i did not do this au justice


• “My stupid friends roped me into a mall scavenger hunt and you’re on the list” AU
• “We both wanted to rent a bike for an hour but the only one they have is a tandem bike” AU
• “You’re adopting the cat that I’ve been trying to adopt for a week now” AU
• “You just moved into the house next to my mom’s and she has you doing her yardwork” AU
• “I’m on a terrible date and you’re my waitor please help me” AU
• “My brother/sister asked me to break up with you for them i’m so sorry” AU
• “I’ve been receiving all your freaking mail since you moved out and you keep getting weird gifts from your brother make it stop” AU
• “Our dick landlord just evicted us both” AU
• “We both just moved in with our siblings and they’re neighbors” AU
• “I’m your neighbor and I can hear you fucking someone who shares my name” AU
• “Your cat got my cat pregnant and now I have all these kittens please take them” AU
• “I’m your ex, you are a cop, and I just got arrested for being drunk and disorderly” AU
• “Remember that one time in college when we were at that party and you asked a random stranger to pretend to be your boyfriend/girlfriend? Yeah well that was me and we’re adults now” AU
• “You’re sort of famous and we vaguely know each other through bumping into each other all the time but the media thinks we’re dating” AU
• “You’re a cop, I’m a firefighter, we always work the same shifts” AU
• “You always ask me for help but I have weird health conditions that prevent me from doing so” AU
• “Your roommate cheated on me and I just threw your laptop out the window thinking it was his” AU
• “My kid just shot a bottle rocket into your window” AU
• “We’re both in the vegetable isle and I just burst into tears while staring at the cabbages” AU
• “That’s my fucking fish that you just caught give it back” AU
• “I’ve had a crush on you since the 11th grade but you’ve hated me ever since that one time” AU
• “The advertisement did not do you justice” AU
• “You jipped me of those concert tickets so I came to your house asshole” AU
• “You think I’m nervous because you’re interviewing me for this high end job but actually it’s because you’re stupidly hot” AU
• “Oh shit this isn’t my car” AU
• “You fell off the map 6 years ago and you think you can just waltz back into my life. Literally. You’re the dance instructor for my best friend’s wedding and we have history” AU
• “It’s 2am on the night of my 21st birthday and we gotta fix this fucking mess by morning or else we’re fucked ” AU
• “My dad’s a cancer patient and you’re his nurse” AU
• “Did I mention that I had a dream about you last night? Oh right we’ve never talked about before” AU
• “Lol this was a terrible idea” AU
• “juSt a game? jUST A GaMe????? FUCK YOU I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO WIN” or the “so competitive it’s almost sexual” AU
• “Aren’t you the person from marti gras last year?” AU
• “We’re both on the same multiple stop flight schedules to go to the same destination so we might as well stick together. Also your shoulder is a very comfortable pillow.” AU
• “Fuck you and your bee farm I’ve had enough” AU
• “We’re in an exam study group and I just send you my nudes by accident oops” AU
• “Somehow my gallery sculpture piece looks exactly like you how weird” AU
• “That tattoo on your chest is the exact same as mine” AU
• “I was actually awake when you did that thing” AU
• “Why do we keep running into each other when we live on opposite sides of the country?” AU
• “We need to be really quiet but you have the hiccups” AU
• “Why do you always walk your dog at exactly 12am every night? Do you not enjoy sleep?” AU
• “For the love of God, what is making that noise?” AU
• “Somehow you manage to scare me everytime we run into each other and i already get frightened very easily let me live” AU

The Serpent Queen

Jughead x Reader

In which the reader is the one to go to Jughead’s trailer after the Jubilee and sees him put on the Southside Serpent jacket, and what ensues afterward.

Warnings: There is some straight up SIN ya’ll I said I wouldn’t write smut again but then things happened and now I’m here okay? Okay (although this is probably still just a once in a blue moon thing I have to be in the right kinda mood ya feel?)

Word Count: 3,060

A/N: I needed an ending to this scene and I can’t wait until season two so I wrote one myself.


The murder is solved, the town slowly healing, the thoughts of anything bad are being to the back of all of our heads, at least for tonight. After the Jubilee we all decide to go to Pop’s for milkshakes, and as we sit there in the moonlight we laugh at the jokes Jughead makes or just silly stuff that we see come up on Twitter.

We have way too many milkshakes, and Jughead’s arm wrapped around my shoulders, my hands around his knee that was up on the booth, and nothing seems to hurt us. As the clock strikes midnight we decided to finally get some privacy.

His trailer is empty, after all.

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Never Have I Ever - Part 3

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x female reader
Summary: Being interviewed by the most famous talk show host was totally new for you, and like always Ellen did her reputation justice, making you reveal something to the audience especially Sebastian seems to like.
Warning: fluff, smut, fingering, PDA

Part 1 / Part 2 (Smut in Part 2)

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A World of Color

Originally posted by thelongwindedblues

Request: “ This idea came from new-fanfic-order’s Marvel blog, but I think it would be really good! A soulmate fic where your soulmate is the only person you see in color, but since kylo’s clothes are monochrome, only he knows you’re meant for eachother.”

Summary: Soulmate AU: (Y/N), princess of Lysatra, has been cursed from a young age by the infamous Supreme Leader Snoke. In hopes to end the last of the Resistance’s allies he happily awaits the day for his curse to enter the last phase. With all things going according to plan Snoke sends his most trusted knight and apprentice, Kylo Ren to finish the job. Little do either of them know however, that things are going to take an unexpected turn.

A/N: I really seriously love this concept haha, I hope I did it justice. I also remember someone requesting something along the lines of a Sleeping Beauty AU (I unfortunately cleared it cause my requests are closed but it’s meshing into this one) and it seemed so perfect for this. Hope you all like it!

In the dim light of the seemingly grand but bare hall Kylo stood with all his attention focused before him. Despite Starkiller’s destruction, Snoke assured he still had a space in which he could speak to his apprentice. Though rather than a hologram, Kylo was looking directly into the sunken eyes of the humanoid he called master. 

Snoke shifted his boney hand slightly, observing it for a moment before he spoke.

“Do you know why I have called you here today?”

Opting not to nod Kylo simply stared at his master, “Yes.”

Snoke smirked as he turned to face Kylo. Though Kylo was accustomed to his masters appearance, the sight would send chills down anyone else’s spine. 

“As I knew you would. …Today is the day in which we get one step closer to destroying the Jedi, as well as the Resistance.”

Snoke straightened himself in his seat as a more mischevious but subtle smirk settled onto his face.

“Lysatra has long been a sympathizer for the Resistance and a known home to force users and former padawans alike.”

Instantly Kylo stopped the horrid memories from playing in his mind once again. It was as if his subconcious was programmed to replay the fateful evening every time the word was uttered. What was done was done and he was onto a far greater path. Wasn’t he?

“Their beloved princess is not only intelligent, but a rare force user. A balance within herself. Mastering both the light and dark without claiming either as a refuge. Word has already surfaced that they wish to send her to Skywalker, further train her in her abilities. With her Skywalker would double his odds of defeating us. That is where you come in, my wise apprentice.”

Kylo straightened his shoulders, as if in an interview for the first time.

“As you know, in my own ability, I placed a curse of the force upon her through a tainted kyber crystal. Now after years of waiting, she has finally fallen into a deep, unshakeable sleep. That, however, is not good enough. We need to be sure Skywalker gains no more assets whatsoever. She must be rid of.”

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I have just absolutely fallen in love with uponagraydawn’s Family of Two AU that I needed to draw it. It’s basically like if Tadashi and Hiro were Nani and Lilo. It’s so adorable and it warms my heart every time I see it on my dash. 

Tadashi is a horrible cook but he tries so hard. He also has to work really hard to make enough money for the both of them and so he’s exhausted most of the time but he still tries to make time for Hiro. And before bedtime, instead of Tadashi reading a bedtime to Hiro, Hiro reads the bedtime story because he is a tiny genius. But Tadashi is there for moral support. 

AU where you can summon your soulmate to you once in your life.

check please, zimbits


Jack looked around frantically. A moment ago, he was on the ice, and now he found himself in a dimly lit corridor. He was still holding his hockey stick.

‘What-‘ he mumbled.


There was a metallic door, a few feet in front of him. Someone was on the other side.

‘Yes, I’m-‘


Without thinking, he unlocked the latch. The door opened and a small teenager fell through, landing in his arms.

The kid lifted his head and Jack caught a glimpse of tears, blond hair, anguished expression-

And he was back on the ice again.

The rest of his team had stopped practice; the coach was skating towards him. He felt someone bump his shoulder. Kenny.

‘Zimms? Was that- Where were you right now? You were just- gone, man. Was it… you know…’

Jack nodded.

‘I think my soulmate just summoned me,’ he whispered.

‘Oh. Okay.’

He didn’t see Kent’s complicated expression. He could only remember the boy’s tears.

* * *

‘There is someone, somewhere, for you, Dicky. You can call them to you for a moment, only a moment, and only once in your life, so you have to be careful.’

‘How do I call them to me, mama?’

‘No one can really say, honey. You just have to wish for it really, really hard. You have to want it more than anything in the world.’

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Nessa & Oliver as Marinette and Adrien / Ladybug and Chat Noir

Advanced Merry Christmas to @taylordraws! I’m such a fan of your work in drawing and writing and I adore your OCs, so I made you a tiny art gift! 

One anon asked about an ML AU, and it gave me the idea to draw for your OCs! It’s my first time drawing them so I hope I did them justice! (they look a little different in both because i used various refs and their eye colors changed when they transform for some reason) (also nessa’s hair is shorter as ladybug?? bc i felt it was cool for some reason hah..)

But I hope you love it! They were so much fun to draw  ♡


a couple of fic giftart doodles i did last night!

first up is for @wintermoth​‘s super cute kwami swap series XD i know i got a lot of details wrong [least of which their hair is wrong lolll xD] but they were fun to draw  ;0; this series is hella cute too, i love this AU and you should tooooo ;0;

second one is for @whitebear-ofthe-watertribe​‘s A Brand New Dawn college age fic… i really just wanted to draw that damn tatt but i drew the pic reaallly small lol..so i didn’t have room to do it any kind of justice ;0; this fic is a really nice slow burn and i love itttttt please read it too~

U of YT AU- Web Design

Originally posted by martziplier98

Request:  What about a fanfiction where Ethan and the reader (and the rest of the gang) go to a university or college made for youtubers? And Ethan and the reader like each other or are dating? Sorry I’m horrible with coming up with ideas! If you do my idea can there be some fluff tho? I would write this on my own but I’m not fully sure I know how to tell it, but if I come up with more I can write my own version too, of that’s ok! And btw I love your writing! Oh and sorry that I ramble.

Summary: Fem!Reader goes to University of Youtube with the gang. Heres a glimpse into what a typical day with the gang is like in class.

A/N: Behold, the literal only gif I could find of the entire gang. This was a cool request! I saw a fic in the markiplier x reader tag similar to this about a youtube university with markiplier and jacksepticeye so if you want to read some more youtube college stuff I’d definitely recommend checking that out! The fic is by @septiceyesweetheart and it’s really good! I love it a lot (may or may not be because I’m also latina and can relate to Bella)! Anyway, back to the fic. No Amy and Kathryn in this one :( because I haven’t gotten the hang of writing them well just yet and the fic was getting waaaaaay too long with them. It’s already pretty long as it is. I really like this idea though and if anyone wants me to make this into an AU sorta thing, feel free to request some more! Hope you enjoy!

Wordcount: 1462

Warnings: I cursed a couple times I think

Thanks for the awesome request! Request some more please!

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Here’s a sketch for day 2 ! I’ve been meaning to do a proper drawing of this AU for a while but I didn’t do it justice rip 88,) . Since I didn’t have anything else good I figured I’d add the swap AU Demon Days cover I did a bit back lmao. I HOPE IT ALL LOOKS OKAY I M TRYING I’ll probably draw more for this AU at some point tho.

anonymous asked:

Tendou satori - "posted a joke in the classifieds but someone actually responded" 😊😊

It’s my first time writing Tendou (and Haikyuu!! in general lol), and I hope I did him justice! I was a little intimidated when I first saw this prompt, but after giving it, like, two seconds of thought, I realized that Tendou would actually do this. I hope you guys like it!

silly but cute au prompts - send me one of the prompts + a character and i’ll write something featuring character/reader with that prompt

if you like what i do and want to show your support, consider supporting me on ko-fi!

To be completely honest, he never really expected an answer. What were the chances anyway of someone seeing the thing or giving it the time of day?

But here you were. Standing in front of him with a small smile on your face and holding onto newspaper clipping of his joke of an ad that said, “Looking For: A girlfriend for a day”. He really did just put it up for fun, but he couldn’t say he didn’t like the outcome.

You were pretty, that was for sure, totally his type and totally out of his league. What compelled you to respond to the ad, he didn’t know, but he sure wasn’t complaining.

“Listen,” he started, “the ad was just for funsies; I didn’t expect anyone to respond to it.” He chuckled, trying to make the situation a little less embarrassing.

Surprisingly, you laughed, too. “Yeah, I figured.” You looked away, rubbed the back of your neck, bashful. “Would it be stupid to say that when I saw you I kind of hoped it was real?” You had this sheepish smile on your face, and a hint of pink tinting your cheeks.

Tendou had to take a moment to process what you said, and then.


Wait, what?

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byul’s adorable mochi ||  oneshot


{ according to byul, it’s hard waking up her gf }

here’s a short oneshot i just wrote on the spot because i suddenly decided i had a fluff deficiency. reading angsty satzu fics never help but its still satzu :))))

also, i honestly never know what to name my stories *facepalm* apologies for that -_-

this is a morning au because I’m a sucker for fluff overload… i hope i did fluffiness justice (does that even make sense)

feel free to leave any comments!! (please do, i need motivation)

also posted on AFF: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1257287/byul-s-adorable-mochi-oneshot-solar-moonbyul-moonsun


—afangirlmess (ง'̀-‘́)ง

 “Yongsun-ssi.” She muttered inaudibly, snuggling deeper into the covers before falling silent again. “Yongsun-ssi!” The only response she got was a soft snore. Moonbyul pinched the bridge of her nose exasperatedly. “You leave me no choice.” Going to the foot of the bed, she grabbed the duvet, balling up the fabric in her fists. Grinning mischievously, she yanked the covers towards her whilst simultaneously shouting, “Wake up, yeba!

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and i know that we’re heavenly

Summary: This is a four horsemen of the apocalypse au, it’s set during ww1 so there are some slight history references! Here are the guys’ roles: 





Please enjoy :)

It’s a strange feeling, to be walking the streets of Earth again, to have his lungs breathe in her steadily damaged air, and have her skies kiss his skin with sunlight he ached to feel all those years he slept. The world hasn’t seen his face in centuries, forgetting all the pain that comes when he looms near, and that’s okay, because it’s about time they remembered.

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A Taste of Home

This beautiful post happened, and I couldn’t resist using it as an AU for my own Ryder, Erin! So I take no credit for the concept, just running with it to drench myself in more gross fluff involving Jaal and Ryder :3c

I’m 100% sure I can’t do more justice to Jaal’s side of the story than the original post did, so this is from Ryder’s side of things.

Spoilers for game ending!

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daniel-r-h  asked:

I’ve recently heard humans nearby talking about somebody they called the “superb owl”, and I haven’t found much more. Do you know if this is a real bird and what they did to earn this name? I don’t generally like owls here because they try to eat me, but maybe this one doesn’t?

ahahaha you have misheard!  It’s not an owl at all it is some kind of luxury birdbath, a super bowl.