i did not know she was such a shitty person

Seeing how different people react to different clips is always so interesting.
Julie did not ruin Isak’s character development. I don’t know where this is coming from.

This clip was SO important and here is why:
- Sana realizes that she is no better than whoever created that account to trash talk Vilde. Bullying is bullying. Your reasons don’t matter, no matter how noble. If someone is shitty, confront them. Don’t send them anon hate. It’s scarring and it just turns you into a bad person, too.

- Isak takes the fall for Sana which is a beautiful throwback to S1 I think. He’s not even mad. He probably sees his old self in Sana. And he just wants to understand.

- Isak likens his experience growing up as a homosexual teen to Sana’s experience and SHE SHUTS HIM DOWN. This was so important because it’s NOT the same thing. At all. This is the first time we see Sana actually lash out and try to educate someone on what it’s like for her. She’s been internalizing all these micro-aggressions all season and then secretly resenting her friends for not understanding/being ignorant. She’s finally speaking up.

- Racism is brought up. And while Isak is being a naive idealist/HasNoFuckingClue and is clumsy with words, he leaves Sana with an important thought, too: she needs to start answering the dumb questions. Of course, it’s not her job and she doesn’t have to if she doesn’t feel like it. But she can’t expect people who haven’t been exposed to it to just understand (Well, actually she can. But not everyone spends their time trying to understand other people’s struggles unfortunately and sometimes you just need someone to tell you to shut the fuck up). Isak knows he is asking dumb questions and he’s literally telling her “EDUCATE MY IGNORANT ASS”. She doesn’t have to but what are friends for if not for calling you out on your bullshit from time to time? - This is what this clip was about to me. “Don’t internalize crap! Stand up to micro-aggressions! Don’t resent your friends for not understanding if you haven’t tried talking to them!”
This was basically Isak telling Sana to stop isolating herself and start sharing her thoughts with her people. (RISE GIRL SQUAD RISE).

Alt Er Love

remember how during the year that never was that woman sold martha out, but when things were back to normal martha brought her flowers because she understood why she did it and still respected her

even as so much of the fandom was hating on martha like mad, martha jones herself refused to villainize other women for the choices they made in difficult circumstances. and the more brilliant and badass and wonderful martha is, the sadder it makes people look for hating on her.

We’re All To Blame || 13 Reasons Why

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Pairing: None 

Fandom: 13 Reasons Why

Summary: Guilt. It eats you up alive, until you just can’t take it.

Warning/s: Mentions of Suicide, Reader has a massive freak out.

Author’s Note: I’m aware that in my Rules post I said I wouldn’t write about these things but it’s what happened in the show. This wasn’t requested, it was just a dream I had a few nights ago and I hope you guys enjoy it, please give feedback. I didn’t get the checked so I don’t know if there’s any grammar or spelling mistakes so bear with me please. Enjoy! 

Gif Credit: @clairertemple

Word Count: 906 

Tags: None (message me if you’d like to be added to the tags list for the following: 13 Reasons Why, Clay Jensen, Hannah Baker, Jessica Davis, Justin Foley, Zach Dempsey, Alex Standall)

Y/N didn’t have a tape, but she felt like she should. She didn’t hurt Hannah like Justin Foley did, or Jessica Davis, or Alex Standall. And she didn’t destroy her like Bryce Walker did. But she didn’t feel innocent either, and she couldn’t understand how everyone could just walk around acting like they did nothing wrong. 

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Pairing: Kang Daniel/reader (third person)

Word count: 3,775

Rating: 18+ for language, vanilla sexual content, cat facts and shitty jokes/outdated memes

Summary: It’s the hottest day of the year but that’s not to say that things can’t get hotter

A/N: This is just self-indulgent, unedited porn because the thirst is too fucking real my dudes

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anonymous asked:

Emma, do you know if it is true that at least two of the girls involved in the altercation at the airport are Larries? People are now saying/blaming Larries. But, I have been trying to look into it, and I can't seen anything to support it. As usual, Larries get blamed for everything.

I’ve seen nothing to support those claims. People are also making fake accounts for at least one of the girls since they found her Facebook, which means that people will try to make up a lot of shit. Honestly, I haven’t even seen anything to support the idea that they were fans period, despite what The Sun said. The girl who is pressing charges literally referred to Louis as “the guy” when she was talking to the pap about what Louis had supposedly done. After seeing her talk about it and seeing their behavior, I find it significantly more likely that they saw the paps focused on Louis and Eleanor and decided to get take pictures or video of Eleanor because they assumed she was a celeb.

And like I said earlier, it doesn’t matter what type of fan they were or if they were fans at all. That behavior is equally unacceptable whether it comes from a Larrie, anti, or a random person who has never heard of One Direction. People can try to say that it’s the fault of Larries without anything backing it up, but every Larrie I know has spent literally all day denouncing what they did. The only people responsible for those girls’ shitty behavior is the girls themselves.

Episode 93: Kaiba begins to regret not rigging the Ultimate Bingo Machine.

The coma-toll continues to rise; so far we are 1:1 on comas to card games in the finals. If this was real life, how many comas would it take to get a major competitive event cancelled? Or at least, make them land the blimp? Answer: real life isn’t cool enough to stage the Olympics on a fuckin blimp.

Shizuka has come into her own: she stays by Mai’s side, volunteering to look after her while the others abandon their dying friend to go watch two emotionally-stunted older siblings ”””play””” a card game. Why isn’t Mai in the goddamn blimp-hospital? Answer: a blimp doesn’t HAVE a real hospital it’s just a blimp-room with a quite-possibly-fake doctor in it   this show is garbage  even in near-death-experiences Mai gets fucked over.

Back on top of the blimp, Kaiba has deigned to stand with the Nerd Herd, presumably because no one wants to stand with Yami Malik cause he’s the kind of person to deliberately stand behind Isono to freak him out.

Isis is soMEHOW late despite literally being able to see the future so I have to presume she’s late on purpose to annoy Kaiba, so … yeah I’m here for that. You make him wait, girl!

Kaiba takes advantage of the delay to check in on Mokuba’s homework…

Mokuba can’t translate the hieretic text on Ra’s card with Kaiba Corp’s resources, so he just nbd

LOGS INTO INDUSTRIAL ILLUSIONS, presumably to find information on the card’s original design and stuff? Why does he have this code?? Answer: he probably just fucking cracked it, it appears to be a three-digit (maybe four) user ID and three-digit (maybe four) passcode. Even being suuuper generous and assuming it’s four, I have to assume it’s romaji characters (and probably numbers) since the screen is asking for the information in American English. So a brute-force attack would only need to test a little over 1.6 million possible options, which would take less than a second to crack. It may also contain symbols or non-romaji characters but four digits just isn’t long enough to stand up against any kind of attack.

Anyway, Kaiba tells him to keep him posted and DRAMATICALLY INSERTS HIS CARDS INTO HIS DUEL DISK

eyes closed like he’s not hoping Yami’s watching

Then he realises playing hard to get is foolish and just fuckin demands Yami’s attention #noticemesenpai



Kaiba takes his place on the BATTLE DECK™ PUN INTENDED (name presumed from context) and the elevator arrives with his opponent…

Damn, boy. Check your patriarchal expectations before you wreck yoursatriarchalexpectations.

… Wait are you really telling me Kaiba didn’t find out who the eighth duelist was?? Isono knows! Did Kaiba not ask??? I seriously would not have thought he would allow there to be an unknown person on his Battle Blimp…

Faced with a as-far-as-he-knows new person he is hosting at his tournament to promote a major new product for his company, Kaiba opens with

aggressive disdain!

Alright so everyone’s like ~oooh who is this m~y~s~t~e~r~i~o~u~s and stylish new duelist with the face-covering veil~

which is all well and good but





So Isis tells Kaiba she’s here because of her fate and destiny and shit and he’s like

“small words please. in fact, preferably numbers”

But she actually fucking does explain it in a way Seto Kaiba can understand!

(and she looks damn hot doing it)

Of all the things on this earth, “I’m doing this to save my younger brother” is the only thing Seto Kaiba will always understand. And she skips right over all the clairvoyance and the long-foretold destiny and the ancient ghosts and even her magic necklace that–

… okay yeah she immediately ruins it.

25/50 - “My nightmares are usually about losing you.”

Fandom: All for the Game/The Foxhole Court
Characters/pairings: Neil, Andrew, Robin/andreil

A/N: Why did I start this with Robin? idk

Robin opened her eyes. She looked around and felt a familiar panic rise up in her chest. It was too dark to see but she knew this wasn’t her bed. She had a bottom bunk, the only bottom bunk in the suite she shared with the other two freshmen girls.

When she realized someone was breathing heavily, she stilled. That was what woke her.


She recognized the voice, dull and unimpressed, and at once remembered where she was. No one had taken her. She was still in Fox Tower, but even though she moved into Andrew’s dorm more than a week ago, she still more often than not woke up ready to panic.

Neil. Wake up. You’re having a nightmare.”

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cassandra clare is a truly shitty person and a bad writer. i love the mortal instruments’ world and i love the characters but she just did such a bad job with the characters and i’m so happy the show is trying to fix all of that.

 i don’t watch the show but i know how they fixed the relationship between clary and izzy. why would anyway want them to be jealous over each other them being catty in the books made me cringe the show makes me sHIP IT SO HARD. and clace was toxic in the books, jace was lowkey a dick

another thing: MALEC GETS SO MUCH SCREEN TIME. i’m so happy bc in the books there was barely anything about them?? one of the most popular ships on television is an interracial gay couple and that makes me so happy. all of the cast is BEAUTIFUL. 

i did wish the show followed the books plots but Shadowhunters is 20x better than the books so keep it up SH you’re doing great

Me, watching Riverdale 1.05
  • Hey mrs Bloosom, aint ya a bitch. Please join mrs Cooper in Bitchy Mothers Club
  • Archie at it again with unnecesary fanservice
  • MURDERBOARD!!! YASSS. But where are your colored strings Stiles?
  • Love how Veronica talks loudly about Grundy on football field where anyone can accidentially overhear it. And did Kev even know til now?
  • Valerie is an angel. Screw all the other ships. Archie x Valerie for life
  • Sleepover with Cheryl? ITS A TRAP!
  • Wasn’t Jason kinda thin for football captain?
  • OH MY GOD! Val is in his room! and no personal space… this ship is sailed
  • Fred “wannabe cool dad” Andrews ships it
  • Riverdale, town of shitty Mothers… im so glad Betty’s dad is ok dude
  • Betts hears bout her sis trying to kill herself and who she tells first? Her babe Juggy 😍 My inverstigating bbies
  • Andrews… you are sooo bad at football
  • “Grundy, she must have connected with you in some way I don’t see us doing” Oh she did, sexualy.You Interested?
  • When you try to show your gf to your parents and it gets awkward #cherylproblems
  • So Cheryl brought V to sleepover, because she is lonely and has no other real friends… legit crying
  • But you deserve better family too Cheryl
  • Adios Alice Cooper, Bloosom-bitch just stole your Bitchiest-mother crown
  • WTF Archie? Its memorial and you have your football jacket? Where are your maners. Even Jugg has a suit
  • Bloosom-Bitch touching Archie hair…psycho alert
  • Val is Archies date 😍
  • Shadowhunters funeral colours.. my babe Cheryl knows her stuff.
  • I’m crying… and kinda shipping Cheryl and Veronica
  • For second i thought she was Jason’s ghost or something
  • Jughead hiding behind Betty 😂 Like man
  • Jason actually loved Polly, I’m kinda shocked
  • OH hey.. I have perfect name for this episode: “Cheryl Blossom’s never ending suffering”
  • What’s with this Romeo and Juliet crap?
  • Awesome.. now papaCooper in an Asshole too..
  • Give Reggie the damn jersey. Archie sucks at football

About Stef and Brallie

I need to start by saying that I love Stef, normally . She’s so awesome and I would love to have a mom like her. But if I was Brandon? If I was Brandon I would have honestly married fucking Cortney if it meant being away from her. And I hate Cortney. 

Let me explain. 

In season one, when Callie is still a new addition to the family, a girl that wasn’t supposed to stay in their house for more than a few weeks, a year at most, Stef reminds Brandon that foster siblings aren’t allowed to engage in a romantic relationship. Brandon isn’t interested at the time, he’s still with Talya, but he’s “an horny teenager” so better safe than sorry, right? Right. Fine. Legit. 

As we know, Brandon can’t really help falling for Callie after that. He knew he couldn’t, sure, but he probably thought that they could wait and sooner or later Callie would be out of the house, and it’s not like he could just erase his feelings. That’s not how feelings works. Also, it’s not like Callie was blameless here. She kissed Brandon after knowing that she was going to get adopted, remember? Sure, in season 3, during the interview she says that she wanted to fuck the adoption up before something else fucked it up, because she was scared. Doesn’t seem like a good way to fuck it up to me - if Jude hadn’t walked in on them they would have probably never been discovered and then what? I’d like to ask her. Also, we knew from her conversation with Wyatt at the hospital before then that she already had feelings for Brandon too, she just didn’t think she deserved him (to quote Wyatt, she was “too fucked up”). But at the wedding she says that she knows what she deserves now - meaning Brandon. She felt safe because she finally had a family who wanted her, she thought for the first time that she deserved everything everyone else deserved. To love who she loved. But Jude walks in on them and she runs away. 

Brandon confesses to his moms that he kissed Callie, which - btw - it’s his first fucking mistake. He didn’t kiss her. SHE kissed HIM. It’s interesting because he keeps saying that it was him, even during the interview in season 3. I don’t know if he wanted it so much that he remembers being the one instigating it, but this mistake plants the first seed of distrust in Stef, who probably can’t help making parallels between her son and Liam, since, you know, Brandon says Callie ran away because of him, when she actually ran away because of what Jude said. 

The moms forbid Brandon to go see Callie but he doesn’t listen. He loves her and he doesn’t want her to believe that there’s nobody out there for her anymore. And - let me point it out - he was right. She needed to know someone was still there for her, even if she had run away and was high risk and whatever. So yeah, seeing Brandon was what she needed. But Stef doesn’t trust him and she gets him a restraining order, like he’s stalking Callie, like that beautiful hug never happened (and for all we know, Stef might not know it happened). 

Brandon doesn’t care. Brallie keeps meeting secretly. Stef doesn’t know. Eventually, they both realize that Callie needs a family and Brandon backs down and lets her go. Because he loves her. So much. And he wants her to have all she needs. And she needs a family more than she needs him. Fyi, this it’s his most beautiful act of love. 

After the first break up it seems like Brandon is the only one hung up on them. He’s hurt, he can’t forget. I don’t blame him, since he has to see her everyday. He tries. He’s vulnerable at this point and Dani keeps planting ideas in his head. That he should get her back before she gets adopted and stuff. Things blow up during the winter ball and everything Stef ends up hearing is “I realized today that you didn’t lead me on. You just never felt the way I did. What you needed, what you wanted, it was never me,” which, AGAIN, makes it look like his feelings aren’t reciprocated, not really. She doesn’t know that Callie followed him before he got into the cop’s car to tell him that what she had said about Wyatt wasn’t true - meaning that she still loved him too, since she told him that lie just so he could forget about her. But she doesn’t want him to at the end. 

Things are friendly between Brallie later, up until the GU fund riser. Callie kisses Brandon when she discovers that Robert isn’t gonna sign her adoption papers. Later - in season 3 I think - she tells the girls of GU that she did it because she thought she was giving up Brandon for nothing. Meaning - she still loves him. Brandon tells her that he doesn’t want her to give up on her dream (they promised each other, right?). Stef doesn’t know that they let each other go again, for the second time. 

Callie doesn’t take it well. She asks him if it’s because of Lou. Brandon breaks up with her. Again. 

Season 3, Brallie’s adventure in Mexico. Stef finds a pregnancy test and the first thing that comes to her mind is “you don’t think callie is pregnant with brandon’s child, do you?” How did she even go there?? All she knows at this point is that Callie and Brandon kissed once. Which makes me believe that she can see that something is still going on between them but doesn’t want to acknowledge it. 

Brallie has sex. It’s consensual. And they break it off again as soon as the adoption gets through. 

Callie tells the moms the truth and everything Stef can think about is “Brandon took advantage of the fact that she was vulnerable”, when, honestly, it was about “giving up Brandon for nothing”. 

Stef confronts Brandon about it and she doesn’t listen, won’t listen to him. She accuses Brandon in all the ways possible and never asks Callie about her feelings. At this point, Stef only knows that Brandon is in love with Callie, she never heard Callie say that she is in love with Brandon, she doesn’t know that Callie almost went to live with Robert to stay with Brandon, that she wanted to put his keyboard in her apartment, that she was the first to say I love you. 

For all season 4 Stef treats Brandon as some sort of predator and he can’t stand it, obviously, and stays with Cortney. The only person defending him is Mike, who sees the same thing happening with AJ. Stef keeps taking Callie’s side. 

And it makes me so angry. She doesn’t know the whole story, never cared to sit her kids down to ask them honestly about it, never took the time to talk about it with Callie! When Callie said they had sex, Stef brushed it off like she didn’t even want to know about it and went to bite B’s head off for it instead. She told him in 03x08 that she could see that she hadn’t been there for Brandon about Callie and she could see now that he was heartbroken, but after that? Did she do anything to be there for him? She didn’t. She kept accusing him, suspecting him, blaming him. To the point that she can’t even see Brallie in the same room together without getting tense. 

I’d like to say that I don’t blame her 100%, since she doesn’t have the whole picture, but I can’t because it’s her fault she doesn’t have all the information she needs in the first place! I blame her for being a shitty parent to Brandon, for playing favorites, for being judgmental and closing her eyes and not listening when literally EVERYBODY knows Brandon and Callie are a thing after 0.5 seconds in their presence. Sophia didn’t even need to see them together to know that Callie was in love with him! Like, seriously, Stef decided not to see what was going on, she ignored her kid like he’s some kind of rapist, did NOTHING to comfort him when he couldn’t go to Julliard (and yes, he was to blame, but not even a hug??). The only person that honestly stopped for a moment to ask him how he felt about it is Callie! And then you’re surprised he’s in love with her? Please. Brandon literally helped everyone in that house and Stef treats him like he’s a criminal. 

So now I hope she’ll get scared every time someone points out that Brandon and Callie look like they’re dating and not like siblings, because she had it coming. 

She told Mike that he couldn’t play favorites between Brandon and AJ, but that’s exactly what she has been doing with Brandon and Callie. She keeps choosing Callie over him. So Mike had it wrong, it wasn’t because of Callie that Brandon wouldn’t move back home, it was because of Stef. 

I can’t believe nobody is calling her out about treating Brandon like shit. Sure, Brandon isn’t perfect and he made his mistakes, but not everything is on him. Callie is as much to blame as he is, and yes, she’s dealing with other drama, but it can’t always be “good old Brandon who has to take it up the chin”. It takes two to tango. It’s just easier to blame Brandon than acknowledging that she should have taken Brallie’s relationship seriously when Brandon told her about it the first time instead of taking a fucking restraining order against her son. Brandon was right in 03x08 - she humiliated him. And she’s STILL doing it. KEEPS doing it. 

I’d divorce the family too if I was him. No shit. 

i have no title for this but its angst and 707 x MC

When MC somehow got into Rika’s old apartment and logged on to their organization’s private app, Saeyoung thought she was dangerous. He thought she was a threat, so he quickly did his hacker things and investigated. Turns out, MC was a good guy; completely opposite from what he thought she was.

MC quickly joined the RFA, continuing the legacy of their ‘dead’ party organizer. She was kind to everyone, she made Jaehee pursue her dream career, and even made the corporate heir show some emotion. She made a lot of changes for the RFA.

The party that MC organized was one of their best ones yet. Tons of well-known organizations and people went and congratulated her for organizing such an extravagant party. MC was a woman of grace, intelligence, and beauty. MC, was MC. Her extraordinary self.

So when MC took interest on the self-deprecating hacker, he was confused. Why not Jumin Han? He can be possessive, but he has the wealth and everyone was very much sure that he can treat a woman right. 

What about Yoosung? He’s precious. He would never dare hurt anyone.

Jaehee? Zen? V? Heck, Saeyoung thought that Elizabeth the 3rd was a better choice than him.

So, why him? 

Saeyoung was forever confused as to why MC would choose somebody who is as dangerous, lazy, and broken as him. But when MC would hold him tight as he cried about his twin brother, or when she would still kiss him after he would push her away, all his insecure questions would be answered.

MC is a gem. Saeyoung, on the other hand, is a pebble. He knew he could not take care of such a precious gem.  

So he decided to be stupid.

The last few days of their relationship was calm. It was like the calm before the storm. MC did not know what was gonna happen, which only made the hacker’s plan work. They were having dinner when it happened. Saeyoung vividly remembers MC’s eyes widened when he told her that he was seeing someone else. “I’m happier with her,” he said. “Much happier than I was with you.” An eery silence engulfed the dining room. Saeyoung was waiting for her to flip out, be angry at him for doing this. 

Instead, he got a genuine smile from her.

The unexpected happened. She left that very night without crying. She packed her bags without a single word and left the hacker’s bunker after giving him a kiss on the cheek. Saeyoung was dumbfounded. Why didn’t she cry? Was she actually glad that he ended it? Was she seeing somebody else? The hacker’s mind was filled with questions once again. And he didn’t know whether their gonna be answered.

He never heard from her for a month until Jaehee called him late at night, sobbing, telling him that MC died due to terminal Leukemia and that they only knew of her illness just now because she didn’t want pity from others. 

Saeyoung’s heart was clouded with grief as he realized why it seemed that she was glad he broke up with her. She was dying. 


shitty ending, i know

im sorry for being a shitty person and not updating for heaps of months lol i promise i’ll update

also i did not edit this so dont be mad if there is errors or some shit

requests are open i guess

Mere Speculation

Part Six

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Warnings: Mild swearing

Summary: Jughead feels guilty for digging into the new girl’s past, and wants to make things right

Part One

The diner was empty as the four friends discussed (Y/N). They had ordered milkshakes, but each one sat abandoned on the table as Jughead to recounted the information he had found about Pop’s prodigal daughter.

“That’s horrible,” Betty said, wide-eyed.

The others nodded in quiet agreement. They sat in stunned silence until Archie quietly asked, “Why did her mom file restraining orders against Pop? What did he do?”

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okay so like…heathers the musical has ripped my heart into a thousand pieces and I needed to find a way to cope and this is what I came up with. when veronica said she wished she met jd before he got fucked up I was like me too veronica!!!! me too!!!! so this is p much what I think would have happened if they did. its not a fic its just a long ass headcanon I wrote real quick. I hope you dig it pals

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do i wanna know (daddy issues ch. 6)

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isaac and naomi finally tell each other how they feel. jackson makes a pass at naomi. (warning: unwanted sexual contact, rape attempt)

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When Even finally does tell Isak/when Isak finds out about what happened between him and the balloon squad (cause it’s gonna come out eventually, pretty or not), I’m sure Ev will be all scared that Isak’s gonna judge him. There is obviously something about what’s happened that he feels bad about and as much as I am a big believer in the fact that Even shouldn’t have to tell Isak all of the stuff about his past, there is definitely a reason why he’s keeping it tucked away.

I just keep imagining Isak taking a sec to process everything, and Even doing that nervous “avoid eye contact at all costs” look, and he’s freaking out internally, thinking he’s gonna get left behind again, but then Isak just blurts out:

“I helped ruin Jonas and Eva’s relationship”

And Even is kind of thrown by that because what does that have to do with what is happening now??? But Isak just keeps going without stopping.

“Eva cheated on him and she told me about it and I promised not to say anything, but I went and told the girlfriend of the boy who she cheated with instead.”

And Isak looks down at the floor and scuffs his shoe, cause he doesn’t really feel good about saying the next part.

“I was jealous. I had a crush on Jonas and I resented Eva for being with him when I couldn’t be and so I fucked everything up with them. Jonas found out and dumped her and she found out that I told. People called Eva a slut and got into fights with her. It was a huge fucking mess and I helped cause it. I was a terrible person.”

Even just blinks and shakes his head.

“No you’re not. I know you. You aren’t terrible.”

Isak smiles a little.

“And I know you.”

Even is still confused, but then Isak is holding his hands and looking at him in the eyes.

“I’ve done stuff I’m not proud of too, and I had much less valid reasoning. I did shitty things because I was bitter and lonely, you did what you did because you were manic. So if you think I’m gonna hate you for it, you are so wrong. I’m not going anywhere as long as you aren’t.”

And then Even is smiling in that soft way that he saves just for Isak and he squeezes his hands back and says

“I’m not going anywhere.”

The other day this person came in who was friends with my manager and she was so bossy and at one point reached over the counter and grabbed the thing I was working on for her out of my hands and did it herself because I “wasn’t doing it right”
Apparently she used to be a manager there? I was just grumbling in my head like excuse me bitch I’m doing my job, which yes I do in fact know how to do. Maybe if you wanted it done your way you shouldn’t have gotten fired
Anyways the extra shitty part was that she was talking to my manager the whole time and laughing about how she was “sorry for harassing me” and I was “handling it really well” so she knew that she was doing something wrong and I couldn’t even say anything to her or go to a manager because she was her friend.
It was so frustrating.

I think we need to talk about how similar Rowan and Aelin’s relationship is to that of Tamlin and Feyre’s. 

The only similarities between Rowan and Rhysand lie in the fact that they’re the current love interests of the protagonists of their respective series. The comparisons end there. Ever since ACOMAF came out, people have been jumping on the chance to include Rowan in the appraisal of Sarah’s feminist male characters and healthy relationships when he does absolutely nothing to be included in that mix. More than anything Rowan resembles Tamlin in his dangerously protective and possessive nature, the only difference is, no one reprimands him for it because the narrative romanticizes him instead criticizing him.

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TW: Mentions of Attempted Rape

Morgan was going down tonight and although I wouldn’t be witness to it, I’d have the pleasure of knowing what was going to happen.

No one liked Morgan… well that’s a lie. Lots of people liked her. I did not. Neither did my friends. She was a waste of space and nothing special. Except for the fact she wanted to suck off Satan.

She was a witch.

It wasn’t like I saw her wearing a pentagram or chanting in tongues. But how else did she get everyone to like her? She was so boring. She was nice to literally everyone, even the shitty algebra teacher. She had all these friends, and no one had anything bad to say about her. Even when she ‘forgot’ to do an assignment, her teacher excused her and gave her another day.

Fat chance they’d ever do that for me.

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I’m so disgusted by 13rw fandom right now.

Like I get it. Courtney IS a bad person. I can understand why she did all this shitty things but I’m not gonna to excuse her. 

But saying that “she is the worst after Bryce”? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? You like literally saying that guy who sexually harassed Hannah, a FUCKING STALKER who post a private photo of two underage girls in underwear while they were making out bc one of them refuse to go out with this creep and a dude who for fuck’s sake LET HIS BF RAPE A GIRL is somehow better persons than Courtney?

But you know “some of them were sorry!” so obviosly Courtney is more awful than sexual harassers and stalkers