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mariuspondmercy  asked:

‘I always sing along to the song you are playing on the piano in the apartment below’ AU for Coliver, pretty please?

I had so much fun writing this that it ended up being over 3k words, and I really hope you like it. Thank you so much for the awesome prompt!

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Connor had been playing the piano for as long as he could remember. His mom used to joke that he learned how to play before he learned how to walk, which never made much sense to Connor but made him proud all the same. Years later and Connor’s piano remained the one constant in his life, throughout school years, apartment changes, and numerous not-quite relationships –Connor’s music was there for him the way nothing -and no one- else was. It was sufficient to say that Connor took great pride and joy in playing, and that he never thought the sound of his piano’s music could be improved upon –until he heard him sing along to it. 

Connor wasn’t one for playing Classical music often; although he loved the pieces dearly, they still made him think back to a darker time in his life, one where he was a lost angry teenage boy, trying and failing to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Those days were long behind Connor and so he left Beethoven and Tchaikovsky there with them, only to be taken out and dusted on the days he felt the world closing in on him. Therefore most days found Connor playing an array of songs, starting with Disney/Dreamworks songs and going as far as musicals and love ballads, depending on how stressed out he felt. 


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