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                           KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 2

“the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time”

A/N: Let me just say how fucking amazed I am that so many of you enjoyed/loved part one of soul mate! I honestly did not expect that many of you to, let alone, want another part/mini series! Thank you so much for the support (?) and I truly hope you enjoy this part. I thought to make things a bit slow here since I may just make this into a mini series kind of fic! Let me know what you think! BTW, the temperature is considered to be in fahrenheit (sorry if you use celsius!) [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.4K+

Warning: Cursing…that’s about it? Kylo nearly punches a whole in a table, but I think we’re good.


“You are mine.” His last words plagued your thoughts, echoing throughout your mind and sending shivers down your spine. “You are mine.” The force he had put on the word ‘mine’ terrified you, as if you had been some sort of…object? As if you were something that he could keep on display in his room for the galaxy–or just him–to see. “Mine.” You gulped at the way the word rolled off of his tongue, the amount of possession being enforced. Those three words haunted you, your heart now in your throat as the amount of pressure from its pounding vibrated through your ears. I am no ones, but my own.

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Author’s note: Thank You @justang6 for sending me this super cute prompt, I love it! And I hope you do too! It was so much fun two write. I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors, ily all! Xoxoxo :3

Prompt: Could you do an one shot of the reader cooking dinner, and Pietro coming along and flirts with her as she is cooking dinner; trying to distract her, taking the brownie batter wiping it on her face. Major fluff and her father (Tony) walks in and says “that’s where we eat. Take out it is.”

(((Oh, and BTW, there is going to be a lot of fluff in this so be ready for cuteness overload)))


“Make Out or Take Out?”

Pietro always did this. You would even tell him that he is not allowed in the kitchen when you are cooking because he never lets you focus on what you are doing. You told him that he was not to come in until after you were done, but then he wanted a glass of juice…and he never left.

“Pietro…” You groaned whilst trying to make sure that the stir fry that you were cooking wasn’t burning. His lips were pressed against your neck and his large arms were wrapped around your torso, his hands resting on your hips. You hadn’t been dating for very long, just a week or two. Your father, Tony Stark, didn’t really like it all that much, but he still wanted you to be happy so he tried not to bother you about it. You had kissed Pietro a few times, but nothing too crazy, you guys were taking it rather slow.

“I-I can’t cook like this, you have to stop.” You said, though you couldn’t fight the smile that graced your lips.

He pulled away just enough to see your face. “Ah, but I see that you are smiling. You do not want me to stop, not really.”

You swatted his arm and pushed him away lightly, averting you eyes to the now black veggies in the pan.

“Damn,” You mutter, and turn off the stove and go back to the cutting board to cut more onions and bell peppers.

Pietro stood on the tips of his toes and looked around the room, like he wanted something to do. “I can help you, if you need me too?”

You laugh at the thought. “No, no. You have no sense of time, you can never tell when the food is done or not and you end up pulling it out early because you grow impatient. That, and it’s probably not a good idea to have you in the kitchen with me any more than you have to be.”

Pietro came up to you and forced to you look at him, and as soon as you see him you almost melt. His blue eyes are drooping down at he is looking at you through his eyelashes, he even has his bottom lip puffed out. Something as cliché and childish really shouldn’t have made you crumble, but he was just so…so damn cute.

“Fine!” You gave up, then pointed to the counter area next to you. “I’ll handle the dinner, and you can make the brownies, okay?”

Pietro kissed you on both cheeks within a second, then zoomed all over the kitchen getting all of the supplies needed to make the dessert.

“So, why the big dinner anyway?” Pietro asked as he read the back of the brownie package.

“My dad, Bruce, Nat, Clint, and Steve are coming over. They offered to get take out for dinner, but I thought that it would be nice for me–I mean us— to make it instead.”

Pietro walked over and squeezed you cheeks like a grandmother to a child. “I must tell you darling, you are so cute when you get determined.”

You roll your eyes and blush, then go back to cutting the veggies.

A refreshing quiet fell over the kitchen, well, at least it was refreshing to you. Pietro found any sort of calm unnerving. His blue eyes darted from side to side as he mixed the brownie mix, looking for something to say or do to break the silence.

Pietro dipped his finger into the brown, sticky mix and grinned.

You felt something gooey hit your cheek, and right away you knew what it was. You slowly reached up and ran your fingers over he the chocolate goo sighed.

Pietro was looking away from you and was whistling while he mixed the batter. He was whistling.

“Pietro…” You said in a low, yet humored voice.

“Yes, baby?” He answered innocently, still not looking at you.

You walked over to him and wrapped your arms around his shoulders, holding him in place. “You wouldn’t know how I got brownie mix on my face, right?”

He looked up at the ceiling, still not meeting your eyes. “Now, why would I know something like that Y/N?”

Quickly, while he was looking in the other direction, you grabbed a handful of the brownie batter and smeared it across the young Avenger’s face.

He sat there in shock for a second, allowing you to ran out into the dinning area of the kitchen with the dinning table.

“Y/N!” Pietro shouted, then in a flash he was by your side.

You screamed out of surprise and laughed at his face, which was smothered with brown mix.

He caught you with his arms around your waste and pulled you towards him.

“No!” Your shouted as he rubbed his face over your shoulders and face.

You reached up and dragged your finger along his cheek, then stuck it in you mouth. The mix did taste really good.

You both smiled at each other, and then he leaned in and pressed his lips against yours. Pietro lifted you up and set you on the kitchen table, then he deepened the kiss. His hand knotted in your hair and pulled you closer to him, making you moan against his lips. He smiled and parted his lips more, making the whole thing more urgent.

You heard someone clear their throat, and you looked up to see your dad, Tony Stark, with his arms crossed and his eyebrow cocked up.

“That’s where we eat.” Tony said, pointing to the table that was currently under your butt. He looked around the kitchen, taking in the fact that nothing was actually cooked and that brownie mix was everywhere. Sighing, he said, “Well, take out it is.”

did you see that shooting star tonight? - a tododeku playlist (listen here)

(were you dazzled by the same constellation?)

creds for cover art: https://ammeja.tumblr.com/post/139322787650/they-spent-the-day-together (who has great art btw if you’re a fan of bnha you should definitely check it out !!)

this mix is so sappy but so is tododeku let’s be honest

tracklist under cut

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