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Star Wars was originally released on this day in 1977. But everyone probably knew that one already, so here's another: May 25th is also the release date of the original Alien movie in 1979, AND Return of the Jedi in 1983, AND Back to the Future part 3 in 1990. Popular date for well known Sci-Fi movies. (You probably knew those, considering your background and interests, but it's all I've got. Happy Birthday!)

I did know that. Still cool.

Another Geek Fact, today is Towel Day, a nod to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Progress Note: Step 2, Day 4

Subjective: Uh- killed it! It’s only 9:30 pm and I finished all my goals for the day. Still scoring about the same on UWorld, maybe a tiny bit better with a couple of oopsies here and there. Though I am running dangerously low on groceries. Like, I HAVE NO PEANUT BUTTER LEFT. 

Objective: Leaving my phone in a separate room while studying made a huge difference as seen by my earlier finish time and ?better UWorld scores. Worked my way through OnlineMedEd’s Urology and Endocrine section + the daily 109 Uworld questions.


3 things I did well today: (1) Left phone in a separate room the whole day! (2) Completed study goals by 9:30 pm! (3) Completed loan documents for MS4!

3 things I could do better: (1) I apparently forgot all of ID :(  (2) I ate way too many low cal ice pops today :(  (3) Start taking longer breaks towards the end of the day, so I guess avoiding that?.


1) Watch the “higher yield” sketchy’s intermittently on Catch Up Friday

2) Buy healthier quick grab snacks tomorrow at TJ’s

3) Try to keep my focus towards the end of the day

PS- I even fit some FaceTime with one of my good friends :)

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Yo listen I just wanted to say I'm having a really good day after a really horrible one yesterday and I wanna spread the positivity. You're loved, wanted, and appreciated. Everything will work out for the better. This isn't just a generalization, this is for /you/ bc I've been following you for a while and lemme say you deserve all the happiness. Your blog never fails to make me smile. So keep your head up, I'm out here rooting for you. I'm proud of you fam, keep going. You got this. (: <3

this is the sweetest message i’ve ever received, im tearing up with happiness!

i’m really happy that you’re capable of having such a great day after yesterday being so bad for you. it’s really hard to do that, but you did it! so don’t forget to congratulate and compliment yourself too!!

thank you for all your encouraging words. you don’t know how good it feels to read that my blog has made you smile (because quite frankly i can’t put it into words!).

yet another message with such beautiful, positive words. i don’t know what i did that i have such ethereal souls following this blog but it warms my heart so much. with my entire fibre of my being, thank you. for being you. for being so kind. and for sending all this love. 💞

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I'm always so thankful for your detailed recaps <3

In case anyone’s interested, that one was 8500 words long (1000 words longer than my recap of both parts and stage door on Sunday), and I did it all in six hours. So please forgive my typos. If it had been any longer I would have missed my train to get to part two.

But you’re all so welcome! I hope you enjoy it and that it’s useful. I certainly had fun writing it. And I tried really hard not to let anyone else’s reviews colour my opinions. What I wrote is what I saw on stage, my impressions of it, and how I felt sitting there watching it before discussing it with anyone. I know some of my opinions probably aren’t popular ones, but isn’t that the fun of live theatre? We all get something totally different from it. That’s always been the beauty of this play.

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Hey J. So it's a snow day & all my clients are quiet today so I maaaay have indexed The Girls We Wanna Kiss on AO3. Someone mentioned it a few days ago in your ask. If you're interested I can send it over. Not sure the best way? Space limited here. You can msg me on AO3 allthegayfeels if you want the index. <3

Soooooo when was this??? How much did you have it indexed by? Because like? The more indexing, the more helpful? <3 <3 <3 


Part Two, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Part One ✮

Part Three will be out and will be the last one! Shit getting real is all I’m promisin’. 


harry potter meme: [3 of 9] characters ~ neville longbottom

“It doesn’t matter that Harry’s gone. People die every day. Friends, family. Yeah, we still lost Harry tonight. He’s still with us, in here. So’s Fred, Remus, Tonks… they didn’t die in vain. But you will. ‘Cause you’re wrong! Harry’s heart did beat for us! For all of us! It’s not over!”


“Gather round, for Michael has a story to tell you. 

Recently, I once again found myself in an interesting position. An opportunity for me to try something new (career wise) presented itself and I had to ponder whether or not I would do it. I weighed the options, the pros and cons, the best and worst case scenarios. I decided that I would probably not perform well and instead of potentially embarrassing myself in a field that is more or less unknown to me, I passed on the opportunity. You would think that would be the end of it but it wasn’t. For some reason I couldn’t shake this odd feeling. Like I had done something wrong. Now many of you might say “Michael that’s crazy! You don’t care about anything!” Oh how wrong you are. It’s true I’ve become quite comfortable in front of the camera at Roosterteeth but this doesn’t apply to all walks of life. In these past few days, thinking of this offer I declined because I KNEW I would be no good, it reminded me of another time I thought that. In 2014 I had the amazing opportunity to audition for a role in the Funimation dub of Fairy Tail. This was a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to voice act ever since I was a kid. I printed out my lines and practiced for days and days but when the day of the audition finally came, I backed out. I told Lindsay that I wasn’t good enough and that I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of these professionals who I had never met. She refused to let me. More or less forcing me into the car, she drove me 3 ½ hours to Dallas for the audition I KNEW I would fail. Well as you may know, I did go, I did audition, and I got the part. All because my wife believed in me when I didn’t. Pondering this, and where I’ve gotten so far in life by taking chances on the unknown, I changed my mind about this future opportunity. I won’t refuse to try. I won’t rely on someone else to push me to fulfill my dreams. I won’t stop taking chances. My point is this. Maybe I will fuck it up and make a total fool of myself, but maybe I won’t. Maybe it’ll be one of the greatest experiences of my life that I might never get a second chance at. Who knows? I won’t let the unknown stop me. Neither should you.”

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The difference between yuri on ice and samurai jack is the victor and yuri romance was hinted and developed since episode one, and those seven eps took over the course of months. There were literally no hints about jack and ashi it was all crammed into one ep and a few days ago ashi wanted to kill him

Uh, okay, I gotta tell you something: there were hints of Jack/Ashi happening.

1) Buck/doe allusion from Episode 3. They’re part of nature, Jack and Ashi love nature, it’s pretty obvious.

2) The little puffball from Jack’s hallucination says, “What did you expect, a hug and a kiss?” from Episode 4.

3) Ashi saving Jack from committing suicide from Episode 6. Bear in mind that Jack completely failed his purpose at this point (getting back to the past) and thought he’d be far better off out of the Aku-infested world. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is.

4) Jack complimenting on Ashi’s new outfit from Episode 6 (again). Not to mention they were both messy and nearly naked at this point.

Originally posted by antriviko

5) Ashi literally killing an entire army and her own abusive mother in order to protect Jack from Episode 7.

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And once upon a time, I once made a post about the Jashi speculation. I can only sum up as this: this is probably THE best love story Genndy Tartakovsky has ever written. In entirety. Their relationship tops Mavis/Johnny, Monkey/Honeydew, hell I’m even tempted to say it tops Octus/Kimmy due to how they hooked up after one episode while Jack/Ashi happened after eight.

Hey anon, I know Jashi isn’t your cup of tea, but let two troubled individuals find solace in each other once in a while.



7 women i could never forget.

1. it was all about experiences. it was a necessity for you to feel. diamonds and gold didn’t move you as much as books and flowers. you liked wine in the morning, and coffee in the evening. you liked beethoven when you were happy, and trap music when you were sad. your laugh was light, but your mind was heavy. you spent so much time dreaming, and not enough time living in the moment.

2. your eyes were enchanting, but the words that came from your lips were even more captivating. gospel to the soul. water to the mind. i remembered every small detail about you, even though you thought it wasn’t important. funny thing is, you didn’t feel important, you didn’t know your purpose. if only you knew the power that existed in the little things you said and did. you’re a goddess. you’ll make a fine mother some day.

3. you were always a volcano waiting to happen, but somehow i was drawn to that. i was drawn to your passion, your spirit, your exuberance. i thought it was beautiful, they felt indifferent. they kept their distance because they thought you were destructive. they didn’t understand you, but i did. amidst all the confusion, i still chose you, but you chose to push me away. you left burns on my soul and left me picking pieces of myself off the ground. my mother always taught me not to play with fire. i wish i listened.

4. miss crystals and sage. miss zodiac. miss what is your moon, sun and rising in? miss let me see your chart, so i know it’s real. you’re appreciated. you taught me so much. your spirituality fueled me. your oneness with yourself inspired me. your awareness opened me, but your over analyzing closed me. you inadvertently disposed of me. ego killed our connection. can you imagine how far we would’ve gone if we both just swallowed our pride?

5. my first love. my soul mate. you opened my eyes to things that i didn’t even know existed. you opened my senses to feelings that i never even knew could be felt. our connection was intense, even though we weren’t together for long. but it’s hard to write about you. it’s hard to string together sentences and talk about you. a part of me feels like you don’t deserve my words, because you left without saying a word.

6. there is so much to you. i have seen the light and dark sides, the sun and the moon, but everything is undeniably beautiful. there was a gentleness about you, even in your rough moments, a softness about you, even after the way the past treated you. but i was young, naive, immature. i didn’t quite understand what love or friendship was. i didn’t quite understand myself. but you’re a good person, an angel. i hope you found someone who compliments your spirit.

7. strange. it never moved past friendship, but i’m glad that it never did. we were always better off as platonic companions. we mixed together well, without adding romance to the pot. it’s ironic that the reason we don’t talk as much anymore is because we decided not to take that plunge into the unknown. i miss your smile, your humor, your friendship. but i also understand that it’s okay to love someone from a distance.

—  iambrillyant

I DID THE THING!!! it took me a day but i did it xD!! and i just found out that i haven’t drawn any sterek fanart in A MONTH ;___; i’m so sorry, i feel so horrible… BUT you get 4 new ones today! :3 hope that pays off my inactivity… we can all thank @merlshmallow for that!! xD she’s the one that tagged me on her post and her meme! THANK YOU <3 i’ve missed drawing these two ;u;

Amedotbomb8 Day 3: Camping

Well, I think Peri would love to watch ants and look at fire idk 

where hearts collide: part ii

given the popular request for a follow up to this prompt, i couldn’t help but delve into another part of it. i hope you like it, i surely enjoyed writing it. x

read part one here! title inspiration here!

part two:
the only one

They had decided that Claire would sleep in the bed and Jamie on the couch in the living room. She offered multiple times to switch with him—“It probably wouldn’t be good for your back,” she had said—but she shrugged it off, assuring her that it was fine.

        He cleared out a few of the drawers in his dresser and closet for her nicer clothes and scrubs so that they wouldn’t get wrinkled in her bags. She set up Adso’s litter box in the small closet he used for laundry. With every new thing they added, his heart expanded, but then her words echoed in the chambers of his heart like a pipe organ.

        “This isn’t permanent,” she told him. “I’ll find my own place soon enough and I’ll be out of your hair.”

        Don’t leave, he pleaded.

        She had gone into his room an hour ago, around 5. She was off the clock today—“Not for very long, though. I’m sure they’ll find something for me to do.”—and his hope grew steadily stronger. Would they spend the day together, make up for the time that they had lost? He sure hoped so.

        When she stepped out of the bedroom around 6 o’ clock, he was still awake on the couch, a lamp turned on as he read through some paperback novel he’d read a thousand times before. He peered up from it and smiled when their eyes met.

        “Can’t sleep?” She asked, wrapping her arms tightly around herself. Despite the robe that she wore, Jamie could see the long expanse of leg and thigh underneath. Goosebumps rose on his skin.

        He shook his head. “Nah, I havena been much of a sleeper as of late.”

        “An insomniac, then?” She mused, stepping into the kitchen in search of the cups.

        “Fourth shelf on the left, next to the fridge,” he stated, then answered her question. “It’s no’ insomnia, I don’t think. I do sleep, just not nearly enough as I should.”

        A small smile formed on her lips. “That’s not good for you; minimal amounts sleep at the early hours of the morning. You know, experts say that you get your best sleep between midnight and four.”

        Jamie smiled, “Aye, well, it’s been about four years or so since I’ve actually gotten a good night’s sleep.”

        As soon the words passed his lips, he blushed furiously out of embarrassment. Maybe she wouldn’t notice his slip.

        She did, in fact, notice this slip, and decided to take a sip of her water instead of replying immediately. This left Jamie in agony, staring at Adso peacefully resting on the couch beside where he sat.

        “You haven’t slept well in four years?” Claire whispered finally, causing Jamie to blush even more.

        Shaking his head, he sighed. “It isna so easy to be used to sleeping with someone beside ye, then to all of the sudden have them gone wi’out being able to prepare for it.”

        He could hear her swallow audibly. Immediately, he regretted the last few minutes of conversation between them. He didn’t want her to think he was angry at her—he had been, a long time ago, but he had gotten over himself. Her reasoning was understandable, more so now than it was when she had first decided to leave. But that didn’t make it hurt any less.

        She crossed the room slowly, sitting between him and Adso, and took his hand.

        “Jamie,” She told him, pausing as if she didn’t know what to say. Instead, she kissed the back of his hand reverently.

        Their eyes met. It took him everything he had not to take her right then and there.

        Before he could say anything, she murmured, “I know that there is nothing that can undo what I did to you. It was selfish and cruel, and you didn’t deserve it. But I want you to know…”

        “Ye dinna need to explain yourself to me, Sa—Claire.”

        Taking her other hand and wrapping it over both of theirs, she squeezed once and said. “I don’t mind it if you call me that, Jamie.”

        He smiled a bit, looking down at their hands. “I understand why ye did it. There’s no reason for you to try to apologize. Granted, I didna understand at the time, and was butthurt for a good while afterwards,” he smiled again. Raising her hands to his lips, he kissed each of her palms as she had his. “I didna ken then, but I do now.”

        With eyes filled with tears, she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him. “This is why I couldn’t stay. You were way too good to me.”

        “Ye deserve a man that’s good to ye, Claire,” he whispered fervently. On a reasonable day, he wouldn’t have said these things to her, out loud. But hell, it was 6 in the morning and the love of his life was in his arms. There was nothing else he would rather have said in that moment.

        She pulled herself away from him, looking into his eyes. Filled with tenderness, she reached for his face and closed the gap between them.

        He tried to remember her so often: her face when finishing, creased in ecstasy as their bodies melted into each other. The way her smile made her eyes wrinkle at the corners and her nose scrunch up slightly. How she’d shout Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ! whenever she got frustrated, and the odd story of where she first heard the phrase. But the thing he tried to remember most frequently were her lips, how the smooth expanse of them could take the reign of his heart and steer him wherever she wanted him to go.

        She hesitated for a moment, tracing the outline of his own lips with her finger.

        “Claire,” he whispered. Her eyes snapped to his, the color of warm honey. “Don’t you know that you’re the only one for me?”

        They fell into each other like clay being kneaded by a sculptor, molded and squeezed and pressed into the shape of their love.

        A moment later, she pulled away from him and murmured, “Do you remember when I said I didn’t want to be alone tonight?”     

        He smiled, knowing exactly where her mind was headed. Without another word, he picked her up and wrapped her legs around his torso, making a path to the bedroom before closing the door sharply behind him.

read the next part here!

Season 6B:
  • Killian: *angst*
  • Emma, who is usually angsting, or definitely too scared to take big steps in her relationship: oh
  • Emma: let me go canoeing
  • Emma: omfg I love my kid
  • Emma: dumb kid forgot the life jackets
  • Emma: who needs lifejackets?
  • Emma: if Killian finds out we had Poptarts AND didn't wear life jackets he'd kill us omg
  • Emma: Better go home to get the life jackets
  • Killian: *is angsting*
  • Emma: wait, what are you hiding? Did you buy a puppy? Cause I've been thinking, a puppy would maybe be something I-
  • Emma: wait
  • Emma: don't be sad, I love you and we're alive and there is no angst in our lives bae
  • Killian: *gallons of angst*
  • Emma: see you later, alligator! <3
  • *several hours later*
  • Killian: *angsting outside the house*
  • Emma, flying down the steps: KILLIAN
  • Emma: I'm making melty yummy popcorn COME INSIDE
  • Emma: did I mention I LOVE you!!!!! and we have pOPCORN!!
  • Killian: *angst*
  • *the next day*
  • Killian: *wakes up at the crack of dawn to get an early start on angsting*
  • Emma: *wakes up*
  • Emma: I'm all alone :O
  • Emma: *gasp* Killian's so cute he's probably getting the puppy today
  • Emma: I miss him
  • Emma: look at his cute little sea chest
  • Emma: I wonder if it's locked
  • Emma: IT'S NOT LOCKED!?
  • Emma: what's even in here? He's never...wait, what? omg. OMG. OMFG.
  • Emma: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Emma: I can't look at it. I can't. I can't.
  • Emma, an hour later: *spinning around her room with her ring on*
  • Emma: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Emma: when is he gonna be HOME
  • Killian: *getting drunk, drowning in angst*
  • *way too many hours later, the door opens*
  • Killian: Emma? You home-
  • Emma: *flies down the stairs at 99mph*
  • Emma: dearly beloved, we are gathered here today
  • Emma: so that I can finally marry the most wonderful person in the entIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Killian: .....*angst*
a small guide to apologizing sincerely, the right way.

apologizing for wronging someone can be really hard and sometimes we might not know how to go about it, so here’s a little guide I put together that can hopefully give some helpful tips and pointers in the right direction.

1. Acknowledge what you did was wrong, why it was wrong, and incorporate that into your apology. Example: “What I did wasn’t right and I hurt you, and that wasn’t ok. I’m sorry.”

2. As they say: “Actions speak louder than words. Don’t say your sorry and then go and repeat your harmful actions all over again. It shows that your apology wasn’t sincere and next time they probably won’t forgive you (rightfully so). Show them you’re truly sorry by working to avoid repeating the same bad action again.

3. Own up to your mistakes. Yes, you’re not perfect and we make mistakes. We have bad days, we snap at people we don’t mean to or lose our temper in a heated argument and say things we don’t mean. However, don’t blame your actions on your mental illness, on someone else, or just try to pass the blame on to anything but yourself. Take responsibility for your actions.

4. Understand that they are never obligated to forgive you. This is really important. If you apologize and throw a fit when they choose not to forgive you, it shows that your apology was not sincere to begin with, since you were only apologizing because you wanted their forgiveness, not because you realize you made a mistake and hurt them. If someone doesn’t forgive you, it doesn’t mean you can’t move on. You’ll be ok. Learn from it and grow from it, and let it go.

An All-Inclusive Guide to Making Your First Year in Practice Not Suck As Much As Wayfaring’s

Hi there, just curious if you’d share what things you were looking for in your first job vs what things you value now, now that you’ve been working out there on your own. Anything that must be in the contract that wasn’t there before (or vice versa)? Tips for future graduating residents?

Yaaaaasssss so many advices. So many things. This ask has been in my inbox for months because I have too many things to say about it and I can’t seem to organize it properly. 

Let’s break it down into 3 sections: 1) What I thought I wanted 2) What I needed and didn’t know to ask/look for 3) What I want now. Here goes.

What I thought I wanted:

  • big dolla$$$
  • super sweet signing bonus
  • moving allowance
  • loan repayment assistance
  • regular 40 hour work schedule
  • nice patients
  • independence / autonomy in decisionmaking
  • ability to practice the way I was trained - with up to date guidelines and procedures and equipment

What I wanted and didn’t know to ask for:

  • Supportive colleagues - In your first year of practice out of residency you lose every ounce of confidence that you gained as a senior resident. You question minor decisions and are constantly afraid of killing people or being sued. It is extra hard to practice in a new town when your partners in practice are not supportive. Sometimes you need someone to lay a fresh set of eyes on a wonky EKG or a weird rash, you know? I didn’t have that option. It made me study harder and somewhat be more cautious and definitely more creative in my practice. But having a colleague to commiserate with at the end of the day or to consult on difficult cases would have been really nice. You don’t have to be BFFs with your colleagues, but they have to be people you can agree/get along with and trust to take care of your patients in your absence.
  • Friends - This sounds obvious, but I moved to a new town that literally has no people anywhere close to my age. Even having one person I knew and could confide in would have been wonderful. One person to go to a movie with or watch a football game with would have been a sanity saver for me. Find a place where you can find other people like you. 
  • A reasonable amount of time off - I got less time off in my first job than I did as a resident. That was unacceptable to me. This would be fine if my practice didn’t act like they were going to go bankrupt if I took an unpaid day or even a half day to go to the doctor, but they did. You need a place where you can take one week off every 3-4 months if possible, even if all that time isn’t paid. Medicine is such a stressful job. Make sure they’re giving you rest time.
  • A non-toxic work environment - I knew going into my job that I was replacing a workaholic and that I was joining a workaholic. What I didn’t realize was that I was also expected to be a workaholic and anything less than killing myself was seen as laziness. Pay attention to the culture at your new job. Ask the docs what they do for fun or to relax and more importantly when the last time was they did that thing. If they don’t have any answers, they’re too busy. 
  • Diversity. This may just be me, but I went into family medicine because I get bored easily. I need variety of patient types and disease types and socioeconomic groups and everything else. I realized quickly in my practice that most of my patients were privately insured elderly white people. As in, the most boring demographic for Wayfaring
  • A Balanced schedule. I figured that when I joined a practice that had been established for 30 years that the workflow kinks would have been worked out and it would run like a well oiled machine. In reality I would have 8 physicals a day and 5 of my most complicated patients in hospital follow ups back to back, all scheduled for just 15 minutes. There has to be balance in the schedule. You have to be able to take a little extra time here and make it up elsewhere. 

What I want now: 

  • fair dolla$$$. In actuality, what’s fair is actually considerably more than what I was making in my first job. I was grossly underpaid, particularly considering this being a rural area where nobody wants to work (typically those jobs are paid much higher). It’s not about the bottom dollar value for me. It’s about compensating me in a way that is comparable to my peers. 
  • Colleagues who can be both friends and mentors. See above. 
  • Good benefits. Two years of no dental or vision sucks when your most expensive problems are dental and vision related. Life insurance and retirement plans aren’t something most 30 year olds think of, but they’re really important, and I didn’t have those to start with. 
  • A flexible schedule. The whole world doesn’t need to fall apart if I need to switch my regular day off or if I need a half day to go to the doctor. 
  • Administrative time. Preferably a full week day, but a half day is great too. I’m happy working 4 10 or 12 hour days a week to have one week day off to catch up on work I’m behind on or get my hair cut and get my taxes done and see my psychiatrist, you know?
  • Knowledgeable and helpful staff. I need staff who don’t perpetuate old wives’ tales and notions like “you need a zpack for that cold”. I need to work with people who will ask if they don’t understand something rather than just make something up and who can help me educate my patients. I need folks who are prompt and who can anticipate some needs. 
  • To not be responsible for other peoples’ paychecks. In private practice, if I take time off or scale back, the practice loses money and thus our staff lose hours or money too. The staff in my first job were horribly underpaid and I don’t like the idea of the entire burden of the practice’s finances hanging on my shoulders. Sign me up for that hospital-owned practice, please.
  • To not have to turn patients away based on payer source. This is a national problem and is definitely not limited to my first job. But my first job wouldn’t let me take Medicaid patients at all. It made it completely impossible for me to build any sort of pediatric or OB practice in our town. I don’t like the idea of turning away a patient because their type of insurance doesn’t pay as well. I want to just treat patients and not have to worry about their payments. Hello, single payer healthcare system. Get on it! Obviously I will still have to worry about whether my patient can afford their meds or whether their insurance will cover their meds, but I won’t have to pick and choose what patients I accept based on their payer source. 
  • To deliver quality, up to date care. To work with people who will back up my evidence-based decisions and not practice based on feelings and patient satisfaction. To work with people who will encourage me to learn more and do new things. 

There you have it folks. A lil summary of what I want, what you might want, and what I’ve learned in these first (almost) 2 years of practice. Here’s to better future jobs for us all!