i did not know she was such a shitty person

Seeing how different people react to different clips is always so interesting.
Julie did not ruin Isak’s character development. I don’t know where this is coming from.

This clip was SO important and here is why:
- Sana realizes that she is no better than whoever created that account to trash talk Vilde. Bullying is bullying. Your reasons don’t matter, no matter how noble. If someone is shitty, confront them. Don’t send them anon hate. It’s scarring and it just turns you into a bad person, too.

- Isak takes the fall for Sana which is a beautiful throwback to S1 I think. He’s not even mad. He probably sees his old self in Sana. And he just wants to understand.

- Isak likens his experience growing up as a homosexual teen to Sana’s experience and SHE SHUTS HIM DOWN. This was so important because it’s NOT the same thing. At all. This is the first time we see Sana actually lash out and try to educate someone on what it’s like for her. She’s been internalizing all these micro-aggressions all season and then secretly resenting her friends for not understanding/being ignorant. She’s finally speaking up.

- Racism is brought up. And while Isak is being a naive idealist/HasNoFuckingClue and is clumsy with words, he leaves Sana with an important thought, too: she needs to start answering the dumb questions. Of course, it’s not her job and she doesn’t have to if she doesn’t feel like it. But she can’t expect people who haven’t been exposed to it to just understand (Well, actually she can. But not everyone spends their time trying to understand other people’s struggles unfortunately and sometimes you just need someone to tell you to shut the fuck up). Isak knows he is asking dumb questions and he’s literally telling her “EDUCATE MY IGNORANT ASS”. She doesn’t have to but what are friends for if not for calling you out on your bullshit from time to time? - This is what this clip was about to me. “Don’t internalize crap! Stand up to micro-aggressions! Don’t resent your friends for not understanding if you haven’t tried talking to them!”
This was basically Isak telling Sana to stop isolating herself and start sharing her thoughts with her people. (RISE GIRL SQUAD RISE).

Alt Er Love

remember how during the year that never was that woman sold martha out, but when things were back to normal martha brought her flowers because she understood why she did it and still respected her

even as so much of the fandom was hating on martha like mad, martha jones herself refused to villainize other women for the choices they made in difficult circumstances. and the more brilliant and badass and wonderful martha is, the sadder it makes people look for hating on her.

Brother Jungkook tells Taehyung to take you on a date, GONE WRONG. Pt.7

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Originally posted by rapnamu

Taehyung’s p.o.v 

I can’t say that it didn’t hurt when she said that it didn’t hurt me when she rejected me, because heck… it really did. I don’t know how I became so emotionally attached but I did, and it bugged me that she wouldn’t go on a date with me. But then again, I understood why she wouldn’t want to. She was right, what I did was unacceptable, and I should be thankful already that she forgave me for all the things that I’ve said and done. To say that I broke her, must really mean that what I did was scarring. 

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yeah so this is my first REAL post. I know it’s not very good, and the writing is pretty shitty, but I’m getting better, and hopefully writing these lil’ thingies will help with that? Anyway, enjoy! And thanks for reading!

Richie lay his hands flat, palms-down, on the desk in front of him and nibbled the skin on his top lip. It had been a week or so since the mark had shown up- the one on his stomach, not too far above his pelvic bone.

Bev had been the only person to see it so far, and when she did she ran her fingers over it with a glimmer of something Richie couldn’t recognise in her eyes.

“Wow, Rich…” she sighed.

“I know.” He replied.

“You know what this is, right? This is your soul-mark.”

Richie nodded.

“Shit, man… that means something between you and your soulmate has connected… which means she’s nearby!” Bev grinned up at him.

Richie sighed. He stepped back and slumped down onto Bev’s bed.

She stood up, a frown painting itself across her face.

“What’s wrong, Rich? This is supposed to be great!”

“What if it’s not a ‘she’?” He said quietly, eyes fixed on his striped socks.

“Oh,” Bev plopped down on the bed next to him. “Well, that’s just as good.” She said after a moment. “What’s the difference anyway?” She smiled

“There’s a big difference, Bev,” Richie sighed, fiddling with the hem of his shirt. “A huge fucking difference. What if… what if my "soulmate” is a guy… who doesn’t like guys? What if his friends hate gays? What… what the hell will my parents think, huh?!“ He pushed his glasses up onto his head and rubbed his eyes.

"Who gives a shit what your parents think? Who gives a shit what anyone thinks?! I’ll support you, Rich, and I know the other guys will too!” She squeezed Richie’s knee lightly and smiled at him.


Richie nodded uncertainly.


Richie closed his eyes and sighed. He still hadn’t told the rest of the losers about his soul-mark yet, but at least he knew Beverly would support him, no matter what.

Yeah, he thought. You’ll always have Bev- she’ll always be there.

He opened his eyes and walked to his mirror to lift up his shirt.

And there it was, there it fucking was, that god-forsaken fucking mark: a little blue heart with the word “SOULMATES” written beneath it in a handwriting Richie almost recognised.

Eddie opened his lunch box and pulled out a sandwich. Bill was sat on the bench opposite him, munching on an apple whilst stuttering to Stan and Mike about something he’d seen on TV last night. Eddie wasn’t sure what; he wasn’t really listening- just wondering where Richie had gotten off to since last period.

And, as if on cue, the trashmouth himself walked right into view, with Beverly next to him and Ben beside her. When they reached the others, Bev and Ben found their seats on the bench, amongst quiet murmurs of greeting, but Richie just stood, messing with his shirt hem like he always did when he was nervous.

“Guys,” Richie blurted. “Guys, I need to show you something.” Eddie noticed the way he shuffled his feet, bit his lip and ran his fingers over the waist of his jeans; all things he regularly, but a lot more whenever he was anxious or scared.

“What is it, Rich?” Eddie asked, putting away his sandwich and closing up his lunchbox with a small click, feeling as though whatever was about to be shown to them was much more important.

And that was when Richie grabbed for the bottom of his shirt, and Eddies right hand shot over to his own left wrist for no real reason at all.

Richie pulled up his shirt to his belly button, to reveal a little blue tattoo above his pelvis: a soul-mark.

“Woah,” whispered Bill, as the others (save for Bev) gazed at the mark in awe. Eddie felt his heart shoot into his throat, and resisted the urge to reach for his inhaler. Immediately, his right hand, as though it had a mind of its own, reached for the sleeve on his left arm and pulled it back to show his wrist, where there sat a tiny, bright red heart, the words “SOULMATES” written boldly underneath it in a handwriting Eddie couldn’t believe he didn’t recognise until now.

You knew it was him, his brain told him, somewhere deep inside, you knew it was him all along… and you hoped it was, too.

And then his eyes flickered up, to meet Richie Tozier’s, which looked almost as shocked and dizzy and strangely love-struck as Eddie felt.

Richie held Eddie in his shivering arms, tears slipping down his cheeks.

“Don’t call me Eds,” the smaller man smiled. He raised his left hand slowly and touched Richie’s tear-stained cheek, before letting his sleeve fall down his forearm to take one last look at the beautiful little mark on his wrist- a mark he’d shared with a boy he couldn’t believe he’d forgotten for oh-so many years.

It looked different than it did when they were kids- changed over the years, he supposed. Richie’s had too.

The heart was split into two pieces now; the line which separated them jagged and uneven and painful.

He let his arm fall back to his side limply.

“You know I… I…” he whispered shakily, unable to finish.

When Eddie Kaspbrak closed his eyes for the last time, Richie Tozier felt a little twinge of stinging pain on his stomach, not too far above his pelvic bone. He brought a shaking hand to his shirt to lift it up and see his favourite little blue heart changing.

And Richie cried as he watched one half of the heart fade slowly, wondering how in the fucking hell he was going to survive without his soulmate, and with half of his heart missing.

we’re all to blame ; 13 reasons why

fandom ; 13 reasons why 

summary/request ; guilt. it eats you up alive, until you just can’t take it.

word count ; 906

character count ; 4,886

estimated reading time ; 3 minutes, 17 seconds

warnings ;  mentions of suicide, reader has a massive freak out.

author’s note ; i’m aware that in my rules post i said i wouldn’t write about these things but it’s what happened in the show. this wasn’t requested, it was just a dream i had a few nights ago and i hope you guys enjoy it, please give me feedback.

Y/N didn’t have a tape, but she felt like she should. She didn’t hurt Hannah like Justin Foley did, or Jessica Davis, or Alex Standall. And she didn’t destroy her like Bryce Walker did. But she didn’t feel innocent either, and she couldn’t understand how everyone could just walk around acting like they did nothing wrong. 

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Now that the season’s over, here’s my overall BB19 HG rankings…..the fact that 50% of them are in ‘the absolute worst’ category really just says so much about this season….

The absolute worst:

Paul: narcissistic, disrespectful, misogynistic, bully, etc, need I really say more?
Cody: transphobic, big Trump supporter, climate change denier, etc
Alex: woman who likes tearing down other women, straight up mean, really dumb
Raven: pathological liar, reminds me of a girl I know w/ histrionic personality disorder, lacks even an iota of self-awareness, gross
Matt: a complete waste of space, disrespected BB rules, gross (cum towel), whiny
Jessica: mean, dumb (she got out…Ramses…), insists on staying with Cody despite not even being slightly aligned with him anything opinion wise and despite the fact he’s a gross person
Christmas: wrote a book about being positive but is honestly so negative, belittles Josh, threw away $500k because she has a crush on Paul, rude
Jason: the comments regarding Kevin’s wife, the inexplicable hatred of Dominique even though she did absolutely nothing to him

Said shitty things occasionally

Mark: the whole hot sauce thing was way overboard but at least Josh and him always seemed to apologize to each other and make up.
Elena: her mocking Dominique and the curling iron comment. I don’t think Elena is an overall shitty person, but she should apologize at least.
Kevin: talks kinda rough and made that one gross comment about Dominique. I also don’t think he’s an overall bad person, but definitely should apologize.

Neutral (because I don’t know anything about them)

Jillian: she had weight loss surgery? she was just kinda there in the house for two weeks? idk I don’t have an opinion
Megan: felt bad about her PTSD but I didn’t get an idea of her as a person to really have an opinion

Decent people:

Josh: a little immature at times but a good person at heart, the pots and pans were annoying but he admitted they were game strategy, occasionally participated in some of the bullying to fit in w/ Paul. but also apologized to all his HGs, comforted Dominique when pretty much no one else did.
Ramses: also on the immature side but seems like an okay dude.
Cameron: seemed a little annoying but generally nice, and I appreciate how he dragged all the HGs at finale night (and throughout the season on his twitter)

A ray of sunshine:

Dominique: friendly, intelligent, was so nice to all those assholes even though they were bullying her, beautiful inside and out.

Killian, the Bail Bonds Assisting Barista

Happy Birthday @emmasfairytale! This isn’t exactly fluffy but it is a coffee shop au so I fulfilled one of those things! Ily angel and I hope you had a great day! ♡

He’s an unarguably good looking man and that pisses her off. A lot.

She hates when skips are good looking. Not because she’s worried she’ll find herself attracted to them; that’s never a problem for her. It bothers her because she knows the type: shitty person, blessed with naturally good looks, uses said good looks to manipulate women into ignoring their horrible personality and accepting their ugly behavior.

Knowing what this man did—beat up his girlfriend and get himself arrested for aggravated assault—she’s entirely certain that his good looks were what convinced the girl to be with him in the first place. With his light green eyes, tousled dark hair, and a nice smile, she can see just how a certain type of woman would fall for his total lack of any other positive attributes.

The longer she sits there, at the two person table in the corner of the coffee shop near her office, listening to this man try to charm his way into her pants, the more frustrated she gets.

She looks around, trying to focus on anything other than the man across from her lest she lose her temper too soon, and realizes how nice the place is. The skip had already been seated with two coffees when she arrived (red flag number 1, ordering for her) so she didn’t have much of a chance to examine the place other than the points of exit. It’s a simply decorated place, nothing too kitschy considering the fact that it’s named The Jolly. There’s a simple, long black board behind the counter displaying the menu, an array of black chairs and tables around the open space, and the only indication of a seafaring theme, a row of nautical mugs displayed across the counter.

A barista with bright blue eyes and a tray of coffee in his right hand passes their table and gives her an assessing look. She shrugs delicately and returns her attention to the idiot across from her.

The guy said he came to this place often so the barista probably just recognized him and wondered why she was here with him. He’ll find out soon enough. 

She’s ready to pull the trigger, her hand resting on the cuffs strapped to her leg beneath her flowing, a line dress, when the same barista walks by, tripping and spilling the entirety of a mug of coffee into the man’s lap.

Chris, the smarmy bastard, jumps out of his seat, toppling his chair over in the process. 

“What the hell, dude?” he shouts, shaking out the leg that received the brunt of the mess. “What the fuck kind of place are they running here that this shit happens?”

“I’m terribly sorry, sir,” the man says, not looking the least bit apologetic.

“You sure as hell should be!” he grunts, no longer as loud but still as forceful. 

“Here,” the barista offers, pulling a towel out of his back pocket.

Emma intercepts it.

“Let me help you,” she says with a coy grin. She gets out of her own seat and kneels next to Chris.

With one hand lightly dabbing his pants, she pulls the cuffs off her leg with the other. Mr. Macho Man is too busy being a smug bastard, grinning wildly to himself about the girl kneeling next to him and helping him dry off, to notice her actions.

“That’s a good loo—”

She cuts him off with the clank of the cuffs around his wrist before he can finish saying what she can only assume to be “that’s a good look for you.” And before he understands what’s happened, she’s got the other wrist trapped behind his back in the cuffs as well.

“Thank you,” she says to the barista standing dumbfounded next to her and ignores the indignant sputtering of the wet man in favor of his awed “No problem, lass.”

She marches the bail jumper out of the coffee shop with as little fanfare as possible. The man’s undeniably an idiot but he seems to have enough sense to realize what’s happening and how unlikely he is to get out of the situation.

It was a fairly easy catch, as far as these situations go and after getting rid of Chris Brown 2.0 she finds herself equal parts grateful and curious of the man who helped her. She heads back to the coffee shop with the intent to thank him. But when she walks in, he’s nowhere to be seen.

“Hi,” she greets the pretty, red headed girl, with a name tag reading Ariel, behind the counter, “I’m looking for the man who was working here earlier today.”

She looks confused for a moment then a look of realization dawns on her face.

“You must be talking about Killian! Dark hair, blue eyes?”

“Yes, is he here?”

“He’s gone for the day,” Ariel explains. “He actually wasn’t supposed to work but Ashley called off because her baby was sick so he had to come in.”

“Oh.” She tries not to obviously deflate but she is disappointed she won’t be able to thank him.

“Did you have a problem?” she asks, concerned.

“No. No, I just… he kind of unknowingly helped me out with catching a bail jumper earlier and I just wanted to give him a nice tip.”

“Oh! You’re her!” she exclaims, eyes widening in excitement. “Killian always says it’s improper for the owner to accept tips but I’m sure he’d like to talk to you. Let me go get him. He’s right upstairs!”

The girl doesn’t exactly run around the counter and through the door leading to what she assumes is the stairwell but she doesn’t walk either. And after a few moments of standing there awkwardly, Ariel reappears with who she now knows to be Killian.

“Ah, you’re back. Here to arrest anyone else?” he asks with a smirk and she notices that he as an accent.

“No, I just wanted to thank you for your help… and I was wondering if you did that on purpose.” He raises a brow. “You know, spilling the drink on him.”

“I did,” he says evenly, nodding his head.

“If you don’t mind me asking, why?”

He bares his teeth in what she can only call an unamused grin.

“He’s in here often enough that I know what he’s like. Peevish, rude, a terrible tipper. He went off on one of my baristas the other day when I wasn’t here. Probably would have banned him from the establishment if she didn’t insist on me not doing so. I noticed you looked uncomfortable so I just did the first thing that came to mind to help you out of the situation.”

“Mmm,” she hums, unsurprised at his description of him. “Maybe next time if a guy does something like that, ignore the baristas wishes and make sure he stays gone.”

His eyes widen slightly at her suggestion but otherwise, he doesn’t seem to disagree with her.

“As you wish.” And then after a brief pause, “Do you mind if I ask what he did to end up in cuffs being very nearly pushed out of my establishment?”

“He beat the shit out of his girlfriend and skipped bail.”

“And that would make you a bail bonds person?” he questions tilting his head to the side in a manner entirely too endearing. He got the phrasing right and everything so it’s a little hard for her to resists his charming mannerisms.


“Terribly sorry if this is too forward, lass, but do bail bonds people enjoy coffee or do they have a different choice of beverage for dates?”

She should tell him she hates coffee and walk out. She already thanked him for his help. But there’s something appealing about him that she can’t quite pin down. Maybe it’s his stupidly good looks, maybe it’s the way he had enough sense to wish to ban an aggressive man from his place of business, or maybe it’s the way he spilt hot coffee down a man’s lap to help a woman that appeared to be in distress, and it could possibly just be his damn good coffee. So instead she surprises herself and doesn’t walk out.

“Most bail bonds people enjoy coffee, myself included, but what this bail bonds person really enjoys is hot chocolate.”

“Hot chocolate?”

“With cinnamon.”

“Aye, of course,” he says, grinning wildly and moving behind the counter.

“If you’re going to make me drink hot chocolate with you, then you’re going to tell me what made you chose the name, The Jolly,” she tells him with a grin she can’t stop from forming on her own face.

“I’m fairly certain I’ll be open to answering any questions you have.“

anonymous asked:

Emma, do you know if it is true that at least two of the girls involved in the altercation at the airport are Larries? People are now saying/blaming Larries. But, I have been trying to look into it, and I can't seen anything to support it. As usual, Larries get blamed for everything.

I’ve seen nothing to support those claims. People are also making fake accounts for at least one of the girls since they found her Facebook, which means that people will try to make up a lot of shit. Honestly, I haven’t even seen anything to support the idea that they were fans period, despite what The Sun said. The girl who is pressing charges literally referred to Louis as “the guy” when she was talking to the pap about what Louis had supposedly done. After seeing her talk about it and seeing their behavior, I find it significantly more likely that they saw the paps focused on Louis and Eleanor and decided to get take pictures or video of Eleanor because they assumed she was a celeb.

And like I said earlier, it doesn’t matter what type of fan they were or if they were fans at all. That behavior is equally unacceptable whether it comes from a Larrie, anti, or a random person who has never heard of One Direction. People can try to say that it’s the fault of Larries without anything backing it up, but every Larrie I know has spent literally all day denouncing what they did. The only people responsible for those girls’ shitty behavior is the girls themselves.

If I see one more person talk shit about my girl Betty I will actively throw shit

yes she blackmailed Cheryl …. It was however not for selfish or stupid reasons … she did it for jughead NOT for herself FOR jughead…. because she knows that he needs his dad … yes fp may have done some fucked up shit and he was a shitty father but he’s trying to change and he’s trying to be a better dad to jug and he can’t do that if he’s in jail for the next 20 years

she may have blackmailed Cheryl and Cheryl was upset but she clearly got over with it if she was joking around by the end of the scene looking seemingly proud that Betty was being a “ stone cold bitch”

fp isn’t perfect but he is willing to change and he deserves the chance to

Betty gave him that chance

You Promised - Harry Styles Imagine

“Can you promise me something love?” Harry grabbed Y/N’s hand with both of his large ones and looked into her Y/E/C eyes. God they were so mesmerising. It was so easy to get lost in them. “Yes H, anything.” Y/N patiently waited for his answer but he remained silent. “You’re doing that thing again where you zone out when you look me in the eyes.” Y/N laughed. Harry laughed along with her. “You know I can’t help it. Anyway I just want, no I need you to promise me that no matter how hard this becomes, you’ll stay with me through it all. This amazing job comes with it’s cons. I know I’m away a lot and the paparazzi are a huge pain. Love, you can back out now. I won’t stop you from walking out that door. But if you do stay, you have to know how hard this is going to be.”

“I know what I’m signing up for. I know that our relationship will come with many hardships but you will be worth it. You are worth it. I care about you and I want to stay. So Har, I promise.”

Y/N didn’t mind being alone but after a while it started to take its toll. There’s only so much loneliness a person can take before it drives them insane. The coming home to an empty house after a long day, the making dinner for one and the worst thing - sleeping alone. The bed was constantly cold and the smell of his cologne seemed to dim with each passing day. All the late night cuddles and 2am random talks were definitely missed. Phone calls, text and facetime are okay, at times. Not quite the same however. You can hear them or see them but having them right there with you is a completely different thing. He was definitely worth all of it, every single second of loneliness. Y/N thought she’d be okay with it. She did promise him but slowly she started to regret that promise and she really fucking hated herself for it. Y/N didn’t want to do this over text - such a shitty thing to do but she couldn’t bare to even let the words leave her mouth.

It’s over.

Y/N hesitantly grabbed her phone and brought up her text messages. Well, here goes, she thought.

Harry Y/N

Hey I was wondering if we could talk.

Yeah love, want me to call you? x

Just text please.

Okay shoot.

I really miss you okay and I know that this shouldn’t be done over text. I’m a shitty person for doing it but I want you to know how much I love you.

Y/N sweetheart you are worrying me. What’s going on? x

I just don’t think I can’t do this anymore.

Wait what? Can’t do what anymore?

Us Harry. I can’t do it anymore.

You’re breaking up with me? Over text? Are you fucking kidding me?

I know I’m a coward.

This better be some sick joke, I’m calling you.

In an instant Harry’s name popped up on her screen. Y/N was tempted to hit ignore. She was scared of what she was going to hear on the other end. She’s rarely seen or heard Harry really angry because he rarely gets angry at all. It takes a lot to really piss him off but if you do, it’s scary. Y/N took a deep breath and clicked accept. She hit the speaker button and laid her phone out in front of her. No one talked for a good few seconds before she heard Harry’s voice. “Y/N. Please tell me this a joke.”

With a deep breath, she responded. “I wish it was a joke Harry. It was indeed very cowardly of me to mention that over text, but I couldn’t bring myself to say it. To hear the words out loud. I thought that I could do this. The distance and everything, but I can’t. I have never loved anybody as much as I love you and not having you here…it’s terrible to say the least.”

“You don’t think I miss you either? You don’t think I don’t want you here with me either? I’ve been counting down the days until I get to see you and that helps, somewhat. I’m hurting too. You aren’t alone in that pain.” Harry’s sniffled, giving the indication he had already started crying.

Hearing that made Y/N tear up. She hated this. Hated hearing him hurt. “I know baby.”

“Is there anything I can do to change your mind? I’m arriving home in 8 days, we could actually talk about this in person?”

“Harry, I’m so sorry. I hate that I’m hurting you and I’m incredibly selfish, that I know. I couldn’t wait any longer to tell you. Talking about this in person won’t change my mind. I don’t think I know how to deal with what comes in being in a relationship with you anymore.” Y/N’s voice started to crack.

“You promised. You fucking promised me!” Y/N started sobbing. “You told me I was worth it. Are you really going to throw away the 2 beautiful years we had together? Well Y/N, are you?! You know what, you are right. You are completely and utterly selfish. If you can’t handle it anymore then fine. I thought we were stronger than this and that we could get through anything. I know I’ve really been trying. The pain has a way of consuming you, becoming almost impossible to bear. I did it for you though but where did that lead me huh? To this? How is that fair?” Harry started to cry.

The phone call ended shortly after with painful goodbyes. They were each other’s world and now they’re alone.


The world had finally picked up on the fact that you and Harry were no longer together and that sucked. Harry was being bombarded with questions about Y/N interview after interview. With Y/N, fans were doing the same thing. Some were rude and some were sympathetic. There was also the paparazzi which bothered the both of them. Breakups are hard enough but having people ask you about all day and everyday was making it harder to move on.

Y/N had just gotten home and was unpacking the groceries when she heard a knock at the door. After putting the apple juice in the fridge, she went to the front door, revealing Niall.

“Niall what are you doing here?” Y/N asked as she let him in.

“I just wanted to see how you were doing.”

That made her smile. Niall and her had always been close so it was nice he was doing this.

“I’m alright I guess.” Y/N said as she walked into the kitchen, Niall trailing behind her. “You want a drink?” Niall shook his head. “I know you’re not alright, you’re doing about as well as Harry.”


“He loves you so much and I know you love him. I hate seeing two of my best friends hurting.” Niall walked over and gave Y/N a hug which Y/N gladly returned. Nialler always gave such great hugs. “Um, I was also wondering if you wanted to…I don’t um, maybe come over to my house tonight. I’m having a little get together and I would love it if you would come. You know to help get your mind off things.”

“Harry’s going to be there isn’t he? I know because you are getting all nervous and scratching your head a lot.” Y/N sighed.

“Okay yes there’s a chance he’ll be there. You don’t have to talk to him or anything if you don’t want to. You don’t even have to look at him. The other boys miss you and so does Lou. Ever since you guys split, we haven’t really seen or heard from you so I thought that it’d be nice if we all just hung out. Like old times.” Niall said, sadly.

“Alright fine. I have a feeling I’m going to regret this immensely though.”

25/50 - “My nightmares are usually about losing you.”

Fandom: All for the Game/The Foxhole Court
Characters/pairings: Neil, Andrew, Robin/andreil

A/N: Why did I start this with Robin? idk

Robin opened her eyes. She looked around and felt a familiar panic rise up in her chest. It was too dark to see but she knew this wasn’t her bed. She had a bottom bunk, the only bottom bunk in the suite she shared with the other two freshmen girls.

When she realized someone was breathing heavily, she stilled. That was what woke her.


She recognized the voice, dull and unimpressed, and at once remembered where she was. No one had taken her. She was still in Fox Tower, but even though she moved into Andrew’s dorm more than a week ago, she still more often than not woke up ready to panic.

Neil. Wake up. You’re having a nightmare.”

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i have no title for this but its angst and 707 x MC

When MC somehow got into Rika’s old apartment and logged on to their organization’s private app, Saeyoung thought she was dangerous. He thought she was a threat, so he quickly did his hacker things and investigated. Turns out, MC was a good guy; completely opposite from what he thought she was.

MC quickly joined the RFA, continuing the legacy of their ‘dead’ party organizer. She was kind to everyone, she made Jaehee pursue her dream career, and even made the corporate heir show some emotion. She made a lot of changes for the RFA.

The party that MC organized was one of their best ones yet. Tons of well-known organizations and people went and congratulated her for organizing such an extravagant party. MC was a woman of grace, intelligence, and beauty. MC, was MC. Her extraordinary self.

So when MC took interest on the self-deprecating hacker, he was confused. Why not Jumin Han? He can be possessive, but he has the wealth and everyone was very much sure that he can treat a woman right. 

What about Yoosung? He’s precious. He would never dare hurt anyone.

Jaehee? Zen? V? Heck, Saeyoung thought that Elizabeth the 3rd was a better choice than him.

So, why him? 

Saeyoung was forever confused as to why MC would choose somebody who is as dangerous, lazy, and broken as him. But when MC would hold him tight as he cried about his twin brother, or when she would still kiss him after he would push her away, all his insecure questions would be answered.

MC is a gem. Saeyoung, on the other hand, is a pebble. He knew he could not take care of such a precious gem.  

So he decided to be stupid.

The last few days of their relationship was calm. It was like the calm before the storm. MC did not know what was gonna happen, which only made the hacker’s plan work. They were having dinner when it happened. Saeyoung vividly remembers MC’s eyes widened when he told her that he was seeing someone else. “I’m happier with her,” he said. “Much happier than I was with you.” An eery silence engulfed the dining room. Saeyoung was waiting for her to flip out, be angry at him for doing this. 

Instead, he got a genuine smile from her.

The unexpected happened. She left that very night without crying. She packed her bags without a single word and left the hacker’s bunker after giving him a kiss on the cheek. Saeyoung was dumbfounded. Why didn’t she cry? Was she actually glad that he ended it? Was she seeing somebody else? The hacker’s mind was filled with questions once again. And he didn’t know whether their gonna be answered.

He never heard from her for a month until Jaehee called him late at night, sobbing, telling him that MC died due to terminal Leukemia and that they only knew of her illness just now because she didn’t want pity from others. 

Saeyoung’s heart was clouded with grief as he realized why it seemed that she was glad he broke up with her. She was dying. 


shitty ending, i know

im sorry for being a shitty person and not updating for heaps of months lol i promise i’ll update

also i did not edit this so dont be mad if there is errors or some shit

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cassandra clare is a truly shitty person and a bad writer. i love the mortal instruments’ world and i love the characters but she just did such a bad job with the characters and i’m so happy the show is trying to fix all of that.

 i don’t watch the show but i know how they fixed the relationship between clary and izzy. why would anyway want them to be jealous over each other them being catty in the books made me cringe the show makes me sHIP IT SO HARD. and clace was toxic in the books, jace was lowkey a dick

another thing: MALEC GETS SO MUCH SCREEN TIME. i’m so happy bc in the books there was barely anything about them?? one of the most popular ships on television is an interracial gay couple and that makes me so happy. all of the cast is BEAUTIFUL. 

i did wish the show followed the books plots but Shadowhunters is 20x better than the books so keep it up SH you’re doing great

Predictions/Theories for the rest of the season based on this episode.

Hey guys! I was going to make a video but then I remembered the game is coming out tomorrow meaning no one will be remembering this episode. This is how I saw the episode. These are my predictions! I’m in no way saying this stuff is going to happen. Its just me over thinking small details no ones really paying attention to. (To my knowledge)

What people are over-looking.

Heidi knows Cartman is bad for her. She feels stupid, and her ‘girlfriends’ are being dicks to her. Kyle was the one positive thing Heidi had going for her at this point. Regardless, she goes and meets Cartman after dinner. Heidi really loves him and it shows. 

Cartman starts talking to her, and we actually think hes going to apologize and take blame. Nope. He just blames it on Kyle-but the kicker is we don’t hear what he said to Heidi.

Heidi calls Kyle his kind sneaky, most assuming he was called a ‘sneaky jew’. You know what I think? She was calling him a troll. 

I guarantee Cartman told Heidi that Gerald was skankhunt, meaning Kyle is a part of that kind, and that’s why he’s sneaky! That would also explain why everything would be Kyle’s fault from that point of view. 

Heidi wouldn’t have quit twitter if there was no skankhunt. 

Cartman’s stuff wouldn’t have been broken if there was no skankhunt. 

They would’ve never dated if it wasn’t for kyle’s dad!


This episode had tons of callbacks to last season!

Member berries, Girls vs Boys, Garrison, Heidiman meeting at their bench.

The biggest problem I had last season was they didn’t wrap up the member berries. Personally, I agree that last season was a little whack but I actually enjoy continuity. 

You know what bugged me this episode? Garrisons side plot. It kinda feels like Trey and Matt didn’t have any thing else to put in with Kydi/Heidiman. It just felt random to me? I get that they were basing it on abuse to match but still.

Remember that Girls vs boys was suppose to be a major plot point last season? 

There’s only a few episodes left, and what if they decide to use this scrapped plot now? 

Like how the plot line was wrapped in s19. Final three episodes full of the continuity to wrap the season up. 

This probably wont happen, but could you imagine if it did? 

This episode just felt very deja-vu to me.

Heidi and Cartman’s fate.

I feel like this could go two ways.

Heidi can finally leave him, or shes going to become as bad as him.

I absolutely like Heidi’s character, but I know shes not innocent. I relate to her so bad currently. I had an abusive ex, and honestly it was fucking terrible. I still stayed because I really loved this person, and I didn’t want to believe the negatives. I always blamed myself, even if she did nothing but made me feel like shit. Near the end of the relationship I was so damn tired, I became just as shitty as she was.

I feel like Heidi is going through the same. She really loves Eric, and shes willing to over look all the warning signs in order to stay with him. I really hope she gets out, and takes time for herself!

If she doesn’t, I have a feeling she may become negative, change so Cartman will love her, shut everyone else out. Become a female Cartman pretty much. 


In conclusion, as much complaining it would attract, I feel like this season could end with an arc that wraps up Member berries, Girl vs Boy, as well as Heidi’s arc. If you read till this point, thanks!

Also don’t be rude if you reblog or reply. These are just my thoughts! I’m not saying this is going to happen, I’m just saying what if.


TW: Mentions of Attempted Rape

Morgan was going down tonight and although I wouldn’t be witness to it, I’d have the pleasure of knowing what was going to happen.

No one liked Morgan… well that’s a lie. Lots of people liked her. I did not. Neither did my friends. She was a waste of space and nothing special. Except for the fact she wanted to suck off Satan.

She was a witch.

It wasn’t like I saw her wearing a pentagram or chanting in tongues. But how else did she get everyone to like her? She was so boring. She was nice to literally everyone, even the shitty algebra teacher. She had all these friends, and no one had anything bad to say about her. Even when she ‘forgot’ to do an assignment, her teacher excused her and gave her another day.

Fat chance they’d ever do that for me.

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Idk man like I get that Luke was pissed with the gods and had every right to be angry in which made him the perfect person to become and be Kronos but like are we also going to ignore how shitty he was for like making Percy beleive he had a friend or someone to look up to, be betrayed, turned his back on Annabeth when he promised her that they'd always be a family (and spent like his last literal moment of life asking if she loved him) luke was a shitty person just saying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anon, you have no idea how enraged you have made me over the past few hours. I’m going to let you know I’m pissed, I’m not going to hide it, why would I? You need to know just how angry I am, because that has literally driven me to writing this answer. Before I start with the topic of Luke Castellan in general, let’s get a few things out of the way. The first thing, is going to be debunking this absolutely horrid and stereotypical ask you sent me in the first place.

  • There’s no need in telling me Luke was an absolute imbecile when it came to his judgment skills, we all know he absolutely failed that test.
  • Not once on this blog have I ever said in my life, that what Luke did to Annabeth wasn’t shitty. It was so horrible, Luke and Annabeth’s relationship was manipulative. He knew she looked up to him and he used it against her and that’s not okay. But just because he was manipulating her, does not automatically rule out the fact that he couldn’t have been being manipulated himself.
  • PSA: Because I know I’m going to have to repeat myself, I’m not excusing his behavior. I’m looking at the bigger picture.
  • Lastly, saying Luke was a shitty person because he made Percy believe he was his friend, is a weak argument and wouldn’t make it very far in an actual debate on the grounds that: Percy knew Luke a total of like what, a week? Luke, more likely than not, knew Percy was the target from the very start and treated him like a friend on purpose. He was being manipulative for who? Oh, I think we all know that. And Percy was not nearly as blinded as Annabeth this early on. He got pissed off the second he figured out it was Luke and he stayed pissed off. Percy was fully aware of what Luke was doing and he wasn’t even a quarter as affected by Luke’s betrayal than Annabeth was.
  • And that last thing, about the love thing? I’m going to get to that at the very end when we get into Luke’s character, but feel free to scroll all the way down right now.

Right now though, we’re not going to talk about Luke right away, because we all know Luke! He was a spectacularly written character! We know him very well, but do you know someone that no one seems to pay attention to? The very cannibalistic, titan lord that was canonically labeled “The Wicked One” in this series.

(I’m putting this under a read more because it’s just that long, but my read more’s on asks haven’t been working lately, so I’m really sorry if you all get stuck with this long post on your dashboards.)

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Only a new recruit.

A/N I promise to keep my note short lol. Thank you guys for your love and support and I hope you’re all doing well. Here you go lovelies.

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Summary:Peter suggests the a recruit to Tony

“Hey Y/n why are you still in high school?” Peter asked as he sat on her table top

“I can’t afford to go to college yet Peter. I don’t see colleges knocking down my door offering full rides, which is what I would probably need. Plus Peter I don’t want to go to college yet. I’d leave you, Ned, and MJ behind.”

“Doesn’t mean you couldn’t visit. You could get so many full ride offers if you just showed people you’re inventions.”

“Peter I can’t do that. I haven’t even tested this stuff on humans.”

“That’s a lie. I saw you take a tablet a few weeks ago when your land lord…” Peter shut up. She didn’t know that he had seen. He had been Spider man when he had seen it. Her land lord was a shitty person who didn’t even renovate her apartment like he said he was going to do and then got abusive if she was a day late on her payments to him.

“How did you… there was no one around…” said looking at Peter for an explanation.

“I… I know about your landlord Y/n.” Peter said quietly “You should stay with Aunt May and me or MJ or somewhere other than here.” He said reaching for her hand and rubbing the back of it with his thumb.


There was a loud pounding on the door and it rang through the whole apartment. “Y/NNNNN” Your landlord yelled.

“Shit.” You threw a cover over the experiments you had been showing Peter then ran to open the door.

“Hey Jake…”

“Where is my rent?”

“Its not due til the end of the month. Your two weeks early.” You told him and your heart started to race. You didn’t have all of the money yet since you didn’t get paid til next week.

“I need the money now.” Jake barged into her apartment.

“Hey you can’t just barge in here.” Peter said making Jake jump at the realization someone else was in the room.

“My apartment that she is renting. I can come in here when she doesn’t pay.”

“That’s against the law and you know it. You can’t just spring up a new date for your rent whenever you want drugs.” Peter said and you watched him aww.

“How do you know about that kid?” Jake asked.

“Don’t worry about it. But I suggest you keep your rent due date the same if you don’t want the police to find out about it.” 

Jake huffed and walked out slamming the door.

“Thanks Peter. How did you know that though?” You asked him curious.

“I know what crack looks like Y/n. He had some in his apartment and I just happened to see it when he left his door open.” Peter lied.

“Nice to know.”

Peter walked into the lab.

“What are you guys doing?”

“Failing.” Bruce said

“ We’ve missed something. What? I don’t know, but it’s going to drive me mad until I can get it.” Mr. Stark said running his fingers through his hair.

“What is it?” He asked.

“I think its something with the equation.” Bruce said.

“The math is all right. I’ve had F.R.I.D.A.Y even triple check it.” Mr. Stark said drinking his coffee. I walked over and saw they were working on a new invention.

“I think I know someone who might be able to help.”

“Who do you know that’s that smart?” Bruce asked.

“Can I take a picture and send it to her? Maybe… and this is a maybe she can figure out where you guys went wrong.” Peter took his phone out and sent a picture of the work to you. It was 5 minutes before he got a reply.

‘The equation is correct they just input the wrong numbers. The numbers they have would be for no change in gravity and I’m guessing they want it in the air.’

I showed the text to them.

“She figured it out that fast?” Bruce asked impressed.

“Who is this girl? A friend of yours? A crush? What?” Mr.Stark asked sending a blush to Peter’s face. “Ok so she’s a crush. Your welcome for giving you a reason to text her.” Mr.Stark said

“She’s a friend.” Peter said.

“Uh-huh sure. I’m just amazed that she found out what was wrong with the problem. How old is she?”

“16. I think you guys should recruit her just to help around here in the lab.”

“You just want her in the tower don’t you?” Mr.Stark asked with a sly grin.

“Yes. It’ll be better than where she lives now. She has a land lord who does drugs and hits her if she’s a day late with rent.” Peter rang his hands

“Whoa whoa slow down kid.” Bruce said trying to calm him.

“You said she’s 16 why is the land lord going after her and not her parents?” Mr.Stark asked rising to his feet.

“Her parents are dead. She has a job after school so she can pay rent and she creates things in her apartment.”

“Like inventions?” Bruce asked.

“Yea. Just please think about it Mr.Stark. If you do she won’t cause any trouble.” Peter pleaded with him.

“I’ll think about it. But before then you keep an eye out for her as Spider-man or Peter. Don’t let that guy lay another hand on her. Try to get her to move out too.”

You were reluctant to knock on his door at all, but you did anyway. At first there was no answer so you knocked again only to be greeted by an angry Jake.

“What?! I was in the middle of something.”

“The heat is broken.”

“So?” Jake asked leaning against the doorway.

“It’s almost freezing outside. Its suppose to snow later this week. I don’t have heat. You’re the landlord who I pay rent to and you need to fix it.” You told him praying he wasn’t going to start yelling.

“Fine let me go look at it.” he said to your surprise and you guys went back to your apartment. 

He went over to the heater and stood in front of it.

“There’s a dent in it.”

“That was here when I got here.” you told him

“No… it wasn’t. You broke the heater you have to pay for it. You destroyed my property.”

“No I didn’t I swear it was like that when we moved in here years ago.” You told him.

“Yea maybe you did it when your parents weren’t looking and then told them that it was already like that.”

“Even if I did do that when my parents were alive the heater still worked then. It no longer works. You need to fix it or I’ll be forced to move.” You told him surprised at your own words. You weren’t going to let him have you suffer in the cold winter without heat.

He shoved you into the table that had all of your chemical experiments and a graduated cylinder of chemicals spilled onto you.

“OWWWW!” You screamed and fell to the ground holding your arm in tears. You watched as a patch of your skin started to turn bright red and speckled.



“What the-”

“Step away from the girl.” You saw light shining into the room, but couldn’t turn around because Jake was still holding your collar.

“She owes me rent!” Jake yelled and then grabbed your burned arm and you screamed in pain and the tears were falling freely from your cheeks. You felt like you were gonna pass out from the pain.

Jake flew back and let go of you leaving you a huddled mess on the floor holding your arm close to your body, but careful not to touch it.

“Come on kid we’ll get you to a hospital at the tower.” You were picked up carefully and at once saw it was Iron-man.

“N-no… I-i ha….ve s-some…thing.O-ov-ver the-re.” You told him pointing to the cabinet.

“We need to get you to a hospital….”

“No!” You told him and tried to escape his arms. He gave in and walked over to the cabinet still holding you. He put you down on the counter and opened the cabinet and brought out a bottle.

“Pain pills?” He asked and you shook your head and quickly took one of the tablets.

You felt the pain go away from your body and the burn was now a faded scar.

“I would ask what that was, but your land lord is going to wake up soon. Grab your stuff kid you’re moving.” He said.

“I have no where to go.” You told him wiping the tears from your face and finally saw the damage he had done to the apartment. The whole wall was practically gone and your experiments destroyed.

“I said to go get your things. I have a place for you. I’ll think you’ll like it.” He said.

“Your not dropping me off at the orphanage right?”

“No I’m not cruel. Now go get your things.”

You went and packed your things and showed up in front of him with a small bag of clothes.

“Is that it?” He asked


“Then lets go to your new home.”

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Episode 93: Kaiba begins to regret not rigging the Ultimate Bingo Machine.

The coma-toll continues to rise; so far we are 1:1 on comas to card games in the finals. If this was real life, how many comas would it take to get a major competitive event cancelled? Or at least, make them land the blimp? Answer: real life isn’t cool enough to stage the Olympics on a fuckin blimp.

Shizuka has come into her own: she stays by Mai’s side, volunteering to look after her while the others abandon their dying friend to go watch two emotionally-stunted older siblings ”””play””” a card game. Why isn’t Mai in the goddamn blimp-hospital? Answer: a blimp doesn’t HAVE a real hospital it’s just a blimp-room with a quite-possibly-fake doctor in it   this show is garbage  even in near-death-experiences Mai gets fucked over.

Back on top of the blimp, Kaiba has deigned to stand with the Nerd Herd, presumably because no one wants to stand with Yami Malik cause he’s the kind of person to deliberately stand behind Isono to freak him out.

Isis is soMEHOW late despite literally being able to see the future so I have to presume she’s late on purpose to annoy Kaiba, so … yeah I’m here for that. You make him wait, girl!

Kaiba takes advantage of the delay to check in on Mokuba’s homework…

Mokuba can’t translate the hieretic text on Ra’s card with Kaiba Corp’s resources, so he just nbd

LOGS INTO INDUSTRIAL ILLUSIONS, presumably to find information on the card’s original design and stuff? Why does he have this code?? Answer: he probably just fucking cracked it, it appears to be a three-digit (maybe four) user ID and three-digit (maybe four) passcode. Even being suuuper generous and assuming it’s four, I have to assume it’s romaji characters (and probably numbers) since the screen is asking for the information in American English. So a brute-force attack would only need to test a little over 1.6 million possible options, which would take less than a second to crack. It may also contain symbols or non-romaji characters but four digits just isn’t long enough to stand up against any kind of attack.

Anyway, Kaiba tells him to keep him posted and DRAMATICALLY INSERTS HIS CARDS INTO HIS DUEL DISK

eyes closed like he’s not hoping Yami’s watching

Then he realises playing hard to get is foolish and just fuckin demands Yami’s attention #noticemesenpai



Kaiba takes his place on the BATTLE DECK™ PUN INTENDED (name presumed from context) and the elevator arrives with his opponent…

Damn, boy. Check your patriarchal expectations before you wreck yoursatriarchalexpectations.

… Wait are you really telling me Kaiba didn’t find out who the eighth duelist was?? Isono knows! Did Kaiba not ask??? I seriously would not have thought he would allow there to be an unknown person on his Battle Blimp…

Faced with a as-far-as-he-knows new person he is hosting at his tournament to promote a major new product for his company, Kaiba opens with

aggressive disdain!

Alright so everyone’s like ~oooh who is this m~y~s~t~e~r~i~o~u~s and stylish new duelist with the face-covering veil~

which is all well and good but





So Isis tells Kaiba she’s here because of her fate and destiny and shit and he’s like

“small words please. in fact, preferably numbers”

But she actually fucking does explain it in a way Seto Kaiba can understand!

(and she looks damn hot doing it)

Of all the things on this earth, “I’m doing this to save my younger brother” is the only thing Seto Kaiba will always understand. And she skips right over all the clairvoyance and the long-foretold destiny and the ancient ghosts and even her magic necklace that–

… okay yeah she immediately ruins it.

anonymous asked:

Gaaaah I dont want to sound like someone who got awfully triggered, and also ily both (like this is my fav mysme blog actually.) but I do not think its right to call Rika a snake. From what we learn in the game, Rika cannot be just labelled a "bitch". She has a mental illness (most possibly schizophrenia), just like Saeran does. If we can forgive Saeran (who is not all that innocent), why cant we forgive Rika? how is it her fault that she is ill mentally? She had no control over her actions.

I want to start out by thanking you for calling us your favourite, it means a lot! ^^

Then you’ve probably noticed from the beginning that I /completely/ respect others opinions (including yours, nonnie! ^^)

But I have to /completely/ disagree if you. Please hear me out as to why.

 I can forgive Saeran but not Rika solely for the fact that she is a /MANIPULATOR/. 

While it’s true that Saeran is in no way /innocent/, there’s room to forgive him because (although this is also /no excuse/ considering there are people who are in similar situations and grow up to be innocent) he was abused as a child, and he was /drugged/. In the secret endings you can tell that these drugs were /forced/ upon him, (by Rika, nonetheless!), and they appear to be some strong drugs that (like all drugs) mess with the chemicals in your brain.

Am I completely excusing anything Saeran did? No way, by no means, but I can /forgive/ him because he was solely carrying out the will of his “Saviour” and acting upon the /lies/ his drug induced brain had been fed.

As for Rika, what she did was not forgivable, and here’s why.

Your mental illness is not an excuse for your shitty behaviour.

I suffer from a few different mental illnesses, while none of them may be /Schizophrenia/ (which I wouldn’t really diagnose her with that off the top of my head, I’d have to go more for the Schizotypal Personality Disorder but that’s not what I’m talking about here) I know that, as an adult, 

I am responsible for my own actions.

Which means I am responsible for:

-Seeking my own help

-Knowing whatever actions I pursue have consequences

-Not creating a god damn cult and brainwash a child to bring harm to others

While yes, of /course/ I know it’s not her fault she may have a mental illness, it /is/ her fault that she decided to pursue running a cult carrying out dangerous actions. 

She, at one point, was going to therapy to talk through whatever problems she may be having at the request of V, but she stopped going just because she didn’t want to go.

That, right there, was when she took control of her actions and had /proven/ to me that she is, in fact, responsible for what she had done- not her mental illness. 

She refused helped because she “didn’t want to go”, (which I understand. Sometimes therapy is redundant and feels as though it’s no help at all, but to take action and hopefully help control your mental illness it’s a course of action you need to take) she decided then and there that she was going to do whatever she wanted, and not care about any and all consequences. She was going to get what she wanted.

What she wanted was a world where no one would be hurt, they’d be free to do what they want, yada yada yada I don’t remember /exactly/ what she told Jumin, but she didn’t pursue that. 

Instead, she /hurt/ a child by drugging him and feeding him lies just so she could have a lean, mean, killing machine. She created a cult completely ready to follow her every whim. She planned on using this power to eliminate the RFA and get the members under the same control she had over those in Mint Eye, and that is all /her fault/. 

Was she influenced by her mental illness? That’s a possibility, yes, but it was /her overall decision/ to do what she wanted and was going to use any means of manipulation and violence to get that.

And that, my friend, is why I will forgive Saeran, and never Rika. ~Admin 404