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I feel like its almost natural for fans of any long running series to get defensive against fans that joined at a turning point. Even though I don’t appreciate it when FE fans still give me the “older games are utter perfection in comparison to the 3ds games” speech, because no matter what, I simply can’t go back and have the exact experience you did, nor have it to the same revering degree now after they’ve been placed on such a high pedestal. However I still completely understand why people can react like that sometimes, since I can be pretty much the same way with another franchise. When a game series becomes something different and/or declines in quality, it can feel like there’s two different types of people being placed under the same collective group of fans, and you’re less likely to relate to others like you used to. But we need to remember to take a step back and be welcoming, instead of just scaring people off, which is why I like this blog~


Summary: bucky forgets but your love can make him come back to you.

Warnings: angst, fluff, language, break down + lots of crying (its not as bad as it looks like)

Pairing : Bucky x reader x a bit of Steve

A/n: thus is only a little something which I’m not sure about… As always… So leave feedback!!! Pretty please😊😘

When you chose to stay with bucky you knew what was possible to happen. He could have had a nightmare. He could have hurt you. He could have killed you. You knew all these things could have happened but none of those imaginations could’ve ever stopped you from loving him. No matter what he would have done, you would have forgave him. Although, what did happen was much worse than anything that you ever could’ve expected. 

You lay awake thinking as you heard soft whispers coming from the person besides you. You listened closely trying yo make out if it was a nightmare or a good dream he was having. 

You turned a little so you could face Bucky and in that moment the whispers dyed down. You looked from his lips up to his eyes and jumped a bit as you saw him intensely starring at you. His eyes twitched to your left hand brought up by you to touch and gently stroke his cheek.

 He flinched away at the slightest touch, your skin touched his, your fingers feeling like a feather. You didn’t even touch him properly but he flinched away as if you just sent a hit straight to his face. 

He looked at you in horror , eyes wide opened and lips pressed together in a tight line making concern wash over your features. 

You forced your tired body to slowly sit up and narrow your burning eyes so you could see something In the dark of the night. Your lids tried to fall close but you didn’t let them as you stared down at bucky. 

You attempted to touch him, to reassure him, to make him believe you were real but all your attempts got declined by him. He just laid back down onto his back staring at the emptiness of the blank ceiling.

You knew you shouldn’t talk to him when he was in this state, the danger about him thinking you we’re hydra and only wanted to fool him was too big, but you didn’t know what else to do. You tried to choose your words wisely as they came out of your mouth just above a whisper. 

“Bucky… Can you talk to me?“ 

You knew you didn’t have to ask if he was alright, you saw he wasn’t but after he just continued laying down and staring at the ceiling without even acknowledging you, your whole body started to tense up and you got really concerned and worried.

“Bucky I need you to talk to me” you urged now making him turn his head to you in a fast motion as if you snapped him out of his daze.

 His eyes grew wide once again and he looked at your face before slowly getting of and out of the bed. “I don’t know you… What are you doing here ?” He whispered in confusion. 

You chuckled “yeah very funny babe" 

You watched him shift his position and waited for him to come back to bed, but he never came.

 Your brows furrowed and you, once again, sat there with worries written all over your face. 

“That was a joke right ?” You asked hopeful. 

“What was?” He answered eyeing you up and down in fear and horror.

And you felt the tears brimming. And the throat tightening. And the words disappearing. Your mind went blank and you didn’t know what to do. 

Suddenly your body felt numb. 

It was that brief second in which everything around you, everything that seemed to be alright, went back to the bad. And the happy end was not in sight anymore. 

The tears fell from your eyes.

It clicked, this was the moment you knew would come eventually. Everything seemed good. There is never something good.

It just wasn’t fair. That all of this always happened to you. It just wasn’t fair.

You slowly got out of bed making bucky take a step backwards with every step you took forwards. Your eyes stayed on his the whole time still seeking for any glimpse of shine to show you that you didn’t loose him entirely. 

There wasn’t anything, not what you hoped.

You walked to the door looking one last time over your shoulder at bucky who was staring at you in alert. 

You forced your glance away and opened the door stepping out of the room and into the hallway. 

“Friday make sure Sargent Barnes stays in the room” you ordered while walking down the hallway with a blank stare.

“Of course muss (y/l/n)”

The tears dried down and your eyes became cold as your mind started thinking back. 

Everything was hydras fault. Just everything. You were happy for once, the only one that could give you this happiness was Bucky. 

And they destroyed it again

You knocked at the too familiar door, softly but loud enough for him to hear.


“Come in”

 You heard Steve say through the wooden door. Stepping in you immediately broke down again right next to the door making Steve rush over to you and pic you up.

He picked you up and carried you over and onto his bed he knew bucky wouldn’t like to see this but he didn’t know what to do.

He rocked you. Back. And forth. 

Waiting for your tears to dry and your sobs to die down. And as they did, oh as they did he could not believe what you told him. 

As they did he wished they wouldn’t have.

As they did he wanted all of this to be a dream.

As they did he looked at you. And he stopped being angry because all of the pain his friend had to go through. 

Because when he looked into your eyes , he saw all the love and all the hope that slowly began to fade. He saw everything you built up fall apart and he saw all the walls Bucky managed to put down, coming up again. 

When he looked up he became sad. For all the pain you had to go through.

Steve didn’t want that. You didn’t want that either. So all that was left for you to do was hold together and do what you could.

He surrounded you in a tight hug, feeling your salty tears which ran down your cheeks in silence on his shirt which you gripped tightly.

You cried quietly staring blankly against the wall as you held onto Steve, you felt yourself slipping and you didn’t know what to do until, you let go.

You didn’t hold into your anger, your sadness, your desperation anymore. You let go and slowly felt yourself fall to sleep, the last thing you felt was how the tight grip around you loosened and the arms disappeared.

You woke up in a foreign yet familiar room. You stirred, slightly overwhelmed by the situation as you began to remember. 

You blinked away from the sunlight floating into the room as you sat up on the bed. You looked around. 

You were Alone.

You stood up hoping it was a dream. Hoping all of this was not real.

You knew it was.

Your steps were quiet and slow as you walked down the hallway head hanging low and eyes focusing on nothing in particular just like your ears.

You heard the chit chat , the beeping of the coffee machine and clinging of forks against plates but you didn’t focus on any of that. 

It was as if all of that got blocked out by your mind at it suddenly was just you left in the hall. 

You looked up to the quietness just as you stood in front of your door.

There was nothing. You saw nothing.

Everything was a blur. The noises were gone. And you still felt numb. All you heard was your blood rushing in your ears and your heart beating against your chest. 

You were so afraid to open the door. It was no use though and you knew it. You pushed the handle down and the beating sound picked up and got much faster, the room starting to clear up around you and when you saw the room was empty the ground seemed to be ripped away from under your feet. 

Suddenly everything seemed to be so far away. And you felt yourself loose consciousness and then your hand flew up to the door frame trying to find any kind of support before falling down, but it didn’t help. Not at all.

The next time you wake up you lay in your own bed, surrounded by pillows and blankets that smelled like bucky. They had this sent lingering on them that made you want to throw up, but not because it smelled bad. Because you didn’t know what happened to him or where he is AMD every memory to him makes your stomach turn upsidedown, your eyes burn and fill with tears and your mind race with thousands of worst case scenarios.

As you looked over at the clock you saw it was already late in the afternoon and you jumped out of bed, feeling dizzy from the fast movement but you didn’t care, you stomped out of the room, not becaysetyou were angry.

As you reached the kitchen there was no one, and in the gym was no one, and in the common room was no one.

You were all alone, no one was home.

You wanted to see bucky. You wanted to see him so bad. And that’s when you remembered something.

“Friday? Where are the rest of the avengers?”

“They had to leave for a highly classified mission, everyone was needed”

“And where is bucky”

“He is in level 19. containment base.”

You gasped and looked at the ceiling wide eyed. 

“Thank you Friday” you shouted as you made your way to the elevator quickly and pushed the right button.

As you rode down everything started to twist and turn again, your throat went dry and your fingers played with one another. This time you didn’t allow yourself to fall over again. You just couldn’t.

You reached floor 19 in a matter of seconds and stepped out of the elevator only to be met with cold and monotone surroundings managing it to make your mood drop further down. 

You walked on the cold hard floor your shoes clicking against it every now and then. You looked around the room , all the glass cells were empty. You wondered where bucky was until you rounded a corner and saw a heavy door.

You stepped into the room and saw a big window which you knew was a mirror on the other side of the room. 

Your steps were cautious, quiet, actually not wanting to see what was going on on the other side. 

As you stood just in front the window you saw him, sitting in a corner.

Face full of fear as he rocked back and forth.

There was nothing for him to forget his fear. White walls, white floor, white ceiling, white cloth. 

All he had was a bed, a table with a chair and a separated bathroom. 

You couldn’t take it anymore, seeing the love of your live so helpless, so empty and not being able to do anything against it. 

You stepped to the side walking over to the door opening it.

His head shot up to you and you smiled at him weakly, you weren’t afraid. You knew he wouldn’t do anything to harm you.

His eyes looked into yours with fear and he noticed the tears that streamed down your face. 

He didn’t understand you smiled and cried all at the same time. 

He didn’t understand.

You kneeled down besides him slowly wanting to see if he would let you or not, but when he did nothing to stop you 

, you turned over and sat next to him leaning your head back against the wall and wrapping your hands around his right arm. 

You sat there in silence for a while, you already wondered when he would push you away. It was a wonder that he let you touch him.

But you actually didn’t care, you laid your head onto his shoulder and you felt his whole body tensing but you didn’t care. Your tears fell onto his dark blue shirt and you gripped onto his arm more tightly afraid he would just leave you now.

The silence stayed for a while both of you just starring against the wall.

You felt him turning his head and looking down at you, but before anything else could happen the door was ripped open harshly and both of your heads shot up to see Steve standing in the doorway.

“What do you think you are doing?!”

He yelled. The anger in his eyes like flames, but yours didn’t show anything else.

You knew bucky was terrified, you could practically hear his heart racing as his whole body tensed and he gripped onto you. Out of pure comfort, probably not even noticing it.

“Steve, this is my boyfriend not yours, I can do whatever I want in here.”

You growled at him but your voice didn’t raise.

“Do you think its good for him that you are here ?!”

He snapped again. 

“But you can be here or what ?" 

You snapped back but you knew you had to comply anyway. You turned to bucky burying your face in his neck and whispering "I’ll come back tonight” for only him to hear. 

You pushed yourself up and stomped out of the room, sending daggers to Steve.


The night had come and you desperately wanted to go see bucky. You wanted him to remember who you were. 

You packed a little bag for him.

Only stuff that he needed like his journal and some pens.

You even packed your pillow in hopes that the smell could make him remember

You sneaked out of your room in silence and as you reached the elevator, you put the others on lockdown making sure they couldn’t follow you. 

You reached the floor and Bucky’s room opening and stepping in. 

Bucky saw you and he knew it was you but somehow he still flinched away as you sat down on the bed next to him.

“I brought you some stuff” you held the bag up and he eyed it suspiciously even though he couldn’t see anything.

“Friday can you turn on a light” and next to you a light was lit. You sat down on the floor in the middle of the room and pulled out your pillow looking up at Bucky already staring at you. 

You amazed him the first one who wasn’t  afraid, the first one coming here voluntary.

“Can you catch?” You asked. He nodded. You smiled.

You threw it over to him and he catches it letting it fall next to him in the bed.

The smell illuminated the room and he loved that sent. And he knew it. Where did he know it from.

You pulled his journal out and stood up standing in front of him and stretching your arm out for him to take it.

He took it from your hand  and you looked at him a moment before talking. 

“Do you want me to leave. I mean I would like to stay but we’d have to sleep in one bed and I don’t mind leaving.” You asked with slightly shaking voice.

“You can stay.” A whisper said.

Your eyes shot  up and all the surprise was shown on your face. 

You climbed into bed next to him, the small bed forced you to lay close together but none of you mind. 

You laid on your back staring into Bucky’s eyes as he hovered slightly over you. 

He didn’t know why he did that but he wanted to. He was comfortable around you. Just like that.

“I’ll have to leave early in the morning Steve doesn’t like me here.” You stated.

Bucky Nuzzled his face into your neck and mumbled “Steve can go fuck himself, and when captain small ass yells at my girlfriend only one more time I’ll break his face." 

He chuckled before resting his forehead against your jawline again.

You laughed along until… Captain small ass, girlfriend and yells sank in. You froze. You didn’t even know your hand still ran up and down his arm as you starred at the ceiling blankly.

"Did you watch game of thrones since I’m here, you know we watch it together.”

He asked completely unaware.

Your hand froze and suddenly you felt like throwing up again, suddenly everything was normal again and  the happiness seemed to hit you pretty hard.

“Oh my god” you whispered after your hand stopped running up and down his arm.

“What’s up doll?” He asked concerned.

“Oh my god”

He didn’t know what was going n until he  processed all his words. “Oh my god”

You starred at each other wide eyed. 

He kissed you passionately and so full of love you forgot that the world was turning for a moment. His left arm helping him keep his balance but his right hand touched your cheek ever so lightly as your lips melted together and danced in reunion.

You broke apart and he looked into your eyes deeply getting lost in their beauty.

“You made me remember.”

And he kissed you again long and loving.

Both of you made your  way up into your shared room hand in hand. 

Smiling to yourselves you snuggled up in bed together. 

Your head laid on his chest and his hand was around your back the other one pushing a strand of hair behind your ear and stroking your cheek like feathers running over your cheek. 

You listened to his steady heartbeat your hand laying on his chest lazily as your lips stayed in a tight smile and you closed your eyes. 

Bucky looked down at you being completely overwhelmed by you. 

You were so beautiful and so strong for both of you.

And in the moment where he noticed he was back with you, he knew he would never let you go. 

You were his anchor and it was all the love for you that made him come back. 

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I hate when I’m looking for Jasper redemption post, I mostly see hate post on Lapis and all of what she did wrong, without any sympathy. I like Jasper, but I like Lapis too. I don’t want to shit on one of them just to have the other get redeemed. Both of them did wrong things, but both of them are trauma victims. Maybe one is worse than the other, but they both are suffering. I feel like there’s just as much hope for Jasper to be happy/get redeemed than Lapis or Peridot for that matter.
- Anonymous

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Hi, I'm sorry but I just needed to vent. Why can people not stay out of the positivity tags? It is frustrating going in there and seeing a lot of hate. Also why do they all have some variation of le//na in their name? I love her. I added the slashes so this wouldn't show up in her tag. Also having seen abuse growing up it hurts to hear this show compared to that, because he did guilt trip her and wouldn't let her or their kids do anything without him. Comparing karamel to abuse just hurts.

I’m really sorry this fandom is triggering you. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do about it other than just ignore and block. Just remember that what they are saying are just words and they have no real consequence in your life unless you let them affect you. The only opinions that matter are those from the ones who love us, support us and want what’s best for us.  

Bullies are normally people who have their own issues and very sad lives and mistreating others make them feel better about themselves. No happy person goes around trying to make others feel bad, especially because of a tv show. So you should be proud of yourself because your past didn’t make you bitter or negative like them, it made you kinder. That shows you are a strong individual who didn’t let the world ruin you. Stay strong and stay positive because we have so much to be happy about!! 

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Where do you think Mashima-Sensei is taking our ships, NaLu, Gruvia, GaLe, and Jerza? Sidenote: In which order do you think they will become canon?

- Gajevy. Technically they are pretty much already canon, they went through the climax, the separation and then the reunion and now all that’s left is them reaching the guild completing the promise followed up by a small conversation addressing Gajeel’s actions and Levy’s reply to his confession, unless she already did. I don’t think their conversation would be a long one. Considering how they usually are I could see it ending in a playful and teasing matter. There’s not much to say about them, Mashima has their future already planned up to when they have children.

- Jerza. I think we might see them having a conversation on what happens next, now that Zeref will probably be gone, which involves Crime Sorciere because I’m guessing they will be going after the remaining dark guilds or cults if there is any. Then it would lead to them finally speaking of what will become of them be it in a direct or indirect matter, which could end with the kiss we were stolen from a long time ago (no more fiancee bs) making them canon. They both know they love each other for a long time now so it’s all about when will they be able to cross the line. I’m assuming the council will no longer chase after Jellal after everything ends which allows them to be together whenever they wish to. From what I see Mashima will probably give them a future in which they are finally officially together and they both still do missions for their own guilds. In my opinion it would be nice to see them get married, it was a tiny bit implied Erza had interest in getting married so it would be really moving to see them be able to claim their love for one another without any restrictions. 

-Gruvia. Well we need them to reunite, which I don’t think they will until the very end and then have a conversation of absolutely everything. Gray promised he would be more serious/honest towards her and he no longer has any mission he has to accomplish so there is nothing more holding him back. He no longer has to go anywhere. Gray as promised will confess, considering the type Gray is he might not say “I love you” but do some sort of action that will be equal to it. Although Gray can be direct at times and this time it’s something he has to clearly state, because it’s important for both of them, so he could just say it. Considering the hype Mashima has built for a very long time now, even from before when Gray said he was going to give Juvia his answer, having them try to commit double suicide followed by Gray going crazy thinking Juvia had died, I am expecting a very equally felt confession. For future they will probably get married, have children and be pretty happy. Gray will have children he can teach ice-make magic to, which I think it was his dream? I read it somewhere.

-Nalu. I have no doubt it will be canon during the whole arc or be implied they get together in the future..  I know Mashima said before he was going to write them more than friends less than lovers (*triggered*) but at this point since then I think they have developed beyond that, if they had to end up with someone the only choice will be with each other. The thing is being the nature of their relationship I think they can have all these moments saying they are really in love each other, but they still wouldn’t cross the line with their current selves, they are okay with how they are for now. Of course later on they will get together when they feel ready to and that’s why I say it could be implied in the future. Now we could also have Natsu or Lucy confess straight up in the arc and it wouldn’t be surprising because it has always been there. Nalu becoming canon is dependent on the plot because they are the main characters, so will they become canon during the fights? at the end of the war? implied at the end? is what I can’t really say. Will nalu become canon? yes. When? I can’t specify like the other ships but it will happen. For the future they will still have that playful relationship were they pull pranks at each other and go to many adventures together  

Where is Mashima heading with the big 4: CANON ISLAND

Who becomes canon first?

1) Gajevy. For who becomes canon first I think they seem to be the most prepared and has always been the ship who developed pretty quickly. There really hasn’t been anything restraining them so I think they would go first.

2) Gruvia. I think once they defeat Acnologia and Zeref, Gray will go quickly and see Juvia and give her his answer. There wouldn’t be anything left and the last time he saw her was when passed out after he thought she was dead. 

3) Jerza. I think they will be canon after a few days have passed after the war and they decide what they will do from now on and they will be dependent on what would the council decides as well. I think they would get together with only a few people knowing then in the future they get officially together. 

4) Nalu. As I said it really depends on the plot when they confess, if they don’t confess now they will be implied in the future. As the main characters they would get at least some resolution.

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I just want to say I love you. I love you so much that I did a project on you in my role model in school. You are an amazing person. Even though you do not know me, you encourage me in the bad time that is going on me right now. I give you a huge hug and a kiss and know that there is always someone behind you who loves you no matter what. sorry about my english and That it was not a question. a huge hug for you and for nimby and a lot of kisses from me. oomg im love you have a great day bye ;<3

send me your project, I want to grade you on it

The weird thing about writing is that certain words take on certain meanings in your head. It doesn’t matter if the context is completely different in the new work– you’re always thinking about it in terms of the old one, and you can never quite shake it.

Like when I write about Vixen!Peter, it’s too much of a mouthful to refer to the strip club as Valles Vicky’s Vixen Valley, so I just refer to it as The Valley instead.

Most of my understanding of strip clubs comes from research I did for a completely unrelated story, where the main character works as a stripper for a while. The homeless camp she’s from, and to which she keeps returning throughout the series for plot reasons? It’s also called The Valley.

It’s just very weird.

I’ll leave for good. I tried to be the good and kind person who gave you all the love and good what you needed. I’m sick of myself, I always put others before myself because this is what being a good person meant to me.

I won’t come to haunt you, even if you didn’t care about me, opposite to what I did. You don’t have to worry about me because yeah, I don’t deserve it.

I need every single person who I have talked here, literally EVERY SINGLE PERSON, that you matter so much! I cared about you all with my whole heart and soul. I loved you all with all every breath I took in and out.

Please forgive me for being a burden, I don’t know why I was such an annoying shit but I’m so sorry.

I’m scared to fall in love with her again. Seriously. I’m so afraid that she will hurt me again. She’s actual hurt too but like why tf I always want to talk with her? It makes me being so selfish and stupid human again. I keep falling in love with her –although I lost her in my head already but then she texted and everything flushed back–but I’m so effing stupid for letting myself to play with myself in this circle again.

Please take care of yourself. You truly all deserve the best.

Sincerely, K. Many love from the heaven.

the most extra things that hamlet did in the play, in no particular order

  • told his mother that no matter how much black he wore it could never really reflect how he felt inside
  • had a full conversation in a graveyard with a gravedigger about death and talked to the skull of a man he hadn’t even seen in twenty-three years 
  • physically attacked his mom over her sex life
  • wrote an entire play to frame his uncle for murder instead of just going to the authorities or killing his uncle like he kept planning on doing
  • jumped into ophelia’s grave to fight with laertes over which one of them loved her more
  • “how do i distract everyone so i can plan my uncle’s murder? act fucking insane? okay that works lmao”
  • forged a letter from his uncle instructing the people in england to murder his former best friends instead of him 
  • stabbed polonius and then said it was his fault for being too nosey

                                                                                      I could only love in my dreams.


joshua birthday countdown: d-1

joshua’s lines through the eras [ cr 1. 2. 3. ]

You know you’re fucked when you’re only 15 but yet it feels like the world could end right there and you would be fine with it. It’s fucked when girls and boys are so young but so depressed, so heartbroken. Feelings fuck you up, i remember when i was only a little girl and i had this whole life ahead of me and all I wanted was a boyfriend. And now after having one, I don’t understand why I needed one, it’s messed me up. Emotionally and physically, I am fucked.

He was the type of boy you could just see yourself lasting forever with, and that’s exactly what I did. He teased me so much that I used to sook about it, but that didn’t matter because at least he was making me smile in some way. He cared so deeply, and he was so sensitive even though everyone I knew saw him as this big tough guy. He was gentle, he was romantic, it was like we were 23 and just madly in love. Our relationship was beyond what you would expect at such a young age, but we were just so maturely in love. But that’s the thing, i’m not 23, i’m so young and now i’m heartbroken and it’s not as simple as going out every night to get him out of my head. I have to sleep early because of school, i have to go to school, I have to study and commit to all of my commitments and it’s impossible to get him out of my mind. He wasn’t just my boyfriend, he was genuinely my best friend and sometimes we fought as best friends would. But no matter how we were fighting, we fought as hard as we could for each other because that’s what love does to you. But one day i guess he just decided to stop fighting, and it wasn’t like I was expecting it. We always swore we would fight for each other, fight for the relationship, fight for our fucking love but he didn’t want too anymore. He didn’t want me anymore, and i can say with all my broken heart that killed me. It’s the worst thing to wake up happily in love and then go to bed broken because you’ve lost the reason why you even got up that day. He said he lost feelings, but I can’t place when. When did he lose feelings? With all of that sweet talk, the kisses, the texts, the calls, the hugs, everything and at some point he somehow started to lose feelings. And it hurt and surprised me so much because everyone knew that he was crazy about me. I saw parts of him that he would never dare to show anyone, we were so comfortable with each other and we allowed each other into our hearts but for some reason he just didn’t want that anymore. I can not place that all in my head, how you can suddenly lose interest in something you once loved. And it wasn’t like the hurt stopped there, no a month later he found himself with another girl. Making all the memories, the love, the jokes, that we were once doing. And the weirdest thing is, everyone around him can see that he doesn’t love her. Not the way he loved me at least. And i can’t seem to process the thought of why you would throw away a diamond for a fake one. Why would you throw away your perfect girl for someone who doesn’t even come close? Fuck, she’s not even pretty and yet i feel like i have to compete with her. And every month goes by, and they are still going strong and for some reason my brain still can’t process it. I still can’t believe that he’s moved on from me because love doesn’t just go away. You can’t just get rid of love because you don’t want it anymore, feelings don’t leave when you ask them too. So what is he doing with her when he can be with me? I’ve never been the girl to wait for someone, i always want to try with everyone but for some reason i am constantly drawn to him, as if he’s truly made for me and i think he is. I think he’s the love of my life and maybe i’m just not his. But when you love something you don’t just let it go, you fucking fight like crazy for it and i can promise everyone i would never go down without a fight. Okay maybe he’s happily in love with her, but what about me? What about my love for him? That doesn’t just go away, that doesn’t get excluded so fuck society and their expectations. Fuck everyone who thinks i won’t succeed. I know what I want, and i’ve never been so determined to get it.

I think the hardest part about being suddenly left behind is the unprepared closure. No matter how much you want to tell them that they hurt you, or how much you want them to know that you let them in and they took advantage of that, no matter how badly you want them to admit that they did care, and that they still care….you don’t always get that conversation. Sometimes, all you get is the courage to say goodbye and the strength to pick yourself up and move on.
—  It’s time to pick yourself up, lesbellesmarguerites 

Okay, legitimate question time about Hogwarts’ Hospital Wing and what actually necessitates a visit to St Mungos.

  • Petrified by a basilisk? Nah. It may take all year, but we’ll just keep them here, sorry muggle parents.
  • Turned into an anthromorphic cat? No worries! Pomfrey will figure it out. Eventually.
  • Nearly killed by Department of Mysteries miscellany and numerous Death Eaters? They’re fiiiine.
  • Possessed by Voldemort for nearly a year? Dumbledore says all you need is a nap, stop whining.
  • Ravaged my an un-turned werewolf? Like St Mungos would know what to do, Mrs W just give Fleur that salve already.
  • Cursed by a necklace? No tha– oh, crap. Yes alright, take her to Mungos.

Damn, Poppy Pomfrey has her hands full.

Im here for my boys who’ve been hurt or abused or bullied or picked on. The ones who have scars, physically, mentally or emotionally. The ones who say sorry so many times they fumble over the words, the ones that cry too much, the ones that dont cry at all. The ones who grow angry from the pain and the ones who grow soft from it.

No matter who did it: friend, spouse, partner, family member, peer, anything. No matter the gender, no matter the age, and no matter what form of abuse they put you through. Your pain is so much more valid than I can ever express. And i am here for you. And i will tell you every time- you are brave. And you are here. And i am proud of you

The thing I love about Isak is that Isak has game

It is shown time and time again in episodes that he IS a great liar, he has a silver tongue and a way with words and can talk himself out of anything. He thinks fast, reacts and can pretty much con anyone. 

 Then along comes Even and all of a sudden he is this blushing, tongue-tied idoit that can’t think of anything to say. Can’t even string two words together. 


Because it matters. He wants it so bad. Everything else is just a game…fake. 

Even , for him, is real.

And he does not want to fuck it up. so he finds himself overthinking what he’s going to say, ends up sputtering and stammering and blushing cause WHERE DID ALL HIS COOL GO??? LOL 

 I think everyone has been Isak at one point.


“There won’t ever be anyone else, will there?” she said. “No. Not for me.” Stefan was so tired that his control was slipping and Bonnie could see behind the mask. And again she saw that pain and need, so great that she had to look away from him. Stefan, she realized, the chill deepening, was different. No matter how much time passed, no matter what he did, he would never truly heal. Without Elena he would always be half himself, only half alive.


everyone’s out here uploading their fan art for ethan @crankgameplays and pictures with him and i wanted to do something to show him how much he matters to me… so i wrote him a song.

i did my best to make it NOT creepy and i think i did pretty darn well! although to be fair, I am studying songwriting in university and I AM technically a professional musician.

ethan, i really really hope you see this and i hope you know how important you are to ME and to countless other people.

blue haired boy, i adore you <3