“ munchkin ” Hannah replied rolling her eyes playfully.
“How did signing up go?” She asked
“Umm, ok I guess kinda weird”
“ why weird?” Clay cut in
“Oh umm I’m not sure someone knew my name and it was strange to me that’s all”
“Oh I see ”
“ I mean you did sign your name right? That’s probably why” Hannah cut in
“No it was my last name and I only but my initial” I answered taking a bit of the small pack of fruit salad I had.
“ who was it?”
“No one ” I said “Hannah’s probably right ”
“It’s Atkins ” she answers nonchalantly making me shot death glares and of if looks could kill
“Ohhh” clay said “you do know he knows how you are right? ” he said grinning slight knowledge this making me cock my head simply showing a no with slight irritation he noticed that but not Hannah wow I thought they’re something different
“Ok, so I tutor Jeff in the library and one time we saw you run in there with Hannah hiding from someone or something like that I’m not sure well he asked me who you where since he never seen you around that he’d seen Hannah at a few party’s but not you and I told him your name and stuff”
“Why didn’t you ever tell me this ”
“I told Hannah at work once but don’t think she was paying attention”
We both turned to her as she was lost in he own world smiling and picking at her food
“See” he told me making me laugh
“yeah ”
“speaking of the devil” Clay said out of no where more to himself than to us.
“Hey guys ” Jeff said sitting at your table out of nowhere making Hannah snap back.
“Hi Atkins”
“Hello Baker, and Miss Y/N”
“What’s up Jeff?” Clay asked making Jeff turn away from Hannah and myself.
“Oh right I have to cancel today’s tutor group or push it back since we group up for the puff baseball thing today ”
“ oh ok that’s fine it’s up to you we can meet up after or tomorrow ”
When you heard tomorrow you slightly turned to Hannah clay ways gonna help you tomorrow.
“Afters good” Jeff answered slightly to your disappointment

(A/N: HA bet you thought I was gonna make it the same day btw make it drama or make it fluff? Message me and let me know please!)

“Ok it’s settled” he said standing up and going to. “Oh and see you on the field Y/L don’t let me down that means don’t be late and win for me "he joked smiling and winked? Walking away,,, did Jeff Atkins wink at me? He was messing around right? Was it in my head? I turned to Hannah and Clay who where both grinning from ear to ear "oh god” I thought knowing I was flushed “this is gonna be a long day”

hi there,
hope you guys had a spooky halloween and an awesome inktober! it has been a busy month. here are the top 3 things that robbed my energy:

got a full-time job
moved to a new place
broken scanner~ it died just before inktober started so i wasn’t able to scan the pieces and get them nice and clean. still,it was a fun challenge and i hope you guys enjoyed it as much as i did! really looking forward to next year ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

thx for hanging around and see you soon!

btw: this is a small animation of one of my inktober pieces. you can have a look at the original here. i’ve spent way too much time on ed~ but seeing him come to life -at least a little bit- is making me so damn happy<3 i plan to do a few more inktober-animations and maybe there’ll be some colorations too so stay tuned!

                           KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 2

“the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time”

A/N: Let me just say how fucking amazed I am that so many of you enjoyed/loved part one of soul mate! I honestly did not expect that many of you to, let alone, want another part/mini series! Thank you so much for the support (?) and I truly hope you enjoy this part. I thought to make things a bit slow here since I may just make this into a mini series kind of fic! Let me know what you think! BTW, the temperature is considered to be in fahrenheit (sorry if you use celsius!) [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.4K+

Warning: Cursing…that’s about it? Kylo nearly punches a whole in a table, but I think we’re good.


“You are mine.” His last words plagued your thoughts, echoing throughout your mind and sending shivers down your spine. “You are mine.” The force he had put on the word ‘mine’ terrified you, as if you had been some sort of…object? As if you were something that he could keep on display in his room for the galaxy–or just him–to see. “Mine.” You gulped at the way the word rolled off of his tongue, the amount of possession being enforced. Those three words haunted you, your heart now in your throat as the amount of pressure from its pounding vibrated through your ears. I am no ones, but my own.

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Word count: 954

Part 1

“What are you talking about?” You asked Elena, completely beffudled. You couldn’t even think straight because of all the alcohol you drank. It was one of many girls night out you, Bonnie, Caroline and Elena had. It was always funny, goofying around, and od course asking eachother inappropriate questions. Yeah it was true you didn’t have a boyfriend in a while, but hooking up with a guy for one night is not the best idea. Especially if you’re drunk.

‘Oh, c'mon! You’ll thank me later. No not later. Tomorrow.’ Elena said, putting her arm on your shoulder, laughing more than it was actually funny.

‘You guys are so drunk. And crazy’ you said and got up, heading to the restrooms. As if being drunk wasn’t doing any favours to you, you felt like someone’s following you. Watching your every step. Since the moment you walked into Mystic Grill to the moment you ordered your first drink. You tried to convince yourself it was just in your imagination and a consequence of too much alcohol in your blood stream.

'Guys, I think I’m gonna head home.’
'Already?’ Caroline asked, pouting.
'Yeah, I don’t feel well and I have to get up early tomorrow.’
'Party pooper’ Elena said, and danced at the same time. You just laughed before taking your jacket and your purse, walking out of the Grill, chilly spring breeze hitting your face. You wrapped your arms around yourself as you walked through dark-ish streets of Mystic Falls.
You’ve never walked this slow in your life. Thank god you weren’t wearing heels because who knows how the hell you’d get home. Maybe with a broken ankle. Or barefoot. Yes, definitely barefoot.

You finally reached your house, taking out your keys and unlocking the door, stumbling over your own feet.

'Dammit!’ You mumled, throwing your purse on the couch and took off your shoes. Entering your bedroom, you took your clothes off and put on your PJ before heading to the bathroom to brush your teeth. Suddenly you hear a noise. Like someone knocked over a lamp.

'Hello?’ You asked, now fear going through your body. 'Is anybody there?’ No response. You quickly rinsed and went to your bedroom, getting into your bed.
Minutes passed and you tried to forget about what just happened so you turned off the light and rolled onto the other side, falling asleep.

Even in your sleep you felt like someone’s right beside you, watching your every move, even whispering something in your ear or touching your arm, painfully, touching your arm. You quickly opened your eyes and you could’ve sworn you saw a dark figure standing in front of your bedroom window. You shook your head and went back to sleep, trying not to think about it anymore because it would either keep you up all night or make you call someone to keep you company until you fall asleep.


'You guys are rude’ you almost whispered, hungover taking over your body. Every word, every step, every whisper just felt too loud. Hightened.
'There, now you know how vampires feel when everything is heightened’ Caroline said, laughing.
'Ha ha, very funny.’
'Hey, that guy over there’ she pointed at him (wow), 'is looking at you. Like all the time.’ You turned around and smiled at him.
'Maybe I should-’
'No!’ Bonnie snapped at you, making you, Elena and Caroline look at her in confussion.
'Why not?’ You asked.
'Remember that guy Damon and I met in prison world?’
'You mean the one who killed his own family and is a complete sociopath?’
'Bingo. That’s him. Kai Parker. So, y/n, stay away from him unless you want to end up like his family did.’
'Noted.’ You said, assuring Bonnie you’d stay away from him, feeling frightened now more than ever because you had nothing to protect yourself with. Well, you did have magic. Bonnie taught you some of the spells, but you were far from being as good as Bonnie.

Girls left, leaving you alone at Mystic Grill. You need some time on your own. You were writing something in your notebook when you heard a male voice.

'Hi gorgeous’

You looked up and saw him. Malachai freaking Parker. The worse of the worst. Your heart started beating like crazy, even though you kept telling yourself to calm down. He would never do anything that would make him to reveal himself in front of all these people. Right?

'I… I gotta go.’ You stuttered, trying to get up, but his hand gripped your shoulder, feeling the pain you’ve never experienced in your life before. It made you sit down again, squirm under his grip. He let you go after a few seconds, the pain completely disappearing.

'What… what the hell did you just do to me?’ You gasped.

'Oh, I just siphoned some of your magic. Thanks for that btw. Hey, how do you know Bonnie?’ He asked, taking some of the leftover fries you had on your plate.

'Siphoned? What does that even mean?’

'I just showed you what it means, duh.’ He said, laughing, crossing his arms.

'Yeah, I don’t have time for this so..’ you got up but he caught your arm again, this time without siphoning.

'Tell your friends, if I don’t get what I want, I’ll siphon every single part of magic you have in your body and let me tell you, it doesn’t end well. Oh and, thanks for that little part of you. It was very refreshing.’ He said, getting up and walking out of the grill, leaving you stumped and very confused. You grabbed all your stuff and quickly went to Salvatore’s house, knowing everyone will be there.

something borrowed (jongin)
word count: 1194 w.
genre: mild!dirtytalking, slight!smut
summary:  jongin thinks his girlfriend looks great in swarovski chokers.

The bedroom door creaked open as an exhausted Jongin beelined to the bed. He requested his manager to drop him right off your apartment. These past few days just drained Jongin’s energy with the late-night practices, endless gayo’s and their cramped schedule.

He needed to recharge somehow and what other thing would be great for filling up his energy other than spending time with his precious girlfriend. That was why Jongin, now stretching his limbs, didn’t bother to change into casual clothes. Being all dirty and not tidied up before going to bed was your pet peeve and Jongin was well-aware of that. He’s expecting some rants later on, but he knows how you easily fall weak for his kisses.

Speaking of the devil, were were you?

Still in his stage clothes, Jongin pulled out his phone from his pocket and dialled your number. You probably went out with some friends since it was a holiday, but you always told Jongin if you had events to attend.

Jongin felt vibrations running through his leg from underneath. He flipped the duvet to find your phone laying there. “I can’t believe she left her phone home again.”

Just then, a click was heard from the bathroom door, unlocking it. You brushed off some lints that stuck on the plaid skirt you were wearing.

“Why are you here?” You eyed your boyfriend who scrambled on the bed, trying to sit up straight.

Taking a glimpse at the latter’s outfit, Jongin stuttered, “Why are you wearing that?”

Cold sweat started accumulating on his forehead. You were wearing a high-waisted plaid skirt that accentuated your waist and a fit white blouse. Kink shaming would embarrass the hell out of him, but here was his fantasy coming true. It was unlike Jongin to voice out his thoughts. However, tonight might be an exception.

“Oh, this?” You looked down on your outfit before meeting Jongin’s piercing gaze. You could sense how there was a sudden shift of mood.

“You see, Kyungsoo’s girlfriend was having a hard time walking earlier in the office. She didn’t tell me why but instead, she gave me this skirt.” Pointing out the item, you tried hard retain your cheery expression.

“And the blouse?”

You replied, “It’s been sitting around in the cabinet for months. It matches well with the skirt, don’t you think?”

Jongin only hummed in response. Tension was building up between the both of you and it made you uneasy. Your mouth went agape then added, “She was sore, by the way. I think it’s Kyungsoo’s fault.”

Tilting his head, Jongin patted on the space beside him on the bed. You gladly complied.

“Hey, you’re still wearing your stage clothes.” It irked you how chilly it was outside and Jongin wore nothing underneath his coat. “It’s dirty! You should change before–”

“Your outfit’s dirty, princess. But you don’t hear me complaining about it,” Jongin growled, leaning in for a closer look. “Hmm, you’re fucking hot.”

Your back collided with the duvet in the blink of an eye as Jongin’s broad frame hovered above you. You spot Jongin’s sinewy muscles peeking below the unbottoned coat. Blood started rushing downwards to god knows where when Jongin swiped a few strands of your hair and tucked it gently behind your ear.

“Jongin, s-stop.”

Jongin darkly chuckled over his girlfriend’s stammering. “Do you really want me to stop, princess?”

You fixated your line of sight at Jongin biting his lips. The way his pink tongue glided on his lower lip, making it glisten under the light sent chills down your spine. “I’m gonna ask again.”

This time, his voice was low but stern, demanding command. “Do you want me to stop, princess?”

“No,” you continued, “But, Jongin–”

“Address me correctly, princess.”

You quickly grasped onto his hint. You linked your arms around Jongin’s neck, lessening the distance between their faces. You smirked, “Yes, daddy.”

“Good girl,” Jongin said, his smile, sinister. “How about we let the world know who’s daddy’s baby girl?”

“Do you like that, princess?” You nodded in agreement.

His face descended, targeting your neck. Jongin had a thing for marking his possessions. And it was evident on how Jongin lips lightly nibbled on your neck as you hummed in amusement. Soft whimpers exited your mouth when Jongin started sucking on your neck in a harsh manner.

You fist Jongin’s hair, tugging it as he started to roll his hips while sucking and biting your neck earnestly. Your gasp turned into a choked moan, “Fuck yes, daddy. More.”

“You don’t know how many nights I craved for you. But, fuck,” Jongin lifted your right leg and pushed down on you, creating more friction. More red blotches marked their way down your neck. His raspy voice can make you come right then and there, but you had to save the best for last.

He went on, “Daddy will make sure princess will feel good tonight.”

“I’ll fuck you so hard tonight, you’ll be walking funny like Kyungsoo’s girlfriend tomorrow.”

“Shit, daddy.” You breathed, “Can you come inside my mouth? I want to taste you.”

“Of course, princess. We’re gonna put your pretty mouth into good use.”

Another high pitched whimper escaped from your mouth as Jongin’s fingers applied pressure, rubbing your clothed slit. “You just love being daddy’s little bitch, don’t you?”

“Fuck yeah.” You shamelessly moaned, thrusting harder and faster on Jongin’s palm.

Suddenly, Jongin pinned your hips down just when heat started building below your stomach. He removed his hand, emerging from under your plaid skirt. Jongin eyes seemed to darken more as he stared at you.

He glanced at his fingers, a sheen of wetness coating it from the juices that seeped through your panties.

“Be a good girl and taste yourself.”

You enveloped your mouth around your boyfriend’s digits. You sucked lightly on your juices before giving his fingers a lick or two to finish up. “Did I make you hard, daddy?”

“You always do, baby girl.”

Jongin reached behind his neck, unlatching his Swarovski diamond choker. Then, he lifted your head for leverage so he could wrap the choker around your neck which was now covered in red markings of different sizes.

“It completes your whole outfit.” Jongin raised his brow. A sense of mischief veiled his tone.

He questioned, “You know what looks best on you, princess?”

Jongin whispers coyly in your ear, “Me.”

note: side story to my other kyungsoo drabble. btw, i wrote this for a friend bc she’s a thirsty hoe (like me tbh) | masterlist

I wanna make this a small series but I want to know what y'all think first. So please let me know if I should keep going.

Btw, Happy Mothers Day!

Please Don’t

“I really fucked up this time, Sammy. I really did.” Dean whispered.


“Hey, baby. Where are you going?” I asked as Dean grabbed his jacket and keys. “Out.” He said quickly. “It’s 2 in the morning. Where the hell do you need to be this late in the night?” I was getting furious. Where the hell did he need to be? “Y/N, I’m just going out. I’ll be back later. Bye.” Just like that he was gone. Without an explanation, a kiss goodbye, or an ‘I love you’. Just like that he was gone.

Few weeks ago Dean had started to act funny. He was…distant. He changed. We changed. He would no longer kiss my lips in the early morning to wake me up. He would no longer sneak up behind me and kiss my cheek as he pulled me into his warm embrace. He would no longer hold me tight and whisper into my ear that everything was going to be okay. He would no longer wipe my tears when everything felt as though the world beneath me was crumbling. He would no longer do any of it. Nothing.

And the worse part of it all? He knew you knew that everything you guys shared, would no longer exist.

“Hey, y/n?” Sammy’s voices brought you back to reality. “You okay?” You didn’t even realize you were still in the library where you had last seen Dean. “Hey.” You turned to see Sam standing next to you with his hand on your shoulder.
You couldn’t hold it in anymore. You just couldn’t. “It hurts so bad, Sam.” You cried into his plaid shirt.
At first he was shocked but he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you in tight. “Everything’s gonna be alright, y/n. Whatever it is. Dean and I will make it better. I promise.” He rubbed circle patterns on your back to erasure you that what he was saying was true. Little did he know that the cause of your pain was Dean, himself.
You were laying in your bed with Sam sitting on the edge of it. Patiently waiting for you to calm down and talk to him.
“He hates me, Sam.” You finally said with a raspy voice. But you still hadn’t made eye contact with him. “Dean?” You nodded holding back tears. “Why would you say that?” He asked. “Oh come on, Sam. Don’t you see it?” You were yelling now. Sitting up, looking directly into his eyes and releasing whatever tears you had left.
“Don’t you get it? He doesn’t look at me the same way. He doesn’t kiss me anymore. He doesn’t wake up next to me anymore. He doesn’t touch me anymore. He-” you couldn’t breathe. “He doesn’t l-love me anymore.” You cried out. Covering you face with your hands.
Sam couldn’t and didn’t say anything else. He knew that Dean was pushing you away. But he didn’t know what he was doing to her. To see the girl he saw as a sister falling apart in front of him and not being able to do anything. It killed him.
He watched you sleep and slowly leaned down and kissed your forehead. Getting up slowly and walked out of your room and closed the door behind him.

That’s when he heard Dean walk in. But he wasn’t alone.

“Stay quiet, baby.” He whispered to the annoying high pitched giggling chick he was holding.

“Dean?” Dean looked up to see Sam standing in the middle of the library. “Hey ya, Sammy.” Was he seriously drunk? Sam thought.
“You’ve got to be kidding me?” Sam asked him. “You need to leave.” “Wait, what? Dean, do something!” The girl yelped to Dean. But Dean couldn’t hear her. “Dean!” Both Sam and the girl yelled for his attention. But no answer.

Sam turned to see Dean staring at you crying. You couldn’t speak. Or move. You just watched the sight in front of you.

“Y/N.” Dean breathed out.

“Dean?” You whispered.


(Part two??)

Thank you all so much!!! I cant believe i am making this post?? i find it crazy that 3k people liked me enough to follow me! (i have 3k+ now bc i waited awhile to make this lmao oops!)

This might end up not being that big of a list of my faves/mutuals. im not sure what my plan is, so bare with me.

~ Special Shout Outs ~

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hello everyone! i’m late with this and pretty much the holidays are over but that doesn’t stop me for posting this. i’m grateful for this blog and the people that follow it which surprises me a lot. i consider you all mutuals so i won’t pin point who is what and so on and also excuse the quality of the pic. i’m hoping you all will have a great year!

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