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what did the fan accounts say omg

Anon: Could u perhaps want to share the torture with us 👀?             

Lots of stuff went down because they were filming for, I guess nearly 24 hours yesterday? It was pretty wild and extremely difficult for everybody.

But some of my favorite highlights include (spoilers!):

  • KM just giggling and playing all throughout the day together.  Skinship. Skinship everywhere. Jimin poking Kook in the chest, stuff like that. (Lots of people reported on this, even the non-shippers, so it probably isn’t too hard to find if you want to read all the tiny details for yourself.)
  • Kook went to Jimin immediately when he heard they needed to be paired up for an event.
  • They did couple poses, took pictures, etc. You’ve probably already seen some of them.
  • KM won. They had a post-victory interview. JK said things that were very JK-like.
  • Jimin shouting “Jungkook-oppa!”
  • JK gathered a lot of confetti (or flower petals??) and just… gently placed it on Jimin’s head.

I’m sure there is more but those are just off the top of my head. I think they’re gonna air the couple/team segment. The rest, we’ll see.

Helping Hand

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id like to request something since i just love your fics and i need more steve in my life! ive had this idea like the readers with billy but he doesnt treat her right (typical billy stuff) and steve tries to help her and they fall for each other.. i dunno i just need steve fluff! haha so if you like that idea and it inspires you somehow id love to read it! have a lovely day ❤

Pairing: Steve x Reader, slight Billy x Reader

Warnings: Swears, Billy being a terrible person

A/N: I went a bit overboard… The title doesn’t fully make sense either but oh well..


Originally posted by lightgamble

“What did you say you little shit?”

“Billy…” Y/N flinched, as he tightened his grip on her wrist.

“No one tells me what to do. You hear?” Billy yanked her close, searching her face angrily.

“Billy, please.” Y/N pleaded. 


Y/N held her face, clearly in pain from the slap.

No one.” Billy stalked off, leaving her there. Looking up, Y/N stared at the kids surrounding her now, in cautious concern. 

“You all should’ve left.” Y/N said weakly. 

“He hit you.” Max said furiously. 

“Max. Leave it. I can handle myself. Now listen. He leaves you guys alone already. Don’t go looking for more trouble with him. Okay?” Y/N raised her eyebrows at them, waiting for their reluctant nods.

“Thanks.” Mike added after a silence. But she walked away. Whether she heard him or not, they weren’t sure.

“Hey Nancy?”

Looking up from her homework, Nancy was startled to see her brother standing at her door. 

“Yeah? Mike, what is it?”

“Guys aren’t supposed to hit girls.. Right?” Mike slowly walked towards her bed awkwardly. 

“Well in my opinion, no one should be hitting anyone. Why? Mike, did something happen?” Nancy asked, concerned.

“I saw Billy hit Y/N today. We saw him picking on some kids and we tried to stop him. But he tried to turn to us and Y/N stood up for us. Then she got hit. Could you… Could you help her?” 

Nancy was surprised. “Help her?”


“Of course. I’ll help her. Don’t worry about it Mike.”

Nodding, Mike exited her room, leaving Nancy alone with her thoughts. 

What have I gotten myself into?

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he’s quite the fighter


Jace x Reader

Requested By  Anon

You span to face the final circle member and managed to knock him back, seeing that he was tiring you stepped in a little closer and tried to land a final blow.

“Hey!” You yelped when he tried to take out your legs. “Didn’t your mother teach you not to hit a pregnant lady.” You muttered, not realising Jace had stepped up to help you.

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i tried to blacklist everything that could lead me to see any spoilers....but it's pretty damn impossible, so fuck it! are you up for a recap of the evening? :)

ok ok ok i’ll rise to this challenge *adjust glasses*

It all started yesterday with blurry pics of shooting of the new season at Nissen with the girl gang, followed by rumours that some people saw Iman shooting stuff on her own (and since each season is from the POV of one character and they’re the only one to have screen time alone, that would mean Sana is main).
I don’t have links to the pics since I did not reblog them but they should be easy to find.
Now this news got a lot of people super excited, a lot super bummed, and a few islamophobes to send some anon hate around.
And some cute af headcanons and metas like this one about the Bakkoush siblings!

Cut to today, 3 months exactly after the last clip of sesong 3 dropped, we were all minding our own business when it drops: a new Facebook profile was created for an unknown SKAM character who seems to have connections to Even and Mikael. Mari is friend with the account so it looks super legit. A few pictures are displayed publicly on said profile: we meet Yousef Acar.

Shortly after, a new Facebook profile for Sana is revealed. While we are all distracted by it the Yousef account turn private and we can’t access the pictures again (but we screenshot them sooooo). And just as I am typing this I discover the Sana profile has just been made entirely private. :o But here’s a screenshot of her profile pic.

Then, the most perfect anon ever points out to me that Mikael is in more than one picture with Yousef. I am forever grateful.

A few minutes after contemplating my new children, the gay suddenly hit me: Yousef and Mikael aren’t just guys being dudes!

Now, not sure what happened since you asked me this ‘cause I’ve been busy answering you but my post about Youkael has gotten a lot of attention and everyone is freaking out about Sana, Even, and Youkael.


Things NOT to Say to Someone With PTSD/C-PTSD

***TW: Some graphic questions near the end of this post which are specific to CSA survivors are mentioned, please read with caution***

It can only get better from here. Working with someone who has this disorder can take years to even begin the recovery process. As much as it may come from a good place, it is very dismissive to say, especially when someone has opened up to you. 

Isn’t there someone you can see about this? Although this is true, not everyone has access to mental health services. Very few places, even in North America, have free mental health/crisis services that are available to the general public. 

You’ll only re-hash it if you keep talking about it. As much as someone who doesn’t have this disorder may perceive it that way, part of the healing process for both PTSD and C-PTSD is to talk about it. A lot of the times what will happen is, parts of your memory will come back that weren’t there post-trauma and you will want to tell someone you trust (if you’re ready to). That being said, not everyone who has either of these disorders will want to talk about it more than once (or ever).

If you keep getting night terrors/anger outbursts/emotional control issues/etc. you’re letting the perpetrator win!! This one is troubling because that in itself is victim blaming. What you’re saying is, “You’re not allowed to feel this way or have a bad day because of what someone else did.”

That happened so long ago, why does it even matter? Once again, this is a very dismissive thing to say. A lot of things, traumatic or not, happened a long time ago but still feel like they happened yesterday; this goes for just about everyone that I know. Reminiscing about a time when you were at your first school dance? Perhaps it was a fond memory that meant a lot to you. “Well why does it matter?” - Now you may be able to get the gist of why it’s insulting. 

Everyone has a story. Everyone has their own stuff going on. Okay. Yes, that is true. Every single human being on this planet has at some point been hurt, has their on b.s. or drama occurring. That’s not the point though. As much as I sound like a broken record, this.is.dismissive. Furthermore it erases the fact that the sufferer has been through something and chose to tell you in confidence. 

Your sickness doesn’t define you. Of course this is yet another thing that a lot of people will say when they don’t know what else to say. Let’s be real; we know that PTSD/C-PTSD doesn’t define the person with it, however, they do have to live and cope with it to the best of their abilities. No one will be functioning at 100% when they have to deal with that.

It could have been worse/there are those way worse off than you. I beg your pardon? A veteran’s trauma versus a natural disaster trauma should not be counted in oppression points. Fact of the matter is, the individual has PTSD/C-PTSD. It isn’t anybody’s business how you ended up with the disorder, let alone who has it worse

You need to forgive and forget the person/incident/event. It is not up to anyone but the person with the disorder to decide if they forgive the person that hurt them. Let alone forget them. 

You’re not pure/you’re damaged goods/you’re tainted because of what happened. If this is the case, perhaps you should re-evaluate your values as a person if you’re throwing someone under the bus for living through something traumatic. Also, I can’t even fathom what a lack of humanity one would have to say that to someone, especially a CSA survivor. Would you tell a soldier he/she/they were bad or dirty for being in combat? Would you tell a little girl under 12 years old that she’s “asking for it”? Didn’t think so. 

I mean…didn’t you enjoy it in some sort of way? That’s just our biology right? No. It was traumatic. Just because you somehow got along with the person who was the perpetrator does not mean that it is the victim/survivor’s fault. Chances are, if it was a traumatic event (especially when it’s a recurring thing) then it was not enjoyable. Not even a little bit.

Try to forget about it/Let go of it, it doesn’t exist anymore. It’s as if a lot of these well-meaning individuals seem to forget that PTSD/C-PTSD sufferers actually have awareness. Please note that some individuals are still living with the people or things that have caused this trauma. It’s one thing to know it doesn’t exist anymore, but it’s another when someone else is saying it to you as if you aren’t capable of thinking that thought already.

Why didn’t you talk about it when it happened? OR the alternative - Why has it taken you so long to talk about it? Very similar to victim-blaming; the questions have not-so-hidden implications that you’re lying about it. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that it’s not exactly social conversation to have - would you ring up your friends and talk about something traumatic that would make everyone uncomfortable? 

My friend went through something like that. They turned out fine, you will too!! That’s great and all, however, each trauma is different. It’s great to bounce back from PTSD/C-PTSD (or ANY mental health issue for that matter), but how does one know that their friend isn’t over it? A lot of people still suffer with any range of mental illness that appear to be “over it”.

Quit using PTSD/C-PTSD as an excuse. I think it’s safe to say that we’re at a point in time where a large majority of us acknowledge that there is being a not-so-pleasant individual, and then there’s having a mental illness. These are not mutually exclusive. 

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Imagine Steve gets deaged, and Tonys sarcasm and dry insults make it so kid Steve needs to stay away from him.

“You can’t be serious” Tony said.

Bucky looked very serious. “Just stay away from him, or I’m gonna punch your lights out.”

“It was humor, Manchurian Candidate. Just a joke.”

“Steve did not take it that way. He’s five. He takes everything seriously.”

“I thought kids like jokes.”

“You don’t joke. You use sarcasm. And you sarcastically said ‘Wow, you heading to a golf game? That’s a lot of plaid.’ It hurt his feelings.”

“It was a lot of plaid!” Tony groused. “Blue plaid shorts, and shirt. Who does that?”

Bucky shook his head. “Little kids just wear stuff that makes them happy. Yesterday, you said he looked like a flag.”

Tony crossed his arms. “He wore a striped red shirt, white socks and blue shorts and shoes. He was a flag.”

“I don’t care. Yesterday he moped. Today, you made him cry. Till this thing wears off, you do not go near him.” Bucky crossed his arms too, blocking Tony from even seeing into the room where Steve was playing leggos with Sam.

With his back to the door, Bucky didn’t see Steve dart towards him. He held a nerf gun, which he shot Bucky in the rear with four times before he dashed away yelling “I shot you in the butt! I shot you in the butt!” and giggling.

Turning, Bucky scowled. “That’s the thanks I get.”

Tony stood there, one eyebrow up, his face like a stone. “I’ll just go back to my workshop….”

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college! au with kuroo and oikawa where they are forced to partner up with the quiet girl in class and go over to her place to work on the project, saying “Do you really have this place all to yourself?”

This is lateee, i’m terrible 

Oikawa under the cut!


“And finally, Kuroo and (Name). The two of you will be partners for this project. Please take this time to get to know your partner and finish these projects by the end of the month for full points, otherwise, it’s a zero.”

You watched as the students all stood up to meet and greet their partners for the project, nervousness slowly getting to you. You were never too good with partners because of your shy demeanor.

Hearing a chair being pulled up next to you, you quickly turned your head to look at the tall black haired male making himself comfortable next to you before flashing you a smile, “I guess it’s you and me huh?”


A few weeks had passed and the progress of the science project the two of you were working on had made good progress. He’d put his ideas and input and you would put yours.

“You don’t talk a lot,” Kuroo states as he wrote down some information on a piece of paper while you watched him, “shy?” He looks up at you throw his lashes and a playful grin crosses his face as you give him a pursed smile, “Yeah, a little.”

“You’re really nice though and you have really good things to say, you should talk more.” He tries as he focuses back on the work on the table. Blush crawls on your cheeks as you place your hands in between your legs, leaning closer towards him to look at his work, “I don’t know, it’s hard too.”

Letting out a breath, Kuroo pulls away from his work and leans back against his chair, looking at you, “Well, we’re done for today. Any plans for the next work day?” Kuroo asks taking a sip of his drink.

“Well, if you don’t mind, we could work at my place so we can work on our project longer, I’ll provide food for us so you don’t need to worry about buying anything.” You suggest as Kuroo gives you a sly smile, “Same time and day next week then.”

A week had passed in the blink of an eye and you found yourself walking to your house with Kuroo close to your side, holding onto the straps of his backpack. Taking your key out, you opened the door for Kuroo and stepped aside to let him in first.

“Wow, do you really have this place all to yourself?” He asks as he turns around to face you as you close the door behind you. You give him a sheepish smile, “Well, yeah. It was my parents and they moved out and let me have the place. I work by myself to pay the bills though.” You inform as you set your stuff down on the floor before heading to the kitchen to find some snacks.

“Make yourself at home,” Kuroo nods at your words before taking a seat on your couch before setting his stuff down on the floor beside him.


Many hours had passed and Kuroo was finally packing up to go home, you helping him and walking him towards the door as he put his shoes on before turning to look at you, “If you don’t mind, maybe we could get lunch together? No project, just us getting to know each other?”

Kuroo looks at you with the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen him have and you couldn’t help but smile back and nod, “That sounds lovely.”

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Simon Lewis Appreciation Week
Day 5: Season 1 Simon or Season 2 Simon → Season 2

I did a lot of bad stuff this year. But I think I can move past it. I’m not gonna let it ruin my life.

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Headcanons for Aizawa/Present Mic/All Might with a child that skips school often, usually takes pieces of their costumes to look more like them, and they find out from a student that they skipped school to fight villains, even though they don't have any training?

-Ooh, this sounds cool! ✨-


  • Is pretty angry that they skip school
  • “You can’t be a good hero if you don’t have good education”
  • Will drag them back to school during lunch breaks
  • Doesn’t appreciate the fact that they take either pieces of his cloth ropes or brings their “hero costume” to school
  • “You’re not even in UA yet what’re you doing?”
  • One time he didn’t have time during lunch break
  • Just thought “eh whatever, they run off after I send them back to school, can’t hurt for today”
  • That was a giant mistake
  • He was talking to Tsuyu the next day
  • “Sensei, are they okay? I saw on the news that they skipped school yesterday to fight villains by themselves and they used your cloth ropes”
  • Being angry is an understatement
  • Aizawa looked like he could blast off into space with his only fuel being anger
  • Needless to say there was a lot of scolding


  • Doesn’t support it, but is more slack than Aizawa
  • “Back when I was your age, I did the same sometimes”
  • “Oh yeah was that when Thomas Edison created the light bulb”
  • Tries to convince them into going to school
  • “UA teaches lots of hard subjects too and really difficult stuff, you should stay in school if you want to be a hero”
  • Doesn’t really mind if they skip school too much because he ends up teaching what he teaches at UA to them
  • Was talking to some fellow students in 1A and realizes that they snuck out to fight villains
  • Using their Quirk
  • Cue Present Mic yelling “whAT” using his Quirk when they get back home


  • He’s a sad man
  • “Why don’t you want to go to school??”
  • Will actually stop teaching the class if he finds out that they sneaked out of school just to send them back
  • Doesn’t understand why they take their “hero costume” to school
  • “You know that if you want to even become a hero, you have to study hard, right??”
  • Is really, really disappointed when he learns from Midoriya that they went off to fight villains 
  • Probably can’t trust their child as much anymore

okay. so I’m not the BEST at keeping up with posting when I’m supposed to. But! I did get a bunch of stuff for my future set up regarding my studyblr and studygram so I’m pretty excited to start posting properly and taking proper pictures. I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and worked on my psych notes today. Definitely have a lot of stuff to finish up before Monday though 😅. Let’s wish the best to each other, loves!

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🌸 [ 4/100 ]

When the Beatles split Lennon used [Yesterday] to chastise his former partner in the lacerating ‘How Do You Sleep?’ “I felt deep pain,” McCartney says now. “Stick it in the jugular, why don’t you, John. The funny thing is later I heard that he didn’t write that line, that John, Allen Klein and Yoko were sitting round together and someone came up with that line. But it was very painful, a bad period, there was a lot of deep messages in all the stuff we did then. I was really writing a lot of songs to John.

Then I got this great story, in one of the last interviews John did, where he said this guy brought him a copy of 'Coming Up’ and he was, like, 'Bloody hell, Paul’s on to something – better go back to work.’ You better believe I love that story.”

—  Paul McCartney, Independent (Nov 15, 2001)
36 Questions

Summary: After a fight between Kylo and Rey on Ahch- To, Luke forces them to do an experiment to bond. [Or, the one in which Kylo and Rey (unknowingly) answer 36 questions to fall in love]
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 6,138
Additional Tags/Warnings: Implied smut, swearing

Read on A03

Rey liked to think she was a forgiving person. It was hard, but grudges were unnecessary and time-consuming. She would very much rather move on with her life instead of letting something fester in her heart.

But Rey’s lack of grudge would always leave something much larger: A sense of caution.

Kylo hadn’t spoken more than five words to her for nearly a week. She first brushed it off as moodiness, but his sharp replies to simple questions such as “What are you doing?” or “Will you grab that for me?” was starting to make Rey not only angry but a bit sad as well.

He had come to the island only three weeks ago, expected by neither Rey nor Luke. It hadn’t been a nice welcome, but he’d insisted he’d defected from The First Order for good, and Luke was somehow inclined to believe him. Rey wasn’t sure about the decision, but she decided not to question her master.

It didn’t take long for him and her to go from behaving right back to where they started—chilly and biting.

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Connected — Jung Hoseok (06)

Words: 2000+

Warnings: Internet best friend!Hoseok + fluff + more fluff

Description: Only two more days until you and Hoseok get to meet in person…are you ready?

[01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07]


You slowly opened your eyes.

The sun was shining brightly through your curtains.

You sat up and stretched before going to the bathroom and brushing your teeth.

When you walked out of the bathroom, Abby was walking out of her room.

“Oh, you’re up.” She says.

“Yeah.” You said, about to walk back to your room, but stopped when she spoke again.

“Did you see that picture Hoseok posted of you on Instagram? You guys are so cute, I swear to god.” She smiles.

“He posted a picture of me?” You asked. “Yeah, but don’t worry, you look cute.” She assures me.

“I’m gonna go look at it.” You tell her as you walked back into your room.  You sat on your bed and picked up your phone. Immediately going to Instagram, you saw that your notifications were blowing up. People were mentioning you and you had received a lot more followers.

You went to Hoseok’s account and saw that his most recent post was a picture of you that you had sent to him yesterday.

The caption read:

Look at this cutie 😍 I don’t know what I did to deserve her, but I’m glad I did it ❤️

You smiled and liked the picture. Hoseok is so adorable! People were commenting stuff like, “are you two dating?” And “this is so cute!”

Most of the comments made you happy, and you weren’t worried about the ones that didn’t.

It was currently 8 a.m, meaning that if you called Hoseok now, you’d get to him before he falls asleep.

You opened your laptop and quickly pressed Hoseok’s name so you could video chat him.

Your face lit up as you saw his face pop up on your screen.

“Y/n! Good morning, beautiful.” Hoseok smiled.

“Hey, Hobi.” You said, blushing. “How are you?”

“I’m fine. A little tired. These boys barely let me get any sleep anyways.” He chuckled.

“So…I saw that picture you posted of me.” You smiled. “You’re so adorable.”

“I know I am.” He says, running his fingers through his orange hair.

You playfully rolled your eyes at his ego.

“And I’ll show you just how adorable I am when I get there.” He adds. “Just two more days.” You tell him, smile on your face.

“It’s gonna be amazing. I can’t wait to see your beautiful face in person.” He says. “I can’t wait to see your handsome face in person.” You say, and Hoseok put his hands on his cheeks, blushing.

You two started talking about everything that you’d do when he gets to you. “The boys already booked some hotel rooms, so you don’t have to worry about where they’re going to sleep.” He informed me. “I’ll be staying with you, right?” He asks.

You nodded. “My parents will probably let you sleep in my room. They like you. A lot.”

“They’ll let me sleep in the same bed as you?” He asked with hope. “I’m not sure. I’ll have to see about that.” You say. “What happens if you can’t sleep in the same bed as me?”

“I’ll cry. I want to cuddle with you.” He said, wiping away fake tears, causing you to laugh. “I can’t wait to see you, y/n. I just want to be with you, and hug you so tight.”

You were about to say something until your bedroom door opened. You turned around to see your mom.

“Morning mom.” You greet her. “Morning mom.” Hoseok says, causing both you and your mom to giggle.

“Good morning, both of you.” Your mom smiles. “Y/n, we’re all going to get breakfast, you want to come?”

“Sure, let me just get dressed.” You tell her.

She nodded, and you thought she was gonna leave the room after that, but she stayed and closed the door.

“You know…” She starts. “With all of us together at breakfast, this would be the perfect time to tell your father that you and Hoseok are dating.”

“I thought you told your dad already.” Hoseok says. Your eyes widened. Hoseok is going to be so mad at you now.


“I hope you finished all of your homework.” Hoseok says as you laid down on your bed, phone held to your ear.

“Don’t worry, I did. My parents have been bugging me about school work lately. I’m still grounded from what happened before with Josh.” You sighed, looking up at the ceiling.

“They want you to pass all of your classes, don’t blame them for that.” He says.

“I know, I just—school stresses me out a lot.”

Hoseok sighed. “It’s okay, just do the best you can, baby. I know you’ll pass all your classes and graduate. You’re smart. Try not to stress yourself out.”

“I’ll try.” You say.

“Speaking of your parents, did you tell them about us? Do they know yet?”

“Uh—yeah, they know.” You lied. Only your mom knew. You didn’t tell your dad yet.

You felt like if you told him, he’d get mad or something. He got mad when you were dating Josh, maybe he’ll get mad because you’re  dating Hoseok.

“Did you tell both of them? Did they react well? I know your mom already loves me, but what did your dad say? Oh my gosh, does he hate me?” Hoseok asks, panicking.

“He doesn’t hate you.” You say.

“He doesn’t? Are you sure? I’m so worried that he doesn’t like me. Getting your dad’s approval would be like one of my greatest accomplishments.”

“I’m sure, Hoseok. My dad loves you, don’t worry about it.”


You were going to tell your dad, but you were scared of what his reaction was going to be.

Your dad likes Hoseok, you know that, but you were just scared that he wouldn’t like you dating him, so you didn’t tell him.

“You didn’t tell your dad about us?” Hoseok asks.

“Should I not have said that?” Your mom asks you.

“No, I’m glad you said it, Ms. y/l/n. It looks like Y/n and I need to have a talk about why lying is bad.” He says, smile still on his face.

“I’m gonna leave the room now.” Your mom says, leaving. You sighed and turned back to Hoseok, who wasn’t smiling anymore.

“I—” You started, but he cut you off.

“Why did you lie to me?” He asks.

“I’m sorry, Hoseok. I didn’t tell my dad yet. I’m just scared of his reaction.” You explained. He didn’t say anything, he just shook his head at you.

“You we’re so worried about getting his approval. I didn’t want to let you down.” You added.

“You didn’t have to lie, Y/n.”

“I’ll tell him today, if it makes you feel better.”

Hoseok nodded. “You better tell him. And don’t be afraid of his reaction. No matter what he says, everything will still be fine.”

“Okay.” You say. “I need to get dressed, so I’ll talk to you later.”

“Wait.” Hoseok says. “Don’t hang up yet. I still want to talk to you.”

You sat up on your bed. “But I have to get dressed. And you should get some sleep.”

“I don’t want sleep. I want you.” He says, causing you to blush. “Fine. I won’t hang up.” You say as you stood up.

“Yay!” He cheers, clapping his hands like a kid.

You went to your closet and picked out clothes before removing your old ones. You were aware that as you changed, Hoseok could still see you, but it didn’t bother you.

“Y/n-ah, you look so good.” Hoseok compliments. “Thanks. You don’t look too bad yourself.” You say, smiling.

“I can’t wait to see you like that in person.” He says, licking his lips. You raised your eyebrow as you slid your pants on. “What makes you think that you’ll see me half naked when you get here?”

“What makes you think that I wont?” He asked, with sass.

You laughed, putting on your shirt.

“You’re a lot of work, Jung Hoseok.”

“I know, but you love me anyways.”


“So…” You trailed off, watching as your family ate the lovely breakfast that was served to you guys.

No one said anything, they just kept eating.

“So….” You repeated, begging for attention.

“So…what?” Your father asks, finally looking at you.

“So..dad, have I ever told you how much I love you? Because I love you so much.” You say before sipping the orange juice that you had.

“You want something from me, don’t you?” He asks, knowing you very well.

“What?” You asked, pretending to be oblivious. “I don’t want anything.”

“Okay then.” He says, going back to eating. “But,” You started, causing him to sigh. “I knew it.” He mumbled.

“I have to tell you something, and I want your reaction to be good.” You admit.

“What is it?” He asks.

“You know Hoseok, right? Well, he and I are dating now.” You tell him.

Your dad looks at you, no reaction.

You, your mother, and Abby all sat, waiting for him to react, but he didn’t. He just started eating again. “Okay.” He says.

Your eyes widened at his response. “Okay? That’s all you have to say?” You ask.

“I mean, it wasn’t surprising. It was really obvious, actually. I was just waiting for you to finally admit it.” He says.

“So you knew already?”

“I didn’t know for sure, but I had a feeling.” He admits.

You were an idiot to be worried about telling your dad about you and Hoseok. If you would’ve known that he would react so well, you would’ve told him a long time ago.

You felt a heavy weight being lifted off your shoulders.

“Are we done talking about this now?” Your father asks.

“Not quite.” You say and he rolled his eyes, eating his food.

“I just want to make sure that everyone knows what’s gonna happen when Hoseok and the boys get here.” You said.

“We already know, Y/n.” Abby says.

You had told them this a lot of times, just so they would remember.

When the boys get here, you want everything to be perfect. You want them to love it here. You want them to have a good time.

“We’re gonna take them all to the backyard and have a barbecue.” Your mom says, repeating what you had told her days ago.

You came up with that idea because your backyard was way bigger than your kitchen. It was easier to fit 7 boys in the backyard than in the kitchen.

A barbecue was the perfect option. Especially since your backyard had swings, a hammock, tables and chairs. It had everything you needed to have a good time.

“And them after it gets dark outside, the rest of the boys will go to their hotel.” You tell them.

“What do you mean, ‘the rest of the boys’?” Your dad asks. “Aren’t they all going to the hotel?”

“About that…” You trailed off.

“She means that she’s letting Hoseok stay in the house during his time here.” Abby says.  

You looked at her and groaned. “Abby!”

“Who said that Hoseok could stay in our house?” He asks. “I—” You started, but couldn’t finish because Abby spoke. “She just assumed that he could stay with her. In her room. In her bed.” Abby said.

“Abby! Stop talking!” You demanded. She just laughed. She loved getting you in trouble.

“In your bed?” Your dad asks, eyebrow raised. “The only way he’s staying in your room is if you’re not in there with him.”

“Dad.” You groaned.


“I just think that I should be able to make my own decisions.”

“You’re 17, Y/n. He’s 20. You don’t honestly think that I’d let you sleep in the same room as him, right?” He asks.

“I’ll be 18 in like a month. I’ll practically be an adult. Don’t you trust me? Don’t you trust Hoseok?”

“I don’t want you and Hoseok to do what you and Joshua did.” Dad admits.

He didn’t want you and Hoseok to have sex. Understandable. But, what makes him think that you and Hoseok will have sex? You and Hoseok haven’t even talked about sex yet.

“Hoseok and I aren’t going to have sex, if that’s what your worried about.” You tell him, quietly so people at other tables can’t hear you.

“You’re damn right, you’re not. Because I won’t let it happen. You two aren’t sleeping in the same room.”

“Dad.” You groaned, once again.

“Oh, come on.” Your mom says to your dad.

“What?” He asks.

Your mom looked at him without saying anything. “They’re not sleeping together.” Your dad states.

“I trust that they won’t do anything stupid. I’m sure y/n learned her lesson when we grounded her before.” She tells him.

“Yes. I learned my lesson. I did.” You say, hoping that would change his mind. “Please just let him stay in my room. Please.”

Your dad didn’t say anything.

“Please, dad.” You begged. “If you say yes, I swear I’ll do more chores at home. I’ll wash the dishes every night. I’ll do laundry. I’ll clean. Please just say yes.”

Your dad looked at Abby, and Olivia who was siting beside her.

“Y/n, I love Olivia to death, but we don’t need another little one running around the house.” Your dad tells you. “You’re only 17.”

“I know, and I promise that Hoseok and I won’t do anything bad. We won’t, I swear.” You say, hoping he’d say yes.

Your dad took a deep breath before finally speaking.

“Fine. He can stay with you. But if you two do anything—”

“We won’t.” You smiled, before he could finish his sentence.

“But if he tries anything with you, I’ll kick him all the way back to Korea.”


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Enmity (Jaehyun Ending)

Originally posted by mintokkies

Pairing: Reader x Jaehyun

Word Count: 1.8k+

Summary: The Jaehyun x Reader ending branching off of the main post of Enmity

A/N: The first member ending is up!!! I figured I’d go with Jaehyun first since he was such a main part of the main scenario. His is a bit shorter than the other members only because he got so much story in the main part, but I still hope you guys love it a lot! Leave me feedback on who you’d like to see the ending for next!

Character Introduction

Main Scenario

Alternate Endings: Jaehyun Johnny 

The vibrating of your phone tears you away from your slumber. Sunlight peaks in through the curtains of your room and you squint in order to let your eyes adjust. Stretching over to your nightstand to grab you phone, you see that you have two unread text messages.

Jaehyun: Hey y/n! Wanna hang out with the clan and I today?

Johnny: Hey y/n! Wanna hang out with pack and I today?

Thinking for a moment, you go to reply to….


The ringing of your doorbell startles you slightly, not expecting Jaehyun to show up so quickly. Nonetheless, you throw all of the stuff in your bag and head out of your house.

“Hi Jae!” You say enthusiastically when opening the door to his car.

“Hi y/n! I’m so glad you were able to hang out today. I really wanted to see you after everything that went down yesterday…” Jaehhyun says, making your heart race.

“Jaehyun, it’s really ok.” You say, placing your hand on top of his and shooting him a supportive smile.

“Yeah you say that, but I was only first telling you about the existence of my kind, and then the werewolves show up out of nowhere, threaten my clan and whisk you away, it was just such a stressful day.” He says sighing.

“Well, that stressful day it over now!” You say, moving his hand back and forth in yours. “And get this! Now you don’t have to be secretive with all of your vampy stuff when you’re with me!”

“Vampy stuff?!” Jaehyun questions, cringing.

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I’m sorry like I know that lots of games are played with the stunts but some of you resisting the stuff that is literally happening and taking your proof from anons who are wrong and ignoring actual physical evidence of the stunt in progress… you need to get a reality check.