i did basically nothing to this in photoshop

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Hey, soft boy. I've been developing games using game maker for the past couple of years and have been wanting to switch to unity for sometime now. However, while I was able to quickly learn the ins and outs of gml, I can't for the life of me adapt to unity. How did you as a game developer learn to use unity? How much programming experience did you have beforehand? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hey, anon boy. I jumped into Unity when I was 13, knowing almost nothing about game development. I had some advanced computer literacy skills tho, I had messed with HyperStudio (i bet NO ONE knows what that is) in elementary school, and in 7th grade I knew the basics of how to use Command Prompt, and like I knew how to use image editors (Fireworks and a lil Photoshop, with a splash of Flash), so I had literacy of how computers and programs worked. The only “coding” I knew was just copying and pasting code that other people wrote (and sometimes changing the numbers). 

So after I found Unity, I literally just jumped into it. I began by messing around in it (clicking random buttons to see what they do), and I found the terrain editor (keep in mind this was like Unity 2.6, that old shit lmaooo) and that was a super formative moment for me. I then started following tutorials; I think the first thing I used was a shitty PDF FPS tutorial (holy shit I found it), once again copying and pasting code, and looking at fully built example projects to decipher them. 

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