i did not know she was such a shitty person

remember how during the year that never was that woman sold martha out, but when things were back to normal martha brought her flowers because she understood why she did it and still respected her

even as so much of the fandom was hating on martha like mad, martha jones herself refused to villainize other women for the choices they made in difficult circumstances. and the more brilliant and badass and wonderful martha is, the sadder it makes people look for hating on her.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:bighit never gave a shit about GLAM, they never gave a shit and they never gave them anything and they gave bangtan EVERYTHING. GLAM had so much potential there was so much talent and personality in that group and they were given such interesting concepts but they never had a decent promotion schedule or even a proper album - not even a mini album - and they were failed by bighit. Remember that, GLAM did not fail they were failed by bighit and we know this because when we look at bangtan we can see that they have regular promotions (arguably too regular) and have been releasing multitrack albums since day one and they are doing fine meanwhile GLAM disbanded to very little fanfair having not promoted properly since before bangtan debuted. Yes, once bangtan started bringing in the cash bighit lost the last shred of interest they had in GLAM but you can't tell me that they really cared before, not like they care about bangtan. And before you start about how Dahee sunk the group or w/e, Dahee's blackmail scandal was a symptom of bighit failing to promote GLAM properly, not the cause because if she'd been making regular money she wouldn't be in massive debt to them and desperate for cash and yeah she shouldn't have done it but please don't act like it's not easy to see why she thought it was her only option. So I wish Jinhee, Jiyeon, Miso and yeah even Dahee and Soojin the best of luck, but I'm always gonna be angry that they were never allowed to fulfill their true potential
I once fell in love with a girl who literally broke my heart into a million tiny pieces. But even after all the tears I still found myself in love with her . It was like no matter how many times she hurt me, I’d always find a reason to forgive her. Whenever people would tell me she was a shitty person I’d get mad and defensive. Like you don’t know her, she doesn’t mean to hurt me. I mean what do you expect she was my first everything. Literally she was my everything. I was so in love with her I never thought anything she did was wrong or I tried to justify all her actions. It took me awhile but eventually I realized I didn't deserve to be treated that way. Like it wasn’t okay. I realized that if she really did love me she wouldn’t of treated and hurt me the way she did. Sometimes loving somebody just isn’t enough. It just breaks my heat to see people bent out of shape over a person who isn’t worth shit. Nobody deserves that. You should be with somebody who wants to have you and treats you like you deserve to be treated. That acts like you put the stars in the sky and looks at you with no fear. Somebody who really loves you. Never forget indecision is in fact a decision. You deserve happiness, don’t settle for somebody who only has you around when it convenient for them.
—  mylifeasiblowit11
Zoe Quinn Catch-all

This is gonna be pretty much all my thoughts on this ordeal, so unless something else huge comes out on it, this’ll be the last thing I write about it. This is everything I have taken away from the events that have unfolded.

  • Did she do the stuff she’s being accused of? Who knows, but given that she pretended to be ‘hacked’ and her recent movement towards 'it doesn’t matter what I did’, I think she probably did. So she’s emotionally abusive, dishonest, and a shitty person.
  • Game Journalism is even worse than I thought it was. If Grayson worked for any real outlet he’d already be out on his ass, but game journalism seems to think they’ll all evaporate if any of them are proven wrong, so just continue adblocking and donotlink-ing everything.
  • Game Journalists fucking DESPISE youtubers. I thought they might, but this really brought out the claws. Granted, Youtubers are producing better content than them and slowly driving them into oblivion, so I guess it makes sense, eh?
  • Game Journalists are exactly as awful as the gamer’s they try to decry. I have seen so many shitty game journalists decry behavior while doing that exact behavior in the same breath over the last few days. Ya’ll motherfuckers ain’t any better than who you’re shitting on, you were just the first ones to crawl onto the empty pedestal.
  • On a similar note, Gaming Journalism is so fucking insular and incestuous that I no longer believe there can be any hope of it getting better without almost a clean sweep. So just fucking adblock everything, contact sponsors and tell them who they’re sponsoring suck ass, use donotlink, pastebin, whatever.
  • Game Journalists hate you. Yes, you, reading this. They hate that social media allows you to contradict them. They hate that youtube allows you to make your own content to compete with them. They hate that adblock allows you to choose what articles and content is worth giving adviews to. So fuck 'em, stop supporting them, if you ever did.
  • Anything even tangentially related to feminism can never be reasonably discussed on social media because the two groups of chucklefucks that completely ignore the actual subject to throw shit at each other will immediately take over the discussion and turn it into another bunch of fucking nothing
  • There are a lot of indie devs that are fucking furious they’re not making as much money as they think they should be making.
  • If you’re going to pretend 4chan hacked you, try a little more than 'not at all’.


this is got to be one of the most INHUMANE thing i have seen in animal crossing besides holding people hostage on the island.

and the worst part of it is the person she was bashing was online at the time, the girl who was being bashed might of asked her to stop, or that she didn’t mean it and that she was sorry but Isabella here didn’t give two shits, she kept going on and on and ON about the insults calling her shitty, an ass, or just both. saying that she lies and steals n’ shit.



and if you guys know people like this PLEASE remove them from your friends list, bullying in a game where the world is a better place to live is not right at all. It’s all wrong.


She spends her time writing out a full apology. 5 days later she goes back to doing the same shitty stuff. She leaks videos and photos even though Luke is always saying he wants privacy. She knows that the photos and videos upset the fans yet she continues to do this. I honestly cannot understand how people support her how people like her how people think she is a good person. I think that you learn from your mistakes, you learn what makes people upset. Then you apologize for what you did wrong for what you did to upset people. Now you have a clean slate and you keep it that way. Instead she went back to doing the same thing she knows is wrong that she knows hurts the fandom. So yes that makes her a bad person, it makes her a liar, and fake and not care about the fans whatsoever. I will never respect her and I will never respect Bry.

holy shit im fucking livid over the new episode of how to get away with murder

sure okay lets make the token gay character a completely shitty person, yeah? sounds like a good idea? his only use in that episode was to make michaela doubt her fiancés sexuality, saying that she needs to make sure that he is ****not gay**** because of one gay thing he did when he was a teenager. not only does this demonize homosexuality and “experimenting”, it discredits being accepting of and honestly exploring a non-heterosexual identity.

now this is a bit of extrapolation but im still going to be pissed about it; lets assume her fiancé was, i dont know, bisexual? bicurious? the way she treated him was basically “how can i trust you at all if you arent 1000% straight” whicH IS SUPER SHITTY BECAUSE IT PERPETUATES THE STEREOTYPE OF A NONFAITHFUL BISEXUAL (and to a minor extent, non-hets)

basically the show just took a huge shit on queer people and im fucking pissed

The Fault in Our Stars {Sentence Starters}
  • "Is this where you bring all your romantic conquests?"
  • "I've been trying to tell you, I'm kind of awesome."
  • "Don't hit that, don't hit that!"
  • "I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity."
  • "You did not! No, you did not, you did not, you did not!"
  • "I'm a good person, but a shitty writer."
  • "It was like I was gone already, you know?"
  • "I think we should wait until dark."
  • "She's done a great injustice, so we've come here seeking revenge."
  • "I don't wanna ask you for any favors."
  • "She thinks I have a drinking problem."
  • "That was the stupidest speech I've ever- That actually worked?"
  • "It's a metaphor, see."
  • "You're a shitty person, but a good writer."
  • "I fell in love with him the way you fall asleep. Slowly, and then all at once."
  • "You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I'm grateful."
  • "I love it when you talk medical to me."
  • "Your hands are so cold."
  • "That's a thing about pain. It demands to be felt."
  • "I'm so excited I can barely breathe!"
  • "You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don't give it the power to do its killing."
  • "Funerals, I've decided, are not for the dead. They are for the living."
  • "I should probably go to sleep."

I know Sasuke’s “you’re annoying” was to prove to Sakura that he did in fact remember their first moment together and later her confession, but I always like to self insert my shitty version where he’s calling her annoying because he was trying so hard to cut off his bonds and shut out emotions that would get in the way of his path to revenge. He was doing all he could to not feel, but Sakura filled that existence with love. She’s annoying for being just what he needed in his life.


You guys know that I am typically against Anita Sarkeesian, but what this person did to her is absolutely unacceptable. She conducted herself respectfully and all she gets in return is people making shitty tweets faking a different reaction.

Even as an anti feminist, I’m disappointed in whoever made these, and in whoever spread these as if they were real. All it too was a trip to Twitter and a Google search to find out this shit was fake.

Generally, I think she actually does shit to deserve the backlash she gets, but in this instance, people went look and couldn’t find anything so the decided to make shit up. And it hurts me to know that it was most likely an anti feminist.

To me, Rachel Duncan has always been a character who always did what she thought was necessary to survive. No one in the world cares about her, and the only person who did is dead now. Fuck you, Ethan Duncan, for making things worse for her while you were the one responsible for what Rachel has become in the first place. I still get angry beyond belief when watching that scene. SHE WAS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND YOU FAILED HER, YOU DON’T GET TO MAKE THIS ABOUT YOU AND CHECK OUT NOW BECAUSE YOU CAN’T DEAL. FIX IT, YOU SHITTY SHITTY PARENT. *takes deep breath* 

I know Rachel has done terrible, terrible things to others to get ahead and I’ll never make excuses for those things but in the end you have to admit she is also a victim. She’s just always been in a position where she could minimize her own victimization, even if that meant further victimizing others. But now, her status as a victim in this huge mess has become undeniable in the most literal way. She is completely dependent on others now. And these others all hate her and probably wouldn’t even care if she died.

She bought into an ideology to keep herself sane, much like Helena did. People who claim Rachel is a terrible villain while also calling Helena a perfect cinnamon roll… really confuse me.

If there is one thing I’m looking forward to from this plot line, it’s that I hope emotionless Caroline will start dropping some truth bombs on people. I REALLY want her to call out certain characters on their bullshit.

Especially Elena. I practically cheered when Kai did it, now I want Caroline to do it. She knows a lot more about them than Kai and I’m sure that she’s been keeping in a lot. People have been enabling Elena’s shitty behavior for so long that she feels like there’s nothing wrong with it. The fact that she acknowledged that she’s become a terrible person but she’s okay with it because she has Damon just made it worse.

And hopefully Steroline fans can go through this without too much damage. I’m a little worried they’re going to use this opportunity to make Carenzo happen. If they do that then I’m going to be incredibly pissed. Having Elena fall for Stefan’s brother wasn’t enough? Now you want his new love to fall for his enemy? I really hope they don’t do that. Stefan has been shit on enough by the writers on this show.

All Steroline shippers know that they’re going to end up together, more than likely by the end of this season, but that feeling is going to be cheapened if they decide to use Caroline to hurt Stefan even more. Give the guy a fucking break.

What the fuck guys

I heard about the zamii070 thing and it’s such a  petty, horrible thing I can’t even process it. A 16 year old, a human being with feelings, dreams, and aspirations killed themselves because a bunch of psychotics on tumblr harrassed them, knowing full well their condition, until they killed themselves.

Over a goddamn drawing of a cartoon.

Not even the bronies did this. Not even furries, the classic shitty fandom, did this.

SU fans are the worst. Both the fact some of them did this, and the rest let it happen.

I don’t expect to ever see the fucking despicable, inhumanly petty slugs to ever think about other people but, consider the following:

She was a human being. A person who felt, had things they liked, had friends and family who loved them, had dreams and skills and things they wanted to share with the world.

Once she took her own life, which is your fault, directly. All of that went away. You robbed her parents of their daughter, you robber her friends of a person they loved, you robbed her of everything she was and wanted to be, was going to be.

I’m an agnostic leaning towards atheism, but I will briefly entertain the notion of hell being real just so I can see you sizzle in an endless ocean of boiling piss. What you did was evil, unambiguously, purely evil. No society on earth, in any context, would find this anything but evil. You deliberately caused a  death. You are as guilty as if you pulled the trigger yourselves, if it weren’t for your intervention she wouldn’t have died.

For a website that prides itself on being tolerant and accepting, you sure are a bunch of fucking bullies. Let me guess, you were bored and wanted someone to fuck with, and Zami here did something you could sorta kinda parse as being offensive to you, so you displayed your superior morals by literally being the death of her.

A 16 year old with mental illnesses, of all the people  you could pick on.

It’s because she couldn’t fight back. Don’t pretend otherwise because that shit’s not working. If you cared about half the shit you say you do, this would not have happened. This shit is on you, assholes. It’s never washing off, it’s never going away, you’re going to be the person who pushed a girl to suicide when she needed a supportive community more than anything.

You know, the thing you say you are.

You people.

You fucking petty, sadistic scum-sucking, two-faced, hypocrtical shitty excuses for people


The silence had turned their friendly lunch outing cold. Lexi let the silence linger as she felt nothing she said to Fay was right. 

Fay: I’m sorry. I just, I see you getting that look in you eye, that look you got when you first met Robert—

Lexi: It’s not the same Fay. I knew Robert was a shitty person from the get go. I chose to ignore it because I was young and I thought I knew what love was. I know you think I’m stupid for staying with him as long as I did—

Fay: I don’t think you’re stupid, love. I’m stupid. I knew you were in trouble and I didn’t help you. 

Lexi was shocked. They hardly talked about Robert. He was a hot button for the both of them. But she never knew how Fay felt about her failed, toxic relationship.

Lexi: No one could have helped me. I was deep in trouble and I didn’t know how to get out and I didn’t ask for help. I feel guilty because of everything I put you through—

Fay: I could have helped. I’m your best friend.


Okay, here’s the spoiler questions from last week.

1. He did seem rather calm, but we can’t really know what exactly went into the relationship. As someone who really doesn’t like Ruruk4 (okay, she’s even worse than K0maed4 in my eyes) I personally think lots of brainwashing was involved. (Also: this typing is not a shitty homestuck thing I just don’t wanna come up in searches.)

2. T b h the only one I miss is Juzo

3. Same??? Same??? There is just. Nothing about her. But why. I’ve never met a person in real life that was so…. Nothing…. She has no character traits and I was just. Unaffected? Tbh if Kodaka was saving her as waifu bait until now like a Maizono trope but only lived a lot longer I’m fine with that

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ppl project so much unto pearl so it's like if you don't like an aspect of pearl or even don't think she's this amazing character ppl take it as a personal insult and it's really gross. i like pearl bc i see a lot of myself in her but the fandom ruins my enjoyment of her

i totally get that last bit! i used to really enjoy pearl and wanted to learn more about her and i would defend her shitty actions because that’s what everyone else did. but then we were getting loads of pearl and i was just ok… that’s enough for now. i know it really started to get to me in january because i remember going ‘i kinda hope pearl isn’t in the answer because i bet they (the fandom) will ignore ruby/sapphire/garnet in favour of her’

like she is a great character in the case of you don’t get many mentally ill lesbians in tv, especially children’s tv, but pearl in not a shining example of representation. she treats her family like shit and gets away with it in show and in fandom and if you bring this up it’s ‘so you hate mentally ill lesbians??!!!’ she gets so much attention that when we finally got some amethyst episodes people were freaking out at her goddamn fanny pack.

it’s just, i don’t want pearl to be the be all and end all of lesbian representation when su has characters like ruby and sapphire and garnet, who are also mentally ill yet they don’t go verbally abusing amethyst or neglecting steven/not caring about his safety.

i can’t blame people for projecting onto her or relating strongly with her but it’s just if you can’t see beyond your own like for a character to try and understanding criticism of said character, then you need to reevaluate your priorities  

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To the person asking.. I know for sure Isaiah uses cocaine (he did when I was with him). I don't know about Frances - I was only ever with her briefly and she was very quiet & reserved. Yes, Isaiah uses, but he isn't this monster everyone is making him out to be. He's been put in a shitty situation, and his ex is a very controlling person and is heavily involved in the divorce.

well, then he needs to “man up”.   he has a kid by jess…and that’s all well and good. but why the hell should a soon to be ex…..support this kid?   other than she could, and it would be nice.  fine.  pay for schooling.   but money to jess?  why?   money to Isaiah?   why? because she has money?

a monster?    no, but he’s not my favorite guy either.   “giving up a career”

what was the rambles and the eeries then? (not much) but they were there.

give the guitar back,   take a lump sum settlement.  

and why should jess be heavily involved in the divorce—–afraid the gravy train

derailed?   SNIFF.

     “I’ve been up all night..” She says as she keeps the piece of tissue over her face to hide the scene from the other. “It’s the blood thing again..” SHe says softly. It had been awhile since blood would come flowing like tears from her eyes, why did it choose to start now? Who knew being a Seer was so tedious? Then again with such a strong claim on your destiny by the Devil himself - why should anything in your life be smooth sailing?

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I don't think they get anxious from Luke having a gf (considering nobody got like this from bry) I think it's bc of the type of gf. She's done a lot of triggering things and shown she's a shitty person and has said awful things to and about us so as someone with a mental health issue such as anxiety I'm sure it makes them feel anxious to know someone like that is around their fave, thinking they agree with what the awful person said, etc. can someone else explain better?

tbh i think u did a rly good job of explaining it x

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why do you miss leafys-girl? do u think she misses u back?

i don’t know? maybe bc she was my first friend in this shit hole of a fandom? maybe bc we actually did get along pretty well? idk man. i don’t miss her all the time though.

Nah, she has plenty of other friends plus i’m a shitty person and friend so it wouldn’t surprise me if she held some negative feelings towards me.