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As @yuunabai-whisper2 and I determined, when it comes to cowboys like McCree and Erron Black, archers like Hanzo and Kung Jin are indeed straight as arrows … as in very helluva bent arrows.

I was reading old reviews about American Idiot (the album) and alot of the critics argued that the album would fade into obscurity and be forgotten about because the album was written about a very specific point in history.

And that’s where they’re wrong because American Idiot is not only a political album, but it is also a very personal album that deals with the universal themes of coming of age, heartbreak, loneliness, drug addiction and dealing with one’s personal demons.

So no. I don’t think this album will ever be forgotten about. It’s timeless. It will never stop being relevant. Yes, the Bush years are over but things discussed thoughout the album like war, alienation, heartbreak, drug addiction and rage and love will always exist.

My concert was fucking amazing!

Billie Joe did his speech abt love and joy.. he was very happy that the new england irish peeps were cheering.. He said we scream just a bit louder than anyone else

King For a Day was featured with lots of St. Patrick’s day hats and green feather boas. 

Billie crawled through Mike’s legs.

Billie and Jason did a lil thing where they walked down the stage together

Three kids came up on stage at different times to sing, one of which was a kid named Grant who played guitar (and got to keep it!)

The encore was American Idiot with a loud “Fuck you Donald Trump!” at the end.

Ordinary World and Good Riddance were played, and everyone cried and it was beautiful 

All I need to know is did Mark ever go through an EMO phase, before he went to Korea? Like did he ever use to sing the lyrics to “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” or low key loves “Shake It” from Metro Station or scream the lyrics out to All Time Low’s “Dear Maria, Count Me In”? Or like does he ever have a soft spot for Fall Out Boy, or was ever upset that My Chemical Romance broke up, or does he know the lyrics to “American Idiot”? 🤔 I must know things like this.

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Did anyone ever actually take Fukuyama seriously? He's been a punchline for as long as I can remember but I'm young and have a short memory.

Yeah like The End of History and the Last Man came out in 1992 and you can imagine how the climate in the 1990s might be more receptive to the notion that American style liberal democracy represented the “final evolution” of things.

Like he’s most famous for that silly-ass prophecy but I wouldnt call him a full-blown idiot even if I disagree with him on most things. I remember watching a video of a talk he gave where during the Q&A portion someone came up and asked if he thought Islam needed its own Protestant Reformation to emphasize reason against fundamentalism and Fukuyama did a pretty good shutdown of that idea (at one point he was like “Uh, you do realize that it was Luther and Calvin that said faith should be fully supreme over reason?”)

okay. so. a few things about my concert today.

- Billie said something among the lines of ‘life can suck but life can also be awesome’ and the only thought in my head was ‘right now my life is perfect’. I dont think I will ever forget that moment.


- I had to pee since the first two songs but I didnt want to miss anything so I held it in

- my first thought when I realized how fucking loud it was was ‘I could fart how loud I want and no one would notice’

- Tre only did three highkicks and then went back to his drums

- I screamed ‘MIKE’ during every bass solo because I fucking love this man

- We had places all the way in the back (seats) and Billie looked so tiny? like how fucking tiny is that man?

- I got a revrad tour shirt

- I had to beg some girls to bring me some of the confetti things because they wouldnt let me into the pit after the show

- Billie wore two rainbow flags during King for a Day

- he also screamed ‘FUCK DONALD TRUMP’ during American Idiot (much to my brothers amusement)

- Billie introduced them like five times ??

- my throat and hands are sore and my voice sounds like Ive been smoking twenty cigarettes a day for fifty years (but it was worth it)

- my brother accidently gave me the payment thing instead of a ticket but gladly he was right behind me when the security guys checked our tickets

- he also was an ass and had us go into the line right in the front so we didnt have to wait (he also wanted to steal some kids drumstick they catched but I held him back. hes an ass and doesnt understand anything about the message that Billie tries to make people understand)

- the girls in front of me annoyed me because they only were on their phones and made selfies and snapchats and didnt care about the music at all

- Ill be in the pit in my next concert

- I got startled every single time one of these loud bangs went off (the firework thingys)

- I need to wear shorts next time because I fucking melted in there

- also I was cold one time but thats just me Im used to that

- when Billie introdiced Jason Freese he said ‘weve been doing many illegal things with this man. we got cocain from columbia with him’ or something like that

- I screamed the whole time during Jason Whites solo

- Billie said some things about smartphones and selfies (right as the girls infront of me were taking a selfie)

- they got three people on the stage

- one during know your enemy, one during longview (that dude was awesome, he danced and sang and was just v funny) and during a song I cannot remmber right now (forgive me its almost 2 am) who played guitar and got to keep the guitar afterwards

- Billie laughed really cute one time, even my brother admitted it was cute

- at the trainstation on the way back home someone started the ‘heeeeyooooo’ again and then it went on for a bit with always different people yelling it (and everyone else responding of course)

- it was the best night of my life so far

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Well Hamilton is shit because it basically romanticizes these slave owners and rapists and acting like they were 'such awesome and relatable people' when they were actually racist fuckheads. thanks to this piece of shit play people will actually defend these assholes and it makes me wanna throw up

Okay, so normally I would dismiss this one, since it positively reeks of baiting (and of SJW doublethink, take a gander at the “racist fuckheads” line in particular), but I felt I should clarify.

Apparently, even though Alexander Hamilton was a self righteous and arrogant man, he did loathe slavery, and apparently, either didn’t own slaves, but rather had paid servants (link found within two seconds of Google, seriously people). The details are sketchy, since this was 240 years ago, but all evidence suggests he did do his best, given the political and culturial circumstances of the time, to combat slavery, to my limited knowledge.

Jefferson meanwhile, did have slaves, never even tried to free them (in sharp contrast to George Washington, who freed all his slaves upon his death, due to Virginia preventing him from doing so earlier), and had a dominating affair with his African-American mistress, who was a slave.

But to call them all universally “assholes” and “racist fuckwads” simply speaks to the lack of emotional maturity in this current debate.

I’m not going to pretend for two seconds that all the founding fathers were 100% perfect people who never did a morally objectional thing. I’m not an idiot. I am fully aware of the fact that several of them (mostly the southern born ones like Jefferson), owned slaves. But as a majority, no, the Founding Fathers were not a bunch of “racist fuckwards”. They were doing the best they could, and many of them, such as John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, James Madison, and many, many others absolutely hated the insitution, and tried their best to fight against it.

Of course, due to the political and cultural climate of the time, it would have been impossible to just abolish it. It took nearly seventy years of intense political infighting and struggle until Abraham Lincoln was finally able to free the slaves in 1864, and even then, another 100 years of intense struggle to fully give African-Americans equal rights.

Simply put, the Founding Fathers relationship with slavery is a horrific complex and tangled issue, and varied from person to person. It can’t be reduced to knee-jerk calling all of them “racist fuckwards”, which, as I mentioned before, is a disgustingly immature and petulant turn of phrase, more befitting a grade school insult then a genuine critique.

For more details on the Founding Fathers’ views on slavery, click here.


GUEST POST: Jessie Lynn McMains on “Letterbomb”

We’re worried about the two of you, all our other friends said. The two of us being me and my then-best friend/roommate, Maggie. We thought our friends were being boring and just not getting it, but oh my God, I’d be worried about the girls we were then, too, if I encountered us now. Our whole situation was weird and sad. Long story short, earlier that year we’d burned half our bridges—some of them because they needed to be burnt, others simply because, hey, the match was already lit—and become this codependent unit of two. We barely left each other’s sides, we barely left our apartment, we were broke and depressed and self-medicating with pills and weed and liquor. I truly, truly do not understand why I romanticize ye olde days so much, because when I look at them objectively I think: My life is better in almost every way than it was back then. Yet I continue to long for the past. But I digress—it was September 2004, me and Maggie vs. the world, and the few friends we hadn’t set ablaze rarely wanted to hang out because they were either worried about us or depressed by our habits. Because a party is no longer fun when it happens every night.

It was a crushingly lonely time. As much as I loved Maggie, it’s impossible to have all your needs for intimacy, connection, and affection fulfilled by one person. All my other Chicago friends thought I was a bummer to be around, my faraway friends were, well, faraway, and my romantic life was a shambles. And the Fireside Bowl—the legendary punk venue of Chicago—shut down; that place was the site of so many of my best memories that losing it felt like I’d lost another old friend. The other thing I remember about that September was the constant staticy noise in my head. I likened it to having a radio antennae connected to my brain that picked up the soundwaves of the city, so not only did I have to listen to the voices that were already in my head—I heard everyone else’s chatter, too. Everything was lonely and hard and cold and loud and I was just fucking exhausted, really.

It was in that bleak landscape that I heard American Idiot. I hadn’t loved a Green Day album since Nimrod. (Warning had a few great tracks, but the album as a whole didn’t thrill me), but I instantly fell in love with American Idiot. And there was one particular track that felt like it was speaking directly to, for, about me–“Letterbomb.” As I said in my piece about “She,” I love the Green Day songs about/from the point of view of girls. They’re so different from the casual misogyny that infects a lot of other pop punk bands’ Songs About Girls (I’m not naming any names, but…) Sure, maybe the girls/women in Green Day’s songs tend to be a bit larger-than-life, a bit idealized, but they’re also rebels and troublemakers, and they have their own distinct emotions. It’s so refreshing! American Idiot features three of them in a row–“She’s A Rebel,” “Extraordinary Girl,” and “Letterbomb.”

“Letterbomb” opens with the unmistakeable vocals of none other than Kathleen Hanna, someone whose words and songs had meant so much to me for nearly as long as Billie Joe’s had. In her sweet-bratty singsong she chanted the exact thing I was feeling: nobody likes you / everyone left you / they’re all out without you / having fun… The song is a poppy punk rock rager, wherein Billie reassured me that as bad as things were, my life wasn’t over (it ain’t over till you’re underground). And then the final verse harkens back to that lonely feeling from the opening. She said, I can’t take this place / I’m leaving it behind / Well she said, I can’t take this town / I’m leaving you tonight. I heard that and I thought–maybe I needed a break from the city that was beating me down. Though I loved Chicago, maybe what I needed more than anything was a change of scenery. And some new friends.

Jessie Lynn McMains is a writer, small press owner, and the 2015-2017 Poet Laureate of Racine, Wisconsin. Recent and forthcoming publications include 10 Poems By Jessie Lynn McMains, an e-chapbook released by Hello America, and What We Talk About When We Talk About Punk, a memoir-in-fragments revolving around punk and her misspent youth, coming from Pioneers Press/Punch Drunk Press later in 2017. She is also a long-time zinester—she published her first zine the year Dookie was released. You can also find her on Tumblr at @rustbeltjessie

When I think of Alec Baldwin as Trump, I think of that sketch Alec did back in the mid 1990s where he’s playing as this politician that shoots Lassie, and then he goes on to do horrible things during his press conferences like yelling at a baby, or using the American flag wipe his butt when people are throwing eggs at him.  The ending of the sketch he goes on to lose in the biggest landslide ever, but I feel like with the idiot we have in office right now, if that sketch were done nowadays that character that Alec played would most likely end up winning, even though he did all those horrible things.

The Kids Aren’t Alright: A mix for the group of teenage misfits who just want to change the world.

i. The Kids Aren’t Alright - The Offspring. What the hell is going on, cruelest dream reality.

ii. It’s My Life - Bon Jovi. I ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd.

iii. Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2 - Pink Floyd. We don’t need no thought control.

iv. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons. It’s a revolution, I suppose.

v. Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless. Big man tells you where to go, tell ‘em it’s good, tell 'em okay, don’t do a goddamn thing they say.

vi. The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy. Hey young blood, doesn’t it feel like our time is running out?

vii. One Foot - fun. We’ll rise up ourselves, thanks for nothing at all.

viii. American Idiot - Green Day. We are not the ones meant to follow.

ix. Here’s to Us - Halestorm. So let’s give 'em hell, wish everybody well.

x. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage - Panic! at the Disco. Oh we’re still so young, and desperate for attention.

xi.You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid- The Offspring. Nice work you did, you’re gonna go far, kid.


Photo not mine.

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Girl tell me EVERYTHING about meeting Billie Joe ‼️

I was guessing that they were staying at Grand Hotel because they have stayed there before when they’ve had shows in stockholm. So i went there after work and i was there around 5:30pm. I didn’t have any expectations whatsoever, i was just thinking it was worth a shot.

So i waited there for about half an hour/45 mins or so, while doing that i wrote a note to them, thanking them for a bunch of stuff that they’ve helped me through (also made a mini promo for my band lmao !!! And y'all you can go listen to our demo @ soundcloud dot com just search for “punkrockqueers” and the song “fuck white cis-boys” should come up). ANYWAY as i said i didn’t have any expectations, i stood there with my pen and writing book hoping for the best and expecting the worst.

I was about to turn around just to have a look around the corner of the hotel and out of the fucking blue there he was. He was walking towards the entrance, smiling and nodding his head at me.

I said “oh my god can i please have your autograph?” He said “yeah absolutely!” He was so kind and calm and it made me stay really calm through the whole thing.

I said that i had been a fan since American Idiot and he said “Thank you! I figured you were a fan because of your blue hair” (in my head i was like lol it’s green but w/e lmao).
He asked me what my name was and i said “Paulina” with a swedish accent lmao and he asked me to spell it for him lmaooo so i did and he went “OH Paulina!!” And he wrote “rage + love” and his signature.

I also asked him if i could have a picture with him and he said “yeah sure!” And as i was bringing out my phone i was shaking SO MUCH like i couldn’t even concentrate because HE WAS LOOKING AT MY DAMN PHONE idk it just freaked me out because i had a bunch of notifications on it LMAO and i tried to small talk away from it and said “i’m actually listening to you right now” and he said “oh do i sound any good?” And laughed and i said “UHM YES YOU SOUND AMAZING IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION????” And he laughed even more. He calmed me down so much.

We took the picture and i said thank you so much and i said “i’ll see u at the show tomorrow!” and he said “yeah! stay warm in the cold” and i said i will! And he went in.

It was so casual and calm even if i was freaking out and i can NOT get over this.

I started crying like a child and i called my best friend afterwords and she got so worried and was like “WHAT IS IT???? DID SOMEONE DIE???” And i said “NO I MET BILLIE JOE” lmao honestly i’m such a nerd but i’m so greatful and happy AAAHH ❤❤❤

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omg, I love your first-son-stiles-stilinski verse. You should def write more in it. Maybe Stiles gets a stalker, MAYBE THAT STALKER BECOMES VIOLENT, WE JUST DON'T KNOW (pls write more)

(previously on first son stiles stilinski)


Everything starts slowly falling into place after Stiles enrolls at Georgetown University. He hadn’t expected it to; he’d expected going to college would be weird, awkward, possibly even doomed to fail. The whole “being followed by a guy in a suit wherever I go” thing, as well as the “everybody and their grandmother knows all about my tragic backstory” thing, not to mention the “my dad is the current President of the United States” thing— it just didn’t exactly seem like the best way to excel either academically or socially, that’s all.

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bamf playlist - [listen] - songs that make you feel like you can go kill a guy and still look amazing while doing it. or a bamf playlist.

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) - fall out boy // Rejects - 5Seconds Of Summer // Something’s Gotta Give - All Time Low // Do I Wanna Know (Faster Version) - Arctic Monkeys // American Idiot - Green Day // Little Things - Good Charlotte // Miss Jackson - Panic! At The Disco // Blank Space - Taylor Swift // A Love Like War - All Time Low (feat. Vic Fuentes) // Teenagers - My Chemical Romance // I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic! At The Disco // Gives You Hell - All American Rejects // Angel With A Shotgun - The Cab // Irresistible - Fall Out Boy // Your Nickle Aint Worth My Dime - Sleeping With Sirens // Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

american idiot - green day // a love like war - all time low // would you still be there - of mice & men // rumor mill - we are the in crowd // jesus of suburbia - green day // manners - we are the in crowd // i miss you - 5 seconds of summer // ain’t it fun - paramore // young volcanoes - fall out boy // misery business - paramore // stacy’s mom - fountains of wayne // my songs know what you did in the dark - fall out boy // teenage dirtbag - wheatus // pretty little girl - blink-182 // hello brooklyn - all time low // dammit - blink-182 // ignorance - paramore // sugar we’re going down - fall out boy // the best thing (that never happened) - we are the in crowd // what i like about you - 5 seconds of summer // when you were young - the killers // daylight - 5 seconds of summer // 21 guns - green day // bruiser - the misfits // welcome to the black parade - my chemical romance // jersey - mayday parade // dead - my chemical romance // dig up her bones - the misfits // you’re dead wrong - mayday parade // teenagers - my chemical romance // second and sebring - of mice & men // starlight - tonight alive // king for a day - pierce the veil // feels like forever - of mice & men // the edge - tonight alive // caraphernelia - pierce the veil // wasting away - tonight alive // bulletproof love - pierce the veil // do it now, remember it later - sleeping with sirens // smells like teen spirit - nirvana // fade away - we came as romans // james dean & audrey hepburn - sleeping with sirens // come as you are - nirvana // stomach tied in knots - sleeping with sirens // to plant a seed - we came as romans // move along - all american rejects {listen}

Michael Clifford (✿ ♥‿♥) // Songs that remind me of Michael Clifford

Robbers - The 1975 // Pavlove - Fall Out Boy // Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran // Beside You - 5 Seconds of Summer// The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver - All Time Low // 21 Guns - Green Day // What’s My Age Again - Blink 182 // Where Did the Party Go - Fall Out Boy **// Satisfaction - **The Rolling Stones // Heart Out - The 1975// What I Like About You (cover) - 5 Seconds of Summer // Lost In Stereo - All Time Low // American Idiot - Green Day // 3 AM - Matchbox Twenty // Go To Hell - Go Radio // I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing - Aerosmith

Canada Day: a Nom de Plume drabble

Happy Canada Day! Here’s some Harry/Cecilia fluff for your reading pleasure

PLEASE NOTE: events depicted in this drabble are not necessarily canon!

My Canada Day mornings with my brothers at our family cabin by the lake usually started pretty early, but since they’d been idiots and apparently eaten all the bacon yesterday, they’d taken the boat into town first thing to grab some to have with our traditional pancake breakfast. 

I decided to take the opportunity to laze around in bed, the voices of the friends that were staying with us drifting up from the kitchen downstairs as they waited for my brothers to return. My mom wasn’t even there, so it would have been perfect. 

Except that Harry wasn’t lying in bed beside me.  

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