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You should do a ghost!Laurens thing.

Philip’s fingers roamed the ivory keys, creating a familiar melody that echoed through the large room. He knew the song well and didn’t need to look at his music to play it, so he let his eyes drift closed. He jumped in shock when he felt a weight over his shoulder, it was almost as if someone was touching him but… not. He stopped playing and looked around. When he found nothing out of the ordinary near by, he brushed his shoulder off and returned his attention to the piano. He felt the weight again. A murmuring, wailing, perhaps even could be described as a moan, in any case it was a sound that penetrated the comfortable melody and it was completely out of the ordinary. 

“What?” He muttered to himself.

“I said, ‘that sounds nice’!” A voice returned, it was hoarse and resembled in sound to when someone blew bubbles into a glass of water through a straw. “I’m sorry,” It spoke again, “I haven’t said anything to anyone in a while.” Philip squinted at a sort of shimmering that had appeared next to him, he began to notice more distinguished features- a freckled nose, a curly ponytail, a military uniform that Philip recognized from the depths of his fathers closet. Philip remembered how his father would tear up whenever he tried to ask about it, something about that uniform would strike a sort of sadness into him that nothing else could. Philip watched as the figure scratched the back of its neck nervously.

“Oh my god.” He jumped up from the piano bench, it’s legs scraping across the floor.

“Don’t be scared!” The human-esque shimmering said urgently. “I’m not going to hurt you… I couldn’t if I wanted to.” Philip scanned the figure, more of its features becoming clear, most prominently a glimmering smile.

“I’m not scared.” Philip said, straightening his posture and puffing out his chest. The figure chuckled,

“You’re just like your father.” It said, “I’m John by the way. John Laurens.”

“Umm… Philip.”

“I’m a ghost. In case you were wondering. I didn’t die in this uniform, but in most of my best memories I was in it, I was shot in a gunfight in South Carolina,” John poked his side where he remembered being shot, “ouch! Anyway, that’s about all you need to know. Questions?”

“You-You knew my dad?” Philip asked,

“He didn’t ever mention me?” John questioned, looking a little hurt. 

“He doesn’t like to tell stories about the war.” Philip said.

“Really? That man thrived on the war when I was with him.” John shook his head sentimentally. “Maybe something happened after I died.” He wondered aloud,

“Or maybe,” Philip started, contemplating the thought himself, “Maybe what happened was that you died… Were you two close?”

“We were closer than close.” John smiled, remembering his best moments with Alexander, “I still can’t believe he never talked about me.”

“I think it makes him too sad.” Philip’s brow furrowed, in deep thought, he was beginning to warm up to this ghost. “I used to ask him about his uniform” Philip pointed to John’s jacket, “when I was younger, but he’d always tear up.” John raised his eyebrows, “Here, come with me.” Philip walked to the door, gesturing for John to follow him. 

Alexander sat at his desk, consumed in his writing, spectacles balanced on his nose. “Dad?” Philip poked his head into the door frame, 

“Yes?” Alexander put down his quill and looked up at his son. Philip waited as John walked into the doorway next to him. Laurens grinned widely, doing nothing to stop the full laughter that bubbled up from his chest,

“Alex!” He said.

“Did you want to speak to me?” Alexander asked, eyes still focused on Philip. 

“You can’t see him?” Philip said, taken aback.

“See who? Philip are you alright?” Alexander said, worry etching into his voice as he got up to press a hand to Philip’s forehead.

“No. Dad, nevermind. I’m fine.” Philip swatted his father’s hand away and glanced at John, who’s smile was now a heartbroken frown. Philip tried to place a hand on his arm comfortingly but found that it only glided through and caused a shiver to run up his arm. 


“You know I hate it when you call me ‘son’.” Philip rolled his eyes. However heartbroken he was, John couldn’t help from smiling at Philip’s words just like his father.

“You are my son.” Alexander said.

“Nevertheless, did you… did you know a man named John Laurens?” Philip asked. Alexander straightened and frowned. 

“John Laurens?” He prompted for clarification. Philip nodded.

“Yes.” Alexander said, “We fought in the war together… it could be said that um… that I loved him.”

“I love you too.” John whispered from beside Philip.

“He died right after you were born.” Alexander looked to the floor, working to hold back a flood of tears.

“Loved him like…?”

“Yes.” Alexander said after a moment’s contemplation. Philip raised his eyebrows in shock and turned to look at John, who was staring at Alexander with tears in his own eyes. “Well, why do you ask?”

“Umm… no reason, I’m going to go back to the piano.” Philip said quickly.

“Philip, where did you hear that name?” Alexander asked, more insistent.

“Um, mom mentioned him.” Philip lied, “Briefly.”

“Oh.” Alexander added quietly. Philip turned and walked back toward the door down the hall. John took one last look at Alexander before finally following him. 

okay, now that i’m actually on a computer, time for some highlights from my show (11/3/17) bc fuck yeah !~

  • i didn’t really know any songs by jaden smith except for like one bc i’m a fool who didn’t properly prepare for the openers, but bOI DID HE GIVE IT HIS ALL. 
  • he genuinely would be an a+ hype man for everyone 
  • he also mentioned pete like in between every song and if that’s not a mood idk what is
  • blackbear was uhhhh interesting. like i was feeling it, but tbh i’d probably never go to one of his concerts 
  • his saxophonist tho…. that’s another story. that man was SUPER talented
  • the wave fob had on screen before they came on was actually really pretty and when the timer went off and it started moving.. that was lit af
  • joe was actually moving around A LOT. like my friend was complaining bc she couldn’t get a good pic of him bc he was constantly running around the stage and up and down the catwalk
  • YOUNG AND MENACE ON THE PIANO WAS BEAUTIFUL. like @ fob pls for the love of god release a studio version of that at some point. PLEASE.
  • the floating stages were really lit tbh. i didn’t expect them to go up that high, but they were literally right beside on the floor, so obviously it was a magical experience
  • joe looked right at us while he was up on the floating stage !! we made a connection i can feel it in my bones 
  • when fob moved over to the floating stages jaden i guess moved with them, cause he was chilling in the sound booth area thingy and i waved at him and he smiled and waved back !! so that was cool
  • EXPENSIVE MISTAKES !! i had yet to listen to it, bc i wanted it to be a surprise at the concert, and it was really good !! i couldn’t understand some of the lyrics, but i’m sure it’s going to be a full blown bop on the studio version.
  • pete tripped over his feet and almost fell. that’s it.
  • pete also almost got dragged into the crowd during saturday, and the security guy had to physically yank him back.
  • my mom was constantly cooing over joe bc of how he ran down the catwalk and did his weird little head flingy thing, bc she thought he was gonna fall or some shit.
  • they were all so happy and smiley !! and patrick was actually hopping up and down the catwalk a lot more than I thought he would throughout the entirety of the show !!
  • while waiting on fob to come back for the encore, jaden was super chill and took pictures with everyone. unfortunately, i couldn’t get over there in time :(( 
City of Bones re-watch with my cousin who just finished watching the first season of Shadowhunters

My cousin’s thoughts in which I am recording

-”Simon is cool”

-”Are they supposed to be 16?”

-”Isn’t Clary’s hair supposed to be red?”

-”Jace is……interesting”

-The reveal of the mortal cup in the card-”That’s too early”

-”Simon has a nice guy vibe. I’m not sure if I like it”

-”Why do they have British accents? Aren’t they from New York???”

-”Is that guy Alec? He looks 30″

-”Why is Hodge so old? Isn’t he supposed to be the same age as Jocelyn and Luke?”

-”Shh…You’ll awake the dead. lol”

-”Did Alec just call his sister a slut?”

-”I like show Magnus way more.”

-”Why isn’t he wearing pants?”

-”Why haven’t they mentioned the bond between Jace and Alec?”

-”Where is Raphael? and Camille?”

-”Yeah, right. She falls on him. Clace on the show is so much more believable and organic.”

-In response to movie Alec pushing Clary against the wall ”Ew…why is Alec so aggressive?”

-The Jace piano scene “this is too Twilight-y to me. Well that escalated quickly”

-”Can they feed this kid?” (her words not mine)

-The portal scene “Wtf?”

-”I like how the show gives reasons for the events, but in the movie it just looks like things just happen just because.”

-The falcon story “I like how Jace used it to help her make a hard decision on the show. The story came out of nowhere in this movie”

-The kiss “this is so cliche”

-”Why does Simon act as if Clary owes him something?”

-When Simon draws demon horns on Clary’s sketch of Jace “That’s funny.”

-The Clary reveal of her abilities “I like the biscotti  better”

-Jace’s shirtless scene “Please put a shirt back on, no offense”

-”Why is Jace acting so defensive at Clary? They literally got together?”

-”The piano demon thingy is cool.”

-”One thing I can give the movie, is that effects are better and so are the prosthetic. But, that’s understandable because they have a bigger budget. But, the show does a pretty good job.”

-”Oh the Hodge betrayal! It doesn’t mean anything in the movie, since we didn’t see his relationship with the Lightwoods.”

-”That’s supposed to be Valentine? What the fuck. Why does he look like a pirate?”

-”Ew…he’s so creepy (Valentine).”

-”Why is her mouth (Clary’s) always open?”

-”Why does Luke have an irish accent?”

-”Why does Magnus look like the grim reaper with that cloak?”

-”I feel like the Malec connection isnt’ there in the movie.They should have had more scenes”

-”Where is the brother sister connection? They should have shown more parabatai bond and Lightwood sibling love”

-”Why is Jocelyn in the institute? Did Valentine try to play dress up with her ?”(Jocelyn wearing a white dress)

-”What’s wrong with her?The music in this scene is way too epic for the scene. How did she even know about the ability?”(When Clary draws a rune on her hand)

-”What does this girl think she’s going to do?”(When Clary puts a knife to Valentine’s throat)

-”This is an awkward scene. I don’t really care that they’re brother and sister. It didn’t have any emotional impact” (The brother sister reveal scene)

-”That was a stupid ending.”

-”Wait, what ever happened to Alec? He was barely in the movie.”

-”I like the show better.”

Okay guys. That’s the end of my cousin’s first watch of the Mortal Instruments: City Bones. Hope you liked her commentary! I sure did.

Several of my friends ship me with one of the boys in my grade. We had our first dance of the year last night. All day yesterday, the one friend who ships it most was basically flirting with him for me, even though I don’t actually like him. It was hilarious. First she goes up to him and just says, 

“So ElRoy, huh,”

And @happylittlefranta chimes in,

“What a gal!”

Then at lunch I think he said he played piano for several years, so she says,

“You know who plays piano, ElRoy.”

It is at this point that I would like to mention that I took piano for a year in third grade and was awful at it. So we get to the dance, and apparently she has managed to get nearly all of my friends to ship it too. Any time a slow song came on they’d give me updates,

“He isn’t dancing with anyone right now.”

“You should ask him.”

“I really want you to dance with him!”

“I think he’s coming over here.”

Granted, if he did ask, I would have said yes, because we’re friends and it’s nice to be asked. But I don’t like him, so I had no desire to do the asking. Long story short, I didn’t get asked to dance, but, my friend has a new OTP…..involving me…..