i did it last night

My favourite thing to do is tell goreh that there is no such thing as a “War on Christmas,” and then for good measure wish them a Happy Holidays.

I did this last night and the results were hilarious, but what I heard in return was even more hysterical. The man I was talking to started telling me a story of his trip to Morocco during Ramadan and how he insists his children “see the world” and understand people, and how they had no problem wishing their host families a blessed Ramadan.

Sure, but that’s because YOU’RE IN A MUSLIM COUNTRY WHERE THE NATIVE INHABITANTS ADHERE TO ISLAM. Canada is not a Christian country. The indigenous peoples of this land were not (and largely still are not) Christian. Christian dominance is a fact that colonial mentality is still very much alive in today’s day and age. The fact that people are crying over Christmas not being the ONLY festive holiday being acknowledged in this country that is made up of 94.4% settlers that all come from different faith traditions that ALSO have their festivals and holidays during this period shows that they are not ready to let go of colonialism.

What he said to me next was even more rich: “Why can’t you just wish me a Merry Christmas and I can wish you a…….I wish I knew what to wish you…..but yeah.”


Saying Happy Holidays is not an attack on Christmas; being asked to share space you disproportionately take up is not oppression.

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I'm happy with the WA scenes. The last one was amazing. It's just you've been saying for a while how they wouldn't skip the main couple's first time together. You've said it many times. So for you to just dismiss it now when you're the one that said it. I don't agree with your negative nancy anons most of if any of the time. Just catching feelings to the way in which you're responding about it.

I didn’t think they would, it didn’t seem like something they’d do. But there was so much going on in this episode, that there honestly wasn’t anywhere to fit it, and I would much rather have the scenes we DID get, than lose one of them just to see them have sex, something the will do many times over the years, I’m sure. 

I responded the way I did because the ep just aired last night. I was clearly on a post-ep high. I was not (and still am not) in the mood to deal with a bunch of people whining about not getting a sex scene when we got Iris being part of the team, Iris using her skills to help figure out what the deal is with Alchemy, Iris being put in danger and needing to be rescued, Barry angsting over this need to rescue Iris. We have SO much, that I am not going to quibble over not getting ONE thing, that ultimately wouldn’t change the story in any way and would have just been fanservice to shove in.

There’s also the fact that I got the first of these messages not even 3 minutes after the episode aired. 

I have never been one that NEEDED a sex scene from them, the only reason I was like “I hope we get one in 3x09″ was to avoid the mass freakouts over one not happening. 

And for the last two months people have been whining that Iris is just a love interest, and irrelevant, and not being treated right, and she was given everything that people wanted last night AND on top of that they didn’t shortchange us on the WA. 

In short, I am tired of fandom ALWAYS finding something to complain about, even when it’s a great episode, and ALWAYS finding those things IMMEDIATELY after the episode. 

I am not going to apologize for how I responded last night, but I will try to be nicer about it when I answer the ones that are currently in my inbox. But, try to see it from my perspective, how do y’all like it when you are on a high/happy about something and people come to you to try and bring you down?

Tonight’s dinner - simple, yet perfect meal of epic salad followed up by a huge serving of steamed spuds. Yup. May look boring to you - but if you’ve been living this lifestyle as long as I, and some others, have ? You totally get it. This shiz is one of the many simple connotations of perfection in a meal. Energizing.Tasty af. Simple. Easily digestible. In other words ? Again - perfection 😏👌
If you’re not quite at that point yet … Don’t worry. You’ll get it 😂

Shall have a new vid or two up for y'all tomorrow munchkins! 😘 But I need sleep now - I literally did not sleep a wink last night … So I’m at about … 47hrs awake at this point ? 🤔 Yup. Welcome to my life 😂

Ahhhh well. I just hope I sleep tonight 🙈 haha. Goodnight ! Wishing you an amazing day, wherever you are, whatever day, or time it is for you … Just mentally sending all of the good things in this world your way 👊 Smile ! Make your day amazing 😘 x

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Your fics are so good, love them!! and did you see last night's episode omg I'm so shook and Lara is coming on the show in episode 1!!!!!!

Thank you so much.

Yes, it was amazing. I called it at the end though lol, I knew something was going to happen. It is Fire after all, can’t expect everything to be sunshine and roses haha.

Yeah, I’m not too worried about Laura coming back. For all we know, it could mean something really good for Brettonio. Pretty much just to stir up some drama for Antonio and Sylvie can comfort him. Who knows really? lol. We’ll just have to wait and see.

But I honestly feel like it’s a good thing for Brettonio though, Sylvie has to meet Antonio’s ex-wife one of these days lol, especially with the kids involved.


So I got a call from a job the other day and I had to take some tests last night and I reaaaally hope that I did well enough. The job starts at $15 an hour and it’s with a really great local company and they like take their associates to Disney and shit!!

what ive learned about les amis from my dashboard
  • enjolras: blonde. passionate and pretty. most definitely ace aro but also in love with france?? secretely loves trashy pop music
  • marius: this booby is madly in love with cosette
  • combeferre: medical student. possibly enjolras’ babysitter. seems sensible and is probably gay for courfreyac
  • courfreyac: curly hair??? maybe thats combeferre. fuck. how do ppl tell these two apart. the one who plays trombone while enjolras slams the oven door when combeferre isnt home
  • grantaire: v v gay and usually drunk, which means he is the most relatable of all these characters. is always wearing a beanie in modern AUs
  • joly: hypochondriac red-nosed poly child. wears pastels and skinny jeans but probably hides knives in his doc martens
  • bosseut: also poly and living in sin w/ joly and their girlfriend. bald?? nice??? 
  • jehan proveitonme: nonbinary woodland creature, possibly also petty criminal. bakes his friends cupcakes for their birthdays but also destroys their enemies as a gift
  • bahorel: law student. uses his law knowledge to keep jehan out of jail. likes puns?? hates puns??? has feelings about puns

“To the people who look at the stars and wish, Rhys.“
Rhys clinked his glass against mine. “To the stars who listen— and the dreams that are answered.”

Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury