i did not even watch that

some people here acting like Sasha didn’t fucking slay since day one like??? were you watching the same show?? Sasha might not have won a lot of challenges but she came out on the top every goddamn time even when she was on the bottom that one episode it was so random and it made no sense because she did nothing wrong??? she served you fashion, intellect, and humour <333333 i love Shea to death and i would have been just as happy if she won but to go around discrediting Sasha and pretending she isn’t a polished smart beautiful queen is fucking hilarious and also sad tbh because like how petty can yall be? sit your ass down and have some respect for your current fucking reigning  


Oh damn, I ve just noticed that Netflix posted my first Ladybug 24 min storyboard a few months ago. I did that while I was living in USA in 2014, as a freelance, during two months.. fun to watch it again, even if it s a very old work! the sound is awful and the bad guy design is the worst but I had fun and learnt a lot :)

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amanda i'm watching chamber of secrets on freeform and i'm wondering, why tf did they have to wait for the mandrake roots that a group of twelve-year-olds planted to de-petrify everybody? if mandrake root is so easy to grow that twelve-year-olds are doing it, why couldn't they just buy some?? also, as a former bio major whose experiments nearly always failed, i have to say they were putting a lot of faith in those kids' gardening skills.

Wizards are fucking stupid and lack even an ounce of common sense

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Has the Andi Mack sexuality storyline started?

Yes.  We’ve been watching Cyrus have a crush on Jonah for the whole season but during this episode we got a more solid confirmation.  When Jonah’s girlfriend was talking to him she thought Andi liked him and said “if she likes you she’ll turn around” and even though Jonah didn’t see it happen Andi looked back and so did Cyrus.  That’s implying they both like Jonah.  It hasn’t been stated out loud yet.  Cyrus hasn’t said “I’m gay” or “I like Jonah”  but they also aired a promo for season 2 at the end of the finale (the missing 13th episode we were wondering about)  and that showed even more development with Cyrus being uncomfortable when Iris tries to kiss him and he appears to be jealous about something happening between Jonah and Andi.  It’s really happening on Disney Channel.  We just have to wait until the fall for season 2 to get more!

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You should write something about Even graduating! :)

hello! sorry this took so long! i combined it with another prompt too “ even getting an email that he got into film school” and i hope i did it okay! casual reminder that i know nothing about how school/uni works in norway, so i kinda had to improvise :P enjoy!


“I’m fucking free,” Even heaves a sigh of relief as he flops face down onto his and Isak’s bed. Isak flops on top of him, making him groan at the weight. “Get off me.”

“No,,” Isak replies quickly. “I like it here.”

“Get off me,” Even repeats, whining slightly now, “I just graduated.”


“Fuck you.”

“Is that what you want as a reward for graduating?”

“We already established that this morning.”

Isak hums, burying his face into Even’s neck and pressing kisses there.

“But what I want right now is for you to get off me, you big lump.”

Isak pulls his head back and lets out an offended huff. “You love me being on top of you,” he teases.

“No, I don’t,” Even tries to argue, but Isak can hear his smile. Even tries to shuffle underneath him, trying to force him to roll off, unsuccessfully.

“Maybe you should work out more,” Isak teases.

Even takes a deep breath and gives one last push, rolling Isak off him to the side where he lands with an “oof.”

“I win,” he declares with a cheeky smile, rolling onto his side to look at Isak, who sticks his tongue out at Even.

Even’s about to lean in for a kiss when his phone goes off with an email notification. He would ignore it, if it weren’t for the fact that he’s been riled up for days about receiving emails from universities that he’s applied to, so he rolls away, ignoring Isak’s pout, and checks his phone.

It takes him all of ten seconds to read the email, at least the part that matters, but then another twenty seconds to actually react.

“Holy shit, Isak!”

“What?” Isak says slightly concerned.

“Holy fucking shit,” Even says again, holding his phone out to show Isak. When Isak takes it, Even rolls onto his back, putting his hand up to his hair to run it through, mouth dropped open in disbelief.

Isak gasps from next to him. “You got in.”

“I got in,” confirms Even, still looking at the ceiling, because he’s not sure what else to look at. He’s not sure  what to do with himself, right now.

“And,” Isak continues a few seconds later, “this was your first choice, right? Oslo?”

Even nods.

“Fuck,” breathes Isak. “That’s awesome.”

Even nods again. Isak rolls onto his side next to him, and reaches out a hand to Even, placing it on the side of his neck and stroking with his thumb, while smiling softly. After a few seconds Even shifts onto his side to face Isak, and sees a look of incredible pride in his boyfriend’s eyes. Isak reflects this with his words.

“I’m so proud of you, Even,” he whispers, because there’s no-one that needs to hear it but the two of them. “So proud.”

Eve lets himself grin widely at Isak, before moving forward to kiss him, still smiling.

Isak pulls back a few minutes later and looks up to see Even smirking at him.

“What?” he says, narrowing his eyes.

“I just decided,” Even says, nonchalantly. “I definitely want graduation sex for this.”

Isak simply rolls his eyes and tugs him back in for another kiss.

My mom is so terribly phobic of any and all small invertebrates–I think she’s still puzzling over how she raised a daughter like myself.

I reassured her that the asian forest scorpion’s venom is akin to that of a bumblebee (and she’s watched me handle bees [in silent terror] since I was in the third grade).
I did not tell her that she was indirectly responsible for my bug hoarding by way of childhood repression. My whole life, I had avoided bringing arthropods into the home out of respect for my long suffering mother’s desire to sleep soundly at night. 
Even now, as I live on the complete opposite end of the earth from her, my bringing an arachnid into the home gives her a frighten.

I’m sorry mom, this is who I am.

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Would Mr. Min and Hoseok ever do face masks together like Yoongi and Hobi did in that Vlive? Or maybe the better question is how drunk and depressed would Mr. Min have to be to agree to that lmao

God dammit.  Okay.  So I fully intended on finishing Watch Me tonight but then I saw this ask and the ideas started turning.  You didn’t even ask for a drabble but…the wine started flowing and the ideas wouldn’t stop…so enjoy this.

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How about Cody first kiss for a prompt? The other personn is up to you!

Have this sudden rare pair I didn’t even know I needed until today.


Quinlan Vos raised his eyebrows as Cody pulled off his helmet, and looked the clone up and down in obvious, ecstatic appreciation.

“Looking good, Commander,” Vos murmured, leaning forward to wrap his arms around Cody’s shoulders and pull him close. “You make me wish I’d decided to have a clone battalion watching my back.”

Cody allowed his gaze to drift down Vos’s backside as his hand did the same, squeezing the soft flesh beneath the thin Jedi leggings. “It is a nice back.”

Vos pressed his mouth against Cody’s neck, snickering. “Does Kenobi rub his sarcasm off on everyone he interacts with for extended periods of time, or am I just imagining things?”

Cody didn’t have to think about that for very long. “It’s my own personal brand of sarcasm,” he said, using his free hand to play with Vos’s dreads. “Completely self-created.”

Vos pulled back and gave Cody a bright smile that made the clone feel like his knees could buckle and all his bones could turn to jelly. It really wasn’t fair for a Jedi to be this damn roguishly handsome. General Kenobi should have warned him before setting him up on a mission with the man.

“Obi-Wan must love that,” he said.

“General Kenobi loves me,” Cody responded. “As he should. I’m damn loveable, sir.”

Vos hmmed at that, and before either of them could get in another word, he tilted his head forward and pressed his lips to Cody’s.

Cody’s immediate reaction was surprise, followed by bliss, followed by the sudden, poignant realization that *this* is what the lips of another being feels like, this is what Quinlan Vos tastes like. Soft skin and warm breath and the faint taste of mint and fruit. Cody found himself kissing back, and he hoped he was doing it right. Vos’s eyes fluttered and he moaned softly, darting his tongue out along Cody’s lip. That had to mean he was doing something right, right? When Vos bit lightly into Cody’s bottom lip and sucked the skin between his teeth, Cody was *definitely* sure that even if he was doing all of this completely wrong, Vos would pick up the slack, and, even luckier for them both, Cody was a fast learner.

Wondering if General Kenobi had planned for this to happen slipped slowly out of Cody’s mind and was lost. He didn’t doubt it, though.

White women have always been as racist, and sometimes even more so than white men. In the past slave master’s wives were sometimes worse than their husbands. They’d punish black women for being raped by THEIR husbands. The early waves of feminism did nothing for woc and white women weren’t even thinking of woc during the fight for the vote. White women shouldn’t be assumed allies of people of color becuase in the past they were as much our enemies as white men, sometimes even worse.

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OKAY OKAY. I'm all over this now. WAS Iron Bull in love with Sybil?? Did he know she was falling in love with Cullen?

I apparently can’t write anything but angst tonight. For @dadrunkwriting.


He watched her dress, his chest tightening just a little.

He didn’t like the thought that this was their last night, the last morning he would wake by her side. But he should have seen it coming, should have known she was ready to move on.

Their arrangement was never meant to be permanent, even if he now wished something had come of it. In the beginning, it was just a way to give her what she wanted, to sate some of his own curiosity and desires. She was a striking, beautiful woman, and it was difficult for him to resist her flirtation, her obvious curiosity. He had indulged countless others before her, and thought he would after her as well.

But as weeks passed, and then months… he had to admit it was more. Her drive, her compassion, her dedication… he was drawn to it… loved it.

He loved her.

But she did not love him. She came to him for sex, but that pain in her past kept her from loving him back. She had fallen too quickly into a physical relationship with him. They had started out with just sex, and he knew she could not imagine anything more with him.

It was painful when he realized what she had with Cullen, that she sought the blonde commander more and more. He teased her about their games of chess, part of him hoping she would realize what her growing feelings were, and part of him hoping she would spurn the other man and look at what she had…

But Cullen was better for her. Bull knew that. Despite her protestations, her fighting and resisting and denials…. Sybil wanted someone like Cullen. A prince to sweep her off her feet, to tell her day in and day out how wonderful she was, how beautiful, how much he loved her…

Bull could have done that, under different circumstances. But he had jumped into her bed too soon. And now it was too late to take it back.

He knew he would be ok, he thought as she slipped into her tunic and tied it close. His life was not for her. He was happy to have known her these past months, to have provided her with the distraction, with the pleasure she needed. But now it was time to let her go, to let her find the man who would truly make her happy. That’s all he wanted for her, even though it stung.

It was a new feeling, to feel pain as a lover left his room.

She paused before leaving, and he could see the guilt on her face, the hesitation. She didn’t want to hurt him, her compassion threatening to overcome her own desires.

“Thank you, Bull,” she finally whispered. “I… I hope you know I’ve enjoyed this.”

“Oh I know,” Bull said, keeping his voice light. He wouldn’t give her any more reason to feel bad about what they had shared. “No one regrets riding the Bull.”

She laughed, and it was what he wanted. She should find a way to pursue this new love without being weighed down by him.

“Are we still on for training this afternoon?” she asked.

“Of course,” Bull replied. It would be difficult, sparring with her. But making sure she could defend herself was far more important than his own bruised feelings.

And he knew bruises healed.


Remy is silent. He’s silent for so long Lala wonders if he was done talking.

Remy: I liked how this statue kept looking down at me. No matter where I moved, it was like she was watching me. I remember running all the way to the end of the graveyard and I felt like she was still watching me.

Lala: Her eyes do seem to follow.

Remy: I guess whoever created her did it on purpose. But I’m glad they did. Because I started to pretend this statue was my mother. I’d come here all the time and talk to her. Tell her everything I couldn’t tell my real mother, or my sisters, or Nico. And it felt good to talk to her. Because she was listening to me. And watching over me. I’d even spend nights here, right by her feet. For a long time, this statue was the only place I could feel at peace. I felt calm. Like I would make it. And I did.

Lala buries her face in Remy’s back, and softly cries. For the battered boy he once was, and the broken man he was now.

Remy: I’m not telling you all this for you to cry over me, Lala. This statue doesn’t make me sad. It shouldn’t make you sad either.

MadaSaku Week(end)| Happy Birthday, Sakura!


prompt: fairytale (kinda) and AU

part 1-well. you don’t need to read it. but it might confuse some so just in case :) this is very lighthearted in comparison. I’ve been reading dark HP fics so that’s probably why…need some fluff

“You know, you’re very nice for a God,” Sakura told him one evening as she watched him prepare dinner for two. 

“For a God?” He seemed amused at that part. 

“Yeah! The ones I prayed to growing up never listened to me,” she mumbled, passing him the salt. “Ino said I should be patient, I guess she was right, huh? You listened!” Madara smiled at her smile, stirring with one hand as he batted Hoshi away from the steaming pot. The fox spirit did it to annoy him, he was sure. 

“I’m afraid the credit should go to Hoshi. She came to you and guided you here, without my knowing.” The blue, flaming spirit was hovering next to his head, and Madara wasn’t sure how she managed such a pointed stare without eyes. 

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AU where Allen is the spirit that guides souls after they die and Link is a detective looking for a murderer and at first thinks Allen is responsible and tries to arrest him.

Wrong kind of myth AU, anon, sorry. *laugh* I’ll write a little for the first part though.

Allen saw the man often; there were many people, even outside those with multiple near-death experiences, who Allen saw regularly, and Officer Howard Link was hardly the only man who investigated murder for a living.

But Link - serious, intent, and just that little leap to intuitive that made him meet Allen’s eyes a little more often - stood out, and sometimes Allen lingered for a little while, watching him do the work that would, eventually, lay the soul to rest in a way Allen could not do.

Many people did that sort of work - but Link was always focused, always determined, and he always prayed for the lost souls when night fell, and perhaps it was that last that Allen remembered. Perhaps.

And then one day Link got there too soon, after the victim had died but before the killer left, and the first shot missed and the second shot hit and so did the third, and Allen crossed the room, passing through everything and feeling two souls manifest behind him, to crouch beside Link.

Link had fallen, of course, and looked to be at best half-conscious, but his eyes focused on Allen almost soon as he saw him, and widened. And then he frowned, and slumped a little more.

“Am I dead?” Link asked Allen, faint but not frightened, eyes still just as intent.

“Not today, Officer Link,” Allen said quietly, with a small, kind smile, and Link’s eyes closed.

He’d take two souls today, first one and then the other because killers never came with their victims, but not three.

Actually, have other people noticed that taking ideologies to weird extremes is a Thing among thirteen to fifteen-year-olds?  Because that’s definitely something I’ve noticed.  Like, I once new a thirteen-year-old girl who claimed to be uncomfortable watching two women dance together because it “promotes lesbianism,” which is…not something most Catholics believe, I’m pretty sure?  (They weren’t even, like, slow-dancing, it was some kind of Scandinavian Traditional Cultural Dance that only women did).

Has anyone else observed this among The Youths?

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For your anon hour: Headcannons for BTS on Family Feud

OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU okay listen my college roomies and I watched this show for hours all the time. Our TV was usually stuck on FF 24/7. I am fucking just–
The weirdest part of this was also making Headcannons for Steve Harvey. Ask me last week if I thought I’d be doing that, and man would that be a hard NO.

Seokjin: That guy that makes an unfunny joke but Steve Harvey just rolls with it so hard and every time they look at each other or when Steve comes to him for an answer, they’re both grinning and giggling messes and it takes AGES to get to the response because they’re just laughing and gasping for breath. Always gives the obvious answers, but after that, kind of flops. Decent at Fast Money.

Yoongi: Gives the answers no one thinks are going to be up there (and rightly shouldn’t be) but the way he phrases it is so generic that the people who decide if the family got the answer right give it to him. Complains about everyone else when they get an answer wrong (like ‘really???? You thought???’). Gets defensive if someone complains about his. Bad at Fast Money. No one notices. They keep letting him play.

Hoseok: Has the time of his fucking life. May not be the best player, but man does he make up for it in heart. Gets the middle or last answers consistently, but never sees number one coming. Always supportive of every single answer, even if it was dumb and 100% not up there. He claps and hoots anyway. A little embarrassed if his isn’t up there. Pretty good at Fast Money, but always misses the number one spots. He best as the second person because he can think quickly on his feet if he accidentally repeats a response.

Namjoon: Gives the most logical answers that, yeah, okay, sure. They make sense, but buddy. Bud. Bro. Man. Americans as a group are not that smart don’t expect that much please. They make sense, but man. It’s not up there. Doesn’t get to play Fast Money because: “Okay, Jimin. Guess how many points Namjoon got for you in Fast Money.” “I’d be happy with, like. 60?” “Well. You’ve got 7, so you need to get every single first answer.”

Jimin: That chruch-mom but is the first to say ‘his dick’ or ‘weed’ or ‘they’ll have sex, Steve’ whenever it gets to him. Doesn’t even fucking hesitate. Leaves Steve Harvey speechless. Amazing at Fast Money and gets all the number one answers. Tells Jungkook to get better with his answers at the same time he praises Taehyung for thinking outside of the box with his. And so help them all if Jungkook accidentally repeats one of his responses

Taehyung: Gets complimented on his tie and spends the rest of the show super happy about it. Never gets an answer right. (Maybe once, and man are they all surprised. Steve runs around like a goddamn idiot and has to double check.) He’s smart, but not quick on the fly. They get a strike because he times out a few times. Never gets the chance to play Fast Money, but man would he do just as bad.

Jungkook: Steve Harvey fixes his tie for him and makes sure the knot is tight. Calls him adorable. Makes him smile for the camera. Can’t believe he’s an adult. If he gives an answer that isn’t up there, Steve gets super offended and totally defends Jungkook’s response (even if it’s shit). Is okay at Fast Money, but they can’t put him and Jimin together because they’ll just repeat every answer and lose

What am I gonna do without fangirling over Evak and being so happy when Sana smiles and screaming thinking about Eva dating Noora, Vilde or Jonas. And crying inside when Sana cries. Or falling in love with the way Sana and Yousef looked at each other. Or the way Even and Isak love each other. Or Jonas being the best friend ever. Or my Guru dad Eskild. Or my beautiful Linn. Or Vilde oh Vilde. OR CHRIS OMG MY GIRL CHRIS MY ROLE MODEL. Or Emma. Or Sonja. Or Elias. Or Adam. Or Mutta. Or Mikael. Or my boys Magnus and Mahdi. Or Jamilla. Or EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER THAT HAS BEEN ON THIS SHOW AND MADE ME FEEL SOMETHING AND ALIVE.  I don’t know what I’m gonna do without feeling the way I did with every single clip or episode we watched.

Thank you Julie and the whole team behind the show.

Thank you Skam.

And a huge thank you to all of you who have made me laugh and cry with your edits, your hcs, your gisets, your fanvideos, your metas, ugh, I don’t regret anything on this fandom. I really love you all SO SO SO FUCKING MUCH. Really thank you. You all are so worth it and I hope your lives go upwards from now on. You can have downs but the ups will be amazing and will make you feel amazing and beautiful in more than a physical way.  Live your life, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute and be kind, always because life is now and you won’t another chance, just one opportunity to do everything you wanna do. You have someone here (me) if you ever need someone. I’m not really good at talking but I think I’m pretty good at listening so, yeah, you know where to find me :) 

Thank you the entire cast of this amazing show, 

for helping me see the light when I was at my darkest time. You all were like that hand that always appears  on films out of the blue rescuing someone that is about to fall and die off a high high cliff. 

This is not a goodbye because nothing will ever end as long as you never forget it.

Still Star-Crossed

Guys, we have until July 8 to change the minds of ABC network for this show to get another season. Like fuck this deserves many more seasons. Even though Torrance Coombs recent tweet did say the rest of season 1 will be aired, still. This show needs and absolutely deserves love and appreciation.
So ssc fans, spread the word as much as you can, cause this show has become my life and I’m sure y'all feel the same about it.
Social media is the strongest platform to make many more people watch this show and fall in love it just like we did. LETS DO IT GUYS !!! Cause only us viewers can bring this show back from getting cancelled.

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Do you think people still read blogs? Everything seems to be all about vlogs nowadays and while I do watch some YouTube videos I still like blogs and don't have the confidence to make YouTube videos, plus I'd rather write posts than speak even if I did have the confidence. So just in your opinion, do you think having a blog nowadays would gain any attention or be successful?

Yes, people still read blogs. You’re fine.

Someone to watch over me - DefaultJane - Biohazard | Resident Evil (Gameverse) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Did you know there are ejaculating dildos?”
I didn’t until I started doing research for this fic. I regret nothing, and I’m pretty sure you won’t regret reading this fic, especially if you’re into almost well-written Resident Evil-themed lesbian scifi/horror/drama!
(you gotta at least admit I make an effort with my sales pitches, do leave feedback, currently I live in a bubble of “I’m awesome”, but I do accept even hatemail if you feel like bringing me down a notch. Until that, however, I live in a reality where I am the most brilliant Hunniper-author ever ;P)

Also available at Fanfiction.net

(art by @oceanmyhope)

Chapters: 21/?
Fandom: Biohazard | Resident Evil (Gameverse), Hunniper
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Helena Harper/Ingrid Hunnigan, Leon S. Kennedy/Claire Redfield