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You know” she said, touching his fingertips like she always used to, “I really wanted it to be you. Everything about us seemed so right. We had our whole future figured out. Why couldn’t we make this work?”
“I did too.”, he answered, “I thought you were always gonna be the only one for me. I never thought that I’d ever be able to look at another girl when you existed. I wish it had been that way.” He looked at the sky that had turned pitch black and wished to drown in the dark so she wouldn’t have to see the tears in his eyes. “Then let’s go back. If we had the chance to start over, would you love me again?”, she looked so hurt, so desperate. Something he had never wanted to see.
“I wish.”, he whispered so quietly he himself could barely hear. “I wish that I could go back and love you the way you deserved to be loved, the way you deserve to be loved. But I don’t think I’m the right person to give you everything you deserve to have.”
The next sentence that escaped her lips broke his heart in more ways than he could have ever imagined. “So what makes you love her so much more than you were ready to love me?
—  I really wanted to have this talk with you because I would rather have drowned in tears than in silence like I did
EXO SCENARIO: Whispering dirty at reaunion.

Smutty of course. Thats me. All the time. SMUTS FOR LIFE. e.e

Chanyeol: _____, come closer. *Grabs strongly your thight* This skirt is too short. *fingers you and you try not to make a sound or face* I can’t wait to be on bed and eat the fuck out of you.

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Suho: ____, *whispering really low and close* I’ll make you mine tonight. Over, and over again.

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Tao: *touches your lower part, gets really close to you to tell you something* I cant wait for dessert. e.e i’m actually dead right now.

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Luhan: *breathing heavily & whispering low in your ear* I cant take this anymore. *puts your hands on his lap and goes higher*

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Lay: (at a wedding rehearsal) *as you are dancing close to each other, he gets even closer and whispers with a sexy voice* I’ll make you cry out of pleasure tonight, jagiya. Get ready *licks your ear and gives you the look*

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D.O: (At an Exo reunion) You were watching sexy Kai lips when you hear a soft breath  from Kyungsoo before whispering in your ear* Babe *holds your hand* remember me something. *touches your lower part with anyone seeing under the table*  Who’s your oppa?

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Baekhyun: *looks at you, gets closer with his mouth open. Breaths sexy as hell before whispering* The fact that you dont have any underwear is killing me ____. *licks your ear *

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Kai: *whispers with that manly voice* Everyone is looking at you, but what they don’t know *puts his hand on your lower part, and starts rubbing your g-spot* I’m the only one who can have you.

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Chen: *neverminds the people with cameras staring at you and starts liking your ear and neck* You know what I will do you with this? I hope you are ready.

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Xiumin: *As you were eating, your fork fell in the floor and you went to pick it up. Going up you accidentaly touch a little too high on his thighs. He comes closer and whisper* You will have to repair that little accident there jagi.

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Sehun: *licks his lips as he sees you eating your ice cream kinda messy* If the guys weren’t here, you can’t imagine the mess i would do in that beautiful mouth.  Sorry this gif is life and death itself.

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Prompt response

A/N: Prompt from the wonderful @kara-lesbihonest I hope I do your fantastic idea justice! It picks up near the end of the ‘S’ reveal balcony scene.

A/N2: This is the first fic I’ve posted in… well, years, actually. I’m horrendously nervous. I’m also really glad it’s a Supergirl/Supercat fic that got me posting again because I am so proud of how fantastic the fandom for this ship is already. You all have been so wonderful about including everyone and creating beautiful fanon pieces from the beginning. So thank you, Supercat supporters.

Two Steps Forward

The jangling of Kara’s typically upbeat ringtone disturbed the charged silence the two women had been sharing since Cat had finally used Kara’s other name and jolted them both from the moment that had so much potential. Kara shuffled the various things in her hands and Cat wondered why she felt quite so disappointed at the interruption.

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I’ve been meaning to do another one of these forever and I finally got it done! I wanted to try and keep the number at an even 50 but it ended up being 51 ;w; ekfnrejnfgkrejngsjnejgkrengkres. 

Also I ran out of space and forgot to save the layers on photoshop so I added another box. Oops.

Thank you to you all for making my dash wonderful! Some of you I’ve talked to, others I’m too shy to talk too and others I’ve gotten to know well and am grateful to <3 


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I will touch you with my mind. Touch you and touch and touch until you give me suddenly a smile, shyly obscene; I will touch you with my mind. Touch you, that is all, lightly and you utterly will become with infinite care the poem which I did not write.
—  E.E. Cummings
Not That Easy

A/N: Continuation of their last scene in E48, when Bernie has done the sensible thing and Serena is more than a little blindsided.

Not That Easy

Serena took another, longer sip of wine, very conscious of the other woman on the other side of the desk, who was most certainly not looking in her direction at all. She had not been expecting that. She had never seen Bernie Wolfe retreat before, had not thought it was in her nature.

Somewhat angrily, Serena realised that was why she had spent so much time in the last few days trying to work out what she wanted, so she would be ready when Bernie approached her. Now this. She hadn’t even gotten to speak her side.

With a determined thump, Serena set her wine glass down and stood up, her own stubbornness giving her the fortitude to meet surprised eyes when they finally swept up to meet her.

“No.” Serena said, plainly, and watched as Bernie frowned. Making her way swiftly around the desk, Serena kept her eyes on the other woman, now very sure exactly what she wanted to say.


“I’m very aware I haven’t done this before, that it will be new and terrifying and I may occasionally react badly, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do this right. And yes, you’re getting divorced, it’s messy, and I’ve been your friend through all of it so far without running in the opposite direction.”

Serena stopped just short of Bernie’s personal space, something she hadn’t done for some time, and was very surprised when Bernie took a step back, instinctively. Serena paused just for a moment to look at her friend and realised Bernie looked… Well, pretty bloody scared herself.

And with that, Serena realised that what she was proposing was new territory for Bernie just as much as it was for herself. Yes, Bernie had loved a woman before, but it had been while serving - there had been no dating, no introducing her to others, no time to stop and think about it all, more than likely.

Gently, Serena reached for both of Bernie’s hands, drawing them into the space between the two women, rubbing her thumbs gently across the skin, letting a tremulous smile begin to take hold.

“Don’t you think we could, just…” Serena paused, hopeful and wanting, trying to think of something vaguely more romantic than ‘give it a go’ but not able to find it as she watched Bernie react to what she’d said.

The taller woman seemed to be wavering, her eyes fluttering from their joined hands to Serena’s face, before finally stepping forward. Serena felt her own smile grow huge before she leant up and pressed a brief kiss to Bernie’s lips, causing an answering smile for a few moments before the blonde became serious again.

“What about things here?” Bernie asked earnestly and Serena took a breath, having considered that problem herself already.

“We make an agreement - work stays at work, other things are kept separate. The minute that isn’t the case, we’ll discuss it with Hanssen.” Bernie’s eyes widened and Serena felt the tug on her hands as the blonde swayed backwards.

“You’re really serious about this?” Bernie’s voice sounded amazed and Serena fought the urge to roll her eyes.

“What do you think I’ve been doing for the last few days? Thinking all of this through was a far more pleasant train of thought than watching TV with my nephew.” Serena told her with a smile.

“I thought - you were so embarrassed this morning and I assumed that - well, that you wished it hadn’t happened.” Bernie admitted, lowering her eyes back to their hands.

“Now you know where assuming gets you.” Serena teased gently and was inordinately pleased when Bernie smiled in return.

“So you really… want to make a go of this?” Bernie questioned again, her eyes creeping back up to Serena’s, who arched an eyebrow.

“Such a romantic way of phrasing it.” Serena smirked and Bernie narrowed her eyes, about to parry back before Serena tugged on her hands, bringing them both much closer so she could lower her voice and simply say “Yes.”

Two bright smiles lit up the room as they held each other’s gazes, letting the moment settle, before Serena let her focus drift down to Bernie’s lips, a movement that she hoped wasn’t lost on the blonde. With a little more care than last time, Bernie leant forward and Serena sighed in contentment as Bernie kissed her again.

This time, Serena was able to enjoy every little movement, could take her time with replying to each tilt of Bernie’s head, could slide her hands up to Bernie’s shoulders rather being blocked by a wall or gripping her tightly because she didn’t want the moment to end. Serena knew now they had more moments to come.

Smiling into their kiss, Serena felt Bernie’s arms link behind her back and draw her into the lean body before her, a change Serena very much enjoyed. It gave her the confidence to smooth a hand up into Bernie’s hair, combing through the tousled strands, enjoying the new sensation.

In answer, Serena felt Bernie hum and wondered if having her hair touched was a sensitive point or if she was simply remembering the remark Serena had made about it. Jolted from that contemplation by Bernie drawing back slightly, Serena opened her eyes and was amazed to see the warmth shining back at her before Bernie nudged her nose ever so gently with her own and then they were sinking back into another, gorgeous kiss.

Serena was mesmerised by the smooth skin she could feel, by how soft and gentle Bernie could be, and felt a knot building in her stomach at the power she felt in those arms around her, the strength she remembered noting when she’d examined the woman’s back. It was different - a rather wonderful different.

Shifting even further into Bernie’s frame, Serena drew her hand along the blonde’s shoulder, flattening her collar so she could glide a thumb gently up and down that exquisite neck, following the lines of sinew and muscle she could reel off the academic terms for in her sleep, struck by the knowledge she wanted to learn them with her own senses. Wanted to know how Bernie reacted to being touched here or being kissed there.

Serena felt a soft moan being released against her lips at the touch and smiled as she pressed back into the kiss. It was a few moments before she realised the hands at her back were shifting, drawing her shirt up so one could slip beneath the material and stroke the surprisingly sensitive skin at the small of her back. This time, Serena was the one to realise she was humming into their connection.

A sharp beep from Serena’s phone pulled them back to reality, with Bernie withdrawing instantly but Serena didn’t let her go too far and Bernie didn’t move her arms.

“It’s just an email.” Serena told her gently, running one finger through the strands of blonde over her forehead. Bernie seemed to let out a breath at that and relaxed back into their space, fingers resuming their exploration of Serena’s skin.

“Even so, we should probably pause this, for now. It’s a miracle we haven’t been interrupted in person.” Bernie replied, though Serena could tell she said it with reluctance. Serena did nod in agreement but couldn’t bring herself to move away.

“I’d like to finish some more of the wine you so rebelliously snuck in here before you go home, if that’s ok?” Bernie continued, with a smirk that became quite a vulnerable smile and Serena couldn’t help popping up on her toes to quickly peck the blonde affectionately.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t make me finish my glass alone.” Serena grinned.

Disentangling themselves from each other took longer than it should have done, hampered by the fact that neither of them really wanted to do it. But eventually, they managed to return to their previous seats, with Bernie’s knee now comfortably nudging against Serena’s and a hand entwined with another resting on those knees.

“I think we need a new toast.” Serena declared happily, raising her glass and Bernie mirrored her. “To the new places we’ll go from here.” Serena offered and Bernie nodded, eyes soft and catching the light in an exquisite way as she clinked her glass lightly against Serena’s.

“To us exploring those places together.” Bernie murmured as her eyes met Serena’s. Smiling a little breathlessly, they both took a sip.

A/N2: Confession time: I have spent the last 72 hours drowning in this ship but have very little experience with Holby in general so please, if I got anything wrong, let me know. Vice versa, what I got right, I’d also love to know too.

Fic Continuation of Kara getting cut (tidied up)

After Kara carried on staring at her bleeding finger for another full minute, apparently mesmerised and horrified, Cat eventually got impatient.

“You are going to drip blood on the carpet.” Her voice is flat, hopefully to encourage Kara from her stupor because why was the silly girl just standing there as if she’d never seen blood before? Then again, now that Cat thought about it, she’d never seen Kara bleed or get hurt in any way.

The speech seems to fluster Kara into action and she stands up, wrapping her hand under the bleed to stop it dripping but otherwise apparently a bit clueless about what to do. Ordinarily, Cat would be irritated but there’s something about the expression on Kara’s face so she decides to be helpful instead.

“Do you have band aids in your desk?” Cat asks.

“No, I never use them.” Kara murmured back and if Cat thinks that was a strange reply, she decides now is not the moment to consider it. Cat digs a wad of tissues out of the box on her desk and gives them to Kara, who looks at them but can’t seem to figure out what to do. Cat sighs impatiently and pushes the hand holding them to the wound then presses, before striding out of her office.

“I need a band aid. Now.” Cat demands.

Some random woman sitting at a desk close by hands her one with a dinosaur print on it which makes Cat think she probably has children and she is thankful Carter was never clumsy enough to warrant Cat carrying first aid with her.

Without a word, she marches back into her office and thrusts the band aid at Kara, who takes it with her uninjured hand but winces when the tissue comes away, obviously having clotted a little while she was standing, staring. Cat wonders again why her assistant now looks panicked and hopes she’s not one of those foolish girls who can’t stomach the sight of blood (she’s never met one but she’s heard they’re not actually all misogynistic myth).

Kara’s still staring at her newly bleeding cut and then at the band aid, not moving to use it and what kind of adult doesn’t know how to apply a band aid? Cat’s really had enough of this now so she rips the band aid back from Kara and pulls back one side of the sticky tabs before stepping forward and attaching it to Kara’s finger, wrapping it and securing it efficiently so her carpet is no longer in danger.

Kara seems to emerge from her daze a little once the blood is covered and flexes her finger before turning her stare onto Cat. A smile finally twitches her expression back into life and her eyes focus on Cat’s face with a directness not usually present. Cat isn’t sure why she hasn’t moved her hands further than an inch away from Kara’s nor why she can’t seem to look anywhere but the girl’s face.

Of course, that’s exactly when her mother chooses to walk back into her office, huffing and flouncing her bag in that way that made her seem like she was taking up more space than she needed. For the first time in years, Cat can’t move under her mother’s watch. The woman’s harsh eyes bounce from Cat to Kara and back, eyebrows raising with each movement, taking in everything and, as usual, drawing her own erroneous conclusions.

Cat scowls, regaining her ability to move, and gives Kara a small, almost undetectable shove towards the door. She did not need to give any more ammunition to the first woman who wouldn’t hesitate to use it. Kara stumbles because of course she does but swerves around Cat’s mother to head for her desk and Cat ignores the knowing smirk taking hold and being pointed in her direction.

“Canoodling with your assistant, Kitty, really? I knew there had to be a better reason for your melodramatic tirade earlier.” Her mother says, with an inhumanly gleeful edge & Cat has to stop herself from snarling again, heading back behind her desk.

“She hurt herself on the glass. That’s all.” Oh, how she hated that she was making excuses.

“And she couldn’t put a band aid on herself? Didn’t you just finish reprimanding me about how competent she is?” Her mother mocked relentlessly.

“She would have dripped on the carpet. Don’t let me keep you Mother, you’ll miss your plane.” She hated making a strategic retreat just as much but a lack of choices created necessity.

“Kitty darling, I’m sure I’ve told you before not to get involved with the help.” Her mother observed drily and that was DEFINITELY not a conversation Cat wanted to re-live, not in her office where Kara could hear, not in her building where she set the rules, not ever again.

“Goodbye Mother.” Cat forced out through gritted teeth that she just couldn’t unclench.

“Yes, yes, dear.” Her mother gathered up her bags and sauntered out of the office, not a mention of a car being called but instead making her way to Cat’s private elevator and using that to leave. Cat took her victories where she could just then.