i did my best but still fail

Today I was reminded how my attempt to replay the past with familiar people fail miserably and how I came to disgust my best friend for that. It happened 4 months ago but, I would still wonder and wonder for reason, why did she do it? Was it because of me? Or was it because she did not value me as a friend?

I had brother but he’s no better than a stranger to me, so I feel really attached to my friend who is nice to me. 

The very fact that the person you trust whole heartedly can betray you is the saddest thing, perhaps this is how RFA feel after knowing the truth about Rika?How can you describe this feeling? It cant even be comprehended by word, language is so useless, other advice seems unreasonable, and my mind replays painful memory like that all the time. Everytime I think back I feel like dying a little inside.

I’m just so tired. So very tired.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Second Half and Full Drama Review

This might be my favorite drama of all time, I swear, it never failed me, NEVER - since Day One. Never did I tried to watch dramas in RAW but with this, I find myself watching raw episodes at 12AM (1AM KST). Boy, I was and still so whipped.

I loved every single episode of this drama and might be the best 16 hours of my life – I swear! The pastel and colorful theme made it so heartwarming, add that up to the actors that gave life and justice to each and every single character. I just cry happy tears from all the cuteness while watching, I also find myself making my friends watch it so that we can spazz in the wee hours of the morning and feel giddy about the cute scenes from our main leads.

This show is so cute that even Chubs and Joon Hyung bickering made me feel giddy. It wasn’t cliché and was so realistic. They couldn’t take their hands off of each other because, whether we like it or not, that’s how young love is. They grew and matured together, and they were upfront about each other’s faults and also what they love about each other. The confession scene from Joon Hyung was sweet but Bok Joo confessing back was so romantic; those four kisses in the snow literally had me weak in the knees and I still get goosebumps whenever I try to rewatch it. My standards for guys went all the way up because of Jeong Joon Hyung, seriously.

Though I was disappointed at times with Bok Joo for being a little too secretive to her squad, it just shows how people are not perfect and has their own flaws. But it was just right that the two of them (Nan Hee and Seon Ok), together with Tae Kwon, confronted Joon Hyung and Bok Joo, made them pay (literally!!!) and repent for what they have done. It was so cute that they supported both of them the moment they knew about their relationship. Never did the show prolonged a problem because everyone was mature to talk about everything, even after the lead’s awkward first kiss, they talked and didn’t waste any time and resolved everything by talking and confronting each other.

Family affairs were also included in the storyline and it showed how family is so important not only in an athlete’s but also in a person’s life. It was great to see them overcome their problems together and also having to see Joon Hyung and Bok Joo supporting each other during the toughest or maybe the lowest moments of their life so far. It was so heartwarming to see Bok Joo rushing to comfort Joon Hyung when he finally knew why his mom went home from Canada. I cry every time one of them cries. I just realized how Bok Joo made Joon Hyung at home - while his family and everyone around him always shower him with compliments, Bok Joo was never afraid to tell him his faults – even when she knows he’s going to be hurt by it. It made Joon Hyung feel normal, that at least one person wasn’t just feeling pity for him but Bok Joo was someone who truly cares for him despite everything.

It also tackled mental illnesses and how Joon Hyung and Shi Ho tried to fight their respective problems, I was glad to see the both of them being brave to fight what they were going through and to finally see them being okay and being able to at least feel normal again. I liked how Joon Hyung tried to help Shi Ho get mental assistance from his own doctor and was genuinely concerned about her well-being. Mental illness is no joke and I loved the show more because they took it seriously – all with the getting help from a doctor and all. It was great to see Shi Ho overcome her own slump and started to be happy for her ex-boyfriend and roommate, and finally moving forward by her own .

With regards to the side love stories, I am so happy to see Uncle Dae Ho finally getting a girlfriend that is not in the person of Coach Choi because she wouldn’t make him happy. My heart broke with him in the fifteenth episode and I’m very glad to see him happy with a new romantic interest. On the other note, it was cute that the two coaches finally had the chance to continue their own almost-unrequited romance. For Seon Ok and Tae Kwon, well I guess the feelings were mutual and it was adorable to see them having their own little love bubble. I’m just a little sad, though, because Nan Hee, our ever adorable Nan Hee who wanted a boyfriend herself, never got one in the drama. But she’s happy, so I’m happy, too. Lastly, Dr. Jae Yi and Dr. Go, I wasn’t a fan of this loveline but honestly speaking, I liked how Dr. Jae Yi tried to woo her again because she was determined to move on. She deserved being treated the way Dr. Jae Yi finally treated her; she loved him for ten years without him realizing it, and he only found his feelings out when she was almost gone. It’s great that Dr. Jae Yi finally put an effort to make her stay in his life this time.

In the final episode, Bok Joo’s dad and Joon Hyung had a heart to heart talk and I teared up at how Joon Hyung told Bok Joo’s father why he likes her, it was adorably honest. It wasn’t even the best description you say to someone’s father, but it was perfectly imperfect. The look on his eyes while telling Abeoji how Bok Joo makes him feel warm: this was so real for their case, as I’ve said before, she was his home. I’m also very happy that Abeoji has finally had a successful kidney transplant – everything has finally paid off for him being a father who sacrificed so much for his baby girl.

The finale gave us what we needed the most – closure. Everyone deserves a happy ending, and everyone got what they deserved. Everyone was happy. It wasn’t a crazy episode, it was rather calm and consistently heartwarming – just like the previous fifteen. The finale was so on point and satisfying, it made me somehow accept that it’s over. A gold medal, a long-haired Bok Joo, a graduation, the meeting of the parents, a proposal, and an open-mouth kiss? Might be the best and the most heartwarming finale ever. This drama never disappointed me and it will surely stay in my heart for a very very long time. I know I’m gonna miss this drama for, like, a hundred years but the show itself left us with the best gift: laughter, butterflies and most importantly, reminding us the different kinds of love.

I’m gonna miss the craziness, Joon Hyung and Chubs!
Props to all the staff of this drama: not anyone can make a drama this consistent and realistic. Thank you breaking all the clichés. Thank you for casting the perfect actors and wonderful acting. Thank you for a beautifully-written drama. Thank you for something I can rewatch when I need some cheering up and heart flutters. Thank you for the sixteen episodes I can hold on to and cherish. I know I’ll have a hard time finding something like this in the future and that’s why it will always have a special place in my heart.

We are all so lucky to have experienced this ride. Sad to say, good things also come to an end. Thank you for being my calm in this crazy world, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo! It was a fun and unforgettable journey.

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  • Mary: *stole identities, murdered people as a freelance career, shot her husband's best friend, lied so constantly you're still unsure of her name after 4 episodes*
  • John: 🙈🙉🙊
  • John: * does the most mundane cheating by text *
  • Also John: I am so sorry my beloved. I did not hold myself to your standards. Mary, i've failed you. I am a shitty human being, i need redemption
  • Me: ??? Shut your bitch ass up ??? Wtf

I guess I had a good day. xD I told myself no matter what I was going to get a cake to celebrate so I did and I did a failing job on the cake…it’s terrible I swear. XD 
But I also drew something for today as well….it was a last minute thing but I tried my best since my wrist is still recovering…Well I hope all you guys like it~!

Happy Undertale Anniversary~! 



An angst scenario where Baekhyun fails to confess his love for the reader! Soon, he finds out that the reader is dating his best friend Chanyeol. Hoping for a sad ending! Thank you if this request is accepted! :>


-Thank you for your request Anon! I changed it a bit because only after I had finished writing it did I see the ‘best friend Chanyeol’ part, I’m sorry and I hope you still enjoy it!                                                                                -Ray

Genre: Angst/One-shot 


My best friend was the little moments of seeking smiles; Baekhyun thought with a smile as he reached over to her and nudged her elbow off the armrest causing her to gasp as the coffee spilled onto her pants. He snickered when the rest of the students shushed the two, watching her cheeks flame crimson red in embarrassment. My best friend; he thought as she gave him the death glare, warning him that there would be consequences later on.
“Triver’s evolutionary account of self deception: why is self-deception something that humans have evolved?” Baekhyun lazily listened to his professor as he his mind wandered back to the girl sitting beside him paying extra attention.
“It may seem like something that would be selected out, but that’s not entirely correct. Self-deception may allow us to be more effective deceivers to others. People who believe their lie themselves will be better at deceiving others than those who know that they are lying; unconscious awareness. The capacity for self-deception may offer a selective advantage by enhancing one’s ability to deceive others.”  He noticed the frown as she tried to keep up with the professor’s words. He furrowed his brows seeing her distress.
His mind wandered back to the day in front of her mother’s death bed, that day where he had never seen her shed more tears in his life, the day she was left heartbroken and completely alone; the very same day he promised to follow her to the ends of the world, to keep a smile on her face and to always be her best friend.
Baekhyun nudged his knee against hers to which she placed her elbow back on the armrest, shielding herself from his distractions. Always keep her smiling.
He leaned over to her so his lips were inches away from her ear. “Come on, let’s ditch this, Jagi.” He whispered. Her eyes shot up in surprise at the word of endearment that he’d never used before.
“What?” She whispered back in confusion.
“Let’s ditch this.” He wiggled his eyebrows in excitement. She looked at him puzzled and hesitant for a bit before deciding to ignore him once more and return to her notes.
He ripped the top corner of the page from his own notes, grazing over the only words he’d written, ‘Self-deception’. He wrote something quickly on it and tossed it over to her desk. As she opened up the folded paper he didn’t fail to notice the smile that she struggled to hide as she read the word; Kaepsong. He winked at her to which she rolled her eyes unable to hide her amusement at his antics.

My best friend was the little moments of seeking warmth; “Bacon, it’s cold though” She’d lightly protest but never completely refuse his crazy, impulsive requests.
“Jagi, I’m here though.” He’d mimic her tone into the phone. She’d groan, sneaking past her roommates’ closed doors and letting him into her apartment three in the morning. Baekhyun greeted her scorn with a bright smile, taking a hold of her hand and leading her back into her own balcony. Sliding the door open he’d place his hands on waist and guide her to the railing.
“Baek, you have a midterm tomorrow.” She’d whisper to him in hesitation. He thought he noticed her breathing falter for a second. He thought he noticed her muscles tense under his touch. He thought he noticed her become a bit nervous. But that couldn’t be it, he must be mistaken.
“But you need me today.” On her mother’s birthday. Baekhyun gave her his reassuring smile, the one that he knew put her at ease, and calmed her worries. He turned, keeping his back to him. He climbed on top of the railing, almost losing his balance a few times but managing to clasp a hold of the brick wall of the building when she squealed out in fear.
“You’ll fall!” She all but yelled.
“Well with that attitude I will.” He slid to the side. “If I fall, catch me Jagi!”
“Pfft, okay.” She folded her arms over her chest, rolling her eyes. He grabbed the edge of the roof to pathetically pick himself up and climb on top of the shingles. When he got his footing, he brought himself down onto his knees and let out a hand down to her.
“Come on.” She hesitated but obviously obliged as he knew she would. With much screaming and slipping, mostly on Baekhyun’s part, he got her up onto the roof with him. They landed on their butts on the rough surface, panting and giggling.
“I should have brought a blanket.” She sighed. “I told you it was going to be cold.”
“I never denied it.” He whispered back coming behind her. He wrapped his arms around her stomach and pulled her between his legs, her shivering back resting on his sweater covered chest. He thought he noticed her stiffen a bit. But he must be mistaken. He placed his chin on her shoulder, their cheeks now pressed together as his skin warmed hers. She finally relaxed into him and tightened his hold around her.
“Baek,” She whispered as he looked out into the stars. “I have to tell you something.”
“Whatever it is, I’m sure I already know.” He laughed. “I’ve known you for too long.”
“Right.” She mumbled as he nuzzled into the crook her neck, their body heats being the only thing protecting them from the cold of the night.

My best friend was the little moments of seeking comfort; “You need to put that down and get in bed with me.” He spoke out through his stuffed, pink nose. He caught her wrist and tried to pull her back under the duvet with him.
“Just let me make soup.” She complained between her own chain of sneezes.
“You can’t.” He whined. Not having the strength to argue with him any further, she merely grabbed the box of tissues before she collapsed back onto the bed. He didn’t waist time in throwing the covers over her wrapping his arms around her waist while swinging his leg over hers. “I hate being sick.” He said in a nasally voice as his eyes drooped closed.
“Me too.” She matched his tone while sniffing into the tissue. “The consequences of nursing Byun Baekhyun. I should have stayed away from you.” She grumbled.
“You know you love me.” She turned her head to the side to suddenly see his eyes wide with excitement.
No.” She warned.
“You know you care, just shout whenever and I’ll be there.”
“You are my love; you are my heart.”
“Bacon stop,” She groaned.  
“And we will never, ever, ever be apart!”
“And I was like-” before he could continue they were both stopped by the ding of her phone. She pulled it out from under her pillow to see the notification for a text, swiftly unlocking her phone.
“Who is it?” He asked curiously, leaning his head onto her shoulder to get a look at her screen.
“This boy I met last week. He’s asking for me coffee tomorrow.”
“Oh, a boy.” He teased. She rolled her eyes. “You should go.” Baekhyun replied.
“Really?” She whispered, her brows coming together. “You don’t care?”
“Baby, baby baby ohhhhh!” She sighed and he thought he noticed a moment of sadness cross her face, but maybe that was just the flu, he must be mistaken.

My best friend was the little moments of seeking relief; “I don’t think I can go through with this, Baek.” She said anxiously, standing outside of the exam hall. He tilted his head, leaning against the wall, simply taking in all her nervousness and fumbling hands.
“You’ll be fine.” He said.
“No, you don’t understand. I am not prepared at all. I didn’t finish the chapter. I will fail this exam and I might not pass the course. I knew this was taking on too much. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it.” Silently Baekhyun took a step closer to her as she continued on rambling and, taking her chin into his hand, he pressed his lips against hers. Her eyes immediately widened in surprise as Baekhyun’s mouth fell into place with hers, warm and comforting like two halves one whole. Her anxious heart sped up three fold its speed when she felt his hand trail down to her neck to steady her and another one come to the small of her back to pull her closer. She raised her hands to his chest to gain balance, gripping his shirt. The only thoughts that ran through both their minds were closer and more, as they’re lips moved in a language both were previously unaware of. When Baekhyun finally pulled away he left her a bit dazed, a bit disoriented and very breathless. She peered up at him in confusion and something he noticed looked like happiness, but he couldn’t be sure, he must be mistaken.
“Why did you do that?” She asked nervously. He shrugged.
“You needed to calm down, right.” He watched the brightness leave her face slowly as her eyes lowered in what seemed like disappointment.
“Oh.” Was all she said. Its what friends did, they helped out friends.  

“Yah, you’re here,” A deeper voice caught their attention. A tall boy appeared jogging down the corridor and towards her. Baekhyun furrowed his brows at not having seen him before. “and I’ve been calling you. I’m so nervous.” He handed her a cup of coffee that she gladly accepted and Baekhyun couldn’t help but notice their fingers touch. He couldn’t help but notice the way he took her papers from her hand without asking. He couldn’t help but notice his eyes light up as he looked down at her with a smile.
“Who’s this?” Baekhyun found himself asking.  
“This is Chanyeol.” She responded in a tired voice, not looking into his eyes.
“Nice to meet you.” He briefly shook Baekhyun’s hand before taking a hold of hers and leading her to the exam hall, chatting. He couldn’t help but notice her hand in his as he watched them walk away.

My best friend was the little moments of seeking time; “Open the door, it’s cold Jagi.” Baekhyun whined into the phone, standing in front of her apartment. His body wiggled in anticipation of the warmth of her arms as they would cuddle in the sofa on this winter night, the smell of popcorn that they would munch on and the arguing over whatever spontaneous idea that would pop into his head. “Hurry.” He pouted. Something that though she couldn’t see, she’d know was occurring.
“Baek,” She whispered into the phone. He could hear laughter at the back. “I’m not home.”
He starred at the door confused, trying to interpret her words. He felt a strange feeling at the pit of his stomach.
“Well, where are you?” He almost whispered back.
“I’m out…with Chanyeol.”
“But, I told you I was coming over.”
“You did. Is that a problem Baek?” she asked. He noticed something in her voice urging him to argue. To say that it was a problem. But it wasn’t. Why would it be? She was his best friend.
“No.” He simply replied. There was a long silence on the line before she spoke again.  
“Bye Baekhyun.” The line was disconnected and he watched his screen cancel the call automatically, not realizing that this would be what he would be seeing for several weeks. He’d wake up to emptiness, no warmth beside him, no giggling soft voice to fill the void, and he would be left standing outside her door.

My best friend was the little moments of seeking love; He knocked on her door furiously. She opened it a few minutes later, surprised to see him. “Baekhyun?”
Had they really grown so apart that he was now the unexpected guest in her life. He didn’t wait for her permission as he quickly pushed through and walked straight into the kitchen. She followed him in and he turned to take her small frame in, his eyes deprived of the sight of her for too long, his skin deprived of the touch of her for too long and his life deprived of her for too long.  
“Is something wrong?” She asked worried. He held on to the edge of the counter, eyes threatening to spill tears of emotion that he now recognized. Yes, something was wrong. He was the one that was wrong and he realized that now. He could not stand to be away from her. To have to wait for her to make time for him. To not have her with him when he wanted. To not be able to comfort her in every way he knew how. He never before realized what she was to him. That what he had always told himself was a lie. That they weren’t best friends because though it took him long, he now knew that he loved her.
He was just preparing to spill out the rush of emotions into words for her to listen to. His heart raced at the idea of her reflecting it, at her saying that she felt the same way and her embracing him into her arms and engulfing him into kisses that he was so familiar with.
But before he could speak, a voice distracted him.
“Jagi, come back to bed.” Baekhyun didn’t fail to recognize those words and his heart shattered into million pieces as a figure came down the hall and embraced her, the one that was once his, into a back hug, his shirtless form giving her the warmth that was once his job.
“Hey Baekhyun, I didn’t realize you were coming.” Chanyeol spoke out while placing a peck on her cheek.
Baekhyun smiled; “I didn’t mean to disturb you, I just wanted to check in on her.”
“Baek, I was going to tell you that…” she mumbled with a shy smile under all of Chanyeol’s affections.
“That I’m dating your best friend.” Chanyeol finished for her, beaming from ear to ear.  

My best friend was the little moments of seeking…

I fucking hate my dad sometimes today was the last day of work and I’m crying because I did my best I was amazing everyone said so and yet because of the state of the company is in (marks and Spencer,) I’m not getting hired I fucking did my best and it still wasn’t enough he’d told me I’d always fail where ever I went and he was fucking right and now I have to deal with the same thing happening to my brother on Monday

I was once involved in a polyamorous relationship.
She was my best friend
and things just sort of fell into place.
She had many lovers
but we all had one thing in common,
we loved her with everything we had.
I will confess,
that at times I did get jealous
but she never failed to remind me
that she loved me no less
and also no more than the others.
We went our separate ways not because of envy,
but just naturally following our own paths.
She still has a place in my heart
and although it’s hard for people to understand:
love comes in many different ways.

indygolly  asked:

Have a bit of faith tho - the results haven't been shown yet, I guess? If you did your best, that might make a way for passin' grade.

Holding up what little faith I have left and hoping that it won’t turn out too badly. I will probably still fail that time, though - I could barely understand the questions asked, not to mention solve them.

But hey - I will just double my effort on the next exam! =D


“Where words fail, music speaks.” - H.C. Andersen

❄❄❄ Merry Christmas, @zerograviga​ !  ❄❄❄
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I may have lost weight but I still feel just as big as I did before the surgery, I can’t see any difference anymore, I’m following the diet and I’m doing my best to make time for excercise but I’m just not seeing results. That on too of everything else in my life I feel like I’m failing and I’m really just starting to hate everything.


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SUMMARY: Jungkook is a mysterious child, you always wanted to know more and finally you did.

I had always known that there was always something strange about this boy, it wasn’t that he came from a rich family and was now the head of his company, in fact that was completely normal that he came from a rich family and owned a company because so did I. I just always kind of wanted to know what was going on in that head of his, he was mysterious and I didn’t know whether that was a good or bad thing.

Our parents were close and had tried to set him and I up before but failed, probably because we were 16. Now I was 20 and older, I mean not much had changed, Taehyung was still my best friend, despite being two years older. The biggest change was that the CEO spot was passed down to me, instead of my brother. My dad always wanted him to build his own company, hence why I was given it.

Taehyung had tried to investigate and find more about Jungkook, but there was nothing to find, he was either completely empty or full of secrets and I didn’t know which one of them he would be. As we got older and older I noticed that Jungkook smiled more and more, he never used to smile. I couldn’t help but think he had the cutest smile in the world, but I didn’t want to get dragged into the black hole, that was him.

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I'm a fail

When I was 10 years old I was in Dt class, and we had to cut wood with saws. To carve the wood in a shape of an animal. Anyway, after ten minutes of cutting wood. My blade snapped and hit the table rebounding and cutting my head. My friend in the class cut her finger also when this happened, as my best friend collapsed with laughter. I have still got a scar on my forehead of a small zig zag, and was longer trusted with sharp objects. 

why did they trust you with a saw when you were 10? Also yeah I can’t trust myself with anything sharp, I ended up stabbing my finger with this tool that I was using in clay and I didn’t notice and there was blood all over my project, oops, you guys will also learn why I am a fail with this things - 10 points!

{{Best shots from the GLaDOS and Chell cosplay my friends and I did at @momocon. I was GLaDOS. These have captions too! This was WAY too much fun! And shout out to my Chell (Emily) for letting me be so mean to her! Let me know if you saw me or got a picture!!}}

Buff men at the gym

At the gym today, it was me on my own..and 7 muscley buff (young, I’ll add) men who seemingly all knew each other. They were going hard at the heavy weights together, I was struggling on the lightest settings on the machines and trying to walk on the treadmill, as my chronic illness is flaring up today.

They were laughing at me. Not even trying to hide it or make their remarks to each other quietly or hide their laughter. I take a notebook with me to note down my reps and notes about my performance, to help organise my thoughts (my illness makes things very confusing sometimes) and they found that the most amusing thing, it seems.

My PT wasn’t there today. If she were, I know for a fact she would have ripped them apart for it.

What utter jerks tbh. If they wanted to make me feel kinda bad, I admit they succeeded. Not too bad though, because I still went despite being ill today and did my very best and still pushed myself - and I knew that was nothing to be ashamed of.

And If they wanted to put me off going to the gym, they utterly failed.

I will keep going. I will keep chipping away. I will perform to the best of my ability, no matter what people think of my best. And I will see results.

And they can go fuck themselves <3

The Reason

NOTE: Whoa guys, who knew I had a lot of freaking bechloe fics in my notes? Some are finished but most are not, I found this one lying around and waiting for me to finish it and guess what I did! Tell me all your opinions even though I’m not the best writer in the fandom. Whoooooo!!

After 3 years of spending college in Barden, Beca and the other Bellas are now seniors. If you’re asking, Chloe’s feelings are still persistent and going on and that’s probably why she intentionally failed her Russian Lit just to stay with the Bellas. With Fat Amy’s way of teasing of the two, the Bellas are already giving hints that Chloe’s feelings toward Beca are palpable.

The Bellas treat Beca and Chloe like their parents, they literally sound like an old married couple when they’re arguing which make the other Bellas smirk and say that if they’re fighting, it looks like they’re watching their parents fight and argue.

“Everyone loves a good Bhloe,” Fat Amy have said while Chloe tried to
hide her blush with her shooting Amy a look but failed badly.

With Beca’s internship which she hid from Chloe since the start, Chloe felt less important and untrustworthy to Beca. She feels like Beca is avoiding her every time like in the tent where she turned around and Chloe felt like that was a rude harsh move.

Fat Amy heard her phone ringing, it was Aubrey.

“Hey Aubrey,” Amy greeted with her usual Aussie accent.

“Amy! I just wanted to say congrats to you guys for saving our damaged legacy and gave it a clean state,” Aubrey congratulated and smiled.

“Thanks Bree,” Fat Amy simply said. “By the way, you know about the Bellas’ exclusive party in the Bella house?”

“I didn’t know.”

“Well, I’ll invite you then. You’re a Bella anyway. And random question though if you don’t mind,” the Aussie paused waiting for her response of affirmation.

“Go ahead.”

Amy first looked around if Beca or Chloe was around listening to the conversation, once she knew the coast was clear, “Have you noticed the tension between–”

“Beca and Chloe?” Aubrey finished the sentence. “Yep of course, I knew it ever since. Chloe wouldn’t shut up about Beca, I could always see her huge toner for Beca. You know when we mashed up Just a Dream and Just The Way You Are?” Amy mumbled a small “yeah” and motioned Aubrey to continue. “We could already feel like they’re both serenading to each other.”

“I agree,” Amy said. “What I was gonna tell you that I was intrigued to make them confess their feelings before we all move out and go to our separate ways.”

“Oh really? How will you be able to do that?”

“I know this is a cliché but let’s play Truth or Dare in the party,” Amy winked through her phone.

“It’s not an original idea but sure, let’s start with a non-obvious question first, let’s go with the flow.”

“Oh come on, Aubrey don’t think that I will do that, I’m not an idiot though. They are.”

Aubrey made a small chuckle, “So when’s this party going down?”

“Tomorrow night, don’t be late.”

“What? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Aubrey sighed. “Fine, I’ll cancel my plans for tomorrow just to watch them confess now.”

“Bhloe’s gonna be real!” Amy shouted.

“I heard that, Amy!” Chloe yelled as she blushed.

Aubrey heard Chloe and laughed with Amy, “Okay Amy, I’ll see you guys tomorrow night. I’ll be there at 7.” And with that they both hang up.

Tomorrow came, and the Bellas we’re readying their exclusive party. Well they’re the only ones attending the party and with Aubrey also. They planned some party games but for the finale they’re going to play Truth or Dare.

Stacie heard a knock on the door and went to open it.

“Stacie!” Aubrey greeted with her laying her arms open for a hug.

“Aubrey! I didn’t even expect you to come!” Stacie happily accepted the hug. “Who told you about this?”

“Amy did,” she said as she pulled away.

“Well come in, we’re going to start some drinking games now. You’re just in time.” Aubrey smiled as Stacie gave her space to go inside. The Bellas were astonished when they saw Aubrey walked by and they greeted her with a hug.

In the games, Beca and Chloe were always beside each other when they were drinking while watching a movie because watching the movie was their drinking game where they put a hat at the corner of the tv and whenever someone wears it in the movie they have to drink a shot. Chloe was getting pretty drunk but she hasn’t reached her wild side yet. Beca on the other hand was not still used to drinking, she rarely drank while the Bellas always have to force her to drink.

After their drinking game, they now proceeded to truth or dare.

“Okay guys, anyone here doesn’t know the rules in truth or dare?” Fat Amy sarcastically asked while the Bellas just stared at her implying that of course they all know about Truth or Dare.

They all formed a circle and again Beca and Chloe beside each other, Ashley and Jessica snuggling, Stacie and Cynthia Rose beside each other whilst Cynthia was secretly checking Stacie out.

“Okay, I’ll start,” Fat Amy said as she spun the bottle which pointed to Stacie. Stacie didn’t even made a surprised face when the bottle pointed to her instead she just rolled her eyes. “Stacie, truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Stacie replied almost instant.

“When was your latest sex and whom did you have it with?” Fat Amy asked hastily.

“Um.. Like last week, it was a dude in the after party. I think his name was Aaron, I forgot but yeah,” Stacie answered with all sincerity she could show. “Okay! My turn!” The tall brunette who dyed her hair declared whilst she spun the bottle which pointed to Jessica.
The tall brunette smirked, “Jessica, truth or dare?”

“Um.. Truth,” Jessica answered.

“Okay, um, why do you keep snuggling with Ashley?” Stacie asked with a smirk.

The two girls blushed deep red while Jessica opened her mouth but nothing comes out from her mouth. “Um.. W-w-we’re just best friends.”

“Hmm? Why are you two blushing then if it’s just a platonic relationship?” Stacie smirked some more.

“I– whatever. My turn,” Jessica rolled her eyes and spun the bottle. It pointed to Aubrey. “Aubrey, truth or dare?”

“Dare,” Aubrey said with courage.

“Okay, I dare you to tell us who you’re in love with currently,” Jessica winked at the tall blonde.

“Um.. Okay I have to say it, don’t I? He’s a senior, brunette, cute–”

“We didn’t tell you to describe! Tell us who it is!” Stacie interrupted.

“Wha– fine. Sorry Beca.” Beca hummed a “hmm” and Aubrey continued to answer, “He’s Jesse.”

“What?!” The whole group asked astonishingly.

“Jesse.. Swanson,” Aubrey reiterated. “Beca’s boyfriend, look I feel bad, okay?” Aubrey turned to look at Beca who was absent-mindedly playing with her beer bottle.

“Umm.. It’s okay, really,” Beca told her.

“Oh really? You’re cool with it?” Beca just nodded and Aubrey smiled. “My turn.” Again, the bottle was once spun again and it pointed to the Aussie blonde. “Fat Amy, truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Amy said without an expression on her face.

“Why are you in love with Bumper?”

“Seriously Aubrey? I’m gonna finish you like a cheesecake,” Amy said while Aubrey laughed. “Okay; well he’s been there for me ever since the hood night. You might think that we’re enemies and all that but the truth is there’s something about him that makes me in love. I can’t explain it though. My turn.”

Amy spun the bottle and it landed on Chloe. Amy first smirked and made a silent evil laugh, “Red, truth or dare?”

“Dare,” Chloe answered without even thinking. Amy first glanced at Aubrey and Amy saw that Stacie was giggling and biting her mouth. Fat Amy knew Stacie knows about Bhloe too, and she knows that she ships them.

“Okay Chloe, I dare you to answer as honestly as possible these few questions I will give you,” Amy told the redhead.

“Sure,” Chloe answered while she laughed. Yep, she sure is pretty drunk.

“Great!” Amy exclaimed while Stacie was clapping she was clearly excited. “Aubrey, Stacie would you like to come join me and do the honors?”

“Absolutely,” Stacie answered and went to sit beside Fat Amy and Aubrey.

Beca was rolling her eyes knowing that Chloe reached her really honest side because of the alcohol.

“I’ll start asking,” Amy declared. “What’s your favorite color?”


Amy laughed a little. “What’s with the yellow cup? And why do you always bring it to every party? You know there’s some plastic cups for free in every party.”

“I don’t know my favorite color, maybe? It’s just my favorite cup, it’s just valuable to me.”

“We all know that’s not the reason,” Amy negated.

“Okay fine, the yellow cup is a symbol about someone. You know it’s just our thing. That’s it.”

“Okay then,” Amy said. “Next question, is there another reason of your intentional failing besides so you can stay with the Bellas?”

Chloe sighed like she was sober, “Yeah. There’s another reason.”

Amy put her hands on her mouth and looked at the two girls.

“Reason,” Fat Amy mouthed. “Singular of reasons. There’s only one reason.” The two girls gaped in shock and smirked.

“No shit, Sherlock,” Stacie muttered at Amy who just gave slight glare.

“Okay next question, Stacie can you do the honors?” Amy gave the floor to Stacie.

“Ginger, do you have a crush on someone?” Stacie asked to Chloe with her smirk glued to her mouth.


“Can you please describe your crush?” Aubrey asked.

“Attractive, funny, badass, sometimes can be rude or mean but really nice.”

The three girls widened their eyes with Chloe didn’t say any pronouns. She sure is smart when she’s drunk.

“Oh and has an amazing voice that can really turn you on,” Chloe added while Beca gaped a little.

The three girls smirked at each other, “Stacie?”

Stacie mumbled a small ‘Oh’ and asked Chloe, “Are you in love with your crush?”


“Since when?”

“Since my first senior year.”

Shit. The main informations are starting to come out. They already know who is it, it will come out eventually.

“Describe your crush’s physical features,” Amy asked.

“Mesmerizing dark blue eyes, brunette hair that is so beautiful, white porcelain skin, a really really pretty smile.”

Amy coughed at her answer, “Why are you in love with your crush?”

“I don’t know, my words can’t describe why I’m in love.”

“Okay then, would you like to spend the rest of your life with your crush?”

“Of course, I’ve never kissed my crush but I really want to. I haven’t even told her how I felt. I really want to tell her how I feel.”

The girls gasped as Chloe said the “her” pronoun. Fat Amy saw Beca hiding her face from blushing she clearly knows that Chloe’s in love with her.

“Okay, we’re going to the last questions, why did you decide to graduate this year?”

“Because you guys are graduating.”


“It’s the truth, Amy,” Chloe yawned.

“Last question,” Amy declared and jerked to look at Beca. “Beca, can you ask her the last question?”

Beca blinked not 1 time, not 2 times but 3 times. “What?”

“The last question,” Amy reiterated.

It took the small brunette a few moments to know what’s going on. Beca blushed deep red while she jerked her head and looked at Chloe, “Chloe, um, am I your crush?”

Chloe didn’t say anything for a moment later on she just looked down and nodded.

“I-I,” Beca started but the words couldn’t come out right. “I love you too.” Beca smiled at Chloe and pulled her into a tight embrace.

“I KNEW IT!” Amy exclaimed while she clapped her hands in triumph. “Bhloe! Bhloe! Bhloe!”

The whole Bellas laughed and chanted with Amy. “Now Beca kiss the crap out her drunk ass!” Stacie shouted and snickered.

“Kiss her! Kiss her!” The chants were already bringing the house down and Beca was glaring, eventually started to laugh.

“Fine! Fine!” Beca screamed to put an end to the chants as the World Champions smiled and went all giddy.

“Um - Chlo, can I kiss you?” Beca queried for permission. Chloe didn’t speak anything instead she beamed and nodded. “Okay um..” Beca leaned in and hesitated, she can feel the redhead’s lingering breath reeking of the alcohol giving her goosebumps. The redhead closed the gap and pressed her lips onto the short brunette, letting it brush off first. Beca seemed shocked when she expected it anyway, she pushed away her thoughts and positioned her hands on her waist, kissing her back tenderly.

“WE DID IT GUYS!!” Fat Amy whooped, making the Bellas whoop too - others were cooing and shouting “You guys are so aca-adorable!!”

The two women pulled away eventually and smiled at each other. “Hey Beca.”

Beca hummed in response, “What is it, Chlo?”

“You know, I’m really not drunk,” she winked and snickered.

“That’s even better,” Beca beamed and gave another kiss to the redhead. Who knew Truth or Dare can always be so convenient?

I have to thank him.
Yes, thank him because when I finished the high school my brain was confused about university choices. I was undecided whether to continue studying or find a decent job for me…
When I was 8 I met the mother’s cousin who works in a hospital as a cardiologist and he described the work in the hospital and every detail. I heard a little what he said and I fell in love with the medicine.
When I was in fourth grade I made a request to participate in a week by registered future of medicine, they have accepted. While this frequency I’m still in love medicine: respiratory functions, the brain the most important organ, disease, etc …
I did the entrance exam. I thought I had it made, but no. I failed.
I said: “Okay, I’m in fourth. Next year I will give my best. ”
This year, in September, I did it for the second time the test of Medicine. Yet I failed.
I gave up but I never stopped loving Medicine.
Only a month ago when I had another chance to sustain it again, two weeks after the test I studied hard, day and night, in order to obtain the admission.
In the end I did it. And I entered the university of my dreams.
But why “Thank you” to him?
Yes, because the first time I saw him, Sabaody Archipelago, I didn’t even know that he was a doctor. He gave me the courage to carry on and face the entrance test.
When I saw him again at Punk Hazard and Dressrosa, still he gave me the courage to retake the entrance test without fear. And thanks to him that I am frequenting the University of Medicine.
Thank you, Trafalgar Law!  ♥♥
Without you I wouldn’t have done.

ARTIST:  マツバキ
PIXIV: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=4344837