i did my hair all fancy

Dear you-know-who-you-are,

today is one of those days i think of you. it’s hard to tell you why but i just do. today i forget about all the bad we’ve been through and reminisce about all the good. today i miss you. i miss how you made me laugh and feel some type of way. did you know you were the only one who loved me for me? you cared for me in the purest way. i never needed make-up, hair extensions or fancy clothes. there was no point in all of that. all you had eyes for was my soul. today i think of that because it was beautiful. but sometimes beauty requires an ugly price to pay. yet today i close my eyes to the ugly. only today.

I am an artist.

I have always been an artist. I had a childhood of vivid colors and half formed images, the passion was there but the skill wasn’t. It took years to create something beautiful, something different. But like most artists I burned out over time.

Coming to Elsewhere University inspired my passions once more. I spent hours sketching and painting and sketching again. My creations have always been my children, but now they had more life in them than I ever imagined.

My children were beautiful and terrible, too many teeth and cloaks spun of star shine. Elegant bodies that flowed like water with wicked smiles that promised everything and nothing. All of them different and all of them the same.

I was their mother but they did not call me so, I allowed them to call me father. Not mother. Never mother. It was too close to a true name.

I did not name them, they all chose their own names. I held them all only once, in that moment of creation when their steps were still unsure. I love them with the same devotion as any mother, and they love me in their own way.

Sometimes they visit, bringing me whatever they think will catch my fancy. In return I will gift them with one of my hairs or a soft kiss, the gift of a mother’s love. Sometimes I will even remove my iron to hold them again, but only after a promise of my safety is made.

I’m aware of the attention my children bring me, from both my classmates and The Gentry, but I can’t stop. I can’t and I won’t.

I’m an artist.


I wanted to go to college for astronomy. No colleges in my area did astro majors so I found myself in an astrophysics program, despite not being so great at the physics part. Fast forward a year. A friend told me one of the profs in the department was looking for researchers, I’m poor and want a pretty resume. Within 45 minutes of hearing about this job, I had been interviewed (while having green hair and sweatpants and no less than 5 piercings on me), I had gotten the job, and the keys to the basement labs. I get invited now to all the fancy seminars. I meet people from around the world and make connections (and may have accidentally mouthed off to one of the fancy boys from JINA-CEE but I didn’t know it was him at the time I swear he was just an awkward bump on a log how was I supposed to know ((he was impressed at my ballsy-ness so it all worked out))). My research job is the hot-topic cutting-edge Thing of The Month and so I get to meet fancy boys from science clubs a lot which helps my recognition. One of the profs is a fan of the research I’m doing and offers to put me under the wing of his former advisor, Mr. Bump On A Log from JINA. I have been sucked into the rabbit hole of nuclear astrophysics despite most of what I’ve been doing is Networking and not hardcore research because fucking hell I’ve got classes too you know this was supposed to be a summer job I just started early because I needed gas money.

I have managed to get myself a Respectable For My Age reputation.

All either on accident or by sheer bullshit luck.

I just wanted to look at the stars.

Lilo and Stitch - sentence starters
  • 1. "Stupid-head."
  • 2. "Do we have a lobster door? No. We have a dog door. We are getting a dog."
  • 3. "Want to listen to the King? You look like an Elvis fan."
  • 4. "Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind, or forgotten."
  • 5. "We're a broken family, aren't we?"
  • 6. "I'm the one they call when things go wrong. And things have indeed gone... wrong."
  • 7. "I was afraid you were going to say that. This won't be easy to explain back at headquarters."
  • 8. "You smell like a lawnmower."
  • 9. "Does this look infected to you?"
  • 10. "Aloha!"
  • 11. "You know, you wreck everything you touch. Why not try creating something for a change?"
  • 12. "Oh, good! My dog found the chainsaw!"
  • 13. "I'm sorry I bit you... and pulled your hair... and punched you in the face..."
  • 14. "You were built to destroy. You can never belong."
  • 15. "Our family is little now, and we don't have many toys, but if you want you can be a part of it."
  • 16. "I'll tell you what. If you promise not to fight anymore, I'll promise not to yell at you, except on special occasions."
  • 17. "It's nice to live on an island with no large cities."
  • 18. "WHAT? After everything you put me through, you expect me to help you just like that? JUST LIKE THAT?"
  • 19. "Oh, good! I was hoping to add theft, endangerment, and insanity to my list of things I did today!"
  • 20. "I prefer to be called 'evil genius'."
  • 21. "Stop! I have just determined this situation to be far too hazardous!"
  • 22. "One of them had a giant eye in the middle of his face."
  • 23. "We are fired. Now we do it my way!"
  • 24. "My camera's full again!"
  • 25. "Don't worry, she likes your butt and fancy hair."
  • 26. "No more caffeine for you."
  • 27. "Don't leave me, okay?"
  • 28. "This is my family. I found it, all on my own."
  • 29. "Why are you all wet?"
  • 30. "Did you catch fire again?"
  • 31. "You better not have rabies."
  • 32. "Bring... him/her... back."
  • 33. "Heard you lost your job."
  • 34. "I think it might be a koala... an evil koala."
  • 35. "You are such a pain!"
  • 36. "A shooting star! I call it! Get out, get out! I have to make a wish!"
  • 37. "We need something that can defend itself. Something that won't die. Something... sturdy... you know?"
  • 38. "If you wanna leave, you can. I'll remember you, though. I remember everyone who leaves."
  • 39. "You're crazy."
  • 40. "Did you ever kill anyone?"
  • 41. "That's okay. You can just date me and we'll call it even."
  • 42. "So you're from outer space? I hear the surfing's choice."

That episode when Jay unlocked his True Potential!! 👌🐍⚡️

Our Story- Auston Matthews (By Anon)

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Alright y’all so I had this story submitted to me and it’s adorable and so I’m posting this anon (because they prefer it that way) so you guys should be getting FOUR updates today! (I’m counting this as one!) Without further ado…. Surprise Auston Matthews!

Warning: steamy (no descriptions promise), a couple of cusses


As we were driving there, I admitted to being nervous about what the ACC would look like, where we would sit, and if I would even enjoy the game. Nonetheless, I was happy to be there and held on to the fact that it meant a lot to my dad, which meant a lot to me.

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SO, I’ll just get to it and tell you about my experience seeing BTS Wings in Newark. Luna and I went together so when I say “we” that’s who i’m referring to.
We got to the line at 9 am and it was already wrapped around to the other side of the building. The day started out cold but it got even colder to the point that the rain that started to fall became snow momentarily. There was also a St. Patrick’s Day Parade happening for some of the waiting. We all had to wait in line until about 1 pm for the Prudential Employees to hand out numbered wrist bands, that way we could leave the line and come back later and have the same spot. I was #819 in line. There was a really nice Japanese fansite girl who spoke Korean and a little English behind us. She said she flew from Japan. JAPAN! dedication man… anyways she gave our little line group a pack of really awesome Jungkook photocards she had taken. Her fansite is 하트트리‏ @HEARTTREE_JK on Twitter. Here the cute Photocards (Just the JK ones, Luna got me the Yoongi ones and I don’t know who made those)

After we got our wristbands we finally went to the bathroom and ate lunch and stood in line for that photo booth that has the video of your bias. After standing in line, you go up to a table with two girls and they check to see if you filled out the survey before they let you pick a ball blindly from a box. If you pick an orange ball you get a photocard and a personal photo with your bias. If you get a white ball, you just get the photocard. I happened to get an orange ball :D !
When you get the orange ball you wait in line again and they direct you to one of the photo booths where you enter and they close the curtain. You choose which member you want on a touch screen and then a countdown begins. So obviously I chose yoongi. He entered from the right speaking korean so I couldn’t fucking understand but I mean he was cute I think he was just telling me to do the poses he was doing or something, I hope someone took video of it and translated it anyways. He was too cute. I chose the V pose picture, you had the option of choosing which of the two photos you liked the most. I’ll show you his part of the photo because I look atrocious. 

Yeah, he cute.

One of the girls who went in after me absolutely freaked out and was screaming and laughing like crazy, I wonder who her bias was… I bet it was Jimin….
 All the staff for the photo booth were laughing with the rest of us. It was cute.
After that, we wanted to get some merch but the line was freaking HUGE and they were running out quick so instead we asked a couple girls at the front to buy what we wanted in exchange for some extra cash.

Then we went back to the hotel to warm up and change and headed back to the line a little later. They started letting us in through security check around 5:30 I think. It took an hour for us to get to the security check. 

Here is where I want to point out the extraordinary amount of trash and debris that was strewn all over the ground, increasing as we got closer to the doors. No doubt left behind by the people that camped out overnight or early in the morning. There was blankets, trash, makeup, and food spilled everywhere and i was highly disappointed and embarrassed by our fandom. There were trashcans and trash bags everywhere that they could have used so there was ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE FOR THAT MESS. And even though some of us tried to clean up there was just TOO MUCH. And the line kept moving toward security check. I hope BTS didn’t see it :( . 

Once we passed security we flat out ran to the pit to try and get as close as possible. We got pretty darn close, maybe 15 rows of bodies?
There were two screens on either side of the stage playing BTS’S mvs in chronological order of their release. We all sang along and watched while we waited until 8 pm. The energy increased as we got closer to showtime.
I can’t exactly remember but I think the show started directly after BS&T MV ended. Immediately as the lights dimmed we were forcefully shoved and pushed closer as a video reel began playing. I will break that up in two or more videos and post on tumblr soon so you can watch.
The pushing and shoving was absolutely REDICULOUS. Not to sound like the old person in the room but OMG. There were people falling and fainting and I literally was holding the people in front of me so we both didn’t fall. Do not get pit tickets if you needs space or are clostrophobic. 

Your body is pressed against strangers harder than it’s ever been, I mean I got to third base with everybody around me.

Every time a member moved across the stage, the crowd would shove that way, I ASSUME so they could follow with their phones. Wtf, just turn your phone, NOT YOUR FUCKING BODY YOU ANIMALS. Anyways. It got bad enough that the security was repeatedly telling us to back up and a move so they could help people who had fainted and fallen and almost NO ONE was listening. EVEN BTS AND NAMJOON HAD TO STOP AFTER THEIR SONG AND TELL US TO STOP AND BACK UP AND CALM DOWN I MEAN COME THE FUCK ON PEOPLE. I’m embarrassed for American ARMY.

So I’m not gonna go through the song order because I could never even begin to try and remember that. Especially since I couldn’t see half of it. 😡
But I will describe as much as I can.
Omg where do I start.
The most memorable thing for me was HOBI surprisingly because he’s not even on my bias list, he’s like that best friend that I would never be attracted to but OMG he was so flirty and sweet and cute and I could tell he was enjoying himself the most. All those smile and cheeky grins.
“I’m your hope…… you’re MY hope….. I’m Jhope!!!”
Omg I love him so much. He did something to me that night. I wanna squeeze him and hug him till he pops.

FUCKING JIMIN WAS RUDE AS ALWAYS. he bent down and interacted with the front rows the most, with that stupid sexy grin and face and aaaaaaahhhh!!!! He killed.
Kookie was the one who bent down and interacted the most after Jimin with that cute smile and bright doe eyes I can’t even begin to describe how much I love him.
Tae was being cheeky and cute the whole time as expected. He did that tongue bite and smile and I can’t believe I fucking saw that 15 feet away from my face I’M DEAD. he also had that rude, intense glare a lot too, but let’s not talk about that AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ha.
I didn’t see much of Nams or Yoongi unfortunately but every time I saw Nams he was amazing. His dimples. Ugh. During cypher he did that dorky but adorable jumping he does, you know what I’m talking about. At some point I was in the middle and so was he and he was turned to the side and I’m just gonna say that I had a clear and up close view of that crotch AHHHH FUCKKKKKKK. he also smiled and laughed a couple times like a cutie.
I barely saw Jin. I’m sorry for you Jin stans reading this but he killed his solo song. He did beautifully and we all sang with him. UGH, MY HEART.

 SO. Kookie’s solo. That fancy footwork, I mean damn. He killed it. And not to mention he was wearing a white satin shirt that was immediately soaked in sweat and sticking to his chest YAS! Literally during the second or third song, he did a turn in the choreography, I don’t remember what song it was sorry but as he turned I could literally see the sweat fly off the ends of his hair. Sadly, it did not hit me in the face. I saw his beautiful hands and his mouth moving as he sang, ugh. I will never not appreciate every moment.

 Namjoons solo was chill and deep as fuck. He told us to
“feel the flow and rhythem”
and let his hand just dance in the air as he rapped/sang with closed eyes and it was so beautiful and I did. I felt the music. When it came to his “I wish I could love myself” we all shouted “WE LOVE YOU” after each time. I hope he really knows how much we meant it. 😢

 Yoongi’s solo was also chill and heavy. His song always makes me too emotional to the point that I barely listen to it. I cant, it’s just too much. As expected he rapped so passionately and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. There were live instrumental and I was so excited for that. It was beautiful BUT they didn’t play the end of his song the same, so that drawn out violin/cello wasn’t there, I was kind of disappointed because that’s my favorite part. But it was still amazing.

 Jimin’s solo. I mean. Yes. So. Fucking. Good. I. Cant. Even. Begin. To. Explain. The lighting was on point. He was on point. The dancing was flawless, the blindfold part was so fucking good, he is amazing. It was sexy and powerful and just right. Jimin stans, how are you still

 Taehyung’s solo was so great, he hit that high note from what I could hear, which some people said he didn’t do in the previous concert. I’m not sure if that’s true though. At some point he was wearing a silver choker and… omg. Like, hah, like, I’m so speechless. I’m sorry but Taehyung is so gorgeous, he really is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen and I can’t understand it yet. His voice was smooth and soulful and So Fucking Good.

 Jhopes solo was amazing, the dancing was on point as always and during the middle there was a breakdown way different from just the original song, I wish I had taken more videos. I’m sure you can find it. Watch it. We all sang with him especially the end chorus of “hey mama!”, you know. He just did do amazing, he was so memorable, omg and gorgeous. I’ll say that Hoseok looks the best in person compared to photos or videos. Some people just look better in person and he’s one of those people. His hair for this concert was perfect for him, the color, the parted and flippy style. Mm, so good.

As I said, Jin did so amazing on his solo, he hit all the notes and he wasn’t shaky or messed up from what I could hear and remember. He was just chilled up on stage and singing out his heart with us. I managed to get a little bit of video with him at center stage and he was dancing with an ARMY bomb as always lmao I love him ahhh.

I only noticed one mistake the whole concert. At one point, kookie went to move from his position and he needed to cross to the other side of the stage as Namjoon was coming up the middle, they bumped into each other slightly but it was so small and they carried on so smoothly it was barely anything but it made me smile for some reason. Also, Jimin was just slightly off key at like ONE point but I mean, they’re singing and dancing live. I expect that. The others might have had a moment or two but I just can’t recall if they did.

I want to talk about their backup dancers for a second. Not only did they do amazing, they were so fucking adorable! Some of them were really interacting with the fans and it made me laugh so much. They would look at us, laugh, smile, and I could tell they were just really loving it. I assume they all want to either be dancers or performers/musicians like BTS and I could see the joy in their face at being on the stage and seeing the crowds reactions and energy. They really enjoyed themselves and I hope they can one day get a stage for themselves if that’s what they desire. Ah, they were so cute. 😁

 Towards the end, Namjoon kept saying “this is the last song” and we were all like lol nah, we know you’re coming back out lol. And they did haha. We had the rainbow ocean and Namjoon said “it doesnt matter what color you are, pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, we love you” or something very similar. He was so amazing THEY WERE ALL AMAZING. I wish I had taken videos and pics but tbh, I wanted to just try and really enjoy the concert in person and focus on them with my eyes. Also there were so many people recording, there was no real point for me to do so as well. And the crowd was so pushy I was afraid of dropping my phone and it being destroyed. Knowing me, I would’ve dropped it.

 At the end, they were walking around and waving and sending hearts and such. People were throwing gifts on the stage, I noticed Kookie took a tiny iron man plushie and I thought it was so cute.
I can’t remember what they said at each brake but I really tried to get Yoongi’s attention. He was really focused on the whole crowd though. There was ONE point where he might have seen my, what do u call it, like his face on a stick thing, and he has this smirk like he was trying to not smile or laugh. I’ll show it below. 

The experience was amazing and next time I got to their concert I will be sure to camp out the night before because if I’m gonna buy pit tickets, I WILL be at the damn front next time! I won’t be satisfied until I am. I only buy BTS concert tickets for this reason, so I can save and get the expensive front rows. Also, P2 area standing is better than P1 because they interact more with us and we face them, so don’t bother with P1, I know a lot of people wanted those for like sound check or something. I forgot to say that at one pint I could see the back of Hobis, tan, sweaty, thick neck and all I could think was “Das a nice neck…" because it is, it really is a beautiful neck, I must say. 

And then we left the venue and my body was failing because I stood literally from 9 am to like 11 pm. It was worth every moment, even when it got bone cuttingly cold and started to snow and rain. WORTH IT. BTS is worth everything I have to give and I can’t wait to attend another amazing concert. Next time I’m taking a selfie stick or something and filming it all on my phone. 

SOOO, I want to also include that the next day, Luna and I went to Korea Town in New York and it was awesome. UGh, they had a Tony Moly and The Face Shop and so many restaurants. We at at Mukeunji and it was delicious. 
We popped into Nature Republic to buy some things, and the lady asked Luna if she liked EXO. She answered that she liked BTS and the lady SAID THEY WERE JUST THERE ON FRIDAY EATING LUNCH!!!!
BOI!!!! I swear to god, we both felt like dying, but i mean, we were waiting in line for their freaking concert so what are ya gonna do??! (JUST DIE, thats what im gonna do) those sneaky, clever boys….

(lmao i make myself laugh way to much)

So yeah, that was the concert and I probably didn’t properly describe it. I’m sorry for not having any videos or pics of the concert but I know you can find so many from other people. 

Here’s some other things I bought. Spoiler, its all basically Yoongi.

OMG hes so cute, they’re all so cute. My bedroom looks like a shrine….

Wreak Havoc PART 2 [Teen wolf x Reader]

Warnings: Sassy, sarcastic reader. Fighting. Killing. READER BEING REFFERED TO AS HAVOC. 

Words: 1643

Requested: Yeah. The request was simply “More Havoc”

Note: I felt bad for not writing anything new or doing requests so I decided to post this part two of Havoc that I didn’t like that much as the first part… Still hope you enjoy it

Part 1

Part 3

Part 4


Havoc was placed on a fancy chair at the end of the big room. She twirled a long curl of hair between her fingers and hummed thoughtfully.

“What on earth are you waiting for, you weirdo? You bring all of us here one by one and then just make us stand here awkwardly in silence.”

“I’m waiting for the audience.” Havoc just answered without looking up. Damon, the so called leader of the group of vampires, the one who had previously spoken, let out an annoyed sound.

“Why the hell do you need an audience? What is this all for?” he repeats with a louder, more annoyed voice.

“Listen here, fledgling- “ Havoc spoke standing up, and then patting the dust off her clothes.

“I’m not a fucking fledgling!” the vampire leader Damon spit out.

“To me you might as well be, kiddo. Look, you just stand there and look pretty and nothing bad is going to happen to you. For now.” Havoc uninterestedly began tying up her hair and when she was done she tilted her head and gave Damon a smile.

“You realize we can just leave, right?”

“Then why haven’t you done that yet? That’s right, I’ll gut all of you if you try.”

Damon sat down on a chair and ran his fingers through his hair. “Why do you need an audience?”

“Did you not hear me when I introduced myself? I like chaos. And look, here my dear audience is.“ Havoc held out her hands towards her guest. Peter, Derek, Stiles and Scott entered the room. They all looked very confused and Stiles seemed to be in awe. Probably because of the gigantic, old fashioned manor he had just entered.

“They’re yours” Havoc gestured towards the group of maybe 10 vampires and walked over to her fancy chair again where she sat down.

“We need you to leave town” Scott’s voice was steady and loud as he spoke to the vampires. Havoc considered him maybe to be a good alpha there for a few seconds.

“This is why we’ve been waiting?” Damon, also known as Count Asshole laughed. “No way. We like it here. Lots of food.”

“You mean people. Innocent people who do not deserve this.” Stiles spoke. He sounded just as annoyed as Damon had done when talking to Havoc earlier.

“Whatever, we still won’t leave. Why does it matter?”

Havoc thought things were getting boring, and realized that now was her time to shine so she stood up again and stretched out her arms.

“What about we have a small duel then. If you lose, you and your little fledglings take your stuff and leave town forever. If I lose you get to stay.” She proposed to Damon.

“And why on earth would I risk all this on something as silly as a duel?”

“Aw, little Vampire Boy is scared he’ll lose.”

“I am not scared of anything, especially not you.” He scowled back and then he ripped off his coat. “Let’s fucking see who’s the fledgling” he huffed and walked out so he was placed in the middle of the floor. Havoc smirked, loving duels, and walked out so she was standing just a few meters away from him.

“What if she loses?” Stiles muttered.

“She won’t lose.” Derek answered in a voice just a low.

“And if she does she’s probably going to kill him anyways.” Peter said with his eyes locked on the pair ready to duel.

Havoc and Damon stared at each other for a few seconds in silence, and then their faces started sinking in. Spots of their faces slowly turned greyish, and those spots grew until their whole skin was that same pale grey shade. Their faces looked sickly sunken in, and you could hear their bones crack as their bodies changed, with a dark smoke emitting from them as their feet left the ground. They floated in the air just a few inches from the ground. In sync they closed their eyes and when they opened them, Damon’s eyes were dark orange and almost glowing. Havoc’s on the other hand, turned a bright blood red and the whites on her eyes turned pitch black. The landed on the ground again and Havoc grinned, showing off rows of sharp and pointy teeth.

“Holy shit” Stiles gasped.

“Wait, she’s a vampire too?” Scott seemed taken aback by this sudden plot-twist.

Without a warning, Damon lounged himself forward, and tried to grab a hold of Havoc but she had already moved. She looked like she was enjoying herself way too much.

The moved around for minutes, Damon sometimes trying to attack his opponent but he didn’t manage to do it even once. When he began to look like he wanted to give up, Havoc made a quick movement and grasped her fingers around his neck. Their feet left the ground, and suddenly they were high up in the air, Damon trying to pry Havoc’s fingers away from his neck.

“I win.” She smirked, before letting go of him. He fell down to the ground, and stayed on his knees with his hands on his neck. Slowly she floated down again. She held out her hand, as if to help him up, but when he was up on his feet her hand flew forward, digging into his chest. Damon made a gurgling sound as her hand sunk deeper and deeper into his chest.

The audience, including the vampire fledglings, just stared at the scene not really knowing what to do. Havoc almost felt bad for a few seconds, but when she crushed Damon’s heart in her hand and the dark smoke left his chest she just opened her mouth, and let smoke fill her. All she could think about was how she would be stronger and wouldn’t have to feed as often. It had only affected her a little bit of course, but it was something.

“Now, I suggest the rest of you kids leave town as you’ve been told.” She called out to the rest of the vampires, almost like if nothing had happened. The vampires scattered out, all of them heading for the door.  Just seconds later there were only five people left in the room, and only one of them being a vampire.

“Stop looking at me like I kicked a puppy.” Havoc shook her head when Scott and Stiles just stood there gaping at her.

“Told you she’d kill him” Peter stated as a matter of fact.

“But why did you kill him?” Scott asked, trying to understand.

“Well he wasn’t particularly nice, was he?” Havoc looked absolutely unbothered and pulled the hair tie out of her hair, letting it fall over her shoulders.

“That is true, but also beside the point.” Stiles told her. She chuckled at him.

“I like you, Human Boy. Do you know what my favorite thing about humans is?” Havoc asked him. He looked very confused and turned his head to look at his friend who just shrugged.

“Their dogs.” She declared. Derek rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, uh, I’ll be leaving now. It was nice seeing you again Havoc.” He turned around and left the house without hesitating.

“Bye bye, lover boy” Havoc called after him. She turned to face Peter. “You’re uncharacteristically quiet. I want you to pay me. In blood. And a favor, of course. Finding all those vampires and getting them here wasn’t exactly easy, ya know?”

“In blood? What is that supposed to mean?!” Stiles made a few gestures with his hands.

“Look, I know you expected me to be some cool military dude or something, but I ended up being a chaotic vampire queen. All you got to do is give me some blood, I’m not that picky honestly as long as it’s not bagged blood from the hospital, and I’ll be on my way. Capish?” Havoc explained to the younger boys. Peter just stood there, leaning against the wall.

“You can have blood from me. I’ll heal anyways.” Scott hesitantly told her.

“You’re an alpha. I’d just get sick from drinking your blood.” Havoc rolled her eyes and looked over at Stiles, and then Peter.

“Don’t look at me, I was only the messenger. They’re the ones who needed your help” Peter said, sounding very defensive.

“Well then. Wrist or neck, what do ya prefer?” Havoc decided and looked over at Stiles. He took a step back.

“You know what, uh, I’m not very fond of blood so-” Stiles tried to slither his way out of the deal. 

“Don’t worry, love. It won’t hurt.” Havoc cut him off and strode over to him. Scott tried to get in the way, and opened his mouth almost as if he was going to try to negotiate but Havoc just moved her fingers over his face and like a puppet he moved to the side. She grabbed the boys arm and moved his shirt away, revealing his wrist. Without a warning she pushed her sharp teeth into his arm, letting the warm liquid fill her mouth. She gulped it down, feeling her hunger go down, before letting him go and wiping her mouth on her arm. All while Havoc was feasting, Stiles made faces as if trying to hold in a scream or as if he was trying not to say something.

“You should stay. This town has been quiet without you.” Peter spoke up.

“No thank you, that means I would have to start feeding on animals and shit probably. Someday I might be good, but tomorrow I’ll be back at it again. You know I love to wreak havoc, and that ain’t stopping anytime soon. ” Havoc sped over to Peter, patted his shoulder and then with the speed of lighting left town. All while trying to ignore the new, very uncomfortable feeling that her fingertips were tingling.

Part 1 

Part 3

Part 4

Domenico's Lover

For luck I’ve tied around my wrist
A lock of golden hair.
And on a chain around my neck,
Her baby toe is there.
And in my mouth, there lies a tooth,
That once belonged to her;
I wear a vest of porcelain skin,
As one might don a fur.

A rattle filled with fingernails;
My love was fancy-free.
A cane made out of collarbone;
But not all love can be.

So dearly do I miss my love,
For her my heart did soar.
And in my fridge, her body lies,
In case I miss her more.



When we last visited Jared and the love of his life they were excited to find out they were going to have a “little bean”!

Jared walks into the house, covered in dirt, chalk and sweat. “What are you eating?” he laughs, instantly noticing the smorgasbord of food displayed on the kitchen counter.

“I couldn’t decide, so I just wanted a bit of everything,” she says looking up at him, licking the buffalo sauce from her fingers. “I don’t even eat most of this stuff.”

Jared drops his pack on the floor and walks over to her, his smile widening with every step. “This is going to be fun isn’t it?”

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I just re-watched the very first episode of Rebels.

I think I was even more excited than the first time I ever saw it because now all of these characters and their stories mean so much to me. <3 

Kanan’s so much more “okay” with his Jedi-ness than I remember. Maybe I’ve read A New Dawn too many times, but it totally looked like not only Hera, but the whole Ghost crew knew about it, which means that he came to terms with it enough to share his secret with all of them before the series began. His lightsaber skills were pretty basic in that fight on Kessel, which perfectly reflected how rusty he really was. When he gave Ezra the choice in the tower, I was wondering “Which Jedi master from his past is he totally pretending to be right now?” ‘Cause, c’mon guys, Kanan was a pretty crappy Jedi at this point.

Hera has the “super-rebel-mom” thing down already. She loves her crew, she loves her ship and she trusts the shit out of them. She stayed on the Ghost through all of their fights and didn’t once doubt them or herself. Also, watching her and Kanan’s interactions, I’m pretty sure that both she and he had Ezra pegged as a potential apprentice/new team member. Which makes me 100% sure that we’re missing a Kanan/Hera heart-to-heart at some point about if they’re ready to take this next step.

Chopper was slightly less cantankerous and violent than he has come to be. Otherwise still himself. Did I really expect character development in a droid? Maybe not so much, though he was on the Ghost’s guns for a good portion of the action.

Zeb is such a piece of work! Not only because of all of the death-threats he levels at Ezra, or because he was totally responsible for Ezra getting captured by Kallus and then leaving him the fuck behind, but because he genuinely has this skeezy, self-serving vibe. Seriously, I think the only nice things he did all episode were feed hungry people and carry a wounded Wookie over his shoulder. Not that these weren’t awesome things, but he honestly spent the entire rest of the time being as much of a jerk as possible.

Sabine, is her usual bad-ass self. When Ezra asked what happened to her family and she said, “The Empire,” all I could picture was her mom’s throne room and her mom and brother standing there all gray and disapproving. Poor girl really did lose her family! I also noticed how strong Sabine’s love of pyrotechnics was. I feel like that part of her personality and her artistic expressiveness have been overlooked a lot this past season. I miss the artistic explosions.

Ezra. Oh my God. This kid is the sassiest piece of fancy-haired gutter trash. Stealing from victims of police abuse? Abandoning teammates? Straight up theft? Eager to sell guns on the black market (granted, Kanan and Hera were doing that already)? And all the while Kanan and Hera are watching him like, “We know he has the Force, but is anything worthwhile going to show itself from underneath all of those self-serving survival instincts?” TOTALLY reminded me of Kanan in A New Dawn. When the shit hit the fan, the kid came through, but he was a little punk up until the very last minute. Thinking about Ezra in Zero Hour… I. AM. SO. PROUD. OF. HIM.

A New Normal PT. 2

This is part 2. I wasn’t gonna post this but a lot of people wanted it so here it is. Part 3 ? 

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We finally came home. We had been at Deaton’s to make sure we were all okay. Peter, Derek and I walked into the livingroom. I had tears threatening to fall as i thought back to what she said. My heart ached knowing this wasn’t just going to ruin mine and Derek’s lives but Peter’s too. Someone who had been my friend through all my adult life.  Peter is the reason i met Derek in the first place. I sat besides Peter on the couch as Derek was pacing through the apartment.

“Derek baby please just sit down” i said after a while. I felt one tear fall as he shook his head. He kept pacing through the room not believing what had happened. What she had said. My body felt lifeless. I couldn’t breath. Peter on the other hand was calm like he had a plan. All of me wanted to believe that he knew how to fix this. But i knew he wouldn’t. Kate as strong. Too strong. She could kill us all if she wanted to. But that’s not what she wanted. She wanted to see us all in pain. And that was what she was getting.

“She can’t do this. Can she” Derek asked Peter who finally spoke up after keeping quiet the entire time at Deaton’s and here.

“I’m sorry to say but she can” Peter started “She has the power Derek. She’s strong and she could easily kill us all. We have to do what she says.” He answered him

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Lilo and Stitch {Sentence Starters}
  • "No more caffeine for you."
  • "This is my family. I found it, all on my own."
  • "Oh, you are such a pain!"
  • "'Ohana' means 'family'. 'Family' means no one gets left behind. Or forgotten."
  • "You sure it's a dog?"
  • "You know, you wreck everything you touch."
  • "I'm sorry I bit you. And pulled your hair. And punched you in the face."
  • "YOU! You're the cause of all this!"
  • "Don't leave me, okay?"
  • "You're just jealous 'cause I'm pretty!"
  • "Did you catch fire again?"
  • "Give us a sign you understand any of this."
  • "She likes your butt and fancy hair."
  • "Leave my mother out of this!"
  • "Does this look infected to you?"
  • "You are so finished when I get in there!"
  • "I remember everyone that leaves."
  • "You can never belong."
  • "Then why don't you sell me and buy a rabbit instead?"
  • "Oh good! My dog found the chainsaw!"
  • "Leave me alone to diiiiie."
  • "I prefer to be called 'Evil Genius'."
  • "I need someone to be my friend."
  • "This is your badness level. It's unusually high for someone your size."
  • "We're a broken family, aren't we?"
  • "My friends need to be punished."
My TS6 predictions

-Steampunk theme

-She’s going to change he appearance drastically, like maybe she dyed her hair purple or got a tattoo/piercing. Why else would she be out of sight like this?

-Definitely pop, but something more ambient and dark. 

-More edgy lyrics like: “his hands are in my hair, his clothes are in my room”

-Black and gold


-She’s going to do similar fan interaction as the 1989 era but it’ll be on the down low because we don’t know how to compose ourselves.

-She’s gonna pull a fancy vocal growl like she did with “and we RRRRUN” on the 1989 tour

-More thirteen 

-She’s going to use her upcoming app to drop hints about the album

-Her music videos this era are going to be super artsy and dramatic

Reblog with your theories, I want to hear them all!

I JUST THOUGHT OF THE CUTEST THING (combining Toshinko w/ my Bakugou Hairstylist AU)

Inko is going on a date with Toshi, but she’s freaking out about her hair, and Izuku knows exactly -.05% about styling hair, and both are freaking out until Izuku remembers that OH YEAH KACCHAN KNOWS HOW TO STYLE HAIR

so Izuku calls Bakugou all frantic-like–it goes something like this




Bakuguo: WHAT


Bakugou: WHAT



so Bakugou rushes over to Izuku’s house so he can fix up Inko’s hair all super nice and fancy before All Might can arrive

and later on, when All Might does arrive, Bakugou is the one who answer the door. he looks up at Toshi’s unkempt hair for all of three seconds before he’s like “NO. NO FUCKING WAY. YOU ARE NOT GOING ON THIS DATE LOOKING LIKE THAT. NOT AFTER ALL THE WORK I JUST FUCKING DID.” and drags All Might, who is completely baffled (???? why is Bakugou here??? how does he know about his date with Inko????) to the bathroom to fix his hair up b/c jfc someone has to take charge here

and that’s the story of how Bakugou helped All Might and Inko get ready for their date

The new housekeeper (Part 6)

Summary:In a parallel world in which the curse was never casted, Prince Adam is still a spoiled, selfish and unkind man. And now, since Mrs Potts, the woman who took care of him all his life, is going to leave his castle, and you’re taking her place, he’s being even more mean, because things are chaning, and he doesn’t like changes.

Pairing: Prince AdamxFemale!Reader

Words: 1308

Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Finale

After having lunch together, the Prince went to the library, and I went back to do my job. A few hours later, I entered the library to clean it. There was the Prince, sitting in a chair, reading. I didn’t say anything, and started cleaning. After a few minutes, he started to talk.

- You sweep like if you were dancing.

- How long have you been staring? - I asked.

- Enough to know what a good dancer you are.

- I actually haven’t danced in my whole life, your Grace…

- Never?

- No one ever asked me.

- Well, I think later is better than never. Would you like to dance with me?

I blushed.

- I… I don’t know how to, your Grace.

- I’ll teach you – he smiled, getting up. I smiled too.

- Great then. I’ll dance with you.

- Wonderful. I’ll wait for you at the dance room tonight. After dinner. Don’t be late. - then, he kissed my cheek, and then left the room.

I stayed in the spot for a few minutes, until Lumière came to the library and saw me staring to nothing.

- Madame [Y/N]. Are you alright?

- I-I’m gonna dance with the Prince tonight.

- What!? - he said, surprised. - When?

- After dinner.

- Oh, mon dieu. We must get you ready! - he took me from my wrist, and take me around the castle.

- Where are we going?

- We’re looking for help. Cogsworth and me will prepare the Prince and Plumette and Madame Garderobe will prepare you. You both will look charming, mademoiselle…Plumette, come here!

- What’s wrong, darling? - she said, looking at us.

- You must prepare [Y/N] for her date tonight.

- I-it’s not a date – I whispered.

- The Prince has never danced with no girl!

- The Prince is going to dance with her!? - Plumette yelled. - This is amazing! Come with me, [Y/N]… You’ll be the most beautiful girl in the castle! Let’s go to your room…

- Yes, go there. I’ll send Madame Garderobe. And if you need anything, I’ll be at the Prince’s bedchamber!

Plumette draged me to my bedroom, and made me sit on the bed.

- So, let’s see whay you have here.

- I don’t have any fancy dresses. I could have never afford them.

- Oh, sweetie. Don’t worry. You’re beautiful, you will look stunning with anything. Let’s see… Oh, look at this blue dress! - she said, taking one off the closet. - Isn’t it beautiful? And, it’s the same color as the Prince’s eyes.

- I don’t know… Isn’t it too long to dance?

- Of course not! Come on, try it on!

- Okay… - I said, getting up and putting it on.

- Oh, my god. You look so beautiful! You’re like a dream…

- Thanks…

- Hey, you look so uncomfortable, are you okay?

- I don’t know. It’s that… I’ve never danced with anyone. What if I mess up?

- You won’t… Listen, the Prince is not the kindest person in the world, but he can be nice. He’ll be patient with you. I think he has a lot of affection for you.

- I don’t know.

- He hasn’t fired you yet. I think that says a lot.

I smiled.

- Well… yes, but…

- Come on, smile! You’re beautiful. It’s just a dance. It’s not like if he was going to propose you.

- You’re right… It’s just a dance. I can do this.

- That’s the attitude! Now, let’s do some make up.

- I don’t have any make up.

- That’s not a problem, sweetie. I have all the make up you want just here – said a voice in the door.

We turned back, to see Madame Garderobe with a bunch of make up in his hands.

- Is all of that extremely necesary?

- Indeed! - they both said.

- And I actually think we should add a wig… - Garderobe said.

- No! Please, I hate them. They sting, I hate them.

- Fine, then we’ll just leave your hair like that.

- Thank you.

They put make up on me and brushed my hair. Then, they made me stand up. And so I did.

- You look gorgeus. The Prince will fall in love with you. I’m sure.

I laughed.

- I don’t think so. And I don’t want to. I’m his employee, after all.

- Wouldn’t you like to be a princess? - Plumette asked.

- Not really. I’m good being a normal girl.

- I’d love to be part of the royalty. All the fancy dresses, all the jewels…

- They don’t stick with me. I like comfortable clothes and interesting books.

- If you marry the Prince you’ll be able to read all his books. - Plumette joked.

- I’m too young to think about marriage…

- You’re actually not. Most of the girls are already married at your age.

- Well, I guess I’m different from the rest of them.

We spent a little more time in my chamber, until Lumière came to it.

- Mademoiselle [Y/N]! The Prince demands your pre- mon dieu… You look stunning! The Prince is going to fall in love with you!

- Why that vigour in the Prince falling in love with me?

Lumière looked at Plumette and Garderobe.

- Well… He hasn’t loved anyone in many years… We just, you know. We want him back.

- What do you mean?

- Before his mother died… He was such a delightful guy. He was always happy, and he was so kind, helping us with our duties, and teaching the staff’s kids how to read and write, or anything they wanted to learn… - Plumette started to explain.

- But, when she passed, it was like if the darkness took him. He never smiled, he was spoiled, everything had to be exactly as he wanted… The only person he wasn’t a monster with was Chip. - Garderobe continued.

- Until you came. At first he didn’t like you, as you may know… But recently, he has developed certain feelings for you, and he has started to smile again. Everytime you confront him, instead of getting angry, he just calls me or Cogsworth to open up to us. He never did that. And he always ask Plumette to prepare a book he wants you to read when you steal some from the library thinking he won’t notice. And… we think he may have fall in love with you. And the wolves thing… You can’t imagine how worried he was for you and Chip. As soon as you both left, he told me “Tell the stable boy to get ready Phillip. I have to follow her. I don’t know what I would do if she gets hurt”. I have never seen her so worried for someone. - finished Lumière.

- Is… that true? - I asked.

- It is. Now the question is, do you feel the same?

- I don’t know, I… everytime we are together, I have such great time. He’s so clever and educated, and it’s so great to talk with him. And everytime we argue, I feel that…

- Je ne sais quoi?

- Oui. But I don’t think that’s love… Or it is?

- Why don’t you go upstairs and discover it?

- You know what? You’re right. I may love him too. But I won’t know if I don’t try. - I took my dress from the skirt – Wish me luck.

- You won’t need it, mademoiselle. You already have him.

I smiled, leaving the room. In the top of the stairs, I sighed.

You’re ready” I thought to myself. “He’s your Prince Charming. Now, you gotta be his own princess”.

Elves lived for thousands of years, who says that they do not have their own fashion trends and talk about “Wow, that is so beginning of the First Age, no one wears that anymore!” or “Hair that short? Did they just flee from Gondolin?”

Imagine parties in TA Rivendell or Lindon that are especially themed at all of those forgotten trends.

Imagine Elrond wearing Feanorian stuff to remind everyone who raised him.

Elves dressing up as the first men they met, barely in proper clothes but wearing furs and this kind of things.

Imagine someone trying to impersonate Feanor with a crown and three fancy jewels, but at least they do not shine.

Imagine there was a time everyone wore short skirtish things.

“Who I Am Inside” Part 5

“Who I Am Inside” Part 1

“Who I Am Inside” Part 2

“Who I Am Inside” Part 3

“Who I Am Inside” Part 4

A/N: Sorry this is kind of short! I will have more out soon! Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list!

*Sam’s Pov*

   The drive from Indiana to Kansas wasn’t that long. It just took a few days to get back to the bunker. Y/n hasn’t said a word since we got her from her house. She just stared out the window, lifelessly, holding a pink baby quilt. I’m assuming that it belonged to her sister. I couldn’t imagine what she was going through right now. Her family that she knew is dead, her house burned to the ground, and her place of work. On top of that, finding out that Dean and I are her brothers, and her dad isn’t who she thought it was.

Dean stopped along a couple of fast food places so we could just get straight home. I thanked god that no cop pulled us over because we were all still covered in dried up blood. Dean and I didn’t try to start a conversation with Y/n most of the way because we understood she need her space. As we got closer, I thought I would try to give it a shot, but she beat me to the punch.

“Why are these things after me?” she says quietly.

“Because you are a Winchester. A long time ago, when I was six months old, a demon came into my room and tried to take me. My tried to stop him, begging him not to touch me. He killed her, she burned on the ceiling above my bed, and that day dad vowed to kill whatever killed her. He became a hunter and fought against the supernatural. He went undercover and did a whole bunch of cases around the United States. Pretty much taking Dean and I along with him everywhere.” I went ahead and told her the whole story of our lives.

“That sounds very fucked up. How do you guys go on with this hunting thing? Doesn’t it ever get old?” she asked.

“Like I said. Saving People, Hunting Things, It’s The Family Business.” Dean responded, solemnly.

“Didn’t you kill the thing that killed your mom though?” she inquired

“Revenge isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be, Y/n. Plus once you start hunting, there is no turning back. Are you sure you want this? This is a very big decision, and I just want to let you know that you will never be able to have a normal life after this. Just take your time and think about it for awhile.”  I said to her.

“Sam, I lost everything. I lost the two of the most important people in my life. The demon at the Library pretty much told me I was screwed until the day I die. I can’t turn back now, even if I wanted too.” she said.

“She’s got a point Sam. Y/n, first things first, we will train you to protect yourself. Then we will show you all about the lore and doing research, train you how to act while going undercover, and how to hunt. I will throw some more lessons in there too babygirl, but for now we start small.” Dean informed her.

I looked over at him as he talked to her. I could tell that Dean was starting to take Y/n under his wing before he even could. It was sweet, honestly. I liked how he was already accepting her into our group. She needed us, and we needed her. I just hated the fact that she had to go through all this pain. There’s always burdens a hunter holds.

*Y/n’s Povs*

As we pulled up to the place were these boys call home, I looked around. All I saw was an creepy abandoned building in the distance. Is this seriously where they live? Is this even safe?

“Home Sweet Home!” Deans cheers to himself as he parks the impala near the stairs.

“Is this a safe place to live in? An abandoned factory?” I questioned him, as I got my bags out of the trunk.

“You will see.” Dean says with a smirk as he pulled out a box from his pocket.

He opened it up and a key was in there, and he went over to the ridged concrete stairway and halted at an old, rusted looking door. I pursued after him down the stairs and watched him open it. Once we were inside, I couldn’t believe my eyes. This place was huge. It looked like something the military used back in the day.

“Welcome to your new home, Y/n!” Dean exclaimed, while taking off his beat up leather jacket and dropping his duffel.

“You guys live here? This place looks amazing.” I gawked, eyes still roaming over the room, taking everything in.

“Yeah, our grandfather gave us the key a couple years ago to this place since we are legacies to the Men Of Letter. You are too, you know? This is on there bunkers.” Sam quipped.

“I’ve never heard of the Men Of Letters, what did they do?”

Sam went ahead and told me all about the Men Of Letters, and told me about the encounter they had with our grandfather. How they took down Abbadon

“Time Travel?” I asked

“Yeah, I know. There is a lot of weird stuff out there. Dean and I stopped asking questions a long time ago.”


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My gaze followed the sound that came from the corner and all of the sudden I saw a man appear. He looked exhausted, as he fancied a long, brown trench coat. His eyes were as a blue as the sea, and his hair just looked like a mess. It made me want to run my fingers through it.

“Hello, Y/n. My name is Castiel. I am an Angel of the Lord.” He said, in a deep voice.

“You’re an angel?” I asked in complete shock.

“Yes, I am. I’m so sorry to hear about your family. I wanted to let you know that they are happy in heaven. Both of their Heaven’s consist of old memories of you. Especially Nevaeh.” He said.

I looked down at Nevaeh’s pink quilt in my arms, not even noticing how my grip became tighter.

“My Nevaeh. Gone. Why?” I thought to myself, as tears formed in my eyes.

Sam threw Castiel a look, while he tried to figure out what he did wrong. Then he walked over to me and put a comforting hand on my shoulder.

“Hey Y/n, If you want, the shower is down the hall. It’s been a rough couple of days. It might help take some off your edge off.” I thanked him, and went down the hallway as instructed.

The bathroom was very nice, but also very cold. I made my way over to the tub and ran some hot water. Once the tub was halfway full with plenty of bubbles, I went to take my clothes off. My eyes caught a glimpse of my reflection before I even raised my shirt up. Y/c eyes meeting y/c eyes. They didn’t look the same as they did a few days ago. Warm and full of hope for the future to come. Now, they looked hardened and full of dread. Almost completely red from the tears and dried up mascara. My cheeks were stained with tears. Hair was matted down and oily.  My expression unreadable.

“Well, you got what you wanted didn’t you! You wanted something different! You said you felt like you were meant for more! You wanted to get away! You wanted to be free!” the girl in the mirror yelled at me.

More tears fell from my eyes. Misery and grief taking over me.

“This is not what I wanted. This not what I meant. I didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt.” I quietly sobbed to myself.

“This is all your fault! You’re the reason why your family is dead! You’re the reason why the Library burned down! You’re the reason why your mom and John couldn’t be happy! Because your mom had to raise you! She gave up the love of her life to raise her pathetic daughter, who ended up getting her killed! You killed Nevaeh! Your beautiful, little, 6 year old sister! She loved you so much! You meant the world to her and you watched her die in your arms! You should’ve been the one lying on the floor covered in blood! Not them!” spat my reflection.

“It should have been me!” responding to her, my sobs getting louder.

You think you can become a hunter? Are you kidding me?! You don’t even know how to make a fist properly, let alone shoot a gun. You’ll just be dead weight to those boys. You don’t have what it takes. If they go on a hunt with you, they will be dead in the first 5 minutes trying to save your ass. You’ll just drag them down. Just like you did your family” she smirked.

Rage started to cloud over my grief. I saw her smirking and couldn’t take it anymore. I punched the center of the mirror with my fist. It still stayed in tack. Getting even angrier, I punched it until my knuckles started to bleed. Cracking than finally shattering at my last punch.

I dropped down to my knees as I let my loud sobs consume me. I curled up in the fetal position and just let it all out. My knuckles started turning white, as blood trickled down my arm at an alarming rate. I didn’t care. I just wanted my family back.

A couple seconds later, I heard the door being kicked in, but I didn’t even budge. I just laid there. Dean came in and concern was written all over his face. He bent down and hovered over me, examining my arm. He reached for the tweezers, while Sam and Cas came through the door. Worry in their expression, the knelt down to Dean’s stance as he pulled out all the glass that lodged into my fist.

Sam gently carded his fingers through my hair and kept whispering,

“Everything’s going to be ok. Shhh. Y/n, we got you.”

I couldn’t really make out what Castiel said. The only thing I heard was something about “Healing her”. Dean just told him to wait until he got the glass out.

My thoughts were still haunting me as they carried on with conversation. Maybe my reflection was right. That I’m not cut out for this hunting business.

“How will I ever be able to track my family’s killer when I can’t even make a fist?”

“How will I ever be able to help Sam and Dean when I can’t even help myself?”

“How will I ever be able be able to save people, when I can’t even save myself?”

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Hey buddy!! I'm at a tediously long shift at work, and I'm kinda suffering, so I was wondering if you had any silly headcanons for Ace Attorney you wanted to share? Maybe for Nahyuta? Thank you ;v;

goodness me, i have no idea when you sent this, i’m so sorry!! i haven’t done a lot for ace attorney lately (oops, sorry!) so i might be a little off or have forgotten some things, but i can certainly try my best!! forgive me if i get something wrong!

  • there were a few months in nahyuta and apollo’s childhood when nahyuta’s Entire Head was Almost Completely Without Hair
  • (this was not by choice)
  • the story goes thusly: nahyuta didn’t like his bowl cut and always lowkey admired apollo’s little horns and complimented him on them all the time
  • apollo let this get to his head and fancied himself a master hairdresser and offered to do nahyuta’s hair
  • Fun Fact Apollo Did Not Know What He Was Doing Not Even A Little Bit
  • Second Fun Fact craft scissors do not work very well on hair
  • Third Fun Fact if your craft scissors are not cutting through a very big bunch of hair then your best bet is to simply abandon the practice
  • Fourth Fun Fact apollo does Not know when to give up
  • (by the end of this process nahyuta looks like he’s been attacked by a cow who started munching on his hair and got bored halfway through)
  • well okay, decides apollo, maybe that didn’t work, but it’s alright, i know where dhurke keeps his razor, we will simply erase the evidence
  • Fact The Fifth: this does not work and now nahyuta looks like half his head has been attacked by a temperamental lawnmower and the other half was attacked by a second, angrier cow
  • apollo, mildly panicking, suggests a mysterious “hair removal” paste they find in the medicine cabinet (it’s dhurke’s but nobody can know this)
  • apollo carefully reads the instructions and then proceeds to smear it all over nahyuta’s head
  • The Procedure Is A Success and all evidence of hair tampering is gone because all hair is gone
  • except for one minor repercussion which is that when i say ‘all over his head’ i did mean All Over His Head and that is the story of how nahyuta didn’t have eyebrows for a full month