i did not even watch that

When I was in second grade I was in Spanish class but didn’t really pay attention (was low key confused about why we even had a spanish class in elementary school lol) and I answered a question right once. My teacher said “did you learn that from our last class!!” In excitement to which I responded “no I learned it watching the road to el dorado, i don’t learn anything here” and she made me call my parents at the principal’s office. after that, i mentioned the road to el dorado as much as possible in her class lmao

I just watched a ton of swiftmas videos and started crying because i can’t even begin to fathom Taylor Swift going shopping just for you and writing you a notes and painting with your favourite lyrics, like she did that.

Don’t think A&E are trying to Erase Emma?

Then why did they edit out the last two lines of the Irish folk song Colin choose for Hook to sing to his baby?

“She stepped away from me

And she moved through the Fair

And fondly I watched her

Move here and move there

And she went her way homeward

With one star awake…

As the SWANS in the evening

Move over the lake”

They had Hook “interrupt” his own song - the editing was so awkward it actually struck me as odd during the scene. And then I saw posts about the song from the scene and all made sense.

They cut the song right before Hook mentions SWANS.

It could have been a nice nod to CS - that romantically every version of Hook is drawn to Emma Swan.

But I guess A&E weren’t having it.

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So I love all the fanfic gaps of 13x06 but like... when exactly did Dean sit Cas down to watch movies? Before he kicked him out in season 9? When he had the mark? When he was a demon?? I love all these little secrets it feels like we're being let in on, but I'm also too curious for my own good. :D Love your meta!

IKR I love this.

All the empty space in season 13. It’s a GIFT. It’s even a CHARACTER. Like…!

Who knows when, I’m going with some time around season 11, the booty shorts car washing era when Cas was hanging around the bunker ;)

In season 9 Dean gets a second bedside table and lays on one side of the bed, a huge glaring empty space on the other but he kicked Cas out and it came to nothing. In season 11 he’s parading around the bunker in booty shorts when Cas is there, so yeah I totally put this as a potential “come on Cas, indulge me, come on it’s my favourite movie!” flirting period. I can just imagine it alongside the “call it a Werepire, come on Cas ;)” stuff you know?

It’s great isn’t it, like, all the random little things we know. It feels like we know the little things and that makes it easier to know really who they are. I said last year that I wished we knew more of those things about Sam and we are getting more, it’s great!

It’s inferred Cas likes to use emoticons when he texts, Sam’s interests are kinda wacky, Dean actually owns his own cowboy hat he brought to Dodge and he has a proper wrestling, cowboy and doctor fetish (I mean let’s throw firefighter in there too for Cas’ halloween outfit when he’s human and they’re together in the end, I mean, he would totally get those HIP BONES in a shirtless suspenders fireman outfit, jeez he’d be dressed and undressed 3 times before they just decide fuck it they’re not even gonna bother leaving the bunker.

I live for more of these. Seriously Dabb era is a GIFT. They’re giving us all the stuff I’ve been saying I wanted, like… I am in awe!

More of these sweet fun positive moments like we got in 13x06 between Sam, Dean and Cas, more of these little insights into really who they are and what they like… I LOVE IT!

listen up, ya’ll better NOT sleep on pixar’s Coco once it’s released in the US, because it is an absolutely wonderful amazing beautifully done film with so much respect and appreciation of mexican culture. if you let this movie flop in the US becuase some people want to boycott it thinking it’s cultural appropiation WHEN THEY DONT EVEN KNOW MEXICAN CULTURE AT ALL, i’m gonna be so pissed, becuase it’s not!!! it’s was made with the same research and care, if not more, as they did Moana and Frozen. i’m telling you this as a proud mexican who was absolutely amazed by the movie. if you don’t believe me, believe the millions of mexican people who went to see it and broke box office records on the first week of its release. anyways, go watch coco if you can, bye

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During Hobi’s V Live, did you see when someone said “why are you so ugly?” and Hobi went from :) to :| for a moment? It broke my heart and like, why would someone someone say that? Even if they don’t find him attractive, what’s the point in saying that? I’ve been thinking about that split second when he :| and I’m so mad that someone would break his beautiful smile.

hhhhhhhh some people are mean,, going out of their way watching the broadcast typing those comments wasting their own time just to make other people feel bad. i personally haven’t seen it during the broadcast, i just saw a few people mentioning other boys so obviously i had to make up for it by screaming “JHOOOPE” obnoxiously lol unfortunately there’ll always be some negativity directed at them, so we should try and make nice comments and stuff outnumber them

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Can I cry over Wondertrev too? I wasn't going to watch JL(hate Batfeck and Whedon) but now with all these mentions of our boy, I guess I'd have to. But it won't be for weeks and I have a question? In her convo with Victor, did she say "she loves" or "she loved" Steve?

Yes of course, we can form a Still-Crying-Over-Wondertrev club omgggg!

TBH i did not even consider watching JL knowing Whedon’s ugly ass touch is involved but the mere mention of Steve Trevor made me go “fuck it, it’s my boy Steve we’re talkin’bout here!” So yeah, I suggest you check it out :o)

And yes, her convo with Victor clearly indicates she is still in love with Steve!!! I don’t remember the exact lines, but they were talking about losing someone that they love and how to move on from there… She surely is still harboring feelings for him and has spent some time over the last hundred years thinking about him I’M JUST

Okay, I give up. I’m not watching anymore BTS interviews (with the exceptions of Corden, Ellen, and Kimmel when they drop) because I can’t take these fake ass interviewers and radio stations wanting to ride on BTS coattails. 

They obviously haven’t even taken the time to do proper research. Lopez even asked them ‘if’ they danced on stage?! Like, that just proves he did NO research at all. Didn’t even watch one Music Video. 

I’m just gonna wait for the AMA’s tomorrow and try to get into a happier place. I hope BTS don’t think all americans are as clueless and obnoxious as those radio hosts. 


A day with my special lil lady.

I know I been a lil MIA with the whole social media thing, shit, I’ll do better haha. Offered my mom the chance to have a day to herself by taking my not-so-baby sister Tia out for the day. With us havin’ such a large age difference between us ( 21 years to be exact lol) and me not gettin’ along with her pops too well, I don’t usually get the chance to spend time with her. She’s growin’ way too fast and I don’t wanna let these years get away so I try make sure I clear up my schedule every so often even if its just to take her skateboarding in the park n for some lunch - like we did today. These pics of her before n after lil ma asked me for ice-cream and I said no cah its too cold so she gave me that look like “watch when I tell mama” lmao. 

She’s my muse n motivation man. Everyday I work harder so she can be proud to call me her bother.

I’m too sixy for my own good…

—The wood is stacked, but not without me having a conniption. I have an able-bodied husband and teenager, so why did I find myself stacking a very generous ½ cord of wood that I didn’t even order by myself?!?! Cue canniption. So by the time they come out to help, I’m about 2/3 of the way through the pile. And now, they’re both complaining their backs hurt. 🙄

—Low-carb “pasta” is almost as “good” as vegan “cheese.” 🙄

—My dog is the cutest dog ever. You can argue the point if you want to, but I’m still right. She even offered to help stack wood with me. She’s my girl. 😊

—Watched “Chocolat” in the yard last night with a ridiculously large fire in the pit (see photos of ridiculously large wood pile). That movie has some of my favorite things in it: France, chocolate, and Johnny Depp. Saw some shooting stars and drank some cider. A very lovely evening.☺️

—Daughter has started keeping a list of my poor-parenting-done-right quotations in hopes of writing a book. It’s already a pretty big list. Last night’s entry came when she asked what the restaurant where we were eating dinner was before it was a restaurant. Long story short, the entry is “I put a dollar bill in a sweaty man’s panties right over there by that stage.” It’s going to be a best seller at this rate.🤭

—The last NASCAR race of the season and we’re having “the party.” I guess I drew the short straw. 🙄

How’s that weekend going, lovely people? Hope you’re enjoying yourselves!😘😘

I don’t know if this is how you officially join a fandom, but I’ve fallen in love with Critical Role and I’ve had an uncontrollable urge to make fanart even though I have no idea how to draw armor or metals (watching everything in the extended versions of the lotr trilogy so many times that it broke the dvds did not prepare me for this for some strange reason)

Here’s everyone’s favorite monstah Pike Trickfoot.

(Did y'all know digital art is super hard?! Going from traditional to digital this late in life is not easy lol)

OCs in GIFs

Well, it looks like @ladydracarysao3 tagged me to show faceclaims for my OCs. There aren’t that many, actually, but I did post a new chapter today with new minor OCs. So, I went to town a little :P

Ellana Lavellan (Dance like no one is watching)

Mahanon Lavellan (The heart of everything)

There are no GIFs of Rick Mora, so a picture will have to do…

Hannah (All this shit is even weirder)

Hair is a little wrong (too curly, too short), but I guess it curls when she washes it?

Agatha (All this shit is even weirder)


Ethan (All this shit is even weirder)

I *know* I just introduced him, but I have no chill. LOOK AT THAT FACE.

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Omg please summarize Cez’s Skavlan interview! I watched last night but my Swedish is piss poor so my Norwegian is even worse. I’m seeing him next week in Copenhagen, so excited!!!

ohhh i’m so happy for u but also jealous sjhfdjksd!

okay so:

he gets asked if he can remember the first time he got applause, and he says that when he was little he used to perform for his mother, and he did singing, dancing, acting, all of it. (He uses the word multidisciplinary)

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Why do I still watch this?

Because there are nuggets of gold:

- Regina stalling for time. I was worried that she’d tear Operation Slipper apart, but all she did was to tug a little. I don’t think she believes even for a moment that TLK won’t happen.

- Hook giving the Jolly Roger (and all it means) away, so he can raise his child.

- Henry having a friend.

- Victoria telling Drizella that she’s been a fool to allow Gothel out.

- The cake mini-saga. (also, how comes the cake was untouched for so long? where i come from, if someone at work got a whole cake, everybody would be passing out plates and forks within two minutes. strange world, hyperion heighs)

- Regina’s incredulous “Are… you…drunk?”

- Rumple and Rogers’ argument in the evidence room. I hope that the flashbacks we get about their meeting will throw some light in Rumple’s behavior here.

- My new headcanon that if Henry’s getting a baby sister, she’s gonna be Alice too.

- Alice of Wonderland (and other places) being officially Henry’s step-cousin. If one considers the Hooks as twins. @of-princes-and-savages any chance i can get an update on that family tree? *puppy eyes* 

- The Lucy & Jacinda hug. It was the cutest thing EVER.

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I love what you said about Lois expressing her emotions after the trauma of watching Clark die. I don't get why some find it ooc for her to shut down after such a traumatic event. Lois isn't a robot, she's a human being. It's perfectly okfor her to react the way she did. Bc though she is Superman's world, he is hers too. And that was taken from her in a most gruesome way. She watched the love of her life sacrifice himself for aworldthatdidn'tappreciate him. Soyes,Lois'behaviourisperfectly normal

Ugh, I haven’t seen anyone criticize that but I just had a feeling somebody would try to make it an issue.

But yes, exactly, Lois is not a robot. Losing someone you love is devastating, even leaving aside the particularly traumatic circumstances around Clark’s death. Let her be devastated! Let her be vulnerable and have realistic emotional trauma without shaming her for it!

And then maybe don’t follow it up with a joke line when she admits it yeah?

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did you have a good day today?

busy day!! had a contact lens appointment, then went to see my grandparents, then hung out with my friends this evening. i haven’t been feeling very good lately so it was very nice to hang out with my pals, we had pizza and talked to another friend on facetime for like an hour and then watched Nativity (the film) :)

Destiel vs Sastiel - Season 13

Let me say. I’ve always been a destiel shipper. Before I even watched I knew it was my heart and soul. But after the way Dean treated Jack? I was appalled. I was angry at Dean. I thought Dean would protect Jack over everything because he’s Cas’ son. But instead he hated him, for taking away Cas, his love, the way a father might hate a child for taking away the mother during birth (which did happen but I’m not talking about Kelly). And then, through this hate, I found another thing happening. I found Sam parenting Jack. Being there for him, wanting to protect him. And I thought it’s not just for the obvious reason. It’s not just because Sam is an optimist. It’s not just because Sam was worth saving when he was evil either. It’s more than that. It’s love. You can’t deny it’s SOME type of love at least. Because how else would you justify trusting the devils son over your brother? What I wanted this season was a teary Destiel reunion, and what I got was a pat on the back and a welcome back, and then they were off. But Sam, Cas, Sastiel, were parenting Jack. You can’t call it anything else other than mentoring. Trying to protect him and loving him and trusting him and comforting him. To conclude, I think Destiel flunked this season. I think Dean is coming around to Jack, but not because he cares for him. Because Jack brought his love back. He did him a favor. I think Sam cared for Jack immediately because Cas did, and he trusts Cas and cares deeply for him. Because again, devils son over his brother. So guys… I think Sastiel won this season. As much as I have my heart and soul invested in Destiel, I have to say it. Tell me what you think.

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Thank you for the second chapter of Bring Me Java. I love the mystery of this fic. There are so many unanswered questions - what's the shady government dealio, how did Cat find out about it in the first place, is what Cat's investigating dangerous enough that I need to worry about Carter being there with her, did nobody in Wisconsin watch the Cat Grant Show enough to even jokingly mention the new barista's celebrity twin - or to summarise WTF is going on!? Can't wait to see how it all plays out.

Don’t worry, eventually there will be answers to all of those. As well as where Cat disappeared to for that first month without Carter, why this is what she’s chosen to ‘dive’ on, and what all that means for her and Kara getting past this new, openly flirting stage. Muahahaha.