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Loving You - love triangle!Mingyu and Seungkwan scenario

Request: Mingyu and Seungkwan both crushing on yn

Word Count: 1391

A/N: ANONIE I’M SORRY IF THIS SUCKS I’M NOT GOOD AT LOVE TRIANGLES BUT I DID MY VERY BEST!! I was looking for a mingyu and seungkwan gif but all tumblr gave me was other members asfgjkl tumblr pls. But I just used this because it’s sooooo pretty!!!! I drew inspiration from “The Lady or The Tiger” (it’s a short story) because I didn’t know how to end it :“( I’m sorry guys. Oh but if y'all want me to make the 3 different endings (one for seungkwan, one for mingyu, and one for someone else) then send an ask or leave a comment!! Just let me know and I’ll do it :> Thank you for reading this long ass bs!! -Clar

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Love is a fickle thing. People can fall in love at first sight and fall out of love just as quickly. You never know when it hits you but when it does, it hits you hard. You could fall in love with the most unexpected people; a stranger, a friend, someone you’ve never even met, or maybe even someone else’s love.

To Mingyu, falling in love with you was the best and worst thing that has ever happened to him.

"I love her,” Seungkwan confessed to him one night. Ever since then, the little butterflies that he got whenever he saw you was completely ignored. Giddy feelings that were aroused whenever you were near him were suppressed. He wasn’t ready to betray him like that; it was difficult.

But giving you up was just as hard.

“Hey (y/n),” you turned around, raising an eyebrow at him expectantly. Mingyu was cooking when you entered to grab a drink and you decided to sit down to keep him company. Once you turned around you saw him flinch, biting his lip and looking down, “would you mind tasting this?” You instantly agree, walking up to him and asking for another spoon. He grabs one, scooping up some soup before bringing it to your mouth. You gave him a look before reluctantly opening your mouth.

The happy look you had when you tasted it made him want to embrace you right there and then. As much as he wanted to; he couldn’t. You proceeded to compliment his dish, asking him if he could teach you sometime. He gladly agreed, nodding eagerly as he encouraged you to come to him anytime. Once you left, it felt like Mingyu could breathe again. The ongoing conflict inside of him just wasn’t ending any time soon. Tell me, was betraying someone worth it?

Seungkwan was busy writing a song. Your birthday was coming up and he wanted it to be special. Every day, every night, he’d spend hours on end to think of lyrics that an angel like you deserved. He’d write the millions of things he loved about you and drew inspiration from them. On some days his pen would smoothly glide across the paper, and on other days it would come to a screeching stop. Writing a whole song sounded easy but it never really is. He’d sometimes test out beats and melodies until he got more inspiration for his lyrics. Endlessly worrying about whether he’d make it in time or not, he spent many sleepless nights tossing and turning until dawn came and he was still awake. Were you worth all this?

The things they’ve sacrificed with you in mind were matters that only people who knew love could understand. No matter how much they wanted to reach out to you, it was frightening. Will they ever get to you? They bided their time, unsure of when to make the first move. The constant torment of yearning and not being able to be with you was excruciating misery.

Loving you was pain.

Time flew by pretty quickly and your birthday came. They all greeted you and spent the whole day celebrating. The two boys were both anxious yet at the same time so excited. Seungkwan clutched sheets of paper close to his chest, taking deep breaths as his hands trembled. Mingyu excused himself and hurried to the kitchen. He didn’t come back even though they had started singing.

“아름다운 그대에게 (To the beautiful you),” the soft low note started off the song Seungkwan made for you. The smile you had and the tears of joy that filled your eyes made all those sleepless nights feel insignificant. You embraced him warmly, telling him you loved the song. Your thank you gave him the same happiness as a groom would have upon hearing his lovely bride say, “I do.” Honestly, you were worth all of it and so much more.

Mingyu rushed out of the kitchen, holding a big round cake with flowers and candles on it. There was a dedication written in chocolate saying: “Happy birthday (y/n)! We love you!” He watched as you blew out the candles and took the first bite.

It was soft and moist, practically melting in your mouth. The sweetness of the custard and the fluffy vanilla sponge complimented each other, blending well with the milky chocolate that was glazed over the whole thing. You hummed in ecstacy, “Mingyu this is great!” He simply smiled in response. He couldn’t forget the look on your face, enjoying the cake he perfected just for you. One look at you and he was in the clouds.

Loving you was happiness.

The party was all fun and games but the two boys only thought of you, the hug, and the “thank you” you gave them. Loud cheers and laughter filled the room yet they remained undisturbed by it. Confetti started to collect on them, but neither minded.

Mingyu couldn’t stop thinking about how Seungkwan would feel if he confessed to you. It suddenly didn’t matter as much. You were more important; as if he could just forget about everything and run to you. He was took a sip of water, promising to himself that he’d tell you everything tomorrow.

Loving you was driving him insane.

Seungkwan sighed, contemplating his feelings for you. He felt determined to tell you everything, he wanted to know. The way you smiled at him and simply everything about you made him feel like maybe, just maybe, you could fall in love with him too. He had to tell you tomorrow.

But he wouldn’t have it any other way.

You sat beside your best friend Wonwoo in the library, at the usual table in the corner of the room. He was talking about a book when his phone vibrated, cutting him off mid-sentence. His lips curved into a knowing smile as his thumbs began pressing on keys to type up a short reply. “Let’s leave,” Wonwoo abruptly stood up and nudged you before he began to walk. You trotted behind him, hugging your bag close to your chest as you had no time to fix it, “why so suddenly?” He chuckled, opening the door for you. Behind the door was the boy that made your heart beat faster, standing on the lowest step of the staircase. Your eyes met but you averted your gaze. A small blush formed on your cheeks.

“Someone needs to talk to you,” Wonwoo exhanges looks with him before bidding the two of you goodbye.

You were left alone with him, on the staircase. Looking up, you noticed that the sky was painted in a calming light grey color that covered the pretty blue morning sky that greeted you on the way to the library. The weather was chilly, with the occasional strong breeze that would bring hair into your mouth. The boy’s chest subtly heaved up and down with his mouth slightly parted. He looked like he just ran a marathon just to get here.

“(Y/n),” he chuckled, “I ran all the way here.” He got closer and closer until your lips were millimeters away. His breath was hot and all over your face. The boy’s eyes were just as warm as his breath, taking in your face up close. He smiled, brushing a strand of hair away from your mouth, “hey.” You were caught off guard when he suddenly whispers into your ear, “I have to tell you something and I want you to answer me honestly, okay?”

You nod, “of course.”

He took a deep breath and looked at you straight into your eyes, “I love you,” his voice sounded so serious and confident you weren’t sure if this was the same man you knew. “I love you so much,” his lips tugged into a small smile, “loving you is the best thing I’ve ever done.” You only stared at him, eyes wider than usual.

“So,” he looked at you anticipatingly, “what do you think?” He bit his lip, the confidence he had slowly crumbled away. “Honestly?” you asked in a small voice, looking up at him. He tilts his head and shrugs, “well,” his voice was shaky, “yeah.”

You pulled him closer until your lips met. You felt his lips curve up into a smile against yours; he got his answer.

So, who confessed?