i did not just make two song references

  • What he says: I'm fine.
  • What he means: In the song "Shiny" from Moana, Tamatoa makes a point of singing "you can't expect a demigod to beat a decapod [looks at the camera] look it up." Decapod more or less means "ten footed." Yet after numerous viewings, I can confirm that Tamatoa only has 7-7 1/2 limbs (half of the one Maui ripped off is still there.) Why? Why make a point of making a reference to having 10 limbs but only give him 8(ish)? Was it really just an oversight? Did something else completely rip off two more limbs and they never addressed it? Are they going to expand Tamatoa's backstory for Moana 2 (if they even make that?) I NEED ANSWERS!!!
Boyfriend Series; DK/Seokmin

- if you think seokmin already shines as bright as the sun
- he shines as bright as the sun and every star and any form of light there exists combined when he’s with you
- he could’ve had no sleep the night before but as soon as he sees you, he’s wide awake and 110% energized
- for your first date, seokmin takes you to an amusement park
- you both go on every ride and share funnel cake and walk around holding hands
- seokmin decides that you both end the day by riding the ferris wheel
- by then it’s sunset and the view is absolutely beautiful, and when the gondola stops at the very top, you two share your first kiss
- he always screams “I LOVE YOU” while making a heart with his arms and he makes sure to yell it loud enough for anyone within a 200-meter radius to hear
- in fact, he’s always saying he loves you
- when you’re mad at him, he just tells you he loves you over and over until you’re not mad anymore
- and let’s just say the longest you’ve been mad at him was 17 seconds
- LOVES having matching couple things with you
- you have matching sweaters, shoes, onesies, hats, you guys even have matching smiles
- when you’re in bed just relaxing and watching videos, seokmin falls on top of you and refuses to move because he wants your attention 24/7
- your main means of transportation is piggyback rides
- he likes to copy cliché k-drama actions just to get you flustered
- back hugs, dramatic wrist grabs, shoelace-tying, scarf-tying; he does anything that screams k-drama without shame
- you LOVE his smiles more than anyone
- the way his eyes turn into crescents, and his pearly-white teeth appear when he grins
- but while he may be seventeen’s happy virus, that doesn’t mean he ALWAYS has to be happy
- you’re the only one who can see past his smiles
- like you’ll see seokmin after a long day and he’s running up to you while smiling brightly
- but you know it’s fake. you know he’s tired and stressed and he probably wants to cry but he doesn’t let himself do that because he doesn’t want you to worry
- but once he reaches you, you say “seokmin, tell me what’s wrong” and he’d just say “huh? nothing’s wrong” but you’d cut him off and say “don’t lie to me. what’s wrong?”
- and his smile would fade and he’d tell you everything because he trusts you more than anyone in this world, and in the end when you give him a hug or a kiss on the forehead
- he looks up at you and this time smiles for real
- always insists on feeding you because he thinks it’s cute
- “here comes the airplane!!” “seokmin I SWEAR”
- seokmin tends to tease you a lot and doesn’t really know his limits
- but when he does notice a change in behavior from you, he stops immediately and hugs you tight and sings to you to let you know he’s sorry
- the type to take off his jacket and throw it on a puddle for you to walk on so that your shoes don’t get wet
- “seokmin what was that I CAN WALK AROUND IT”
- loves kisses
- refuses to leave without a goodbye kiss or hello kiss or anything kiss and he always cups your cheeks and presses his forehead against yours while grinning when you both pull away
- seokmin’s a playful kind of jealous
- when he sees the other members get too close to you, he jumps on their back or traps them in a headlock while laughing and grinning at you
- constant yelling
- get ready for karaoke dates YES
- either you’re both having a battle of who can sing in the highest octave or he’s serenading you with a seventeen song (pretty u and 20 are the ones he sings most btw)
- doesn’t respond to dk, he wants you to call him seokmin because he thinks it’s more special since it’s his real name
- soonyoung told you to say “you’re seokmine” and when you did seokmin’s face turned so red
- he changes his phone wallpaper to a different picture of you two every day, the other members are always like “how many pictures do you have together?!?!”
- the type to make seventeen song references
- “don’t forget….. i adore u” “stop”
- “you’re my twenties” “seokmin”
- “you’re my healing” “oh. i kinda like that one”
- always wants to hold your hand!!
- it doesn’t matter how short the walk is, he just loves the feeling of your fingers intertwined with his. he sometimes even brings your hand up and kisses your knuckles
- he loves to cook for you
- you never want to go out for dinner because seokmin’s homemade meals taste so much better
- “it’s because i poured all my love into it!!!!” “i’m going to lose my appetite if you keep saying things like that”
- he calls you sunshine because you make him happy when skies are gray
- lots of tickle fights and wrestling
- he calls you every day and you guys sometimes end up talking for five hours without even realizing it
- you both blind the other members with your positivity and smiles
- seokmin honestly tends to be really clingy sometimes
- but you never get annoyed
- because you see, seokmin just wants to spend all his time with you because he loves you with all his heart but he KNOWS he can’t do that because his schedule keeps him busy
- so when he sees you after endless hours of practice and concerts and fan signs, he doesn’t care how tired he is
- he wants to enjoy what little time he has with you, and he wants to spend it with smiles and laughs
- “i know, seokmin”
- (grins and nudges you)
- “okay, okay!! i love you, too”

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Just a quick question .. how, when and where did Harry make a reference about Taylor in Two Ghosts? Oh and apparently Harry moved the release date of his next single to August, so Louis can shine with his single 'back to you'. I don't know if this is true, I just read it somewhere.

I wondered that myself about Taylor. I know he talked about her in RS but don’t remember him specifically talking about that song, but I have a brain like a sieve so I’m not sure.


By anonymous request, this is a masterlist of #53 gif chat starters. There's starters in here for almost any type of character, so hopefully you find them useful. Most of these starters were written from things that have actually happened to me or are ones that I've used for my character's before. This may be updated periodically when I come up with new ones so feel free to check back every once and a while.

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Created by TIFFANY LIM

NOTE: I’m NOT the composer of this project. Geo B. is. I just love making music. - Tiffany

Remember the person who posted a theme song on the official blog of MYSTERY KIDS EPISODE ONE?

I did that a year ago. It was the thing that inspired the production of Mystery Kids Episode Two.

This track is just a (roughly) edited version of that song.

It’s not too late to join our team :) If you’re interested in becoming a concept artist or storyboard artist, please refer to this website for the requirements, or email mysterykidsproject@gmail.com.

To find out more about “Mystery Kids Episode Two: Return of the Beldam”, visit mystery-kids-project.tumblr.com.

To find out more about “Mystery Kids Episode 1”, visit mysterykidsofficial.tumblr.com.

otakuannie  asked:

Hi there. Because I'm such a huge fan of MT (and completely ignorant when it comes to other artists) I don't know a lot of the references made in both the song and video for Pop 101. If it wasn't too much trouble (you don't have to) could you maybe point out the references?

I’ll try my best. I’ll include the parts of the videos they parodied where I can too. I have to actually break it down twice. Once for visual parodies, and a second time for lyrical references.

Here’s your visual parodies/references:

  • Some are saying that the intro (the classroom) could be a reference to Iggy Azalea’s Fancy, but I personally think it’s just because Josh is teaching a class. I do see the similarities though.
  • When it cuts to the glow-in-the-dark scene, that’s a parody to Ke$ha’s Your Love Is My Drug.
  • “This one’s a matching key” they show a sign that says “This one’s Imogen Heap”. This artist (from what I gather) uses a matching key in her music. I checked out some videos just for this reference guide. Here’s one called Hide and Seek.
  • Then it moves into a country like scene and that’s a reference to Mumford and Sons (also stated). Here’s I Will Wait; the song that was quoted.
  • The bits with Anami Vice are a reference to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. (If you don’t already know this song, I suggest moving past it because it’s a catchy as fuck song that gets in your head, but the lyrics are basically saying rape is okay.)
  • The three scenes of Josh lying in a bed are a reference to Miley Cyrus in general. Mostly her tongue.
  • Then there’s the twerking scene (also seen throughout the video). Twerking, I’m sure you know, was a huge thing in pop music this past year.
  • The dance circle that follows is a reference to LMFAO’s Sexy and I Know It. This is made clear by Ian’s “outfit”.

And here’s your lyrical references (that I know of):

  • “I’ll bring sexy back once more” - Justin Timberlake’s Sexyback
  • “baby baby baby baby baby” - Justin Bieber’s Baby
  • “Guitars and strings like these, to sound like Black Eyed Peas” - Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling
  • “Gang vocals here we come, thinking ‘I will always wait’” - Mumford and Sons’ I Will Wait (listed above)
  • “I can pitch shift my voice if I want” - Miley Cyrus’ We Can’t Stop
  • “Joshuuuua Ramsay” - Jason Derulo (pretty much any song but here’s the bit from Don’t Wanna Go Home)

The parts that aren’t directly aimed at other artists, are really the basics of writing a pop song. Most will have a rapper come in (JB’s Baby and Thicke’s Blurred Lines, for example). And then there’s the familiarity of using the same four chords throughout a single song to make it catchy. The pre-chorus is based on writing meaningless songs that are simply made to entertain an audience.

This site includes some other references if you want to check that out. Just click the highlighted parts and it gives you the reference.

I hope this helps you some. I spent two hours doing it. 12am-2am to be exact, lol. I didn’t think it’d take that long, but it did.