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X-Files themed asks!
  1. Season 1 MSR or season 9 MSR? 
  2. David Duchovny or Fox Mulder? 
  3. Gillian Anderson or Dana Scully? 
  4. Maggie Scully or Melissa Scully? 
  5. 1993 David or 2017 David?
  6. 1993 Gillian or 2017 Gillian?
  7. Mulder or Scully?
  8. David or Gillian?
  9. The Lone Gunmen or Walter Skinner?
  10. Who is your favorite character aside from Mulder and Scully?
  11. Do you have any X-Files ships aside from MSR?
  12. Reyes or Doggett?
  13. Favorite season(s)? Why?
  14. Favorite episode(s)? Why?
  15. Favorite MSR moments?
  16. Favorite character developments for Scully?
  17. Favorite character developments for Mulder?
  18. Favorite character developments for Skinner?
  19. Favorite character developments for Doggett?
  20. Favorite character developments for Reyes?
  21. Spender or Krycek?
  22. How do you feel about that bitch Alex Krycek?
  23. Which broke your heart more: Emily arc or William arc?
  24. List some college MSR headcanons!
  25. List some season 1 MSR headcanons
  26. List some season 7 MSR headcanons
  27. List some season 9 MSR headcanons
  28. IWTB or FTF? Why?
  29. How did you feel about IWTB?
  30. How did you feel about FTF?
  31. Favorite thing(s) / moment(s) from FTF?
  32. Favorite thing(s) / moment(s) from IWTB?
  33. Favorite season finale?
  34. Scruffy Mulder or clean shaven Mulder?
  35. Give us your MSR sexy time headcanons
  36. Do you read fics? If so, what’s your favorite kind to read?
  37. Do you have any fic recs?
  38. When do you think Mulder and Scully first slept together? What was it like?
  39. When do you think Mulder and Scully first started dating?
  40. How do you feel about the direction Chris Carter takes as the series progresses?
  41. What’s your ultimate MSR song/playlist?
  42. A song you think embodies Fox Mulder?
  43. A song you think embodies Dana Scully?
  44. When did you first start watching The X-Files?
  45. Why did you first start watching The X-Files?
  46. What are your thoughts about extraterrestrial life?
  47. IRL space: NASA or SpaceX?
  48. Favorite character crossover headcanons?
  49. If you’re an X-Files blog, if your username related to the show? If so, why did you choose it?
  50. Any X-File blogs you would recommend?
Question Thingy

Nickname: Cait, Cato, Caitie…
Height: 5'9″
Last thing I googled: Hey Violet
Fav music artist: Harry Styles
Song stuck in my head: Leather and Lace
Last movie I watched: Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Last TV show I watched: Late Night with Stephen Colbert
What are you wearing right now: work polo and cigarette pants
When did you create your blog: like 3-4 years ago
What kind of stuff do I post: Harry pictures, Harry fanfics, misc
Do you have any other blog: yes @photofinish88
Do you get asks regularly: very rarely
Why did you choose your url: Have you seen his body?
Gender: Female
Hogwarts house: Revenclaw
Pokémon team: yellow?! 
Fav colour: purple and blue
Average hours of sleep: 7?! is that bad?!
Fav characters: Jane Austen ladies, Henrietta Lacks (real person)
How many blankets do you sleep with: 1
Dream job: Library of Congress

A - age: 28… come at me!
B - birthplace: Kansas
C - current time: 8:16 pm
D - drink you had last: Mint tea
E - easiest person to talk to: my friend Cierra
F - favourite song: Kiwi atm, otherwise The Chain or Gold Dust Woman
G - grossest memory: I ripped my thigh apart as a kid…
H - horror yes or no:as in movies?! sure
I - in love: I think so
J - jealous of people: jealousy is not an attractive feature
K - killed someone: No
L - love at first sight or should i walk past again: no, I’m sapiosexual
M - middle name: McKenna
N - number of siblings: 1
O - one wish: cliche but world peace would be great about now
P - person I last called: my dad though technically he called me
Q - question you’re always asked: How do I do ______?
R - reason to smile: baby animals
S - song you last sang: Kiwi
T - time you woke up: around 7:30 am
U - underwear color: Navy blue with stars… cuz I’m an adult!
V - vacation: Cali, love Cali
W - worst habit: don’t get enough water
X - x-rays: face, jaw, lungs, fingers, arm, ankle, arthroscopes of my shoulders
Y - your favourite food: mealwise- sushi point blank: sugar… lol
Z - zodiac sign: Leo

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name: dina

nickname: don’t really have one but sometimes ppl call me dee??

star sign: cancer

height: 1.64m (or something like that lol)

time rn: 7:25pm

favorite musical artist: too many to choose from

song stuck in your head: Arty ft. Eric Nam - Idea of You

last thing you googled: NCT Life in Osaka (aah i wanna watch all the eps alreadyy)

last movie you watched: jeez idek it’s literally been so long since I watched a movie but… i think it was Kingsman: The Secret Service??

last tv show you watched: Produce 101 hahah

when did you create this blog: probably about two-three years ago?

do you have any other blogs: i do but i haven’t rly used it at all

do you get asks regularly: nope ;w;

why did you chose your url: lol idk i’ve just lost interest in life or something

hogwarts house: ravenclaw/slytherin last I checked

Ilvermorny house: -

pokémon team: valor

fav color: blue ~

average hours of sleep: hahahahah idek my sleeping patterns are so irregular

lucky number: 2, 6, 7

fav characters: too many to list tbh

personality type: lol i just did it and got INTP 

how many blankets do you sleep with: 1 in the summer, 2-3 in the winter

describe yourself with 3 characters: Kozume Kenma, Yuuri Katsuki and Todoroki Shouto (aaah idk im bad at describing myself)

fav super hero: Deadpool, Spiderman, Iron Man

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Sarah Marie (Tao Photography).

This week, the spotlight is on Sarah Marie, whose work can be found on her Tumblr page; Tao Photography.

Get to know more about her, and her work below;

Introduce yourself briefly (Name, Country of origin, Current location and Occupation/profession, Photography blog name, if different from your real name).

Sarah Marie. I was born in Uganda but grew up in Kenya. I currently live in Nairobi. I work in hospitality. taophotography.tumblr.com

What type(s) of photography do you do?

Street photography and portraits.

What is the inspiration behind your photography?

I am inspired to tell the african story from an african perspective. I try to use my photography to tell peoples stories, by visually highlighting their unique beauty.

For how long have you been shooting?

About a year and a half.

What is it that you want to say with your photographs, and how do you actually get to do that?

With my street photography i try to create a visual poem, how I compose the shot plays a big role. With my portraits I try to get peoples souls to shine through, particularly through their eyes.

What makes a good picture stand out from the average?

A picture that evokes emotion or a feeling, that allows you to go into that space.

Which camera(s) do you shoot with?

Nikon D7100 and my Samsung S4zoom.

If you had to choose one lens, which one would it be, and why?

50mm 1.4 Its great for both street photography and portraits.

Best buy from your photography gear?

Prime lenses.

Is there something in your photography gear that you wish you hadn’t bought?


Who are some of your favourite photographers? You can leave links to their site/blog. (5 Maximum)

Delphine Diallo, Quazi, Samuel Fosso, Seydou Keita.

Caption your 2 photos of choice. Why did you choose them?

The first one is “Mike.” He is a homeless man I met while shooting in Nairobi. There was a depth in his eyes that told of struggle but also of strength. When I asked to take a picture of him he said, “It is because of the way you have spoken to me that i am letting you take a picture of me.” That humbled me, and emphasized a life lesson for me. How you speak to and treat others will determine how far you go in life.

The second one is called “Night Shift.” I took this photo during my first night street photo shoot of a sex worker in Nairobi. I feel as though this photo humanizes her, regardless of the context of the photo. She is trying to find balance in life just like everyone else.

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This is part two of how control issues can manifest as annoying spiritual patterns.


One of the most common perpetrators is overthinking. Not everyone will innately have a spiritual issue for just overthinking. You contractually decide to have it happen. Those of you that have spiritual episodes of Precognition or “Seeing The Future” at random may be related to overthinking for some of you. I went through this phase of seeing the future because I’d end up worrying that it’d happen. I’d see “snippets” and I blame my overthinking for that. Overthinking in and of itself isn’t a bad thing but what we suggest is to channel it into areas that require practicality. We recommend that you do not go through life trying to second guess every little thing you do. Second guessing means that you think that unless you don’t put yourself under scrutiny you’re going to have the rug ripped out from under you.

I’ve been there. For those of us that are in awareness of our spiritual gifts or habits that second guessing is going to trip some of us up. If you imagine a counter scenario for every decision you make or the majority of the time that may manifest as involuntary precognition. It won’t for every single person but if you know that you have precognition but you ALSO overthink, the root of it is that pattern of overthinking. I’m going to show you how I’ve stopped this from happening to me :

Number one thing you need to remember regardless of if you have precognitive abilities or not is that you can always choose whether or not it rules your life. Just because you get a vision of Cambodia going up in flames when you’re in London drinking Starbucks does not mean that you have to spend the rest of the day worrying about saving the world. The visions you get may inspire you to take action if you’re a humanitarian and that can be a great thing. However, you also have to remember that it is not your RESPONSIBILITY to take on every single person’s shit. That sentence is literally the key to white knight spiritual abilities: empathy, precognition, healing, etc. If you want to have a life where you focus on these things you still also have to learn that. On this blog, Kurt and Christina each have empathic abilities but they’ve learned that they can’t try to “save” everyone.

When you can apply this attitude in your daily life what you can do if you get an involuntary dose of someone’s reality is to decide if you want to act on it. You don’t have to deal with someone else’s problems just because they exist and it does NOT make you less compassionate. You do not have to be Jesus dying on a cross to be a compassionate human being. This is a myth that’s ingrained in a lot of people’s heads. You can just ACCEPT that that’s someone’s reality somewhere and you hope for the best for them and you move on with the rest of your life. Even if its painful there’s usually not a lot anyone can do. It doesn’t mean you don’t CARE. It just means that you are a fucking human being.


This is so important for those that struggle with overly zealous empathic abilities. We’ve been noticing a trend in many empaths have an issue with setting boundaries. The idea of setting a boundary just means that you pick and choose whom you want to affect you. You can imagine a bubble around you 24/7, you can cast a spell, say a chant, or whatever you feel you need to do. However what these practices help bring on is the attitude that you’re in charge of your reality. It’s a psychological root in self power and self control. If you can’t go through life without having a traumatic episode from someone else we ask that you try to take that into perspective. Why are you letting it rule your life? Most often people respond with, “I don’t have a choice.”

We’re psychological debunkers here on this blog and we’re going to help you figure this one out. Why don’t you think you have a choice?

“If I did I would have stopped it by now.”

Why won’t you stop it now?

“I don’t think I can. It just happens and I don’t choose when.”

It’s not so much WHEN, it’s more about what you decide to DO when it happens if at all. Similar to the conversation we just had about precognitive abilities, as an empath, you don’t have to take on everyone else’s shit. You genuinely do not. All you have to do is decide that you’re an impenetrable wall and you can tell people “No” if they want something from you in reality. When your empathy’s not going berserk think about the sort of life you live on a day-to-day basis. Do you usually let people walk all over you or abuse your resources? Do you feel as if you just want to be nice to people because you want them to like you? Do you think you have a responsibility to take on the world or else it’ll fall to pieces? This isn’t so much traditional “empathy” as it is a control problem. What we’ve noticed is that many empaths out there do not know that they display controlling and manipulative behavior.

Being an empath does not mean you have a responsibility to be everyone’s guardian and savior. You’re a human being and you have passions, interests, and people you love. However this does not innately mean that you have to become superman. If you genuinely feel as if serving others fulfills you and helping them with their pain we recommend that you enter the medical field, become a holistic practitioner, a therapist, a guidance counselor, or someone who’s in the field of caring for and nurturing others. OUR tip is that you learn to sublimate this need into a field that’s structured and controlled so you can moderate your behavior opposed to letting it run amuck when you’re just trying to control the outcomes of other people.


There’s that word, “control” again. We should also distinguish something here – If you do not feel fulfilled by entering a field that heals others on a regular day basis, then your empathic ability is most likely a manifestation of a control problem that has nothing to do with sensitivity. There is a difference between being sensitive to the needs of others and feeling obligated to help them because you want to control their emotions for their “benefit” versus you involuntarily feeling feedback from others because you want them to like you. Sometimes they over lap a bit but we’re going to focus on the latter. If you want others to like you and preferring that gratification over helping them (be honest here, it’s okay), means that you’re a PEOPLE person and you can sublimate this habit by going into a communicative field that works with the public in a controlled environment. PR, television, entertainment, broadcasting, or anything even slightly related to being in front of people will give you a good start.

There is nothing wrong with wanting people to like you, however, it only becomes a problem when you try to force random strangers to by pretending to be nice. This is another control thing. We’ve seen through people that talk to us on our blog that some people just genuinely want everyone to like them and they mistake that desire for being bleedingly compassionate with empathic abilities. It doesn’t make you super coldhearted and incapable of love or affection. It just means that you’re more comfortable with giving it in smaller doses from a distance like casual advice or teaching or guidance.

In our soul group, (a group of people that have shared the most lives together like a rag team), we have different sections of people that are compassionate in different ways. We only know about 5 of us so far. Two of us (Jeff and Kristen) practice compassion from a distance and demonstrate it through art or volunteer work. Kurt and Christy heal others as a team, Raechel/Erik teaches and gives advice and I foster children. We have varying degrees of how much we allow ourselves to give to other people. When you realize that the empathic abilities you have are a detriment to you and you don’t want to be that intimately invested in someone else’s shit, you have to wonder if it’s just because you have no boundaries when you want people to like you.

Uhmm.. Get to know the blogger! And I got tagged by @wintel​. ( I don’t do these kind of stuff mainly bc i’m lazy af but since I’ve got nothing to do, here it is! :’D )

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Name: Kon ( Not my real name :’D )

Nickname: Uhhh call me Kon..??? Konny??? //shrugs

Gender: Female

Star sign: Aries 

Height: I am friggin’ 4′9

Sexual orientation: Bisexualllll

Hogwarts house: Slytherin mmMMHHMM ( also, I miss the old Pottermore )

Favourite colour: Green, Yellow and Red!

Time right now: 1:09 PM

Average hours of sleep: Uhhhmm… 7 hours of sleep..?? 

Lucky number: 666

Last thing i googled: The "Right in the kokoro” meme 

Favourite fictional characters: Wrath, Greed, Envy and The Elric Brothers from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Number of blankets i sleep under: None. I kick them off the bed.

Favourite artist/band: Panic! At The Disco

Dream trip: I wanna go to Japan so badly tbh

Dream job: Be an animator, I guess. PFFFT

When did you create this blog: Uhh… I don’t know.. 2015??

What do you post about: My life. My obsessions. ???

What made you decide to get a tumblr: Hmmm… I don’t know exactly lmao I think I made one out of curiosity ???

Do you get asks on a daily basis?: I’ve been getting a lot these days

Why did you choose your url? I don’t know exactly, It just popped into my mind :’D 

//cOUGHS I’m too lazy to tag so please forgive me. Those who want to do it, feel free to do it!

I am so sorry

…I know that I rarely initiate a conversation with you dear mutuals … but if you ever need someone to talk to, if you need advice, if you need to be cheered up, you can always message me. I try to respond to all messages I receive. The only messages I ignore are when you are sending me suspicious links to click. 

…I usually check what tags you put when you’re reblogging my posts. That’s why I sometimes send you asks that seem to come from nowhere. I try to lift your mood if I see you post depressing statuses.  

…I know that sometimes I send cold answers or seem too harsh, but I also receive negative messages because people are mean. I have moments when I really don’t know whether you’re serious and try to make fun of me or you are just joking. So please forgive me if I responded to you in a bad tone when you didn’t deserve it.

Wish you all have a wonderful day even if at the moment for some of you life seems that it couldn’t get worse. I really hope your situation will get better soon and you’ll be able to genuinely smile again.

So really if you ever need to talk to me do not hesitate, I am a person just like you, I have my own flaws and qualities. I am not a robot that just posts touhou things.

Thank you all for following me! If you ever wish to unfollow, that’s your choice, I respect it. I won’t ask why did you choose this. I do not follow back empty blogs, blogs that only make a few posts per year, porn/spam blogs.

I really do not care how old you are , what nationality, gender, race or whatever else. We are all people and that’s what matters. If you are nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. 

Kisses! And again, I’m really sorry that I suck at keeping in touch with you. I am really awkward online. 

Pro "choice"?

None of you guys are really pro choice. You’re only pro abortion.

And you only need to look at your blogs to tell the only choice you praise, encourage and support is the choice to abort.

You never post about people choosing life, and choosing adoption. Choices that you claim to support. People get coerced into abortion ALL the time. Anyone who was a teen mother would have been advised to have an abortion yet you never stand against that.

Why not? If you’re against people making choices for others why do you NEVER stand against or protest people forcing or advising abortions?

Because you’re not pro choice. The only choice you care about is the choice to abort because you think that’s the only frowned upon and difficult choice. Yet you’d only need to speak to someone who had an unplanned or teen pregnancy to know that choosing life is also really frowned upon.

I asked my mum what she would do if I were pregnant and she said (and god did it annoy me) “I’m sorry to say it but I’d make you get an abortion”.

And that happens a lot in the real world and I know for a fact not one single pro choicer would jump to my - and the baby’s - rescue.

I have spent years on tumblr and I follow probably 50 pro choice blogs and not once EVER has a pro choicer praised someone for choosing anything other than abortion, or posted links to do with anything other than abortion, or made posts about anything other than women choosing abortion and how brave and wonderful they are. Never do you reblog a post detailing someone in a horrible situation who CHOSE life or who CHOSE adoption. No. Because you do. Not. Care.

You only care about the choice to abort. And you know it. But you can go ahead and prove me wrong.

But you never will. Because you’re just pro abortion. And even if you do support other choices, you do a fantastic job of acting like they don’t matter.



I Am Swen

Hey there fellow Swen! My name’s Vlada. I’m a 19 year old lesbian and live in Germany but I’m originally from Russia. In October I’m gonna start studying post-production at film school. Once I finish film school, I’d like to work as a film editor. Most of all I’d like use my future skills for LGBT projects ‘cause the lack of positive media representation is still a huge issue nowadays and that has to change. It’s about time for the world to accept the fact that love is love. But we shall see what the future holds for me. I should probably focus on successfully finishing my studies first haha

What else can I say about myself? Well, I love editing videos, watching tv shows/movies, playing video games(I’m a Sony fangirl lol), fangirling and crying over fictional couples. Oh yeah there’s quite a lot of crying involved. Especially when it comes to  Swan Queen. Anyway, I also enjoy drawing and archery. Oh and I really love leather jackets. And sushi. If I had to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life, it’d be sushi. Or maybe pizza. Yeah, it’s hard to choose after all. 

I Love Swan Queen 

Oh where do I start? When I was new on tumblr(or was just stalking some blogs without having my own yet haha), I stumbled upon a post that mentioned Swan Queen. I asked myself what the fuck this Swan Queen thing was so I did some research. I discovered that it was a f/f ship on a show called Once Upon a Time. I decided to give the show a chance and see what all the fuzz was about. I don’t know whether that was the worst or best decision I’ve ever made. Well, anyway I started the show and immediately picked up on some weird sexual tension between Emma and Regina in the first episodes. Then this scene happened:

It was hella gay. I understand that Regina wanted to show a softer side of herself in this scene. But why were they both staring at each other’s lips so much? Season 1 had a lot of very interesting moments that were filled with sexual innuendos, eye-sex and (sexual) powerplay(remember Regina sitting on the desk in 1x19?). It was hot to sum it up in one word.

In season 2 they slowly became allies and even started to care about each other. Emma saved Regina a few times and they managed to open a portal when Emma touched Regina’s arm(true love?). The finale was a very powerful one. You all saw it so you know what I mean.

In the 3rd season their relationship developed even more. “My”son became “our” son, they moved the moon together(!) and Regina sacrificed her own happiness to give Emma and Henry a happy ending(holy shit!).

In season 4 the two slowly got even closer(I’d call it a special friendship). Emma promised Regina a happy ending and she tried everything in her power to succeed. Even to the point of self-sacrifice! And Regina did everything she could to protect Emma from the darkness. I’ll never get over this moment btw lol:

And Emma’s sacrifice of course.

This is just an extremely abridged version of their relationship and its development. This development is one of the many reasons I love this ship so much. In the beginning they hated each other but now all they do is protect one another. They’re a little unconventional family together with Henry and care more about each other than they’d like to admit. And that is beautiful! Moreover it’s just such a poetic love story that makes sense. The Savior and the Evil Queen who protect each other from the darkness and finally found in one another what they’ve been looking for all their lives: a family, home and love. I mean come on!

I Love Swen

There are not enough words to describe this wonderful fandom. I love Swen because there are so many amazing and interesting people here with all kinds of talents. We have extremely talented fanfic writers, artists and vidders. We have very intelligent people who analyse the show so well that my jaw sometimes just drops. We have kind people who give great advice about anything really. We also have people with brilliant ideas for projects and the like who know how to organize things well.

I just love talking to Swen. Our fandom is full of fun human beings and I just love interacting with people who are passionate about the same thing I am. I found in Swen what I’ve been looking for for a long time now: A group of people who are like-minded and can understand me. Something I unfortunately barely had before. But now I do and I’m grateful for that :)

We are a big fandom that can achieve a lot if we work together. Remember zimbio? We got so far despite very strong opponents(and China). I hope we’ll be able to achieve many more great things in the future. We are the biggest OUAT fandom for a reason after all.

Swen is a fandom, a nation and even a family. And this is just as beautiful as the ship we obsess with love!

(Thank you dakota829snow and ethan-8 for coming up with this wonderful project!) (The gifs are not mine btw)

anonymous asked:

About how many uncomfortable or dirty questions do you guys get per week? I don't mean to stick my nose into you guy's business but from what I've seen on your blog (which I love!!) there are a lot of dirty questions.

Nico: We get about three or four per week, I think. The most uncomfortable we choose to not answer.

Percy: Yeah. Can’t people ask us normal questions that doesn’t have anything to do with our bedroom life?

Nico: *chuckles* bedroom life?

Percy: Well, yeah? I couldn’t say sex life, could I?

Nico: … You just did.