i did lots of stuff yesterday


I missed WiW. So Thursday it is.

Highlights: Did my workout everyday except yesterday. Went to the walking track 1 time.

Lowlights: inconsistent eating. Gained 2 pounds.

Last week was Aars week off and it was quickly filled with things that I wait for him to do. A lot more stuff down at his work space. Cassidy had a clusterfeed day and we didn’t leave the house. We cooked a few times together at home. We had a meatless dinner meal and a carbless dinner meal.

I’ve been defaulting HARD to cereal for snacks/meals. I gotta lay off that a little.

The weather went from super nice and melty to super cold to not so cold but icy to snowing and now slushy and icy. So running is a bit premature for now. But I’m dreaming about it.

Today I am having a pretty good day meal wise right now. Salad and smoothie and sandwich so far. I did yesterday’s workout and then day 9 because day 8 is a rest day. The 80 second long arm plank is the worst.

Cassidy is having the longest afternoon nap ever. And this morning too. I’ve gotten so much tidying up done. And ate my lunch unrushed. This is awesome. I actually feel guilty typing this up as she sleeps lol. Like… I should make my bed or do more laundry or something… OK I gtg.

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i tried to blacklist everything that could lead me to see any spoilers....but it's pretty damn impossible, so fuck it! are you up for a recap of the evening? :)

ok ok ok i’ll rise to this challenge *adjust glasses*

It all started yesterday with blurry pics of shooting of the new season at Nissen with the girl gang, followed by rumours that some people saw Iman shooting stuff on her own (and since each season is from the POV of one character and they’re the only one to have screen time alone, that would mean Sana is main).
I don’t have links to the pics since I did not reblog them but they should be easy to find.
Now this news got a lot of people super excited, a lot super bummed, and a few islamophobes to send some anon hate around.
And some cute af headcanons and metas like this one about the Bakkoush siblings!

Cut to today, 3 months exactly after the last clip of sesong 3 dropped, we were all minding our own business when it drops: a new Facebook profile was created for an unknown SKAM character who seems to have connections to Even and Mikael. Mari is friend with the account so it looks super legit. A few pictures are displayed publicly on said profile: we meet Yousef Acar.

Shortly after, a new Facebook profile for Sana is revealed. While we are all distracted by it the Yousef account turn private and we can’t access the pictures again (but we screenshot them sooooo). And just as I am typing this I discover the Sana profile has just been made entirely private. :o But here’s a screenshot of her profile pic.

Then, the most perfect anon ever points out to me that Mikael is in more than one picture with Yousef. I am forever grateful.

A few minutes after contemplating my new children, the gay suddenly hit me: Yousef and Mikael aren’t just guys being dudes!

Now, not sure what happened since you asked me this ‘cause I’ve been busy answering you but my post about Youkael has gotten a lot of attention and everyone is freaking out about Sana, Even, and Youkael.


aww, that was a really sweet episode (perfect for the season too!). Its so nice to not only have a new SU ep, but for it to bring all the Gems together (and Greg + a newbie)

Lots of cool stuff from this ep, finally meeting a member of Steven’s human family (which the crew hinted at at SDCC this year), learning that Universe isn’t Greg’s original last name, confirmation that Greg and Rose were never traditionally married (which is so funny because just yesterday I was looking at some old posts where we were discussing it and I was thinking “I wonder if the show will ever actually state it” and then pow, they did)

I think “Garnet says not to lick stuff I find on the ground” is one of my favorite lines, but Pearl’s “Since you love marriage so much, we thought ‘why don’t we all just marry each other!’” was pretty great. Also I love that birth, marriage, and death were the decorations they got because those are human things

Anyways, yes, really great episode! Very cute and sweet and just really what I needed right now. Thank you, SU <3

he’s quite the fighter

So the Hot Topic rant saga has finished.

I’ve been stressing out and checking the tracking all the time so I can catch when the package was out for delivery. Went out for groceries yesterday and what’s sitting at the door when I get home? Yep. My Hot Topic order. 

The address on it was still missing the unit number for my house so how did it get to me? did I do all that worrying for no reason? turns out the only reason it actually got to the door is because I have so much stuff delivered already. Between online shopping and supplies for my business stuff I get A LOT delivered. I’m friends with pretty much every shipping company delivery person lol. Since this package was being delivered by Canada Post and I’ve had packages dropped off almost everyday for the past two weeks the delivery guy knew my name. So he didn’t even need to know the unit number. He’s even dropped off neighbours packages at my door before because he just saw the main address number and assumed it was for me again lol

so thank hell that I order so much and every postal person knows my address because otherwise I probably would not have gotten it and would then have had to deal with getting a refund from hot topic. I knew my online overspending would come in handy one day.

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1- Nickname: Dada (dont call me Daddy tho, I hate that)
2- Star sign: Scorpio
3- Height: 5ft ‘ 11inch
4- Time right now: 12:38am
5- Favorite music artist: (a lot)
6- Song stuck in your head: Dreaming of you by Salena
7- Last movie watched: Moone
8- Last TV show watched: Gordon Ramsey’s Cooking
9- What are you wearing right now: My Yesterday Clothes
10- When did you created your blog: January, tho i went and posted on February cuz I was still learning how the new tumblr worked, had a tumblr before. deleted it cuz itz full of shitpost XD
11- What kind of stuff do you post: Fanart, Art Tutorials, Original Content
12- Do you have any other blogs: Nope! I deleted it :DD
13- Do you get asks regularly: nah, i get them whenever i did something big and awesome tho. but its pretty lax on my end.
14- Why did you choose your URL: Its a server name from an MMORPG
15- Gender: Male
16- Hogwarts house: I wanted to be a Hufflepuff but Pottermore said i belong to sneks D:< (I still want to be a Hufflepuff)
17- Pokemon team: looks to me that I team skull
18- Favourite color: Blue, Green, Red, Black, White
19- Average hours of sleep: 9-10 hrs, but still tired
20- Lucky number: 7
21- Favourite character: Spyro, Coco Bandicoot, Tir McDohl, Brave Fencer Musashi, Ameterasu (Ookami), Steven Universe, Flowey the Flower (and a lot more)
22- How many blankets do you sleep with: 2, one for my head, and one for my body
23- Dream job: Making Art Commissions, Animator (on Cleanup), and aComic Book Artist ;A;
24- Following: 694, DAMN! this is a lot, (friends, artists, and friend artists)

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These days, I have a lot of thoughts,
These days, I have so much to tell you,
Every day, I dream about chocolate you! ♡ [insp.]

On the outcome of the election

I am not from the United States. I am not a political person. Actually, I avoid politics wherever I can, as much as possible. I don’t even watch the news much.

I did watch this trainwreck of an election. I stayed up all night yesterday at the edge of my seat, praying. And losing faith with every state that turned red.

Some of you might know that I’m from Germany. Some of you might not, well, now you do know.

Growing up in Germany means a lot of things, but in this context two things stand out to me in particular.

One, we know about Hitler. In my school career prior to university, I’ve had history units about Hitler, National Socialism, and the events leading up to World War II three times. I know people that sat through more. And it’s not just history classes. It’s classes about politics, classes about literature, classes about religion. Art, Science, music. You could go into any class, have a discussion about a completely unrelated subject, and still might end up talking about Hitler’s rise to power and World War II, that is how very much present that dark time still is on our minds. In general German kids are warned over and over again of the danger of racism, mindless following, and we are taught the importance of tolerance and integration of other culture. Of course, there are exceptions, there will always be people who will discriminate others to make themselves feel more powerful or reasons like that. I know that racism is still a huge problem in my country.

But the thing is, the people in charge of the country work against that. They tell us over and over again that we cannot let xenophobia rule us. Our schools attempt to teach us the same thing. They make an effort to discipline bullying and racism. There are awards for schools with names like “School without racism, school with courage”.

The results of yesterday’s vote lead me to believe that that is not the case in the United States, or if it is, it will not be for very much longer. Donald Trump has proven himself to be racist, mysoginistic, xenophobic, and a lot of things more. You’ve heard them all before from people smarter and more knowledgeable than me, I don’t need to repeat them.

My point is, a man in power openly discriminating against ethnical and/or religious groups? A man that has already talked about throwing political opposition into prison? That is bad, and I’m fucking terrified.

Everyone has the right to vote whom they choose. Everyone has the freedom of opinion. I won’t attack or judge anyone for voting someone I do not agree with - if you did so with the full knowledge of the situation and can look into a mirror knowing the full consequences of your decision. Not if you did so because “everyone voted Clinton/Trump” or “Trump is a funny guy” (he’s not) or “I dislike both Clinton and Trump, I’ll just vote third party so I don’t have to decide”.

I do not condemn anyone for choices that they may have valid reasons for. But Donald Trump should not be handed the reigns of a country.

Did you know, Adolf Hitler wanted to be an artist? He was rejected by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna twice. He lived in a shelter for the homeless and earned money drawing and selling pictures before he eventually got into politics.

Hitler should not have become the leader of a country either.

Trump is not Hitler, he has neither the strategic ability nor the intelligence, he does not have a plan, nor does he get people the way Hitler did. But the similarities that are there, his intentions, the way people follow him? I repeat, I am fucking terrified.

The second thing about growing up in Germany is, we know about walls. We had a wall manned with soldiers and equipped with spring guns goint through our country like a very ugly scar for decades. I grew up with stories of brave people dying because they wanted to leave so badly that they didn’t care about the danger. Of people spending years of their life to dig tunnels, or building curious flight machines that they had no way of testing but used anyway. Of brave people risking everything to smuggle others out.

Walls separate places and keep people apart, but they do not change people or their hearts.

Donald Trump wants to build a wall. I was born a few years after the Berlin Wall fell, but it still feels like a punch to the gut, and I know I’m not the only one feeling that way. To me, Trump declaring to build a wall? It’s personal.

And I’ve seen a lot of things hitting my dash today. Of people questioning what the United States have become, of them doubting if they still have a place in their country. And I ask myself, how long will it be until the wall Trump wants to build serves to keep people in rather than out? How long will it be until he forces people to live as he thinks they should or suffer the consequences? Will he have his own form of the Gestapo or Stasi? Will he allow for people to be thrown into prison without trial, will he turn neighbours, family, and friends to spying on each other?

Will he start a war?

I don’t want to see my country’s past become the United States’ present. I don’t want people to die. I don’t want Tuesday to have happened.

If I’ve understood correctly, then Trump isn’t president yet, and won’t be until after the Electoral College has voted. I will cling to the hope that the outcome of that will be different than yesterday’s vote.


used my built-up coins to buy Genji’s new highlight yesterday (because I make wise use of my fake video game money) and the very next game I got a potg with him \o/ it wasn’t much of one (and it glitched out a bit because apparently the potg system doesn’t like the new halloween stuff rn, haha) but idk I was still sort of proud, haha. anyway a distant sequel of sorts I guess to the doodle from yesterday, w/ modern Genji having fucked up his pumpkin highlight intro somehow (guest-starring Jesse, because (missing Jesse’s hat because it hid his face))

also Mei! (and Snowball!) because I’ve been wanting to draw her, and because I wound up playing her a lot last night and I think I did pretty well? \o/ and I got her cute spray achievement! :D


Gradblr Challenge Day #16:

Still sick. The sinus pressure isn’t as bad, but now I have a runny nose and hacking cough. I’m starting to accept that I’ll just be sick my first few days in Portland. I also have meetings tomorrow, so I can’t rest all day like I’d prefer. I did sleep a lot again today, though. However, I did have to get some stuff done. I read the packet for the WS mag. meeting that’s tomorrow, and have gathered all my SAC internship papers together to turn in while I’m on campus tomorrow. I just need to type up my end of quarter statement (which is a new requirement as of yesterday). I probably should do my hand-wash laundry tonight, too, so I can pack pretty quickly tomorrow night.

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silver please remind me in which world you think you don't draw a lot? you literally posted 50+ things yesterday, i wake up seeing new stuff!!

In the real world I don’t draw enough, im slow, i get distracted, I jump into another stuff—

oi, that 50+ stuff was a exageration, there is no way I did that, thats too much and I do so little……. i did fill 5 pages of the blog though WHAT

guyyyyys i do not draw enough, right?

"You WILL be a girl for one day"

This is what my Dad said to me when I asked if I could wear a suit/tux to my one and only prom.
He booked me to have my nails done (they are bloody uncomfortable and real inconvenient?) and got me a dress.
When I tried all of my prom stuff on yesterday, he said; “when you tried it on did you realise that you’re a girl called Amber, not a girl called Nick or some shit.”
And a voice in my head is telling me not to say anything and that I should be greatful. I know I haven’t come out to them yet, but each time I tried to, I remember Dad telling me that I WILL be a girl. That may not seem like much to some, but it knocked my confidence on coming out a lot.
Tomorrow should be a fun last day with the whole squad before Chloe goes off to college (Us other three are staying on at Sixth Form..) but instead, I’ll spend the evening uncomfortable and trying to handle dysphoria.
So this one goes out to all the Transboys being forced into dresses for Prom, because I’m sure I’m not the only one.


Footage of the Akatsuki no Yona stage play rehearsal at the EX THEATRE ROPPONGI that opened yesterday!

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Omg I'm so lucky!!! I met jo yesterday and I'm still hyped. He was the last one leaving the parking lot and there were only several fans left in front. I didn't really expect him to stop bc some people said he usually stops for kids before. But thanks to the lady next to me!!! She was holding a wcoh NA jersey!!! And he did stop and signed our stuff and took pics with me. And with extremely cute smile on his face!!!!!! I'm so blessed!!!!!

ANON THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! I’m so happy for you ahhhh, I’m so glad you got to meet him :) This is so cute, I know he doesn’t stop a lot but when he does everyone always says he’s the cutest and his smile is adorable. I’m really really happy for you my heart feel lighter :D


I had to use almost ALL MY REGULAR ENERGY to farm for that one upgrade, but it was totally worth it.  Gear farming is probably one of the most frustrating things because it can take ages, but I know that eventually I’ll catch my characters up and I’ll amass a good stockpile for the new characters I get, it’s just slow in the meantime.

I went up another level, so I’m at 37 now, which means I can start doing more things (I’ve been able to do a lot of the Challenges now, which helps in getting extra credits and gear) but I can’t do the higher tier stuff, so I can activate Hera, but I can’t get those extra shards for her because that third match is way above what I can do.

Old Ben farming continues as well!  I have about 5 more shards than I did before, which is about half of what I picked up yesterday, but it’s still at least progress.  The question is:  Do I keep farming to upgrade  him once I get him OR switch to getting Ahsoka?


I really did NOT feel like working out tonight. I didn’t workout yesterday because I had cramps (from time of the month) and today felt worse..

BUT.. came home and put my workout clothes on and went to the gym anyways thinking that I’ll feel better afterwards.

And guess what? I did.

Ran 2 miles, cooled down. Total of 30 minutes o the treadmill. Then did lots of strength stuff since the gym was all mine.

Sometimes ya gotta just do it even when you don’t want to.

cool thing i just did: noticed i was feeling weird, realized the weird feeling was due to being hungry, made some food, and ate the food!
guys im getting really good at this “basic necessities of being human” thing


Tuesday crazies are out in full force! What the hell happened? I went to bed last night and we had all said our peace and made peace and were basking in the glow of amazing pictures! It turned out to be a great day with lots of great stuff including photos, interviews, periscopes, a closer look at Med (did I mention yesterday how freaking excited I am!!) and most importantly: the renewal of two awesome shows that none of us want to live without… (And adding a third to that in a week baby!) We get another season to laugh, cry, complain and celebrate together. Oh and most importantly drool over these amazing men (and all the other amazing men/women on these shows not playing favourites here) Come on peeps, quiet the negative anons that like to divide us. We have lots to come together over!!!