i did all my homework that was due next week

Upsides of being Newly Productive: able to go to work, attend college classes, learn ~20 new Japanese words, write one essay for school, and outline three more, all in the same day

Downsides of being Newly Productive: sharp uptick in the amount of time my brain spends yelling I BET WE COULD WRITE 20 MILLION WORDS OF FICTION BEFORE WE DIED IF WE STARTED RIGHT NOW

broadwaybaggins  asked:

Prompt: OQ, cooking, and "I'm not sure thats what they mean by 'reduce the wine'" ;)

Here you go, my Anna!  Rated I for Innuendo and Insinuation. Set in The Perils of Parent Hood verse, but it can be read independently.

He finds her leaning over a recipe book, rubbing her temples, moaning audibly under her breath. The lights are turned off, what’s left of the evening sunset is peeking through a narrow slit in the curtains, fighting its way inside the darker than normal room.

“Headache?” he breathes, careful to kick off his shoes and tread carefully towards her hunched form.

“Ummm,” she utters, scratching the back of her calf with a stockinged foot. His hands find her shoulders, and he begins to work her muscles, wincing himself at their knotted state.

“Ow,” she complains, her head lolling back to rest on his shoulder. He pauses, staring at her in concern until she pops one eye open in his direction. “That didn’t mean stop.”

“Oh,” he whispers, smiling to himself as he digs in deeper. She groans in appreciation as he works her over, allowing herself to relax into his touch. It’s then he notices the half-empty bottle of Malbec on the counter, perched suspiciously by a burgundy-tinged glass rimmed with lipstick.

“I don’t think that’s what the recipe meant by ‘reduce the wine’,” he goads, earning himself a low, throaty chuckle.

“That’s open to interpretation,” she hums, leaning her body directly back into his, reveling in his hard warmth supporting her in more ways than one. “Especially if you’d had the day I had.”

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Dylan Imagine for Anon

Today was one of those rare days where you didn’t have class, or what you called it,  homework day, where you took the whole day to do all the homework that piled up during the week. Your plan was to sleep in until noon and them get cracked on the 2 easy essays that were due next week. Unfortunately, your plans got ruined by a phone call at 10 AM.

“Hello?” you asked sleepily, not bothering to check who it was that was actually calling.

“Did I wake you?” A smiley voice asked you from the other end.

“Maybe” you said, not bothering to sound easy about it, Dylan knew you weren’t mad.

“Wanna come over to my place for the day and hang out?” Dylan asked with a hopeful voice.

“Uhh, when would you be picking me up” you asked, looking over at the time.

“Maybe 20 minutes?” he said, “Need more time?”

“Yeah, kinda, but you can just come to my house and hang out while I get ready real quick” you told him, wanting to see his pretty face.

“Alright” he chuckled, “I’ll be over in 20”

“See you then” you said with a smile.

“SHIT” You said as you hung up the phone and jumped out of your bed, stripping down to get in the shower real quick, making it a 5 minute one which was a miracle since you had to shave your legs.

You and Dylan had a thing lately. He always wanted to hang out with you and was taking every opportunity to call you beautiful and flirt with you, not that you minded. You’ve had a crush on him ever since you met him about a year ago, but you never in a million years thought he would feel the same.

The next thing you had to do was blow dry your hair and put on makeup. You were still in your towel when Dylan walked into your bathroom and greeted you.

“Hey” he said with a crooked smile on his face, “Nice outfit”

“Haha” you said dryly, “get out I need to change"  you said as you pushed him out.

When you were all changed, and in a comfy pair of shorts and a t-shirt you walked out to see Dylan helping himself to a bottle of water in your fridge.

"I liked the other outfit better” he chuckled, giving you a hug, “I do like that shirt though”

“Well thank you, Mr. O'Brien, I got it at Warped Tour, you know the crazy festival I went to with you” you said with a grin.

“Oh yeah, I vaguely remember you never repaying me for that” he smirked.

“Oh I’m sorry, someone said it was a gift” you said sarcastically.

“Hmm, I don’t remember that” he smiled.

“That water you stole is your repayment” you grinned.

“That’s not fair, I would die without this” he commented.

“Maybe I’d die without this shirt”

“The world may never know” you snarked with a smile, “ready?”

“Yeah” you confirmed, grabbing your bag and making your way out the door to Dylan’s car.

“So whatcha wanna do?” Dylan asked as you walked into his apartment and sat on his couch.

“I don’t know, I was hoping you would have an idea since you made the plans” you said.

“Yeah, I didn’t really think of what we were gonna do I just wanted to hang out” he chuckled, “Want something to eat?”

“Nah, I had something to eat while I was getting ready” you declined.

“Okay then, when in doubt, watch tv” he said, sitting down next to you.

After a while of sitting down and watching lame Disney movies on Netflix, Dylan got bored and started singing along to High School Musical that you put on because while it was a lame movie, you loved it.


“IT FEELS SO RIGHT TO BE HERE WITH YOU” You sang along with, cuddling up set to him, acting like Troy and Gabriella in the movie.

When the song was over, however, you were still effectively cuddling with Dylan, not getting up for anything, not ruining the chance of a life time.

At the end of the movie, when Breaking Free came on, you both got so into singing it that you stood up and started dancing along with it, which ended with you twirling into Dylan’s arms and then getting carried away with each others eyes, slightly breathless from dance and singing.

All your thoughts disappeared when looking into his brown eyes, al your focus on them, when you noticed his flicking down to your lips. You returned the notion, knowing exactly what it meant and wanting him to know that you wanted that as badly as he did.

He smiled and started to lean in, you tried to meet him in the middle by standing on your tippy toes, but you were so short, that it didn’t make much of a distance, but it made him smile, just as his lips touched yours. Your mind went blank, as you kissed. It was just a nice little peck, but it was so magical you couldn’t believe this is what it felt like all this time.

When he pulled away and touched his forehead with your, you realized what just happened.

“We just had our first kiss listening to High School Musical” you stated, making Dylan laugh.

“That makes Breaking Free our song” he chuckled out.

“That’ll be fun to tell people” you giggled, as he leaned in for another kiss.


This guy is pretty great. I got my new shoes the other day and finally tested them out tonight! 2 miles and my only concern is that they’re slightly snug width wise. I think they’ll be fine though for my half marathon! And they’re beautiful. I realized, however, that I need to get some major stretching in these next two weeks. Jeff was trying to help me stretch (cue awkward photo) and holy man! Ouch. 

I work both jobs tomorrow (9am-10pm) so I apologize in advance if I don’t really post. Luckily, I already did just about all of my homework for the week, but I need to start working on projects that are due later. I have a case study, a lesson plan, and a published piece to work on. Grad school better be worth it because sometimes it doesn’t feel like it will be. 

On a side note, I watched this video about a woman who goes blind and I started to hardcore cry. When I was 18, I had to basically have immediate surgery on my right eye due to a retinal detachment. I almost went blind and didn’t even know what was happening. Losing my vision is honestly one of my biggest fears. I’ll never have 20/20 vision again, I squint to read signs, and I get a lot of “floaters,” but at least I can still drive, I can see the faces of the people I love, and will hopefully see more of the world someday. I just cannot even image going through this. Anyway, sometimes we all need a good cry.