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Q & A Livestream

Hey there!!

So I did a little impromptu livestream last night just sitting and talking. For those of you who missed it you can find it here:


It’s funny cos I couldn’t see this link anywhere, it wasn’t in my video manager even though I set it to archive afterwards. Super strange but there ya go :D EDIT: the video being unlisted doesnt change anything, it should still show up for me regardless of its status

i love night in the woods so much now, it’s so nice

also, what better way to start trying out lineless art than drawing something night in the woods related? 

i really like how lineless art looks though, i might do it more often 

Shout out to Agathe (the Enchantress) who did not went mad at Gaston after he discredited and humiliated her during Maurice’s claim of Gaston’s attempted murder. Mind you that was already the second time in the film where Gaston insulted her, first one when she was begging in the streets, you can even tell that she heard him.

But she proceeded to curse a rude Prince who didn’t find her beautiful, even after his apology. Heck she even curse the entire palace staff because they did not interfere to the King’s way of raising the Prince.

Anyway, after watching Beauty and the Beast for the second time, I just realized that they still did not mention the Beast’s real name, which I think would’ve made the relationship between him and Belle more powerful.

yousef and mikael actually dance in the kitchen to cheesy pop songs too. but it’s a whole different situation to how even and isak do it.

bc with isak and even it was very much even dancing and isak being like oh my gOD you are so embarrassing why am i in love w/ you i s2g type thing

yousef and mikael????? oh boy. you don’t wanna be in the kitchen when they’re dancing. because it’s a DANCE BATTLE. i’m talking like. full blown dance battle. watch me dance, then i’ll square up to you, then it’s your turn for a while before ultimately i’ll start again and kick ur butt. that kind of dance battle. back and forth. totally a dance battle and not just an excuse to watch their boyfriend dance for a minute ok 

and it’s all silly and for fun, like, over-the-top robots, body rolls, etc. yousef once even dove to the floor and did the worm and oh god mikael’s LAUGH when he did that was just so loud, head bent back with it, that yousef had to get up and kiss him immediately bc there is no better sound in this world than mikael laughing

(also they’re both actually very good dancers and do it competitively but when they’re in the kitchen alone together it’s all ridiculous and playful).

anyway there’s this one time where they’re doing their lil dance battle thing and mikael is humming along to the song and it’s kind of a slower one than the songs they usually dance to. and mikael’s swaying his hips and moving his feet and being goofy, but yousef is just so captivated bc mikael is just????? does this boy know how beautiful he is???? like okay right now he’s got tomato sauce on his chin and his hair is all over his face but he’s just ?? so ?? beautiful ??? and seems so unaware of it, especially right now, because he’s just singing and humming and dancing softly and slowly and why does mikael pretend to know the lyrics to songs he clearly doesn’t know the lyrics to

and so yousef smiles wide which makes mikael laugh a little confusedly while he tries to carry on murmuring the lyrics, tries to carry on dancing, but then he stops. shakes his head and says, “what?” and yousef just pulls him closer, grinning now, eyes drifting to mikael’s lips.

 “you win this one,” yousef says, and then he kisses him.

long story short they make out in the kitchen for twenty minutes and when yousef’s mother comes in they get an earful bc “BOYS HAVE YOU BEEN KISSING THIS ENTIRE TIME???? I ASKED YOU TO CLEAN UP HALF AN HOUR AGO???? I’M GOING TO WORK NOW BUT THIS BETTER BE DONE WHEN I GET HOME”

and they do get it done. eventually. they just kiss and dance a lot in between.

Best birthday present ever! 

(SUPER thanks to Ap, Ondiru, and Ondiru’s parents for making this possible!)

I know it seems super weird to have a print encyclopedia these days, but I guess I’m pretty weird. When I was growing up, I remember watching my mom pick up volumes of our encyclopedia and just read. It helped form my understanding of what it means to be a lifelong learner. (That isn’t a comment on her age. She was much, much younger than I am now when she was reading the encyclopedia while I did my homework.) I can’t really explain it, I am just really, really excited to have an encyclopedia again.

[BONUS! The 2015 edition is not only cheaper than the current edition, but it doesn’t even mention the current republican president—not even as an unethical business dude. This is very satisfying because his name is not welcome in my house.]

I’m not a fan of the Pilot episode, but I love this scene SO MUCH because it was the first time we caught a glimpse of Booth & Brennan’s amazing chemistry. Damn it, you can actually feel the sexual tension from the other side of the screen. UGH.

This scene. THIS SCENE. This is when I officially started shipping them. Those looks, those smiles, that EYE SEXING OMG. Besides, I love this little exchange:

“I knew you’d back me up. I knew you wouldn’t make me a liar.”

“How did you know?”

“Because you wanna go to heaven.”

“But you don’t believe in heaven.”

“But you do.” 


 The bridge. THE BRIDGE.

If you don’t hold your breath every time you watch this scene, you haven’t lived.

#thankyoubones week | day eight: 5 b&b scenes that made you fall (even more) in love with them 

It is cruel to ask me to choose only 5 scenes! But I did my best.

My thoughts on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

I recently rewatched this movie and all the yes! I’d forgotten how good it was! Every time I watch it as I get older, I find more subtle things to appreciate about it. I’m certain I didn’t catch half of what I did on this viewing the very first time that I watched the movie. I can really appreciate some of what they did with it. 

“I’ve got a jar of dirt” is still my favorite scene ever. Right there along with “I love to wave at those moments as they pass by” with that sassy little wave that Depp gives. 

And don’t even get me started on how Depp just walks, talks, runs, his facial expressions. Pure gold for Jack Sparrow. I mean, all the facial expressions in the movie are glorious. Orlando Bloom is hilarious with the faces he makes-mostly at Jack’s expense! Rewatching this movie just makes me all the more excited for the new one that’s coming out soon!


Another random thought to pop in my brain 20mins before I have to leave to class..

Timothy Turner seems mature for his age, I mean the kid’s been reading the lancet for years & is obviously interested in medicine. I’m also pretty sure he knew Shelagh was pregnant before Patrick did. So I was wondering if he really understood back in series 3 that Shelagh was supposed to be infertile? He didn’t ever question them adopting Angela but he also didn’t seem surprised Shelagh was pregnant?
I don’t know, I’m sure it’s not even relevant and it’s not even a big deal but these are just random things that come into my mind at the most inconvenient times. What do ya think?

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So I came across an article on Supergirl's Superman being more true-to-form than Synder's by focusing more on Clark Kent than Kal-El, and this line stuck out: "Instead of asking ‘What if an alien came to Earth?’ the show asks ‘What if the nicest guy in Kansas had superpowers?’" And then I thought 'Did we even watch the same film'? 'Cause from what I remember in MoS Clark Kent is his dominant identity and still is even as he comes to terms with being Kal-El and Superman.

I’ve seen that. It seems to me people have no interest in watching Clark struggle with things a lot of refugees struggle with so that’s pretty shitty.


rhea: you think you’re sooo funny and soooo cute…. i mean yes, you are both of those things, but watch your back!

shiro: watch my back for what??

rhea: you’ll never see it coming… but the one thing i always get is revenge!

shiro: all i did was give you an amorous hug! woowww a guy can’t even show his affection for the girl he likes anymore??? this is preposterous!!

rhea: show your affection by bringing your cute little butt over here & kissing me immediately!! 

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Nickname: Kia and Kiarina
Zodiac sign: capricorn
Height: 160cm
Last Thing You Googled: svg online editor (work stuff!)
Favourite music artist: I really don’t have one, I listen to what I need
Song stuck in my head: Rockabye by Clean Bandit
Last Movie you watched: Logan
What are you wearing right now: Red sweatshirt with cherry tree flowers, black skinny jeans and sneakers
What do you post: my edits and I reblog at the moment mainly Yuri on Ice, but also some other multifandon stuffs
Why did you choose your URL: because an old game with some friends, it’s the union of my name and Darren Criss (I had a huge crush on him some years ago) and I’m too lazy to change it even if I’d really would like to …
Do you have any other blogs: I have an Orlando Bloom blog but I don’t upload it anymore
What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: My current relationship is teaching me that being in a relationship is an hard work but it’s really worth it <3
Religious Or Spiritual: neither
Favorite Color: blue (or red sometimes)
Average Hours Of Sleep: 5
Lucky Number: 12
Favorite characters: omg too many, I always found a favourite characters in every story/movie/book/series :)
How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: 1 comforter
Dream Job: full front end developer (I’m working on it)

20 blogs?? too many … anyway 

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My cousin birthday is on Mar 26 and the little shit don't even watch YOI I was like WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME YOU EVIL WOMAN *GROSS SOBBING NOISE* EXACTLY 1 MONTH AFTER MINE WHY???????? after the note lol. Now I'll just gonna pretend It's my birthday instead. Healthy coping mechanism they said :)

Happy fake birthday ;)

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My dog gets very excited as soon as we leave the house, barks and lunges at any dogs she sees. Sometimes even people at first when out. Took her to doggy day care right after rescuing her to see, she acts very dominant around other dogs but did walk next to a small dog pretty normal. After I left they claimed she was out with other dogs big and small, while dominant and needing to be watched, she did ok. I don't know if when walking she's scared or barrier frustration. How do I work on this? 1/2

2/2 she also does this with passing cars, likely the motion sensitivity you mentioned before. I don’t have any reactive dog classes near me, the trainers near me are chains and not a whole lot of positivity training. I don’t need a dog friendly dog, but I’d like to be able to take her outside to a park and just walk past other dogs and cars. Being reactive to so much I don’t have any places to walk her. She also has no idea what toys are, no interest in running after anything. I feel helpless.             

I’m not really sure what you mean when you talk about dominant behaviour (if you could describe that behaviour, I could address it specifically), but everything else you said sounds like reactivity. It sounds like your dog is especially fearful of larger dogs but is able to tolerate smaller dogs; which is pretty normal for reactive dogs. And it sounds like being on leash exacerbates the issue, but that this isn’t exclusively leash reactivity or frustration.

Because there’s no safe spaces for you to walk, I recommend either finding a way to exercise your dog inside, driving your dog to a secluded location to let her run around, or investing in something like a calming cap so your dog can at least go on sniffing walks without you worrying about being ambushed.

For reactivity, I always recommend the Look at That game (LAT). The objective of this game is to teach your dog she can look at other dogs without becoming over aroused and lashing out. It’s best to start this game with a decoy you can control, so a friend and their well-controlled dog is ideal. Have the decoy approach along a given path (like a sidewalk). Your dog should sit facing the path of travel of the decoy (so imagine sitting up a driveway and looking down onto the sidewalk/into the street) while you face the decoy as they approach (you should be facing perpendicular to your dog and parallel to the decoy). When your dog glances towards the decoy, mark (with a clicker or by saying “Yes!”) and reward with the treat towards you (so your dog has to turn her head 180 degrees away from the decoy to get the treat). Repeat this process, marking as soon as your dog glances at the decoy, and rewarding towards yourself until the decoy passes you or turns and walks away from you. Once you have a feel for the mechanics, you can take this on the road. Just go up driveways or off paths to create some distance from other dogs that approach you, and reward your dog for glancing at the other dogs (or scary people or other triggers).

The trickiest part of LAT is finding the right distance. If your dog starts taking treats more roughly than usual, stops being able to look away from the trigger when you mark, or gets out of her sit; you’re too close to the trigger. Move away and try again. If you can’t make any more distance (you’re backed against a fence for example), you can toss the treats on the ground instead of handing them to your dog.

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read if you haven’t watched the finale.

YAKUMO IS SHINNOSUKE’S FATHER? WTF, MAN. And no, I don’t think we’re supposed to brush this off as speculation. I mean, come on, why would they even bother including it in the last episode if it’s not important? 

Other POSSIBLE hints in the series:

1) In S1E12, Yakumo asks the ghost of Sukeroku, “Are you angry, over what I’ve done to your daughter?” What DID he do to Konatsu for Sukeroku to get angry about? 

2) In S2E11, when Sukeroku performed at the theater in the after life, the magic cushion brought over Konatsu, his daughter, to watch. When it was Yakumo’s turn to perform, the cushion brought over Shinnosuke. Of course this could just be because he’s his foster grandson, but it could also be that the parallel was done on purpose.

3) In S2E12, when sensei asks Konatsu about it, she could easily have said, “No, eew, shame on you for having that kind of speculation between me and my foster father.” Instead, she smiled mysteriously and said she would never reveal the secret.

4) In the same conversation, Konatsu said that she had Shinnosuke for the sakes of both Sukeroku and Yakumo. What was that supposed to mean? How would Konatsu having a child benefit Yakumo unless the child was his? 

4) Shinnosuke does look like an exact copy of Yakumo in his youth. He’s even taken on the name ‘Kikuhiko’. So you know. Is that a coincidence or what?

I’m not happy about this because I would have preferred for Yakumo and Konatsu to have a pure father-daughter relationship and I think the thought that Konatsu slept with her mother’s ex-boyfriend and Yakumo slept with the girl he raised since she was 5 is a bit… weird, if not gross, BUT I guess it does have some poetic charm to have both Kikuhiko and Sukeroku’s bloodlines combined in Konatsu’s son.

I only joined the “Voltron fandom” recently. I watched it when S1 came out but I wasn’t super into it - I thought S1 had a lot of problems (the Balmera-arc took WAY TOO LONG), but I loved the animation. I never checked out the tags on tumblr and was ignorant to whatever was going on.

After watching S2 I loved it, I thought it was much better and now I feel invested in the story and characters. I’m surprised to see that that’s not a shared feeling and that the fandom supposedly didn’t like S2.

I have to ask: does this have anything to do with how sheith-heavy it was? And klance-lacking? I didn’t even ship sheith, or anything, until S2.

Did antis become more prominent after S2? Is this all just a bunch of shippers angry that klance didn’t get any focus and is more of a crack pairing?

Because it kind of seems that way to me but I don’t know, can someone enlighten me on what the fandom was like during S1?

  • Me: *Just finished a main story in SLBP*
  • Me: *Can't decide who to play next*
  • Me: *Hands my phone to my brother*
  • Me: Pick someone, I can't decide.
  • Brother: Ugh, fine.
  • Brother: *Scrolls through the characters*
  • Brother: Isn't nobunaga the guy in the third turtles movie?
  • Me: .... I guess so, but he wasn't a big part of that movie. And he is like an important figure in history, shouldn't you know him from that instead of the third turtle movie that like no one watched?
  • Brother: Nope. Turtles rock. Who is mitsubishi?
  • Me: Mitsuhide?
  • Brother: That's what I said.
  • Me: .... You weren't even kinda close
  • Brother: What about hide yoshi?
  • Me: Did you just separate the name?
  • Me: *dying of laughter*
  • Brother: What does saizo do?
  • Me: He is a ninja
  • Brother: cool. Pick him
  • Me: Can't. Already played his route twice. Pick someone else.
  • Brother: You didn't tell me there were rules. Ugh, fine. What does masamooone do?
  • Me: Did you just moo?
  • Brother: So what does he do?
  • Me: He is a lord and Kojuro is like his right hand.
  • Brother: Cool. Pick Mitsubishi. I like technology.
  • Me: *Uncontrollable laughter*
Shawty Really Blow the Pipe Like a Pro- A Derek Luh Imagine

Request: If you do requests can I request a derek one where you want to get high for the first time and he’s a little nervous because he doesn’t want you to regret it or get upset later. Be records you just for you to see and you get to see the version of you that laughs st the smallest things and when you have the munchies and things like that.

Warnings: Cursing

I was always curious about getting high, pretty much since my second year of high school. My curiosity grew even stronger since my boyfriend, Derek, smokes weed and gets high every other day.

Derek and I were having a lazy day one Saturday afternoon, in our living room watching old Disney movies. We did that sometimes.

Thinking about getting high for the third time this week, I looked over to Derek and asked,“Hey, you going out tonight?,“ I asked. Derek looked up from his phone and responded,“Yeah, me, Skate, Swazz, and Sammy are heading to a nightclub around nine”.

Sighing in relief, I asked Derek,“Can I come with you guys? And before you say anything, the reason I’m asking is because I was thinking about getting high for the first time and I thought I could take advantage of the fact that you’re going out tonight”. I bit my lip being afraid of what Derek had to say next.

“Huh, I mean, I’m not saying you can’t smoke, but I just want you to think this through because I don’t want this to be something you regret later. So take your time, think about this, and if you still wanna do it tonight, then we’ll do it,“ Derek smiled.

“Yeah, I mean I’ve been thinking about this for some now and, I don’t know, I just know that I want to try it,” I say trying to prove to him that I was sure. “Okay”. “Okay?” “Okay.” It was official, I was getting high tonight.

“But, if you do this, can I just ask that we please do it here? You don’t know how you act when you’re high, so let’s smoke at home and I’ll record your crazy ass,” Derek pleaded.

“What about Skate, Swazz and Sammy? You should invite them over, it’d be fun,” I suggested excitedly. “Yeah, I’ll call them and tell them to detour their ass over here,” Derek said pulling his phone of his back pocket. I chuckled lightly and continued watching High School Musical that was still playing on the television.

It was now around 9:10 p.m. so the boys should be over here in no time. Derek sat next to me, this time watching something different, that I was not paying attention to, being too jittery to be fully attentive. “Hey you alright, you’re squeezing my leg pretty hard over there”, I said looking over to Derek who seemed pretty worried.“Yeah, I’m just nervous.”He chuckled.”Why do think I’m squeezing the shit out of your leg?”, we both laughed.

It was if I was a psychic, I was just about to ask where the boys were when I heard the doorbell ring. Derek got up and opened the door and I immediately heard yells and screams of excitement.They all jump on the couch and engulf me in a huge hug. Man, I love these boys.

“Are you ready?”, Sammy asks me with his eyebrows raised, checking if I was going to back out. “Yeah, I’m ready”, I say trying to boost my own confidence in such a situation.

Everything just feels super dizzy right now. Where am I? Am I home? What happened last night? Oh, I remember. I got high. Why don’t I remember anything?

I roll over to Derek who is already awake, typing away at his phone. I yawn from not being fully awake and kiss Derek’s shoulder. He looks over at me and smiles. “Show me the video”, I say remembering Derek said he would record me.

Derek closes out of the app he was on and clicks over to the gallery. He clicks on the first video displayed and hands me his phone. I mentally prepare myself to be embarrassed before I pressed play. I am immediately bombarded with giggles and puffs of smoke into the camera. I don’t even wait for the smoke to clear out to confirm that it’s me giggling like an idiot for seconds on end. The camera focuses on me and I see myself with a blunt in between my fingers and giggles escaping my lips.

Oh god. I watch as I take another hit of the blunt when I hear Derek say,”Shawty really blow the pipe like a pro”. I giggle at his words and say,”Yep, that’s meeee bitches”. I put the blunt down in the ash tray and yell at the top of my lungs,”Time for muchiessssss”, I giggle again.

How many times am I going to giggle in one video? I sigh in relief when I hear Derek’s voice say,’‘Say bye, Y/N”, signaling the end of the video.

“Byeeee”, I drag out and laugh. I give Derek his phone back and he looks at me trying so hard not to laugh. “See what you’re like when you’re high”, Derek says.

I move closer to him and say,”Yup, I wanna do it again”.

A/N: Thank you guys so much for reading! Wow 2 imagines in one week?! Lol I’m giving myself a pat on the back. Anyways this was requested by: heartattackfandom, thank you for the request! I love you guys and I’ll talk to y’all later! ✌️🤘👋


A couple of pictures of me with a hero of mine.  Honestly, I didn’t want to bother him too much, but I’m glad I did end up getting to meet him.  I was in so much shock to see him right in front of me that I almost couldn’t speak.  I wish I could have told him how much his content means to me, or that when I’ve felt alone or down, watching him and his friends goofing off together and having a fun time makes me laugh and makes me happier to see that interaction.  Seeing that even gets me to push myself to get up, get out of my room despite the funk and actively seek out my friends so we can play games together or do other activities.  Mark and his friends have been an active part in keeping me motivated to go on for a VERY long time.  Without the smiles, laughter, and general feel-good vibes from their content, I don’t believe I’d have the drive that I do that’s brought me to going back to school for sound design, performing live mixes at the venues that I do (despite raging anxiety), or brought me to meeting the incredible people in my life who genuinely care for me and want to see me succeed.  (I get so happy seeing these little munchkins succeed, as well ^_^ )

I know people connect with Mark because hearing him speak so openly about feeling down and depressed allows them to know they are not alone in their battle.  We can only hope that Mark knows he’s never alone. If I could say one thing to him (and I hope I was able to bring myself to at least say thank you at the time) is thank you for everything that you do for people.  Your content is so full of life, happiness, and amazing vibes.  You reach out and touch millions of viewers every day (in not a creepy way, I promise).  You motivate others to be the best versions of themselves that they can be.  You continue to save and change lives.  Do not EVER doubt the hugely positive impact that you create in millions of lives and how much your well-being matters to these millions.