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Mikleo/humans becoming seraph theory

So I spoiled myself even before playing the game (I’m at the wind trial now, by the way), and found out how Mikleo became a seraph. Today I saw the skit about Mikleo wondering how to turn humans into seraphim.

As Edna explained to Mikleo, there are two types of seraphim. Mikleo seemed very interested in this, and also asked how they could become one.

He goes into the details, asking what form the human takes when turned into a seraph, if they are in fact the same person, etc. I noticed two things. One (which is the more obvious one) is that this hints Mikleo did not know this even existed, and also hints he’s kinda special. Apparently no one told him how he was born into a seraph, maybe for his own sake. (Again, I know this is obvious and revealed later, but still worth pointing out how it was hinted). Then the second thing I noticed, which is the very point of this post, is how interested he is in humans turning into seraphim. Though it’s pure speculation, I think that this hints to his insecurities about Mikleo and Sorey being different races. What if he wanted to know so much about humans becoming seraphim, because he wanted Sorey to become one? I assume he knows seraphim have very long lifespans, so it’s a big possibility he feared Sorey dying much earlier than Mikleo would. To be honest, people don’t talk enough about Touchy-Feely Mikleo’s insecurities about his and Sorey’s relationship.

Bonus: Pure Meebo


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Hmmmm….right I am feel really conflicted and shitty atm because I totally understand where Lauren is coming from and camren shippers can be over the top in so many ways. That I get it’s frustrating for Lauren. She’s lacking sleep, everyone’s talking about her, microscoping her sexuality, which leads me to one point I read earlier this week: we may come out the closet, but we always drag it with us. Lauren’s not used to this guys, so it’s probably tough enough for her without people mocking her relationship with Lucy.

 So yeah Lauren, go off!

But then my confliction comes in because I almost believed her when she said camren was real but then I thought of all the shit we’ve seen and I couldn’t help but wonder.

Was this never real?

Or this?

Granted their is no actual “proof” that’s them right? So then I found myself wondering if maybe we did just make these things up in our heads to feed our fantasies…but then I can’t explain this:

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Maybe it was nothing and just a friendship? I say it, but I don’t quite believe it. But I guess we have accept it, right? We knew/we were told shit was going to hit the fan in March time and maybe this is it. Maybe this is the closure we all need. But for some reason it feels less like something’s being closed and more like something’s being opened for the first time in forever. My delusions run rampant right now. But you’ve got to remember to at least remain respectful because Lauren is only human, even though we make her out to be more. Cut me some slack and hold on because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

@djldgaf that’s hilarious & @songbirdstew i love it

@cecille-b it is another thing i didn’t know jeep wrangler drivers did until i owned one, but now i feel like i’ve found my people. the jeep wave is the cutest fucking thing & it often brightens up my days. it’s to the point where my bf & i count how many jeep drivers wave back in a row on longer trips. a few decidedly do not, but most are enthusiastic, even some passengers wave back. it’s frickin cute as hell.

i hesitate to say that arc v saved my life, because i’ve never been suicidal

but it definitely saved my emotional state, over and over and over

i’ll probably make a sappier post later but….this show touched me in a way that nothing else has; i’ve met my closest friends and bonded closer with friends i already had with it

i’ve found solace with a lot of my own problems through the struggles and triumphs of Yuya, I’ve found more inspiration than i can possibly express out of it

it won’t ever stop being important to me.  what arc v did for me is never going to change and i’ll never forget it or stop loving it, stop making things for it, probably until the day i die

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You said you found all the shrines in BotW? Did you use a guide, or did you just find them yourself? I ask because I wanna find them all myself, but I'm at 104 now so they're getting kinda hard to find, so I'm hoping you might have a tip for finding them faster (besides turning on the radar thing because duh that's obvious)

I ended up using a map of the shrine locations when I got to about 70 since I didn’t wanna spend forever on it and also I was recording all that and I didnt wanna like drag out the videos too much. Some of them I had to look up how to find or how to do the shrine quest cuz they get a bit unclear.

I really need to go to bed

But first, I have a couple questions for veteran teachers:

1) How long did it take you to find a style you liked? I’m in my second year and I can’t settle. Part of me says it’s because the kids are too unruly and nothing is going to work, but the idealistic part of me says “no you just haven’t found your style yet.” So… how long til I feel comfortable with the way I run things?

2) Differentiation. How do you do it? I’ve noticed that I’ve got fairly distinct groupings of grades in all my classes – nearly-perfect high achievers, those straddling the line between D and F, and complete failures who have 0 foundation and really shouldn’t be in high school. So I’m considering doing differentiated groups next year – splitting the class into at least 2 groups and assigning different work based on ability. Is this even legal, what with IEP and 504 restrictions? And if you’ve personally done this, how did you handle trying to split your instructional time between multiple groups? Mind you, I only have 50 minutes a day, so 2 groups would get 25 minutes worth of my attention, and if I split it into 3 groups then they’d get even less.

Yes, it is totally fine to tell me there are typos in my fics. There are many. I’m lazy and not a very careful proofreader of my own fic. (It’s mine, whatever, it’s done! I wanna post it…).

It is really lovely if you mix the ‘hey a found a typo’ with positive things. 

“I love this, this is [positive adjective]. You missed a typo here: “explanation of typo”. Anyway, [more positivity].”

This is how I was taught to grade essays and the format works wonders for fanfic too. 

Thing I love/thing the writer did well, positive note about characterization. Minor thing that’s easy to correct explained in a constructive fashion. (hey, found this) Thing I love. 

That way when the writer hits the constructive comment, they’re already thrilled about the first positive comment, and it ends on a positive note. 

Happy writer, writer notes thing that would improve fic, happy writer. 

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How did mod jo break their jaw???? 😧😧 I'm so sorry you got hurt!! I love you!!

thanks oh my gosh, ilu too. i faceplanted on a concrete sidewalk really hard, at high speed. it… wasn’t ideal. unstoppable force vs immovable object. 

surprisingly, my face looks completely fine; it’s just the inside that’s all wrecked. got a mild concussion too, found out today… stay safe kids, don’t do this sort of thing

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Gio I think you did the same thing it did. As soon as I saw it with no cred, looked through Lauren's tag found the person who posted it. Now I'm searching it on tumblr and Twitter

i’m actually mad someone removed the name of my tumblr because it took me time to edit but it is what it is

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Okay so I didn't cry when Beast died in this but to this day, Beast's death in the animated movie still gets to me. I get nothing in this live action one. And when Beast and Belle finally kissed, it get super awkward. I felt no passion or warmth behind it. Yet when Lumiere and Plumette kissed, I felt their love. There is a problem here

The thing is the Beast we watched in the original was very human, very real in his struggles and while he did fucked up shit, we saw him be vulnerable and at very low points, which made his victories sweeter.

Live action Beast was cruel, harsh, and never wrong. He was awkward but his low points were manufactured and the chemistry with Watson was non existent, whether it was through physical gestures or emotional connections. 

While I found animated Beast to be believable, CGI hell puppet Beast nothing more than a macguffin for Belle.

Also all the emotional impact of the original ending scene was short, sweet and to the point. With the live action we get creepy ass shit, bad cinematography and the emotional drained out when the servants fuckin died.


Tempest Ryder

emotional, honest, kickass

Jumped on the bandwagon and started ME:A today.
Surprisingly the controls work pretty well for my “two hands ten thumbs” issues, but I’m still crap with aiming and keep my ammo in check.

Unfortunately I have found no way to change the German dubbing and I hate how unnatural everything sounds. I hope origin will offer the English audio files like they did with DAI, because THIS is horrible!

edit: could probably solve the language issue. Found a switch in the origins and right now the system is updating so I think there is hope.

More Hidden Ladybug References!!!

Hey Everyone!

So I wanted to put together something short today (I’ve been very busy the past few days) and I started looking through a convo me and @BluesandBeth had recently. We’d been talking about the weirdness of Carol’s cucumbers/tomatoes, and @bluesandbeth did some research and found some really interesting things. So I started doing research and found a cool connection!

Okay, so let’s review the weirdness. Carol is planting tomatoes, but the label on them is actually for a brand of cucumbers. Boston Pickling is a type of cucumber, not tomato, so this is something tptb put together for the show. It’s weird.

One thing @bluesandbeth found about Boston Pickling Cucumbers is that one of their natural pests are aphids. Obviously that caught my attention because of Beth’s ladybug symbolism. (Remember that aphids are a tremendously destructive insect, and Ladybugs are their only natural predator. Because of that, the fact that one of the Wolves was named Aphid made us think Beth would help bring them down. (She’s the ladybug to their aphid.) I still think this is a thing, btw.)

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(okay so i'm spending a ton of time on tvtropes and i found this) Villainous Crush: [J.D.'s] love for Veronica is not in any way healthy, but he does love her. (tvtropes. org/pmwiki/pmwiki. php/Characters/Heathers) i just found this interesting bc it shows how JD /did love/ veronica unlike what some people argue

True!! Honestly people who say he didn’t love her can suck my entire ass like not shipping them or thinking the ship is bad is one thing, but to say he didn’t love her/she didn’t love him is literally just ignoring the facts its so annoying.

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ok, super important question. How did you transfer photos from your 3DS to your comp??

this. this is THEE question to end all questions. if you have twitter or facebook it will go much more smoothly for you and you can just follow the instructions found here. if you’re a hermit like me and you don’t have either of those things, it gets tougher. i unscrew my 3DS and pull out the micro sd card, then i put that in an adapter, and THAT in a supportive usb… and finally transfer them to my computer. it sounds complicated, but so long as you have the right components it’s fairly simple, really. i linked you to a few spots where you can find said things, just to give you an idea of what they look like and what not! good luck, okay!! ♥

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Nickname: Lulu, when my cousin and sister are in a really good mood they call me mama.
Zodiac sign: Virgo.
Height: 5′3″ or something, dont remember.
Last Thing You Googled: meters to feet bc I forgot my height is feet.
Favourite music artist: Ricardo Arjona.
Song stuck in my head: Evermore bc I watched Beauty and the beast.
Last Movie you watched: Beauty and the beast.
What are you wearing right now: my pijama plus a sweater bc its cold.
What do you post: Right now Malec, shadowhunters, Harry shum jr, I change my main fandom everytime i found something new, but it has being shadowhunters for a while.
Why did you choose your URL: Well… my nickname is lulu… i like to be called miss…. so… yeah.
Do you have any other blogs: Nop.
What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: To not being stupid, mostly, stupid is not the word but I dont know how to say ‘pendejo’ in english.
Religious Or Spiritual: Religious.
Favorite Color: Green
Average Hours Of Sleep: Depends, these last weeks have being 10 hours.
Lucky Number: 7.
Favorite characters: Magnus Bane is so precious and deserves all the good things in the world.
How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: Just one.
Dream Job: Disneyland.

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i got tagged by @kindofapolyglot and @pakistanipolyglot to answer 11 questions ( different tho), thank you <3

the first lot:

1. When did you realise you had fallen in love with your target language? 

for Russian, i realised i’m deeply in love with the language last year. the thing was always in me but when i joined langblr, it came oout and i started learning this beautiful language last summer.

2. If you could choose to have any animal for a pet, which one would you pick?

i already have a dog. i didn’t choose to have her tbh, i even used to hate them. but this winter, i found her in the cold outside and she was clearly in danger so i took her home. i’ve never done such an awesome thing in my life bc my dog is a love <3
3. What is a grammatical concept you found/ find difficult to understand?

cases!!!!! before i start German, this concept was alien to me, i knew already 3 languages but without cases. it was such a new and diffuclt concept
4. At what time during the day do you feel the most productive? 

early in the morning
5. Describe your hometown using one sentence.

croweded city where the roses were sovereigns but now the roast chicken restaurants are.
6. Have you ever felt at home abroad? i was never abroad :’(
7. What is a habit of yours you find annoying? 

when i’m excited about something and i’m with a dear friend, i annoy them a lot with my infinite babbling
8. What do you consider to be your best trait?  

i empathize with others, and i think i’m a good counselor
9. Is there a song/ movie/ animation that you can’t help but associate with your childhood? If so, which one(s)?

there are lots of animation and their songs that are synonyms to my childhood for me. like X , X  , X , fulla!!!
10. You get to tell your favourite celebrity a single sentence. What will it be? (and who would you tell it to)

i don’t have a favourite celebrity
11. What is the first thing you notice about a person you meet?

their face language ( if this word even exist lmao, i mean the way they smile, express different feelings, their look..)

the second lot:

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Had dinner with my fiance and some friends for my b-day which was really fun! We did trivia night at a local restaurant and we lost super hard haha. But I got cake and ice cream so it’s all good~~ Also–

oldhollywoodlesbian: “honestly ever since I found out we weren’t the same age I’ve like looked up to you even more because I always feel so bad about liking cute things when I’m almost 22 years old but seeing you and how you don’t care what people thinks have given me so much inspiration OMG”

@oldhollywoodlesbian bawww Bambi you are so cute like ;_; 

Sorry I didn’t reply to this yesterday but this seriously made me so happy and giddy. I’m glad I could be a bit of inspiration haha. I think I was more self concious about it at your age than I am now so it’s not that strange that you feel like that. You haven’t been an “official adult” for that long, but long enough that you feel like you need to show how adult you really are, which tends to come out in thinking you need to part with more “childish” things. Then you move past that and realize everyone else is just winging this whole adult thing too, and you don’t need to prove to anyone how adult you really are. At least, that’s how I see it.I should remember this advice when I do get down on myself though….

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I was lowkey into horror stuff for years, found it all pretty interesting, but over a year ago I began drawing guro much more in an attempt to distract myself from a lot of shitty things beginning to pile up. I did succeed for a while.