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Can you do a head cannon of Eddie and Richie 'coming out' per se and telling the rest of the gang about their relationship? Thanks, love your blog xoxo

a. it was a lot easier for richie to tell the group than it was for eddie.

    i. but eddie definitely told richie he was gay first.

    ii. richie made a joke about it, telling eddie he was also gay.

    iii. eddie probably got upset, glaring at richie as he told him he was serious.

    iv. richie is just like “so was i.”

b. the group lowkey already knew but pretended they didn’t.

c. richie definitely said something gay asf like “sup hetero’s, it is i, a gay.”

d. when they were coming out richie did all of the talking while eddie was all flustered and embarrassed.

    i. but once he saw how confident richie was about it, eddie didn’t care as much.

e. the group is so supportive, mainly because they’d already known for a long time.

f. richie 100% has his arm around eddie when telling the group, don’t even fight me on this

g. the only time eddie will speak during the whole ‘coming out’ is when richie says something stupid and eddie tells him to “shut the fuck up.”

h. the group is just like, “ok, cool.”

    i. which clearly makes eddie all like “what.”

    ii. the group probably end up telling them that they already knew.

    iii. which makes eddie so FLUSTERED because was it THAT obvious??

    iv. yes, it was that obvious.

i. just the start of a beautiful relationship. i love my gay babies.

So this is kind of a later in the week conversation I’d love to see. But it won’t, so I‘ll enjoy this anyway.

Liv cracked her eyes open, looking around the hospital room, hearing the beeping of machines. Shit. She‘d drunk too much then, Aaron was going to kill her. She looked to the side, and surprisingly it wasn’t Aaron there. It was Robert. Why would he even be sat at her bedside, head on his shoulder and dozing. Liv saw a tissue box on her bedside table and she threw it at Robert, making him jerk awake. “Sod off,” she said abruptly.

“Good to know you’re awake,” Robert said. He looked tired, circles under his eyes and he had a small smile on his face.

“Go on, leave!” Liv snapped. “Go and find your precious real family! I never meant anything to you!”

“I owe you an explanation.”

“Just get out!” Liv shouted.

“Not until you listen,” Robert said firmly. “Or, you can keep shouting until Aaron comes back in maybe… five minutes, and kicks me out. Your hospital room will probably become a murder scene, but…”

“Why?” Liv asked, curious despite herself. “I thought he’d want to kill me, not you. You’re not together so why would he be mad at you? I’m the one who skipped school and got drunk. You were a bastard to me.”

“Yeah,“ Robert said with no defence. “I was. But I need you to listen until the end, okay?” Robert said, forcing a calmness. Liv nodded. Being shouted at by Aaron wasn’t exactly high on her list of experiences she was looking forward to, so Robert could try to talk to her, get her to soften up. She wouldn’t fall for it.

“Go on then,” Liv said darkly. “Try and talk me round.”

“You are my family,” Robert said.


“You and Aaron are my family. I don’t care that I’m not genetically linked to you, I don’t care. You’re my little sister.”

“That’s not what you told her,” Liv said, almost spitting the words with vitriol.

“No. It isn’t. Because she’s thick as two short planks and I’m playing her,” Robert said. He really did have Liv’s attention now and her eyes narrowed. “I want nothing to do with her, Liv. She’s only ever been a distraction from what I really want. But I can’t have Aaron, can I?”

“Humour me, why’re you playing her?” Liv asked. She didn’t sound quite so angry now.

“I want Home Farm,” Robert said. “I want the money, the business, that house, and she could be gullible and stupid enough to let me take it. And more than that, I want proof that that baby…” he hissed the word. “That that pregnancy has nothing to do with me.”


“Whose word do I have that this baby is even mine?” Robert said. “Rebecca’s. And I know she was sleeping with Ross for ages. Whatever you believe, I only slept with her once. So if it is mine, I got bloody unlucky.”

“So, why…”

“I have to keep her onside. It’s why I called you a liar,” Robert said. “You weren’t lying, I don’t want anything to do with her. Not personally, but I have to keep going. I want that business, Liv. I suggested… once, that I didn’t know it was mine and she slapped me. She’s hardly likely to agree to a DNA test is she? I need to check if that child is mine, because I don’t trust her. So… for the meantime, I need to keep her sweet.”

“Is there a chance it’s not yours?” Liv asked hopefully. 

“There is a chance,” Robert said. “But I don’t know. Only she does and I don’t trust her.”

“If you could do with not calling me a liar in front of that slapper.”

“Liv…” Robert said, voice filled with quiet reprimand.

“Come on,” Liv said. “She slept with a married man, that’s hardly the model of behaviour. And she’d been after you for ages, don’t even try and tell me she hadn’t.”

“She had,” Robert said. “And I knew that when I sent her that text, asking her to come over. It’s my fault.”

“You’re only half responsible,” Liv muttered. “She shouldn’t have slept with you either.”

“No,” Robert said.

“Has she even apologised for what she did?” Liv asked.

“Not really,” Robert said. “It’s fine, I want to forget it. I wish I could, but that bloody bump…”

“You’ve done your job,” Liv said. “I’ll now wait for Aaron to kill me.”

“Aaron’s not angry,” Robert said. “Or not with you. The reason you passed out didn’t have anything to do with the alcohol you had. Not much anyway,” Robert said. “You stole a bottle I’d drugged. It had sleeping tablets in.”

“You’d what?!” Liv spat. “Why?!”

“Well, in my defence, I didn’t know you’d steal it,” Robert said, holding his hands up.

“Why are you drugging alcohol in home farm?!”

“It was Lawrence’s,” Robert said. “I wanted him out of action, I didn’t think anyone would get seriously hurt. I didn’t think you’d get seriously hurt. It’s my fault. Everything’s my fault.”

“That sounds like a really foolproof plan,” Liv said, screwing up her face, and Robert let out a short laugh. “What’re you doing, Rob?”

Robert sighed. “Trying to fill my life with stuff that really doesn’t matter.” He squeezed Liv’s hand. “I’m glad you’re all right. Can you… keep it to yourself? I really don’t want to go to prison for drugging a pensioner or poisoning a fifteen year old.” Liv smiled tiredly and Robert relaxed a little.

“Get rid of it,” Liv said. Robert looked reluctant. “Come on, what if Rebecca took a drink of that when she’s had a really bad day? It might not be your baby, but you wouldn’t want to be responsible for killing a foetus. Would you?”

“She’s pregnant, she’s not going to drink.”

“And Rebecca is the queen of logical thinking,” Liv said sarcastically.

 “I’ll stop with the booze. But I’m going to keep going on at Home Farm. I need something to keep my focus on, Liv.” She rolled her eyes, looking remarkably like her brother.

Aaron walked in, looking like thunder at Robert. “I’m going,” he said instantly.

“You could cut him some slack,” Liv said when they were alone.

“Did he tell you what happened?!” Aaron shouted.

“Yeah, he did,” Liv said. “He’s falling apart because he still loves you. Come on, give him a chance.”

“Let me get this straight,” Aaron said, holding onto his temper. “Robert poisons you because of God knows what he’s got going on at Home Farm, you’re unconscious at the side of the road, you could have died, Robert’s playing happy families with the one night stand he got pregnant, and I’m meant to give him a chance?” Aaron said.

“That’s pretty much the size of it, yeah,” Liv said after a moment. “He’s a mess without you, Aaron. How don’t you see it?”

Yes, I did just start crying in the middle of school.

Someone posted the gifs of the part of 6x09 when Liam asked what Theo was doing and he said being the bait and then posted the gif of Liam running to the closed elevator door screaming “NO!” 

and i just started crying because i love thiam so much and liam’s reaction makes me emotional and  they are nine out of ten i am crying at all things thiam. 

Red Virginity Vial Theory

Like most of you, I thought at first that maybe this meant that Rick took Morty’s virginity, then his memory.

But I have an alternate theory.

What if Healthy Morty lost his virginity to that one girl he ended up with, the one with the red hair? Maybe, after being reunited with his toxic self, Morty regretted that his first time wasn’t with someone he really cared about.

Now imagine this: What if Rick felt bad that he had caused that feeling, and removed the memory out of guilt, thus the vial being red? What if he did it not because he wanted Morty to forget about having sex with his grandfather, but because he really wanted Morty’s first time to be special?

If this is true, this can open up a lot more possibilities for him wanting to erase Morty’s memory. Does he just care that much? Does he want Morty’s first time to be with him? With Jessica?

It’s just a guess, but just.

I’m weak for Rick trying to do what’s best for Morty, whether he’s successful in that or not.

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what type of person were you in high school? have you always been artsy fartsy? or did you also dedicate some time to academic subjects?

I mean, I made it out with a 3.9 GPA. Not because I particularly cared about Geometry or Bio or Econ or whatever, but because I never really had to study for anything (both a gift and a curse). But doing well academically was definitely important to me - English was always my favorite, though.

So I literally sent this to my best friend a few days ago and I was like: “I WANT TO SEE THINGS ABOUT MY BABE NOT ABOUT DOVE. Did I type ‘Dove Cameron?’ No bitch I typed Thomas Doherty.” I also hate that I cant watch any interviews of him because they alllwwaayyyss ask about her and Im like “who fucking cares?!” 😤😤😤


#the100rewatch: Octavia’s expression as no one acknowledges her comment

“Who cares? I’m just glad they did.
I woke up rotting in a cell, and now I’m spinning in a forest.”

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//John is their distant chess master god// tell me more about unknowable John Winchester

hello, anon–I suppose this is in reference to this post, and specifically these tags:  #you’ve got to wonder how it might have been #if john had been just a little more open #–but of course he couldn’t be #because in the equation of dean = michael and sam = lucifer #john is their distant chessmaster god

So, as I’ve gone on about at length elsewhere: I feel very strongly about the roles of the Winchesters within their family dynamic relating directly back to the Apocalypse plot of the first five seasons. (For the purposes of this discussion, we don’t care about Mary. [Never did! {cough}]) Specifically, when we look at Sam as the fated vessel for Lucifer, and Dean as the fated vessel of Michael, the two of them are destined to hit certain beats in their lives and are required to have certain baseline personality traits as a result of those roles. Sam is Lucifer’s vessel, and therefore will always have a seed of rebellion in him; Dean is Michael’s vessel, and therefore will always be loyal to the family, and specifically to his chosen authority. (The best sorts of AUs keep this in mind, too.)

However: what does that mean about John? Well, John obviously subs in as God in the family dynamic. Of course, he does. The elder son cleaves to his father’s orders and stays within the family; the younger son pushes away from his father and takes a new path, claiming that freedom is better than blind obedience. John, like God, casts the younger son away, saying that if he goes he’d better stay gone–though Stanford is a rather better class of Hell. (On the other hand, if Hell is the absence of God…? Not this show’s version of the mythology, but that’d be an interesting fic to write if someone wanted to.) So: here we have the Father, who favors loyalty and belief–but his motives are mysterious.

Look at what we know of John, particularly in the first season. His moves confuse even Dean–though Dean defends him, of course, in his absence. Dean insists that their father loves them, and was worried about Sam, and that he always has their best interests (and those of other people) in mind. Yes, he’s distant, but he’s working always toward the larger goal–the elimination of the evil that plagues the family. Therefore, his more difficult to defend actions–when I said I was scared of the dark he gave me a .45!–are always explainable. He’s just doing what he thinks is right–and, of course, ultimately his sons are able to defeat the evil, and so: isn’t he right? It’s a nice little parallel–John as God, Dean as the proselytizer, Sam as the angry anti-theist, who ‘believes’ but hates the religion he was forced to. When we apply it to the celestial family, we get the same dynamic: Michael defends his father, saying that he is right because he is God, while Lucifer insists that their father is wrong and that his creation must be destroyed. What we don’t get to see (at least in the early seasons) is God himself, and that’s where the treatment of John gets really interesting.

In a meta way, the writers approached John perfectly. If he’s our distant Father and the conflict is truly between the vessel-sons, then of course we can’t really know him. After all, the larger Apocalypse plot isn’t about God–not really. It’s about two brothers, and how their relationship functions. We get enough of John to be left in a truly grey area with regard to his ability as a father. The text itself is ambiguous, as John is ambiguous–and I would argue that any reading of the text which declares firmly that John Is Good or John Is Bad is a bad reading, for failing to take that deliberate ambiguity into account. John loved his sons; he also did wrong by them, multiple times, and that has to be held in balance when we think about what he did right. Again, though–the story isn’t about God, and it’s not about John. It’s about what both of them did to their sons, and how that works out for the planet. Getting a full view of either would spoil the story as it stands, and the story as it stands is rich and deep and complicated.

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Aww, it was so cute how M shoved the MC behind them while hiding in the little office closet! Though I have to ask, did they do it because they care about the MC or was it more of a reaction to get them out of the way in case a fight broke out?

M reacts on instinct most of the time, on feelings they might not even understand or recognise. I’m just saying that M probably wouldn’t have done it for anybody else in that situation ;)

Thank you so much for the ask! :)

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I had a c section and I had sex after like 6 weeks but I'm only 6 months pp and my scar still hurts. It takes at least a year to heal on the inside so ideally you should wait 1 year to be pregnant again. If something happens and you get pregnant before a year you need to be very careful or your scar can reopen and you will bleed internally. So I really hope she doesn't follow Michelle because with the size of her babies and the complications already something could go seriously wrong.

Thanks for the information! I hope your recovery continues to go well! It is such a major surgery. I really hope Jill takes care of herself and lets her body recover! so I really hope she does what she did between Israel and Samuel spacing wise. 

-Admin T 

There is a good chance I am going to get an obscure infection and die while working in the hospital, and I probably should have considered this more strongly a long time ago. Today we went into a transplant patient’s room who was on a ton of immunosuppressive meds, and everyone was so careful about gowning and gloving and starting prophylactic antibiotics. Secretly I’m just thinking, “I take literally every single one of these same drugs, and at twice the dose, and I just stuck my finger up some dude’s ass for a prostate exam.” I try to be super careful. I always follow contact precautions and I wash my hands a lot. Maybe I should talk to someone about this…. but there’s nothing anyone can do. I can’t go off the meds, and even if I did, I would be even more immunosuppressed because my blood disorder would take over and my WBCs would drop. Oh boy, am I a smart one!

TBH I usually hate Theo scenes, but his scenes with Mason were amazing because Mason just tore the fuck into him and did not give a single fuck. He told him straight up how he and the rest of the pack feels. Like talking about how he knew what he did. Watching Scott die. Watching Melissa desperately try to save him. “YOU CAN’T TAKE PAIN IF YOU DON’T CARE.” I need that quote framed on my wall tbh.

God bless Mason.

Sending anon hate is one thing- a shitty thing btw- but making a blog to shit on someone when they turn anon off? Is another. I’m incredibly nice and I care far too much, but if you go after someone who I’ve known for 5+ years, who literally never did a damn thing to you? I hope you get fucked, because Emma is worth 10,000 of your pathetic ass. 

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Bird, do you find David attractive?? If so... CHECK HIS LATEST SHOOTING PICS because OHMY!!!! No words. How is G with the turle, I really don't understand man

Oh Jesus lord in heaven. Whhhyyy????? Seriously. I’m so happy Mulder got his shit together and turned into a supermodel but Gillian, girl. What the fuck. Who cares what he did or who he did or anything…look at that hunka hunka burnin’ love.

Instagram post by Katy Geraghty • Sep 18, 2017 at 3:43pm UTC
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Gonna sing every day for 100 days. I just need to heal my heart. #100songsofhealing

Right now it’s “What I Did for Love,” which, besides being one of my favorite songs ever, is perfect for the situation and Katy’s rendition is gorgeous. 

They do it for love, but showbiz doesn’t care.  Which is devastating, because, as you can see, it’s so personal to the people who create the art being sold.

They’re an amazing group of people and wish I had it in my power to change Groundhog Day’s fortunes and theirs.

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look i am not saying i am okay with them being around Tomlinson's but if you going to stay around at least be respectful to someone who died. Their 'fans' are saying that she didn't know or mean it blah blah. She knew Jay had terminal illness. Not only Trashley everyone in the family is so disrespectful to Jay. I can't believe Tomlinson's breathed in the same room as them. The whole family is a shame 😒

She knew already! People called her out already because she did a similar think with the same exact words! The people who follow her are horrible, I don’t care if some of them are young. Grow a brain.