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I never really understood 'alternate gender alters' like the 'ish' has a purpose but?? Why are alters of a different gender in their own category idgi

because trans people are weird and need to be explained lmao

i mean they do talk about it like there’s a Purpose. male alters in DFAB systems as an internalization of 'this is happening because i’m a girl’ or of stereotypes of ‘men are powerful’; female alters in DMAB systems due to being sexually objectified or [insert weird bullshit about homosexual feelings].

every single attribute of an alter needs to have A Specific Reason + the shittiest ideas about gender

i still find it hilarious that our therapist kept expecting our roster to include a girl/woman with the body’s birth name. haaaaah.

(there’s like one author we’ve read say something along the lines of “hey, trans people can have DID! and their treatment might include becoming more ‘gender-deviant’ so don’t flip out!”. her name is Margo Rivera and we haven’t read much but she seems cool. interested in the feminist politics of DID, is a therapist to LGBT folks with DID, etc.!)

- Ace

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kfp and disney for the meme


  • favorite male character: Po 100%
  • favorite female character: Take a wild fucking guess buddy
  • least favorite character: okay don’t kill me but Ping honestly. From a writer’s standpoint his character is very flimsy. 
  • prettiest character: Tigress owns my soul tbh.
  • funniest character: Monkey cracks me the fuck up everytime I am so here for Monkey.
  • favorite season: if we’re talking LoA, none of them but the second is the lesser of the two evils. 
  • favorite episode: KFP 2
  • favorite romantic ship: The one I’ve devoted my life to.
  • favorite family ship: TIGRESS AND LEI LEI. JUST FUCK ME UP.
  • favorite friend ship: Also Po and Tigress. 
  • worst ship: I’ve seen Po/Shifu and I don’t want to revisit that memory thanks.

Disney (not including Pixar in this because if I did every answer would be Pixar)

  • favorite male character: Flynn/Eugene
  • favorite female character: Okay I have like 20 but my tops are Rapunzel, Judy Hopps, Mulan, Nita, Tiana, Vanellope, and so many more
  • least favorite character: I’m honestly not big on Ariel…
  • prettiest character: I could stare at Rapunzel for hours tbh.
  • funniest character: Timon
  • favorite season: Renaissance 
  • favorite episode: uhm
  • favorite romantic ship: Rapunzel/Eugene, Judy/Nick, Tiana/Naveen
  • favorite family ship: Nani/Lilo
  • favorite friend ship: Koda/Kenai 
  • worst ship: don’t have any
Judith: The Forgotten Female

When I was a kid, I went to church with my family every Sunday. I went to Sunday School and participated in the plays and little concerts they did and I learned about Christianity. I do remember learning about a few but not many females who had significant roles. This is interesting to me. You would think that as time went on, as a society we would be more willing to include people from all genders in our history, but this is not the case. Judith is a surprising story that I was pleased to read. It is the tale of a strong woman who needed help from no one to take down her enemy. In the Anglo-Saxon time period, one would think that women did not hold positions of power, but Judith is all about power. She is a vessel for the Lord and defeats the ruler of a large army. She saves her whole city. A woman! Imagine that. She alone conquers an army and saves the lives of so many men!

It is very rare that we find a story in history where a woman is portrayed as so strong and commanding. Why this story is not more widely known or read in schools is beyond me. We should teach our youth that women are just as capable of being dominant and influential as any man.

Jess Shearer (Post #1 Judith:The Forgotten Female) January 29, 2016