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The signs as Markiplier aliases

Aries: Ed Edgar

Taurus: Squirrel King

Gemini: Santiplier

Cancer: Babyplier

Leo: Wilford Warfstache

Virgo: Googleplier

Libra: Dr. Iplier

Scorpio: Darkiplier

Sagittarius: Sexiplier

Capricorn: Danciplier

Aquarius: Captain Falcon

Pisces: Sanic the Hedgehog


AU in which Lan Fan is the Yao heir and Ling is entrusted to protect her. In which the 50 wives systems doesn’t apply if the heir is female, and once becoming empress Lan Fan is allowed to choose a husband from her own clan. In which they’re not only fighting for their people but also for each other.

Lingfan Week - AU

Inktober 25 - Trip.

Me and Mary are doing Inktober half and half! (Check out Mart’s tumblr)


CS AU (Merlin Crossover): In which Sir Gwaine and Princess Emma do attend Misthaven’s lastest ball together, her bodyguard does get jealous enough to do something about his poorly hidden feelings for her, and Merlin should know better than to bet against Gwaine.

–Now if you really want to get his goat, Milady, you could lean in for a little–
–Nice try, Gwaine.
–Can’t blame a man for trying, Princess.

[Part One] [Further Reading]

Edward Nygma x Reader Smut

Warnings: Masturbation, blowjob

Your Landlord, Peter, had just knocked on your apartment door, he had borrowed your car jack to fix a flat tire he had. He was just letting you know that he had finished with it. Peter thanked you and left. He was a nice old man, sweet, always making jokes, though it got slightly annoying with all the visits he made to your apartment. Yourself and your roomate; Ed, would always joke about the unesscessary visits. Ed would sometimes even make telly charts, showing how many times Peter had disturbed you late at night or early in the morning.
You made your way across the hardwood floor, heading towards Ed’s room. You hadn’t seen the forensic scientist all day long, and so you thought you’d update him on your visitor. You made it almost to Ed’s navy door, and were about to knock when you heard something. You stepped closer to put your ear against the door. It happened again. You strained your ears even more, low groans could be heard. Oh my God! Is he…? Your face got hot. You heard another deep groan. He is! Mortified by your discovery, you were about to creep to your room and try to forget about everything that just happened. You stopped though, amongt the moans you thought you heard your name. “Mmm _____”. Why would Ed be saying your name? Unless… oh no, he’s hurt. You mistook the moaning for sounds of peasure. No, he must have hurt himself, he was calling for help.
You burst through the door, revealing your roomate sprawled out on his bed with his hand down his sweatpants. Like a deer caught in headlights, Ed stared at you utterly bewildered. You opened your mouth to speak “uh… uh. Ed are you okay?” you asked the first thing that had come to mind. Ed ignored your question as he took his hand out from his pants and stood up to face you. “_____ I am so sorry.” He spluttered, his eyes still wider than ever.
Your body refused to work, but your ming was going at double speed. It demanded that you turn and run. You had just caught your nerdy roomate masturbating and you were somehow niiave enough to believe that he was hurt. But why did he say…?
“I’m sorry Ed, I thought you were hurt” you babbled “and I heard my name, I just thought that maybe you had fallen.” Ed’s face was fuschia. “Wait… why did you say my name if you weren’t hurt and calling for help?” Ed began stuttering. “Well I-I-It’s not what you think. I’m sorry. Oh damn.
It finally clicked. "Ed?” He looked up from the floor. “Were you, um, thinking about me?” He nodded, ashamed of his actions. “What were you thinking?” you asked. “Well I don’t know why I did it, I don’t know.” Ed panicked. You stepped closer,  your own body betraying you. “No Ed, I mean what were you imagining?”
Ed’s face was a picture, he wiped a bead of sweat from his brow bone. When he saw that I wanted a serious answer he replied “You know, you and me… doing things” he winced at his choice of words. You debated in your head what to do. It was already going to be awkward between the two of you, besides when you met Ed you thought he was cute and charming. You also couldn’t deny the recognisable burning sensation at the pit of your stomach. You decided you were going to go for it.
You stepped forward again, lightly touching Ed’s chest. He was still frozen in his spot. “Come on Ed you can tell be what your were imagining.” you purred as your hands caressed his hip bones. Ed didn’t know what to do, but he knew that your touch felt magical. Your forefingers hooked around the waistband of his sweatpants. You pulled them down to his thighs. Ed gasped, shocked. You placed a hand over the bulge in his underwear, and he bit his lip. Your fingers were featherlight as you ghosted your hand over his manhood. “Did you imagine this, Ed?” you smirked at him. Ed nodded eargerly. You slowly decended to your knees. “What about this?” You smiled up at him. Ed at last found his voice “Yes.” You peeled the thin layer of cotton from his hips. His cock was half hard and was already deliciously large. You took him into your hands, then looked up at Ed. He was gasping in anticipation.
You gently stroked his largening member “What would you like me to do, Ed?” He was clearly flustered by this question and hesitated before answering with a mumble. “Speak up, Eddie.” He visably gulped “Suck it.” The demand sparked a fire deep inside of you, and you got to work bringing the tip of his cock to your mouth. You wet your lips and gave the tip a kiss, coating your plump lips a coating of pre-cum. You lapped up the salty liquid as you heard Ed hiss with either approval or impatience. Deciding on shocking Ed, you wrapped your velvety lips around his manhood and took all of him in your mouth. You bobbed your head and sucked, his cock hitting your throat everytime. One hand cupped his balls, while the other caressed his surprisingly defined torso, all the while you were sucking his now fully erect cock.
Ed’s moans were beautiful. They were deep and throaty, and each time he let one escape his lips, it stirred the heat inside of you. Ed’s hips were thrusting now and he stroked your hair with one large hand. You no longer had to move yourself due to Ed’s thrusting, which was getting faster as his moans had less of an interval between them, until it became one continuous cry of pleasure. His seed emptied into your mouth, as his sounds of pleasure died down. He intently watched you as you swallowed the mouthful that he gave to you.
Ed collapsed onto his bed, not bothering to cover himself up. He was completly worn out. You stood, and turned to the door. You were half in the room, half in the hallway. “Are you going to return the favour?” You smiled slyly. Ed looked up “Come over here.”  He said, whilst he patted the spot next to him on his bed. You took one more step out of the room, closed the door and took off running to your bedroom. But not before giggling to Ed “Catch me if you can!”

How To Win A Duel (Edmund x Reader)

I hope y'all enjoy this imagine! Send me an ask to let me know! I apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors.


(Y/N)’s long dagger fell to the floor. Breathing heavily, she glared at the person who had disarmed her for the ninth time. Edmund smirked.

She and Edmund had been practicing for a good two hours now. It started off with Edmund showing her a few new moves, which quickly turned into a dueling competition. Edmund, not surprisingly, was winning.

It’s not that (Y/N) was bad at sword fighting-she was actually quite good at it-it’s just that she was trying to beat the best swordsman of the age. And happened to be failing at it.

It also didn’t help that Edmund had taught her everything she knew about sword fighting. Nor did it help that he was ambidextrous and could fight with two swords (something that caused (Y/N) to say he had to fight with just one sword after he beat her the third time).

She hasn’t learned to use two simultaneously the way Edmund does, but she’s learned how fight with her left hand. Although, she is still stronger when using her right hand.

But Edmund was still better. Still winning. And that made (Y/N) mad.

“Okay, (Y/N).” Edmund said panting, beads of sweat rolling down his forehead. The front of his tunic was drenched in sweat and his now wet hair was sticking to his forehead. “I think that’s enough.”

“What?” (Y/N) asked breathing just as heavily and looking just as disheveled as they walked back to a table containing towels and water, “You want to stop? Too tired? Or too scared that I’ll win the next one?”

Edmund let out laugh as he wiped his face with a towel. “You’re not going to win, (Y/N). Not yet at least.”

(Y/N) huffed. She never liked it when someone said she couldn’t do something. Yes, she knew she couldn’t beat him because he was simply better and more experienced at it than she was, but that didn’t stop her from trying.

What she needed was a move he hadn’t taught her, a new move, something unexpected. Then a thought came to her.

She blushed the minute she thought of it and was glad that her face was already red from the exercise.

She grabbed a glass of water and drank it while discreetly looking at Edmund over the rim.

She has liked him for some time now. She used to convince herself that it was simply the way siblings love each other; the way she felt for all the Pevensies. But she realized it was something more when the princesses from other countries began to come seeking Edmund’s love. Making (Y/N) want to grow her nails long simply to claw their eyes out.

But she didn’t know if Edmund felt the same. Sure, Lucy would tease her by saying Edmund liked her but that didn’t mean anything.

What it would have benefitted (Y/N) to know is that Edmund did, in fact, like her. Loved her even. He discovered just how strong his feelings were when a Duke made a move on (Y/N).

He had felt a bubbling sensation in his chest, one he later realized was jealousy, when the Duke began to slip his arm around her waist. Followed by a great sense of relief when (Y/N) turned and punched him when he refused to leave her alone.

But (Y/N) didn’t know this. She never saw the looks he gave her. The special smile he had just for her. (Y/N) was too busy worrying that they were simply friends and nothing more.

But, if she did use this move she would definitely win the next fight. And maybe walk out of here with a boyfriend.

Or with no friend.

Still, she had to try.

Steeling her nerves she turned to Edmund and said, “One more duel. That’ll make and even ten that we’ve done and gives me one last chance to win.”

“Fine,” Edmund sighed, setting his cup back down.

They walked back to the middle of the floor. Both stood in their starting positions until Edmund made the first move.

He swung at her from the right, which (Y/N) quickly blocked before taking a jab at him from the center. Edmund swung his sword back down, quickly blocking her blow and twisting his sword so as to flick (Y/N)’s dagger out of her hand. (Y/N) blocked and made another jab.

This continued for another minute or so when (Y/N) decided to try her next move.

With a quick flick of her wrist, (Y/N) acted as if she would try to twist the sword out of his arm from the side-a move that would bring them chest to chest.

When Edmund expertly blocked it (typical), (Y/N) quickly turned her head and placed her lips on his.

Edmund froze. (Y/N) quickly used his shock as an opportunity to flick his sword out of his hand. She stepped back, breathing heavily, searching his eyes for something, anything, that would reveal what he though of what she’d done. Her expression wasn’t boastful. There was no triumphant smile. Her face shone with fear.

Edmund continued to look at the ground with an expression both confused and curious. Did she kiss him because she liked him? Or simply because she wanted to win? If the later, would she kiss any random guy just to win in a duel? He couldn’t have that. Whether she had kissed him out of love or out of the desire to win, he wouldn’t be able to live with (Y/N) going around kissing random boys simply to win fights. He loved her too much to let her do that.

Edmund cleared his throat and said, “Please tell me you won’t go around kissing random guys just to win duels.”

(Y/N) lowered her head. She didn’t hear the worry in his voice, the fear that she hadn’t kissed him out of love, she mistook it for rejection.

“Sorry,” she mumbled before dropping her dagger then turning and jogging towards the door. She had to get out of there.

And Edmund had to know why she kissed him. He quickly went after her, grabbed her arm and turned her around to face him, not paying attention to how close this brought them.

“Why did you kiss me?”

“Ed, I said I was sorry. Now please, just let me go.” (Y/N) mumbled looking at the ground.

“(Y/N), I need to know. Why did you kiss me?”

“Why do you think?” (Y/N) asked, glaring up at him. Was he trying to humiliate her?

“Look, either you kissed me only because you wanted to win or-” Edmund paused, looking at the ground, unable to withstand the anger he saw in her eyes.

“Do you really think I’d go around kissing random guys just to win a duel?” (Y/N) retorted, angry now. “That really hurts, Ed, that you would even consider it. Of course the reason I kissed you then was to actually beat you in a duel but I wouldn’t have considered that as an option if I didn’t love you! Damn it, Ed! I’ve wanted to kiss you for awhile now, I just finally had the courage to do it! Oh, and don’t worry, it won’t happen ever again. Now, let go of me so-”

(Y/N) never got to finish her sentence. The hand that had been holding her arm was now cupping her face; Edmund’s lips were now pressed to her own.

She stepped closer and wrapped her arms around his neck. Edmund wrapped his free arm around her waist and pulled her into him until they were pressed together.

The tension that the first kiss created quickly evaporated. All the feelings the couple had kept hidden were let out; each clinging to the other like there was nothing else in the world to hold onto.

After what felt like an eternity, Edmund pulled away, both of them breathing heavily, and looked into (Y/N)’s eyes.

(Y/N) smiled at him. “I win,” she said.

He smiled and said, “I’m glad you’re so competitive. Otherwise we might not be doing this right now.”

(Y/N) let out a small laugh and glanced down. “I thought you were mad when I kissed you.”

Edmund laughed. “Mad? Surprised more like it. I’ve been trying to work up the courage to kiss you for months now and here you make the first move. I wasn’t mad, I was worried you had only done it because you wanted to win.”

(Y/N) frowned slightly. “So what you said about me going around kissing everybody…?”

Edmund hung his head. “That was the fear talking. I mean, what was I supposed to think? Someone like you loving some like me seemed impossible.”

“It seamed more impossible from my standpoint, believe me.” (Y/N) replied smirking.

Edmund looked back up at her, a huge grin spreading across his face. “So we’re good?”

(Y/N) snorted. “I let you kiss me, didn’t I?”

Edmund smirked and tightened his arms around her. “So does that mean I’m free to kiss you again?”

(Y/N) tilted her head up at him smiling. “That means you get to kiss me whenever you want. On the condition that I also get to kiss you whenever I want.”

“Can’t argue with that arrangement, now can I?”

“No you can’t” (Y/N) said before Edmund pressed his lips to hers again.

“Wait till Lucy hears.” (Y/N) said smiling when they pulled away.

“More like wait until Peter and Susan hear! It’s about time!”

*Lucy could hardly tell Peter and Susan once she found them. She was too out of breath from running away from two lovebirds screaming bloody murder.*

Ok you know what. Fuck off Aaron! 

To say Robert looked like he was going to hit Lydia is fucking bullshit! You going off at him like that!??? Your little ‘chat’ after that doesn’t make up for it because you know what? You just accused him of causing the crash. Then to say he’s acting irrationally for blaming others because he really blames himself when you’ve just fucking blamed him yourself!!

And I’m sorry ED but I did not see him palming Seb off on to anyone. His sister looked after him for one night while Robert was at the hospital waiting for news. Stop trying to make Robert look bad for every tiny little thing he fucking does!

The bias against Robert is horrendous and Aaron needs to stop saying the same shit to him every other week.

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This is a disaster any way you look. Taylor quit cos she hates Karlie (antis), quit cos of Katie (pathetic), quit cos of harry (Fuck Haylors) and Kar being there now looks sad like tay doesn’t give a fuck about her and she’s going backwards trying to be relevant. Fuck you VS this is bullshit. And where even tf is Taylor? She better not stunt with that parasite istg.

I’m sorry, did I miss a statement from Ed Razek saying Taylor was slated to appear or approached but backed out? No? Okay. So then Taylor performing was just a fan theory/hope that everyone got too caught up in. Remember how we were so sure reputation was going to be called Eclipse? Or how everyone convinced themselves the surprise at the Austin show was going to be the album announcement or a new song and we got a fucking flower wall (fuck you AT&T, that was still ridiculous and overhyped. But it did give us “Is Turkey a name or a country?” so it had it’s moment).

How about you unclench and realize that we were promised nothing and no one has any right to be so much as annoyed with Taylor or Karlie about it. Y’all did it to yourselves by assuming you were right before the official release.

I haven’t seen Karlie look sad at all, so that may just be you projecting your disappointment. She seems pretty happy to me being out there killing it with the Forbes cover and now doing VSFS again and killing it with the rest of the Angels.

The girls are fine, probably better than ever if the entire fucking album is any indication.

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Has any one of Kenji’s victims survived?? If so, what/how did it happen(ed)? (I’m sorry for the questions—) And if you were to survive Kenji’s torture, how would you? (Also I love you and Kenji, I wish I could smooch both of you because you’re both so fantastic and beautiful) thank you so much!! (:

I’d say no, but there have been some victims that have survived longer because Kenji liked them. Then if he gets tired of them he’ll either torture them to death or just let them starve in a room.
and for me? heck idk, he’ll probably be really curious why we got the exact same scars on our left arm and leg lmao, might buy me some more time.
Best case scenario we become friends and it’s all cool B)
ily too anon! take care of urself :>

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(Both) I only saw my dad every other weekend but he was really emotionally abusive, fatphobic, and has an ED. I wasn't fat as a child but I think he kind of pushed his ed stuff onto me? Idr a lot he did/said but I do remember being scared of getting caught eating when I "shouldn't be", getting anxious about asking to eat, and the more I think about it..I don't remember regularly eating any meal except dinner (which he'd force me clear my plate no matter what) now I have a restrictive ed :/

i’m so sorry that he did this to you :( it sounds like he imposed his disordered eating onto you as well as himself and that’s not fair to you. i actually can relate sort of, my dad used to be very insistent that i eat everything on my plate and now i think i have a problem with eating after im still full. it’s hard to overcome what you know as your first instinct (the restriction) but you can do it!

Edward Nygma x Reader: Kid’s Got Talent

A/N: (Y/N) invited Jim and Harvey to her play of Into the Woods as Cinderella. Jim encourages her to invite her crush, Edward Nygma to her play.

Not Requested.

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You sat next to Jim by your desk. “Morning, Jim.” You greet him happily. “Morning, (Y/N). You seem happy today.” He tells you, giving you a smile as well. You couldn’t stop smiling today. You didn’t want to work as a police officer your whole life. So, you wanted to pursue a career in acting and singing. It was something your mother wanted as well when you were little. So, she took you to auditions and you got small roles but you didn’t want to do it anymore.

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