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fire emblem: underpaid babysitter simulator

this isnt news but star trek really hits differently if youre queer and thats that on that

I just had a nightmare where I killed 3 people with an axe… Usually it’s the other way around isn’t it? I did get chased by them but still… What does this mean?

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So I read Cursed Child and obviously it's so bad, the plot is fanfiction levels of stupid and most of the characters are assassinated with the exception of only Hermione and maybe Draco. But then I saw it on Broadway and the play itself is amazing, the actors do a wonderful job and the directing is so good that it doesn't feel so un-HP. The play is so visually amazing and immersive that it still manages to be very good. Just wanted to throw that in bc I know a lot of people haven't *seen* it.

Okay that’s really great!! You’re like the first person ever who has told me they’ve actually watched it, and I knew there had to be something that made people enjoy it so much

Trouble Will Find Me by The National is basically a big Good Omens concept album

Mx. Cat says gay rights!

It’s pride month and this non-binary queer really needs to save up for college so if any of you are interested in some new art I just put up on my redbubble you can find it via the link above. Thanks in advance to anyone who gives this post any attention or goes as far as to buy something from me <3

After the Thanos snap I want to see Eddie Brock, mortal and human in his dirty ass hoodie, no super powers, no super technology, no PLAN, traveling across the galaxy with whats left of the avengers/the guardians and then just beating the absolute living SHIT out of Thanos with his bare hands for taking Venom away from him. I want to see Eddie land a punch right on thanos’s ballsack chin and break his hand and not care because he just wants his darling back.


not to be tmi but i was so relieved as a teen when i figured out that my masturbatory fantasies and my actual sex life had literally nothing to do with each other, nor did they need to

i was terrified i was going to end up getting hurt but it turns out when you’re having actual sex with an actual person the things that do it for you can be completely different

i have had plenty of great sex that i’m still not going to fantasize about because when it’s just me thinking about it and not an actual person doing it, it’s not hot anymore

there are plenty of things that in real life are actually just uncomfortable and not arousing at all and i will never do them, but even if i’ve tried it and decided it’s not for me it’s still gonna show up in fantasies because it’s still hot to think about

i mean it sounds stupid and obvious but i spent years either trying to stop myself from finding things hot (spoiler it don’t work), or else letting people convince me that fantasies were talking the talk and obligated me to try walking the walk

Hey y’all! This season fucked me over but here’s a list of the little things I liked, in random order (hope I can remember everything cuz it’s all a blur)

  • The 80s Voltron reference and Pidge saying “I don’t really sound like that, do I?”
  • Pidge dressing up as her 80s self and Winning
  • The most gorgeous beautiful romantic lovely Klance scene we got in the first episode, that shit was breathtaking bro
  • Keith
  • “Hey, Lance. Whoa!”
  • Lance with sausages around his neck and a bucket on his head thank you Coran
  • Keith being animated so beautifully like always
  • Allura’s dress when she went to have dinner with Lance’s family
  • Allura’s earrings
  • Lance’s bi panic when Veronica wanted him to talk about her to Keith
  • “The Lance that’s always got my back. And the Lance who knows exactly who he is, and what he’s got to offer.” Fuck Keith that’s so romantic    
  • Lance saying “I love you”
  • Veronica’s attempt to bond with Acxa
  • Lotor’s generals not being entirely evil at the end
  • Matt’s long hair (we’re not talking about what happened to it)
  • Shiro
  • Shiro arm wrestling and winning and cheering and smiling
  • Keith’s reaction when he’s stuck in the annoying Clear Day ride
  • BABY LOTOR!!!!!!
  • Klance forming the wings like thrice
  • Every shot which contained Lance and Keith together
  • James Griffin smashing his face in his food, as that was the s8 Mood
  • Acxa interacting with the MFE pilots
  • Colleen loving plants
  • Ryan Kinkade talking a lot
  • Bebe
  • THE OLD PALADINS!!!!!!! Fighting alongside the current paladins!!!!! Good shit!!!!
  • Coran and Alfor interacting, so beautiful *wipes tear*
  • Coran trying to help out Lance and transforming his room in like 2 seconds and having that beautiful picture of him and Alfor above his hearth
  • ALLURA AND ALFOR REUNITING 😭😭😭😭😭 my fuckn heart
  • KLANCE HAND BONDING??? Even though they should’ve hugged instead
  • Good Zarkon
  • Hunk saying “Shay”
  • “Yeah, pretty much”
  • Shiro in a tank top hot damn have a picture for arm muscles:
  • This adorable Keith:
  • This adorable Lance:
  • Ponytail!Keith
  • Leather jacket!Keith
  • Glasses!Shiro
  • Hunk’s Gordon Ramsay ref
  • Shiro kissing the man he loves <333 (even though we hardly saw development between them):

These are my personal faves! Feel free to add yours!! We’ll talk about all the other stuff,,,, another time lol


soldier first class

In case you haven’t heard it lately and need to:

You deserve to be happy.

In spite of anything you may be going through right now, whatever situation you may be stuck in, no matter how hopeless things seem, regardless of anyone or anything (yourself included) telling you otherwise, you are worthy of happiness.

You’re allowed your negative feelings. You’re allowed anger and sorrow and grief and fear and loneliness and hopelessness. You’re allowed to be upset towards any circumstances of yours you deem unfair and painful.

But please, alongside and beyond all of that, remember that you are allowed to find happiness, too. They’re not mutually exclusive, odd as it may seem.

It might not be big, it might not be always, but I promise you.

You deserve to be happy.

listen my dumbass immediately imagines my life planned out with whoever is kind enough to wait for me