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Mass Effect: Loyalty Missions

Shepard: Are we all ready to go guys?

Legion: Geth consensus…beep boop.. please save us.

Kasumi: I need to dress you up, break into a mansion and steal something for me.

Shepard: ….Okay, oddly specific but okay.

Jacob: I have daddy issues.

Tali: Don’t we all?

Shepard: Okay, so Tali, you’re daddy issues too? *scribbles on notepad*

Tali: Oh yeah and can we reclaim my homeworld too?

Shepard: *facepalms, writes it down*

Wrex: Cure my people’s thousand year old disease.

Shepard: that might be hard but okkkayyyy.

Garrus: Help me wipe out three gangs and one lone guy.

Shepard: Do you think he’s even alive in this reaper shit show?

Garrus: Yes.

Shepard: Okay, do you know where he is?

Garrus: Idk, my heart will guide me

Shepard: Ugh! Okay. *writes it down*

Shepard: Ashley?

Ashley: I’m dead.

Shepard: Oh! Oops sorry about that!

Ashley: It’s cool.

Shepard: Liara?

Liara: I need to become the shadow broker!

Shepard: Liara, do you NEED to become the shadow broker or do you just WANT to become the shadow broker?

Liara: NEED!

Shepard: Okay, fine.

Mordin: Help me find my student? Also seashells?

Vega: Help me think of a sweet N7 tattoo design?


Grunt: I just hit puberty.

Shepard:……………………….oookkkkaaayyy not sure I can help with that.

Miranda: Help me hide my kidnapped sister?

Shepard: Wait ……What?!

Joker: Get rid of this ship cancer.

*EDI walks in a game later with her sexy robot body*

Joker: Nevermind. I’m good!

Jack: I want to go blow some shit up.

Shepard: What kind of shit?

Thane: Help me stop my son from making the mistakes I did.

Shepard: Thane, teens are teens, they gotta make there own mistakes.

Thane: At his age I became an assassin.

Shepard: *writing rapidly* Oh, yep, nope, might wanna stop that.

Samara: Help me kill my daughters?

Shepard: WHAT? OMG THIS IS TOO MUCH! I SWEAR if one more person asks me to do something I will light the citadel on FIRE!

*Kaidan walks in*


Kaidan: *In small scared voice.* I made you cookies shaped like hearts.

Shepard: *hugs him* THANK YOU GOD!

EXO Oneshot: Seeing the girl he likes sitting on a swing with her wings spread (Sehun)

This was requested by @too-phoenix-to-function. thank you for requesting! So I made this mixing it a little with their superpowers thing, hope you like it! Ara~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ Please do not use my work/

Walking his way home wasn’t a thing he normally did, specially if it was snowing outside. But that night he just felt the need of feeling some cool air against his skin, that night something inexplicable made him go outside and walk through that park where he found you. At the beginning he couldn’t believe his eyes, he thought it was the effect of the snow falling around you but as he got closer, he realized that something was irradiating from you (light) and that the white thing on your back wasn’t the snow accumulating, but something that looked like wings.

He couldn’t sleep that night, he spend the whole time wondering what he had seen. He asked so many times what were you without getting an answer. “Who are you?” He felt he had seem something he wasn’t supposed to see and yet he wanted to see you again, see those beautiful things on your back that looked like wings.

“I might be crazy, she might have been a hallucination. Why am I looking for someone who might not exist or someone who probably doesn’t want to be found?” He looked for you the following weeks without success, to the point he felt like going insane. But he never stopped looking, he knew, no matter how impossible it seemed, that that night wasn’t a coincidence. “It was real, as real as my existence”. 

But just then, when he thought he would never see you again, you appeared in front of him. He saw you again on a swing that seemed to be hanging from the skies. It seemed like you couldn’t see him, like you were in a different dimension. But he could see you, and that was more than enough. “Now I begin to understand why I was given this power. It was all because of love, it was all because your souls were meant to meet. I’ll reach you, so don’t go. I’m coming…” 

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With one last deep breath and tight grip on his shirt, I released and pulled away from him, wiping the stray tears with the back of my hand. “God, I’m so embarrassed.” I muttered, keeping my eyes down to the floor. The last few sniffles racked my body and I hiccuped as I tried to control my breathing.

“Why are you embarrassed?” He asked. With my eyes still cast downwards I saw him take a step towards to me, closing the gap once again.

“What is it with you making women in this family cry Harry?” Sam piped up from nowhere. Harry and I jolted away from each other like teenagers, who were about to get caught breaking the ‘no touch’ rule.

“Bore off.” Harry warned, as I turned away and made myself busy collecting my hat from the sofa, willing my reddened cheeks to return to a normal colour. I wasn’t ready to be interrogated by Sam about whether the colour was because of my crying, or close proximity to Harry. To be honest I wasn’t too sure myself.

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can someone still love you while emotionally abusing you? i think i've been going through it for years but i'm unsure 'cos its always been normalised within the family - it's terrifying to consider it ykno? even then can people do it unknowingly? sorry just freaking out a bit

I fully believe that my mother loved me. I fully believe that she was doing the best that she knew how. I fully believe that if I had a diagnosis as a child, at an early enough age and she learned about autism as well as she learned about my congenital defects, I would not have PTSD.

That doesn’t change the effect that her choices and actions had on me. Is she an abuser? Well, not in the way that most people mean. I don’t think she had ill intent towards me. But she was abusive, because the way she treated me was not appropriate for my neurotype.

By the time I did experience abuse, I think she was already too far into feeling lost and out of control to know how to react. That does not make her any less responsible for her actions.

Is that splitting hairs? Maybe. And others might not define their own abuse in a different light. That’s okay. Abuse is a messy, complicated, often confusing thing. It’s easy to draw a sand in the line and say, “good” and “bad,” but emotions are tricky, they lie to us, and sometimes they just don’t make sense. That’s also okay.

So is it possible for someone to love you and still abuse you? Yes. Absolutely - but it does not make the abuse any more easy to live with. Sometimes, it makes it harder.

Caring for Dry Low Porosity Hair

When it comes to figuring out how to take care of my hair, I am in fact a late bloomer. I spent much of my childhood and teenage years with unkempt relaxed hair and box braids left in for too long and for the past 5 years, decided to keep my head shaved because it was just the most convenient for my lifestyle and how low maintenance I am. My biggest issue with my hair has been combating dryness. Any hope of growing my hair out into a big fro was always shattered because it was dry to the point where my scalp would hurt, my ends would break and I’d give in and give up.

I made promise to myself the beginning of this year that I would learn more about my hair and what it needed to not only grow, but be healthy. I literally wrote down in my journal for a goal : “At this point, I don’t care about long hair, I just want it to stay moisturized and be healthy. That’s it.”

During that time, I came to the conclusion that my hair wasn’t dry and suffering because it was 4c (both my partner and daughter have 4b + 4c hair and their hair absorbs products and water very well! He has the most gorgeous spiraling strands and she has the fluffiest, kinks- both always very moisturized). It was suffering because I had low-porosity hair and wasn’t taking the proper measures to take care of it.

Porosity is defined as the hair’s ability to absorb moisture. Low porosity hair like mine, without proper care, can experience brittleness, feel like hay, is very stubborn when it comes to absorbing products, doesn’t immediately become saturated with water, can be extremely dry and all around very uncomfortable because it’s lacking hydration. Once I figured out what it needed to stay hydrated- my hair started to actually grow and thrive!

Here are ALL of my favorite ways of maintaining my low porosity hair

Cleansing with Clay
Washing my hair with shampoo often left it feeling too stripped and made conditioning it a bit of a challenge. Because low porosity hair is easily prone to build up, clarifying shampoos are recommended, but I wasn’t digging it too much. I opted instead to use bentonite clay with diluted ACV, kept it on for about 10-15 minutes and rinsed it with warm water to keep the cuticle open for conditioning. My hair usually still feels a little dry, but my scalp feels super clean!

Diluting and Warming Products
I’ve just got to put it out here right now- my two favorite products right now that my hair loves are Shea Moisture’s Organic African Black Soap Purification Masque and the Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner. When my hair is dry, it is on the brink of survival, and these two products revive it every single time, I’m telling you. The first ingredient on both of these products is water and water is crucial for hydration of low-porosity hair. I dilute products, because if any product is too heavy, they can have a harder time penetrating my hair. I just eye it, but I’ll add the product to a separate or re-used bottle and add warm water and shake it up. I did steal this idea from the Max Hydration Method, but boy does it work. The slip I get is amazing and my hair actually absorbs it. Be sure when applying product, you take your time to apply it in sections. I used to think people doing that were being extra, lol, but it’s especially necessary with low porosity hair so that every strand gets moisturized and it actually sinks in.

The Greenhouse Effect Method
I had first heard of The Greenhouse Effect about 2 years ago and didn’t try it because I had seen a few warnings about watching out for over-hydration and messing up the balance of protein and moisture in the hair. Because of the state of dryness my hair had been in, I decided to ease into it and I absolutely did not regret it. Simply put- the greenhouse effect is a method that claims to promote hair growth and restore moisture by creating a steamy environment where your hair can create more sebum and in turn, nourish it. Greenhousing is pretty simple:

- On clean damp hair, add a natural oil (I used very light oils such as jojoba)

- Add a shower cap, plastic bag or saran wrap over hair

- Put a wig cap on to secure (this is my own personal thing, it just makes everything snug)

- and go about my day or evening

You can leave it on for a few hours or overnight and wake up to super soft hair. I do this about 2x a week at nighttime and put my hair in flat-twists while it’s green housing so I can take them out in the morning and have a soft, moisturized twist-out.

Steaming While Deep Conditioning
Steaming while I deep condition has been another way I help my product actually moisturize my hair. After applying my deep conditioner, I do a DIY steamer, where I put a plastic cap or bag over my hair, dampen a clean face towel and wring it out, microwave it for about 10 seconds, put it on my head and then add another bag or plastic cap and then add a hot towel from the dryer which then creates a mini hands free steamer. I usually leave that on for about 15 minutes.  If you prefer using an actual steamer, Amazon sells a hand-held steamer as well.

Flat Twists and Finger Coils (and other protective styles) But Mostly Flat Twists and Finger Coils
This is pretty fundamental when it comes to natural hair care, but whenever I heard the word “protective style” I sighed heavily because my hair was (and is still in) the teeny weeny afro (TWA) stage and it felt like I couldn’t do anything to keep it safe until it grew out another 3 or 4 inches. That was of course until I found flat twists- sweet, sweet flat twists. I’m terrible at cornrows, but I can twist to the scalp and it is glorious. I do this before greenhousing and wake up to the most amazing soft, clumped kinks. No knots, no trouble. I can keep them fresh, moisturized and safe for about three days and it is a saving grace.

 Finger coils are something that started as a beautiful accident. I just section my wet hair off, take tiny pieces and twirl them and it just stays twisted. This is really good for short, Type 4 hair because the twists don’t unravel as easily and best of all, I don’t have to add any product to my hair and it stays pretty soft. 

I’ve also started getting into wigs, because of this cool tumblr right here that has made wig shopping exciting and fun. I just do the flat twists, throw on a wig and boom. Done!

Changing my Expectations of What Healthy Hair Looks Like
Okay so this isn’t really a haircare tip, just some sound words on loving your hair. Not all natural hair is going to spiral and curl up into shiny coils and that is perfectly okay. The main goal, for me at least, is to take care of my hair the best way I can. I realized, a lot of my frustration and impatience with my hair was coming from the fact that I was looking at all these natural hair blogs and youtube videos and the mainstream was super long, super coily, super shiny natural hair. I don’t need to touch on natural hair favoritism because it’s been said before in depth- but just because you have some frizz, or no curl definition or your hair is kinky, clumpy and fluffy (like mine!), doesn’t mean it’s not healthy! Take your time and be patient. Never stop learning. I swear I learn something new about natural hair, everytime I take the time to sit down and research. My favorite thing about natural hair is how versatile it is.  If you want to change it up there are so many options to choose from- an edgy tapered cut, coloring it, flexi rods, locs, box braids, crochet braids, Senegalese twists, ALL the weaves… the options are endless. So if you’re finding yourself in a rut with your hair, no more comparing. Look into all the beautiful possibilities and adapt!

It’s funny how life tricks you.
You’re finally convinced everything is okay and have accepted that you’re better than you were. But no, it’s not simple like that.
Showers used to help. They were my safe haven; the place I could be for a while with nothing but water filling my ears, washing away the grime of the day that didn’t turn out as planned. I would sit on the shower floor, curled up with my knees to my chest and squeeze myself together until I felt like my pieces weren’t so detached.
They don’t help like that anymore. Unless I close my eyes, because otherwise all I’m starting at it this pale body shriveled up into a delicate form of sadness. A body I am not proud to call my own.
These are the days when it hurts. I feel the effects of my ever-changing dopamine and serotonin levels violently stream through my body. One day I’m driving to work blasting music, singing the words like they are my own, ignoring the stares I am given at red lights. Other days aren’t quite like that. The music may still be blaring, but it’s not the same. I turn the volume up to maximum not to belt out lyrics, but to try and focus on anything else other than my own brain. Anything else other than,
Why did you fail today? Why do you talk so much? Why is going throughout a day so fucking hard for you? Have you gained weight? Why do you feel so alone all the time? What is wrong with you?
I bite my lip to try and balance out the strange yet painful feeling I have in my stomach. I don’t make eye contact with strangers at red lights; they’d probably wonder why I look so goddamn sad.
I once thought of people as happiness. I know better than to do so now. But that’s where the problem lies. I am in charge of myself. I am my source of what I feel. Influences to my emotions chaotically surround me, but the horrifying truth is that I am in the center of it all. I can pick up the broken pieces of myself and work on the puzzle of who I am,or stab myself with them instead. I know I’m not doing well when I’d rather fight the consequences of physical pain than tear inside my head.
I am dragging my own body by my lifeless feet into what I feel. Yes, I’m psyching myself into it, but I can’t get out.
I am in control. I am in control. I am in control. That’s what I tell myself. But I don’t feel it.

I feel the stab wounds bleeding instead.

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If it's ok to ask, what have been your own most personally revelatory, alchemical & down right amazing psychedelic trips, and could you describe them in a li'l in detail???

Wow damn.
Well here it is.

Second time I tried LSD, first time its effects did something on me.
Was in a Drum n Bass’s party. I really didn’t think it would actually do something to me. I really subestimated it. 

I started seeing the lights stronger and then moving around me. The stars just looked beautiful. Yeah the party was on the outside on a desert.

Then I completely lost my hability to speak. Don’t know why.

Then, and this is the hardest and most realistic hallucination i’ve had in my life, some kind of “ogres” or “elfs” made of wood came out of the ground like stems and wanted to grab me. A friend wanted to take me to a place but they just wouldn’t let me. She didn’t see ‘em of course. Every step i gave, those elfs appeared from the floor like attacking me. I freaked out but at the same time I was flipping and laughing.

Then I just fell to the ground and spent there like 2 hours just receiving a lot…A LOT of information about the Universe in my head, about Death, about Life, about what are we made of, etc., you know, usual stuff.

I discovered I was the infinite cosmos itself being part of it at the same time.

That day, my life changed. That day was the day that I learned most on my entire life. That day I was born again.
That’s it.

PD: Don’t know if i’m answering to this too late, I was on vacations.

Drugs he takes

Harry- LSD:
His eyes glass over and that’s the first thing I need to know to figure out he on something. Harry was never into the drug scene but the new life of a solo artist, he doesn’t have people to convince him out of things. I sit across from him and shake my head, he smiles and sticks his tongue out showing the small piece of paper. That gets me to smile a little, he smiles wider back and winks.

I can’t hear over the music, but I can see him dancing like a tool. Louis swaying lightly with his hat covering most of his face, but you can’t hide that grin. He meets my eye and smile seductively. I laugh and roll my eyes but he still walks over. “ what do you have going on?” He asked waving a hand to the bar tender. “It’s my birthday” I tell him sarcastically. He smirks, “ I got a gift” he says digging in his pocket and pulling out a small bag with 4 white pills in it. I give him a look unsure what I want to say. He leans close to me so I can feel his chest on my shoulder and he mouth breathing in my hair. “ what will it do?” I asked looking at him in the eyes feeling the shock run threw me. Louis smile and kisses my cheek" It makes your sense of touch very sensitive.“

He sings softly to himself, smiling and making the world seem like a better place just by the light in his eyes; in which I mean how red they are.
“Jesus”, I say dropping my things on his couch, “ wanna open a window or light a candle?” He laughs from the kitchen. “I like the smell it gets me high without doing anything.”
Weed is Liam thing, drinking and weed. He never did anything that could effect his brain to a serious injury he needs it to write. His thick journal sits on the coffee table and he sits snugged with a bag of chips on his lap. I smile and take the joint from his fingers and sit next to him smelling his own sent.
“ show me what you wrote, snoop.”

Niall- Adderall:
His hands are fidgeting and his eyes are searching the room. We’re waiting to hear some new ideas about his album, since Niall made it clear that he wants the entire album under his own control, he is supposed to have 6 songs done by the weekend.
“Niall are you feeling alright?” One women asked putting her hand on his wrist. He smiles warmly and nods. “Just to much coffee, I guess” he responds awkwardly. “Anyways here are 5 songs.” He slides the notebook to me and I raise an eyebrow.
“We agreed on 6.” I say simply. His eyes rolled.
“ I did what I could without writing the same shit over.” He says annoyed, “how can I write with you all calling me asking how the writing coming? I didn’t sleep all weekend!”
“ I can tell.” I tell him coldly. “ I’ve dealt with people with drug addiction and I really hope you get it figured out, Niall.” I tell him clenching my jaw. His hands and even more fidgety and he stands up almost knocking mugs over on the table.
“ I do NOT have an drug addiction.” He says boiling, giving me the hardest look I’ve gotten before. “I just needed to stay awake.” He says for walking out.

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I don't know how much of this kind of thing you do, but could I have some advice on drawing people or coloring things digitally? I've been having a really hard time with both of these things recently and you're really good at both of those thing and I really love you're style. C:

Thank you! I can try my best to give some advice; “coloring digitally” is a broad subject and so I don’t expect to be able to cover everything you’re looking for, nor can I talk about every aspect of my coloring in this format, but I can give some tips.

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A new blog based on posting only pictures, videos and gif sets with NCT’s natural skin colours in them (: 

I’ve seen a few blogs from different group fandoms that edit the whitewashed pictures but I’ll only be posting of the following:

  • What the idol has posted;
    - In addition, that being if their selca has no filters to make their skin look lighter, It is upsetting to see an idol (or anyone!) use a filter to lighten their skin. You are unique and beautiful, be proud of your skin! <3
  • Pictures that have natural tone in them from fan sites/pages;
    - I know quite a lot of fan sites/pages (practically almost all of them) do whitewashing but I’ll only be using pictures that are before they’re edited by the owners and the ones that include pictures actually remotely close to the NCT Member’s skin tone. 
  • Videos in which they look completely natural to the NCT member’s skin tone; 
    - Obviously skin can look lighter in film (not just because of lighting) but effects too, so I’ll be hunting for fan-cams, stages, videos and any work they did that on video and I’ll upload that
    - Again, I’ll ask the owner of the video can I use it.
  • Gif Sets (Made by myself)
    - Gifs that also show their natural beauty, of course to make gifs they’re gonna have to come from videos!
    - I dont want to steal anyone else’s work or what they put time and effort into doing so I’ll be making my own gif sets 
  • Appreciation Posts (!)
    - Other accounts appreciating and praising a member/the members for how they look and how talented they are, because as much as it’s about appreciating NCTs beauty here its also their talent <3

If anyone has any good sources (such as fan sites/pages, video links, photos and etc) you can submit it all and I’ll credit both you and the source it come from <3

Hope you like the future blog content (: !!

psydemonstone  asked:

How did you get the starfield effect on DDG?!

you can choose to upload your own images to use as the effect. i googled starfields and nebulas for images, particularly stuff from nasa. my experience with it is that you want stuff that isn’t uniform and which has quite a bit of mixed colors.

These are three I used that I feel generated the best results. Also it might be worth trying the light dream effect but I started with deep dream and just stuck to that.

Nyx-ify all the things!


holy balls i don’t do any audio work for months and then suddenly spend 2 hours on this

anyway, this is a reading of modmad’s sad light entertainment strip, because i apparently hate myself and everyone around me.

sorry about the samey voices, i’m not good at messing with my own voice so i mess with filters instead.

sound effects: freesound.org
music: fucksia - rien

EDIT: fixed minor ordering error

EDIT EDIT: oh fuck i forgot to put this earlier but magnus is 0chromat’s creation and i am sorry for mixing this before going and seeing what they did for his voice because it’s so off orz

sandygast  asked:

A silly question, but what engine do you use? How did you achieve that lighting effect?

I built my own engine upon the Monogame framework (formally XNA, but I’ve since ported over). The lighting is fairly simple:

First I draw all Lights additively on the screen on a black background to a RenderTarget as gradated white circles that are tinted to the color of the light.

Then I convert the RGB to HSV and posterize just the value to have the tiered darkness effect, while still maintaining smooth color blending. Finally I do some Tonemapping (you have to use HDR) which unfortunately washes out the colors, but ensures that colors adding up beyond (255,255,255) are actually displayed correctly (this is a bit too lengthy to fully explain here).

Finally I draw this texture over the game using multiply blend mode.

That’s it! It might be a bit overwhelming at first, but once you learn shader basics, some terminology, and google some stuff it’s really pretty simple. @sstrandberg helped me out a bunch with it.


Not a lot to show again for this week Ó<Ò

All of my energy and resources were poured into getting the fan comic done which will begin updating on March 3rd!!

But I did take some time to work on some outfit designs for Ahsoka post time-skip in the Contrasts timeline (she’s gonna look so cool ;<; (and sans-boobwiNDOW Ò<Ó)). Also I used those two as subjects for some lighting and colour practice (all painted on one layer without any effects!! *toots my own horn*).