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The signs as Markiplier aliases

Aries: Ed Edgar

Taurus: Squirrel King

Gemini: Santiplier

Cancer: Babyplier

Leo: Wilford Warfstache

Virgo: Googleplier

Libra: Dr. Iplier

Scorpio: Darkiplier

Sagittarius: Sexiplier

Capricorn: Danciplier

Aquarius: Captain Falcon

Pisces: Sanic the Hedgehog

Inukag Week 2017 Day 6: Stars

okay so im working on day 5 cause damn it i am a lazy bum and keep getting stuck. but here is 6 and i guess that will have to work even though its sloppy and short and nothing like I want it to be but here ya go. please dont say ive missed some kidna deadline cause i have so much to wriiiiiittteee.

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It was just another night as he stared at the moon. Noticing a shooting star, he thought of her. He thought of the minutes, hours, days and years spent with her on the other side of that sky. Could the heavens have really stretched so far? From her to him and all that was left in between? He wondered then if she had seen them too? The twinkling white orbs that sprinkled over the inky black curtain of night. How many nights had he lain in this exact spot under the Goshinboku and recalled the shapes that she had pointed out to him? How many hours had he spent showered in the light of the moon as he stood by the river and recounted her tales of mystical princesses and lovers torn apart by the sky itself?

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I can't stop laughing. What a Robert Sugden way of self destruction! It was so horribly perfect. What a time for the show to remind us of how awful he can be when he feels hurt by someone he loves (not so much the coming on to Rebecca, but the way he was talking about Aaron, like you could tell how much he was hurting by how vicious he was about the person he loves most in the world). Ugh, Robert, what a disaster. I love him so much. Also I'm in pain. Help.

ahahaha anon he’s a god damn self destructive overdramatic idiot and honestly this was the most robert sugden thing i’ve ever seen and it felt SO REMINISCENT OF THE SCRAPYARD SCENE?????

he got drunk and angry and somehow decided that, if love hurts this much, then he should go back to the way he was before he was in love which, honestly emmerdale, was NOT WHAT WE MEANT WHEN WE SAID WE WANTED TO SEE OLD ROB COME OUT IN THIS STORYLINE


- but anyway, he got drunk and got his classic Stupid Robert Sugden Panic Logic on although at least he didn’t try to murder anyone this time unless you count my flipping heart gdi and then he’s gonna sober up tomorrow and realise that actually 2015 Robert? Not a happy or a good Robert. And then he’s gonna have to deal with his stupidity.

(Had to happen at some point I suppose. Do you remember what it was like to get shot Robert???? WOULD YOU LIKE SOMEONE TO REMIND YOU BC I COULD HELP YOU YOU FOOL)

But yes. He’s gotta deal with his bad decisions. Again. Which. My son. Good luck to you oh my god you ABSOLUTE FLIPPING PENCIL CASE

DID YOU MISS ME YELLING AT YOU FOR YOUR STUPID FLIPPING DECISIONS DID YOU HAVE WE GONE BACK TO 2015 IS THAT WHERE WE ARE YOu’re an absolute duck brain and I hate you (but I love you) (but I want to dick punch you a little bit)

I will say this again, I love Edward Nygma. He is in so much pain right now and I can understand how he is feeling. He must be feeling so many emotions right now.

Ed doesn’t trust people anymore, especially after he thought Jim just felt pity for him and wasn’t actually his friend. So it was a big deal for him to feel safe around Oswald, he thought he found a friend who didn’t pity him. He found someone he loves, someone who didn’t see him as a freak or a waste of space, someone who loved him back. For once, Ed felt wanted.

What Oswald did was horrible, I am sorry, but it was. He killed someone out of jealousy and he lied. For Ed to finally feel safe around someone and suddenly they lie to you? That hurts.

Edward grew up with being bullied in school and having no friends. When he went home his parents abused him, they made him feel like he was stupid and worthless. That was Ed’s childhood, that was his life. Abuse.

So how do you think someone who grew up with that would react to being betrayed? I am sure Ed is feeling like he is a kid again, feeling like he can’t trust anyone again.

Oswald was his anchor, Oswald was his guardian angel in a way.

But the most painful part, is he can’t hate him. Yes that is right, Ed doesn’t hate him and never can hate him. It doesn’t work like that, you can’t just hate someone you loved and cared about. Once you love someone, it is so very hard to hate them. You want to, but you can’t. Ed can hate Jim, Ed can hate Butch. But this is different, this is so different. This is Oswald.

Tonight we will see Ed struggle with this. Will he do something he’ll regret? Will we see him completely lose his sanity? Will he protect Oswald? Will we see a flicker of emotion on his face that shows he still cares? I don’t know, and we can’t predict what will happen.

But I do know, this episode will be amazing.


AU in which Lan Fan is the Yao heir and Ling is entrusted to protect her. In which the 50 wives systems doesn’t apply if the heir is female, and once becoming empress Lan Fan is allowed to choose a husband from her own clan. In which they’re not only fighting for their people but also for each other.

Lingfan Week - AU


CS AU (Merlin Crossover): In which Sir Gwaine and Princess Emma do attend Misthaven’s lastest ball together, her bodyguard does get jealous enough to do something about his poorly hidden feelings for her, and Merlin should know better than to bet against Gwaine.

–Now if you really want to get his goat, Milady, you could lean in for a little–
–Nice try, Gwaine.
–Can’t blame a man for trying, Princess.

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