i did not know condoms were that big tho

asking nerd!calum to tutor you would be a piece of cake. he’d already be head over heels for you so he’d play it off cool and say “sure” and give you a date as to when you could come over. stereotypically, he wears glasses and formal clothes every fucking day and he doesn’t change out of it until he showers at the same time daily or goes to sleep. skipping to the point, lets say you aren’t a virgin but he is and with his hopeful thoughts, he’d lose it to the hottest girl in school - you. so he searched for some joggers quickly and took his shirt off but kept his glasses on and when you fucking answered the door you kind of just holy fuck. he takes you to his room to get started and you’re like “you’re just helping me study why’re you wearing this” and he goes pale and kind of stutters “i-i don’t know i just feel comfortable m-make yourself comfortable” and he looks at you and you look back like can i scoot closer to you and stuff bc you were known as a cuddle so he was like “y-yeah” and you did and I SWEAR TO GOD HE COULD BARELY CONTROL HIMSELF WITH UR HEAD ON HIS SHOULDER LOOKIN CUTE AS SHIT and you looked at him and said “fuck this” and kissed him and it took him a sec to realize shit shes makin out with me and he kissed back and things escalated VERY quickly, and he thanked god his parents and sister weren’t home. your shirt was on the floor and he whispered “god damn you’re so perfect” and if this doesn’t actually fucking happen i don’t know what would you smiled at him and kissed him and the both of you took your pants off anD U KINDA LOOKED AT HIM LIKE i didn’t know you’d be this big and he nods like “i know” and lucky for you, you had a condom (idk why tho) and he’d roll it on and slide into you, and he felt really good. you could have sworn he’s the best you’ve ever had. you soon came and so did he and he was sooo glad you were his first, and that “tutoring session” wasn’t your last with him, and you guys soon turned into something much more.