i did her eyeliner and hair lol


I’m so inspired by Pabllo Vittar and this urban-Kylie-ish style that i’ve decided to do a new look for Vanessa - yep, the Met Gala famous girl <3


Serving urban fashion bitch realness bae out for fun on friday night. She’s free, bold and in totally control of her life. Can you handle her? Bitch she was at MET Gala lol.

~ Musical Inspiration: Pabllo Vittar - K.O.

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descendants 2 thoughts

(aside from another separate issue that i’m gonna give its own post)

note that we didn’t watch the movie all the way through, we got about 40 minutes in and got so frustrated that we began skipping around to find uma’s parts/the songs

  • uma was the best part of the movie, by FAR. she was SO well-written, and her actress did a great job with the part, and she was so understandable??? i’d be bitter as hell too if other people were coddled and i was forced to live on Hell Island! AND HER HAIR!
  • harry was amazing too. that eyeliner looked amazing and his acting was incredible too
  • but that’s where the good acting ends because nobody else in this movie can act LOL theres way too many examples of bad delivery for me to mention
  • nobody can lip sync either
  • the narrative kisses mal’s ass SO much. she’s the center of the universe and everything is about her and her feelings, no matter what. everything is about making her look good. britt mentioned that evie only exists to lift up mal, and audrey and uma only exist to make mal look better. oh my god i could go on and on about this
  • the part after the swordfight when mal kicks the bridge and uma screams “say my name” was… SO GOOD. SO FUCKING GOOD. THE CINEMATOGRAPHY. CHILLS
  • evie is hung up on her crush on mal and their gay song together was really good but, evie it’s not worth it. you deserve so much better, girl
  • the end made literally no sense. britt and i thought it was a dream sequence but then it wasn’t. if the climax of your movie makes the audience think it’s a dream, smth is wrong
  • the soundtrack was AMAZING but the music has always been one of the best parts of the series
  • sarah jeffery being absent in this movie was completely inexcusable. she said herself that they just never asked her back, so it’s not like she was just busy and that’s the reason they couldn’t do it. i feel so fucking bad for her bc she obviously liked working on this, and they just decided they had no use for audrey anymore