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BTS replaced you. - pt.END

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“You guys have no idea how hurt she is that you basically threw her to the curb and left her like that.” I looked at all seven of the men who stood before me after Y/N had ran to her room and closed the door behind her.

“Why are you interfering? What did you say to her to get her to hate us like this?” Jungkook stood before me, squaring up as if he was ready to throw a punch. But I took a step back.

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Please ma'am could I get a reddie where Eddie wears a crop top to school

i love this prompt so much thank u

+ richie wasn’t exactly the jealous type (at least, he didn’t show it)

+ but eddie most certainly was, and did. at first, he tried to be subtle of course, but after he saw one of the cheerleaders literally walk up to richie and slip her number in his back pocket, he threw his subtlety right out the window

+ here’s the thing, though. no matter how much eddie tried to explain it to him, richie just could not understand 

+ “eds, babe, you know that i only have eyes for you.. who cares if people flirt with me? as long as i don’t flirt back, you have no reason to be jealous”

+ eddie didn’t exactly get hit on often. how could richie possibly understand when the only ‘affection’ he got, other than from his boyfriend, was closeted football players winking at him in the hallway?

+ you see, it was common knowledge that eddie kaspbrak was very gay, so a girl throwing herself at him was out of the question. but, he needed some way to show richie how much it sucked seeing girls swooning around him every day

+ so, eddie decided to take a different approach

+ in hindsight, yes, the plan was definitely stupid and no, he didn’t exactly think it through. but when he saw a white croptop in the boutique window that had ‘daddy’ written across it in red letters, he couldn’t help himself

+ when he walked into school that friday, wearing his signature short-shorts, his favorite fannypack, and a sweatshirt, all of the losers greeted him like they normally did 

+ he chatted with them for a while, but when the bell rang for class, he kissed rich on the cheek, said a casual “see ya later, guys” to the group, took his sweatshirt off, and walked away

+ in that moment, 4 things happened simultaneously. 1. richie tozier’s brain short circuited- “holy shit guys did you see that are you fucking kidding me guys the shirt says daddy it says daddy what is happening” 2. ben, bill and stan’s jaws dropped to the floor 3. mike and bev both smirked and bev yelled “get it kaspbrak!” while mike wolf-whistled down the hall 

+ but, the 4th and final thing is what made all of them freeze

+ 4. one of the aforementioned football players, the running back named brad to be exact, marched right up to eddie- “hey, kaspbrak!

+ now, this situation could have had many different outcomes. all of the losers, even eddie for a moment, thought that eddie was definitely about to get his ass kicked or, at the very least, be verbally humiliated in front of the school

+ what they didn’t expect, was for brad to lean down and whisper right in eddie’s ear “meet me in the upstairs bathroom. 2:30. don’t be late” before winking and tugging down a bit on the front of the crop top so that it bounced back up and showed off eddie’s chest

+ this interaction most certainly snapped richie’s brain back into place, and had him running down the hall towards his boyfriend

+ he slammed eddie up against the nearest locker and - “i get it eds i totally get it i’m so sorry that i didn’t understand, please forgive me and come with me to the janitor’s closet right now because as much as i like that shirt on you, if it doesn’t come off in the next five seconds, i think i’m going to explode

+ eddie never wore that shirt to school again, even though he wanted to so badly because having richie stare at him all day with those eyes and having him keep his arm around eddie’s waist whenever he could because “you’re mine eds, okay?” 

+ and of course, richie looking at every guy that so much as breathed near eddie with eyes that the losers’ were convinced could definitely kill if he wanted them to, was a nice bonus

+ (eddie never wore that shirt to school again, but he wore it for richie at home for “special occasions only”) 

+ (these special occasions were weekly)

BTS Reaction to: Finding out their crush isn’t close to their family

Anon asked: "Can you do a BTS reaction to their crush (or best friend) finding out about them not being close to their family for years because they were being tortured/treated badly/etc and they have moved out for nearly a year to get away from them without telling the members? (Maybe even also a reaction to their crush’s/friend’s mom trying to apologize for how she treated them?) Sorry if this ask is long and specific. This is what I’m going through.“

Author’s note: I’m sorry you’re going through that. It’s a little confusing and I wasn’t really sure if you meant that BTS isn’t close to their family or their crush but I made it so their crush isn’t close to their family anymore. I hope that’s what you meant. Gifs aren’t mine. x 


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When Seokjin asked you why your parents hadn’t invited him for dinner yet he didn’t expect you to freak out. He expected you to tell him that they weren’t too sure about your relationship or something like bit. He didn’t expect that you had moved out nearly a year ago because you kept fighting with them. Seokjin asked you to sit down with him to get to know more about the situation. You also told him that your mom had tried to contact you but that you didn’t respond and Seokjin fully supported your decision. 

“Y/N, just know that you don’t have to respond to your mom if you don’t want to. She did wrong and if you don’t want to talk to her anymore that’s okay. I fully understand that. Just know that I’m here for you, okay baby?” 

You fought back the tears as you embraced him tightly. You couldn’t be more thankful for sure a supportive and amazing boyfriend like Seokjin. 

“Thank you, for understanding and such.” 

“Of course Jagiya. I’ll always support you.” 


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Yoongi was very shocked when you told him why you weren’t talking to your family. He thought it was because you just weren’t that close to them naturally but when you explained everything that had happened he felt very bad. Because you didn’t have any stability at home he wanted to be the stability that you needed. Yoongi wanted to make sure you knew that he’d always be there if you needed him and that he wouldn’t leave you. 

“Y/N, I’m really sorry you had to go through all of that but please know that I won’t leave, okay? You’re safe with me and I love you. You’ll always have a safe place here with me.” 

You nodded at his words as you climbed on his lap, wrapping your arms around him as he held you tightly. Yoongi pulled your hair back to press a kiss against your cheek. 

“Thank you for being there for me Yoongi.” 

“Anytime Y/N. Anytime.” 


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Hoseok thought you were joking at first, but when he saw the look on your face he knew you were serious. Once you told him everything that had happened he just stared at you in shock. He simply couldn’t understand why your family treated you like that. You were such an amazing and beautiful girl. It just didn’t make sense to him. Just like Yoongi Hoseok would try to be your safe place. He wanted you to feel like you could tell him anything that was bothering you. When you told him that your mom had reached out to you because she wanted to apologize he’d be very supportive. 

“Just do what makes you feel comfortable Y/N. If you want to go to your mom and try to talk this out that’s okay. It’s also okay if you want to leave all of this behind and just move on with your life. No matter what you do know that I’ll be here.” 

You smiled softly at his words as you rested your head on his shoulder. 

“Thank you for being so supportive Hobi. I’ll let you know what I’ll do, okay?” 

“Okay Jagi, just take your time.”  


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It didn’t come as a surprise to him. He knew you weren’t close to your family but he never knew what the reason for that was. Namjoon thought that you just didn’t get along that well but he never expected it to be so serious. He completely understood why you had moved out and was very supportive of your decision. When you told him that your mom had tried to reach out to you but that you didn’t reply he completely understood. 

“Has she tried more than once?” 

You shook your head ‘no’ as you sat down on the kitchen table, slowly sipping your coffee as Namjoon sat down next to you. 

“Good. Don’t feel like you have to reply to her, okay? What she did was wrong and it’s up to you if you want to forgive her or not. Just do what makes you comfortable.” 

“I’m sorry for having such a complex family situation.” 

“Hey it’s okay baby don’t apologize for that. It’s okay.” 


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Jimin felt sad when you told him about your past. He’s always known a lot of love and couldn’t even imagine what you must have possibly gone through when you were younger and even now. It must have been hard to spend the holidays by yourself but luckily you had Jimin now. A guy who has a lot of love to give. So he made sure to shower you with as much love as possible. 

“You don’t need them Y/N. I’m sorry you had to go through that but you’ve me now, and I’ll show you just how much I love you every single day.” 

And he did. Jimin made more time for you just so you wouldn’t be alone and you really appreciated that. Finally you had found someone who truly loved you and you wouldn’t let go of him no matter what. 

“I love you Jagiya. Just know you’ll always have me.” 

“I love you too Jimin, I really do. Thank you for being so nice to me.” 

“Of course I’m nice to you. I’m your boyfriend after all silly.”  


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He’d be confused when you told him. Why did your family do all of that to you? It just didn’t make sense. Once Taehyung saw how much it bothered you he’d try to cheer you up. He’d take you out on fun trips, play games with you. Anything to make you feel better. You really appreciated what he was doing and made sure to thank him for that. When you told him that your mom had tried to contact you his face fell and he turned into the protective boyfriend he was. 

“Y/N. I’m not gonna tell you what to do but that woman doesn’t deserve to have you in her life after everything she’s done to you. If you want to contact her that’s fine. I’ll be by your side no matter what you do.” 

“Thank you Tae. I’m just not sure yet.” 

“That’s okay you don’t have to decide just yet. You can take your time to see what you want to do. Just know that whatever you do is okay. As long as it makes you happy.” 

You pressed a kiss against his lips as you snuggled closer to him. Taehyung happily wrapped his arms around you as he nuzzled his nose in the crook of your neck. 


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He wasn’t stupid and knew that your family situation wasn’t normal but he didn’t expect it to be this bad. Every family had their problems but this was very serious. He suddenly understood why you never talked about your family. Jungkook felt sorry that you had to go through such hardships and wanted to be there for your even more than before. You really appreciated that he was so sweet to you and made sure to thank him for that. 

“Thank you being there for me Jungkook.” 

“Of course I’m here for you baby. You deserve love especially after what you’ve been through.” 

You smiled at his words as you wrapped your arms around his neck, leaning in to press a kiss against his soft lips. Jungkook held you tightly as he pressed a kiss against your forehead. 

“I love you Y/N.” 

“I love you too Jungkook.” 

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Im the "and kiss!" anon and woah did i start a thing with GA stories?

I’ve always been into GA stories but yeah! I love it because although I think the writers focus so much on the subtextual little things that only those like us will notice, they also obviously care what the GA thinks and that is what gives the show the numbers and ultimately the profitability to continue existing and telling their story.

So yeah I care what the GA thinks. It matters. It matters that the show has already been accused of queerbaiting to the point that for years reviewers who clearly could see the Dean/Cas relationship as more than platonic just did not allude to it for fear of being seen as being stupid or baited.

It matters that all this happened and the writers are fully aware of it yet they have ramped the Dean/Cas relationship up to the point that heteronormative GA are noticing it.

If they are NOT planning on following through this is just not what I would do if I was running the show and I wanted a job after this one and to be remembered fondly.

So yeah, it matters to me what the GA think as if matters to how the writers, cast, crew and everyone are remembered. As a disgustingly queerbaiting, un PC, illogical story that even the GA are ultimately let down and confused by?

Or a socio-cultural turning point in TV and the greatest love story ever told.



Lucas: Yo, I’m out. You good, Diosa?

Diosa nods, her head spinning slightly. She’d been throwing back whisky and gin all morning with Lucas. But she prided herself on her liver of steel. It took a lot to get her pissy drunk, no matter how much she tried- she was always on the far edge of tipsy, but rarely ever full on drunk. That’s what drinking since she was ten years old did to a person.

Diosa: I’m good. Thanks, Lucas. Be nicer to me tomorrow, will you?

Lucas: Doubt it. I got plans to set in motion. 

Diosa sighs, settles into the lounge chair after Lucas leaves. Her sister was gone for the week. Her parents were still in Monte Vista. Nicky wasn’t taking her calls. Maela and Neely felt so far away.

Her only companion was the companion that rarely left her-guilt. Guilt and loneliness. 

If only- if only she could hear HIS voice. She didn’t dare say his name out loud. Saying his name out loud would be like giving life to what she felt for him. How much she needed him. 

And she would never, ever admit to herself how much she wanted RJ. How much she needed him. All she would ever admit was how much she hated him for making her feel this way.

She sends him a nasty text, hoping he’d respond. 

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I won’t be able make it* before 1k after all😅…

I just saw this and had to thank you (it’s 12:05 AM here) for your support and nice messages i get❤️❤️. It really means a lot to me! To hear from you guys. 

A little over a year ago I started my blog to track nice cc and share my legacy and now… I’m creating CC and doing so much more😅. Never thought that I would be hitting these numbers. Not that it matters (the number, I mean), what matters to me most is that i’ve been able to reach and meet people far beyond I thought was possible. 

The BroHill Reno kitchen* unfortunately isn’t ready yet but… I might have a small gift tomorrow ☺️.

Side Note: If you have send me an ask, i’ve been extremely busy so I haven’t been able to reply yet (did not see a whole lot of tumblr these past few days). I will try to reply to all of them tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!❤️  

You’re not giving yourself enough credit

And I’m not talking to Mark here, I’m talking to you, the community. After scrolling through the comments and tumblr posts after Mark’s last video, I see a lot of emotions, but the thing that stands out the most to me is people saying that Mark “saved” them. Mark, I love and respect you so much, but you did not save me. You gave me so much more than that. When I was at my lowest, couldn’t get myself out of bed, could’t eat, couldn’t smile, your videos gave me the one thing I really needed. Time. You gave me the time to get out of bed, the time to learn about myself, the time to be okay with myself. You gave me time so I could save myself, and I think that means so much more in the long run. 

So all the people out there who are saying Mark saved them (or anyone for that matter) give yourself a little more credit. You’re the one who’s there for you, you’re the one who’ll get you out of any dark time you may be in. You’re going to be the one who saves yourself in the end, and I hope that doesn’t scare you, because you are strong and you have a whole community to support you. 

I may be sick, I may have been up late into the night coughing and having feelings that one @markiplier instigated, but when i finally did pass out into a fitful sick sleep, waking up to see another video from Mark was refreshing. Seeing transparency is important because so many people tend to lose that and front themselves to their communities and not care for their fans in a genuine way at all after so long. Mark, you haven’t done that. Congratulations, and no matter how much you stir the pot with more things about Dark or about WKM, we still support you and look up to you. We’re still proud of you and we still want to see the best for you or to see you succeed at any project you may try. We may want to launch you into the sun sometimes, but we still love you and we’re still here to support you. 

Even if you do make us scream at one another in the middle of the night because we’re not over WKM. 

Anyway, we love you, ya goof. 

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The interview BTS did with Zach Sang is up! He really gave the boys the questions they deserve. I know you felt strongly about this (as did most of us 😭) so I think you'll really like this interview. It's great to see them so happy being asked questions that really matter to them as individuals rather than just random questions picked out of a hat. I really hope others could learn from this.

I saw it when I woke up earlier - and you’re right I did feel so strongly about this! I loved the interview and I really have so much respect for Zach, because he asked questions majority of us were dying to hear. Non of that repeated bs. Joon looked hella impressed and happy when he said thank you for asking and how he was the first to ask about the Love Myself Campaign - can you believe that they’ve been in the US for this many days, been on this may radio shows and interviews, have they only just been asked about it once? I really hope so too! It’s honestly given me hope!

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I clean wal mart and it's so infuriating when I'm mopping a spill and someone walks by and comments "Oh, Did someone spill something?" Like no bitch, This puddle of tea just keeps appearing no matter how much I mop it. Holy hell.

The sarcasm made me laugh I snorted in my Ubers car 😂😂😂😂 I hope the rest of your night goes well ❤❤❤

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did you and your partner do anything special for your two yr anniversary? my partner's and my two yr anniversary is coming up + i'm not sure what we're doing

Yeah, we took a road trip and saw our favorite band! It was the most memorable time ever. Don’t put too much pressure on it, just find a way to do something you both love and invest in spending time together no matter what that looks like.

Shiro x Reader

This is my first time right something and posting it anywhere so, if you are reading this thank you. I was actually so sacred to post this then I realized but, nobody knows me here so here we go.

Warning(s): Angst,

Words: 803 

     You have been with Shiro for about 4 years now it was a great relationship about a month ago you moved in with Shiro. This was actually right after you got back from space. Shiro thought that it would be best to get a job right away which I couldn’t disagree with because it would be best.  Though I did think that he should take some time and stop because he went through so much in space so, he should take a break but, it is Shiro after all. He got a job right away that he loved and no matter how you thought this was bad for him you let him do it. 

     You loved to see the smile on his face every day then you noticed something he would leave for weeks at a time without a word. When he got back he would be too exhausted to say anything to you. Then he would sleep when he got up he would kiss your sleeping head next to you which would make you always make you stir but, enough to wake up but he would stay until you woke up. You loved the warmth that he gave off but, because of the week without him it would get catch you off guard you would always jump off of him and fall on the floor. This would happen every other week but, this was different he didn’t laugh or even chuckle like he would before. When you got back on the bed he wouldn’t even look at you in the eyes he sat up and looked at the ground he said one thing “I’m leaving for a month,” his tone was pitiful. His sentence made your heartbreak “What?” you asked a bit confused “I am leaving on a business trip,” he said. “Well, I guess I will see you after that   month,” you said in an understanding tone “I hope you do your best I will be here when you get back,” this time you talked with a sad smile. “I am leaving tonight. Are you okay with that?” he asked “Of course,” you said which was, of course, a lie.

     It was now a month later and he said he would be home today instead it was some other man that came to tell me Shiro wouldn’t be home for another week. This repeated over and over again which broke your heart over time so, you went to the only place you knew to go you went to Pidge. She may not be the best with feelings but she always let you talk and when you were done if she would try to get the other side of the story. Then she would go to Lance, Hunk, and Keith tell them the story get their opinion revise that opinion and then tell you what you should do or give you different things that you could try but, pidge always helped.

     This time before you went you decided to call Shiro he picked up instantly “Hello,” you almost growled at him “Hey,” he said in a perky tone not catching on to the annoyance in your voice. “Thought you would be home in a month,” you said more than asked, “I got held back for a while did the guys not relay the message?” he asked. The thing is you had always trusted Shiro and you could deal with the people coming for the first couple of times but, after five to ten times you cracked. No, you didn’t the trust you held for him did. “Shiro, you know I love you but I can’t keep saying things that aren’t true,” you said this on the verge of tears “I wasn’t okay when you left it hurt to know that you were leaving again when I barely see you as is. Then you send someone to tell me that you can’t come back for an unknown reason which hurts even more,” your sadness was now taking over your voice “Y/N, I don’t know what t-”. You cut him off “I get it okay, I really do but I can’t keep saying that I am going to be okay when I don’t even know that I am,” you had tears filling your face. Shiro could tell that you were hurt but you didn’t care you could hear his heartbreak over the phone apart of you was telling you to forgive and forget but, another part was telling you to make him feel the way you had felt for such a long time. “Shiro I love you but, I can’t anymore,” that was the left thing you said before getting in the car hanging up and driving to talk to Pidge.

I cannot begin to explain what that entire segment with Lucretia did to my heart. There was never a fallout, there was never this big, dividing argument that split the group apart. They loved each other to the end.

They never stopped loving each other. They never stopped being each other’s family.

And Lucretia couldn’t bear their pain. She saw the way they hurt - saw them becoming colder, or sadder, or quieter - and she couldn’t take it. She chose to be alone for the chance to make them happy again. She tried so hard to make them happy again.

I don’t know if she’s aware that their individual happiness was limited - I don’t know if she knows how much pain they all faced eventually - but she must have seen them happy at the Bureau. Making friends, doing things they loved that maybe they’d stopped doing shortly before their memories were gone, making jokes like they used to - that must have been like coming home for Lucretia.

Lucretia loves her family so much.


                                                                                      I could only love in my dreams.

Natsu goes absolutely crazy anytime Lucy is in danger. He didn’t want to live and was going to throw his life away fighting zeref because he thought she was dead. It’s canon. 

Mashima drew Natsu getting a boner over Lucy (and only her). Omake or not, whether you like fanservice or not, I don’t give a sh*t.

At the end of the day if Mishima didn’t think it was within Natsu’s character to see Lucy as ‘his’  then he wouldn’t draw it. It’s canon.

Natsu chickened out of confessing but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. Do people have memory loss of the last 545 chapters of the manga and the character building and moments between the two? 

Expecting to have a shojo moment in a shonen manga is an unrealistic expectation. Compared to other shonen manga’s Mashima has spoiled us rotten for ship moments. Nalu, in particular, got over 40 panels centred around them in the last chapter, so we did pretty well. 

Plus, waxing lyrical about his love for Lucy is OOC for Natsu. In that kind of moment and the vibe of the scene, it wouldn’t happen. 

I am anticipating a short sequel or omake’s that clarify and expand on the ending - Mashima did leave it suspiciously open.

I’m going to do a detailed post later but these are my initial thoughts. 

Oh and before any one messages me saying ‘it depends on how you look at it’ you can save yourself the effort. Anyone can look at something negatively and deny something until their last breath, I’m well aware of this. Hell, if other fandoms have taught me anything, it’s how well people can stick their heads in the sand. 


female awesome meme; 5/10 ladies who deserve better: tris prior (the divergent series)
“sometimes it isn’t fighting that’s brave, it’s facing the death you know is coming”


every time i show up, blow up


Shahi has always had incredible chemistry with whomever she is working opposite on any show, but never to the degree she had with Acker. Both are incredible actresses on their own, but paired together on screen they delivered some of the most stunning moments of their careers. Their chemistry gave birth to the relationship between their characters and their joint commitment to nurture that relationship made it something truly special that will live on in the lexicon of pop culture until the end of time. You absolutely can’t talk about either character or either actress without mentioning the other because these parts richly intertwined them. For years, and likely decades, to hear the mention of one will elicit a reference to the other. Their hard work and dedication to Shaw and Root has forever bonded them in ways I doubt they could have fully comprehended when this journey began.