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I’ve Got So Much Work To Do (Alexander x Reader)

Summary: @imagineswithfandoms requested something like this

TW: Anxiety attack, self-loathing, stress

A/N: So, I know requests were closed when this was requested, but I had been thinking about doing something like this for a while (also, I’m incredibly stressed). This is a bit more tailored to me. Sorry


You frantically type at your laptop, groaning when a sentence doesn’t sound good or if you can’t think of a word. Every time your laptop lags, you pull out your textbook and try to find the answer in there. Not only did you have a lab report due tomorrow, first period, but also you had to finish coding your team’s robot. Yes, team. Almost everyone on your team was an engineering major because they wanted the money, but they didn’t know anything about what it required. You, on the other hand, chose the major because it was something you were passionate about.

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Goku’s Birthday!

Hey you guys! This is a fanfic to celebrate my 25 follower mark! Thank you guys so much. Here is a token of my gratitide!

Warning contains adult content not suitable for younger veiwers! You have been warned!
Goku took a deep breath as he stared at his phone selecting Vegeta’s contact, and pressing call. It rang three times before he got an answer.

“Kakarot, what do you want!” Vegeta snapped.

“I was ju-”

“I told you never to call me! Just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you can go off and piss me off!” he growled.

Goku went mute because he hadn’t told anyone it was his birthday. Vegeta remembered?! His heart started to race.

“Idiot! Are you there!? You better not have hung up on me Kakarot!” The smaller sayan shrieked.

“No!No! I didn’t hang up!” Goku rushed to explain,” It’s just that-You remembered my birthday!?”

“N-no! I didn’t- well I did-but it’s only because- damn it don’t change the subject!,” He demanded,” Why the fuck did you call me!”

“Oh-um,” Goku thought as he collected his thoughts,” Oh yeah! I remember now!”

“Good job you remembered what you were going to say. Yaaay,” He groaned sarcastically.

“I was wondering,” He continued ignoring the comment,” if you would do a live video show with me for my youtube channel around eight pm.”

“No.” He answered impatiently.

“Aww, come on please,” Goku begged,”It’s just when I set up a video live and my subscribers can talk to us.”

“One: I don’t care two:…There is no US! Just you posting whatever stupid show or whatever!”

Then it got quiet.

“You’re doing that thing when you poke your lip out aren’t you?” Vegeta asked rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“Maybe,” he replied in a playfully whiny tone.

“Ohmygods fine! But not because of you! I’m only doing this so I can steal all of your subscribers.” He teased as he hung up the phone.

Goku was so excited he could barely hold it all in. It had only been thirty seconds since he had last talked to Vegeta, and he was already longing to see him. He felt lighthearted of the thought of him coming over. He could barely contain his excitement any longer so he decided to get everything set up.

He set up the camera, the computer, and forty sandwiches. Now he was just dicing his twenty first apple, when he heard the door slam open.

His heart lept. He already knew it was Vegeta. Knocking wasn’t exactly his style.

“Alright, Kakarot! You know the drill!” Vegeta announced as he walked in the kitchen.

Any time Vegeta would come over there had to be a large amount of food to eat already prepared. They would hang out about once a week, so Goku was familiar with the routine. If there was no food. There would be no Vegeta. It was that simple, and those were the rules.

Goku quickly finished dicing up the last apple slid the slices in the bowl and carried the three plates of sandwiches and the bowl all in one trip over to his computer, which was sitting neatly on his bed  facing the were the pillows were, while balancing the bowl on the tip of his nose.

“Kakarot, what are you doing?” Vegeta laughed,” You look like a circus seal playing for treats!”

“How do you know that i don’t have a secret identity? I could very well be a circus seal playing for treats.” He emphasised as he carefully  made his way to the bed. Vegeta approached and took an apple slice out of the bowl and inspected it. Then he took a few steps back and tossed the apple slice to Goku.

He effortlessly caught the apple slice with his mouth without loosing the balance of the bowl.

“Pft, I guess you really are a circus freak,” He smirked trying to hide his amusement.

Goku carefully set their snacks on the fluffy bed in front of the pillows in front of the computer, and plopped down. Vegeta was leaning against the wall showing no sign of moving.

“Um, aren’t you going to come sit over here?” The larger sayan asked.

“And why exactly would i do that?” Vegeta interrogated

“Um, so you can steal all of my followers.” He responded.

“Fine,” Vegeta groaned as he plopped down beside Goku.

“Alright,” Goku exclaimed as he clapped his hands together,” we’re live in three. Two. One. Hel-”

“Hellooo ladies aand gentlemeeen, and welcome to my youtube chaneel!” Vegeta mocked.

“Uh Vegeta,” Goku began to ask hesitantly,” How do you know the entro that I do to every video?”

“Hah,” He retorted,” Sometimes when I need to laugh at something stupid, so I watch your channel.”

The computer made a beeping noise.

“Looks like we got our first comment of the day!” Goku gushed as he got ready to read it,” Let’s see. This one is from LittleMissCarrotQueen, and she says…..”Ooh burn!”,….Umm.Okay anyways today is my birthday-

“Which i’m sure no one cares,” Vegeta joked

”And,”Goku continued,” I’m doing a live truth or dare with my guest Vegeta, and you guys will give us the truth and dares.”

“Wait what!?,” He yelled,”No one told me about this!”

“What,” Goku teased,” Are ya..Chicken!?”

“How dare you insult me! I will prove to you I am no chicken!”

“Okay then ladies and gentlemen let’s get started. I’ll go first, and I pick truth.”


“Okay, from The Psychotic Gamer. He says,” Goku are you gay,bi,trans,pan,or ace?” And that is a really good question, hmm. I think that i’m pansexual.”

“Your what?” Vegeta asked.

“Pansexual ya know…. Someone who is not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity,” He answered

“Okay…my turn. I guess,” He said sounding a bit uneasy,” I’ll go with…Truth..since it’s only the first round.”


“Okay this one is from Anon. Oooh. Let’s see. Anon Want’s to know,” Are you Goku’s boyfriend/Lover/husband?” Uhh.”

“No, absolutely not!” He sputtered,” It’s insulting that you would even expect that from me and a clown like him,” His face turned slightly red.

“Okay then, um let’s move on. I Pick dare!” Goku volunteered.


“Okay, this one is from Hot Chips and he says,” I dare you to tell your guest what he needs to hear. Tell him that he is super hot!!! Because you can’t even lie!! He is! Oh and try to keep a straight face!,” Wow,” Goku laughed,” And what am I chopped liver. Okay,” Goku put his serious face on,” Vegeta,” He said with a giggle rising in his voice,” You are,” His serious face broke and turned into a smile,” Super hot!! And I can’t even lie because apparently you are!,” He died laughing and so did Vegeta”

“Damn it Kakarot!” He laughed as  his face turned crimson,” Okay okay umm. I pick dare.”


“Here we go. This one is from Davevin. She says,” Vegeta I dare you to take of you shirt!” Goku stared blankly at the screen then at Vegeta. He wasn’t quite sure how to react to this one.

“Wow, Kakarot. I didn’t know you had such a vulgar audience, but since we all agree that i’m irresistible,” he joked,” I will remove my shirt.” He seductively slid off his shirt, and carelessly threw it to the ground.

“OhMyGod Vegeta No!” Goku shouted half laughing with his face in his hands.

“What is it too much to handle? Oh and i will not pay for any medical bills that you may have from severe nosebleeds after this.Just a reminder to all of you who asked for this”

“What Vegeta ohmygods,” Goku giggled,” Okay enough about..whatever that is. Umm dare” Goku suggested


“This one is from Gay=Awesome, and she says,” Goku describe you and Vegeta’s outfits in a divva accent.” Okay that’s not too bad,” He cleared his throat before he spoke,” Presenting Vegeta, who I must say is. Rocking. His topless, skinny jean combo, and me on the other hand. I am looking fabulous in my sweatpants,and T-shirt! We are just out of this world today! Don’t you agree Vegeta?”

“Correction I am out of this world. You. You looked like you rolled out of a dumpster,” He corrected,” And I pick dare.”

In his opinion he loved how Goku looked when he just rolled out of bed in the mornings…but he would, never admit it.

“Alright,” Goku giggled.


“This one is also from Davevin, and she says….”He trailed off as he read the text as his face ignited,” Why don’t we just skip this one,” Goku offered with his voice shaking.

“What? Why? I never give up on a challenge, and i’m not starting now! Tell me what it says.” Vegeta demanded.

“Okay….Davevin says,” Vegeta I dare you to sit in Goku’s lap  (Facing him) Then  take off his shirt. Then kiss him on the lips, and then you have to tell him you love him.” Goku quoted.

Vegeta’s face turned ruby red as he stared at the screen in disbelief,” N-no! I’m not doing that!”


“Uh,”Goku mentioned,” Hot Chip  says,” If you’re too much of a wimp you don’t have to do it.”

“A wimp!?” Vegeta growled,” I’ll show you a wimp!”

Vegeta jerked Goku closer to him by his shirt until their gazes were locked. Vegeta was sitting up on his knees while Goku was sitting down on his legs. The shirtless sayan seductively plopped down in Goku’s lap, and looked him right in the eyes as he gently slid off his shirt, and carelessly threw it to the other side of the room.

“Vegeta what are you-,” He was interrupted by Vegeta’s finger sliding down his lips.

“Kakarot shut up,” He said softly.

Vegeta put his arms around Goku’s neck as he brought his lips close to the larger saiyans.

Goku’s heart was racing, his face ignited, his breath quickened. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He put his arms on Vegeta’s waist. Goku Couldn’t wait any longer, so he went the rest of the way for Vegeta. It was a short soft kiss. When they pulled away, and their eyes met It was as if time had stopped.

“Kakarot,”Vegeta whimpered biting his lip,” I love you,” He mumbled there gazes inseparable.

Goku was sure his heart stopped, his breathing had stopped. Everything had stopped.

Vegeta couldn’t help himself he had to get another one. He lunged forward sending Goku on his back as Vegeta kissed him feverishly as his hands wandered down to his abs.

Every touch sent a jolt of pleasure through Goku’s body. The way Vegeta was touching him….The dare wasn’t supposed to be all of this.

Vegeta broke away from the kiss, and moved to Goku’s neck, and began to suck.

“Uhhh, Vegeta,”Goku pleaded in a low moan biting his lip. He could see were this was going. He could take a pretty clear darn guess in where this was going, so he reached over, and grabbed the webcam crumbling in his hand. Then his computer went crazy.


Goku looked over at the computer, wondering if he should cut it off or not, when Vegeta slid his pant’s off his waist. He took a few seconds to admire what he was seeing before he hesitantly gave Goku a questioning gaze.

It was almost like Vegeta was asking for permission. Wait Vegeta was asking for permission!? Goku gave him a gentle, but certain smile as an answer, and vegeta slid out of his pants. He lowered his head back over to Goku’s neck, and began to suck that same spot again. Vegeta ripped off his boxers, and began to slide himself in.

“Vegeta!,” Goku moaned at the sudden action as he tightened his grip on Vegeta.

Vegeta began to slide himself in and out of him slowly then he started to pick up the pace.

“OhMyGodsVegeta!,” Goku shouted as he jerked his hands off of Vegeta, and began to scrunch up the sheets under his hands. Vegeta still working on that hickey reached over, and held Goku’s hands as he started to move violently fast. He was letting out short grunts and low moans. Letting out Goku’s nick name here and then. The bed (which was very steady) Began to rock, and creek to Vegeta’s movements.

Vegeta dropped one of Goku’s hands,and reached for his sensitive spot, and began to stroke him swiftly.

“Shit! Vegeta don’t stop!,” The larger saiyan begged.

In response to this Vegeta started to stroke, and move faster.

Moans spilled out of Goku’s mouth as if he had no control over them.

“AaAh, Vegeta! I’m almost there!” Goku shouted right before he came in Vegeta’s hand.

“Kakarot!,” He moaned right before he filled Goku with his warm liquid.

Vegeta pulled himself out,and fell limp beside of Goku panting trying to catch his breath.

They laid there silent in a pleasure daze until Goku snapped out of it, and turned over the see Vegeta fast asleep. Goku took the blanket that he kept on the edge of his bed and threw it over Vegeta as he crawled under it, and snuggled up to Vegeta. He then whispered in his ear,” I love you too.” And drifted away into a peaceful sleep.

The next morning Goku woke up, and surprised Vegeta with breakfast in bed.

Later that day when he went to go shower. He looked in the mirror, and realized that he had a hickey in his neck…..Good luck leaving the house…

Oh and he checked his youtube show, and all the comments left showed that everyone was upset because the show had stopped…

Happy Birthday Goku ;)

Written by @superjustanotherfangirlstuff

Shelter from Your Storm (Part 14)

Blindspot fanfic.

(Part 1 | Part 2 |  Part 3 |  Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13)

Geez, you guys have no faith in me. Or Kurt. We’re very hurt. :)

I had to wait for Jane to leave.

Kurt’s voice echoed in Jane’s ears as she made her way up to his office. She carefully set his key ring in the dead center of his desk blotter and then made her way back out to the elevator. She stared blankly at the panel of buttons for a moment and then pushed the one for the street-level exit. She needed to walk.

I had to wait for Jane to leave.

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Second Chances - Part One

Future AU: It’s the twenty year reunion. Will Lucas Friar let the memory of his wife and the mother of his fourteen year old daughter prevent him from reconnecting with his first love, Riley Matthews.

Chapter List

Chapter Thirteen - Good Company

Trigger Warnings: Lucas tells Riley about the accident that killed Anna

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anonymous asked:

when are we getting the next installment of the breakup fic? I re-read it almost every day while awaiting for more #obsessed

Sorry for the long wait, guys! Thanks for being patient with me. <3

Part One, Two, Three, Four.

The rest of November is eventful. The press refuse to relent about the goal he gave away in Chicago or his scuffle on ice with Patrick, his lack of focus, his offensive struggles this season, his development with a new team. It’s not that he doesn’t expect the questions or the heat being directed his way. It’s more that he hadn’t accounted for how intense the media’s focus on his transition would be.

“I’m just another player,” he tells his Dad over Thanksgiving break. “I’m not even a captain anymore.”

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