i did it to her once


Jammy: Hello, Merlot, I’m Dr. Sammich. How did you know, Chantilly Lace?

Merlot: She was my… fiance.

Jammy: Oh my, oh dear. I’m afraid there was nothing we could do for her. The injuries were too severe.

Merlot: She said she was fine… I thought she was fine.

Jammy: Yes, well, outwardly there wasn’t much to see, but she must have hit her head on something under the water. You said she fell in?

Merlot: Only for a few seconds.

Jammy: Sometime’s that is all it takes. Was she drinking?

Merlot: *sigh* Yes.

Jammy: Probably why she didn’t feel it. I hope it comforts you to know she most likely did not suffer. Once she feel asleep, she just drifted away. I’m so sorry for your loss. You did what you could.

fifteen feet of pure white snow

title: fifteen feet of pure white snow
character: cassandra
words: 1.3k
summary: when you’ve lived your life in a gilded cage, it’s hard to leave even once the door has been opened.
notes: a look at my headcanon for cassandra having some form of agoraphobia. title taken from an ask meme i did a while back where i was sent title and came up with hypothetical fics for them. well, this one’s real now.

day four of critical role ladies week!

“This tea is lovely, darling,” Vex says, taking a sip from her teacup. “Warm. Perfect for this weather.”

Cassandra raises her eyebrow as she swallows a bit of the cute little cake Vex brought her from the bakery. “How so?”

“Haven’t you looked outside?” she asks.

She doesn’t… look outside much. She’s usually holed up in various rooms of the castle doing paperwork or conducting council meetings. “No.”

“The first snow of the winter.” Vex smiles then, and her eyes go almost dreamy for a moment. “The city looks beautiful. I’m used to warmer winters where the cities frost over but don’t snow beyond an inch or two, so this is wonderful. I’m still getting used to the chill here, but I quite like it, I think.”

Cassandra gives a noncommittal shrug. “You get used to it after a while, I suppose.”


So, he made the wrong choice again.

Just for once, I’d like for the show to let Rumplestiltskin redeem himself.  Even if it’s just a little.  Or, failing that, I’d like to see why he chose his mother instead of stopping her.  Granted…he’s got no obligation to protect anyone except his family, which he seems to have done.  Clearly, he made a deal with Fiona to get Gideon’s heart back, but what else did they promise one another?

And…is this going to turn out terribly, or is it going to be something else?  On the bright side, at least it doesn’t look like Rumplestiltskin is going to have to die to stop this parent.

leaving your partner while they’re at work/ sleeping/ out of the house is not an ideal way to break up.

but my mom did the same thing with my dad.

he was emotionally abusive towards her and it really upset her but she didn’t know how to talk about it.  because that’s kind of how abusive relationships work?  once you start talking an argument might ensue, or gaslighting, or the other person will make you feel guilty.

I remember in season 2, whenever noora called william out on his bullshit, he would deny what was obviously true (gaslighting) he would belittle her valid concerns (like when he called her naive after she was upset by his fighting.  there’s a huge difference between “I disagree with you and here are my reasons” and “you disagree with me because you’re stupid or naive.”) and so many times she made her feel guilty about things she didn’t need to feel guilty about.

so after being unable to have a productive conversation about your problems, you start thinking, “I’ll keep my problems to myself.”

but then sometimes everything just piles and piles up and you can’t take it anymore and you just leave.

not in an ideal way.  but it doesn’t have to be ideal.

But...you know...Emma showing empathy

for Rumple in the dream world, and concern for another human who isn’t her Killybunny (and actually seeming surprised that Rumple would not trust her not to go after the BlF at the risk of Gideon’s heart)…

…is more evidence in favor of the theory that SB is still under Hook’s Dark Curse. 

Did Emma even mention Killy once in the dream world?

Zuko and Azula's Relationship

Unpopular opinion: most people agree that Azula’s downfall began with the betrayal of Mai and Ty Lee but I’m going to stand here and say it really started with the betrayal of Zuko during The Day of Black Sun.

Zuko and Azula have always had a bit of a troubled relationship but we see in Zuko Alone that they did get along somewhat as children. I don’t see Azula as being someone who’s needlessly cruel, ok maybe under the right circumstances, but she is someone who is willing to be cruel with reason. Have you ever been in a situation where you idolized someone and, once you got to know them better, you realized they were a disappointment? I bet that was the beginning of the breakdown of young Azula and Zuko’s relationship. Young Azula would have loved her doting, attentive big brother but as she surpassed him, she began to see he wasn’t as great as she’d originally though. Azula probably became bitter at Zuko for not being the excellent big brother she’d envisioned while, at the same time, building a lot of her self-confidence on being better than Zuko.

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So, when the story goes into the city…yes I realize it is taking a long time…this is the editing style I decided on.  I had originally created a gloomy blue before, but it did not go well with some of the other Beastly characters. This one might work, for where the story is going.

But, who knows, I might change my mind again. 

One more part before it goes into the city but first Ara will see her lovely mother once again.

betsypaige22  asked:

Hi Kylie (I love your name!) - I hope you had a great time today; thank you for your photos and your text updates ! Bellefrenchroleplays told me that Em talked about Bobby quite a bit; when you get a chance, can you tell us what she said? I love their friendship so much! I just saw that photo of her in response to the abuse question - wow, awesome! I LOVE what she said about Belle helping Rumple as an addict. Thank you!!

Hello and thank you! :D

It was mostly in the meet and greet she did first thing that she spoke about Bobby. Little bits really, like someone suggested she goes to the Czech Republic and she said she’d never been, would like to, and was sure Bobby liked it there. Then she spoke about how working with him inspires her to keep getting better. 

Then in the panel today I asked whether it was true that Bobby fell asleep once on set and she was so giggly about it. She laughed and looked all embarrassed and said that it had been a long day to be fair to him and she’s doing this really emotional scene and suddenly he’s snoring away. She joked then that she must have been captivating. It was super cute!!

She also reiterated in the panel that Robert is an inspiration to her. It was just lovely, to be honest.

I remember when the Nico stuff went down and Noora’s friends were there for her and listened to her problems and took her to the hospital to get checked out and gave her comfort when she needed it the most.

William on the other hand had harassed Noora into going out with her for months.  They were constantly fighting and he belittled her very valid concerns and made her feel guilty about the mess that he had started.  He took a break from being an asshole once when Noora was very upset and he comforted her until she went to sleep, but one act of kindness does not make up for all the bullshit that happened before and all the bullshit that happened next.

When Noora was terrified that she had been raped, he made the situation all about him.  He made her feel guilty.  He stopped talking to her and ran off to London.  When did he ever say “have you been to the hospital, and if not, can I take you there?”  He didn’t ask to take her to the police station.

He continued to be a fucking asshole and he put his feelings before Noora’s.

I wonder why he didn’t decide to take off work and come to Oslo with Noora.  If he actually cared enough about the trial to completely freeze her out afterwards, then surely he would care to actually attend the damn thing?

Oh, right.

He seems to have always cared about himself first and foremost.

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Why does Azriel ask Elain if she wants to see the gardens? It seems kind of put of the blue, is he trying to cheer her up? Are there any more snippets you could share :)

Azriel arrived first, no shadows to be seen, my sister a pale, golden mass in his arms. He, too, wore his Illyrian armor, Elain’s golden-brown hair snagging in some of the black scales across his chest and shoulders.

He set her down gently on the foyer carpet, having carried her in through the front door.

Elain peered up at his patient, solemn face.

Azriel smiled faintly. “Would you like me to show you the gardens?”

She seemed so small before him, so fragile compared to the scales of his fighting leathers, the breadth of his shoulders. The wings peeking over them.

But Elain did not balk from him, did not shy away as she nodded- just once.

Azriel, graceful as any courtier, offered her an arm. I couldn’t tell if she was looking at his blue Siphon or at his scarred skin beneath as she breathed, “Beautiful.”

Color bloomed high on Azriel’s golden-brown cheecks, but he inclined his head in thanks and led my sister toward the back doors into the garden, sunlight bathing them.

Cassian and Lucien appeared, neither looking at the other. But Lucien’s attention went right to the hallway toward the back, his nostrils flaring as he scented Elain’s direction. And who she’d gone with.

A low snarl slipped out of him-

“Relax,” Rhys said. “Azriel isn’t the ravishing type.”

Lucien cut him a glare.

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Bucky is so smitten!!!! Once he saw her with that open back of her in that dress, it all changed for him. I feel like him getting whatever was on her face off and licking it off his finger, did her in. They are so playful together!! I am just waiting for that twist to come and I feel like it's gonna be a good one!! 😈


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“By Way of Spontaneity" Bucky x Reader (Part 4)

Hi friends. Could you please pray for my family? Right now it kind of feels like things are falling apart, and I’m not strong enough to handle all this.

In the last few years, my Mom has started drinking and once again it has gone to the point where I feel like she’s an alcoholic and someone needs to tell her that. No one else in my family wants to confront her though, so it will fall on me this time as well (like it did once before). She can’t receive any criticism whatsoever, which already makes this very hard because she won’t believe I’m doing it out of love. On the other hand, she isn’t a believer and she tends to blame these “negative” things on me being a believer. I need wisdom as for whether to have this conversation with her right now, and what to say.

My Dad is having a lot of back pain. He doesn’t admit it but it’s very apparent. He’s had back surgery already twice and I think that’s why it’s hard for him to admit he’s in pain once again. But all this is making him depressed and quite mean sometimes, which is totally not like him.

Both of these situations affect our family so much in negative ways and this is just plain hard to carry.

so a few months ago ava’s old trainer reached out to show me an organization that gives grants to people getting diabetic alert dogs to help with the cost, and she told me even though I’m doing most of the training myself that it wouldn’t hurt to apply so i did

And I’m getting a $500 grant to help cover costs of more classes and stuff so she can finish her PA training! Once summer starts I’ll get to resign her up for classes in cambridge, which is where we used to go


How Obi confessed
  • Obi: I don’t know how to tell her I’m in love.
  • Shirayuki: Just tell her!
  • Obi: Right… Ok. Let me practice once on you first… <b>*Pause*</b> I love you.
  • Shirayuki: I love you too. Now go tell her!
  • Obi: <b>*Smiles*</b> I already did.

So thanks to @cedfianinjatrutlefan I got a link to watch the ep (Really many thanks! I could not find the ep anywhere!)

Thoughts in coherent fashion


My feels were everywhere from the confrontation in Grimtrix’s meeting place to the throne room. Oh, Cedfia, my heart, my heart. HE CARES TOO MUCH TO SHOOT HER GUYS. THEY’RE SUCH FRIENDS IT IS TOO CUTE

Wormwood is a dick but I guess he did it out of loyalty to his master and knowing Cedric has been through a lot. Still, he deserved getting rattled in that cage!

Greylock being evil; actually not as jarring as I thought once I saw how it was portrayed in the episode. He still has his charm and suaveness and OMG THE WAY HE PLAYS WITH THE CROWN in Grimtrix’s vision is too cute. Yup, Greylock is still Greylock except just that he has had enough of Magnus’ shit.

What bugs me most: Not the neat ending; that was cute. Not Roland being a dick cause dickish Roland is already being torn apart by the fandom. But ARE Y'ALL FORGETTING THE OTHER KINGDOMS ARE IN TROUBLE?! Okay, maybe I just want to see Cedric confront Greylock and have some cool ass wizard battle but maybe in future episodes when King Roland realizes “Omg Magnus, you are frozen and your sorcerer has taken over!” I need a wizard duel between them! Hell, I JUST WANT MOAR GREYLOCK!

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I realized in the last episode how honest Eugene was with his apology and it reminded me why Cassandra gets so much hate. Never once did she apologize to Rapunzel for some of her actions and at one point, Rapunzel is the one who apologized. I still give Cass a chance but sorry, their friendship is toxic and it's the least wlw that will matter to me, this is why the cassunzel ship makes no sense to me. It's the most unhealthy disney wlw ship IMO

I don’t know that I’d call their friendship toxic, but I absolutely agree that Cass needs to apologize. Eugene is actually the most honest, open and communicative of all the characters, which is ironic, given his history. Bur it really goes to show that he’s turned over a new leaf and he’s deliberately a different person, now.

I’m inclined to believe that all of Cassandra’s closed-off attitude, her aggression and hostility, and her never apologizing for things is all part of her story arc. We’re seven episodes in of a seventy-eight episode story. We have a long way to go, so of course I’m going to continue giving her the benefit of the doubt.

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Dear Maddie, I have come forth to ask you a question. Is it okay for a really nice dorky boy to be with the bad boy aka the boy who was sent to jail and has bullied the nice dorky boy since middle school (they are seniors now) to be together but it's okay because there is a female character that is using nice boy to do her homework and shit and suddenly the bully is actually caring for once because he suddenly likes nice boy? (I HAVE SO MUCH ISSUES WITH THE PLOT OF THIS COMIC IM READING)

It’s not fucking okay unless it proven that bully has gone through acknowledging what he did was fucked up, they’re both in an understanding what he did was fucked up, that the bully respects said the other boy and shown to actually resolve this problem, feeling remorse for ever bullying… and even then put on essentially trial period where they’re friends & worked hard to earn his forgiveness.

Because a bully is an abusive force. And abusers shouldn’t be forgiven, much less befriended or romanced because they have a history of treating you wrong.

There’s only one case I can think of where a bully eventually ends up loving somebody he bullied in the past… and well it coming out pretty heart warming? That manga is: A silent voice.

But even that manga wasn’t perfect and honestly my advice? Avoid relationships like that lol. That ship, on the basis sound, sounds like a Bad Ship.