i did my make up and i have nowhere to go

One of my best friends was meeting with a guy from tinder. They were going to go to a movie and then hangout and have some drinks back at her place. Her date asked if we could make it a double date; naturally she asked if I would go with them. And of course I agreed to take one for the team. We show up to the movie and they were nowhere to be found, turns out they were ASLEEP and showed up 20 minutes into the movie. During the credits my date didn’t even look over and introduce himself until half way through. My friend’s date talked to me more than he did so I got the vibe he wasn’t interested in getting to know me at all, which was fine. We get to my friends house and start taking shots, so he opens up a little and I can tell I really like him. My friend and I go to the bathroom and she gives me a pep talk about how I need to make the first move. My drunk ass left that bathroom, marched my little ass over to him, sat in his lap and and planted a big fat kiss on him. We made out for a long time and then I realized I got too drunk. I started vomiting. You know what he did? He held my hair back for me. I decided I wanted to go to bed in the spare room. He set up on the couch because I didn’t ask him to come with me initially. When we woke up he scratched my back and asked for my number. My friend and her date don’t talk anymore more but my date wants to be my boyfriend. What I thought would be a long awkward night ended up being a possible beginning to something really great.

things that will forever make me bitter: 

  • mickey said i love you in a voicemail to ian while ian was cheating on him lmao and the voicemail was never brought up again
  • two out of the five kisses between ian and mickey had them both covered in blood, one had mickey shot afterwards, one (two technically I suppose) didn’t even air and was a dream sequence. so they had one happy, not violent kiss. in five seasons of being together. nice. 
  • mickey and mandy both confessed their love to a g*allagher only to have that love mocked back at them. in their 5 seasons on the show, no one told these abused teenagers that they were loved. awful. 
  • mickey had to hear his homophobic father call gay people all kinds of slurs his entire life. mickey then came out because ian forced him to lmao and ian then a season later called him these same slurs because mickey?? god forbid?? gave a shit about ian??
  • the fact that ian had to be paid money to go see mickey in prison when mickey was in there because he was trying to get back at sami for putting ian in military prison 
  • no one caring mickey was being shot at even though the gallaghers had treated mickey like family the entire season lmao imagine how that made mickey feel wow i’m so mad
  • mickey got prison for eight years for a crime that there wasn’t any evidence for while g*llaghers do insanely illegal shit including murder and get away with it. 
  • that awful scene in 6x01. i can’t even talk about it tbh. 
  • the fact that the writers were so bitter about mickey and his popularity that they used any opportunity possible in season 6 episodes and on fucking twitter to try to ruin his character in the minds of viewers. 

The thing that really gets me tho is that no one would even expect Magnus to state his consent verbally and clearly had the writers not gone that road themselves in the first place. They could have just gone with the classic trope where you have your couple making out a little more intensely than usual with further falling on the bed implying that they are gonna in fact have sex and it never really makes anyone uncomfortable because in that scenario you always have both partners show obvious enthusiasm.

But that wasn’t what they did. I was going into this episode expecting Malec’s storyline to be all about consent because we knew for a fact Magnus was going to stop Alec. I was expecting this plotline to continue throughout the whole episode but what we got was just an abruptly ended 2-minute scene. They made Magnus open up to Alec and talk about his emotions and his worries which was incredibly important but then, just out of nowhere, they made Alec dismiss all of Magnus’s concerns which felt ooc and unnatural. I was expecting Alec to ask Magnus more about how he was feeling exactly and I was expecting to at least have Magnus say something like “yes I want this too”.

But the way that scene ended implied that Alec being ready was the only thing necessary for this to be okay to happen when it was actually Magnus who was the one showing vulnerability in this situation. This just makes no sense even from the storytelling point of view. Why make Magnus say “you’re not the only one who feels vulnerable” and then completely dismiss his feelings literally 3 seconds later? Why start this whole thing if they never planned to finish it? The creators of the show were the ones who opened up this conversation in the first place but didn’t let it come to any kind of closure or conclusion.

Chapter 70 thoughts 2.0

Because I’m strategically ignoring the two papers I have due tomorrow and there’s some stuff I forgot to mention in my post yesterday since that stupid chapter wrecked me beyond repair

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Did Furuta come out of nowhere?

So I decided to write this since there’s has been a lot of talk in regards to Furuta’s character and whether or not he’s unfairly involved with everything without proper explanation. In other words many have wonder if Furuta literally popped up randomly in one chapter and has been this major character without any explanation what so ever. So I decided to answer that question for you.

For starters. Let’s make a little roster containing all of his confirmed connections.

  • CCG
  • Washuu Clan
  • V
  • Sunlit garden
  • Clowns
  • Aogiri
  • Kanou
  • Ghoul Resturant

Okay now we can get started. Under the cut because it’s going to get pretty long

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1. where is your cell phone? to my left
2. your hair? a little bit below my chin — tbh i need another haircut soon
3. your mom? the Best
4. your other half? fictional, probably
5. your favorite food? unhealthy chinese takeout rip
6. your dream last night? i never remember my dreams rip 
7. your favorite drink? milk tea or coffee
8. fear? failure
9. your home away from home? nowhere tbh
10. where were you last night? home, asleep
11. something that you aren’t? confident
12. muffins? chocolate chip!
13. wish list items? lotsa books & stationery lol 
14. where you grew up? new york, the city
15. last thing you did? eat dinner
16. what are you wearing right now? b&w pajamas 
17. your tv? i never use
18. your pets? not yet :(
19. friends? u know that post where it’s like: no friends — minimalism 
20. your life? a goddamn Mess™
21. missing someone? same, let’s not go there 

I remember when you first held me and called me your son, you said that I’d grow up to be many things, but I would never be you

I could never be you

I remember when you held my hands and walked me to the park, you said son, one day you’ll write about this day and tell the world about simple things, you’ll make the simple look complex and that’s why they’ll love you

but you couldn’t love me, could you

I remember when you saw me taking my first pill and said, this shit is killing you, what are you doing? Why are you harming yourself, my son? Why did you turn out like this? I’ve been here for you my whole life, where did I go wrong?

Hell, I wouldn’t know the difference between you and my shadows, always hidden away somewhere dark and close to nowhere, if I shined a tiny light, you’d disperse into nothingness, I guess you have a lot in common with shadows and demons

I remember when you met my first girlfriend, you said she looks like your mother, you sure know how to pick them, she’s beautiful

my mother is beautiful without your comment

I remember when you saw me smoke my first blunt, where have the time gone, how fast have I grown, my mistakes pacing with my breaths, I’m a dying species waiting for extinction, I’m the message you never got to send and I’m bending these trees to see the age, but between every page I find nothing

the only conversation we ever held was silence

I remember that we share no memories
I remember that none of this ever happened

I remember the bad because that’s all you left
I remember this fiction because the nonfiction was something I had to explain

That’s the beauty of being a writer

Is there really a difference between truth and lies?

If I coat a sentence with enough honey, darling, I’d rot your teeth before you get another chance to smile

If I lace a poem with enough poison,
do you think I’d die from reading it?

—  9:11 pm

i’ve got a genius and totally serious plan if once the real stone bill statue is found

step 1: move to it’s location (which’ll probably be in the middle of Fucking Nowhere, Oregon but hey; can’t make a perpetually screaming omelette without making a deal with a demon to obtain and break a few eggs of agony)

step 2: build a shoddy shack near it, we’re talking real-low maintenance and real-lower cost here. the only kind of effort and money would go into the “Mystery Shack” signs and Grunkle Stan’s “Mr. Mystery” getup

step 3: bring every single thing in my house, no matter how useless and neglected for years, with me and start making the shit into BS “oddities” with half-assed lore that i’d probably come up with at 3 in the morning before unveiling

step 4: open it up to the public and have people actually pay to enter this shitty fuckin shack in the middle of the woods because they don’t want to listen to the voice of reason screeching “THIS IS A BAD IDEA” from their wallets

step 6: if everyone ever questions the shitty atmosphere and awful exhibits i can always justify it by saying “that’s what it was like in the show”

Step 7: make a profit off of people who traveled into some nearly-empty forest to see a stone statue because their love for a children’s show overpowers their common sense, and get to be a total dick to strangers in the process because “it’s a part of the act”

bonus step: hire a fat man and make him wear a ball cap and question mark t-shirt, and hire a redhead tomboy who’d probably know more than me about the forest i’d set up shop in… and then kidnap two preteen relatives of mine every summer and make them investigate staged mysteries around the shack

bonus bonus step: if i can get rich off of this, invest in making a huge basement and filling it with replicas of Ford’s technology. then i’ll have a faithful recreation of the portal to bill’s dimension built… and then i’ll bLOW IT THE FUCK UP WITH A TON OF DYNAMITE BECAUSE THAT’D BE AWESOME TO SEE the ruins of the portal would truly complete a Post-Weirdmageddon Mystery Shack


So, I did this random compilation of Fiddleford’s I’ve drawn from the very beginning to– well, right now, out of nowhere (hence the drawing below the cringe-worthy compilation yes flkglk;fh), and I’m actually really surprised how much my way of drawing him has improved since my first go? Like, when I first drew him on April 12th, I legitimately couldn’t get it out of my head that it was 1000000% accurate to how he looked in the show, and since then I haven’t looked back or thought about how much he’s probably changed since my first try; until now, anyways. I dunno. Seeing it all bunched together here kinda makes me cringe a lot because some of them the majority of them look like they spawned straight from Hell, but at the same time, it also makes me weirdly proud, too, because it’s like, “Wow! Look how far I’ve come!”

Point of the matter here is that I guess sometimes you wind up improving without even realizing it, no matter how gradual the improvement is and this was all in the span of MONTHS rather than days, so that’s saying a LOT. And evidently if you draw your favorite character enough, your bound to start pouring more and more of your love and nurturing into them in order to ensure that you get better at drawing them, but that’s probably just me ha.

Anyways! That’s my random literally-nobody-asked-for-this-but-everyone’s-getting-it-anyways compilation of my improvement over the past few months in drawing Fiddleford! I’ve been DYING to draw recovery!Fiddleford for decades, and I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to do EXACTLY that, so I’m really, really happy I could actually include that in with everything else

We can’t make it work. Not then. Not now. Not ever.

You set this up the way you wanted it. I adjusted.

WE went back and forth, round and round in circles that led nowhere. No commitment. No consequences. Coming and going and coming, you declared immunity at your leisure. I did as I pleased, we both did. I was never the one to leave. Time and time again, you sent me off, with one boot up my ass, a theme song on rotation and lyrics I will always know by heart playing over credits.

That hurt.

We had no place in each other’s day-to-day lives. We could have, once, but as the years passed our lives became complicated. Our planets and islands expanded. In any case of collision, I was as stranger to yours as you were to mine.

In our country, population two, you were witness to my darkest hours. You don’t know me and yet you are the only one who knows the parts I keep hidden. The parts I’m least proud of, I know you think they define me.

I can’t fathom the actions that warranted such accusations to my character, manipulative, disingenuous, pretending to be naïve, butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth, on and on. I never had the strength to personify the one-dimensional villain you think I am, never around you.

In spite of what you think, I fell in love with you. Like standing on the top of a very tall building, looking down at the safety net below. You’d never really want me and you’d never really have me. I trusted that.

Years pass, the flash of a moment and I see your reveal, the person I always knew you were, scared, vulnerable and soft inside, the beautiful man. I hear the hurt in your voice and all I want to do is fix it, take everything back. I wanted to treat you like I loved you and I did and you did and it was beautiful. You had me. You couldn’t have had me any more.

So you and your Trojan horse wait till the moment I’m bursting with love to interrogate me? To see just how stupid my heart was? “Was” is just about the right word.

why can’t some people understand that men and women can have super meaningful relationships that are not romantic

why play down relationships like these bc they don’t end up together

ichigo and rukia are still important to each other and what makes it so awesome is that they don’t need romance to be important to each other. they don’t need that and that makes them truly unique

i feel sorry for ir fans i really do but come to think of it i can understand kubos saying of more than friends and less than lovers

he wanted to create an unique relationship between a man and woman that wasn’t going to become just another romance

he said this years ago. this didn’t come out of nowhere. I understood it then.

i’m tagging this anti but someone will probably harass me not like that will change my opinion on this.

he really did a good job with ichigo and rukia

he got his point across

So 2015 was definitely a defining year for me. It started out with nowhere near the recall at worlds and I was devastated. I had worked so hard for this and I felt I got nothing in return. 2014 was such a rough year for me and I wanted to make 2015 so much better but at that point nothing had changed. To say I was frustrated was an understatement. After a nice week off and some time to reflect, I decided that I wasn’t giving up and I was going to work harder than ever for nationals. I went in with a great mindset and I danced three great rounds and ended up 14th and qualifying for worlds, something I had never done at nationals! I was thrilled but I wanted to make oireachtas even better. I wanted to make sure I put in even more work than I did for nationals. I have never worked harder for something in my life, and it truly paid off. I finished 4th, finally getting to stand on that podium. It was definitely the highlight of my year. 2015 had its ups and downs but I learned a lot about hard work and that it eventually pays off if you keep trying. Here’s to 2016.

so this is a thought in my head i’ve had for a while. it’s sort of messy and i don’t really have a solution. but wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to read up on the characters in the game?  

if you go to the wizard101 central wiki, there’s great info on boss cheats, pet talents, just general gameplay, but if you want to learn about the npcs themselves, there’s really nowhere to go. 

the original wizard101 wiki was on the right track with character description, but it was more or less abandoned when w101 central set up theirs.

this is what you get when you look up greyrose on both wikis.

wizard101 central wiki’s description of greyrose:

original wiki’s description of greyrose;

there’s hardly anything about her on either site, and i know we know more about this character than a few basic sentences.

now take a look at hermione granger’s page on the harry potter wiki:

this is extensive, detailed, it has basic information, as well as background, relationships with other characters, special abilities and so much more! something more like this would be great. and yes, i know there are many wizard101 npcs we hardly know about and their pages wouldn’t stretch nearly as far as a book characters’, but i’d love to read more than just 2 sentences, wouldn’t you?

i love learning about characters and i know other people do too, and to many players wizard101 is more than just about fighting monsters. a lot of people love to immerse themselves in the story and the characters that come with it. and since people tend to forget quests they did years ago, it would be nice to have something to refresh what we learned about our favorite npcs. i think it would make people feel more connected with the game.

i was thinking of the possibility of revamping the old wiki, but it’s been years since it was last seriously updated… so i’m not exactly sure where i intended to go with this. idk, maybe this is just supposed to be a long rant and nothing else. but i would love to hear ideas if putting something this together is even worth doing.