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I love Angus McDonald almost as much as dear Ango loves his grandpa!

I love him


I was thinking about the show Parks and Recreation and how Tom had a wife, who just married him so she could get a green card and how he ends up falling in love with her. And I couldn’t help but think of klance soooo here’s my dumb au.
• Keith and Lance get married so lance can get a green card. (cuz he’s cuban and whatnot)
• And Keith ends up falling in love with him during their time together. He tries to hide it (cuz he believes Lance wouldn’t like him) by being mean and rude to Lance all the time. (Which just makes Lance feel so miserable and Keith doesn’t know it)
• Lance also loves him but knows that Keith doesn’t like him cuz he’s always telling Lance how annoying he is. (Keith just doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions) And Lance ends up bickering and picking fights with Keith cuz he thinks that thats the only way he can talk to Keith.
• But like when they are with friends, they act so happy and in love. (Its the only time that they can both show how they feel even though they both think its fake) Their friends can clearly see that they love each other and believe they are actually happy. (They don’t suspect anything)
• So when the day where they are getting divorced comes, all of their friends are shocked. They all don’t know what went wrong with Keith and Lance so they try to figure out what happened between them.
• When they go to Lance, he doesn’t tell them anything because he feels ashamed that he had to do this to live. And when they go to Keith, he was just too miserable to say anything. No one found out anything in the end. (Just that they are both miserable)
• They are getting ready to sign the papers, but both highkey don’t want to sign them. Both of them look up at each other, waiting for the other to say somethings. (“don’t leave, “please stay,” “i love you”) Seconds pass. They sign the papers.

idk what else to put at the end so im just leaving it like this… #sorrynotsorry

UUUUHH…Boron is about to become the leader of a communist goblin rebellion???? didn’t see that one coming 

also I feel silly, because i like this character enough that I want to do something with them outside of DnD…so I’m writing a trench story, but its a ROMANCE STORY??? 

so during the campaign…Boron will be a super serious and intense leader of a communist uprising…and then also…the main character of a gushy, squishy romance story about trenches learning about love for the first time. perfect.

Imagine Woozi recommending you some uplifting songs to listen to when you’re feeling a little down.

Okay, personally I don’t have a set headcanon on whether Will is straight, gay, bi, ace, demi, pan etc. and I’d be chill if Duffer brothers made any of those sexualities canon for Will.  If I had to pick, I’d say he’s probably gay but really I don’t see the need to call it.

But a lot of people that I’ve seen (not necessarily on here, I’ve actually seen it more in other places) are pretty adamant about Will’s sexuality being one thing.  I’ve seen people insisting that he’s straight and arguing that he was only called gay because it could be used as an insult.  I’ve seen people insisting that he’s gay and arguing that it’s never denied by any of his close friends/family.  

Because people feel so strongly about this and because there is so much homophobia in the world today I know this is kind of a sensitive topic, but can I suggest something?  Can we appreciate the character of sweet, artistic and resilient Will Byers before we get into arguments over his sexuality?  Can we love his character because he’s a peace-maker that tells the truth before he love him because he’s gay or because he’s straight or because he identifies with any other sexuality?


Happy birthday, Kim Minseok!! 

I hope Minseok is having a great day full of love and happiness! 

me, every year for the past 4 years: THIS IS THE YEAR I’LL GET MY DEGREE