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Domestic Drabbles: 10 - You Shouldn’t (Part 3)

And now for the last chapter of part 10 (: I know we didn’t see much of Agatha in this one, but she will appear in my next few drabbles :D 
Enjoy (:


When Baz and I finally step out of my room, Penny and Agatha turn around and look at us from the sofa; Penny glaring, as usual, and Agatha staring wide-eyed.

“Did you two kiss and make up?” Penny asks.

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#140 - For anonymous


Note: Shoutout to @placidus for helping me with ideas.

The road trip was short, and you were grateful for that. Van slept almost the entire time, his head in your lap in the back seat. “Not going to get a band dude to fall in love with you with that muppet following you around,” Larry whispered to you, looking back over the front seat he was in.

“He won’t follow me around,” you whispered back. Both Larry and Benji made faces that demonstrated their amusement at your denial of the obvious truth. “They’ll be hundreds of pretty girls in cool dresses and they’ll have flowers in their hair and be all glittery and beautiful and he’ll fall in love with them,”

“You don’t know him very well if you think that’s gonna happen, Y/N,” Benji said laughing. His voice, above the noise level of a whisper, woke Van. He sat up.

“We there yet?”

“Almost,” Benji replied. You looked over at Van and had a moment where you thought maybe you should have gone with the girls to the festival instead of agreeing to spend the weekend with Van, Larry and Benji. They were your musical soulmates though. You wanted to experience the bands with them; even if it meant sharing tents with lovesick Van.

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A Saphael Fanfic

Story by: @hoffkk

Requested by: Anon

Prompt: Ohh ohh can you please do Saphael where Simon goes clubbing with the clan and some of them challenge him to flirt with somebody and Raphael gets extremely jealous and think that the person flirts with Simon and Simon doesn’t want it…. Pretty please.

Summary: When Simon goes to the club with some of his new friends from the clan, a game of truth or dare goes downhill fast and Simon gets into some trouble.  Cue jealous, overprotective Raphael.


“What’ll it be?” The bartender asked.  She was tall, slender, and pretty with mocha skin and long, dark cornrows that ran down the back of her head and all the way to her waist-line.  She was trying (and failing) to keep an irritated look off her face.  The bar was the busiest spot in Blood Lust, the hottest vampire club in town and Raphael wasn’t helping as he took what felt like forever to order his drink.  The only the reason the bartender was being so patient with him was solely because of his status.  You don’t talk down or crudely to the leader of the clan.  It’s just not done.  So, she plastered on the fakest smile as she waited for Raphael to make up his mind. “Blood and tonic?  Bloody navel?” She threw out, hoping to move things along.

“Wha- oh, no. I’ll just take a Bloodweiser.”  Raph finally replied once his focus was back on the bartender in front of him.

She just nodded and reached below for the bottled beverage, popping off the top with her finger easily, before handing it to him.

One of the perks of being the clan leader was you didn’t have to pay for things in the vampire world because presumably you’ve already earned it. So, Raphael just nodded his thanks, then took a long slug of the drink before returning his focus to the far corner of the club.  Leaning against the bar, he scowled at the sight he saw of Simon and some of the other clan members.


Vampire life was suddenly a lot more appealing as Simon sat on a leather couch in one of the coolest night clubs he’s ever seen, sipping his Bite on the Beach and chatting with some new vampire friends.

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Ahhhhh it’s Carry On day!!!!!! A while fucking year since the masterpiece that is Carry On came into my world and made my life amazing! Thank you Rainbow Rowell for writing such a work of art!
Anyway here’s a thing I wrote as my humble offering to celebrate the anniversary! I hope you guys enjoy:)

We sit cross legged on the bed facing each other. He’s gripping my hands and I can feel our magic flowing through each other. It’s like being connected to him on a deeper level. I’d missed this feeling so much.
Baz takes a deep drawn out breath like he does when he smokes. You’d think I’d be more worried about what’s about to happen, but of course it’s him who’s worried.
“Baz, are you alright?” He lets out a shaky breath.
“Yeah, fine.” He stares at me and I have to keep myself from melting under his gaze. His eyes are a romantic charcoal grey with hints of slate in this light. “Are you sure about this?”
I free one of my hands from his grip and bring it to the back of his neck and pull him closer, till our foreheads are touching.
“I love you.”
I feel his breath on me and he slowly (agonizingly slow) brings our lips together. His tongue pushes against mine and I drag my hand from his neck down his back. He tilts his head slightly and runs his hands through my hair. He’s being so gentle, like he doesn’t want to cause anymore pain than necessary. My hands rest on his hips and I pull away for a breath.
“Crowley I love you.” He blushes and pulls my mouth back against his. His hands move to my neck and he gently rubs the side of my throat with his thumb. He kisses the side of my mouth, then my cheek and then below my ear. I can’t help but moan as he sucks on my earlobe. I arch my back and our chests touch. The contact of my bare chest against his shirt feels electric. I start undoing his buttons as he works his mouth down the side of my neck.
“Simon,” He whispers against my throat and I shiver. “say it.”
“Baz, I love yo-”
Suddenly there’s pain. I grab his forearm and if he weren’t a vampire I probably would’ve broken it with how hard I squeezed. It’s agonizing. I think I’m crying but I don’t know because all I can think is excruciating pain. There’s a loud noise. No wait that’s me.
I feel the bed under my back, I must’ve laid down, but even that isn’t helping the pain flowing through my veins. I think it’s spreading. Everything’s blurry and I scream.
I look up and see a blurry blob above me and holding the sides of my face. It’s a person. I try to think who but it’s hurts.
I can hear a voice but I don’t know who it’s talking to or what it’s saying. I try to ask for help. Anything to stop the paralyzing pain.

Two days. Two days and I’m still right next to Simon. I’m dying for a drink and a fag. I knew biting him was a bad idea. Last time I went through the Turning process was when it was me and I wasn’t awake for the changes. It’s agony watching your lover basically die a slow painful death.
It took him so long to convince me to do it. At least six months. And it took much pestering, begging and even bribery before I finally (reluctantly) agreed. He pounced on me when I did. The marks his mouth left on my neck lasted at least a day, which is a record for my vampire recovery system.
I knew I shouldn’t have agreed, but it’s fucking impossible to say no to him. And he gets so adorably happy when you say yes. I want him to always look that happy.
Well Baz you sure fucked that one up. I mentally curse myself.
He looks the opposite of happy right now.
He was screaming for at least two hours after I bit him, (Thank Crowley Penny was gone, though I probably could’ve used her help.) and then he was horribly feverish. He finally broke the fever, to my relief, but now the real changes have started. His skin has lost the bit of golden glow he kept even after he lost his magic and traded it for a pale colour, much like my own.
Thank Crowley vampires don’t actually have red eyes. I wouldn’t be able to bare the loss of his pthalo blue eyes that are practically the death of me. He asked me that once.
His head was resting on my lap and we were both reading, or at least I was. He kept looking at me funny.
“Baz, why aren’t your eyes red?” I looked down at him. His eyes were exceptionally blue that day.
“Like in the stories. Do you wear contacts?” I rolled my eyes heavily.
“No you dolt, vampires don’t have red eyes.” He’s lived with me since we were eleven and somehow thinks I’ve been hiding red eyes. He nodded and discarded his book then sat up on my lap and put his hands on my shoulders and played with the collar of my shirt.
“Good. I don’t want your eyes to be fake.”
“Well they aren’t.” I kissed a mole under his ear.
“They’re too fucking complicated and perfect to be.” I laughed. “And grey.” He kissed my forehead. “Super grey.” He kissed my nose. I blushed. “Wonderfully grey.” He kissed me finally and my hands ran up and down his back, trying to keep him as close as possible. He pulled back but kept his forehead against mine. “I want to look at your grey eyes forever.”
He got his wish come true then. He almost always does. I shouldn’t have done it. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes of my life. What if he hates me later for Turning him when I knew it was a bad idea. I grab his limp, clammy hand and feel for a pulse. He’s still breathing thankfully. I still don’t drop his hand.
He’s so pale it’s almost shocking. He was always glowing and golden before, even without magic. He was always like a lantern and I was a moth getting drawn in. Except for a while I thought he was one of those traps that kills that moths, fortunately he’s not.
I look back at him and push his tangled curls off of his forehead. He looks like he’s dreaming. Hopefully it’s a nice one and better than the reality he’s going to have to face when he wakes up.
I miss his mouth. Not just kissing him. I miss his stupid yet funny random quips and the things he would whisper in my ear that would make me blush profusely. And how he almost always (unless he was snogging me) had food in his mouth.
I smile at the memories but am brought out of my thoughts when I hear Simon whimper.

I open one of my eyes. It’s so bright. It stings. Everything is sore and achy and even getting both my eyes open and focused seems nearly impossible. Finally I manage and I see Baz’s face staring down at mine.
“Hi.” He says.
“Hi.” I say back but it comes out quiet and scratchy. I’m so terribly thirsty, my body is screaming at me for something
“How are you feeling?” I don’t really know what to tell him. I’m not sure how to pick up after your boyfriend bites you (consensually) in the middle of a heated make out session and now you have a terrible urge to kill something huge and drink it clean.
“Tired, thirsty, empty.” He nods and grabs my hand.
“I’m sorry love.”
“It’s fine, really.” I give him a small smile and try to stand up, but have to grab his shoulder when I nearly collapse. He puts a hand on my back and helps me sit down.
“I need…I need to drink. I just-”
“I know, you’re trying not to consider draining Penny’s insufferable cat. Here.”
He hands me a styrofoam cup with a bendy straw that reminds me of childhood, even though we rarely got bendy straws at the home. The scent coming from the cup makes my brain feel weird and my stomach do a flip. Last time my stomach flipped like that was when Baz pinned me to the door and we practically assaulted each other’s mouths.
There’s a weird sensation in my mouth and when I open to take a sip Baz gasps slightly.
“What?” I sound weird and then I feel fangs where my normal teeth used to be. “Crowley.” I whisper and Baz sits next to me.
“Wicked.” He mutters and I give him a sarcastic look.
“Are you having Deja vu?” I finally take a sip and it feels so refreshing.
“Perhaps.” Baz breathes on my neck and I shudder and finish my drink.
Baz laughs and kisses my cheek multiple times.
“No matter how shitty it is, you’re with me forever now.”
“It won’t be shit since I’m with you.”
“That was disgustingly sappy.” I shrug.
“It’s a good thing I’m a sap.”
I grin at him and I can feel my fangs against my lips. He grins back and I see his fangs too. Finally.

Didn’t See That Coming?

Background: You’ve known Peter since middle school and you’ve been best friends ever since, but little does he know about your strange abilities (post-DOFP)  

Rating: M (mild language)                                                                    

Warnings: Peter being a cute asshole, *captain america appears* LANGUAGE, fluff, nothing else really                               

Words: 1,097 (i edited like one sentence after having it counted but you get the gist)                                                                                                                            

You stared at the white ceiling, wondering when you would show Peter your newfound mutation. You were trying very hard to think about it, but was getting thrown off track a lot, thinking about how he’d react once you did tell him. Peter’s constant little noises didn’t help you focus either. He’d jump from playing Pac-Man to playing ping-pong to just running around in general. However, unbeknownst to you, he would sneak glances at you (while using his super-speed, ensuring secrecy, of course). He liked your sense of style, taking note of the black leather jacket and Led Zeppelin t-shirt you were wearing, remembering why you were best friends.

You had found out about your power a few days ago, in a position quite similar to this, but at your own home. It was winter, the coldest winter in D.C. in a long time, and your ceiling fan wouldn’t stop spinning, sending even more cold air in your direction. Too lazy to actually stand, you lay there on your bed and just wished to god that the fan would stop rotating, and then a strange thing happened. The ceiling fan just ceased to move altogether. You grinned as you noticed the absence of the freezing wind, but then it hit you. You did that.

“Havin’ fun over there?” Peter jeered at you, spurring you from your thoughts, “Is that what normal people do with their normal speed?”

“You know, I think I discovered a new mutation, Peter,” you sat up, with fake enthusiasm, “It’s being a super-human little shit, and I think you might just have it!”

“Oh, don’t be jealous, I’m sure you’re great at lots of things, (Y/N), like sewing or sitting on my couch.” He spoke quickly, almost not being able to finish for the quiet fit of laughter that was to ensue. You could see him now, without really looking. His wide grin, the dimples on either side of it, and his laughter? God, you could listen to it for days. You smiled at the thought, but then remembered what had provoked his laughter.

“You wanna keep that smirk on your face, Maximoff?” You practically glared with your words. He straightened up and lifted both hands, as if conceding when you knew that the silver-haired boy you grew up with wouldn’t give up that easily.

“Okay, okay, fine. You beat me in a race and I’ll take it all back.” Peter challenged, smirking and leaning forward on the stool in front of his Pac-Man game. Then you realized, you knew exactly how you were going to showcase your mutation.

“Winner takes the last box of twinkies, Maximoff. And we both know, you couldn’t run out in the cold to get a new one, even if you wanted to. You’d freeze your ass off.”

“Okay, so when I win, I get the twinkies and you have to watch me eat them,” Peter spoke confidently, before standing and adjusting his goggles, “Where to?”

“Your sister’s room, I heard she was setting up a tea party earlier anyways.” You remembered. Occasionally, when you weren’t getting annoyed by Peter, you spent time with his younger sister, Lorna, who was probably the cutest thing you had ever seen, always tugging at your sleeves and ushering you to her tea parties.

“If you say so,” Peter laughed cockily, before adjusting his goggles dramatically, earning an eye roll from you, “On your mark, get set, GO!”

The blur of black, silver, and blue was almost too fast for you to catch. Almost. But as soon as he began running, your irises had become rainbows, and you had caught him in your grip. The boy stopped dead in his tracks. For the first time in Peter Django Maximoff’s life, he had been rendered motionless by force. He couldn’t run, walk, hell, he couldn’t even move. Walking past him and glancing in his direction, you could see the mix of helplessness, confusion, and anger written all over his face.

Turning away and making a show of how incredibly slow you were going on the way upstairs, you smirked. Even after you couldn’t see him anymore, he remained still. As you opened the door to Lorna’s bedroom and sat down in her play chairs by the tea table, you flicked your wrist. In an instant, Peter was next to you and as expected, he was really fucking confused. You could also sense he was angered by his realization that he had failed his twinkies.

“What the-” Peter stopped, after realizing his sister was in the room, leaning towards you and spoke in a hushed whisper, “How did you…what happened to…what in the hell just happened to me, (Y/N)?’

“Oh, did I forget to mention? I control motion.” You smirked, taking a fake sip of the teacup Lorna had set in front of you, not maintaining eye contact at all with the boy’s lost brown eyes.

Recognition soon dawned on them, and after initial disbelief, his face contorted into a blatantly unhappy expression.

“You….you cheated!”

You scoffed. “By what, using my mutation? We both used our mutations, Peter. Mine just happened to be better.”

“Oh, don’t be jealous, I’m sure you’re great at lots of things, Peter, like sewing and getting beat.” you paraphrased, using his own words against him.

At a loss for words, Peter sat down next to you, displeased. Lorna must’ve noticed this, because she then decided it was the perfect time to give him a tiara. You laughed at his pouty disposition, seeing him with the tiara on. It was a lovely form of irony, one you greatly appreciated. Peter must’ve also realized how he looked, because a second later, he was laughing his ass off.

After recovering, he spoke, “Your mutation is actually super cool though, (Y/N). And when your eyes went all rainbow, it was awesome….just, whoa,” Peter continued, scratching the back of his neck nervously, “You know, I do know about this school where you could learn more about how to control it with ease, maybe even helping you discover new aspects to your power. I mean, obviously I wouldn’t need it, since I’m so great at my mutation…”

Rolling your eyes once more, you smiled. “Maybe I’ll share the twinkies with you after all, even if you are a huge loser,” you laughed, sticking your tongue out at him. His face lit up like a Christmas tree, and you grinned widely, knowing this would be one of your best memories, all because of his stupid smile. “And when we do break out the twinkies, you’re going to be telling me all about this school…”

I'm Sorry. (Harry Styles) #33

Saturday went by as a whole blur. Despite the little encounter Harry and I had with mom in the morning, it wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be. When she came back from work, I had to assure her that nothing had happened between me and Harry. “I know what you’re probably thinking, mom,” I rolled my eyes, the two of us sitting on the table with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. “We didn’t do ‘that’”

She shrugged innocently. “I didn’t think you did, honestly. I was just kind of surprised when I walked into your room and saw a Harry in your bed. When did he even get here?”

I sighed as she took a sip of her chocolate. “I called him yesterday, while you guys were sleeping”

She raised an eyebrow. “You called him for what?”

“I don’t know, because I wanted to see him?,” I replied. “I swear, he was supposed to leave earlier, but we fell asleep, so…”

Suddenly, she smirked. “Well, I saw something very interesting between you two when he left this morning. Care to explain it?”

I took a sip of my own chocolate this time. Of course I knew what she was talking about, but I didn’t wanna talk about it with mom. But I knew she wasn’t going to let it go until I told her about it, so I guess I had no choice. “Um, yeah… we kissed” was what I said.

She beamed. “So, are you guys like… dating now, or…?”

I couldn’t help but to smile down at my cup, the memory of Harry’s lips against mine still fresh in my mind. “I don’t know, maybe? I guess…”

“Aww!,” Mom exclaimed, and I was sure that I was blushing by now. “That’s so sweet! You know, I’ve always thought that you and Harry would make a cute couple. And then when I saw you two sleeping in your bed, I thought that you guys were absolutely adorable, but of course, I had to act like a mom and get him out”

I laughed. “Yeah, I get it”

“Now, we have to see how your father takes the news,” she said, the two of us drinking from our cups almost at the same time. “You know how jealous he is with his daughter”

I gave her a worried look. “Do you think he’ll like the idea of Harry and I… together?”

She gave me a small shrug. “Your father has always said that Harry’s a great lad. Maybe he won’t take it so hard”

I nodded. “I hope so…”

So, as we kept finishing our hot chocolate, mom and I turned on the TV while also keeping small conversation. Mom always liked to watch the Food Network, so we went with that. And I stayed with her for almost 35 minutes before I went back to my room. On my way there, I met Keith, who was coming out of the bathroom. As soon as he saw me, he smirked. “You know,” he started talking before I could enter my room. He leaned against the wall, folding his arms across his chest. “When I gave you advice about giving Harry a chance… I didn’t mean for you to call him at 1 or so in the morning so he could come over”

My eyes widened as I slowly turned my body to face him again. “Wha… how did you-”

“You guys must be pretty stupid if you actually thought that I was asleep at the time,” he said, chuckling. “Let’s say that Harry’s deep and sexy voice is pretty recognizable”

Running a hand through my hair, I sighed. “Great”

“So, what was he doing here?,” he asked, then raised an eyebrow. “No funny business, I hope…”

“No,” I shook my head, rolling my eyes. “We weren’t doing any ‘funny business’”

“Good,” he said. “Would’ve had to kick his ass, then”

Chuckling, I opened the bedroom door. “Right, okay”

An hour later, I couldn’t take it any longer and decided to call Emily. I felt like such a girly girl, and I knew that she would freak out once I told her what happened with Harry. And, when she picked it up and I told her everything, she did. “OH MY GOD, YES!,” She kept shouting. I could only just laugh at her. “YES! THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY, YOU HAVE NO IDEA!”

“Gosh, Emily, calm down!” I told her, still laughing.

“Calm down?! I TOLD YOU YOU GUYS WOULD GET TOGETHER SOMEDAY!,” She said. “But noooo, you thought that was just stupid! Well, guess who’s stupid now?!”

“Okay, fine, I’m stupid, I know” I said.

She laughed this time, as well. “Good to hear you admitting it. So, how do you feel?”

I sighed in content, laying down on the bed. “I feel like I could spit rainbows”

“Awwwww! My best friend’s in love!” She teased.

“Yeah yeah, whatever,” I said, the two of us chuckling. “But you’re also falling in love, aren’t you, dear Emily?”

“I don’t know,” she answered shyly. “I mean, I really like Dave, but could I fall in love with him? Nah, I don’t think so”

“Well, you never know” I said, smirking.

“Argh! He hasn’t even asked me to be his girlfriend, yet!” She said, frustration clear in her voice.

“Relax,” I said. “I’m pretty sure that he’ll ask you sooner or later. If he doesn’t, well, he’s an idiot”

“Yeah. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be with a hottie like me?” She said proudly, the two of us starting to laugh.


On Sunday, Anne had called mom to say that we were invited to have dinner with them. Since dad and Robin had to work, there was only gonna be six of us. And my heart was beating fast the whole ride because I was gonna see Harry again. After he had left my house yesterday at 6am, we just texted. We texted almost the whole day, and when I was in bed watching Harry Potter, he had called me. You know you love someone very much when you pause one of your favorite movies to talk to them.

“Here we are” Mom said as she pulled up in front of Anne’s house.

Letting out a long, quiet breath, I tried to get myself together. But my mind kept thinking about how tonight was gonna go…

Anne, as always, had opened the door and welcomed us to her house. Gemma and Harry were both sitting on the stairway, standing up as the same time as soon as the saw mom, Keith, and I entering through the front door. Of course, Gemma went straight to Keith, the two of them exchanging big smiles before embracing each other in a tight hug. Harry had walked towards me grinning, and I knew that he was going in for a kiss, but I guess he suddenly got shy when he saw mom watching. So he just wrapped his arms around me and placed a kiss on my temple, instead. And I couldn’t help but to giggle. “Shut up” he murmured. He knew that I was thinking the same thing, and it only made me giggle harder.

During dinner, mom and Anne were the ones who did the most talking. Of course, the rest of us did talk a bit with them, but I guess we were more focused on Anne’s delicious cooking. Gemma and Keith were flirting very quietly, exchanging looks and feeding each other every now and then. It was cute and all, but it was also getting too much. I guess I was one to talk. Harry didn’t let go of my hand as we ate. We didn’t feed each other, but we did steal food from the other’s plate. And played footsie under the table. And we had several thumb wars. And he might’ve planted a few kisses on my cheek when I would lest expect it…. yeah, we were probably worse than Keith and Gemma…

When everyone was done with their plates, I offered to help Anne wash the dishes. Mom was taking what seemed to be an important call, Keith and Gemma headed to the backyard, and Harry went… somewhere. “Thank you so much for helping me with the dishes, love. You truly are wonderful” she tole me.

I smiled. “Yeah, well It’s the least I could do for you. After all you’ve done for us”

“Oh, I do it with all the love, honey,” she said. “Your mom and I have been friends for an incredibly long time, and I love you and Keith as if you were my own. I saw you two since you were babies, after all”

“Yeah” I said. She truly was an angel.

“You know,” she suddenly closed the faucet to turn and look at me, a small smirk playing on her face. “I heard something about you and Harold dating. Is it true?”

Oh God. I could feel my cheeks heating up as I tried to look for the right words to say. “Umm… we-uh…”

But I didn’t try to say anything else because she had laughed. “It’s okay, Henley,” she said. “It’s just that your mom couldn’t help it, and she called me just a few hours ago. But I just wanna tell you that I love the idea of you being my son’s girlfriend. You’re all I’ve ever wanted in a girl for my boy. Smart, good sense of humor, great personality, easy to talk to, respectful, honest… and not to mention that you’re beautiful”

“Oh, stop it, Anne” I said shyly, to which she chuckled.

“No, but really,“ she wrapped an arm around my shoulders. “I couldn’t be happier. And I also want you to know that if something bad ever happens, which I hope it doesn’t, I’ll always be right here for you”

I nodded. “I know,” and then I hugged her. “Thank you, Anne”


“So, how was it?” I asked Gemma, the two of us sitting on the chairs as we watched our brothers playing soccer together in the backyard.

She knew exactly what I was talking about. “It was amazing,” she answered, sighing. “You might not see it because he’s your brother, but Keith is truly a gentleman”

“Did he pay for the food or did he give you the bill?”

“Funny,” she said sarcastically, rolling her eyes. I laughed. “No, he payed for everything, actually. And it was so sweet because he was very very nervous! I mean, I was nervous too, but it was more visible in him”

“Did you guys kiss?” I asked quickly.

With a shy smile, she gave a small shrug. “Maybe…”

I couldn’t help but to squeal, not too loudly, I hoped. Just by the look in her face you could tell that they did kiss at some point. “Oh my God, that’s great! So does that mean that you guys are officially a couple?!”

“I dunno,” she replied, smiling at my brother. The two boys were taking a break from the game now. “He said that he’ll take me out again this week, hopefully. I really, really want him to ask me to be his girlfriend”

“I’m sure he will,” I told her. “He’s crazy for you”

She let out a small laugh as the boys started to approach us. “What’s so funny?” Keith asked.

“Your face” I responded automatically.

He rolled his eyes, taking a seat next to Gemma. I stood up whilst looking at Harry, giving him a 'Let’s-Leave-Them-Alone’ look. He seemed to catch on quickly, 'cause he quickly took my hand and led me inside the house, where mom and Anne were sitting in the living room having a conversation that I didn’t have the chance to hear, because Harry was already dragging me to his room.

When we reached it, he closed the door behind him. After looking at my surroundings like I always did, I turned to him once more. “I thought it would’ve been best to leave them alone so they could just-”

But before I could finish my sentence, Harry was already crashing his lips against mine. With his hands cupping my face, we stayed there in the middle of his room, until he slowly pulled away 10 seconds later. He smiled whilst letting out a small chuckle, our faces only inches away from each other. “I’ve been waiting to do that the whole night” he whispered.

I smiled back. “Is that so?”

“Yes,” he said. His hands went down to my waist, pulling me closer to his body. “Now don’t start with your teasing. Don’t say anything, just let me kiss you”

And before I could reply, he joined our lips once again. The kiss was longer, tongues meeting this time as I tilted my head to the side to give him more access. My hands grabbed his biceps. The football really did the trick.

Soon I knew it, he had my back pressed against his wardrobe, me letting out a low moan that I couldn’t sustain. A boy had never made me feel like this before. Harry was the only one who made me weak in the knees whenever he kissed me, or just whenever he even looked at me. At first I fought the feeling, but now I was just starting to love it more as each day passed. And I slapped myself mentally for being so stupid and not let myself fall for him earlier.

The way his tongue slowly traced my bottom lip drove me absolutely nuts. He was, without a doubt, possibly the best kisser in the entire galaxy. I wrapped my arms around his neck, trying to get as much from him as possible, even if there was no space left between us. Harry pulled away to leave soft kisses on my jawline, collarbone, and neck. God, not the neck. Kisses on the neck were like an addiction to me. He probably figured that out by the way I became frozen on my spot, enjoying the sensation. And I felt him smirk proudly under my skin.

“Harry” I breathed his name, opening my eyes.

“Hmm?” was the only thing I heard as he kept nibbling on the sensible skin.

“Someone could walk in at any moment” I said, my hands going up to his curly hair.

“So?” He said, pulling away and looking at me with a smirk still on his face.

“So,” I repeated. “I wouldn’t want my mom or Anne or Gemma or Keith to walk in and see us like… this”

“Like we’re just a couple of teenagers making out?,” he chuckled, pressing our foreheads together and linking his arms around my waist again. “Come on, Henley, It’s not like we’re doing something bad”

“Yeah, well, you wouldn’t be this calm if it was my dad who walked in, huh?” It was my turn to smirk.

“Of course not, your dad’s intimidating,” he said, making me laugh. “But since you’re my girlfriend, I would try to reason with him so he wouldn’t kill me”

I bit my lip. “I’m your girlfriend?”

He grinned, looking at the floor for a second before looking back up at me. “I mean, why would I be kissing you so much?”

“It’s just that you haven’t asked me properly…” I said almost shyly, the last part coming out very quietly.

He chuckled once again. “I guess I just thought that it wasn’t necessary”

I giggled, his lips placing a single kiss on my throat. “I just think it would be nice if you ask me, I don’t know…”

“Girls and their cheesiness,” he rolled his eyes. Gasping in fake horror, I hit his arm playfully, him laughing loudly. Hearing that laugh always lightened up my day. “I’m kidding! I know you’re not THAT cheesy”

“Whatever” I muttered, burying my face in the crook of his neck as he buried his face on my hair.

And we stayed like that for a while, and I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the moment and inhaled his scent. It made me feel relaxed.

When he raised his head up again, our faces close, he said, “Okay. Henley Mathews… would you do me the honor of becoming my beloved girlfriend?”

I giggled, for what seemed to be the 100th time this day. But, just to tease him, I pretended to ponder. “Gee… I’m gonna have to think hard about it”

“Oh, shut up” he said, and as I laughed at his face, he kissed me.

A slow, passionate kiss that would make any doubts (IF they were real) disappear. “I would love to be your girlfriend, Mister Harry Styles”

“Good,” he said against my lips, a smile that didn’t vanish even when we kissed again. “So… what do you wanna do now?”

I shrugged. “What do YOU wanna do?”

“If it were for me, I would gladly stay here with you for the rest of the night and it would still be the best thing ever” he said.

I playfully rolled my eyes, him planting another kiss on my cheek. “How about we just sit down and play some video games? Because I think mom and Anne will talk for a long, long time”

“Sounds good,” he said, pulling me closer. “What do you wanna play, my love?”

I pondered the question. “How about we play WWE? I mean, I know I always win, but who knows? This time, you might actually have a chance”

“Right. I’m sure I can win with my eyes closed” he said, smirking proudly.

“I’d LOVE to see that” I challenged him.

“Three games to see who wins?”


And with that, as we playfully wrestled each other to grab the best controller, we started playing on his console.

But during the whole time, I could only think of one thing…

Harry was mine.

Phan - Nebulas of Ferris Lights

A little Ficlet by totoroteser

I gently tugged at a pale green leaflet attached to our fridge, calling out, ‘Hey Phil? What’s this?’ into the other room.

Then, he popped his fluffed messy bed-headed head around the kitchen doorway, replying ‘oh yeah that’s,’ he tentatively scratched the back of his neck, ‘well I thought that we could-’

‘Dude, what is it then?’

‘You know, it’s the Fair, I thought that we could go…’ he took a short breath until his eyes suddenly lit up with excitement, ‘there’s a Ferris wheel too!’

‘But we have stuff to do, I mean, sorry-’ Phil was giving me a subtle anxious look – ‘no, fine then. We can go I suppose, when is it?’

‘Dan it says in your hand, you’re holding the leaflet’ Phil walked over to me to show me, this wasn’t needed as I can read, but I still liked how unknowingly selfless he is. ‘look, here’ his hand brushed against mine as he took the paper, pointing at the date. ‘I think it says this Saturday, you’re free right?’

‘ha, of course I am, whenever do I do anything socially?’

‘how you keep reminding me Dan, you recluse!’ He started to leave the room so I arch my head towards him again,

‘hey! I’m not that bad-’ I let my sentence hang, then a little quieter I say ‘I wouldn’t have met you if I was such a hobo’

A moment passed as he looked around once more, then his socked-feet lightly pad toward me, until I feel his arms slide under my own from behind, his hands link together on my tummy, perfectly locked there, I enclose my own hands on them as he whispers tenderly in my ear, resting his head on my left shoulder –

‘Now, what a shame that would be’

It hurts not to giggle every time Phil acts sweet on me, especially as it’s so out of character from what everyone else sees him as. I’m probably the only person he acts like this too right now, and that makes me treasure this side of him even more.

He pecks me on the cheek as I look toward him, his fluffy fringe tickling my forehead - the morning light of the floor to ceiling window adding a soft glow around his hair- I feel like he is the special glimmer in my life.

‘for both of us’ I reply, brushing his lips with mine as I talk, I let go of his hands and turn my body to him. Pressing his into mine, he embraces me, and I, him, as we share a solid but fond hug. I tilt my chin to him, and i kiss him, his full lips pressing onto mine - the birds of Manchester chirping over the city.

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