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PSA: If you're looking to buy prints, posters, or merch and come across a site called TeeChip DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM, EVER

They steal artwork from artists without their permission and attempt to resell low quality crap of it, and trick people into buying it by stating “BEST SELLER, NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES, LIMITED TIME ONLY”

And hey, guess what? Someone messaged me earlier and I found out that this “company” is selling MY ART that I definitely did not give permission to use, sell, or distribute.

This “company” literally edited out my work from the original images, rotated a few, and slapped them all onto a poster.

Uh, NO. Not cool at all.

I have already filed a DMCA and hope to have it taken down within a day, but who knows if they’ll even do that seeing as their “DMCA form” is literally an email to “someone who takes care of these matters” 🙃

PLEASE don’t support shitty “companies” like TeeChip who steal the hard work of others! If you ever recognize artwork that you suspect is stolen on any site that sells artwork or merch, please let the original artist know if you’re able to! It’s always greatly appreciated when people let us know this kind of shit is happening and we can take actions to stop it


The name of our town is Riverdale. And our story begins, I guess, with what the Blossom twins did this summer. On the Fourth of July, just after dawn, Jason and Cheryl Blossom drove out to Sweetwater River for an early morning boat ride… Chapter One: The River’s Edge.


harry potter fancast:

Oscar Isaac as Godric Gryffindor

“ You might belong in Gryffindor, Where dwell the brave at heart, Their daring, nerve and chivalry. Set Gryffindors apart.” 

i’m sorry i had to

(if Rose and Dave hosted an advice podcast) 

TT: Good evening, I’m Rose Lalonde and you’re listening to “jackass who spilled apple juice all over my sister’s sound equipment and then claimed it was an earthquake”.

TG: listen i said it might have been an earthquake
TG: we just dont know
TG: nobody knows that shit is in gods hands

TT: Just introduce yourself, Dave.

TG: hell you did it for me

TT: I’ll edit it out in post.

TG: sup this is Dave Strider and youre listening to this podcast i guess maybe by accident or something we dont know

TT: It’s in God’s hands

TG: right exactly
TG: and now people are gonna think were some creepy rapture cult that talks about god hands and shit

TT: Yes, all four of our listeners will be incredibly alarmed.

TG: yea sorry yall
TG: anyway lets get to some listener questions that may have come from actual listeners but also might have come from roxy
TG: we just dont know

TT: Now let it die, Dave. Rule of three.

TG: right right okay


I let you go, Annie.
With my hands, and my head; the heart (which cynics say is code for penis), wants what it wants.