i did another edit guys


Green Lanterns of Earth + Name Meanings

“ seth r o l l i n s aesthetic

                                 – create something beautiful and then destroy it

“Awkward Bro-Hug..?”
“Awkward Bro-Hug.”

I didn’t accomplish much today after work, but I did make this!

An anon asked me yesterday if I could do a sincere sibling hug with Stan and Ford- and I did promise you guys all another Relativity Falls edit- and the Reunion Falls one I’ll be making soon! Maybe I’ll start it before I go to bed- and expect more Youtuber AU as well!

The sincere one from Escape from reality had all the Mabel-Jury in the background and would have been such a pain to do- so I went with the awkward sibling hug from episode one-

I kinda like how it came out, but Dipper and Mabel don’t have clothes that show off the shape of their body, so that’s why they might be kinda off…

They’re still real cute tho-

“Pat Pat”


SAM WITWER IN 2016 → appearances

Voodoo Doll LAYERED
5 Seconds Of Summer
Voodoo Doll LAYERED

So guys I did another layering audio edit but this time with 5SOS acoustic
“Voodoo doll One Mic One Take” and the studio version

Tears were shed and I did it at 1am please don’t hate me.


Left ear=Acoustic Right=studio version

Please don’t repost or delete original source as it took so long to get right. If you would like to credit I wouldn’t mind :’)

Another edit I did last night 💙

Just reminding you guys that the twins have their own profiles on www.Imdb.com !!!! Which means they probably have their own acting agency too… *can you hear me screaming in Dolan*

Peace and Quiet
Peace and Quiet

I really love @velocesmells‘s Seeing-Eye Flowey!AU omg you really gotta check out their artwork. It’s freaking phenomenal–

Voices: taidatenshi
Artist: velocesmells
Music: Reunited by Toby Fox