i did it myself and idk man im proud



idk where I’m gonna go with this but Happy Birthday Justin, I can’t belieb ur actually 21, I’m so proud of u and I love making fun of u but it comes from a place of love but like also ur really fake???? but I am too so it balances out but ANYWAY there was a time I was really worried for you and I was scared that u were gonna like end up a mess but u turned ur life around and u showed everybody that no matter what ur going thru u can come out of it and live ur life to the fullest, but u did so many dumb things…like so many dumb things like im thinking about it now like why did u pee in a bucket justin? why?? ANYWAY ur over that and ur grown and I’m wishing u a really happy birthday and many more to come and I love u??? and like u helped me thru alot of stuff and like im just really happy i stuck around like i could never imagine myself supporting another artist the way i do for u?? and like idk man like wtf I love u okay and idk why I’m talking directly at u cause u will never see this but like wtf..i love u??? drink responsibly?? and i know i said this but im proud of u and i love u and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for ur white (pink??) ass