i did it i had to im


did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

okay im concussed and my hair is singed and theres frostbite on my left leg but i have tested all the new arrows

i dont remember testing them all but past me took very good notes so its all good plus the range is still smoking so i know i had fun

ps why is there baloney in the dvd player who did that

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Wait what? Where did you read that about Chell and GlaDOS?! I wanna read it, please

its in their commentary!! they had one for the first game too where they called GLaDOS a “narcissistic girlfriend” but i cant find that one again :( but if u want, my friends made a post here that outlines some of valve’s commentary regarding their relationship being romantic. also they didnt include this in the post so im gonna add it in here

(screenshotted from the final hours of portal 2 commentary. the rumor come out: does GLaDOS is gay?)


I can’t help falling in love with you- cover by saltylittleslytherin

I recorded this on garageband so I could do harmonies and stuff. I did the singing (and harmonies) and played my ukelele. (sorry I know it’s kinda choppy and stuff I’m still learning) also I’m not sure how loud it is going to be so I’d suggest maybe turning down the volume just in case it blasts your ear drums at first or something… as you can see im crap at technology. Also that picture isn’t mine, it’s just a random one I’ve had saved. Sorry I don’t know who to give creds to.

These Words Are All We Have

Pairing: Kunichuu

Rating: G

Summary: Four months after Dazai’s suicide, Kunikida and Chuuya run into each other at Dazai’s grave. Surprised by how much they have both changed since Dazai’s death, they hardly recognize each other, but they find a solace in each other that could not be provided by anyone else.



anyways this is dedicated to @mr-reblogbutton again, surprise surprise

This is kinda… a sequel to my God Tier kunikizai fic “Every Minute and Every Hour (I Miss You, I Miss You, I Miss You More)” so it takes place in that universe and if you havent already read that fic you might want to before reading this one

This could actually count as kunikichuuzai tbh? but whatever im only tagging kunichuu

I decided to follow the theme of the title for my last fic and use Bastille lyrics for the title, the song that this title is referencing is “Overjoyed”

anyways, thanks for sticking with me through rarepair week guys, I had a really fantastic time and I was so glad to have participated!!

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Please tell me what we could have had! I'd LOVE to know!!!


ok so ,, easy things that the flash writers could’ve done:

-Cisco occasionally checks his phone and says that his brother is texting him for relationship advice 

 -have Cisco need to cancel plans because “that’s when Dante gets drunk and I need to drive him home”

 -Caitlin mentioning that his brother called a few times and Cisco just going “he knows what he did”

like…just easy shit like that. imagine how much depth the kidnapping could’ve had if cisco and dante were like they were in the comics-siblings that fight and bicker and tease each other but love each other. it literally would’ve been a hundred times better! 

dante finding out cisco knows the flash and asking for the flash’s autograph like he did with stargirl in the comics. imagine how the rupture episode could’ve gone, how we could’ve gotten armando-and even if we didn’t! imagine seeing someone that we know cisco cares about die, even if it is an alternate universe version of them.

it could’ve been great.

Okay, personally I don’t have a set headcanon on whether Will is straight, gay, bi, ace, demi, pan etc. and I’d be chill if Duffer brothers made any of those sexualities canon for Will.  If I had to pick, I’d say he’s probably gay but really I don’t see the need to call it.

But a lot of people that I’ve seen (not necessarily on here, I’ve actually seen it more in other places) are pretty adamant about Will’s sexuality being one thing.  I’ve seen people insisting that he’s straight and arguing that he was only called gay because it could be used as an insult.  I’ve seen people insisting that he’s gay and arguing that it’s never denied by any of his close friends/family.  

Because people feel so strongly about this and because there is so much homophobia in the world today I know this is kind of a sensitive topic, but can I suggest something?  Can we appreciate the character of sweet, artistic and resilient Will Byers before we get into arguments over his sexuality?  Can we love his character because he’s a peace-maker that tells the truth before he love him because he’s gay or because he’s straight or because he identifies with any other sexuality?


Alright it’s had to happen sooner or later. I’m going on a full hiatus. It’s the last month of my Master’s degree and it’s been insane. I don’t have enough time to do everything I need to do, let alone what I want to. As in I’ve been trying to be responsible and planning out how to manage my time properly, and my conclusion for the last week had been if I did everything I needed done by this week, I had about 12 hours of total time to delegate to sleeping/anything that isn’t purely work, over 7 all days. It’s about similar for next week

I’m dying and I can’t afford to be here at all. I’m already making compromises in my work to make sure I don’t kill myself because don’t worry I’m doing my best to take care of myself too but basically, yeah, I’m going to be fully gone.

If you want to contact me, I’ll still be lurking around IM and you can always find me on Skype cheryl.neves

Wish me luck guys!

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i once spat in someone's milkshake and gave it to them free cause they were being a bitch a raising a broo ha ha over a made up issue and i recently found out i did give them mano. apparently her fiance ended up leaving her and she lost her job due to her depression. i want to feel bad but she tried to get me fired, so she can suck it.

I mean. As someone who has worked in food myself I’m incredibly disappointed? When ever someones being a royal bitch to me I give them them the benefit of the doubt and say they had a bad day? Most of the time Im right. And turns out it was a shitty day and they were in a sour mood.

Tbhhhhh if I was your manager. I probs would fire you or atleast give you a writeup though.

my mom had to watch some injections videos to help me with my T shot last night/morning and when i woke up she was excitedly trying to show me this video of “this really cute, like the cutest trans guy who did an injection video” with the biggest grin on her face and shes like “this is what ur gonna look like, look how cute he is, isnt he the cutest? this is after like a year.”

so tl;dr update: my mom is still the sweetest and im dying

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How do you know if you're kin with someone Like, how did you figure out?

well i mean, it really depends on the person, for me it took my best friend finding out that he’s kin first, and when i saw all the behaviour and feelings he had about the characters he was kin with i realized im the same way. kind of like seeing the character as a version of yourself, going beyond just “oh i relate, theyre my fav” but a big connection to them. you know youre still you but the connection to this character can be viewed as an extension of yourself. 

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i'm still pissed tf off that emotion didn't get any grammy nominations!!! like that album had banger after banger!! what did adele's album have?? sad song after sad song!! (jk no shade to adele. i actually really love her and went to her concert a few months ago!!) it's homophobic tho that emotion was just snubbed like that!!

carly Is like too good for the grammys im sorry shes jsu too good for tha xx

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slowly slides into ur askbox n attempts to lean on the wall seductively. yo babe. sweetie. honey. caramel syrup on vanilla ice cream. u cute human u. you dont need to reply im just in a good mood n hope you have a nice day <3

this is honestly one of the best messages i have ever received, my heart is fluttering. this is so cute, i hope you had a good day too ily u cute human 💕💘♥️💞💓💖❤💗❤️💝