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Sims 2/3/4 Asks

I saw a few people creating more and i’d love to make my own version too!

1.Who is your favorite simblr?

2.Favorite piece of cc? Why?

3.Must have mods?

4.Best world to play in?

5.Why did you join simblr?

6.Do you use other sims platforms?Like twitter/Instagram etc

7.What do you want to do with your blog in the future?

8.Current goals with your blog?

9.A simblr crush?

10.Five of your favorite sims of other people’s?

11.What is the community missing?

12.Do you like getting involved?

13.Have you RP-ed already? Joined any RP community with sims?

14.How many people do you follow?

15.Do you collab with people? Are you open to ships?

16.Your favorite sim/sims of yours?

17.Sims blogs you recommend?

18.Do you run other sims related blogs?

19.Which EP/SP packs do you own?Your favorite?

20.Favorite Sims game?

21.The most annoying bug you ever encountered?

22.Favorite supernatural in The Sims games?

23.Favorite word in simlish?

24.Do you think there will be a Sims 5 anytime soon?What do you expect from it?

25.How would you describe the community? Or your experience so far?

26. 1 SP/EP you dislike most and why?

27.Maxis Match CC?

28.Favorite home to play in?

29.Favorite pet type in any Sims game?Why?

30.Are you WCIF friendly?

31.Favorite CC Creator/s?

32.What’s your blog theme? Berry?Realistic?Other?Why?

33.List 5 facts about your favorite character?

34.Does any of your characters have a crush on someone else’s sim?Who?

35.How do you create your sims? Do you use inspiration?Have face claims?

36.Do you dislike any of your sims?Why?

37.How did your blog/sims change with time?

38.Do you follow back?

39.Have you created sims from other games?Who?Why?

40.Best sims game?Why?


* ˙ ˖✶ happy valentine’s day!

it is officially valentine’s day in the uk (which means it’s also my birthday!) so i wanted to make a little v'day sentence starter post! there’s probably a zillion of these floating around but regardless, i hope you enjoy them. i did twenty-one, because that’s the age i’m turning today! please like/reblog!

1. “oh my god… the babysitter just cancelled on us! how are we supposed to go on the date now?”

2. “valentine’s day is such a scam of a holiday… it’s so stupid! i hate it.”

3. “who needs a date on valentine’s day when i have you?” 

4. “um… yeah, these are really nice and all, but i’m allergic to roses.”

5. “i didn’t forget that it was valentine’s day! i swear! your present is just… it’s somewhere else.” 

6. “i’m gonna be stuck at work for a little longer… i’m sorry, i know it’s our date tonight…” 

7. “um, i know this is really cliche and all, but it’s valentine’s day and i just wanted to say… i really like you.” 

8. “you can’t seriously be proposing right now? on valentine’s day? couldn’t you have thought of something a little more original than that?”

9. “do you think my secret admirer might finally reveal themselves today?” 

10. “i am not going to be your fake-date to this party.” 

11. “you’re literally the worst when it comes to being romantic.” 

12. “this is the worst valentine’s surprise ever! were you trying to scare me to death?!” 

13. “i love them and all, but their poetry is so bad! they’ve written seven love poems just for today.”

14. “valentine’s day is my favourite holiday! i know it’s lame but i can’t help it. i’m a hopeless romantic. there, i said it.” 

15. “we’re gonna do anti-valentine’s day this year. we’re gonna go out and do all of the least romantic date ideas ever, just to stick it to the man.” 

16. “babe, you know i love you, but… last time you cooked me a meal, i ended up in hospital. can’t we just go out for dinner…?” 

17. “i wish i could do more for you today but i’m really broke…” 

18. “um, i tried to buy some sexy underwear, but i think they sent me the wrong size…” 

19. “oh my– are you proposing?!”

20. “so… can i assume you don’t have a date tonight either?” 

21. “i can’t believe i’m actually at a wedding on valentine’s day. what a lame cliche.” 

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1. Are you named after someone?
Nope, although my parents did have a vicious fight about my name between two choices (Fruzsina or Flóra) apparently :D My dad won! 

2. When was the last time you cried?

3. Do you like your handwriting?
Yes! I used to do calligraphy, and it kind of reflects that time which is pretty cool! Not very legible though. 

4. What is your favorite lunch meat?
Smoked ham, I think…?

5. Do you have kids?
I want a cat. 

6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
I’m honestly not sure :D I think if I really knew myself, probably not. 

7. Do you use sarcasm?
I would never

8. Do you still have your tonsils?

9. Would you bungee jump?
HOLY FUCKING SHIT, NO OH MY GOD (maybe, but I’d have to really psych myself up for it hnhrhng)

10. What is your favorite kind of cereal?
Same as Val, cocoa shells from Lidl :D 

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
…… no. Bad. I know. 

12. Do you think you’re a strong person?
In a way, yes? On the other hand I rely on others/other’s opinion to really consider myself strong. I can be terribly headstrong though. 

13. What is your favorite ice cream?
Fruity watery stuff! (Like, sorbets and yoghurty ones!)

14. What is the first thing you notice about people?
Ummm, colour, posture, shape, expression (in this order) 

15. What is your least favorite physical thing about yourself?
My face. (unironically, unfortunately :P ) 

16. What color pants and shoes are you wearing now?
Purple soft pants and socks :D 

17. What are you listening to right now?
Délivrance by Alcest - an excellent song for daydreaming about Eiin!

18. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Ooooh! Soft pastelly orange, turquoise blue or the lightest green :D 

19. Favorite smell?
Clean clothes, trees, the kind of soil that comes out from under thick bushes (it reminds me of home)

20. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

21. Favorite sport to watch?
I don’t really watch sports, but if I do then it’s probably figure skating (figures)

22. Hair color?
Brown dyed red that’s fading already

23. Eye color?
Green on good days, brown on rainy ones

24. Do you wear contacts?

25. Favorite food to eat?

26. Scary movies or comedy?

27. Last movie you watched?
Kimi no na wa. OUCH

28. What color of shirt are you wearing?

29. Summer or winter?
Summer! Green!! TREES!!! RUNNING BAREFOOT IN THE PARK!!!!! (yes I’m one of those people, there is video evidence and it’s super silly)

30. Hugs or kisses?

31. What book are you currently reading?
A Conjuring of Light by V. E. Schwab. I am suffering in the best way. 

32. Who do you miss right now?
My mum and @autumn-nostalgia

33. What is on your mouse pad?
Breadcrumbs and a smudge of banana smoothie.

34. What is the last TV program you watched?
Ummm, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid? Does that count? If it doesn’t, then cooking programmes with my mum at Christmas. 

35. What is the best sound?
Wind and/or rain in trees. 

36. Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

37. What is the furthest you have ever traveled?
UK :D 

38. Do you have a special talent?
I’m pretty good at reading/understanding people, I think. 

39. Where were you born?

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1) When did you start watching SKAM?  Monday November 28th 2016. I remember because “Religion” was the first clip I saw live.

2) If you found SKAM through tumblr do you remember the first pic/gifset you saw? I saw a clip of “Hjerner er alene” on youtube and was instantly hooked.

3) Your favourite SKAM text post between characters?

This text was so perfect in so many ways …

4) Favourite pic from a character’s Instagram?


This was the first time I was sure that Isak was completely confident and happy after the reunion with Even.


5) Favourite background extra in a scene? I can only remember one: the same one Hel mentioned, where this girl says she’s still hungover from the weekend and her friend reminds her it’s Wednesday. I’d still die to hear the story behind that moment J


6) A small detail that you cherish from a scene?

Even nudges Isak’s cheek with his nose here .. I die every time .. such a small yet meaningful gesture .. this is Even coming “home” ..

7) A small detail that the fandom has speculated about long enough that it’s become canon for you? Evilde! It just has to happen ..

8) Favourite line in Norwegian? I can’t find the phrase in Norwegian, but when Noora says to Sana “who would have thought Sana has a soft side, I love her response: "If you fucking tell someone …” it sounds awesome in Norwegian.

9) Something unique to Norwegian culture you didn’t understand at first?

Norwegian and Swiss culture are pretty similar, so far I haven’t seen anything I didn’t understand.

10) Favourite fandom “losing our shit” Moment?That was when “Passe på meg” dropped … We had been waiting for two weeks to see Even smile again, and when it finally happened .. OMG I will never forget how we all fel

11) A SKAM blogger that you think brings a lot of positivity to the fandom? I love all the blogs I follow, but Eleanor @koninginnen​ is so kind and full of love for everyone! I love her so much

12) A SKAM blogger that has you laughing out loud because of their tags? Faiza @imansmeskinis​ and Ceecee @westiris​.. you two crack me up every day!

13) A SKAM blogger you think more people should follow? My sweetheart Amber @nnooorraa​. She writes beautiful fan fic and posts such wonderful things every day!!

 I tag @schembel, @evakshalla, @isaks-even, @kosegruppaa and @isaksredscarf

All about me
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nickname: Drew

zodiac sign: Gemini

Height: 5′11

last thing you googled: “Gigabyte XM300”

favourite music artist: Sabaton, Dragonforce, Disturbed, Incubus

song stuck in my head: "Sound of Silence” covered by Disturbed

Last movie you watched: Hard Target 2

what are you wearing right now: running shorts

what do you post: literally anything. politics, memes, guns, computers, video games, animals. you name it

why did you choose this url: Its a reference to psych the tv show

do you have any other blogs: I used to but i deleted them

what did your last relationship teach you: It’s not worth taking the time to make a relationship grow if the other person won’t put in any effort

religious or spiritual: I find it slightly ridiculous to make that kind of a distinction

favorite color: blues and greens

average hours of sleep: 7-8

lucky number: 1152. But really any multiple of 9 is pretty great

favorite characters: from what? what an open ended question

how many blankets do you sleep with: 1 but its thicc

dream job: head of an economic think tank, manager of a climbing gym, manager of a computer building company. who knows?

tag people: @haha-you-said-traps @sarcasmsuitsme 

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1. Sign: Gemini

2. Height: 165.1cm (5′5ft)

3. Last thing googled: How to use frets in utau

4. Favorite music artist (band): Sekai no Owari

5. Last TV show watched: One Punch Man

6. When did I create my blog: I think mid to late June last year (2016)

7. What kind of stuff do I post about: Pretty much my art, fandoms, memes, anything that catches my interest tbh (I make positivity posts too tho)

8. Do I have any other blogs: Yup! I have one that’s a bit more organized and if any of you can find it I’ll give you two dollars :P

9. Do I get asks regularly: Lately I’ve been getting a bit more (still wondering who that one anon that asked me to marry them is reveal yourself and the umbrella salesman anon too reveal yourself)

10.  Why did I choose my url: I really like umbrellas and there’s a painting of two people sharing an umbrella at my nan’s house and that’s my favorite one (I was just thinking about it when I signed up).

11. Gender: Female m8

12. Pokémon team: Same I’m Team Meme Instinct

13. Favorite colors: Red, blue, yellow, and green

14. Average hours of sleep: usually 7 (on non-school nights 3)

15. Favorite Characters: Gosh there’s too many rn I’ll just put Sakata Gintoki, Saitama, Genos, Link, Zelda, Oliver, Allen Avadonia, Karamatsu, and Aph Sealand.

16. Dream Job: I want to work on cartoons as either a storyboard artist or a key frame animator. That and comics.

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wtf it just hit me how much i actually really frickin miss d&p’s radio shows every sunday like do u all remember us all liveblogging/livetweeting it for 2 hours and BONDING OVER LAME JOKES AND POSTS and us starting inside jokes about dumb things they said/did and then the DAN VS PHILS halfway through and FAN WARS and the FAN VIDEOS and oh my god THE SOMBRERO FRISBEE MEME and the CHART SHOW CHALLENGES and dan and phil messing up buttons always and dan saying really questionable things on INTERNATIONAL RADIO Wow i MISS THE RADIO SHOW A LOT